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“POSCO Steel Industry, Hyundai Motor and Heavy Industries Study Tour”


This Study Tour was made possible by the dedicated efforts from the Sung Kyun
Kwan University’s global e-Government and e-Policy Master Degree Course
Students. Special appreciation goes to Professor Kwon, coordinator of this
program and KOICA: Ms. Chun Lee, Mr. Kim and Hyunhee and the
representatives of the POSCO Steel Industry and Hyundai Motor Industry and
Hyundai Heavy Industry: who have generously shared with their experiences
and knowledge. At the same time I would like to thank the KOICA for
facilitating and coordinating the tour.

Brief Background

The POSCO Steel industry and Hyundai Motor Industry and Heavy Industry
will become of significant importance to the ongoing development and growth of
Korea in the world. A proper and responsible in management the revenues from
these Industries are ensuring a strong economic and stable political future, not
only for the current, but as well for the future generations.

POSCO thinking is global and they are committed to building a more

comfortable life and prosperous future with steel for more people in more places.
Building on their growing reputation as a familiar and admired global
steelmaker, they now accept the challenge of becoming a truly global leader in
their industry.

The business of steel is also fundamentally changing as nations become

increasingly protective of their natural resources, further intensifying
competition for world-class raw materials.
The study tour expected to provide comprehensive knowledge, experiences and
best practices to South Korea related to steel and Heavy Industries sector in

Study Tour Objectives

The specific objectives of the Study Tour were to:

• Observe and discuss practices in Steel industry, including its product of

materials and show their some parts
• To learn about the quality assurance and monitoring aspects of the use of
steel by POSCO Industry as part of the integrated, national development
• To learn about the Korea experience with regard to the different roles and
method in regulation of use of steel by industry and how experiences can
be applied in Myanmar
• To learn about the key objectives of the knowledge management initiatives
and IT Infrastructure to the “hardware” essential to future innovation.
(industry, health providers, education, labor relations, etc )
• To identify ways for strengthening the commitment of Korean
stakeholders to improve the heavy industry use of steel and their role in
ensuring consumers’ acceptance of products containing steels, motor
vehicles and ships
• To gain and obtain knowledge of Industrializations process
• To experience real working environment and also develop the knowledge
from the real process

Information Gathered and Observations

Orientation presentation at POSCO Steel Industry, September 18 2008

An orientation presentation was held at POSCO Steel Industry Conference Room
on Steel Industry by explained about their process and structure represented by
member of the staffs.

In her presentation, she talked about the history of POSCO Steel Industry. And,
she explained about production process, amount of annual products,
infrastructure, technology and future prosperous and strategies.

Orientation presentation at HYUNDAI Motor & Heavy Industry,

September 19 2008

At the HYUNDAI Motor Vehicle Showroom, they explained about their

company history, working process, future expects and production output
materials. Hyundai Motor Company has been recognized as a global brand and
Hyundai shines brightly as a leading global brand.

Explained about following points are included:

• Operating expert technical group

• Promoting global manufacture such as academic-industrial cooperation,
• Developing an eco-friendly manufacturing system
• Applying innovative standards
• Commonizing platforms to improve efficiency

Hyundai Heavy Industry built the world’s largest shipyard in 1972. They are
based on creative wisdom and pioneering spirit, Hyundai Heavy Industry rose
to the position of world’s top shipbuilder and turned Korea into the world’s
leading shipbuilding country. And, Nowadays, Hyundai Heavy Industry is the
world’s leading integrated heavy industrial company which contributes to the
development of the Korean economy and Korean society in general.
Approach and compare with own country

Since the signing of the bilateral trade agreement between Myanmar and
Republic of Korea in October 1975, bilateral trade has increased, though in a
modest scale. As of 31 December 2003, the Republic of Korea has invested US$
159.008 million in Manufacturing Sector, Oil and Gas and other Services in

The economies of Myanmar and the Republic of Korea are complimentary to

each other, offering vast opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.
Myanmar is rich in natural resources but lacked in capital and technology to
fully exploit and utilize these resources in its national development endeavors.
Korea, on the other hand, has limited natural resources, but is rich in capital with
highly advanced technology. To develop a meaningful partnership and to reap
the maximum benefit of economic cooperation it is imperative for the two
countries to make use of each other's comparative advantage.

Under the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) programmes since

1991, the Republic of Korea has extended to Myanmar equipment and materials,
technical training for Myanmar trainees in Korea, development study and project
aid, etc. every year as well as dispatched Korean Experts and Korean Overseas
Volunteers to Myanmar. The contribution of KOICA to Myanmar in 2004 will
amount to 1.5 million dollars, making Myanmar the 7th largest beneficiary
among 122 countries assisted by KOICA. More loans and grants could be
extended to Myanmar by Korean Development Co-operative Fund (KDCF) to
enable Myanmar to further expand its economy and invite more direct
investments from the Republic of Korea for mutual benefit.

Remarks on the Study Tour

The Program offered practical and valuable experience to me in the POSCO and
HYUNDAI Heavy Industry. This is useful for me as it has enhanced my
understanding of the practice in the fields. And, A very important aspect in this
study tour was the opportunity I have to know the modern technology and
numerous industrialization sectors.

The Study Tour was enormously valuable to me and I am extremely grateful to

the POSCO and Hyundai and supporting me to undertake it. In addition to
learning about the industrialization, I learned a process about Myanmar through
the similarities and differences I was able to observe.

Finally, I had the opportunity to get to a numerous sectors about their

observations and views on economic theory. These opportunities included a visit
to the POSCO Steel Industry, Hyundai Motor Vehicle Industry and Hyundai
Heavy Industry which provided KOICA, Sung Kyun Kwan University and
responsible persons.