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Finals MCQs

Anesthesiology Final MCQs 2010/2011 Last Date Modified: 10/11/2010

Q1) Which one of the followings decreases MAC: - decreasing core temp - decreasing CSF - chronic alcohol ingestion - hyperthemia Q2) MAC of sevoflurane: - 2% Q3) hemoglobin oxygen dissociation curve is moved to the right in: - hyperthermia Q4) regarding halothane one is true: - no hepatotoxic effect - completely excreted by lung - antiemetic - skeletal Muscle rigidity - relaxes uterine muscle may cause post partum hemorrhage Q5) which of the following inhalational agents is less potent: - nitrous oxide Q6) which one of the following drugs can be reversed by flumazenil: - midazolam Q7) about the speed of induction with inhalational agents all exceptions are true except: - is quicker in ptns with very high functional reserve capacity - is slower if the agent is very soluble in blood - is slower on the presence of right to left shunt - is unchanged in the presence of right to left shunt with normal systemic capacity - is quicker with nitrous oxide Q8) about Thiopental what is false: - approximately 75% of the drug is excreted unchanged in the urine Q9) the maximal safety dose of lidocaine with epinephrine for peripheral nerve block on adult is about: - 7mg/kg

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Anesthesiology Final MCQs 2010/2011 Last Date Modified: 10/11/2010

Q10) EMLA (Eutectic mixture of Local Anesthetic): - prilocaine + lidocaine Q11) regarding lidocaine what is true: - eliminated chiefly by liver Q12) first modality to be lost upon onset of spinal anesthesia: - anatomic activity. Q13) All difficult intubation except: - mallampati class 1

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