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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Adidas Inc. is a marketer of sports apparel and athletic shoes. The German manufacturer, through its marketing strategy which rests on a favorable brand image, has evolved into a large multinational enterprise. In keeping with the brand image is its association with the distinctive logo and its advertising slogan, "Impossible is Nothing." In order to maintain and sustain this image, the company makes huge investments in advertising and brand promotion. At the critical time of global economic crisis, Adidas will react to the consumers pessimistic attitude and stressful emotion during this period. It may become a good chance for Adidas because it can take advantage of its previous advertising way of Impossible is Nothing campaign by sponsoring sports stars to express the corporate philosophy of grit, determination, passion and humor, giving

people more courage and psychological comfort in face of economic crisis. But besides that, we also focus more about family function especially in Asian countries which emphasize a lot on family, which can provide caring emotional communication. Therefore, from both strong-willed hero worship and water-like fork environment, customers can easily link Adidas image with not only strength, but also warmth. The preferred media we choose are TV, specific magazines, outdoor and internet. INTRODUCTION: Adidas was formed by German sports apparel by the founder Adi Dassler during the 1920s. While Dassler was in his mothers wash room he decided to begin an athletic shoe. After he made the shoe he had help from his brother and twelve other people to produce around 50 handmade shoes per day. These athletic shoes were made for running and training. For over 80 years, Adidas has been part of the world of sports on every level, delivering stateof-the-art sports footwear, apparel and accessories. Today, Adidas is a global leader not only in the shoe industry, but also in the sporting goods industry. Shoes from the Adidas are available in virtually every country of the world. Oddball is proud to carry quality large size Adidas, ( Recently Adidas and the NBA joined forces and made The Brotherhood. The Brotherhood consists of Tracy McGRady of The Houston Rockets, Dwyane Wade of The Miami Heat, Tim Duncan of The San Antonio Spurs, Chauncey Billups of the Detroit Pistons and Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards. When it came down to it Adidas and the NBA came up with the slogan called Basketball is a Brotherhood. The main focus of The Brotherhood was Adidas to sponsor the NBA. The way these six players were selected was by their athletic ability which is why they are also known as all stars. Then these six players decided to form a series that would help kids to discover their dream by playing with NBA Stars. A strong advertising and public Relation events makes adidas as a worldwide recognized brand and it would be more sustainable in the world market

1.2 HISTORY OF ADIDAS The company Adidas was founded in the early 1920s as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, in Herzogenaurach in Germany. Adolf Dassler designed a pair of sport shoes in 1925 and few years later he and his brother Rudolph were selling special shoes for tennis players and began

design specific shoes for different sports. The family company split in 1948. After the split, Adolf (Adi) Dassler founded Adidas and his brother Rudolph founded Puma. The three-stripe logo was designed in 1941 by Adi Dassler and he registered it as a trademark for Adidas after the split. The strength of Adidas was its product innovation. Adi Dassler registered more than seven hundred patents. Adidas began selling its shoes in the United States after 1968 and in few years the company dominated the American market. The most important marketing breakthrough was the active promotion of global sporting events, especially the Olympics. The connection of Adidas to the Olympics has a rich heritage. At the 1972 Olympic game in Munich, every official wore Adidas. Activities: manufacture and distribution of textiles, shoes and appliances for sport and related products. Adidas has 107 subsidiaries in 20 countries, and exports to 160 countries. Exploitation of the registered trademark Adidas is made where ever it is an opportunity. Activities of the company and its subsidiaries are directed from Adidas-Salomon AG's headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany.Products: Adidas - Footwear, apparel, and hardware such as bags and balls.Salom on - Winter sports incl. skis, snowboards, snowblades, ski boots and bindings, inline skates, hiking, apparel.Mavic -Cycle components,Bonfire - Snowboard apparel. Arc'Teryx Outdoor apparel, climbing equipment,Clich - Skateboard equipment, footwear and apparel, Taylor Made- Adidas Golf - Golf equipment, golf apparel, golf shoes and finally, Maxfli - Golf balls, irons and accessories. In 1990, Adidas was holding on to just a two to three percent share of the U.S. market. Between 1988 and 1992 Adidas total sales dropped from nearly $2 billion to $1.7 billion. In the same period, Nikes sales went from $1.2 billion to more than $3.4 billion. From being the U.S. market leader in the late 1970s, Adidass market share dropped to 3 percent in 1992. The European market shares dropped while Nikes shares grew. Adidas also have had problems with the upstream value activities in their value chain. Traditionally, the company have their own factories and wholly owned subsidiaries. What happened in the '70s and forward, during the Adidas recession, was that Adidas was unable to ship products when it was needed, and they had a long supply chain - it took 18 months to get a new shoe into the market.

Advertising Strategy of Adidas: A comparative Study

The media that was used of The Brother Hood will be television, magazines and Internet.

3.1 Core Advertising Consideration

The core advertising factors of Adidas are as follows. Besides that a huge amount of data about Adidas advertising related activities. As a multinational company Adidas have separate advertising strategy in different area of the world.

3.1.1 Media Vehicles:

The media vehicles that were used for television will be ABC basketball games, TNT basketball games, ESPN basketball games and ESPN 2 basketball games and ESPNs Sports Center. The media vehicles that were going to be used for magazines were Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine. The media vehicles that are use for Internet were ESPN website (, NBA website (, Adidas website (, Sports Illustrated website (

3.1.2 Advertising unit:

When it came to the advertising unit for television Adidas only runs: 30 seconds ads since most of these ads are played during NBA games. The ads in magazines are full page. When it came to the Internet ads are a top banner. For example, on page five you will see the ad which it a top banner.

3.1.3 Seasonality:

Since The Brotherhood is made up of The NBA the seasonality will be during the fourth quarter. The reason for this is that the basketball season begins in October which is in the fourth quarter. The time of day in which The Brotherhood would be run on television is during the evening while the NBA is holding their regular games. When it comes to the Internet The Brotherhood is advertise daily and at all times.

3.1.4 Target Audience:

When it came to any product the audience is very important. You need to know who are going to be interested in the product. When it came down to this The Brotherhood is mostly for boys ages 8-20 and for older males. For example, on page four you will see TMAC jersey for boys 8-20 and older males.

3.1.5 Advertising Media Consideration

The reason that this media was selected was because television, magazines and Internet were the best way in which Adidas were able to show there customers their products. As you see below the picture on the third page that says Adidas NBA Shop, in order for Adidas to promote the The Brotherhood they had to come up with a slogan in which they called it NBA is a Brotherhood. Besides Adidas have several technique in media selection which have discussed in the following sections.

3.2 Advertising Media Commercial advertizing media can include wall paintings, billboards, street furniture components, printed flyers and rack cards, radio, cinema and television adverts, web banners, mobile telephone screens, shopping carts, web pop-ups, skywriting, bus stop benches, human billboards, magazines, newspapers, town criers, sides of buses, banners attached to or sides of airplanes ("logo-jets"), in- flight advertisements on seatback tray tables or overhead storage bins, taxicab doors, roof mounts and passenger screens, musical stage shows, subway platforms and trains, elastic bands on disposable diapers, stickers on apples in supermarkets, shopping cart handles (grabertising), the opening section of streaming audio and video, posters, and the backs of event tickets and supermarket receipts. Any place an "identified" sponsor pays to deliver their message through a medium is advertising. One way to measure advertising effectiveness is known as Ad Tracking. This advertising research methodology measures shifts in target market perceptions about the brand and product or service. These shifts in perception are plotted against the consumers levels of exposure to the companys advertisements and promotions. The purpose of Ad Tracking is generally to provide a measure of the combined effect of the media weight or spending level, the effectiveness of the media buy or targeting, and the quality of the advertising executions or creative. Adidas use several advertising media to promote their product in the marketplace. Different advertising media use in the in the market like commercial advertisement, Print media advertisement, covert advertising, Infomercials, Celebrities advertisement, Online advertisement, Public transport advertisement, e-mail etc. 3.2.1 Covert advertising Covert advertising is when a product or brand is embedded in entertainment and media. For example, in a film, the main character can use an item or other of a definite brand, as in the movie Minority Report, where Tom Cruise's character John Anderton owns a phone with the Nokia logo clearly written in the top corner, or his watch engraved with the Bulgari logo. Another example of advertising in film is in I, Robot, where main character played by Will Smith mentions his Converse shoes several times, calling them "classics," because the film is set far in the future. I, Robot and Spaceballs also showcase futuristic cars with the Audi and Mercedes-Benz logos clearly displayed on the front of the vehicles. 3.2.2 Television commercials The TV commercial is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format, as is reflected by the high prices TV networks charge for commercial airtime during popular TV events. The majorities of television commercials feature a song or jingle that listeners soon relate to the product. Virtual advertisements may be inserted into regular television programming through computer graphics. It is typically inserted into otherwise blank backdrops or used to replace local billboards that are not relevant to the remote broadcast audience. Adidas has a large amount of TV commercial advertisements in the worldwide TV network like BBC, CNN etc.

3.2.3 Infomercials There are two types of infomercials, described as long form and short form. Long form infomercials have a time length of 30 minutes. Short form infomercials are 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. Infomercials are also known as direct response television (DRTV) commercials or direct response marketing. The main objective in an infomercial is to create an impulse purchase, so that the consumer sees the presentation and then immediately buys the product through the advertised toll-free telephone number or website. Infomercials describe, display, and often demonstrate products and their features, and commonly have testimonials from consumers and industry professionals. Adidas arrange several infomercials in the sports based program. 3.2.4 Celebrities This type of advertising focuses upon using celebrity power, fame, money, popularity to gain recognition for their products and promote specific stores or products. Advertisers often advertise their products, for example, when celebrities share their favorite products or wear clothes by specific brands or designers. Celebrities are often involved in advertising campaigns such as television or print adverts to advertise specific or general products.Adidas use David Bekham as their brand ambassador and many more celebrities in every region to promote their product.

New Adidas Commercial Starring Katy Perry And David Beckham

Adidas has launched their newest and biggest ad campaign! It will star famous names like Katy Perry and David Beckham and sports stars Lionel Messi and Derrick Rose. This Adidas commercial is part of the all adidas campaign. According to the company, the campaign got this name because it shows that when you love the game, whatever the game you put your all into it. PHOTOS: David Beckham Reveals His Newest Tattoo There is a lot of hype surrounding this commercial and according to Erich Stamminger, member of the Executive Board responsible for Global Brands, this is the biggest campaign theyve ever executed. He continued by saying that its creative concept brings together the diversity of the brand under one strong roof. From the court to the catwalk, the stadium to the street, we are giving an authentic statement with credibility that only Adidas has.

3.3 Advertising approaches The positive impact on the market of the adidas Originals communication approach makes adidas Originals continue their successful new creative marketing tonality. The Fall/Winter 2005 campaign is, as the one from Spring/Summer 2005, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and underlines adidas Originals lifestyle relevance. To Celebrate Originality, and in a playful opposing manner to last season, adidas has switched from the black and white SS05 executions, highlighted only by the iconic blue Trefoil, to bright and energetic colours in FW05 ads; an engaging creative idea supervised by adidas Global Creative Director Michael Michalsky and Visionaires Stephen Gan. The shooting took place at Karl Lagerfelds studio in Paris. The frame of the ads shows humour and translates the freshness of the High Energy High Style concept. The result is a new advertising campaign that clearly communicates adidas Originals street relevancy. Adidas Originals contemporary street wear collections are inspired by the brands historical anecdotes.

The Fall/Winter 2005 ads will break globally in July 2005 issues of key lifestyle and fashion publications such as Kult, Pulp and Black book as well as magazines such as Arena Home Plus and Teen Vogue. All adidas Originals marketing communication efforts will evolve around three pillars in 2005: to energize, globalize and contemporize adidas Originals

Direct Marketing: Adidas promotes UEFA Champions League association

By Ed Kemp,, 04 September 2009, 10:40AM LONDON - Adidas has launched an experiential marketing campaign to promote its partnership with the UEFA Champions League.

The marketing drive runs for five weeks and raises awareness of adidas' role as official match ball supplier to the UEFA Champions League.

It also aims to drive sales of the Finale Ball, as well as adiPure, Predator and F50i boots. The campaign was created by Closer, the experiential marketing arm of Billington Cartmell, and includes a competition to give nine young British football fans the chance to win a place on the ultimate stage' by becoming the Official Ball Carriers at UEFA Cup games. The activity centre on a giant football-shaped inflatable structure which will be positioned in or near key sports stores nationwide. Youngsters will then be invited to demonstrate ball skills to win the chance of becoming an Official Ball Carrier. A YouTube campaign featuring some of the most talented footballers will be rolled out following the completion of the experiential activity.

Adidas brings customization to wholesale print catalogs

Chantal Tod January 26, 2009

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The brand will use VDP for wholesale efforts More Multichannel Retail/Ecommerce

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Apparel Catalog

Borrowing from consumer catalogs, Adidas will add greater customization to its quarterly wholesale catalog through the use of digital printing. Product developers are finding it cost-prohibitive to produce large, generic sales catalogs due to rising paper and postage costs, said Mike Wychocki, EVP at Haggin Marketing, which is working with Adidas to produce the business-to-business catalogs. Product developers are moving toward offering retailers and distributors a more directed selection and more market support, Wychocki said. With variable data printing, it is easier to pull together product assortments customized for each recipient and put them on the page with representations of the available in-store marketing materials that also have been customized. We're using digital publishing and customization from the consumer side and using it on the wholesale side, Wychocki said. Not only does this produce a smaller, more cost-efficient mailer, it also gives wholesalers better control of their assortment, ensures their marketing materials are implemented more accurately and lets them address the needs of each reseller. Retailers and distributors benefit as well, Wychocki said. The reseller benefits because it doesn't have to wade through a lot of material that is not applicable and can see everything rolled into a connected story, he explained. The customized catalogs will be produced for Adidas' quarterly assortments for its apparel, footwear, sports performance and originals lines and will be sent to top retailers, including department stores and sporting goods outlets, as well as independent distributors. Haggin produced its first Adidas sales catalog in early 2008. Haggin will use a proprietary digital production platform to produce the catalogs. It includes a digital asset management tool capable of storing the 7,000-plus images from Adidas each

quarter, a database for auto-populating pages and an online page-proofing tool that automatically routes pages between the agency and Adidas. This is the first time these technologies, which are used by many consumer catalogs, are being executed on this scale and for a b-to-b audience, Wychocki said. On the wholesale side, you are sorting through thousands of products each quarter and customizing the selection for many retailers that's why the scale is different compared to the consumer side of things, he noted.

From the January 26, 2009 Issue of Direct Marketing News


Impossible is Nothing


This looks like the last Adidas print ad campaign. Consistently wonderful visuals. Very warm, short depth of field photography. I love the consistency of these two campaigns. Can I still call them different ad campaigns were one is so closely based on the other? Maybe this is just a set 2 of the Olympic Games Adidas ad campaign. Very good photography crop here for fantastic layout and copy. Also the shoe sole being the subject is quite cool. Its quite a cool part of the design of the shoe there. This is a very good, emotional, edgy design driven print ad campaign for Adidas.

Public Relations:
Fitness PR: Adidas' "March is a Brotherhood" Campaign
In order to promote the new shoes, Adidas has launched an ad campaign called "March is a Brotherhood." One aspect of the campaign is a series of web videos featuring four of the NBA's top players including Tracy McGrady, Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, and Josh Smith. Each player chose a team to represent and is featured in their own short video clip about how their team will win. After watching the clips, I'm unsure about their potential effectiveness. So I wonder, will the video clips help make the campaign a success or will they get lost in the madness? The videos are very short little clips, about 20 seconds long, with the players basically just showing off jerseys of the college they are representing. Howard took the Kansas Jayhawks, Garnett represents for the UCLA Bruins, McGrady is for the Louisville Cardinals, and Smith backs the Pittsburgh Panthers. Essentially, the players talk smack about the choices the other players made and how their team will beat the others.

Week 11- Integrated Marketing Communication (Extended) (Chapt. 16) Adidas takes full advantage of their promotion opportunities. Their promotional strategy recently was a commercial that included one of the biggest new artist, B.o.B. and promote their new adidas superstar collection. Adidas made this move because the public relations group realized the that the new artist had a hot new buzz and had the bizzarre urban classic look they needed to promote the shoes and his buzz could give them alot of exposure since alot of people follow him as an extention advertisement. Adidas as the sender is making a message and sending it to the public via television commercial. The public, the receiver decodes the messages and knows byt the song in the commercial, artist and product that the product being sold are a new line of adidas superstar and is trying to persuade the public to buy the new shoes. The nature of the shoes also helps the promotion and ad of the product. Adidas superstar are colorful footwear for the retro, unique and classic style type buyer and for those who fit the critique are strongly pulled to spend money.

Public Relation Disaster:

Adidas Public Relations Disaster (Do they think we are morons?)

Adidas is behaving like a bunch of corporate wankers. At least thats the perception. Along with the perception that they are arrogant, gouging the average Kiwi, show that they have no concept of social networking, and think that we are stupid.

We havent seen quite a PR Disaster like this since the Wellington Airport Sign fiasco where after weeks the airport backed down and agreed to a proper consultating process with the community. Basically, Adidas pricing in New Zealand for an All Blacks replica jersey is about twice the price locally as it is to by overseas, without P&P costs of course. Adidas has steadfastly refused to lower the cost to Kiwis and appears to be putting pressure on overseas sites to stop shipping to New Zealand, as reported by the New Zealand Herald. In addition, they have asserted that the pricing locally, despite being twice that of overseas, is reasonable, fair, and they support rugby in New Zealand financially. There can only be two explanations for this. One, Adidas is suffering from a bad case of stupidity. Two, Adidas thinks the man in the street in New Zealand is stupid enough to pay way more than is fair for their product. Given that Adidas is a successful multi-national, then it appears that the latter is most likely. Adidas thinks we are stupid. A poll running on the New Zealand Herald today has over 90% of respondents voting in favour of a boycott. Will I boycott them now personally? Yes. How many other Adidas products are priced as high as this in relation to overseas products? Do other companies do the same thing. Yes they do. IT equipment has an uplift cost of nearly 30% on products purchased in New Zealand, laptops for example, but no one really complains. So why is this different? Simple. They are getting between us and the game by displaying the kind of Over Lord tactics you would expect a large multi-national company with little consideration for their consumers to show. They are bringing the back room corporate money grabbing theme into the public arena with the game that we love. So what should we do. Boycott them. Easy. All their products, not just the jersey. Bugger them. If they want to treat us like half wits then they can stuff their jersey up their shiny corporate bum hole. If you do want a jersey, buy it from overseas on the web and tell everyone where you got it from. Get angry. This is part of our countrys heritage and culture that a large multi-national corporate is trying to get its filthy claws around product by product. Where will it stop?

Tell them they are behaving like wankers. Get on twitter, get on Facebook, get on to their website. At the bottom of this post youll find two emails for contacts at their company. Email them and ask them why prices are twice in New Zealand than elsewhere. I personally think that this particular PR Disaster is going to hurt them long term in New Zealand. Do we need them for New Zealand sport? No. We dont. There are sponsors lining up who would give their left arm to get these contracts. So shame on you Adidas. Shame on you for treating us like idiots and thinking you can rip us off. Shame on you for not doing the right thing by our National Support and apologising, lowering the costs of the jerseys, and making amends. Shame on you for getting between us and the game that we love. Shame on you for bringing disrepute to the game and our National Team. Update: Stop Adidas from ripping off New Zealand has been setup on Facebook.

PR expert says adidas got 'very confused' over jersey

The All Blacks jersey debacle is "right up there" when it comes to public relations disasters, an industry leader says. The jersey can be bought overseas for around half the price it is being sold at in New Zealand, leading to a storm of protest. There were also calls for an adidas boycott after it emerged that overseas websites were blocked from selling the jersey to people in New Zealand.

Adidas Coupon Codes

Adidas is a world renowned German sports products company that is known to offer sports shoes, apparel, accessories and equipment for men, women and children. Consumers prefer the brand for its quality and wide collection of sports products, reputation, quick delivery and convenient online shopping. The online store features a customizable section in MiAdidas, where users can customize their shoes.

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Adidas coupon code are available to save on purchases at Find the Adidas coupon code listed below that best fits your needs. Copy the Adidas promotional code and then click the link for the coupon below. You will be directed to where you can use your Adidas coupons. Discount codes for Adidas are great for saving on athletic shoes, womens clothing and mens apparel at Dont forget to enter your Adidas promo code in the appropriate field when checking out. If there is no coupon code for Adidas listed below, the discount will automatically be applied at checkout, and there is no coupon code to enter at If you have any coupon code for Adidas not listed, please share them with everyone using the share coupon tool at the right of the page.

Social Network Shoes: Adidas Facebook and Twitter Superstars


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Social networking obsessed? Then check these concept designs for Adidas by Gerry Mckay based on Twitter and Facebook (unfortunately the MySpace editions were discontinued). Although nearly everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account these days, were not entirely sure how well this social media enthusiasm spreads to fashion. The Adidas Facebook Superstar shoe comes in FB blue and features the networks logo on the heal and tongue. Inside the shoe the slogan: "Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you" is printed. The Twitter shoe comes in the traditional twitter colours with Twitter bird on the heal.

STEPS THAT ADIDAS TAKE TO PROMOTE SALES In the last years the Adidas has almost given sale to its products 6 to 7 times i.e. almost twice in a year Adidas goes for discount on sales. They arrange contest. In order to motivate the employees of the company Adidas also prepares training material for the companys own sales force. They even design the sales materials for the companys own sales force to use during the sales calls. As per Adidas, people see same message in different ways. They may interpret the same words differently. So Adidas always tries to deliver the message which everyone can easily understand.

PRICING: Adidas is clear, it wants to become the no. one sports brand in India, a choice brand for all brands. So far so good, but how will it tackle a price conscious market like India? Adidas feels that being a high energy business Adidas introduces 600-700 articles every six months enables the brand to remain fresh and bring on an international and Indians the brand from the price stand point. Price, thats the most critical factor in the Indian context. Adidas believes it has to deliver a functional at an affordable price. Its a tough job to maintain the integrity of the performance and still come out with a product a right price point. Globally shoes start at $50. But in India as the perceived need is lower, you have to make the product more affordable. To tackle this, Adidas came out with speed 2000, a product priced at Rs.995 with the help of local and Hong Kong source people. Adidas however feels that its just the matter of time 24 this year Adidas is expecting more than 50% in terms of value in both shoes and apparel, while the industry growth as a best case estimate has been 20-25%

One of the Advertisements The spot featuring Boldon,shows him chasing a thief (whod stolen a TV set when itsowner was in the bath) through the dark streets. To help a man(the owner, in a towel) in distress. And he uses all the power that he can, to do what he has to do and what he needs to do. And Adidas helps him perform better, than he would otherwisehave been able to. This is perhaps shown in an oblique waywhen the spot ends at the feet of Boldon and the bather.One is wearing a pair of Adidas shoes while the other isbarefoot. Adidas makes you better, goes the base. In short, theother man could have done as well as Boldon. The bather readsany man. Any man who wears Adidas. And Adidas goesbeyond athletic performance it becomes everyday life. Instark reality. Though humorously and light, it has a deepmeaning.

The campaign also introduces a new brand line for Adidas: Forever Sport. The line sums up the deeply-felt and long-term love affair( i t h a s b e e n i n v o l v e d w i t h sports since 1928) that Adidas has withsport in all of its forms. I n t e r e s t i n g l y , t h e n e w b r a n d l i n e h a s b e e n introduced almost after a decade, when it was using Earn your stripesa s i t s t a g - l i n e . T h e c o m p a n y d r o p p e d i t d u r i n g t h e l a t e 8 0 s a f t e r i t found that it wasnt connecting too well with its consumers. But the golden question is that will the campaign make Adidas run?

T h e c o m p a n y e x p e c t s t h e c a m p a i g n t o s t r e n g t h e n t h e i m a g e o f t h e brand since research had indicated that neither of the threem u l t i n a t i o n a l s p o r t s s h o e brands present in India had a clear image:most were perceived as d i f f u s e d b r a n d s a n d p e r s o n a l i t y - l e d . S a y s Kanan: Sachin has and will play a major role in pushing the brand. Hei s i m p o r t a n t , a s t h e r e a r e c e r t a i n v a l u e s a c o n s u m e r n e e d s t o k n o w about Adidas. But after a certain duration, we have to present a globalperspective too and hence the Forever Sport campaign.

SWOT ANAYSIS Strengths: The main strength of Adidas is his Product Quality. The qualityand the material uses in Adidas is very good. The company has a good brand image in the market, thepublicity and the advertisement is also very good and lastlycompany hold a healthy market share in the market. Another strength of the company is its well efficient andeffective management, which works as a team. Weakness: The major weakness in the Adidas is that the manufacturing of the products of Adidas is not done in India itself it is beingimport hence the cost become high and the margin of profitbecomes low thats why company must give a deep thought onmanufacturing their products in India. Another major weakness in the company is that it is notcatering to all the segments which I have already discuss above, 38

If these two weakness in the company can be eradicated thenthe company may earn high profit and better market status. Opportunities: Adidas does have many products for the urban segment or poor people, but there is hardly any product or we can say that thereare no products for this segment. India is more a rural country,in the total population of India major part of population lives inrural area and these people can not afford the costly products of the company like Adidas hence company must target thisparticular segment they must introduce the shoes and other product according to their demands.

Also price is one of the major factor which may influence thistype of segment hence company should make their policyaccordingly. Company must also consider the range and the variety of theproducts as compare to Nike and Reebok.In my opinion the company must introduce more rage or morevariety in the market to compete with their competitors and also thecustomer have more choices to choice the product from. 39 Threats: Adidas does not have strong distribution network as compare toNike and Reebok in India. Nike has more number of retailoutlet then Adidas and Reebok has a unique distributionnetwork, the company Reebok not only uses its outlet for thesale of their product but also use some other shoes companyoutlet like Bata. In a Bata showroom u can find Reebok shoesand other products. But this is not a case with Adidas henceReebok has an extra advantage over Adidas. Adidas do not have any competitive advantage as compared toNike and Reebok

In store placement strategy:

Retail Space Management to drive efficiency
Retail Space Management (RSM) comprises all business models helping our Global Sales function to expand controlled space in retail. Under the premise that the selling process is not finished until the consumer has bought the product (It is not sold until the consumer has it), Wholesale is cooperating with retailers along the entire supply chain to bring best-in-class service all the way through to the point of sale. By helping to increase profitability per square metre for the Groups retail partners as well as improving product availability, we can achieve higher customer satisfaction, thus driving share of retail shelf space.

The two predominant models to drive the success of RSM for the adidas Group are Franchising and Never-out-of-stock.

Franchising: Mono-branded store franchising is one of the Groups prime growth opportunities, as it offers superior brand presentation. Franchise stores are financed and operated by franchise partners. The adidas Group normally contributes to the costs for brand-specific fixtures and fittings each store has to be equipped with. Further, we support our franchise partners with a comprehensive franchise concept, including range propositions, IT systems, training concepts, and guidelines for store building and store operations. This ensures that the quality of the brand presentation and the service offered to the consumer are at all times high and comparable to our own-retail stores.

Never-out-of-stock (NOOS): The NOOS programme comprises a core range of basic articles, mostly on an 18- to 24-month lifecycle, that are selling across all channels and markets. Overall, the NOOS replenishment model secures high levels of product availability throughout the season, allowing for quick adaptation to demand patterns. Retailers have to provide dedicated retail space, co-invest in fixtures and fittings and commit to a first fill representing about 25% of total expected seasonal demand to participate in this programme. In return, customers can profit from significantly reduced inventory risk on these products. Most NOOS articles are on an end-to-end supply chain, thus limiting the adidas Groups inventory risk as we re-produce following customer demand.

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