Dear Commissioners: I am writing to you urging you to pass an ordinace that Bans pitbulls.

Pitbulls cannot and should not be addressed with regular and existing dog bite rules, bec ause pitbulls don't bite; they maul. One bite rules cannot be used as many peopl e have been killed the first time a pitbull attacked. You can google news reports that are posted nearly daily documenting that even police officers are attacked because several bullets are often needed to stop a ttacking pitbulls. We can't have citizens of all ages carrying weapons to protect themselves. The d angers are everywhere. Unfortunatey, it is young people under the age of 14 who are out walking or pla yng that are the victims of pitbulls most often, but many seniors have been inju red recently by the dogs also. In the past month, three Pitbull owners were killed by their own pitbulls inclu ding the pregnant pitbull advocate and former member of the pitbull advocacy gro up Bad Rap, Narla In Pacifica. See: relim-autopsy-results-show-pit-bull-responsible-for-this-attack She raised her pitbull from a puppy. It was not abused. It turned on her as these dogs often d o, and she is dead. The 'its the owners not the breed' mantra is FALSE. If it w ere the owners, than the most popularly owned dogs that are also owned by negligent owners would be the maulers and kill ers but noone is calling for a ban on Golden Retrievers and Beagles simply becau se these dogs do not pose a threat to the public. Your chances of dying from a pitbull attack are 2,500 times greater than if you were attacked by any other dog breed. These dogs were bred for evil purposes, by evil people and evil is the result. Satan couldn't of come up with a better pla n: get people to take in dogs that turn on them and maul them. Animal Planet Reality television shows like Pitbulls and Parolees, and the Cuba n-American Rapper by the name of Pitbull have made this dog breed fashionable. S ome people have such a need to belong that breeders have used these people to ma ke pitbull ownership a cult-like cause. Owners hide attacks and evidence of agg ression in the breed, and even hold prayer vigals for the DOGS that have attacke d and killed babies with NO remorse or sympathy directed at the family that lost the baby. See: Asking owners to hold high liablity insurance for pitbulls doens't work either. Victims often need multiple surgeries and they still look mauled. Please look at this little girls experience. She has had 57 surgeries so far! See Fencing doesn't work as many pitbulls can climb or jump 8 ft fences as numerous pitbull owners show off in numerous videos online. After the fact punishments of the owners doesn't bring back noses, legs, arms, s calps, ears, eyes, and faces torn off by pitbulls. I am not being melodramatic. You can see pictures of pitbull victims online in news reports, or go to and click on victim realities. These people count and every person has the right to their body. There is nothing in the constitution giving any citize n the right to own any animal. Denver Colorado has had a successful pitbull ban for over 20 years that has been upheld repeatedly by the courts. It protects cit izens and DNA is not required. (Many pitbull advocates try to spread this falseh ood). The Denver ban and other areas that have banned the breed have found that bans o n the breed WORK very, very well at stopping the maulings. In addition, it is CH EAPER for counties to have a ban and it is more humane for the animals.

Pitbull dog breeders know that more than 50 percent of all pitbull puppies taken in will be relinquished by their owners to an animal shelter for euthanization within the first two years of life! They don't care. They keep telling people th e dogs are great and post breed specific ban warnings online to get crazed cultlike pitbull groupies to call, email and travel to counties where they don't eve n live, often mispresenting their residency to advocate for the dogs. Breeders l augh all the way to the bank as these pitbull advocates are helping them prevent legislation that would bring a humane end to constant euthanization of pitbulls . Over 40 million tons of dead pitbulls are tossed in landfills every year in the U.S. This profits breeders who breed more pitbulls as they are killed. No wonder why they fight pitbull legislation so vehemently. This is about money for them and lots of it, but they have so much blood on their hands. So many pitbulls ar e being put down across the country, the President of the Humane Society of The United States is on the record advocating for mandatory sterilization of all pi tbulls nationwide as a measure of humanity and also because the costs of killing this breed is choking the resources of county shelters nationwide. Animal behav orist who speak out against the breed are often harrassed into silence. Victms w ho need our support are also threatened and go in hiding fear retaliation from p itbull advocates. See what one brave behavorist says about the breed here http:/ / Pitbull attack far more often than other breeds. This is proven over and over ac ross the country. It is not the owners IT IS THE BREED! See: http://severn.patch .com/articles/pit-bull-incidents-outnumber-other-dog-attacks-2-to-1 and The most recent study of dog bite injuries was performed by a respectable resear ch group consisting of doctors that reviewed the data at a hospital from the tim e pitbulls were unheard to the present. The study found that the overwhelming ma jority of severe attacks involved pitbulls and that the breed was more likely to cause loss of tissue, limbs, and death than any other breed. This study has bee n published in the April 2011 edition of Annals of Surgery. See:,_Maul ing,_and_Maiming_by_Vicious_Dogs.23.aspx This is probably one of the only times in your careers that your integrity, stre ngth, and resolve can make changes so incredible, you can save lives. You can pr event maulings and the subsequent disability that many victims face. You can pre vent the evil breeding and killing cycle of pitbulls. I will be watching how y ou proceed on this issue. This is my number one voting priority. Please go to ww w.dogsbite and research the successful pitbull legislation that has restored saf ety and sanity to areas across America. The site has a model pitbull ban to down load. Statistics on numerous governments that have enacted pitbull specific legi slation are documented. Pitbull bans work. Currently owned pitbulls are allowed to live out there natural lives, but no new pitbulls are allowed. Also keep in mind, that several county governments have been sued by dog bite vi ctims because the county did not ban the breed and they are winning these lawsui ts. In every respect, pitbull bans protect citizens and the taxpayers money. Sincerely,

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