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First and foremost, I thank the Almighty God for sustaining the enthusiasm with which plunged into this endeavour. I avail this opportunity to express my profound sense of sincere and deep gratitude to many people who are responsible for the knowledge and experience I have gained during the term paper work. I extend my overwhelming gratitude to Ms. Alka Sharma, for her valuable guidance and meticulous supervision during the preparation of this Report. My hearty and inevitable thanks to all the respondents who helped me to bring out the term paper in a successful manner. Last but not the least; I extend my gratitude towards my, faculties and friends who extended their wholehearted support towards the successful completion of this term paper Work.

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Head Hunting
Introduction:The most valuable resource in today's fast-paced corporate world are People. The present recruitment scenario is witness to the expertise of jon consultants better known as headhunters. Headhunters have established themselves as an important link in the employment chain. Various companies and firms have chosen to enhance their human resource by using the expertise that headhunters bring to recruitment. The boom in the headhunting industry can be attributed to the headhunter's superior understanding of the industry and market norms, job profiles, people skills etc. By virtue of their aggressive networking and people skills, headhunters today have created a niche for themselves. Increasing staff turnover rates have served to propel the headhunting industry to a high demand, high delivery industry. So to join or start a much-needed service like this what does one need to be successful? The pointers below will help in better understanding of the do's and don'ts of the business. It is imperative to have an in-depth specialised knowledge of the industry, the job requirements, work culture, HR policies etc. This is the reason most head hunters work within well-defined niches and offer their services in specialised industries. A good grasp of the various problems and issues that plague the market, is essential Every new search assignment that a headhunter takes up involves sifting the grain from the chaff. In other words, it calls for pre-screening numerous candidates for a job. This is where the headhunter's ability to probe beyond the superficial, comes to the fore. Piloting the right person to the right job calls for a specialised screening of the aptitude and skills of the candidates to ensure the selection of high-value performers. Several factors need to be considered. The headhunter takes into consideration the candidate's values, job preferences, skills, background, family commitments etc. These are the guiding parameters by which the headhunter analyses the candidate's suitability to the requirements of the recruiter. The main objective should not be to generate short-term employment but to bridge the demand-supply gap. Ethical headhunting calls for a sense of integrity.

The head hunter should guide the candidates in interview handling skills. The head hunter plays an important role in negotiations regarding salary and other benefits. A head hunter stakes his reputation on the competencies of his candidate. A headhunter's responsibility does not merely end once the candidate is hired. Good follow up with the company is a valueadded service that can give a head hunter an edge and help in striking a long-term relationship with the company. With a clear understanding of the above, a headhunter can be tuned to success in the corporate scenario. The headhunter charges a commission from the company per hire but also owes loyalty to the candidate. Hence, it is vital for him to help the candidate find a fulfilling and rewarding job. The intense competition in the recruitment procedures has led to several headhunters working round the clock. To sum up, it is not only about skills, but also about being in the right place at the right time. In other words, a true headhunter is one who finds the right peg for the right hole. Head Hunting is the process of working closely with an employer, understanding the

strategic hiring and growth needs, defining the perimeters of a search, identifying the targets/ top talents at mid to top level of other organizations, making a approach to the selected targets, understanding candidates's personal Pull/Push factors, managing and preparing clients' and candidates' expectations and brokering of an employment contract -covering package/title/KPIs etc. Headhunting is a specialized area within recruitment whereby the recruiter understands a particular space/industry well enough to know the key performers and players in the market. Headhunting does not include Classified Advert, Job Posting or Campus recruitment. Headhunters look for candidates and not applicants who apply but target people who are gainfully and happily employed. Headhunters often rely on network and referrals to find the ideal candidates, not through database or applicant write-ins. Many Top tiers firms like Spencer & Stuart, Egon Zenhder etc, rely on technical experience + strong network + a good research team to fulfil clients' needs. Headhunting can derive from client's need to fulfil a particular senior position within the organization or an unsolicited candidate whom the headhunter feels is a great fit for his/her

clients. For individuals who would like to consider headhunting / executive recruitment as a career, I would advise you to read up on MRI / Humana search methodologies. Tips to use Haedhunting in Recruitement:Headhunting is the recruitment process and it is the recent trend in the recruitment. It is professional approach to recruit, search, track, and selecting talented people already working in various companies. Headhunting is also called as executive search. In the initial stage headhunting was used by large organizations from developed countries. But now it is using by smaller organizations also. Headhunters are third party agents and most of the companies use headhunters to find people for contract, full time/permanent jobs. The tips to use headhunting in recruitment are: 1. Headhunting requires the practice. The practice involves the understanding the purpose of headhunting. 2. It is better to avoid Phishing. Phishing is an email fraud. Sending Spam or pop-up messages can be called as Phishing. Sending pop-up messages to headhunted candidates is a fraud. 3. Research on the company from which you wish to headhunt is very important in the headhunting. 4. Headhunted candidates are more difficult to recruit. Encourage them to become openminded to a career change based on their achievements and accomplishments. 5. The tips for selecting the headhunter are quality work, good communication policies, reference and recommendations from other companies, and ability to a proper candidate search.

If You Want To Acquire Any Expercience Employee Of Then You Have To Through Process:Look for a recruiter / Head Hunter-Directory Post a request for an Executive Recruiter

Headhunting refers to the approach of finding and attracting the best experienced person with the required skill set. Headhunting is also a recruitment process involves convincing the person to join your organization.

HEAD HUNTING PROCESS:Search : Search for rsums matching the open positions. Source : Source passive candidates matching the positions. Filter : Go through every rsum carefully and pick the most suitable candidates. Interview : Call all the short-listed candidates to find out their availability and discuss the open position(s) with them. Tech Check : Most of our recruiters have formal training in a variety of technical skills. They are more than capable of conducting a preliminary technical interview. Reference check : Perform through reference check as needed. Coordinate : Coordinate interview schedules between your Recruiting/Hiring Team and candidates. Offer Management : Will be involved in negotiations, extending offer, and finally, closing the deal. HUNTING PROCESS:

BENEFITS OF HEAD HUNTING:1. Your recruiting staff can focus on interviewing, qualifying, and hiring the best talent, rather on than time-consuming rsum searches. 2. Save money by reducing the need to hire, train, develop, and maintain a highly skilled Internet-recruiting staff. 3. No payroll expenses. 4. No need to worry about benefits like paid vacation or medical insurance. 5. No need to provide office space to accommodate the recruiter. 6. No need to subscribe to costly rsum databases. 7. No long-term contracts or commitments required.

8. Excellent opportunity to hire an assistant recruiter if you are swamped with work. 9. Recruiter does all of the back-end work, so you can take care of more important 10. Business such as getting new clients and completing more job orders.
11. All rsums you receive will be pre-qualified. Recruiters will personally contact each

candidate and verify their information.

12. Recruiters will source all open positions you have available, placing candidates for

unlimited jobs and job openings. 13. Employing the recruiter and provide them with full benefits and compensation, saving your company the cost of hiring an employee. Yet, our recruiter becomes part of your team. 14. Provide hiring managers with an alternative to posting or traditional advertising.
15. Our low cost allows you the flexibility to spend dollars in additional, concurrent

sourcing efforts.

REVIEW OF LITERATURE:Headhunting firm thins manager field to Holms Andrea Damewood. McClatchy - Tribune Business News. Washington: Oct 17, 2010. Abstract Oct. 17--Map see more mapped stories After a month of discussion, an internal search and $15,000 to a headhunting firm, the Vancouver City Council got one applicant for its vacant city manager position -Oct. 17--Map See more mapped stories After a month of discussion, an internal search and $15,000 to a headhunting firm, the Vancouver City Council got one applicant for its vacant city manager position -- Assistant City Manager Eric Holmes, who had said he was interested in the job from the start.

City Manager Pat McDonnell announced in late August that he was taking a job at SEH America, and he would resign his job of 10 years as of Nov. 1. The seven-member council decided to follow an aggressive timeline in searching for McDonnell's replacement, and voted 5 to 2 to hire Portland consulting firm Waldron & Co. to help them outline qualifications for an internal candidate. On Monday, consultants will review the next steps with the council, and then they will hold a closed executive session to discuss Holmes' qualifications. They could approve his hiring by Oct. 25. Most on the council seem to be satisfied with Holmes as McDonnell's successor, but not everyone was thrilled with spending $15,000, to find a man who already has his offices in a city building -- especially as the city cuts core services. "It's $15,000 that as far as I'm concerned has been wasted and could have been spent on something else," said Councilor Larry Smith, who along with Councilor Bart Hansen had voted against hiring a headhunting firm for an internal search. About five months ago, McDonnell set up a succession team that included Holmes, who, because of his prior experience and knowledge of the city, is a natural fit for Vancouver, Smith said. If the council hadn't thought Holmes was qualified, or didn't trust McDonnell's judgement, then a headhunting firm may have been necessary, he said. But that wasn't the case. "I thought it was just stupid," Smith said. "It was a whole farce to go through it, since there was a whole succession plan in place." 'Independent eyes' However, Mayor Tim Leavitt, who voted along with Councilors Jeanne Stewart, Jeanne Harris, Pat Campbell and Jack Burkman to hire Waldron & Co., said the consultants provided "outside, independent eyes" and were key in helping guide the city council make a "prudent" decision in selecting the city's top job. "With the consultant's support, we have established a clear and comprehensive set of criteria, with input from every member of the city council," Leavitt wrote in an e-mail. "By enlisting


the support of the consultant, I believe the process we have engaged in garners ownership from our council and credibility with the citizens of our community" He said Holmes could be the right candidate, and the consultants' work gave a profile and criteria to objectively evaluate his experience. Holmes, 41, has been assistant city manager since April, but has prior city manager experience. He served as Battle Ground's city manager from 2002 to 2006, before taking a job as Chief Operating Officer at local development consulting firm MacKay & Sposito. He was hired in October 2007 as Vancouver's Director of Economic Development and was a key figure in the city's development agreement with investors to develop the Columbia River waterfront site. Should they decide they want to hear from more candidates, the city council could decide Monday to open the search up regionally or nationally, although that could add up to $45,000 more to the headhunting process. Starting internally The council decided in September to start by choosing from current employees and employees who worked for the city in the past two years. Vancouver Deputy Human Resources Director Antoinette Gasbarre said that it's customary to hire a consulting firm for top city positions. The HR department has 13 employees, of which one-and-a-half positions work on recruitment. One of those positions handles recruitment and promotion of police and firefighters, leaving a half-time staffer. As to whether her department could have handled the search for Holmes in house, Gasbarre said, "that's exactly why we took it to council, so they could make the decision." "There were a number of options on the (search) spectrum," she said. "I think the council selected the end of spectrum that was on the more cost-effective side." On Sept. 21, the consultants outlined the qualities that council members shared in individual interviews last week -- which included varied and even opposing desires such as "grounded"


and "creative," "mature" and "fresh ideas," and "stay the course" and "finds new opportunities." Should he be selected, Holmes will be stepping into a difficult role -- the city is cutting $9.1 million from its budget in both 2011 and 2012 and is tasked with solving a structural budget deficit that will require difficult labor negotiations. Salary for a new city manager has yet to be discussed. McDonnell's 2010 salary after 10 years on the job was $171,650; Holmes' pay as assistant city manager is $122,868. The city manager is the top administrator and is the only staff member the council has the power to hire and fire. Vancouver has a "weak" mayor and council form of government, meaning that the city council directs the city manager in policy direction, but the manager is responsible for actually executing that policy. Andrea Damewood: 360-735-4542 or Credit: The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash.

2) Competition panel goes headhunting Mahua Venkatesh. McClatchy - Tribune Business News. Washington: Mar 26, 2010. Abstract (Summary) The MCX Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX), the currency futures trading arm of Multicommodity Exchange, has charged the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of adopting predatory pricing techniques and abuse of dominant position that goes against market fair play. Mar. 26--NEW DELHI -- A talent crunch seems to have hit Competition Commission of India (CCI)--the quasi-judicial body mandated with the task of taking action against monopolistic practices --as the number of pending cases continue to pile up. Its investigation wing is set to hire about 50 new officials to handle pending cases. Over 15 major cases have been referred to the commission but shortage of staff has prevented an early disposal of these cases.

This is the first time that the government has embarked on a major recruitment drive for its investigation wing, though it has been hiring for other departments. Several of the pending cases pertain to the financial sector. For instance, the MCX Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX), the currency futures trading arm of Multicommodity Exchange, has charged the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of adopting predatory pricing techniques and abuse of dominant position that goes against market fair play. MCX-SX had lodged a complaint with the CCI seeking intervention to prevent NSE from offering several services at sharply lower charges. "The entire purpose of the CCI get diluted if cases are not taken up on an urgent and immediate basis," a government official, who did not wish to be identified told Hindustan Times. The CCI wants to expedite its approval process for mergers and acquisitions among corporations. 3) Document URL: Feb. 24--MUMBAI -- Vijay Mallya is setting the house in order at Kingfisher Airlines. The liquor and aviation baron, after maintaining a low profile during the downturn, has undertaken a string of measures for the revival of Kingfisher. Mallya has strengthened Kingfisher's leadership team by handpicking Amit Agarwal, a former managing director, revenue management, at Delta Airlines, to head corporate development and planning at Kingfisher. Agarwal, formerly with Continental and American Airways joins Mallya's A team. Another senior hand, Manoj Chako returned to Kingfisher as senior vice-president, commercial, after a brief stint with the American Express. Chacko, who was with the airline since its inception, was earlier head of global sales and distribution. He quit in 2007 to join American Express as head of business travel for India and Indian subcontinent. Kingfisher also plans to hire junior executives to expand operations.


Mallya recently appointed aviation advisers Seabury for restructuring the operations of Kingfisher Airlines. The airline also announced on Tuesday that it will join the global airline group "oneworld", enabling it to offer passengers more choice of routes. The airline has recently forayed into the cargo business by launching Kingfisher Xpress. It is also planning a code-sharing agreement with British Airways, and is looking at inducting new aircraft. Mallya is pursuing various fund-raising options and talking with oil companies and the Airports Authority of India to reschedule payment dues. Mallya was not available for comment. Kapil Kaul, CEO, South Asia, CAPA said, "Last five months' performance has given Mallya lot of confidence. He is enhancing people capital, cutting cost structure and enhancing revenue. It is a strategic thing to do when the market is going to be bigger."

4) A finely crafted and engrossing book.......Artfuuly written from a historical perspective, the book effectively and vibidly demonstrates the central importance of headhunting as an organising principal of llongot society and as a powerful motivating force in llongot individual and group behaviour. It is a significance work both ethnographically and methodologically .it is full of unique and exciting data on llongot feuding, raiding, and peacemaking. Methodologically, it is important in demonstrating a way of producing diachronic ethnography or ethnographic history through the use and interweaving of data drawn from narratives, life histories, field observations and historical records. Ilongot headhunting is likely to become classic because of its interesting subject and its highly successful approach to ethnography. 5) Resource competition and Human aggression:By William H Durham. Abstract The relationship between biological and cultural evolution is of major importance to the study of human ecology and social behaviour. This paper argues that to an important and

generally unrecognized extent, culture may evolve by the selective retention of non-genetic of traits that enhance the ability of individual human beings to survive and reproduce in a given environment. This implies that biological and cultural evolution may be truly complementary. If so, it makes no sense either to view biological and cultural adaptations as independent phenomena or to assert that all forms of adaptation result from natural selection. The possible convolution of human biology and culture therefore has important implications for understanding why people do what they do. In an attempt to asses the validity of a convolution approach to human behaviour, one of the favourite topics of the biology versus culture, instinct versus learning controversy is reconsidered: intergroup aggression. First, a model is proposed to account for the presence or absence of intergroup aggression resulting from resource competition between human social groups. From combined measures of resource deprivation and relative capability, the model predicts conditions where aggressive intergroup behaviour would have a net benefit for the survival and reproduction of the individual aggressors despite its inherent costs. These predictions are then compared with several examples in a review of war and peace among small, stateless human societies. The evidence is consistent which the hypothesis that individuals maximize their survival and reproduction by living in social groups and participating in collective aggression when access to scare resources at stake. It is concluded that aggressive intergroup behavior may often be adaptive for individuals under conditions of resource competition and that this may help to explain the prevalence of warfare among human societies. 6) Title: Voluntary Turnover Related To Information Technology Professionals: A

Review Of Rational And Instinctual Models Author(s): Citation: Paul D. Rouse, (St. Ambrose University) Paul D. Rouse, (1993) "VOLUNTARY TURNOVER RELATED TO

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS: A REVIEW OF RATIONAL AND INSTINCTUAL MODELS", International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Vol. 9 Iss: 3, pp.281 - 290 Article type: General review DOI: 10.1108/eb028937 (Permanent URL) Publisher: MCB UP Ltd



Traditionally, models of voluntary turnover assume that a rational actor

follows a series of linear steps leading towards turnover. In regards to the construct of voluntary turnover, information technology professionals represent a unique phenomenon that may not adhere to traditional models. A new instinctual model of voluntary turnover provides an alternative method of understanding the processes involved when information technology professionals contemplate turnover. 7) Congress Goes Head-Hunting Jim McTague. Barron's. New York, N.Y.: Jul 20, 2009. Vol. 89, Iss. 29; pg. 29, 1 pgs Abstract (Summary) Congress expects the newly appointed members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) to serve up some Wall Street heads on a platter. The commission-creating bill, which Pres Barack Obama signed in May, explicitly notes that one of the FCIC's functions is to make criminal referrals, should it uncover a crime. But the FCIC is modelled after the highly successful 9/11 Commission, whose members mostly put partisan politics aside. The FCIC's members, six Democrats and four Republicans, seem stoutly partisan. Separately, with the White House's health-care plan in the news, the article offers a table which shows the top combined marginal income-tax rates, from most to least, that the highest-income Americans would pay, if the proposed surtax were imposed to finance the plan.

Indexing (document details) Subjects: Tribunals & commissions, Criminal investigations, Political appointments,

Surtax, Income taxes, Tax rates, Health insurance Classification Codes 9190 United States, 1210 Politics & political behaviour, 4230 Personal taxation Locations: Author(s): United States--US Jim McTague Commentary Tables

Document types: Document features:


D.C. Current Barron's. New York, N.Y.: Jul 20, 2009. Vol. 89, Iss. 29; pg. 29, 1 pgs

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Source type: Periodical ISSN: 10778039 ProQuest document ID: Text Word Count 573 1802018711

8) BRIEF: Head of Regional Growth Partnership in Toledo job hunting in Georgia Anonymous. McClatchy - Tribune Business News. Washington: Sep 15, 2010. Abstract (Summary) Mr. Weathers joined the growth partnership in 2005, after having been president and CEO of the Greater Tucson Economic Development Council and vice president of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp. He has since focused such objectives as retaining existing Toledo companies, bringing new jobs to the region, and fostering development of technology firms.

Indexing (document details) Subjects: Chief executive officers, Appointments & personnel changes, Succession

planning, Economic development Author(s): Anonymous News McClatchy - Tribune Business News. Washington: Sep 15, 2010.

Document types: Publication title:

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Text Word Count Document URL:


9-CATALYST: The human side of branding Anonymous. Business line. Chennai: Jun 17, 2010. Abstract (Summary) from BUSINESS LINE, June 17, 2010 "I want to build my brand." I have lost count of the number of times I have heard this statement in the 11 years since we started brand-comm, a consulting company dedicated to building brands. And yet, as is to be expected, people have different expectations from branding and the entire process of branding. The next steps to these statements usually follow one of the following courses of action. 'I think our identity is dated and today's consumers are young, so let's change it, and shouldn't we be thinking global?" This is good news for international brand consultants and design experts as they instantly see (million) $$$ signs. The identity change is announced with great fanfare and it usually goes down like the Indian team went down in Zimbabwe - with scarcely a whimper as nothing except the identity has changed and the brand is still the same boring brand.

Another alternative is to try to build corporate image through a high-profile TV commercial, probably shot in New Zealand, but without the benefit of a core idea that defines the essence of the brand. "The execution will be clutter-breaking" says the agency Creative Director. The brand promise is not delivered, after all "Yuvarajs" exist in corporate life too! Another way forward is to hire a public relations firm which goes hammer and tongs at the media organises one-on-ones, speaker and photo opportunities - all of which generate intense interest about the MD in cocktail parties and amidst head-hunting firms but nothing much happens to the brand. And today there is another option as well.

Indexing (document details)



Anonymous News Business line. Chennai: Jun 17, 2010.

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10- Argentina: Software labour market struggles with a deficit of 10,000 professionals Anonymous. El Clarin (SABI English Language Abstracts). Buenos Aires: May 24, 2010. Abstract (Summary) Pablo Sametband manager TeamSeele, a head hunting company tied to Baufest, estimates a deficit of 10,000 in the supply of IT professionals for an ever hungry market. He clears further most companies are in seek of above 40 years old professionals to which they offer stable contracts. Pablo says young IT professionals require higher wages and have no fidelity to employers, and change job positions frequently. Since 2001 the software industry has expanded by 230% in Argentina and currently accounts for nearly 1% of the GDP, while the combined telecom, computer hardware and call centres are present 4,5% of the GDP.

Indexing (document details) Subjects: Labor force, Computer service industry 6300 Labor relations, 8302 Software &

Classification Codes 9173 Latin America, computer services industry Locations: Author(s): Argentina Anonymous


Document types: Publication title: 2010.

News El Clarin (SABI English Language Abstracts). Buenos Aires: May 24,

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11-FWC chairman Rodney Barreto scores two turkey grand slams: Took 14 days of hunting in four states Steve Waters. McClatchy - Tribune Business News. Washington: May 28, 2010. Abstract (Summary) May 28--Whether he's ensuring a healthy future for Florida's fish and wildlife and their habitat, coordinating a successful Super Bowl or managing one of the many businesses he's involved with, Rodney Barreto works hard and makes the most of his time. Barreto, 52, who started hunting when he was 10 in the Everglades, had to take time away from his post as head of The Barreto Group, a Miami company whose interests include developing gas stations, political consulting and part ownership of a bank.

Indexing (document details) Subjects: Author(s): Hunting Steve Waters News McClatchy - Tribune Business News. Washington: May 28, 2010.

Document types: Publication title:

Source type: Wire Feed


ProQuest document ID: Text Word Count Document URL: 735


12Colombia: Samper Head Hunting making great progress in Colombia Anonymous. Portafolio (SABI English Language Abstracts). Bogata: Jun 23, 2009. Abstract (Summary) Ecuador's Samper Head Hunting has operated in Colombia for the last two years and is delighted with progress. It boasts 57 business clients nationally. Back home, it controls 75% of the head-hunting industry in its top-executives segment, having been founded in 2002. Santiago Samper, the company's executive president, notes that for the last six months the firm has operated in Peru and Panama too. He adds that of its 57 clients in Colombia 20 are big firms, 20 are medium-sized and 17 are small commercial operations. The aim is to rank in the top three in the Colombian sector in three years' time.

Indexing (document details) Subjects: Subsidiaries, Consulting firms

Classification Codes 9173 Latin America, 2320 Organizational structure, 8310 Consultants Locations: Companies: Author(s): Colombia Samper Anonymous News Portafolio (SABI English Language Abstracts). Bogata: Jun 23, 2009.

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CONCLUSION:Head hunting is a process of attracting more and more qualified and capable people from outside the organisation by hook or crook. It is the way of intaking of as many people who are capable of taking company to a new heights. The various methods of head hunting are discussed in the term paper and their implications is also mentioned above. For every company it is necessary to have people who are capable of performing the work in the most efficient and effective manner, although recruiting of new personnels is one of the method of pooling in the talent, but with head hunting process the experienced employee is taken in, which proves to be more beneficial for a company.


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