Aviation Abroad

Courses approved by the WMU College of Aviation for WMU students to take at Swinburne University. • HES 1910 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Human Factors and Communication HES 1930 A/C Structures HES 1945 Aircraft Electrics & Avionics HES 2910 Human Factors and Performance HES 2915 Airline Operations HES 2930 Aircraft Structures HES 2935 Aircraft Maintenance HES 2985 Aviation Business Mgmt HES 2990 Airport Planning & Mgmt HES 4915 Crew Resource Mgmt & Instruc Tech HES 4981 Aviation Fac. Mgmt & Contemp Issues HES 4985 Airspace Mgmt and Air Traffic Service HES 4990 Aviation Law HMF 601 Air Transportation Mgmt & Facilitation HALM 104 (film/English) Gen Ed-1 VBS 639 Visual Arts Gen Ed -1 HAH 210 – HAH 310 Phil, Media, Culture Gen Ed -2 HAS 200 – HAP 300 Public Policy In Australia Gen Ed -4 HAP 100 Australian Politics Gen Ed -4 HAJ 102 (Modern E Asia) Gen Ed -4 HBE 110 (Micro-Econ) Gen Ed -5


Beth Ann Figlak, WMU aviation major, in Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city with 3.5 million inhabitants and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The city is considered the “cultural capital” of Australia, offering a wide variety of entertainment, shops, restaurants, nightlife, and sports and recreational events, as well as a great degree of ethnic diversity among its residents. The Hawthorn campus is located in a high-energy urban area with dozens of shops, small restaurants, and coffee shops. Melbourne city center is only a 12-minute train ride from campus.

Study Aviation in Australia

Western Michigan University’s Diether H. Haenicke Institute for Global Education offers study abroad and exchange programs for aviation majors and minors at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Curriculum focuses include Aviation Human Factors training, Air Transport Management, Aviation Technology Studies and additional aircraft systems topics. Flight training for academic credit is not available through this program.


On campus accommodation is available at the Hawthorn campus either at the Swinburne Residential College/Apartments or Unilodge Swinburne Place Apartments. Accommodation offers single rooms with shared bath, kitchen, and TV lounge. There are laundry facilities, a dining hall, and a landscaped BBQ area. Rooms are all fully furnished. Bed linen is provided. Students can also live off-campus in shared apartments.

Program Overview

Swinburne is an internationally recognized university offering several degree programs in aviation and many other subject areas. The university is Australia’s premier pilot training college and aviation courses are taught at the Hawthorn campus, a suburb of Melbourne, located four miles from the city center. The aviation program focuses on air transportation for commercial piloting and air transportation management.

Cost and Financial Aid


The program fee includes tuition, fees, and orientation. Students are responsible for: airfare, housing, meals, books, health insurance, local transportation, passport, visa, and personal expenses. Students eligible for federal or state financial aid may use their awards for studying abroad.

edu. aviation students planning to study abroad should meet with a College of Aviation advisor early in their freshman year.au/aviation/ CRICOS Provider Code: 00111D A comprehensive program profile is available on the Study Abroad Web site and at the Study Abroad office in B2425 Ellsworth Hall. www. • Aviation Science and Administration majors—plan to study abroad in spring semester of junior year. To ensure courses will count toward your degree.swin. Aviation students will find the best course offerings in the fall semester. • Aviation Flight Science Majors—plan to study abroad in spring semester of sophomore or junior year. at Swinburne University in Australia AviAtion When to go For effective planning and course management. Swinburne Aviation Programs: http://www.Academic Program For more information: Western Michigan University Haenicke Institute for Global Education Study Abroad B-2425 Ellsworth Hall Kalamazoo. The majority of the classes have been developed for Aviation and Air Transportation Management students to be relevant and industry specific.edu/studyabroad Designed by Adrianne Mesnard 2007 Study Abroad Program .wmich. The spring semester at Swinburne University runs from February to June. WMU students normally study at Swinburne for a single semester. all study abroad courses must be approved by the College of Aviation academic advisor prior to going overseas. MI 49008-5245 Phone: (269) 387-5890 Fax: (269) 387-0630 Swinburne’s undergraduate program in aviation focuses on training professional pilots in multi-crew operations with regional or major airlines.

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