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A Writing the curriculum vitæ with L TEX
Lapo F. Mori and Maurizio W. Himmelmann∗
Email, Address Mechanical Engineering Department Northwestern University 2145 Sheridan Road Evanston IL 60208 USA Ufficio Statistica Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Piazza Martiri della Libert‡ 33 56127 Pisa Italy Abstract This paper presents the tools that are currently available to prepare the A curriculum vitæ with L TEX with a critical analysis of packages and classes.



A This article deals with writing the curriculum vitæ both in general and with L TEX. The first part (par. 2 and 3) analyzes the guidelines on how to write the curriculum vitæ and can be applied to any text editor. The second part (par. 4 and 6) requires A an elementary knowledge of L TEX, which can be obtained from a basic guide [7, 8, 25, 28] or from a more comprehensive book [21, 23]. After analyzing styles and structures (par. 2), the article suggests some effecA tive ways to write a curriculum vitæ (par. 3). Since L TEX will be used for composing the curriculum vitæ, the main sections review the available classes and packages (par. 4) and give some recommendations on how to customize them (par. 6).

would like to thank Claudio Beccari, Lance Carnes and especially Valeria Angeli and Caterina Mori for their suggestions.

∗ We

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not necessarily pertinent to the professional profile. It is called curriculum vitæ (sometimes abbreviated as “curriculum” or “CV”) in Europe. Many books have been written. in the late nineteenth century. 9–14. It can be spelled either resumé or resume. 2. In Italian the latin word curriculum (from currere which means “to run”) became. It is the first source of information about the applicant that the prospective employer sees. 2 . In most cases its purpose is to present ourselves to a prospective employer in order to obtain a job interview. contributions and achievements. 16–20. both in English and in Italian. French Canada. and curriculum vitæ (sometimes simply vita) for academia. can be added in order to provide a wider perspective of the person. The word résumé. 27. 26.1 Contents Curriculum vitæ The curriculum vitæ contains a complete list of a person’s professional and academic experiences.1 when the document is for the private sector.2. and on which he will decide whether to invite the candidate for a job interview. In North America (USA and English Canada) and in the Philippines there is a distinction between résumé. 29]. which means “course of life”. and in other British Commonwealth countries. about strategies of writing the curriculum vitæ [1–6. In Australia and in India there is no distinction between curriculum vitæ and résumé. New Zealand. 22. used in several English speaking countries. curriculum vitæ. 24.2 Introduction The curriculum vitæ is a document that contains a summary of an individual’s business and academic experiences.1 The name The curriculum vitæ takes different names in different languages. a list of publications. This article will not be as comprehensive as these books but will review the essential guidelines.2 2. Other personal information. 1. 2. is the past participle of résumer which is the French for “summarize” and derives from the Latin resumere.

3. 2. however. Keywords are often added to the résumé to capture the employer’s attention. 3 . 2. Less often the list may be in direct chronological order.3. The candidate presents in one or two pages only the experiences and credentials that are relevant to the position for which he is applying. It highlights the candidate’s experience and expertise in specific areas. 2.1 Style Chronological With the chronological style.2 It is the most common style and highlights the progress of the candidate’s professional career.3 they are shown most recent first (chronological). 2. the business and academic experiences are reported in reverse chronological order.3 Mixed There is also a mixed style in which the experiences are grouped into topic areas (functional) and. the work experience is grouped into topic areas. possible to distinguish between essential and optional information. within each area.4 Structure The structure and the contents of the curriculum vitæ can vary a lot in different contexts. 2.2 Functional With the functional style.2 Résumé The résumé is usually shorter than the curriculum vitæ. It is.

including memberships. In the USA it is not common to attach a picture to the curriculum vitæ because it may be a cause of discrimination (based on age. date and place of birth. address. In some cases the applicant is openly required to omit some information (e. planning. In Italy there are no restrictions regarding pictures and the choice is up to the candidate. should be reported for each position. – Work experiences: includes a list of all work experience. the sex and the date of birth) in order to avoid discrimination. and results. sex. email. In Germany the it is usual to provide a photograph. If present. marital status. The most important work experiences should report concept.2. 3.2 Optional information – Personal profile: although it is not common. telephone and fax number. the personal profile is usually at the beginning of the curriculum vitæ. 2. This applies to most US companies. and the results of foreign language exams. In India the picture is usually required for positions in which there is contact with the public. etc.4. Sometimes information is added about the classes attended if this is relevant for the application.4. web site. It can be written either in first or third person and outlines the best qualities and abilities of the candidate. citizenship.1 Essential information – Personal data: name. The achievements and responsibilities. sex. – Photo: the presence of a picture depends a lot on the locality. 4 .3 – Education: includes a list in reverse chronological order of qualifications and titles. Not all this data is usually required. – Personal objectives: sometimes the curriculum vitæ can include a sentence that describes the professional objectives of the candidate. and not the tasks. specifying written and oral proficiency. the curriculum vitæ can include a paragraph which briefly describes the candidate. including the current position. – Foreign languages: it is recommended to include a list of languages known.g.). race.

principal subjects/occupational skills covered. speaking and writing. email. title of qualification awarded. hobbies. – computer skills and competencies. date and place of birth. – Other activities: interests. programming languages. level in national or international classification. name and address of employer. 2. occupation or position held. fax. which was introduced in 2002. nationality. and other tools that are not considered to be common knowledge. address. the following sections are optional: – social skills and competencies. This model. type of business or sector.4. – work experience: dates.– Computer knowledge: the list of the known computer applications was very important in the 1980s but was already considered unnecessary by the 1990s. substitutes the European CV. The model requires the following sections [15]: – personal information: name. the text provides a grid to self-assess the foreign language level of proficiency in comprehension.3 European standard The European Commission proposed a standard model for the curriculum vitæ which was adopted by the European Parliament on December 15. other languages. – technical skills and competencies. – personal skills and competencies: mother tongue. It may be useful to describe proficiency with technical software. – education and training: dates. telephone. etc. – organizational skills and competencies. – artistic skills and competencies. main activities and responsibilities. – desired employment/occupational field. 2004. called Europass CV. 5 . and provides guidelines both for the style and the contents. principal subjects/occupational skills covered. sports.

Attention should be focused on the experiences that are relevant to the position to be sure the employer will not miss them.4. 6 . and refers to the curriculum vitæ for further details. To best tailor the document to the position requirements. The letter includes a brief description of the candidate and the reason for applying for the position. including details that are insignificant from the employer’s point of view. 2. Candidates often make the mistake of including everything in the curriculum vitæ. It is always a good idea to ask others to review it before submission to make sure that the content is clear. the candidate should obtain information about the company to which he is applying. – drivers license. The letter describes the applicant’s relevant work experience only.– other skills and competencies. The curriculum vitæ should always be as concise as possible and highlight the important aspects.4 Cover letter The cover letter is usually attached to the curriculum vitæ to present the application.2 Be concise A very common mistake of a curriculum vitæ is to be needlessly long. – additional information.1 How to write a good curriculum vitæ Importance of the curriculum vitæ The curriculum vitæ is often the first contact with the future employer and for this reason it is a crucial step in obtaining an interview and a possible job offer. The curriculum vitæ must be accurate both in appearance and content. 3. – appendices. 3 3. It makes a good impression if the applicant shows some knowledge of the company and the position for which he is applying.

There are different ways to be stand out and some are better than others: with an elegant typographic style. the candidate can prepare two versions of the curriculum vitæ. 3. 4 4. Each 4. a concise one and an extensive one.1 A L TEX classes and packages CurVe CurVe.The best solution is to research the type of curriculum vitæ the employer is expecting. For this reason.3 Capture the reader’s attention The curriculum vitæ plays an important role at the very beginning of a job application when the employer reviews many applications and spends only a few minutes on each one.html). and occasionally it must contain complete details. 4 and 6) provide the A basic techniques for preparing a curriculum vitæ with L TEX. is an excellent choice to prepare the curriculum vitæ. This alternative is adopted even by Donald Knuth (http://www-cs-faculty.stanford. called rubrics. In most cases the document must be under two pages (sometimes only one). 7 . written by Didier Verna in 2000. It allows dividing the curriculum vitæ into different sections. The following paragraphs (par. Alternatively. CurVe lets the candidate prepare a modular curriculum vitæ that can be adapted to the specific application with very little work on the code.4 A L TEX A L TEX. with a good selection of content.4 The short one can report a link to the long one so that the employer can examine both as needed. Being able to present our abilities and knowledge in a clear and orderly fashion is already an advantage over the competing ~knuth/vita. which produces very high quality documents. 3. It allows the candidate to focus on the content and not worry about the format. etc. it is crucial that the curriculum vitæ capture the reader’s attention and stand out from the others. is one of the most flexible classes to write the curriculum vitæ.

Curabitur dictum gravida mauris. magna. felis. Curabitur dictum gravida mauris. The layout is clean but not captivating (see fig. vestibulum ut. consectetuer adipiscing elit. vestibulum ut. nonummy eget. La dialettica escatologica tra presente e futuro. Curabitur dictum gravida mauris. The entries contents are aligned together. some space is added to separate it from the previous entry. is another entry with a new key. Note the text bullet which serves as a visual clue. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. adipiscing vitae. Ut purus elit. • After the subrubric. Nam arcu libero. felis. magna. this entry does not belong to a subrubric. placerat ac. consectetuer id. rubric has a main topic (e. Drawbacks. Nam arcu libero. A First Subrubric and the sequel A Key • This entry belongs to the first subrubric. consectetuer id. two rubrics may even have the same topic and be written in two different ways. Donec vehicula augue eu neque. As you can see. The class allows inclusion of a photograph and has templates that can be customized. placerat ac. “education” or “work experience”). 1995 e Paperopoli.Left Header Put the information you want about yourself here Right Header Idem Curriculum Vitædi Paolino Paperino Dati personali Paolino Paperino Via dei Paperi 25 40233 Paperopoli Tel. placerat ac. magna. Note that this entry has no key. Ut purus elit. • This is another entry. Donec vehicula augue eu neque. consectetuer adipiscing elit. Ut purus elit. Curabitur dictum gravida mauris. is another entry. one also belongs to the second subrubric. placerat ac. Curve is based on the longtable package and inherits its drawbacks. • You can include other rubrics below. consectetuer id. felis. and you’re reading the entry’s contents. Pubblicazioni A Key • If you want to separate some entries from the subrubric above. 8 . consectetuer adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. consectetuer adipiscing elit. adipiscing vitae. especially when several entries share the same key. magna. Another Key A Key Another Key A Second Subrubric • • • • This This This This 10/1992–08/1996 entry belongs to the second subrubric. 10/1989–09/1990 Esperienze professionali 10/1990–09/1992 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Formazione 08/1976–05/1989 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Before the subrubric. some space is also added to separate it from the first entry. felis. but this one has no key. The candidate may then easily decide which rubrics to include in the output with no need to A change the L TEX code. vulputate a. The titles will then be repeated. ottobre 2007 1 Figure 1: CurVe class. nonummy eget. vestibulum ut. The manual also describes many ways to customize the output. 1997 Essere o non essere. vulputate a. adipiscing vitae. 1). The syntax is very simple and can be learned easily from the manual. nonummy eget. vulputate a. nonummy eget. vulputate a. The key is displayed on the left. The rubrics (or sub-rubrics) can be included in the main file with the \makerubric{rubric} command. vestibulum ut. Ut purus elit. Donec vehicula augue eu neque. 10. Rubrics can even be split across pages.paperino@gmail. Nam arcu libero. qual’` il problema?. Nam arcu libero.: (02 11) 6 91 24 15 E Mail: p. consectetuer id. • This is another entry with a new key.g. adipiscing vitae. Figure 2: currvita package. you can for instance make an empty subrubric. but this one has no key. Donec vehicula augue eu Your CV’s Title and the subtitle The Rubric’s Title A Key • This is an entry with a key.

the user needs to modify the source code of the package.2 currvita currvita is a package written by Axel Reichert in 1999 and was presented as an alternative to the packages available at that time (vita. \Lieu. Some bugs in earlier versions of europecv have been corrected and the code is now stable. Unfortunately. 3) is a package written entirely in French (including the documentation and the command names) and does not support other languages. apart from the position of the date and the spacing between sections. The template is quite intuitive and shows how to use the dedicated environments (rubrique and sousrubrique) and commands (\Titre. The documentation is complete and includes some useful notes on how to write a curriculum vitæ. The publications can be included with a . Nicola Vitacolonna wrote the A europecv L TEX class that reproduces the European Commission template and at the same time allows some flexibility. 9 . while maintaining the Europass CV standard. The class allows addition of a photograph and customization of the layout. The class comes with source code and several templates which are useful for learning how to use it. resumee. It allows the author to write the curriculum vitæ with a very simple and essential structure (see fig.3 ESIEEcv Created in 1997 by Benjamin Bayart for his personal use and later released on CTAN.doc format. The documentation is clear and also includes a description of the skill levels in foreign languages that follows the CEFR.4 europecv In March 2002 the European Commission created and released on the web a template to write the curriculum vitæ. 5) and provides a table to indicate the proficiency in foreign languages according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 4. in order to set a standard for European citizens. To use it with another language. 4. It does not allow any customization.4. 2). The class has multilingual support and allows a choice between a color or gray scale logo. The layout is clear and pleasant (see fig.bib file.). they released it only in . and tabularx). ecc. ESIEEcv (see fig. currvita is the recommended curriculum vitæ package for the classicthesis class.

Beginners can fill in the template with their data and have a curriculum vitæ in a few minutes. communication. <Postcode>. Algorithmique du texte. It is meant to reproduce the Europass CV format but the output (see fig. En particulier infographie. Figure 4: ecv package. Programmation logique avancée. Gala ESIEE 94. Approche des problèmes d’architecture des processeurs dédiés. parlé. is one of the best classes for writing A a curriculum vitæ with L TEX. rue de Chambéry 97 123 LOIN Tél : 09 12 11 16 10 Mail : bayartb@edgard. Projet de type industriel. .6 moderncv moderncv. Name> Page 1 Figure 3: ESIEEcv package. With a very nice layout (see fig. casual and Né le 24 octobre 1973 (24 ans) Nationalité française Célibataire sans enfant Sursitaire à l’incorporation C URRICULUM V ITAE P ERSONAL I NFORMATION Name Addresse Telephone Fax E-Mail Nationality Date of birth <N AME >. Théorie des langages. Diplôme d’Études Approfondies. à la conception technique de la communication. Utilisation de cartes auto-organisante de Kohonen pour la reconnaissance et l’étiquettage de phonèmes après apprentissage non supervisé. 4. it can satisfy even demanding users. aide à la gestion de la sécurité et de la trésorerie Prise en compte de graves R ESEARCH Diploma thesis "‘<Title of the diploma thesis>"’ — <Institute> "‘<Title of the seminar paper>"’ — <Institute> Langues et divers Anglais Espagnol Lu. Nouvelles pistes pour une typographie électronique de qualité P ROFESSION Period ◦ Employer <Year>–<Year> <Company name> <House number><Street>. The templates provided with the class are very clear and contain many useful comments. gravure. Thèse de doctorat.Benjamin Bayart 50. et logistique finale. written by Xavier Danaux in 2007. établissement de partenariats relationels. <Postcode>. programmation. Project <From> until <To> ◦ Position ◦ Main responsibilities 1995 (2 mois) Groupe ESIEE. 6) and many dedicated commands. The class offers two options. Étude et utilisation des réseaux de neurones. Niveau scolaire Passe-temps : philatélie. . imprimerie. au fonctionnement de la trésorerie. Approche du micro-parallèlisme. 4.fdn. Conception et programmation objet. écrit. Approche des techniques multi-résolution. Langages interprétés. A . Gestion de la motivation des personnes impliquées. Reconnaissance de phonèmes par cartes de Kohonen. Programmation des interfaces graphiques. Segmentation d’images par hyper-cartes de Kohonen. Programmation système. 1995 (6 semaines) 1994 (1 an) Travail en traitement automatisé du signal.5 ecv ecv. Anglais technique courrant. et à la logistique finale. typographie. Ingénieur ESIEE (École Supérieurs d’Ingénieurs en Électronique et Électrotechnique). Programmation logique. E DUCATION Period ◦ Accquired qualifications ◦ Institute ◦ Principal subjects ◦ Minor subjects ◦ Grade Period ◦ Accquired qualifications ◦ Graduate school <Year>–<Year> <Title> <Name of educational institution> <List of the major subjects> <List of minor subjects> Evarage grade <overall evarage grade> <Year>–<Year> <Title> <Name of the school> 1996 (2 mois) 1997 (2 mois) Gala ESIEE 96. Travail dans un département de R&D. Baccalauréat série C (mathématiques et sciences physiques). <City>. cinéma. SGBD. Groupe ESIEE. to change the position of the photograph and the personal information. retards organisationels.bib file is provided with the template in 10 . Calcul combinatoire. is a package based on the tabular environment. d’entiers. 1995-1996 (1 an) 1996(3 ans) Théorie des automates. Informatique Fondamentale et Applications Théorie des partitions Université de Marne-la-Vallée. Responsabilités diverses dans l’équipe d’organisation d’un grand évènement estudiantin (6000 personnes). Simulation de processeurs pour la démodulation numérique. <Country> <Area code>–<Telephone number> <Area code>–<Faxnumber> E-Mail <Nationality> <Date of birth> Formation initiale 1990-1991 1991-1996 (5 ans) Lycée Notre-Dame Providence d’Enghien-les-Bains (95). Université de Marne-la-Vallée. Apprentissage de la gestion d’équipe et des ressources humaines. Spécialisation en informatique. Première approche de travaux de recherche. <Surname(s)> <House number> <Street> <City>. <Country> <Topic> <Position held> <List of activities> Expèriences 1996 (6mois) Laboratoire d’Électronique Philips. Conseil technique du bureau d’organisation. Travail sur la durée dans une équipe très soudée avec un projet directeur fort et ambitieux. Écriture d’une plateforme de développement pour un processeur massivement parallèle en developpement. written by Christoph Neumann and Bernd Haberstrumpf in 2007. 4) is not as pleasant as that of the europecv class. Gala ESIEE 97. Participation à l’organisation finale. Seminar paper Curriculum Vitae <Surname(s).

referenze. A short tutorial on curricula. 5 pertinente. 2003. .. 2003. Figure 5: europecv class.. The structure is built from customized itemized lists (Degrees. E. Descrivere tali competenze e indicare dove sono state acquisite. Very few customization options are available and no guide comes with the package: some instructions and a template can be found directly in the . Facoltativo.Curriculum vitæ di Cognome/i Nome/i Per ulteriori informazioni: http://europass. Indicare la(e) patente(i) di cui siete titolari precisandone la categoria. Facoltativo Facoltativo Facoltativo Facoltativo Descrivere tali competenze e indicare dove sono state acquisite. Y. Impiego ricercato/ Settore di competenza Esperienza professionale Date Funzione o posto occupato Principali mansioni e responsabilità Nome e indirizzo del datore di lavoro Tipo o settore d’attività Facoltativo Iniziare con le informazioni piú recenti ed elencare separatamente ciascun impiego pertinente ricoperto. Facoltativo.. Facoltativo. via. Descrivere tali competenze e indicare dove sono state acquisite. H.cls file... Istruzione e formazione Date Certificato o diploma ottenuto Principali materie/Competenze professionali apprese Nome e tipo d’istituto di istruzione o formazione Livello nella classificazione nazionale o internazionale1 Iniziare con le informazioni piú recenti ed elencare separatamente ciascun corso frequentato con successo.Curriculum vitæ di Cognome/i Nome/i Per ulteriori informazioni: http://europass. Eph. Pagina 2 c European Communities. Zed c European Communities.. How to write a curriculum vitæ... Eye D. . B.. .. Some Press.. Pubblicazioni X.. .. città. Journal of Trifles. . nazione Facoltativo Facoltativo email@address. order to add the list of the publications. See. etc. Publications... . . Descrivere tali competenze e indicare dove sono state acquisite. 2105 Interessi personali . 7) is a very simple but and now obsolete class. Facoltativo. Facoltativo.1 Outdated solutions vita Written by Andrej Brodnik in 1995. . .) which cover the main fields of scientific activity. Capacità e competenze professionali Madrelingua/e Altra/e lingua/e Autovalutazione Livello europeo(*) Lingua Lingua (*) Precisare madrelingua/e Comprensione Parlato Scritto Ascolto Lettura Interazione Produzione orale Livello del Quadro europeo comune di riferimento (QECR) Capacità e competenze sociali 1 Se Descrivere tali competenze e indicare dove sono state acquisite.. etc.. Descrivere tali competenze e indicare dove sono state acquisite. 2104 G. ad esempio persone di riferimento. codice postale. Facoltativo.Europass curriculum vitae Informazioni personali Cognome/i nome/i Indirizzo/i Telefono/i Fax Email Nazionalità Data di nascita Sesso Capacità e competenze organizzative Capacità e competenze tecniche Capacità e competenze informatiche Cognome/i Nome/i Numero civico. . 11 .. Capacità e competenze artistiche Altre capacità e competenze Patente/i Ulteriori informazioni Inserire qui ogni altra informazione utile. Pagina 1 . moderncv is the only class that provides a template to prepare a cover letter in the same style as the curriculum vitæ.eu. Allegati Enumerare gli allegati al CV. vita (see fig. Facoltativo. Facoltativo. Facoltativo.

Fusce vitae sem. City. Moreover. porttitor vel. convallis non. Maecenas quis massa euismod tortor interdum consectetuer. tortor mauris consequat lectus. placerat quis. Sed elementum sagittis pede. pellentesque sed. YYY. sem. Nullam hendrerit congue ipsum. consectetuer adipiscing elit. sapien. Praesent elit. Phasellus justo urna. nisl. Fusce turpis justo.2 CV Written by Gilles Marcou and Antonio Pereira in 2004. dictum nec. tempor at. Vestibulum consectetuer velit sit amet ipsum. ante. John Doe category 4 category 5 XXX. ZZZ XXX. YYY. 12 . Suspendisse potenti. Sed vel lorem ut lacus sagittis egestas. 2007 Education year–year year–year Degree. convallis vitae. Miscellaneous year–year Description line 1 Description line 2 Job title. The code required to write a curriculum vitæ with CV is complicated because the package does not provide many commands oriented to this task. ante metus ultrices neque. vitae scelerisque odio purus scelerisque massa. Vivamus tellus neque. Praesent justo. table. the template that is provided with the package contains some elementary errors A (the symbol _ is not preceded by the necessary \. Pellentesque pellentesque magna a arcu. Cras dictum. Quisque id neque. cursus sit amet. egestas vitae. Sed nec sem sit amet lacus aliquam blandit. Morbi tempor porta neque. purus. erat. LaTeX instead of L TEX and so on). Morbi iaculis. vestibulum sed. Mauris tincidunt massa ut risus. Etiam vehicula nisi eu dolor. Aliquam pede nunc. Phasellus orci. interdum elementum. Aliquam quis justo. Languages language 1 language 2 language 3 Skill level Skill level Skill level Comment Comment Comment Computer skills category 1 category 2 XXX. Cras eu enim a eros tristique varius. congue id. Master thesis title supervisors description Title Supervisors Short thesis abstract Experience Vocational year–year year–year Description Description Job title. purus vel porta pretium. Nunc in massa. pede. Job title. interdum hendrerit. Aliquam nulla elit. Curabitur nunc dui. are required to structure the document. lacinia ut. Morbi non velit blandit pede adipiscing mollis. and minipage. risus viverra suscipit rutrum. scelerisque a. Suspendisse eget nulla in nisl consequat vulputate. YYY. Nam lacus mi. fermentum et. Aenean porttitor. 8) is a package that modifies the article class with some non-standard code. such as itemize. posuere sed. Nulla mi. Mauris rutrum leo adipiscing erat. id volutpat felis tellus vitae nunc. dignissim nec. This de facto solution eliminates any advantage in using a dedicated package. suscipit ut. The final result is a good example of how not to write a curriculum vitæ (see fig. City. Quisque justo nisl. City. dictum ac. Nunc lobortis neque sed elit congue tempus. Cras malesuada. Curabitur consectetuer. 8). pede. Description Description Dear Sir or Madam: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Aliquam egestas sollicitudin mauris. Fusce felis. City. Institution. Quisque sapien nisl. ZZZ XXX. dui. CV (see fig. Yours faithfully. ZZZ Enclosure 1/2 Figure 6: moderncv class. Fusce tempor felis vitae pede. Employer. cursus non. Employer. bibendum ut. Grade. 5. pellentesque eu. Nunc tristique mollis eros. Grade. Some quote (optional) Company XYZ street and number postcode city May 28. ullamcorper in. tincidunt non. ZZZ Degree. imperdiet vel. erat nisl pharetra diam. nisi vitae condimentum tempor. quis gravida dolor arcu a velit. Many regular environments. Curabitur malesuada purus volutpat dui. Employer. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae. Nurabitur id mi. Vivamus ullamcorper pellentesque arcu. Phasellus enim purus. egestas a.John Doe Resumé title (optional) street and number postcode city H mobile (optional) T phone (optional) u fax (optional) B email (optional) additional information (optional) John Doe street and number postcode city T phone number B jdoe@gmail. Maecenas sit amet mi nec elit ultrices tincidunt. ornare eget. YYY. Fusce erat. Institution. Sed laoreet. Maecenas turpis. diam. volutpat bibendum. ultrices et.

5. It has non-standard code. 10) is a L TEX2ε class written by Michael DeCorte in 1988 and is designed to prepare a résumé. 13 . validation and test of methods.. Despite the presence of some obsolete commands (e. Figure 8: CV package.3 resume resume is a small package written in 1987 by Stephen Gildea. (18 months) Education 1993-1994 French secondary school diploma 1994-1996 DEUG in Science of Materials 1996-1997 Licence of Physics 1997-1998 Maitrise (equivalent to a M. xdvi. Collaborations in European research network.lx Curriculum Vitae Andrej Brodnik Business Address: Home Address: LaTeX fan Professional and training periods 1996 1998 Training period at universit de Linux on RedHat. of numerical differential equation solving methods.. (3 years) 2003-2004 Marie-Curie fellowship. Windows • Fortran77/90.4 res A res (see fig. free calculations. management and use of Linux-Irix computer and of an IBM cluster. C. • LaTeX. data treatment. Pr. awk/sed. etc. C/C++. Pascal. Oftex group. principal analysis. responsibility of a graduated student.1234567890 Lab.Monte Carlo simulations. karate). participation to development of a C++ code. the package is still a good option. data treatments. A. its use is not advised. 5. (1 month) Training period at the Institute for Irix on SGI. Irix. redaction of a report in english.. test and validation of methods. redaction of a report.S. Development on LaTeX Scaffolds library. 6 123453 LaTeX EUROPA Phone: +12.Russia).USA. sc) of Physics 1998-1999 DEA (one year degree required before doctoral studies) of Theoretical Physics 1999-2002 PhD Computer skills Language Knowledge French English Italian Russian native fluent fluent fair • UNIX.0987654321 Lab. Phone: +12. Linux. .D. development of statistical corrections. at Università degli studi di TeX. use of the software. Development of experimental devices. use of parallel computers. Fax: +12. Development of experimental devices. 9). data analysis. (5 months) Training period at Institut de MacOS on Mac. Realization of a device for digitalization of films. at Centre de Recherche GNU under the direction of Free Software and Open Source. ps2pdf. 2007 Figure 7: vita class. Development of a a dynamics model.PEREIRA G ILLES birth date: 14/06/1676 328 years Citizenship: European Knuth Str. digital image treatment. Tcl/Tk. dvi2ps. B. Python. sport (basket. It can be used to write a résumé with a simple and clear layout (see fig. HP-UX. analysis and programming in the source code of the molecular. \bf instead of \textbf) and some esthetic limits.. modelization of the problem. Dipartimento di Processing. bibliographic search. Ph..pereira@tex. violin.g. dynamics.. Hobbies Traveling(Europe. (3 months) First line second line of bussines address Again multiline address perhaps with phone number 1999 B. for cure of MSoffiss Disease. EU language learning. data analysis.. The package works as an extension to the article class providing many commands that are intuitive to use.. video games July. My First One My Last One My First One My Last One 1999-2002 PhD. cinema..0987654320 Email: gilles. Perl.

1 Cambridge. The code of most classes and packages is not A very complicated and their customization does not require L TEX and TEX experts. Graduated at the top of my class. IEEE 1985 Proceedings of the Workshop on Taste in Computers. “The Representation of Flavor. 1981. August 20. MA 1979–1982 Needle-threader for Kelly Hormel. If you have good programming skills and a clear idea of the layout you want.” Womens Wear Daily. GENSYM Work Address MIT Room E34–660 77 Massachusetts Ave. unlike a journal paper or a technical report. Experience Education MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Cambridge. good pay. and very little work. Frequent expense-account trips to exotic lands would be a plus. Cambridge. 6 Customizing the style Most of the available classes and packages have rigid logical structure and graphics which are sometimes inadequate for the user. Publications “A Multi-Threaded System for Needle Management. a leading tailor in the Boston area. CA 1982–present Chief light bulb changer. The curriculum vitæ. Had final responsibility for the amount of Soy Sauce that went into the soups. in English History June 1970. MA 02139 (617) 253–7955 Objective Home Address 72 West St. CHENG’S CHINESE RESTAURANT Cambridge.TERRY R. with over 1500 square feet of office under my jurisdiction. 14 . The eyes of thousands were on me. MA B. Duties included keeping all needles ready for use and threaded with the appropriate type and color of thread for each day’s jobs.A. Apt. MA 1970–1979 Soup taster for a small family-owned restaurant. CARL’S FASHIONS Watertown.” with August Rancatori. Customization can be done by redefining the commands and adding packages to one of the available classes. INSIDIOUS BLUE MACHINES San Jose. Figure 9: resume package. is a document in which customized layout is often important. MA 02138 (617) 492–5543 A large office. the best solution is to start from scratch and create a package or a class (and contribute it to CTAN).

1984 – Apr. Pascal. The Prep-P project is developing a preprocessor for the CHiP parallel architecture. Il curriculum vincente. Feb. Anderson mail code c-014. Unix. University of California. Phily.0 Harvey Mudd College. Parallel Processing Seminars. Etas. 1981.clarkson. 1984 – Dec. PA. Honors and Awards Figure 10: res class. 31 modi per essere efficaci.Clarkson University— Well. Automata Theory. Operating Systems. June 1985. Fortran. I graded homework and conducted review sessions for graduate and undergraduate classes. Computer Science. 1985. The simulator was written in Fortran. DeCorte 2300 Naudain St. Does that count? Eclipse During a lunar eclipse the moon projects its shadow over the earth. Jovial. In particular moderncv and eurocv use a modern syntax and are easily customizable. C. B. GPA: 3. Prep-P Project. Self-Sorting Memory Project Harvey Mudd College Sep. Software Engineering. San Diego. 1983. Experience: Systems: References: • Unix 4. why can’t I put “To play with cool toys and have fun”? Major: Bachelor of Science. Scrivere il curriculum. 8086. (215) 546-0497 mrd@sun. I was a member of a group developing an interactive testing system for the Jovial programming language. Consultant Simple Software San Diego. University of California at San Diego. San Diego. The goal of the preprocessor is to map problems that use an arbitrary number of processes onto the processing elements of a fixed size machine. Unix Wizard September 1986 to Present Math and Computer Science. Adani. Italy. 2001. Special Skills Programming Languages: Algol. CA. CA. Publications: Projects: My picture was in my HS newpaper onc. Vax VMS. and SETL. The system was written in C. CWIC is SDC’s Lisp based compiler writing system.soe. Etas libri. 1984 – Present. I hope my old room mate counts. Research Assistant. La Jolla. 15 . Clarkson University May 1989 Objective Education I wish to join a team involved in software development of a parallel processing system. 1984. My duties included devising tasks for and supervising the work of others as well as writing and maintaining programs written in C. M. Lisp. On this project I have served as co-supervisor. Combinatorial Algorithms. in Computer Science. Adani. References [1] L. 1981 – Dec. CA. Claremont.Michael R. I was hired as a consultant to develop a file compression system on micros. May 1982 – Mark R. Formal Semantics of Programming Languages Seminars.S. 8051. [2] L. In addition they have a code structure which is A completely compatible with L TEX2ε . I wrote a simulation of an algorithm which performed Gaussian elimination on a parallel machine using self-sorting memory modules. I wrote parts of a Jovial to threaded code compiler in CWIC. Milano. GPA: 4. May 1982.S.Clarkson University— See Unix Wizard for a description and substitue TEX for Unix. Assembly Languages: 6502. Snobol. Programmer/Analyst System Development Corporation Santa Monica.x • Unix V • Sun OS • VMS Research and Research Assistant. 2002. 7 Conclusions A L TEX offers many good alternatives for composing a curriculum vitæ easily accessible even by beginners.3 Graduate coursework includes: Advanced Compiler Construction. Teaching Assistant Department of EECS UCSD Sep. Per trovare o cambiare lavoro. CA 92093 Objective: Education: Gee. University of California Regents Fellowship Graduation with Distinction from Harvey Mudd College Call me I will see if I can dig someone up. Milano. Work Experience UCSD Sep. people keep asking me all these nifty questions about Unix so that makes me a Wizard right? TEX Wizard September 1986 to Present Math and Computer Science. CA. Italy. in Mathematics. Operating Systems: IBM CMS.

1998. http://europass. Beccari.. Giunti Demetra. ma il proprio lavoro. 1996. 2001.. Strategie e metodi. Manuale di scrittura professionale. De Vecchi. De Giuli.[3] A. Dal curriculum vitæ ai documenti aziendali. http:// www. La chiave per un lavoro nuovo e congeniale. USA. Dal curriculum al colloquio di selezione. Biglino. Come farsi Fornasiero. [11] F. Anthony and G. Piccardo. 2007. Un libro per trovare non solo un lavoro. [10] P. Italy. [8] C. second edition.pdf. Roe. 1998. first edition. Maggioli. Milano. [9] R. Quali aziende contattare. 1998. Boschi and M. Zanichelli. De Vecchi. [15] Comunità Europea. Italy. Firenze. Amadori and Italy. first edition. http://www. Baudoin. Bologna.europa. Lepore. Italy. Trovare lavoro. first edition. Impara L TEX (. Il curriculum per convincere. [4] L.e mettilo da parte). 1998. Italy.sssup. Le regole del curriculum vitæ efficace. 2007. and S. Milano. [6] L. first edition. Bruni. first edition. [14] A. [12] F. Catalani. Curriculum atipico di un trentenne tipico. Tamiozzo Goldmann. uniroma1. Come farsi convocare e ottenere la posizione che interessa. Venezia. 1997. Rudi Publishing. Italy. The Curriculum Vitæ Handbook: How to Present and Promote Your Academic Career.guit. S. 1993. Italy.pdf. Curriculum vitæ in inglese. A [7] M.cedefop. [13] L. come affrontare il colloquio. Barbasio and N. Annovazzi. Istruzioni per l’uso del curriculum vitæ Europass. Introduzione all’arte della composizione tipografica.mat. Milano. come preparare il curriculum. Cama. Buratto. 1993. San Francisco. Bompiani. Sperling Paperback. 16 . Milano. Fare il curriculum. De Vecchi. first edition. [5] R. Il curriculum vitæ perfetto. 2003. Marsilio.

Come scrivere il curriculum e a chi spedirlo. Le regole d’oro per trovare il lavoro giusto. A Guide to L TEX – Document Preparation for Beginners and Advanced Users. [18] B. Curriculum vitæ e lettera di accompagnamento. Italy. Italy. Il Sole 24 Ore Norme & Tributi. [29] M. 99 modi per scrivere un curriculum. A [28] The Tutorial Team. L. third edition. and E. K. Come scriverlo e presentarlo. [27] Come scrivere il proprio curriculum. Franco Angeli. http://www. Italy. Milano. USA. I. Oetiker. Addison-Wesley. Milano. 17 . 1995. Firenze. Samarin. New York. Geckeis. http://www. Zelig. [25] T. Milano.[16] itlshort. Passerini. 2004. Schlegl. Daly. Demi and R. Rustico. Italy. Crimini and E. Il tuo curriculum vitæ. Kopka and P. Santonocito. Italy. Il tuo curriculum vitæ: come scriverlo e presentarlo: i profili emergenti e quelli più richiesti. H. The L TEX Companion. 2002. Italy. Vascon. Milano. Una (mica tanto) breve introduzione A a L TEX2ε . A [21] M. and A. [17] P. 2000. [24] H. first edition. 1999. Demi and R.V. Il tuo C. On-line Tutorial on L TEX. Indian TEX Users Group. A [23] H. Come si fa un curriculum per conquistare un lavoro. [20] M. Jackson and C. Santonocito. 2000. Mittelbach. Uno straccio di curriculum. Italy. How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitæ. 2003. [22] A.W. Casale Monferrato. AddisonWesley. 2000. 2003. Partl. Il Sole 24 Ore Libri. Consul and A. F. 1997. Fiorini. Hyna. Di Fresco. Milano. McGraw-Hill.tug.pdf. 1995. Introduzione alla metodologia del curriculum. 2000.ctan. Giusti.html. [26] W. Armando. Meyer. Sonda. 1991. Goossens. De Vecchi. Italy. Giunti Demetra. Il Sole 24 Ore. [19] B. 1995.

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