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High School Division First Quarterly Examination

DIRECTIONS: Read the instructions in each questions carefully. Shade the correct answer on the answer sheet provided for. Observe the NO ERASURE policy. 1. Research section which caused the researcher to undergo a particular study. a. Introduction c. hypothesis b. Statement of the Problem d. Scope and Limitations of the study 2. It sets the direction of the inquiry which the study proposes to answer. a. Statement of the Problem c. Hypothesis b. Methods used d. Introduction 3. It gives noun or pronoun a more specific meaning. a. Adverb c. adjective b. Preposition d. verb

4. Which of the following words functions as an adjective? a. Interchange c. elaborate b. Transplant d. contest
5. It is a word that relates a noun or pronoun that appears with it to another word in the sentence. a. Preposition c. adjective b. Adverb d. article 6. It refers to the part of the letter that states the writers purpose. a. Heading c. body of the letter b. Salutation d. inside address 7. He discovered Britain and stated I came, I saw, I conquered. a. Gaius Caesar c. Emperor Claudius b. Plautius d. Augustus 8. A word for which the pronoun stands is called a. Noun b. Antecedent 9. A word that is used to stand for a noun. a. Referent b. Pronoun c. subject d. referent c. antecedent d. subject

10. Taking out of repetitive words and combining similar sentences and ideas is called a. Antecedent c. Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement b. Parallelism d. conjunction 11. Disaster is synonymous to a. Catastrophe b. Chaos c. trouble d. danger

12. It is known as the only one-length epic that survived in the English literature. a. Thanes c. Earl and Churl b. King Hrothghar d. Beowulf 13. This best describes the portion in research on definition of terms except. a. Inclusion of words and phrases which will be used in research b. Must be arranged alphabetically and must be in complete sentence. c. Terms must be numbered d. Terms are limited to ten. 14. Hypotheses are statements of expectations to be tested in the research, while assumptions are a. Statements need not to be tested. b. Statements aimed to determine relationships c. Statements aimed to make statistical comparison d. Hypothesis and assumption in chapter 1 is the same

Identify the part of speech of the highlighted word in each of the following sentences. Refer to the choices under number 17. 15. Bruno's shabby thesaurus tumbled out of the book bag when the bus suddenly pulled out into traffic. 16. She thought that the twenty zucchini plants would not be enough so she planted another ten. 17. Although she gave hundreds of zucchini away, the enormous mound left over frightened her. a. Adjective b. Conjunction c. adverb d. verb

18. Given below are the descriptions of business letter format. Except for a. All the elements are aligned to the left margin and there are no indented lines. This is a standard block-style format that is accepted by most businesses. b. The return address, date, closing and signature start just to the right of the center of the page or may be flush with the right margin. All body paragraphs begin at the right margin. c. Similar to the modified block business letter style except that the first line of each paragraph is indented. d. All descriptions are correct.

19. In the history of the early English people, who uplifted womens role in the society? a. Priest c. knight b. Christians d. Kings 20. A student in that all-women's college should have no fears about his or her future. The highlighted
word is an example of a. Referent b. Personal pronoun The highlighted word is a. Reflexive b. Personal a. b. c. d. c. antecedent d. an agreement

21. He was so worried about who he should ask to the big dance, that he ended up not asking anyone.
c. relative d. antecedent

22. Compare the sentences below, which among these contain faulty parallelism.
Clear writing should be a major concern both of writers and readers. Clear writing should be a major concern both of writers and of readers. Clear writing should be a major concern of both writers and readers. None of the above.

23. Which technology emits more Carbon dioxide? a. Coal-fired power plant
b. Solar power a. man of pride and loyalty b. Gentleman

b. nuclear power plant d. wind power c. courageous d. a person ready to face his or her weakness

24. Which of the following characteristics of Beowulf must be possessed by our country leader?

25. With the idea in mind that the success of the school and the community relationship come from the
harmony existing between the two, the researcher was prompted to conduct a study on the sources of coping mechanism with an end in view of contributing some solutions to the problem and help in improving, not only the school system but the quality of teachers as well. High School students from year 1 to 4 were purposively selected because the researcher is one of them. a. Background of the Study c. Statement of the Problem b. Significance of the Study d. Scope and Limitation of the problem

26. This study is and attempts to investigate and to identify multiple intelligences of the high school
students of De La Salle Araneta University have. a. Background of the Study b. Significance of the Study c. Statement of the Problem d. Scope and Limitation of the problem

27. The following correlated literature and studies written by local and foreign authors gave the information needed by the writer of this study. a. Review of Related Literature and Studies c. Research Design b. Significance of the Study d. Instrumentation

28. This study made use of descriptive-nominative survey method of research for the purpose of analyzing the perceptions of squatters with the assistance extended by them by the government. The instruments used in the collection of data were one hundred ten (110) questionnaires. a. Research Method c. Significance of the Study b. Instrumentation d. Hypothesis 29. Select the sentence with the most appropriate order of modifiers. a. Dry the car carefully with a soft fluffy towel. b. Dry the car with a soft fluffy towel carefully. c. Carefully dry the car with a soft fluffy towel. d. Either "A" or "C" is fine. 30. Select the sentence with the most appropriate order of adverb. a. Ramonita prays at St. Judes Church fervently for her grandmother's recovery. b. Ramonita prays fervently for her grandmother's recovery at St. Judes Church. c. Ramonita prays fervently at St. Judes Church for her grandmother's recovery. d. Any one of the above is fine. 31. Choose the conjunction that best combines the sentences Jim's grandfather is an avid walker. He enjoys fine health and vitality. a. .however c. hence

b. instead

d. then

32. Which of the following body text for business letter suggests proposal? a. Due to the recent incident which has created tremendous damage in the line because of just little misunderstanding between 2 persons, our line has been demoted to its present status In view of this, we will be having a meeting at exactly 4:00 clock in the afternoon at the function hall. Your attendance is a must. b. We, in the Paper Star INC are manufacturing variety of papers which are being used in the offices. We manufacture from ground wood paper which is often use for mimeographing, board papers for special cards, parchment, desk pads and stationery with envelops for executives. Star Paper INC and its personnel are carefully processing these papers with regards to office procedures and standards. The manufacturing processes are within the standards of the ISOXXXXX which complies with the earth friendly manufacturing. If youll let us supply all the papers you need, we guarantee an affordable price suited especially for your company. We have attached the prices for each product for your reference. c. We, in the _________________ Department had come up with an idea of installing additional structure which is a gazebo type with a measurement of 10 x 15 feet floor area. We have already started the construction more than a half, but due to unanticipated occurrences, we come up short with the funding. In view of this, we would like to request your good office for additional financial assistance to continue the construction of the said project. We have attached the details of the project for your further reference. d. We are assigned to conduct an interview to determine the reliability of some office procedures in relation to productivity improvement. The data to be gathered will be presented on the coming seminar to be held on ______ of this year. In view of this, we would like to request your good office an appointment to conduct an interview with you and your staff about office procedures. Your favorable response will be highly appreciated. 33. Which among the following facts about early English history has been observed in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle called Beowulf? a. That people are violent by nature. b. They are already Christians. c. Warriors were always expected to help people in distress. d. That England has welcomed Christianity. 34. When _______________________ slipped on the step, he fell. a. Joe, c. Joe and John, b. they, d. he/she 35. __________________ should always try to be helpful to his or her classmates.

a. A person b. Someone

c. people d. anyone

36. Which of the following sentences shows correct parallel structure?

a. Janet hopes to finish college, get a job, and to find her own apartment. b. To learn proper grammar and writing effectively are my goals. c. I plan to travel this summer either in Europe or in Central America. d. The suspect has sold his house, packed his belongings, and has left town. 37. Which of the following sentences shows correct parallel structure? a. Greg can't decide whether to enroll in Social Services or to choose General Arts. b. He is both tired from jet lag, and he is irritated by the long line-ups. c. Mr. Ames will write the report, proofread it, and mail it before tomorrow. d. That student is studying English, psychology, and two computer courses as well. 38. The following choices suggest things that you can do to take part in the reduction of greenhouse effect, except a. Unplug unused appliances especially during the night. b. Turn off lights during the day. c. Observe CLAY GO everywhere you go. d. Keep the television open to monitor the status of global warming.

39. Which of the following choices best explains elicit scenes in Beowulf?
a. Christian morality was not yet established in Europe. b. The epic shows that warriors are the most important person in the society. c. Bravery is expected to the warriors following the code of pride, loyalty and courage to ones king. d. The epic will be more effective and realistic if elicit scenes will be employed. 40. Which of the following topics will use descriptive research? a. The effect of DEAR program on students vocabulary. b. The effect of SRA on students comprehension. c. The comparative study on number of enrollees from 2003-2008. d. A study on increasing number of trash in the classroom and its effect on students 41. If a researcher will conduct a study on increasing number of tardiness, the following are included in the statement of the problem except a. Age c. gender b. Schools official time d. political condition 42. If a researcher will search on a topic about the effect of DEAR program on students vocabulary, it is proper to use this method. a. Historical c. experimental b. Descriptive d. survey

43. Which of the following sentences does not use adjective?

a. b. c. d. Our principal expects an increase in the number of students trying out for the drama club. Everyone came to celebrate New Years Eve. I will admit that sometimes it is hard for me to get up in the morning. The farmer's yield of wheat was less this year than last year.

44. Which among the sentences below used adverb as modifier? a. The ghost story was thoroughly scary. b. She looked extremely pale. c. It was unusually dark tonight because of the rain cloud. d. It was hopeful that she would sleep tonight. Arrange each part to form a business letter. Refer to the choices below. 1. Dear Madam: 2. Chief Librarian College Department Life Science Building, DLSAU

3. I am a junior high school and conducting a study on increasing number of tardiness among high school students as part of my project in the English subject. With this I will be needing books on psychology that will be of big help in my research. My group would like to seek permission from your office to allow us to enter the main library so we can read and find some other references that might be helpful on our study. Your approval will be highly appreciated. 4. Myra R. Duldulao 5. Yours truly, 6. Myra R. Duldulao Basic Education Department De La Salle Araneta University 45. As stated above, these are the choices. a. 1 2 3 4 5 6 b. 6 2 1 3 5 4 a. b. c. d. c. 2 4 6 1 3 5 d. 1 6 2 5 3 4

46. Based on the epic Beowulf, which of the following realizations is not true?
Warriors are important in the society. Christian morality has influenced the epic Beowulf. Women are given equal importance as of men. Thanes have followed of pride, loyalty and courage.

47. Which among the sentences below, together with its corresponding rule, is correct? a. If everyone picked up a single piece of litter every day, they would discover that the planet would become a much cleaner place.Indefinite pronoun antecedent use plural referent. b. The Committee of Victorious Vegetarians picketed the cafeteria so that they could protest the cruel and unusual treatment of plant matter by the cooks.Collective noun antecedent may either be singular or plural depending on its usage. c. Jenny almost stabbed her husband Bill with the $150 sewing scissors because he had used it to cut roofing shingles.Referent must agree in number and person. d. Every student, professor, librarian, groundskeeper, secretary, and coach cheered their approval when the cafeteria staff agreed to treat vegetables more kindly.Every uses singular referent.

48. There were a number of different reasons for the accident: the footplate was icy, because the driver
A B and that visibility was very poor. NO ERROR. D Which among the underlined part of the sentence contain/s error? a. A c. C only b. B & C d. C & D 49. Can we do something about global warming? a. No. there is no way that earth can be saved. b. No. we can only help reduce the causes of global warming c. Yes. We can bring back the beauty of the earth by planting more trees. d. Yes I will make the young generation aware of the ways to save the earth. was inexperienced, C

50. What realization best describe the golden horn in the story of Beowulf?
a. b. c. d. No one is indispensable. No man can have the best of everything. Life is full of secrets. Man is naturally weak. DE LA SALLE ARANETA UNIVERSITY High School Division ENGLISH III DIRECTIONS: Read the instructions in each questions carefully. Put an X mark on the correct answer on the answer sheet provided for. Observe the NO ERASURE policy. NAME: ______________________________ Year and Section: ______________________ Date:______________________ Teacher: Ms. Myra Rebugio-Duldulao


No A B C D E No A B C D E