Finding The Hidden Code of History

Incas Forever Team
By teacher Hipólito Rodriguez Casavilca 2011/02/25 - Seoul, South Korea.

Introduction of Team Members
Jaegyeon Oh(Korea) Teacher(Technology) Team leader Teaching plan Evaluation sheet Handout Hipolito Rodriguez(Peru) Teacher(Physics) Sample materials (PPT, UCC, Brochure)

Shinjin Kang(Korea) Teacher(Technology) Sample materials (Mindmap, UCC, Brochure ) Brochure Plan/Storyboard PPT Plan/Story board

Hernan Pachas(Peru) ICT specialist Website Construction

The Reason why we chose Incas Forever Project
To propose a international project to those who have sought a i1dteresting project between Korea and Pe ru.

Expected Effect
1. Students will understand cross-culture by finding the similarities and the differences through this project. 2. Students can experience collaborative study and it will enhance their ability and thinking.

Structure of The Project


Process of the Project


Drawing Mind Map


Process of Brochure


Process of UCC & PPT


Process of Presentation


Process of the Evaluation

Teaching Plan

Website with Web 2.0 Spirit

Team Project Proposal

Brochure and PPT Plan / Storyboard

Brochure Sample

PPT Sample
Hyoja gate

Hyoja gate

Inca door

The sun gate Intipunko

UCC Sample


Thank you so much ~

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