The Great Mind Challenge - Project Scenario Template Note: Already filled information should not be changed

1. Name of the Project Cybernetics Protector The Secret Intelligence Agency has always used undercover agents to solve complex cases and dismantle criminal organizations. We are conceptualizing this software as a solution so that Secret Intelligence Agencies and their agents can communicate through this Software for the exchange of evidences in a secure way. A. Citizen B. Under Cover Agent C. Secret Intelligence Agency‘s chief D. Ministry of Defence Secret Agency’s Chief:
i. ii. iii. iv. Chief should be able to create/edit/view Agent’s profile Appointing of Agent to a particular case. Secure retrieval of evidences received from Agent. Access to Data Base logs.


Objective/ Vision


Users of the System


Functional Requirements (Atleast Eight)

v. Should be able to trace Agent’s location (using IP addresses) vi. Generate Reports vii. Ability to store data with history (archive cases). viii. Ability to create Digital Signature certificates. Agent: i. Able to view case details. ii. Should be able to encrypt & upload evidence or data to Data Base. iii. Able to view resources from ministry or chief. iv. Generate Report. v. Should be able to view the dynamic map of anywhere in the world. Defense Ministry: i. Should be able to send resources to Secret Agency. ii. Receive reports iii. Ability to assign cases to the Agency. Citizen: i. Ability to see Success Stories. ii. Chat assistance from Intelligence Agency. iii. Ability to apply for a job in Secret Intelligence Agency. iv. Ability to give tips & suggestion. .

Web 2. b. Use of Google Map API (freeware license) 7. Use of Graphical tool like JASPER to show strategic data to admin E. Reports exportable in . User interface priorities 8. XML. Good hashing and encryption techniques to protect information. Case Report B. B. Webservices.XLS. and Firefox. Reports 9.war/. Database backup and DDL Script D. 10. Online or offline help to above said users. A.5. Use of AJAX atleast with all registration forms C. c. Final Deliverable must include . Success Report C. 11. Better component design to get better performance at peak time iv. e-Forms. GPS functionality. NN. News Feed facility. Tools to be Used • • • • WebSphere Portal/ WAS/ WAS CE / WPS DB2 Express – ‘C’ or DB2 UDB Tivoli CDP/TSM / Tivoli Directory Server Linux will be the preferred OS. Application deployment executive and developer B. Browser testing and support for IE.PDF or any other desirable format A. Other important issues Team Size Technologies to be used 2 – 4 members UML. Mozila. Professional look and feel B. SSL can be used. Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension a. A. SOA • ROSE/RSA / WebSphere Modeler • Eclipse/ RAD / Lotus Forms Designer / Portlet Factory 12.ear ) with source code C. Optional features i. Non-functional requirements (Atleast Four) 6.0. J2EE. D. . ii. Report regarding most wanted criminals and bounty information if available. Application archive ( . AJAX. Login using face recognition. 24 X 7 availability iii. A. Secure access of confidential data (user’s details). Complete Source code 13.

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