Interview with : Mr. V.P. Singh (09971057637) AGM (HR) @ Polyplex Corp.

In my interview with Mr. VP Singh, I gained the insights about the practicality Performance Management System and how is it implemented in Polyplex Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Sir told me that the company started its PMS in 1995 and since then it is implemented in every department annually. The performance appraisal at Polyplex takes place every year in February. My next question was regarding the process of Performance Management. How is it implemented and what are the steps involved in appraising an employee? Mr. VP Singh told me that Performance Management System at Polyplex involves the following major steps:   Firstly, the employee is provided with an appraisal sheet and he is asked to appraise himself. The self appraisal by the employee is done on the scale of 10. The next step is to submit that sheet to the HOD and justify the ratings which he has given to himself. The employee clearly communicates his Functional Head that how and on what basis has rated himself. At this stage the functional head is not supposed to give his viewpoints on the performance of the employees. After that, the appraisee and the supervisor jointly are required to pen down KRAs for the next appraisal period based on the business objectives. The HOD, then organize a meeting with an HR person and the CEO of the firm to agree upon the final ratings of the employees of his department. This final rating and the KRA’s for the next appraisal period is then communicated to the employee by his HOD.

  

After learning about the whole process, I asked the parameters which are taken into account while appraising performance of employees. He told me that 80% weight is given to the performance of the employee and for the rest 20%, he is evaluated on his behavior. At senior level, 80% weight is given to performance and 20% to the behavior of the employee in group.

I was also told that the salary increment of every employee is directly affected by the ratings given to him. My last question to Mr. VP Singh was regarding the problems faced during the implementation of the system. He majorly quoted two problems: 1. In majority of the cases HOD is not able to convey his viewpoints to the employee. He is not able to communicate that what are the problems in the employee and hence is not able to justify the performance ratings to the employee. This increases the dissatisfaction among the employees for the PMS. 2. The second major problem faced is that most of the times employees are not satisfied by the increment they receive after the appraisal.

Submitted by: Anuj Arora (2010042) PGDM (FT)

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