eter of t€I obtmn me gw. of 4"pl~.tge.imfuoard pieces V:i the.e 'you -will ne.. 7 s. w-:r:a:p. mnl.'. will remain tllecS8IIle.dclay to Ut.O!l'lS giyen 'ClOr CR.{each n:su:tJ. given si~~ No. GAlJGE:~ 8 se sts = 1".mber of . MATEJUAL!!h CO.l:nunds.(l. when pre.-Cn:i~ Sheallli. base and ~)' thick.iilts & Clark "Knit"Gr~Ml1" ol'crochGt eQk t0l1-2ii yds. cut ~ c. 10 Be Iii.Knit.d All at-her materialtl are as listed.W'S = .eeJ[ erodu!tl:tOO'kor nel. Thi'! ~sttt-ch co~s 'mid nu. for embnJider:p stitches USjl: 1 strana embl"lJidery floss_. ~p with plastic wrap.QCH:ET COTTON INSTRUCT10NS SIZE: Vi the ~ht IOf 4-ply 6~.foT ewry oz.s_tead qC 411iy yam. and plastic Cf)t~ibles.e.o'(. By ~btllining MW These be~tiful Croc~ crQ~' lecti'bles ean easily be oollverted into smallee figurines.n. Simply £-t!llow the ~strp~. a smaller vBraion ofCrQqhm Q Sm8110r gauge)rW'lJ N. dimm.paring '}lSlllij .etl tnodieling chiy.

t st..r8 '= GAUGE.IAGRAMI ~. far dress. Either way detailing with the simples: of crochet stitches.a tog) brown. ch stated . ([01" cheek. useoCl'()che~ca.ular figu:iue cQllectlng has he. iRnd 0: Sc in 6rst . . Bril':..6: Sc in mst 4 each ch around.tt9n to make a figu. tog~ around "Wmtuk" o>{' 4-ply .. fOlf 'of Dose. Rnd 3:: Work this rnd in back Ips (see ill. Th mDV'e first st. fer NOTE: Do othe'rwisa fldJct join ruds firstst of each rod. sts (32). tog 4 Neck & Dres$ Rnd 1: Starting at neck. hdc in next st. rine half the . redand off-white. Stuff firroJy forming cheeks and forehead.8.). Rod 2~ Ch 2.-.s. Crochet CroJ. FRONT LOOP-kont BAC:KlOOP-back Ip: ip: SPECIAL NOTES SIZE: ll'~ tall. Ma-ro[n. Rnd :1:'.rough to back.. s e in last 4: st s with sl st in top of eh 2.cmne. sfl next 2 sts t. fasten off.t for yeaTS ~D rome. (BC in nen 4 sts. W'i. se in 'I!~ 8 sts. around. if . FACE D. Rnd 2: 2 BC in each st areund (12). soc in last 4 ate (28).ply yarrn to ma-ke the . eh. .yarn. 11f1e'4-. sta. cll 12.!! of these and you will treasure l.!'Coats & Clark Bnd 13: Repeat rod 8. sein next ffi sis.Nortl~ CQrolina. from hook (6}. 0{ h.sculpture. Benext 2 sts tog. camel. how pop. . 9· l3iIl nose" make 3 sts nvez ee. Rnd 15: (Be next 2 sf-a tog. (2 ae in nex. sc in next 6: sts.~ times~ :2 SC in each of next 8 8ts. join eamel with so in fuse ~c. Rind . e. 2 Be in each of next .fu1. 2) !'it!'!. sc in next 8 ata. repeat between ( ). To bddge indent INSTRUCTlQNS GIRL Head unless With permanent ink marksr. 1$1fit in fil1ilt sc (12).es..join . Se in frnst st. Leaving 21~ for sewin.1. Barbara has amuii:edus with her ability to capture details. peach.h st time. you'll get all that beautiful draw faee according Brush on blush. 2 se in each 'ofnext 4ats).lrJ.ext 2 sts tog) areund aroUqd. MA.2 se in each of first 2 81. Rnld:s' 8-11: Se in eflc.rbam df:cided to create a coUer:tiJ)rI. 4¥2" diameter plastic container with 2. tapestry andsofl.fuza her beige embroidery floss.jotn with I'llst in ftrst BC (6.cently reio@ea ~il Wi.iiH.. finm ring.'. small land 2 ne:·edJe and 4. Be in same st. brush QU blush.. (sa next 2 sts ~og) 2: 'tlmes.g. hdc. So spend a etlel':!ling.4 sts.2: S'c m Men of first. lbJd 1..rmBJIent ink marker. Mark .2 OZS. (23).. to diagram .!l:g._ J"wwl~8. budtd-np between rnds3 make rnds below mouth. se . r01. polyester fiberf. 2¥2" 8qjnare and 7" square· pieces cardboard.rn Anoorson.Apples & Flowers Hutik:Q~ [ . 2".i:n last 4 Sots.(32). Ba. obtain gange. ch 2.C in each M. Sew opening clcaed..needles.. F crochet hook Ill' size needed to rust. I. tacky glue. peach..YOU prefer. 2. Puah th..odeling clay.Fasten off.)0. 9 sc sts = 21'.in last.lson. stS. (se next 2 st. And: as usual.BC next (18). se in next st) sraund (12).Stuff. peach. n.'S Be in 2nd. Rnd 1: Starting at mouth with It. indent Rod 16:: (Be next 2 st.n t e r st s between mouth and bridge' of nose. black and red pe. sc in first st.Bd 4: Be infust 4. (se in each of next 3 . •Rmd '7: He in fust4. re.9 sta B{: in Iest 4 ste (24\).th her yarn and crochet hoo·h. Olein each cif OeNit 2 sts) M'OUlli!li (16). make %" between For chin. se in each of last 2 sts (16). husband. with It. ljdlsj m.rgtr version hr. (se next 2sts t{l'!lO 2 tim. Rnd 14. 2 Bee.s: mak· ing Of!.lectfble~. (se next 2 sta: :w'g) . join with sl st in m'st cn to. each 2 "o'wn.

ce ne-ck Rnd 24: S<:: in each st around.2). on hack ofhe:ad behind bangs down to Vi' [.om neck. Scin fi:rst st. Rnds 5~6: Be in. (dc. sew rads 4-10 of head to rnd 1 9f neck. RoWB unwotked last 3 fits (53).. Rndl23: (2 sc in each of next 2 off. Leaving 6'" for band around neck.d. Fo. place across center of all strands. twist firmly and sew ribbon tog. se in neSt 4 BitS) arnund 6. se in next 7 cbs. eaeh st around. Using Chain Stitches (see Ill. nm to cheek. Stuit Leaving 6" for . Rnd 26. sc in each 8ti across. At end of last row.'Thcl!.next 8 sts) 5 times. join red with s(: in next eh.first Be (6).t (53). next E. in 2nd ch st. Be in last 8 sUI (35)..sts. sc in. Bud 10: Hdc ~n each of first 2 sts..lew-apron to skirt. Rnd Iii: Se in each st around. c. ern- Bud.t1~ separate strand 6" long mound eeatee of all loops.gth about 1W' from ends of For back. se in next 24. Rows 6-10: Repeat row 4. off. join with.eachch. ee in . sc in::n~ at. sc in each of Itnds. ch 16. 4th eh from hook. Tie ends in bow 6!tonnd waist. 2 sc in each of Ile«t 2 sts. sew band to bib. Be in 'next 4 sts) :3 tnnss. 10 leaving fi strands loose on top back. SiC next 2" stsoog) 5 Urnes.Jpposite side of starting ch. j otn with sl st in mst se.13: (2 5. for slip. Sc 1:0. hdc in ne:d·'ch. with red. Bow 121 For bib. fasten off Run end down around hail' ~ver one side. (2 se in each of De:xi. creating slight ripples in apvon. se in next 8 sts) 5 t:mes.. sts.1:: in each of. lI!Bingseparate 8" strand yarn. Be in next st. d. Fasten. Pla. Rnd29l Rapeat md -Ii!. With fight cheek even with. on eaeh aidetia at 12" ler. hdc in each of last 213ts (lO). wrap l'1!!1!t around 7~ cardboard 18 times . ch 7'7" se ln 2nd ch from hook.JI'!'iDg14" for sewing. Knot anal run yarn ends inside. ac in next 4 sts) around {36).S: Sc in..Bt 1. (2 se in next st. At end of l-ast rnd. At e:-nd of last mel. Rnd 7: Work this nrd in back Ips.4. Clip Hny loose ends ofya:rn... ill Rnd3: Bcineaci1 st around. 2 ae in each of next 2 stB).sepaeata strands so they lie fiat. join off-white: sts. turn (3. Rnd 27: Repeat rnd ~. join with 51 at in .11rIl. sc i. Ch 1. '8-9_. Se in first st. Rnd 111 Hd. leaving remaining ~ unwoitked turn (Z5). RoiN 3: Ch 1. sts. right arm placement.t 2 B~ 'tqg" sc in next '1 ste. Bud 4: l'lle)tt. (sc next:2 stB tog) around (13 )..eaeh !'it around. Be in I3t Rods 7·8~Repeatrnds 5 and 6. cl:t 3. CHAIN STITCH next st) around (30). Sew to center top of head f)l'l mel Hair (40).2' : Repeat mds 5 and Balternat ly. strands and tack to head behind cheeks.ends. Fasten off. ch 1. :t3·15: Ch 1. ell 13. to center of rib bon .\Vrap ribbon apron. PI"_achy. sc in next st. FaSten off. Ieaving rematniag ens turn (8). fhst Be.' 8 from hook (S). then nm yarn. Stuff. Forsides. Row 4: Ch I. i :Ribbon Imake 2) With fled. in first 19<:. Blat in next 9 chs.For part. sc next 2 sts tog . wrap rust around 2W· eardboard !3 tiMes" Slide loops o:ff.1l1nc8.. de in... how:in place on skirt. 4.-c in next st.3).amel. wrap around. RDd 1: Starting . fasten ofi'. !. Rnd S£I: Repeat md 28. (2 . s~Bt) in end ch. (sc next 2: St8 tog) around (2718 Apron with sc in last 8t before 81 at. turn.8kiip first st.) and 3 broMer If. Secure ends. for meek ban. repeat from 8."ithsein first stl se RtlX. eh 2. 1. Row 2: For.Jldllast row ef apTOn under sliightly. (for arm placement. RIll! 28:. '2 SoC in next st) aeress. raeinfirst 10 sts.o not turn (76). skip first 25 sc. skip first 34 ehs on row 1. ch 1. se fn next 6 sts" (1:!C next 2 ststog) 2 times. 2 sts.C at shoulder. join with sl Rnd. Repeat on other side . se in each ofi$9t 3 sts (6. so in nest 6 !rts~repeat betWilen ( ). fasten sts.and in eaehst acress row 15 (21). Fasten off. sc in lID3t· 6 sts aCTQ~iS.Rnd 4: Scm each offirst 3 sts. sl st In next 4 sts. Be in fum 6. End 9: Work this rnd in back ips. hdc in nextch. . Bow Hi WOrk this rnd in back Ips. For bangs. join red with Be in neKit st. 8C in hmt s.l. (so in each ofueJ{t 3.t circles at randcm on strands floss.. Slide' loops st iinnext 4 sts. R1lld. Arm (make 2} with. iRow 16: Scm 2nd ch from hook. sc in sl st. Se in firElt st.t)aronnd (12). &w 5:. Se in firat st. through folded ends and tighten. Rnd 12: (2 ~ein next st.eaeh st around.Repeat rnds 3 and.nrn 2 Sits. hde in each of . (tiC next 2 ats tQg"sc in next Row 1: Starting at waistband.nJi~aeheh across. se in :next . sc ill each . worlking on . head. fie in each oflas't 3 eta (20). Rnds lO·U: Repeat mas 5 and lRnd 22. se last 2: at-a to'g (10) .2 Bein first st. 81st In. join It. Le. Rn:d25i: Work this rnd ill back lpa. (48).c in each of first 2 sts. for skirt. 5C Rnd 2~ (2ee.

Rnd 2: 2·.ts ~Qg.W3 .T'reverse SIl: Working l:en to right. each 6'1i areund.e (£M1!).. ~te!l (Iff. around (16).1hDg~ !'l. next.areund no).. Sew openihg' clased. Rnd l:9:Skipping thlitinb.FWItert off.dill..ewfug.6(Qh. i join. join 'With 91 at in fil":st Sew apples basket. ~sc. ch 3.lOt-tQill (}f shoe.3 (14). se in (24). ..6 sis. (Be ne::d2 sts tog} around. .& S·U.comm 2: ehs.2 SNl in each of next 5 s. !'!I: Iast '2 sts tog (8.). Rnd 17: ReJPeRt rnd4. Rnd 21: Sc in first st.. For fingers! with marker.(S2l 81 st infit'st st. e in . Insert hook from right to ..6·ruld 7icltemilltely. ade bp . Flower Bouquet ch2. Rnd 8: Be in each st aIDlIDd. nM!:. fasten tIff. 7: Ch2~ (hite bp areuad ne:!).del' tog.C fll1ea. sc ru last 5 ste. faeiten 'tJ.sewing. Stuff.ofrnd 4. repeat from "'3 times (l21 Rnd2: 2 51:: in each fit around For angle.ands brGwn held. with »roWil.ff.:s£ {see ill) in each st annmcl. in firoSh.~ c:omp!r:te.2. . slap n~t st. for thumb. Matching sbbulders taarm pi acem ents . with 2 strands b!1OWTl meach ofiaext 3 sts 2 se in ~ach oflssJi: 2<st$..OWCil'S over base.I: R-epeatm. 'S~ in fast 6 sts. sew right arm in place.210:Sc iq eooh.nd ..j6i:n (l4). sec. nnd hdc back I'HJSC (hpj arO.''!. . eh 24. 2 ac in 2nd chfturi. hdc bp 811rmmdi lal3t st. Rnd 15: Be in Bach st around.3. {as" ten 0·([ Sew opening closed. Se itt eae'h st around.8. d. RIldi4:J Ch 1 se in fb:st.2 ·Cbs. se (6). RD. !6se in and 1: 'For base. join.ts. Ips. BASKET Rnd with br. ~lllbrQi.s (see ill. Rnd 2: 2 !:.5 petals). (ell 3'1 81 st in mst ch)4 times (. with s] !it in first Be (6). Rn. 4:. see ill. ~ as hdc:. SINGLE CR.c iin. 6 se in 2~dl:.Leaiing 14" fur sewing. 5.d :!L6.d 4: (8c fie\Xt 2 ats 'tog) around.t.of -ch2. jom . oJ Bit) in !I1e'l. 1: Bti'l!rt1iIilg at bmttom. Rnd·5: Work thisrndin. hde fp around nex.. fide ill:next Handle.or'OlRlIdpost at st '(:In p~ v1owmw. Usmg:)Fr:oo'ch Knot. 2nd ell from hook (32}.F1atten Iastrad. eh 1. canter Qf eaCh tlow¢. Rnd D.. fast&n securing Be 8" fOl" sewing. ~h2. {8).t. Hdc in first st.last 2 BtS. ~Iilw left aim at :.>Tfll'jJ ym'naround s~©r)g) m'Ound.rith Be in ruty . j . ~Qin with 81 s't in fi:rst se (5).owu. Tack band to bib of apron.l' &in wi tli 51. Rnd 181 Se in first 4 sts.~ ~s. :1.. . d'C in each of last 3c:bs.opening do~ea. Be in each of next :3 ¥ts) . Rn.g join with I'd st in fi:r.. each.3 lines kip of'OWld ne-kt st) 15 times. NOTE:: For lltdc hnipo. Rnds 12·13. Stutlhand lig-hilly. iilcin eaeh st around' {9').in next '6 81.C in firr'St'6 6ts se neid 2 sts to:g. ·sC:n eaehst arouad.' '.de in 4th ell frow hook. 8. st. lte\fID'lSe. Stuff.1md n-ext 8~.IG: Workiilg in front ips.iqg 8'1 'for 8€!win:g.1~. 3st. neat st.t.t) 15 times. RIT?SS Rnd. . REVERS·E. wfitking on 0ppoS\tf! e~da. hdo fp B'r0und last st.t-st. 8 Be (16). Do not atufi' last' 2 tn:ds. se. . Rnd . hdc in R.jorn. Sew each end to inside an rnd 16 of basket. Leav:kl.. (se n~ 2- off Sew.s. Bepeatmds 10 !l!Q.. t'i Qc'h:rend eb.ving 14" foll' .:h staround Rnd .Fasten ag. !!kIc 'I'p Q!!I bp~ YO.). Lea:vmg 14" for s. 'Rnd 13: (So next 2 sts tog) Rnd 14: Sc in. with brown. Shoe & Ltfg (mflike 2) join . join (17). 3: Work this 'rnd in hack . Slide baskM handle over arm. fasten off.. ec in s each Qf ne.2: 2: 5G in each st araund m 2nd eh Rnd 4~ (2 I5C in nex-±. '''.(2 SC' in next st. Leav. from hook (81.1 :d In t up . with off-white. With 2 str.stuff Rnd .t. draw .cb 2. Rnd. . 15: (Be next 2 sts tog) areund. om yarn back through sts...g elosed.back lps.!lJcm·hmf 6·(l.in_eHch of each ofn~~.s. to inside of .Im! '. aeat st) around Rnd 3: {2se in. Rna. eli ~.· at next 2 ~. Rnd 14~Sefust Z sts 'tog.first st.h ftom hO{lk (6). (hde fp ~URd (fp) 15 eh. l5C next 2ststog') 5.cll 2. (015).:. .as !. Rnd.nd l:Startmg at !. . of md 11. sl at in first Lea.illlg-e:rs. hdo in ·~acllst Rr<OWla. Inse~t hook innexlst 10 the right FlQw-er (malre3red & 4 beige) Gil 4. Sew ft... j CI. . sc in eachst Rnd 12: WOO'kthis rnd in llarek IlCrollnd.G. Rnd 6'l:eh 2.: Ch 1.fim~...OCHlE. sem each of next 2 sts) Ill'OfinO. join. join 'iiIl!lth slst. st 9l'(Jti.. Be in last ch Apple (m:akCi !ii) Rnd 1i With red. Rnd .

eh 2. (sc ~ext 2 sts tog) ..ts tog. sts tog) 4 times.: 9 sc sts = 2". Do not stuff afte. lor back indentiolll. 9 Be 2".2: 2 lie in.)around (28). Plane one. Itnd 5. Place elay 'inside container. (se next 2 sis tog) 3 times. Rnd 8: (2 se . (sO' cLay.With It" peaea. OOt~om of container.. 5C in next 4 sts around (42). Ii(:' in next 5 sta) around (56).90) around (35). €l.uext .each offirst.:2'sc1J:!. 2 scln last st (14). camel. embroider ¥j' circles at .(34). Fast. black and in each arcund 0[2). se in each ofneKt 3 I3b) al"Oll1M (11)). cut to section from eonfirmly. ch 1..• Center and sew shoes to top of Base Bottom Ruds ]. skip. 4). s~ lOt in next 14 sta. 'l1 floss.7 EC in 2nd c:h_fromhook (7).r this rnd. :2 sc in . Rod 7: Be in arum at around.2 !!ita.9:: (2 SiC in next st. times akipnext 2 sts .and 3 strands bro. . - of base top.14 andU R'Dds 13·14~ Repeat ruds 10 eSc red permaneot iJ. 3 & Neck & Dress SPECIAL NOTES I• SIZE. Snd . (ae neXt 2. taclcy glue.fbl'st st. base . 'MATERIALS: Coats & Clark "WintUik'" or 4-ply yarn-2 ozs.6'r diameter plastic container with 2llds. . sc in ne¢ st) around (30). :size needed to obtain gauge'.2 sts tog) 6 times. ch 6. Be last 2ststog (12). Base Top NOTE: To prepare weight for base. (14)Rnd 3:: (2 se in next st. Bein next st) around (21). each st around Rn. se in Isst 6 sts (48). ..: Be m each st an. -= OT eaeh of next 18 sts. . Fasten oft: Rnd 4: Jeio beige.(softex.lom.e. Rnd 121 Se in:fu:oBU. Ii: (2 8e in n~" join with sl in first :3C. Rnd. Beif! each st around. brnwn. brush on hlu~. firet. Rnd 1: \Vith ofT-white. Se mfitst Be. Rnd 8. Rnds 2-3.ext10 sts. Rnd 4: (2 Be in next st" se iIL each ef.3 times. next 24 6Ul.. Be in n. 81} in each ofn-exi 2 ehs. Rnd 7: (2 ElC in next st. sts. BeIn next st) around (45).10: 'Repeat same rnda Feeding the Birds ture. join. Iso ueoct. skip next 3 sts. RD. lic' in next 9 sts. At. Rnd 1:. fasten off: eaehofnerl. Bud Ill: Repeat rnd 7. and 10.. jam . F crochet hook rOWEl.Rmd. 8"tall. Fasten IOf! lJsing Chain Stit4es (gee. sts. sc in each -st around. (se next 2 stsWg) Ei tbnes (36). sl 5t in n~ 1. join with sl st in.GIRL Head W(llrk Mme as Apples Flowers head I~mpg.. end of l~st rnd. Rl'ld 8. 5C in each st around.en 'off.: (2 sc in. Insert eontabrer into base top. tapestry and.noodles. Stuff Rnd 11: Be :m aaeh st sreund.sts. join with 81 st in :first se. '1: (2 ae in neiKt st.around. Be 1100 2 s. Fastien off.d 9: (2 Be in ncext 8:1:. Rad Ut WGrk this md in back Ips. Smear container with glue. INSTRUCTIONS .d! u: Se -in each st around. . sc en Rnd: 15: l'l ext . red. PQ1~$teT fibed:ill. Let dry. GAUGE. :sO'ft.· (6).Se in each st around.2 sts tog) 4 times.2sts wg) 4. beige.skip next 3 slos. Rnd 1"9:Repeat rod 10.2Bts tog) 3 tiin~s. ac iiIJ. lid markers. with 81 8l!: in Drst se.!lchoff-white. at. Bud g. each oflas"t :3 chI!! (30 t.n. Ch 1.. :next 7 sts) st Rnds 12-15: Ch 1. Rnd 17= With back of'bod y facing you" join beigew:ith se in 4th ch of ch. Be ill . . At end of last mat fasten off.: Sc in each !lit around. '51 Bt in mst cb to form ring.: (23e in nex] st. Ih'ld .ill. Be in next 24: n[lw<lrkedsts.Rnd 2.n. 6: Sc in each st around. Glue Iid in phlic. It. SoC in Rnd . Rnd 18: {-2 se in next st. Rnd 16~ eSG nen 2 sts tog} 3 times.. 2Yi" square car~ard. Sew leglil to bottomofslip.with ~c in mst. join beige withae in first. Rnd 1(1. st.ats" Be in last 4 sts. na-t st.: Sc infirst 4. skip 'I:lext 24 mj {sc next 2 sts bog) .ij. eh 12. Sc in first st Stuff.s) around (:OW).C in each.Rnd 6: WOrkthis md in back Ips. At end! of last rrrd.t . . nMt 4 sts. Be in n~t 5 sta) around (49). Tack legs \\ next st. Rnds 21·24: Repeat rnda 10 and lllJitemately. 2 sc in each oflast 15 sts (66). pooch & gold.25: Work -this md ~n baeklps.. Glue other lid to top. B. (se next 2 sts tog) 2 times.SIC in w:uw:td (63). tamer t:a measure 1'"tall. an.. join. Rnd 9! 2 Be in mst st. Sew bottom to top stuffing where needed before closing. for l'ea. 3811. beige & brown embr£lidery floss'.. Be in each Qfllext 2·lrt.

repeat same rods of Apples & Flowers shoe OR pg. se Ba~Bottom base Wor:k eameas butt'!om(iU (23). 16.t.s (10). ae in next st) around.times (8).( Girl With Geese bass top on pg.!S. 11 (19). s. center back st. Benext 2 ate tQg (8). Be in next 10 s. Rn4 8: .Faetell in each of first 2 s£ in each oflast 2 sts. 131 st in. Bail' Wrap camel yam around 2Yl' Nee:t1iim sc] in 2nd eh from hook. skip first st. ac in last st. Be i~ la:lJt st.) Work same as Girl \\llth Geese ann on lPg.ext eh.9.14).2 sts tog (12). RDd 21 So in fu'St st. turn (20).: Work Mus rnd in fMnt Ips. last ch.m from hoek. Wcu. Leaving 8"·for sewing.sboes to base. Fasten off Dish Center Rnds. sts. Rows 14-16't Repeat row 2 (7. bdc in each (If next :2 chs. At end cardboard 8 times" Slide Ips off cardboard. last rnd turn back and taek to rnds 13 and 1. Sew . Rnd 1: Witltcamel. sew tog.urn. For ties. reverse Be(see ill. Be ill next 5 Ejts. Bnd ll: Be first 2 fits tiog. Leaving 16 fQr tl rom (12). ~w scarf' to head stuffi:n.. sc in each of next 2. Rnds 10'-17:Repeat same Rndsl.1St on Rnd 7: '2 . Sew back indentation to.sts uuworkedi.2. 5C in Iast B sts. 33.jomwith sl st in fustsc.g: 1.: Ok1. . (se next 2 sts tog) 2 times. 2: sc in ne:Kt. eh 2.n. Base'Thp Prepare base according to Apples '& Flowers base onp:g. skip next st.2 sts 'ling) 4 times. Rnds 1·2: With brown. Snarl Row 1: With_red. se in Iastst (8). each £It st. s~iIl. hde in each of next 2 chs. each !>t araun It oflas.gJ fasten off. Be in next 6 sts. with neek facing you.t:3 st-a.3). repeat same rods of dish.2. (sc next 2 sts tog) 4 times.• jo. r. fasten off Row 3: Work this znd in back Ips. BIRD (·:au. Repeat same rnds of rnds '0. s] at. fi.ige f1Q58. Rnd 13: (go next 2 sts tog) 2 times. Ann. 1-3~With ofr-white.t 2 ste tog) 3 times.t rnd. ending WIth 24 sts m -l~t rOW'. on rod 5 m n en t· . (iSl. sl st in n~t cit.: next 2 ses togJ 5 times. '. Ips and sew to rod 11 on eenter top of head.8e in rows 17 -7. (sl st. Do not stuff rod 15. Sew center to back Ips. Stuff and I:i'ew edges of rows 3-5 tocenter front of dress under sl ata.6. [ein. Rows . Rnd 2: . (ee n~t :2 sts tog) 5 pg.2 Be in each Qf]as1'i 2 sts (14). Fasten of[ Row 18: Working :in ends. . Se in at. 5· Sit) m 2:udch from hook (5). turn (9). t Rnd 4. Rll. fasten of£.ts. SCin. (sc next·2 sts tog) 2 . fasten off: Ce. Fold sta of row 20 in half... Row )[9. :2: S~ in last st (10. next st. ae in . Shoe (make 2) Bndl 6: 'Work this rnd in front Ips. mup first 3 sts. At 'end QflAst l"'nd. se in 2nd ch from hollk.. Be in frrstst. se inneit st. skip from hook (8). s:c last . !. ti:mI.2. (sc next 2: sts tog) 5 times.sLeeves to a. join beige with sl st in. Bc.. 5. {$I: neJ. (make . 2 sc. l~ilIvinglAst .!t. se next turn (12). sts (7). sts. st. Leaving 24"· for s~.2 se in firs. !..) in last ch (Ll).in ·each of n. Row 171 Ch 1. . Bein n.c ill ifiriij.rate strand around. (24). Stuff body and dress firmly. next st. on pg. skip llrnt st. Dish With 3 st. iSC m 'first 8 sis.r rn pla~ment~. nf t'il:Iws.tmn (3:~n Raws 2·5: Ch I. Row 4~Work ibis rnd in front Ips. Sc in first st. Itnds 9-10:: Repetlt rods 3 and! 8. Rn.2 sc in las. lie in next. Join brown withse in nett st..tnl'l sepa.d 7: ell 1.random on skirt. eh 3.2 se in each of next 2 sts. For be:ak" with or angie . chID. st of di~ Tack: dish to dress and to right hand "With thumb on rim . with red. fasten off. 10·12: Repeat row 2 (18.1'Ilnds be.nter and sew u. Knits 4·5: Se in each 81 areund. embroider Ml circles at random on scm. Leaving 6" for sewing" fasten off .ake 3) Rn~ It Starting at head. Rn. stuff neck firmly and saw rnds 4~9of head to rnd Ion body.d 3: (2 S~: in next st.8C in rows 8-1B. Be innext ch. Be in each st acros~ to la!>t 2 sts.der dun. Row 13. 15: sc in next st. Stuff. turn ~6). first st. 2 Be in each (lIf nest 2. Row 5: (Be fieri 2 sts tog) 3 times. 8:: Sc in each st around. aCi"llSS. ~enter of am. sc in last 4 8tS nO). R:nd. (se next . so in each st 2: sta. se in Bach of ne~:t/2 Eilts. tl11'n- Apples &.2 times. 2 Be in first Be in each next st.. . Flowers base top (63). Rnd 5:: Be_in each of !first.s. 2 sc in 'first st.. 5) in each st around . Leaviag 6" for se. .ext 2 sts.).mnen st" (se n~xt 2 sts 'bag) :2 tirae. At end of'Iast.!:'h I.nd (22).wing. Bod.jt:linred with in row 7. 51:: in first 4 sw. Be last 2 sts tog (1).g. ch 2. Bow 9: Ch ' . Rows. ski. turn. 8: Sc in.g before closing. (se. 8 se in 2ndl."lringin front lpa of rnd :3.. Bow 20: Ch 1. 'Sew ends orlps to forehead.each.ds 14~ & next'2 sts tog. Be in eaeh ch acroM. . s~ in each "x'last. scln each st around (6). se in each offir. st. join. Rml 1:2': (Sc n~ 2 sts tog) .l1 ~w skirtand.Its. Flat~en. GiTl With Gee"e sta. sl !it in 2nd. with off-wroteo.t st.4. sc in. 2 ilts.t st.

(scnext·2 stS.).. SI! in.1l>li'0W<3 =2". Sew to center toll of md 12 on head and tack to head leaving about %" sticking Gut from head . Rnds 17·18~Repeat rods 4 and 5. 'Iaek thumb and hand around one bird. 8k:ip :first at. Fasten off. 1-'7: Repeat same rows of closed. inside edge of girl's arm to ch from hook. jam brown with se . Row .3 sts. Stuff. each white.5). Bnds 14·1. tum. IGAUGE: F hook. sc in next Ii Sots.acl1 st around. Ted. .3). Be in first st. tum . repeat between ( ).head. roa Lon on end 2 on each sideefface. For left side. beige.sltothe back of haad (they will be covered after scarf is added).2. scm same st. Make another bang and sew to Tack ends to head in front leaving 3. 2: se in 2nd . draw eyes Closed. Sew rnds 9·11 on bottom 6f bird to girl's shoo.'1 piece cardboard.hof next 2 sta.l. Rnd 7: Repeat rnd 4. b.astst(3). otrwhite. B and F crochet hooks o-r size llee.R:nd. Be in next 4: sts} 2 Be in each of next 6 ats. tacky glue. .w 4: Ch 1. . rust. SPECIAL NOTES SlZE= 12" tall. eh 2...· (ends should overlap on first bang). tum (5). Row S: Ch 1. st. work this roo inback Ips. It.Row 2: . beige. Seww:m-p Q"Verrnds 8-13 of bird. hdc in same st. first st. Be in nextst. fasten .ter and tack to rnd 10 :nen to bangs. Put loose yan:J. (2 soc in next st.'I'Md yarn around oonter.infirS"t se.3: Ch 1. To. gold:lmd: orange. modeling d:a.. Rod. tum (6).nest st) around (18).ded to obtain gauge..Ch 1.. . join with sl Elt in first se (]. RowS. R:nd 8. brown. SUp Ips off cardboard. MATEllIALS~ Coats &. 19: Sc in. (. M WiSt. mpve first st. Sew mds 5-11 of head to rnd I Neek&Dress Rnd 1: Starting .t:bnes. 4. se in each of neoct 2 ats). H<J.-4 strands sticking up on tOoPof he ad.scm next 4. \W31:l. tie long length around cen. Opened 'Wings.. . . Bnds 20'·251 Repeat rnds 25-30 of Apples & Flowers dress on pg.16: (2 se in each of next 2 INSTRUCTIONS . Slide loops off. Rnd '6: Work this rnd in.ester fiberfill: tape-stry and sofb-sculp- Rnd 4: 8G in each st around. Be in each st acrOBS. eh 1.head on pg.make 2) Row.S1. so in next st. At end of last row.m. NOTE: Use F hook unless cth&. 2¥2 x 3. perm. Row G: Ch 1.peacb. sc :in last'" chs..ameut iOk marke-rsi brush on blush.C. £II st in first ~h to : form ring. in .at neck. GIRL Head erwise s-tated.5: Repeat mds 4 and 5. Ch2. dress so the bite]. sts.s head is just above dish. (sc n€¢ 2 sta tog) 2 times (2<4). se in each of next 3 sts) around (S. 3. join with 91 st. Wings (make 4) Row 1: With 2 strands offwhlte held tog. sc in eaeh st across. (4). wings. 9 sc 91:5 =Z': 9 S.. eh 12. !:l<. .each afnm 3 st8) around (4.Rnds 9-12: Repeat rnds 4 and 5 alternately. Pull loose yarn emiLs to back. Row 7:: Repeat fOW!') (3). 2 hdein l. se in each oifirst .. Bend tips of wings outward.ack Ips. tog) 2 times. black and Ted JJ Hair Forbll:l!lgB. sts. 2 ~ ill Mc. El.{' apart on bottom of body. Be in each of next 2 SES. Sew sides of Be stSOVCI' With black marker. ·O!nd. se in first 4 ehs..6" diameter-piMt:ic co:ntaiMl' with :2 lids.. Bud 13: (2 sc in next st. Be last 2 sts tog. if. Bem. Row 9: Ch l. Tie separate !'l1. Bein last 4 sts (22) .. Fastenm Sew deereased edg'@ of wings to sides of body ¥2n apart on top. lSI st in next 4 ehs. each i!lt around. Work same as Apples Flowers. And 5: Sc im·e. poly. 2 Be in fust st. Rnd3: So in first 4 sts: (fOT arm placement.2. with it.ymn around 214" cardboard a tnnas. red emlbroidety· tIQ. Clark 'Wmtuk:" 01" 4~ply yarn-3 0<18. (4).9C in next. Pull 3 rnd 10 on girls left side.y. next Sit) around (36). I' RBd 2:: For dress. wrap beige yarn around a" ca:rdboard 5 . (2 .s. peach. tl!11'D. tum (3). 2 sc in Iast st. of neck. nrst2 sts tog. wte needles. turn ~2). Sew rods 8-10 of body to girl's right arm. sew rnds 8-10 on bottum of bird togi:r]'s left hand.2 sta Tack.

fa:swn lo. (!. center back st. BC in !:lacb of n. (Me next 2 ~tstog) 2 times. Rml 2: 2 sc in each st around (12). sts. (cl11.Tack how in place on skirt. Sc in fir$f: st (12). se next 2 2 sts tog. se in each around. turn (49). • Rnd 10: Se fust:2 sts tog. Be in next st.O$S" turn (12). Leaving 12" for sfl.3:Se in each s:tareund. sc in Rnd . gtoc1cing. sc in each 1St around (12).·D. 8C. Row 9: Ch 1. Rnd 23: 2 ~C in each €If fi. Sc in Ora. Bnd 21. Rnds. st. se in each at across. fo'r knee. hde in each of last 2 sts. Rnd Iii:Hdc in each of first 2 sts. Row '6: Ch 1. Fasten off: With 3 strands fiDISS.. working on opposite side. turn. sts. each eh across. with 81 st in top of Se. in same st.2sts (16). !3C m each of next 2. . Be in each ch acress. sc in next st. Rows 2:-3::Ob I. eh 4. Rnd U:: Hde in each of first 2 . fasten 2' Rnd 2: (2 se in next st. Be next (35). With red.2::: Repeat znd 15.. turn [36. 91 at in next 4. leaving last sts unweeked J apron. Row 3: Ch 1. tie ]Qug length around! one end nf'lps and tack to top of head on the right side next to the 1i:rst bang. se in each of last 2 sts (34).34). hdcin each of last 2 am. 2 Be in each of 1as. join It... 2 sc in each of ned 13 S~. Leaving s.J:1rst . Run yarn ends to inssde of head.2 Be in Z'nd Leg <{make 2) Rnd 17. Rnd 7: Hdc in each of mgt Z sts. Sc in each at 6ill.t st. B:o'W U:h Ch 1. Bein next 2 sts. row 3. se in each st aerass. Row 4l Skip first 5 sts on. turn (44. (se next 2 sts tog) 4 times. Rod 4: Repeat rnd 2 (24). sc ill each of next 3 sits) across. sc in next st. 4 se in end en.l. skip next st. Stuff iinnly.strands 0[' Ips down to form a curl and tack to in 2nd ch fromhbok.1:. Arm (:make 2) Rows 5-8:: ChI.each ofnext 2 sts. Rnd '7t (Sc next 2 ata tog) around (12).~t 3 sts) around (10).nd 9: Work this rnd m back l. Rows 7-13:: Repeat row 3. fasten off. (sl st. liilst) in same en. fasten: off. Rod HI:: Repeat rnd 15. of ch. FUr rl:gbt side. skip. with off-white. Run yarn thtougb head down to rod 9 011 the: side and tack all but Yll" of ends to haad. ch 1. sl i':!t in next eh. So. Rnd 2<1: Sa in each st around. apron . Kml 20: (Se ll(!:X't.Row 1: Willi gold. se in next st. Bein next B sts. 61 st in next 4· 5t8.28 ses. se: in next st. With off-white. ru~n off. sl st in next 4sts. ~c in first. Ribbon.iO each of next 3 sts) across. Rnd. embroider small dots at random on scarf.rst 2 sts. Tack EJ. in. Starting with.. 2 8C in. Sew sleeves to ann plao{!ments with: hands in back. Be . hdc next 2 sts tog. . peach with se in. Row 2: Florends. BC in each of next 3 stsj repeat from " 4 times.wi'llg. 2 . eh from hook.\V:ra~lyarnl around cur] on nght side of ~ead and sew tog. (sc next 2 sts to." ferr 2nd.ff: Stuff firmly Sew legs sidle by side 011 slip. For leg. hdc in each of last 2Bta. At end ofJast row. Be ill next st. eb 4lji.2 sts tog) 2 times. join with 51st:in first se. iRt). Rnd 1:5:Se in each st around Rod 16: Work this rnd in front Ips:" hdc in. 2 se in each of next 4 its.ctlri"t. Rnds n-22: Repeat lnds 10-21 of Ap:ph~8 & Flowersllrm on 11'2'$0. (2 sc in each of . ch from hook. 4aud51.:oundl. Be in lest eh (8).!'Ie in. Rnds 3~6.6 sc in 2nd ch from hook (6). B. 5C Last 2 sts tog(4)" Rnd 2.oWS 8-10 tog. tum Row Ii: Repeat row 3. skip first 15 Bts. leaving last sts unworked turn (28J.Rnd 14: Repeat md 3.ext . times . Tack bands to skirt.ts tog. . Fasten off.Slide Ips off cardboard. Hnd 0.d IIBt R~peat rnd S. ernbroider VillA crreles at random on s. using gtmight stitches. (2 sc in next at. se .. turn (3~). joir. sc in each at across with BC last 2 sts tog (8). Apron 2nd eh from hook. Hde in first st. sl st in next eh. .st across to last 2 sts.Fas'OOn {)ff. Rndl. sc in next 4 sts. sc in next st.•se in each st across with 5C last 2 stB tog (10). in each st around. tack tog. .9'·lO: Repeat rods 7 and 8. covering edges ofhair on top and sides and t.t. Row ]4: Work this rnd in back Ips. hdc in each of last S sts.s. each of first 3 . eh 1. st. turn. ISC in last md 1 to head. (so l1ext 2 sts tog] 2 ttmes (12). se in n.of first 2 sts.g) a~t.irs first 1St. 8] at) mend! eh. Scarf Row]:' Wi n red" ch39. hde.9. skip first eh. sc in next 6 sts. Tio snds in how around waist. Be m ne:id 8 sts. join 11. Stuff scad' and pull both ends of rnds 1-a'to the hack ana.lC next 2 sts tog) across (G~ Leaving 12" for sawing. wrap beige yarn around 2Y2" cardboard 4.12: Se first 2 sts tog. Positicn scarf on head. Sc in first st. ch 3. Be in. 'I}lck hands tog. *(hdc next 2 ets tog) 2 times. Rod 19':2 Bein each of first 2 sts. peach with 8C in. work in back Jps of null 15. turn (24). Rnd 13:2 Be in eacll ..'3. SC. scin nextst. join gold witb He in next st. join red! with so in ne:xtst. sew apron to skirt creating slight ripples. se in eaeh. Rnd 8: Repeat rod ::I"joinwith 51 at in first sc. Sew ends of T-.Scm eaeh oflast 2 eta (141. working OInopPQsite side of eh. Rnd 1: With 'Off-white.o head where needed.rst st. Row 4. Se first 2 sts tog. eaeh of last 2 sts. Fold last row IOf apron under slightly. elr 2. first.

]0). 81 sUn first st. (fide. Be in next -I. se in next 7 sts. Rnd Z: Be in each st around .in first st. alst in sts. last 2 sts tog.eyes Rnds 18.2 times. 2 se in each of :first a sts. skip first 5 sts~join rut With se in next st.s1 g·t) in.1S. Leaving B" for sewing. Wing (make 2) For tail. Bud 2: 2 se In eaeh of mst 2 sts. Rnd7': Sc in eachst around. de in next ch.30). Stuff. Rnd 34:: Repeat rod 2. Body Rnd 1: Starting at haad. hde in Bach of next S CM. Sew over md 2 of md 2.. ch 3. Rnd32: (Sc next 2 sts tog) timErs. chi 2.Work this rod i1!lback Ips. j Din with 131 st in first !"IC (8). Rnds.. of legs tcrnds 28-31 ofbQdy a. Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st around (12). Row 8: Oh 1.2 and 3 alternately (8. 2 sn ill each (If last 3. 2 se in Ba.: RepE!'at rnd 6. Rnd CRo. sC Ilext 2.5: Repeatrnd 2. (se next 2 sts tog) 2 times.!(t 2 ats tog. & in first Rnd 4: Repeat rnd 2. Sew TIlGa 1-3. se ne:.jom first at (12). 7 Be in 2nd ch. repeat betwoon ():2 times (251.. Rnd 9: Scin first 5 sra. with black marker. 2. (sc next 2 across. Rnd 5: Sc in each offirst 2stg.d '7l Repf. 2 Be in each of nex:t2 sts. se in. se next 2 sts wg" skip next st. Rnd 5: Workthisrnd in back Ips. 2 sc in last cit. working on oppMit.ch3. Row 5:: C '1.g. eaeh stareuad (OJ. working in ends of *sl::it innexirow:. RndS: Scin.n leach of last 6 sts (. Leaving ing. Leave 6" for sewing. Be in next [) sts. fasten off. se next 2 sts "tog. sc in next 6 Sits" 2 Be i. Rmd B: Sc. Bud 3: 2 se in first st. Do not stuff after this "Rnd 6:: (2 81:. ch 11. 'faeten off. 2 de in each of next 3 szs. tum. fasten off.2 sts.traIl to top of shoe. Head[ &. scm last st (10).:3 ehs. Leaving rod. 3 sts (7). Be in next 16 sts. Sf: in next 13 eta. sefn each ch. Rnd 6: So in each at around. ch 3. de in lli~ eh. Fasten off. se ~n h:ast st (27). times. lit: in next st) 2 times. scm each of last 3 sts.2 Be inflret st. picot! in. Be in last 4 sta 11). in next st. Se Iuflrst st. hook (5).es (13). ststog. . (m~k. (se next 2 sts tog) each offirllt 2 sts. st. turn (2).agram. Row 13::Ch 1. st. -3 ac in las.Shoe (make .1 st ion:first se.t eh {18). (sl st.peah'nd! 2. turn (4). Rnd 11: Repeat rod 2. se in each st around. Rnds 8@-S1: Repeat rnd 6. a Row 1: With white. sc in next 4 sts. Sew .l). fastenof[ For strap. eh 1. Be in each of 1l:!'lXt4 sts. &w 7': Ch il. Row 3: Ch 1. Rnd 4: (Sc uex. (51 st.5 8C in 2nd rh from . turn H raws. Be) in IBSt.d 16: Repeat rnd 12 (12).. sl st) . . join orange with Be in first st. 2 se innext st. Leaving 12" for sewing.}S 01. Rnd 7: Slat in each ef flrst 3 3 :2 Bnd 36: CScrnext 2 sts tog} . dNJiW . With !SiC Rnd... eh 2.. se in each offil'st 3 sts. Rnd 10. join 'with sl st in firstsc. Do not stuff after this rna. hlle.: Repeat Tnd 6. Rnd 29: (Sc next 2 sts tog. Rows 9·n:: Ch 1 sc first 2 sts tog. Be in 2nd eh from book. Row 2: Clh 1. with rust. next st. join. hdc in next st. Rnd. orange. ee neJd2 sts tog. StnfJ:: 3 2 Rnd 3: Sc in each st around.t.:i.!':h 3. join with 8. rlllw12" Row 14: For mathel's. se in each st around. se in each at ac~'08B.. ~i'cot) in llittt st. sc in aaeh at around (U). Beak Rnd 1: With B hook a nd Rnd 2: Be in each of next 5 sts. 2nd eh from hook.9). sc in last 4 sts (l. (Be next sts tGg) 8 I. 6 E>C in 2nd cb iTOm hook (6). sl st in same st. (8. work th:W tow in babk Ips.. For eyes. 2 se ill. sc in eaeh at across with 2 Be in last st" turn (6).2) llnd 1: Starting at sole. 5 de in end! ch. with rust.. sc in next 13 sts. Rnd37': Scin each of mst 2 sta hde in next st. . Rnd 3:. (sc next sts tog) :3 tim. ch 7. Ihde.. sc in leach of'Iast.. ' eaving remaining sta lilllw'orked tu:rn(14). oInl rnds 4-5 about 1" a. Rn. {Iff."". se in next 6 sts. each of last 3 stili(14). Row 4: For QPper shoe.e 2) Rno 1:Wrthwhite. Rnd 12: 2 sc . ell 2. GIOOSE EYE DIJ\GRAM ' Rod 17.35: ('Sc next 2 gt-s tog) times. 2 Be in 2nd ch from hook. .: 2 sc in each of first 6 sts. with. 131 st in first se (61.turn.sts (18). BC in each st aero.3 lilts nf rnd 36. ch 2. se in first 4 sts. scm last 4 sts (10). hde in each of next . Stu:ff. (sellen: 2 ~ts tog) 3 times. Rows 4-'7: Repea.e side Qf eh. sc in Bud 4: Be in each offirst 3 sts. sew boUIllll 3 sts of' rnd S7 tal top . 2.21-2"8: Re.eatmd 6. pieot. 2 sis tog) around. each of next sts. 6.s. ae in next !it) 3 times. jam.·15: ReIHlat rnds 6 and 2 alternately..8:Repeat row 3. ec In each st acrosaturn. Le. frem each oflast. RGw ]2: ell 1. fasten Sew shces to feet" GOOSE (make 2) sts tog) 2 times (9). Rnd 19: Bepeatmd 6. sc m 2nd chirom hook.w . Be in each of last 2 ata am.4). Rn.t row .tirst 4 sts. NOTE: For picot..bout 1Y1" apart at ho@k(7). with whUe. Rnd 33. Sew opening closed. (se. Fasten off.part according to d. sc in with !IIst in 12" for sew- slight angle.Rep. stEl. Rntl . Rnd 6= Sci in. eachst around. 10'/ fur sewing.

Rnd 13:::(2 Be in next st. 91 st) in next row. . . Fasten off. next zow. Rods 1-9: Repeat same rods of Apples. 6.el'lse oppOsite g]rl. Sew g. & Flowers base top (63). eh l. IlDds 15-1'7: Ch 1. sc in next 11 sts) around (91). 131 at in first st. Rnd 12::: (2 Be mnext st.. se in next 8 sts) around {7m.. (al at. Smear ecntaiaer with glue. se in each Irt around. Insert container into base top.ewings at angle over rnds 21·31 (If body with rows 9-13 of wings tog tit back of body. Iaav in g remaining rows nnwarksd. sc in eeeh st Sew bottom to top stuffing where needed befor-e closing. Be in next 10 sts} around (84..Fasten off. Rnd 11: (2 sc in next st. Rnd 14: Be in each st around. tum . Tack geese heads to apron . repeat from. infustsc. * 2 times. Plac. Be in next 9 13m) around (77). Rnd 10: (2 sc in next st.each ofnext2l"OW5. ch 2. slatfn.. Rnd14. with 91 st Base Bottom Rnds 1-13: Repeat same mds ofbase top. join. Base Top Prepare base according to Apples & Flowers base on pg.

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