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The objective of this project is to enable the students to understand and sensitize how selling function is practically organized how to sell to channel partners and how to sell to end users. The students will gain lot of firsthand experience and will also help them during their summer internship and final placements. Before a sells presentation can be made by a selling professional he should have through understanding of the following aspects of the company and its product selected for the presentation. PART A (General Information) 1) Companys detailed knowledge 2) Products detailed knowledge Features, Benefits, performance, verities of packages, flavors, prices, etc. 3) Customers detailed knowledge 4) Competitors knowledge 5) Pricing for trade and payment policy 6) Distributors policy (Rules and Regulation)
7) Promotional policy (Company, wholesaler, retailer)

PART B (Channel Distributors)

1) Listing potential distributor and appointing best eligible one.

2) Understand size of the territory 3) Number of outlets

4) Planning for call (Route Plan- Pre-Approach Planning)

5) Meet prospective customers

6) Experience with customers (Order taking call/ curtsy call) 7) Objection / Query handling and closing the call

8) Follow up and after sales services.

PART C (Factors to be considered while making a Sales Call)

Skills required for direct selling 1) Listening 2) Questioning 3) Goal Setting 4) Time Management 5) Planning 6) Scheduling 7) Prospecting 8) Dealing With Objections 9) Computer Knowledge 10) Group Presentation Skills 11) Negotiation 12) Effective presentation 13) Audio-Visual Use 14) Persuasion 15) Finalizing Transaction 16) Consensus Building 17) Dress, Style and Image 18) Telephone Skills 19) Organization 20) Rapport Building 21) Non-Verbal Communication 22) Strategy 23) Account Development 24) Networking PART D (Service)
1) Follow the above mention points and also add 3 ps of service. (People, Process, Physical evidence)


The Sales Project is based on practical field work (Shop visit, distribution point visit, cold calling, etc) and also secondary data should be used to understand and learn the selling skills. Sales Project has Phase I (August 2nd week) and Final Project Presentation (September 2nd Week) Hard and soft copy (Word document & PPTs) of the Sales Project should be submitted before final presentation.

Important Instructions: Every student of SDM will select one service and another physical product. The student will have to play the role of a Sales Officer of the company that they have selected for both physical and service product. Students will have to sell and coordinate various sales function of their territory. Students will first play a

role of Sales Officer by selling to channel partners and secondly by selling directly to end users. In case of any query students should Ms. Sneha Thakkar