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Leg-wear Socks, knee-length socks and over-knees play a fundamental role together with the new trouser-lengths and skirt silhouettes. Some of the new looks in the dresses and skirts segment only become plausible with matching socks and stockings. Shoes are modernized only by using the right socks and stockings, thereby attracting the desired attention. Patterned panties turn into a modern leggings replacement. jewelry It is a rich and elaborate jewelry season where we see crystals, pearls and irregular shaped gemstones coming together in a fresh and inviting `Baroque inspired` way. Where multi-wrap beaded bracelets are piled one on top of another, odd shaped rings create a `semi`-tribal statement and brooches make a come-back. Cornaline and turquoise are the perfect gemstone accompaniment to gold.

ACCESSORIES – WOMEN Belts Belts play a fundamental role as accessories for the styling of all looks. The range of widths and materials varies accordingly. Worth mentioning are over-long belts, which are additionally knotted at the waist, extremely narrow belts as a contrast to large-volume coats, dresses and rock silhouettes, or extremely wide belts as an accent for clear and architectonic shapes. Important again both for decorative and functional purposes: Mix metal with coloured leather on double wrap options. Add a neat little bow to give a girlie twist to an otherwise masculine ensemble. For the most part, think slim and trim, but wide still works best for extreme waist cinching solutions.

Gloves Gloves are styled to match different looks and draw the eyes towards the hands. They are worn in over-long styles to jackets with shortened sleeves or as fingerless gloves or mittens with rustic outdoor layerings. The typical materials used are knits with patterns and soft leather in modern colours. Give gloves a makeover by crocheting, adding jewelled embellishments, using new sporty perforated fabrics in new lengths or pairing back with ergo fingerless fits. Butter soft leather and suede longer length options add glamour. Don´t forget bright coloured (fake) for mittens.


super soft super warm. because it is all about statements this season. Trappers and rangers inspire “chapka” hats and caps with ear-covers. and should be worn by winding them several times around the neck. providing the outfits with an innocent girly air. Narrow scarves. 5 . Make it the main outfit item. ultra-feminine in look. Regarding caps.Scarves The new knitted scarves are implemented with coarse divisions and are worn by winding them several times around the neck or by letting them hang long and loose. At last it´s time to jazz up the simple scarf. narrow scarves are important: they should be enhanced by patterns and nice detail solutions such as eyelets and fringes at the ends. are knotted around the neck. Think supersized. Long. Change the silhouette to include a front body panel to tuck in for extra protection and add a pom-pom or two. fishing and trekking are sources of inspiration for winter themes. so think big! Headwear Hunting. Knitted hair-ribbons with plaids or ethnic patterns are an interesting alternative for the young market. the important thing is to resort to Alpine-inspired shapes with pompons and Nordic patterns and structures.

Leathers with finishings and in new colours increase their fashion value. There is nothing basic in this season´s key bag assortment. This bag format has the potential to do away with the over-dimensional bags currently dominant in the market. They make shorter hems plausible in winter. Shoes – boots Over-knee boots will continue to be worn. since they are used as all-rounders with almost all silhouettes. The new loafers are characterized by striking blockheels. textural mini bowling bags. They are usually combined with platforms and rounded mouldings. This shape provides a renewed welcome to wedge-heels. True newcomers are low-heels. Natural tones are important. Bags – framed + boxy clutch Framed bags are new vintage-inspired shapes. Black and brown tones are dominant. in order to allow leg movement. Wedge-heels and stilettos remain important for these shoe formats. tweedy or fur panelling. loud leopard prints. polished leathers with golden clasps. 6 . Modern shapes are pointed again. Shoes – utility Utility-inspired boots feature unequivocal military aspects. but there´s no room for repetition here. treaded soles and winter linings are typical details. The fashion is characterized by a small format with only one handle. Shapes may hark back to what´s been before. Shafts should not be to narrow. angular tote bags. knitted. Stilettos are the best way to set off a charming look. Ankle-boots are updated thanks to short or high block-heels. includes the new ankle-boot shapes with detail solutions inspired by the military and equestrian world. either in com- pact or delicate stiletto styles. flat shoes include caps in a Budapest style. metal clasps. associated with a “feet on the ground” attitude. Important for evening wear are hard-box clutches and document cases in small formats in rectangular or oval shapes Shoes – Heels Block—heels are always square-cut and often contrasting – they provide a striking look to new shoes. Key materials are crocodile and shiny. Masculine. Straps. bold coloured snake and crocodile skin textures. Slouchy rucksacks with bold patterns. two-tones and incorporated platforms. worn-in and abused leather satchels.Bags – modern formal This is a key shape for this winter – it interacts with all the new silhouettes that are inspired by looks from the fifties and sixties. Heels are definitely masculine and square. which breaks with the past. so get ready to mix things up to the max. This new style. Models are extremely pointed and show a deep décolleté. winter shorts and flared skirt hems. ruched sporty handbags. Shoes – wedges – loafers – men´s flats Clogs turned into winter footwear are worn with shortened trousers.

Vintage leather (either achieved through clever finishing or. Refresh old school backpacks with hyper functional surfaces. Hats It´s less about hats and more about hair this season. Chunky angular metalwork in tarnished finishes will give a toughened up look quirky cowboy buckles are the most important direction for more casual approach. biker and gauntlet inspired longer length. 7 . Integrate knitted panels on bags for a grungy feel. especially important with a vintage finish. more excitingly. fur linings and drawstring and zip closures. especially perfectly coiffed rockabilly quiffs. Black washed leather is the perfect material for the important paramilitary backpack. patterned knitted gloves and cuff warmers are the seasonal favourites. Quilt woven scarf options for extra protection. Multi-pocket tool-bag inspiration updates classic canvas and leather totes. In gloves. Use quilting. embossing and sonic welding for surface pattern and texture on more linear. with exaggerated cable structures. sleek silhouettes. sleek leather fingerless. Add a brooch closure for a more avant-garde aesthetic. Experiment with intarsia patterned knitted outers. Give attaché cases a worn-in and loved feeling with ‘used’ leather and ‘repaired’ looking handles.ACCESSORIES – MEN Bags From the clean to the grungy. Scarves + gloves We have seen the sporty snoods seen on the cat-works. For an edgier look add a “Teddy-boy” bootlace necktie or a textural bowtie to the mix. But for those in need of a bit of elemental protection. Belts Capture a worn-in and loved feeling this season and you can´t go far wrong. Extravagant pattern appears with Nordic intarsia designs and schoolboy stripes. Hats inspired by snorkel-hooded parkas are fresh and edgy headgear option. recycling) adds depth and interest to all belt options. bring the look of the sky slope to the street. Ties Sleek single-coloured ties are the smart option this winter. the fur-lined deer stalker is a seasonal must. this season is full of interest in material and proportion. or keep it more basic in worn leather. Sporty knitted hat. with or without tonal bobbles.

unblashed world

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unblashed world styling trends

Women’s wear melancholy, mystical, provocative The designer creations are rebellious and unadjusted, reaping influence on the one hand from Gothic culture and on the other from punks and arts. Independent and urban in its demeanour, the style is based on clear, masculine shapes, with expressive materials that speak of glamour and volume. Feminine-masculine contrasts are defines by a new mix of materials and colours, by classic and technical images in a cool and severe interpretation. Silhouettes live in clear shapes: double-breasted coats and jackets, masculine pantsuits, slim-waist blazers, draped dresses, tunics, skirts, silk blouses worn over drainpipe, leather or suit trousers. Fabrics are soft, flowing and severe: masculine wool cloth, satins, panne de velours, taffeta, leather, flowing metallic materials in a mix with feathers, fur, sequins and glass effects. Dark mock-blacks predominate, with highlights in colour and glass. Styles: Severe double-breasted coats, jakkets, lumber jackets, capes, masculine pantsuits in a materials’ mix, leather, gathered and draped dresses, tunics, skirts, wraparound and flounced blouses, dresses, tops, knit-tops in sequin, lace, metal and pleated optics, flounces, 3D collars and shoulder parts. Designs: Geometrics, rhombuses, waves, scaly, zigzag and watery motives, dégradés, reptile skin, camouflage, night lights, precious stones, chains. Fabrics: Light and masculine wool cloths, suit fabrics, crepes, silk satins, moirés, taffetas, panne de velours, metallic seersuckers, jacquards with reliefs, changeants, quiltings, glossy and calendar finishes, reptile and leather optics, sequin fabrics, embroideries with cellophane fringes, feathers, geometrics, stones, leather applications. Colours: Mock-black as in ink, dark brown, platinum, black, neon-blue, petrol, wine-red, glass optics, oxidized bronze and copper as accents.

Men’s wear masculine, severe, strong The sovereignty of an existentialist dandy is rebellious and self-assured, not in any way opulent or pretentious. The night belongs to him. The look is not that of a fancy dresser. Strong, severe and masculine, the theme plays with codes inspired by uniforms, punk rock and mystique. Independent and rebellious, severe shapes, materials and volumes mix with urban chic and sexiness. The look is based on a mix of classic and technical images, military details and a rock-punk allure in a severe interpretation: wool coats and jakkets with military elements, leather coats and jackets with military elements, leather coats and trousers, slim-lined suits, slim-waist jakkets over shiny trousers, plain fine-gauge knits, shirts in glossy and silky optics. The fabrics are severe, matt, compact, masculine and are complemented by velvety looks, patent leather and leather optics, high-tech, glossy and geometric designs. The colour mood is dark and monochrome in mockblack, with highlights in silver and blue. Styles: Coats and jackets with military details, flaps, buttons, leather coats, lumber jakkets, trousers, slim-cut suits and jackets, accentuated shoulder parts, shawl collars, evening suits, frock-coats, slim trousers with creases and cuffs, drainpipe pants in leather Designs: Geometrics, rhombuses, zigzags, chessboard patterns, reptile and camouflage designs, night-lights, dégradés, monochrome checks, stained patterns. Skulls are here to stay, however they have to come along in new print looks. No cheap horror prints; now they can be broken or covered beyond all recognition as all-over, arty or abstract comic prints. Fabrics: Compact wool cloths, uniforms and loden types, crepes, satins, superstretch, graphic velvets, velour with a patina, wool-stretch with glossy effects, formal silk types, jacquards with reliefs, rubber and patent finishes, masculine leather, shiny leather and leather imitations, geometric quiltings, glossy high-tech, sheepskin. Colours: Mock-black shades such as dark grey, brown, navy, black, neon-blue and silver as accents. and satin stretch, glossy silk shirts with flounces and small collars. Fine-gauge knits, matt or glossy, 3D reliefs, zip-lumbers, hoodies with funnel collars and strings, shiny and contrasting details, placed motives. Denim: destroyed look, biker jackets and waistcoats with diagonal zips.

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Shapes: Fine-gauge knits. metallic accessories.unblashed world knitwear trends Yarns: Super fine yarns. Women’s wear Strong. skin types in matt or glossy finishings. hoodies with funnel collars and strings. long-haired. compact structures. Fantasy and fun inspire the theme: colour shadings. typomix. waves. materials’ mix. Functional and protective through felted and carded yarns. zigzags and water motives. monochrome checks. chessboard patterns. zip lumbers. metallic and plissé optics. vampire and mystique. severe and mystic. ribbon and sequin effects. sprinkled metalized fabrics. silk. cellophane. placed motives. tops with 3D collars and shoulder parts. night-lights. Flounces. ultra-matt to glossy. placed motives. Patterns: Apart from the corresponding single-colours. Celts. in wool. reptile and camouflage designs. 3D reliefs. matt or glossy. severe and masculine. matelassés. rhombuses. dark patent and leather effects. lace. combinations with leather. punk. degradés. glossy effects in darks with silver and other colours. elastics. zigzags. viscose. combinations with synthetics. rhombuses. glossy and contrasting details. Shapes: Knit parts with sequins. Original net structures and arty perforations. The theme plays with codes inspired by myths. the theme plays with codes inspired by military garb. moulinés and sprinklings associate with camouflage optics. Men’s wear Strong. Geometrics. scales. as well as effects achieved by using precious stones and chains. Patterns: Geometrics. digitally printed yarns. rock and mystique. 16 knitwear trends .

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Clunky punky bracelets .Bold-coloured snake and crocodile skin textures .Bags in macramé look in artfully inter woven.Rings in silver and black 22 accessories & jewelry trends .Slim ties Belts & Shoes .Boots Gloves .Knuckleduster rings .Subtle bling-bling also applies to wide belts .Black belts with silver details .unblashed world accessories trends Bags .Gloves with jewelled embellishment .Thick necklaces with cross or skull pendants play with familiar death symbols .Fingerless fists Jewelry . bead ornamented fabric stains come along grungy Ties & Scarves .Jewelry in macramé look .Silver jewelry .Leopard prints .Ornamental stones .

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genuine source 26 .

COLORS 11-4202 TCX 14-0108 TCX 13-1026 TCX 15-3214 TCX 15-0955 TCX 17-1147 TCX 19-1557 TCX 18-3910 TCX 19-3906 TCX 16-4519 TCX 19-3933 TCX 19-1020 TCX 16-0632 TCX 18-5112 TCX colors 27 .

fur fabric or short haired sheepskin imitations. Important components are functional outdoor jackets. complemented by autumn colour accents. They are joined by smoky grey nuances and creamy vanilla variations. quilted materials. wool classics. sheepskin. soft velvet. Colours: Earthy natural tones. handcrafted embroideries. Styles: Hunting. tweeds. pine. sheepskin and fur jackets mix with oversize knits and Norwegian ideas. hand-knits. mainly browns. Wool cover materials. hand-crafted tweeds. fur optics. The fabric layerings are based on coated outdoor and worker qualities. modernized folk elements. waistcoats. Cargo-details on pants and waistcoats. trusted elements. reversibles. red. coal. wool checks. bondings in materials’ mix with fur. drainpipe and masculine-style trousers. waistcoats with materials’ mix. sheepskin. coarse knits. wax-coatings. Colours: Nature’s palette. fishing and sheepskin jakkets and coats with hems. which paint a quieter colour picture. coated outdoor and sheepskin types. Apart from exciting structured surfaces. beiges and rusts are the base. wood. wax-finish. pocket elements. values Nordic appeal. fur and sheepskin jackets. ethnic blanket stripes. full twill shirts. boucles. worker jackets and trousers with hem and pocket details. fur and pelt optics. They are joined by smoky grey nuances and creamy vanilla variations. The rustic effect is the protagonist thanks to the Prince of Wales. pigment-dyes. functional parkas. Designs: Bark and camouflage patterns. denim and corduroy coatings with a patina. parkas. comfort and protection. such as beige. khaki. Checks and prints for feminine blouses. soft wool and worker jackets. waistcoats and accessories. plaids. soft flannel and check shirts. khaki. checked skirts and dresses. Clothing based on rural and traditional elements provides a piece of security aided by reliable qualities. Farming and Alpine backgrounds reflect authentic roots. genuine. quilted blousons. wool and felt waistcoats. Nordic knit patterns. wool with coatings. The theme revolves around nature and known. grey. functional parkas. ethnic-inspired blanket stripes. hand-knit ideas complemented by outdoor designs. Fabrics: Familiar patterns and qualities are laid on with new colourings. pine and sea as an accent. mountain air and outdoor life are the models for this theme that offers an alternative to urban daily life. which paint a quieter colour picture. bouclés. blanket fabrics in mélanges. tweeds. walk-wool. leather with a patina. ice and old rose as colour accents. Silhouettes mix function. checks and flannel shirts. wrap-around and knit coats. pigment dyes. herringbone. Nordic knit and flower patterns. brown. wintry poetry and romantic. give a volume look and a good temperature regulation due to additional membrane systems. ochre. which above all represent the outdoor character of the trend theme. Bright accents come about with bold vermilion and hard winter white versions especially effective with patterns. e. coarse-knit. Natural colours are combined with autumn accents in a tony mix. Styles: Covering. in nature’s palette and mélanges. 28 styling trends . Colour moods are natural and cool.genuine source styling trends Women’s wear Original. Wool in single-coloured fabrics. Bright accents come about with bold vermilion and hard winter white versions especially effective with patterns. Donegal. The natural colour range is a given sporty message by adding shiny dark and azure blues. sea. jeans and worker pants with reinforcements. handcrafted Simple life. Men’s wear Natural. edgings and applications. rust. The natural colour range is a given sporty message by adding shiny dark and azure blues. The fur look is crucial for outdoor jackets. dresses. reversibles. The fragrance of woods. coloured tweed checks. colourdenim. Beige. Natural optics determine the materials: handcrafted tweeds. stripes. felt. micro and tweed checks. fur and soft leather imitations as well as faded denims are just as effective as technical qualities. Fabrics: Whether made out of wool or synthetic fibres. felt. brown. fur and leather with a patina. knits with outdoor and worker ideas. rust. Nordic knit patterns. blanket and tweed checks. Fleecy fur fabrics. natural fabric optics. Canadian outdoor feeling and modernized folk elements. country-check and brushed double-face materials. humus. Designs: Bark and camouflage patterns. Jodhpur. Whether decorative trimming or as main material fur imitations. complemented by sportive elements that combine into a multi-functional look. herringbone. the combination of traditional patterns and silhouettes with technical qualities also gives birth to high-quality added value functions. mélanges. Loose wool and knit coats. waistcoats in material’s mix. It revolves around layerings in simple styles. Norwegian and flower designs. Alpine. suede. winter Bermudas. ochre. patched down-filled jackets and waistcoats. edgings.g. short blazers in single colours or checks. slowdown and authentic values are expressed in a vintage materiality. Earthy natural tones. skirts and soft Bermudas. winter Bermudas. mainly browns. beiges and rusts are the base. bark.

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or if combinations include keyhole-patterns. handcrafted tweeds. Farmer-look. natural/ metallic effects. Nordic knit and flower patterns. because the feeling of nesting and cocooning is implemented in a becoming and plausible manner. moulinés in natural optics. coats. Shapes: Knitwear with volume. hoodies. Neutral colours and natural tones. interpret rusticity in a new way. In this theme. light knit cardigans become a stand-in for coats. natural optics. stripes. coats and oversized cardigans are worn with belts in order hug the body. Nordic knit patterns. Loose and wide knit shapes such as capes. The summit of authenticity. knitwear plays with outdoor optics and functions. Patterns: Bark and camouflage patterns. Women’s wear Focus on the essential – comprehensible silhouettes. Plaids: patterns have an interesting and authentic look when plaids of different width are combined. soft felt types. Oversized needles or loop fastenings are important details. jakkets and sweaters are irreplaceable for a rustic layering effect in winter. Combinations with alpaca in natural colours provide authenticity. A special effect is achieved by alternating felted and smooth yarns. as well as shaded tweeds. Bark and camouflage patterns. shawls. This type of knitwear is most convincing. ethnically inspired blanket stripes. Shapes have to be simple and conform to rectangular basic shapes or O-silhouettes. Shapes: Knits in handcrafted optics. Men’s wear The fragrance of woods and mountain air. trimmings.genuine source knitwear trends Yarns: Soft mélanges. fringes and pattern mix. New “computer” jacquards are influenced by this Nordic folk atmosphere. 34 knitwear trends . broderie anglaise. furtrimmed waistcoats. Norwegian and plaid patterns in oversize sweaters. It is important to try to combine different motives and patterns and to search for colour contrasts. basic details and materials. plaids and Nordic patterns with trimmings for coats. Soft. sweaters. turtleneck sweaters. Extremely coarse wick-yarns in wool white are knit in innovative plaid and Aran patterns. jackets. trekking and outdoor life are the models for this theme. . Quilted outdoor knits. natural space dyes. jackets. Plaid patterns for cardigans. sophisticated rusticity. tweed optics. cardigans. wool embroidering and lace. are typical for these patterns. cardigans. or dark and warm red tones. voluminous multi-coloured flammé yarns and moulinés. Patterns: Knit and crochet optics. ethnic stripes. flammé and chiselled effects. Nordic and traditional Alpine patterns are important for young sweaters. Patterns should be implemented as all-over jacquards. jackets and accessories.

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knitwear trends 39 .

characterised by artistic snowflake motifs.g.Peaked caps .Bags with double clasps and buckles Belts & shoes .Traditional trekking boots Hats.Buckskin bags decorated with metal features .genuine source accessories trends Bags . . scarves .Worn-in and abused leather satchels .Knit hair ribbons with plaids or ethnic patterns . caps.Wool caps or beanies .Knit scarves with coarse divisions 40 accessories & jewelry trends .Alpine ski sports provides the stimulus for the ankle-high boots . hearts or checks variations.Lined. They are supplemented by fantasy patterns such as e. sometimes with Norwegian bucket tops . knee high mukluks vie for attention sometimes with fur trimming.Wool gloves .Decorative belts .Wide leather belts decorated with metal features increase the authenticity value .Boxy bags with reinforced parts . gloves. animal footprints.The Norwegian knit patterns are rather close to the originals.Inca hats with ornamental pom-poms .

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44 new forge .

COLORS 14-4503 TCX 13-3803 TCX 13-1026 TCX 18-3910 TCX 17-4123 TCX 19-3910 TCX 19-3908 TCX 15-0955 TCX 17-1223 TCX 17-1147 TCX 17-1320 TCX 16-0632 TCX 19-1020 TCX 19-1518 TCX colors 45 .

ochre. quilted and bonded optics. trouser skirts. which provides clear structures to everyday things. soft tweeds. long jackets. soft nappa leather. Chanel types. tailored trousers. micro-designs. crystal effects as accents. peacock-eye. flannel. corduroy. wrap-around shapes. doubleface. Important elements are plain wool coats and jackets. soft high-tech types in forge styling trends Women’s wear cool. blue-grey. twill. set off with a frosty gloss. simple skirts and dresses. geometrics. hairy finishes and high-tech functionality. dark brown and navy. diffuse fleece and felt types. shortened cuffed trousers. wool cloth in tony designs complemented with fine-gauge knits. blazers. 46 styling trends . soft jakkets. mohair. soft tweeds and moulinés. Fabrics: Luxurious wool cloth. doubleface. soft boucles. flannel. window and micro checks. misty and ecru tones for accents. minimal Functionality. familiar Functionality. fur and leather. shiny and crystal effects. chinés. Styles: Loose. Slim collar-less lumber designs. leather. dégradés. dark brown. with colour palettes that reflect a masculine attitude. taupe. boxy double-breasted models. jacquards – with matt. slim lumber jackets. cashmere coats or blazers – everything is staged in a new way. wood. Camel. belted wrap-arounds. It is based on luxurious fabrics and knitwear with simple shapes and tony layerings. graphic flowers. leather or geometric effects. as well as soft leather types. combined with fine-gauge knitwear and luxurious shirts. Art-Deco patterns. Styles: Smart trench-coats. Fabrics: Luxurious wool cloth. crepes. crepe. without falling into a nostalgic mood. soft short blazers. plain wool coats and jackets. grey. micro-designs. knee-length skirts. both single and double-breasted. perfect shirting fabrics. Colours: Familiar neutral shades in camel. motives based on feathers. pencil drawings. Men’s wear elegant. bluegrey. Regardless of the garment type – whether trench-coats. herringbone. The colour combination is luxurious and timeless. Accents show an influence and affinity with the fifties and Scandinavian design. The fabrics are familiar and modernized. glossy coatings. tony shirts and long shirts. Silhouettes mix wool in luxurious knits based on fine-gauge and ribbed optics for outdoor coats and jackets. stripes. tailored trousers and Bermudas. complemented by soft chalky stripes. navy-bronze. luxurious. miceteeth. Designs: Graphic motives. wool types with a patina. slim-line suit and trouser shapes. belted coats. Designs: A lot of single-colours in a tony materials’ mix. pearls and fur. quilted high-tech types in a materials’ mix. slim single or double-breasted suits. slim cuffed trousers. complemented by shiny effects and graphic designs. brushed mohair. It plays with quiet and monochrome layerings in noble fabrics. retro suits and blazers with wide lapels and sporty trimming. velvet. placed designs. shiny. The theme revolves around sophisticated and functional fabrics. flannels. charcoal. flannel. wool lace and embroideries with woven. Shift-dresses with cut lines and pocket details Colours: Classic camel. cigaretteshapes. ergonomics and simplicity characterize this theme. reliefs. Fabrics are also luxurious: reversibles in cashmere. collar-less shapes. artful tailoring and updated proportions with a soft finish. tony or monochrome. Richer shirts with fuller collars. natural furs. ergonomics and reduction characterize this theme in which casual wear and urban wear are combined in clear structures and innovative styles. such as noble wool cloth. simple. soft flannels. washed silk. waistcoats in a materials’ mix.

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as well as materials’ mix. Patterns: Graphic motives. 52 knitwear trends . with fur collars. matt yarns in cotton. The most important yarn and structure combinations are: woollen and carded yarns. complemented by soft stripes. stripes. stretch materials. minimal and noble. intarsia. functional mixtures. Art Deco patterns. It plays with luxurious knits in plain shapes. Shapes: Noble. single-coloured fine-gauge knits. matt and glossy. micro-designs. vintage-rhombuses. cardigans and knit waistcoats Patterns: A lot of single-colours in a tony materials’ mix. mélanges. wool. fine-gauge knitwear. compact yarns. fancy mélanges. structure mixtures. non-colours in metallic versions. cardigans. sportive wool/ cotton mixtures in vintage and denim optics. turtle-necks. What at first glance would seem a combination of classic designs is in reality a carefree remix of classic men’s wear elements. flat and ribbed. V-neck styles. moulinés and tweeds in non-colours with colourful accents. microdesigns with contrasting details in V-necks. tony layerings and Scandinavian designs. matt/ shiny effects. Women’s wear The theme is based on a modernized classic version that comes across as cool. Perfect classics such as jewel-neck and turtle-neck styles. jewel-necks. grainy crepes. combined in a modern presentation. graphic flowers. fine and mossy bouclés. single-coloured and mottled. tony moulinés. Men’s wear Refined and subdued. geometrics. hairy and roughened alpaca and mohair mixtures are part of this theme’s yarn pool. Smooth yarns with a clear look. Shapes: Knit components in fine-gauge or ribbed knitting. this theme is based on perfection and timeless forge knitwear trends Yarns: Smooth. flannel-like mélanges.

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bold colours and geometrics Belts & shoes .Overknee-Boots in nature’s palette . gloves. caps.Knit hair bands 58 accessories & jewelry trends .Handle bags .Delightful.Clutches are strewn with beads . scarves .Flat boots Hats.Shoppers and messenger bags .Bags with saddler fastenings .Pointed toes .Couture jewelry stemming from a blend of luxury. a contemporary allure.Cuffs with beads .Handbags with large square buckles and porthole fastenings .Mobile.Straps-cum-chains and belt-cumcorsets to set off high waist . lean graphics experimenting with shapes and strap fastening to create urban style clutches Jewelry . roomy hunting bags to be slung over the shoulder or carried in the hand .new forge accessories trends Bags .

accessories & jewelry trends 59 .

60 accessories & jewelry trends .

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COLORS 18-1537 TCX 15-0927 TCX 13-1012 TCX 19-3906 TCX 19-3938 TCX 19-1763 TCX 19-4007 TCX 14-0848 TCX 17-2625 TCX 18-1354 TCX 19-2432 TCX 18-0538 TCX 19-4524 TCX 19-1020 TCX colors 63 .

personal display. as a personal statement in daily life. graphic moulinés.either down-filled. tweeds. mélanges. velvet. Styles: Soft wool coats and jackets. worker-style with tape ideas. loosefit jeans. bright stripes. prints. motives based on feathers. coral. silk satins. embroideries with placed motives. staging and decoration in a free. stylishly self-assured. Prince of Wales. dégradés. pine. bright wool checks. eccentric Eccentric female personalities are behind these ideas for favourite pieces of a special type. knit and stone motives. leather and fur with a patina. Silhouettes are inspired by layerings. pattern mixes and decorative trimmings based on costume ideas. coated outdoor qualities with shiny finishings. tartans. Colour plays an important role: the idea is to apply a summer palette to winter. black. materials. drainpipe and boot-cut trousers with colourful knits. velvet. brown. print shirts and colourful knits. flannel checks. tailored. brown. ribbons. Checks on checks are presented in a colourful variety. Matisse-blue. sometimes nostalgic or simple. English micro-checks. stripes.bizarre moments styling trends Women’s wear personal. in fabric or leather. waistcoats. velvet. bouclés. green and silver as accents. jewelry and stones. Colours: Mock-black such as charcoal. leather with a patina. 3D effects. denim. matelassés. clean. with a bright range of colours combined with neutral tones and mock-black. mauve. corduroy. baby corduroy. checks. graphic moulinés. nostalgic or simple way. waistcoats in a mixture of materials and patterns. garden flowers. tunics. fur and wool waistcoats. Almost all shapes can be enhanced correspondingly by opulent jacquards or prints… The theme plays with extravagance. brocade. Layerings in fabrics mix contrasting materials and patterns: soft tweeds. in combinations and as a patterns’ mix with stripes and prints. soft jackets with checks in velvet or tweed. petrol. print shirts. strong reds. Colour palettes play an important role. tweeds. wool and checked trousers. Baroque and tapestry patterns. Colours: Mock-black tones such as grey. Fabrics: Soft wool cloths. colours in honey. Men’s wear independent. green. tweed. lumbers . changeants. Baroque jacquards Versailles-style. individual The theme plays with character and staging in a free and individual presentation. wine. oiled outdoor fabrics. The important ones date from the forties and seventies or derive from jeans and sportswear. jeans’ wear in denim and velvet. trimmings. printed tops. featuring accent colours combined with mock-black and neutrals. navy. colourful shirting stripes. Fabrics place contrasting accents: bright tweeds. soft nappa leather and leather with a patina. coats and jackets in bright wool. They are present in wool coats and jackets. velvet and check jackets. metallics. The mix of materials and colours is sometimes theatrical. orange. pleated trousers in single-colours and checks. cashmere and tapestry patterns. dresses. staged. pied-de-poule. wool cloth. colours and different influences. XL blazers. shirting fabrics with jacquards. Styles: Jackets and coats with military details. skirts with prints. egg-yolk yellow. XL blazers. changeants. corduroy with a patina. Slim wool coats. tweeds. soft loose-fit coats. cotton stretch. Designs: Renaissance. raw denim with striking checks. dévorés. satin stripes. jacquards. bright and patterned hoodies. black. zip and leather lumbers. Fabrics: Wool cloths. moleskin. The mix of materials and colours is presented in a theatrical. chekked jackets and sailor jackets. animal designs. coatings. boot-cut and drainpipe trousers. long blouses. pattern mix. coloured and clean denim. Bordeaux. rosé. jacquards and leather with a patina together with Baroque or flower motives. purple. red. shiny cotton. chenille. prints and patterned knits. Designs: Wallpaper. Baroque. colourful wool lace. mohairs. slim and loosefit jeans. 64 styling trends . as a personal statement in everyday life. uniforms and ethno-ideas. embroideries and shiny effects. wool checks.

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coats and jackets in double-knitting. waistcoats. materials’ mix in hoodies. Prince of Wales. designs and decoration play a central role in this more or less eccentric mix. Baroque and tapestry patterns. silk. cardigans. graphic moulinés. Crochet-look in débardeurs/ tank-tops. tartans. trimmings. jewelry and stones. Shapes: Knits with checks. dark shiny/ matt effects. optically strong combinations shows character. changeants. cashmere and tapestry patterns. embroideries. Finishings and coatings provide glassy effects. Patterns: Wallpaper. jackets and costume ideas. A Bohemian mix in fresh. Baroque jacquards Versailles-style. Shapes: Colourful knits with plaids and patchwork ideas. metallic materials with a patina. Men’s wear Men’s fashion is fun. semi-transparent fabrics. stripes. Patterns: Decoration remains important: metallic yarn effects. bright checks. velvety effects. multi-colour and fringe effects. Originality and fantasy reflect a multifarious personality. placed geometrical motives. wool types and mixtures with silk. colourful stripes and checks. colour blockings. matt crepes. changing colourings.bizarre moments knitwear trends Yarns: Fine yarns. turtlenecks. compact stretch types. matt/ shiny contrasts. mixtures with cashmere. Colours. print effects. turtleneck types. featuring contrasts and individual pieces. sleeveless sweaters. 70 knitwear trends . motives based on feathers. colourful stripes. animal designs. Women’s wear The look is determined by a stylish self-assured mix. V-necks. ribbons. lumbers. English micro-checks. Renaissance. pied-depoule. Baroque. garden flowers. dresses. polo-shirts. semi-transparency. changeants. viscose. Super-soft merino types.

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Ladykiller-Shoes .Bold or embellished bags with unconventional details .Two-tone ankle boots .Perfectly unmatched laced pumps with bag uppers .Stiletto heel courts and sandals nonchalantly combined with thick wool .Two-tones Victorian boots .Bags with a shiny sheen .Eccentric animal patterned ankle boots .Bags are focused on toes. caps. shoes & leg-wear .Lost and found luggage . yet changing and dynamic structure .Leather or velvet bags in intoxicating shades .bizarre moments accessories trends Bags .Wellington boots with toe caps . embellished by huge romantic bows 76 accessories & jewelry trends .A free and easy patchwork of hippie elements and a seventies’vintage fla vour is counterbalanced by design details. with soft shapes and materials recomposed into a definite.Leggings and gaiters.Earrings and bracelets with an openminded ethnic flavour Hats. scarves .Mannish Fedoras .Oversize animal print bags and rucksacks Belts.Clutches with an open-minded ethnical flavour .Belts with a shiny sheen in unadultera ted colours Jewelry .Iridescent electric blue tights . gloves. taking decora tion way beyond two dimensions graphic limitations to include amazing surfaces based on reworked material and plasticity .

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Matchmaking services. The programme helps SMEs in developing and transition countries to gain access to the Swiss and European markets by providing information. 80 .The Swiss Import Promotion Programme – implemented by Osec. SECO. SIPPO provides the importers with information on export offers. The programme has five main goals: • To inform the Swiss and European import economy about new market sources • To strengthen trade institutions and business sector associations in the trade promotion process • To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries • To develop the manufacturing and exporting skills of SMEs in selected partner countries • To establish qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss and European import economy Our competencies. SIPPO supports SMEs from selected countries (see below) in gaining access to the Swiss and European markets. SIPPO focuses on the supply chain offering tailor-made business services in the «last mile» according to the needs of exporters and importers in different sectors. Trade and market information. The aim of providing this information is to familiarise producers in emerging markets and markets in transition with European norms. In particular. the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency. training courses and other matchmaking services. It is carried out by Osec. the Swiss Import Promotion Programme. The programme. manufacturing and exporting skills • to inform the Swiss and EU import economy on new marketsources • to include trade and business support institutions and sector associations in the trade promotion process • to increase qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and the Swiss and EU import economy Our services. is a mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. SIPPO identifies products (sourcing) with a potential in the Swiss and European markets. at the trade fairs within Europe the producers from the partner countries have the possibility to exhibit their products. In-depth information is available on individual branches. to establish new contacts and to gain knowledge of their direct competition. SIPPO’s activities focus on five main objectives: • to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries • to develop services. SIPPO also assists importers from Switzerland and the European Union with finding suitable partners and high-quality products from selected developing and transition countries. SIPPO. SIPPO provides market overviews in specific sectors or countries. Finally. standards. the SIPPO newsletter provides information about the latest highlights and upcoming events. within the framework of its economic development cooperation. import and custom regulations and charges. The focus. The programme also helps Swiss and European importers to find new market sources and interesting products. Additionally. trade fairs and publications on a regular basis. The import promotion programme supports the establishment of contacts between producers and importers by providing addresses and direct contacts and by organising selling & buying missions and the participation in international trade fairs or road shows. quality requirements.

Through this B2B platform your export offers will appear in a worldwide platform. This training familiarises the exporters with the prerequisites for a competent Copyright: 81 .sippo. Training is carried out in collaboration with local BSO in order to ensure the sustainability and knowledge transfer of the programme. SIPPO’s advisory services concentrate on promoting the import of products from the following sectors: Food • Fruits and vegetables • Fish and seafood • Natural ingredients • Organic products • Wine Non-Food • Home textiles • Garments • Jewelry • Toys • Handicraft • Home & garden furniture Technical products Tourism Partners and network. Your market access. machine building. SIPPO provides training for SMEs in the partner countries in different areas e. electro technical components FASHION FORECAST autumn/winter 2011/2012 Publisher: Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme ©Osec 2010. For manufacturers of semi-finished and finished goods from emerging markets and markets in transition. it is often a big challenge to gain access to the European market with their products. Box 2407 CH-8021 Zurich Phone +41 44 365 51 51 Fax +41 44 365 52 02 sippo@osec. a computerised data-base enables: • Exporters to publish their offers online. export marketing. trade promotion. The sectors.Training. their product adjustment and how to react in a creative way to new market trends. An easy way to find new suppliers for your business. This allows you to bridge the gap between you and your buyer. They become more sensitive to the demands of Swiss and European importers. All rights reserved.g. Within the framework of www. In our activities we collaborate with: • Export promotion agencies and branch associations in the partner countries • International Trade Centre (ITC) of UNCTAD in Geneva • Federation of Swiss Importers and Wholesale-Traders (VSIG) • Other European Import Promotion organisations • Development cooperation programmes and NGOs in the selected countries • Software applications • Sustainable • Timber for technical and fair tourism application • Plastic and rubber processing • Metal processing. The demands for a successful entry into the global market continue to grow. design and quality management. Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85 P. Globalisation also means an increase in worldwide competition.O. • Swiss importers and buyers to access a large number of exporters’ business profiles covering a wide range of products. The market entry.

ch Fax +41 44 365 52 02 . Box 2407 P.sippo. Box2407 CH-8021 Zurich CH-8021 Zurich 51 51 Phone +41 44 365 Fax +41 44 44 365 Phone +41365 52 02 51 51 sippo@osec.O.sippo.Osec Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme Import Promotion Programme Swiss Stampfenbachstrasse 85 Stampfenbachstrasse 85 www.O.

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