I hereby declare that this project titled Marketing mix with special reference to Airtel cellular company submitted by me is based on actual work carried out by me under the guidance and supervision of Prof Any reference to work done by any other person or institution or any material obtained from other sources have been duly cited any referenced. It is further to state that this work is not submitted anywhere else for any examination.

to Airtel cellular company under my guidance and supervision and submitted the project as laid down by University of Pune. The material that has been obtained from other sources is duly acknowledges in the project. It is further certified that the work of its part has not been submitted to any under University for examination under my supervision. I consider this work worthy for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration

Dated :

/ / 2010

Any accomplishment requires the effect of many people and this work of mine is no different. I have been very lucky to have people at my side all during the project, whose support encouragement and positive criticism

made all the difference in making this project a grand success. I wish to thank a number of people for their contribution to the effort involved in carrying out this project. I would like to extend my college teacher for providing valuable mentoring and feedback on my progress made during the project. I would also like to pay special thanks to Prof. support and encouragement it would not have been possible for me to farewell. I would also thank to our college library for its reference book’s which proved to be of great help and I also want to thank my friends for their valuable help done in this project. I owe a debt of gratitude to all officers and staff of Airtel Customer relationship center who helped in completing this project successfully and who have given response to the study.


Airtel is one of the Asia’s leading providers of telecommunication services with presence in all the 22 licensed jurisdictions (also known as Telecom Circles) in India, and in Srilanka. Airtel served an aggregate of 113,439,670 customers as of September 30, 2009; of whom 110,511,416 subscribe to our

GSM services and 2,928,254 use our Telemedia Services either for voice and/or broadband access delivered through DSL. Airtel is the largest wireless service provider in the country, based on the number of customers as of September 30, 2009. Airtel offer an integrated suite of telecom solutions to our enterprise customers, in addition to providing long distance connectivity both nationally and internationally. Airtel also offer DTH and IPTV Services. All these services are rendered under a unified brand “Airtel”. The company also deploys, owns and manages passive infrastructure pertaining to telecom operations under its subsidiary Bharti Infratel Limited. Bharti Infratel owns 42% of Indus Towers Limited. Bharti Infratel and Indus Towers are the two top providers of passive infrastructure services in India. Partners Network Equipment Telemedia & Long Distance Services Information Technology Network Equipment Call Centre Operations Equity Partner {Strategic} Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, Huawei Nokia Siemens, Wipro, Cisco, Alcatel Lucent, ECI, Tellabs IBM IBM Daksh, Hinduja TMT, Teleperformance, Mphasis, Firstsource & Aegis Singtel

Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, one of Asia’s leading integrated telecom services providers with operations in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Bharti Airtel since its inception, has been at the forefront of technology and has pioneered several innovations in the telecom sector. The company is structured into four strategic business units - Mobile, Telemedia, Enterprise and Digital TV. The mobile business offers services in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The Telemedia business provides broadband, IPTV and telephone services in 95 Indian cities. The Digital TV business provides Direct-to-Home TV services across India. The Enterprise business provides end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national and international long distance services to telcos. Mobile Services

Express yourself and reach out to people in your own special way. this unified management structure of 'One Airtel' will enable continued improvement in the delivery of the Group’s strategic vision. Organization Structure As an outcome of a restructuring exercise conducted within the company. Now do more with your Airtel mobile. Experience endless possibilities and explore new horizons only with Airtel. . Life becomes much simpler with Airtel.Bharti Airtel offers GSM mobile services in all the 23-telecom circles of India and is the largest mobile service provider in the country. with realigned roles. a new integrated organizational structure has emerged. 2006. With effect from March 01. responsibilities and reporting relationships of Bharti’s key team players. based on the number of customers.

Airtel . TATA. But in early days their were only 2 to 3 companies in this communication sector . . Reliance . Today in this sector there are many players like Airtel .Bharti Airtel .Airtel and Reliance .Organization Structure SELECTION OF TOPIC The reason to select this topic for research is to study the marketing mix with special reference to Airtel cellular company.

this topic of mine shows the work or shows the effort done by Airtel in the marketing sector all aspects of study are given in this project . OBJECTIVES OF STUDY • To study marketing mix policy of Airtel cellular < Nasik>. Airtel has been rated among 10 best performing company in the world in the business week IT 100 list. This project about marketing mix considers the following elements of marketing mix • Product mix • Price mix • Promotion mix • Distribution mix Airtel cellular company is one of the leading company in the market which provides telecommunication services to customers with aggregate 10 corer satisfied customers . .Because of this day to day competition the companies have to perform the best they have to give their 100% output in respect to stand still in the market this topic of mine has covered all aspects of marketing mix.

• To study various services provided by it. • To study the distribution sector of Airtel. . Scope of Study This project gives a vast scope to study the various marketing mix strategy ofAirtelCellular. • To study products prices according to their services. • To study the various Value added services provided by it.• To study promotional policies of it.

publicity. advertising. We cant study all dept of the company but we study only about the single marketing dept in the Nasik region. It also enables. In this way all aspects relating to marketing mix are studied. What are prices of product? What are promotional activities i.e. . It also enables us to know which product ofAirtelare in market and which product have greater demand in market. Limitations of Study The limitations of the study is the we cant study the whole network Of the India but we only study the Nasik Dist. (month) stalls etc.In which we study product. us to study the distribution sector of Airtel. price. promotion and distribution of theAirtelCellular Ltd.

This project is only limited to Nasik Dist. INDEX Chapter 1 Subject Research Methodology 1. all the Other dist study is not included in it as we have submit project in time and at given data.3 Scope of the Study 2 1. telephone.As project is only about mobile services of Airtel marketing mix other services like Broad band. .1 Selection of Topic 1.2 Objective of the Study 1.4 Limitation of the study 2.1 Organization Profile. is not included it. wireless internet.

4 Promotion Mix 4. The concepts of marketing mix according to borden consists of: <i> A list of important elements or ingredients that make up the marketing programmes.2 Suggestions 4.1 Product Mix 3.3 Distribution Mix 3.5 Questionnaire 4 Marketing mix Marketing mix is the term coined by nell borden and is used to describe the combination of fair inputs which constitute the core of a company’s marketing system.2 Price Mix 3.1 Finding 4.3 Conclusion 4.4 Bibliography 4.2 Organization structure Data Interpretation and Analysis 3. . <ii> A list of the forces that bear on the marketing operation of a firm and to which the marketing manager must adjust in his search for a programme that can be successful.3 2.

It has expert staff in the stores to help buyers. based on market research and information. bills and even video. . Airtel gives buyers features such as mobile services games. • • • The right product. It also gives NECTAR reward points for every £1 spent. The best marketing mix is the blending of four inputs which form the case of the marketing system of business. This is a mix of the right product to buy in the right place at the right price and with good promotion. The right price. Airtel operates over 300 stores and also sells through other outlets. This means giving customers the features and benefits they want. It should be emphasized that marketing mix must be considerd on the basis of the other marketing decisions. The marketing mix will naturally change according to changing marketing conditions and also with changing environmental factors affecting each market. The right place. the product itself (i. Marketing mix with Airtel The marketing mix Airtel looks to have a good marketing mix.The policies adopted by manufactures to attain success in the market constitute the marketing mix . pictures. information services. It is of course. ring tones.e the benefits to the customer ) is offered by marketing mix. Airtel offers a number of price plans to suit all of its target groups. It must be fully related to customer’s demand and other environmental forces.

In Japan.• Good promotion. up to date and full of new Airtels. He is also seen as a fashion icon who appeals to women. The Beckham TV campaign shows him doing everyday things as well as demonstrating what the Airtel live! service can do. the J-Phone company was initially re-branded as J-Phone Airtel before moving to the single Airtel brand last year. This is divided into two parts: o Above the line – this is advertising in a number of different ways such as TV and posters. exciting. o Below the line – this includes less obvious advertising such as in-store displays and the way stores are branded. Airtel has an image that it wants its customers to connect with. Market research Market research is not only used to find out what customers want. This is an image of being creative. but also as a family man. This is called brand migration . It was found that people recalled the adverts and so the brand had become better known. Brand migration The brand is so strong that Airtel uses it when it takes over other businesses. It is also used to see if things like TV campaigns have been a success. He is seen as not just a football player. This makes him a perfect choice for the brand. It also wants to appeal to as wide a market as it can. News about products and Airtels is also sent to the press. David Beckham has this image.

A product might satisfy a want or a need and includes physical objects.Product Mix Product According to Sir Philip Kotler. use or consumption. persons. a product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention. acquisition. organizations. Customers are not purchasing goods or services but are in fact buying specific benefits and values in the form of an offer to meet their particular needs. As we see from the above definition goods and services are two sub-categories that describe two different two different types of product. . services. Airtels and places.

1. send and receive pictures. research and development programmes. • New product policy. change ring tones. play games. Brand and package Product planning comprises of policies and procedures relating to : • Product lines to be offered and also services.Product mix Product is a bundle of utilities and features that give satisfaction to the consumer. After-sales Service 3. Product range 2. receive information about travel and sporting events. Product Mix with Airtel Airtel provides product with many different features provides customers with opportunities to chat. Airtel live! provides on-the-move information services Services Mobile services .and soon view video clips and send video messages. It has following components. • Selection of trade marks. obtain billing information . when and in what quantity. • Marketing to sell them where.

Post – paid 2. while on the move. value added services Post.1. we are sure to have one to suit your needs. Roaming 4.paid Services Airtel offers us a range of tariff plans to choose from to allow us the advantage of staying connected at fantastic rates. convenient payment options and host of rich features. please select your location from the drop-down above. So get set to enjoy a world of limitless possibilities! If you are looking for some great tariffs. Pre – paid 3. Airtel Postpaid allows you to choose from a variety of affordable talk plans. To find out the Airtel postpaid tariffs in your city. .

• o Easy Payment Clearing SystemFill an ECS form and mail. You can also opt for easy payment options like:Standing InstructionsYou can give us standing instructions to debit your credit card account for your monthly Airtel bills. All you have to do is fill the Standing Instruction Form and mail. you will be informed via a voice or a non-voice message to make an interim payment and reduce your account balance below your credit limit. Walk into any Airtel relationship centre and make your payments by cash or credit card. You may also choose to pay us an additional refundable deposit to . fax it to us or drop it any of our relationship centres to directly debit your bank account for your monthly Airtel bill.Pay while roamingAirtel has introduced 'Anywhere payment' that offers you the convenience of making payments while you roam. log your request on My Airtel section of the website or SMS the change to 121. Should you exceed your credit limit. fax it to us or drop it any of our relationship centres. To change your tariff plan call our IVR at 121 and leave a request. • o Credit limit Your pre-set credit limit mentioned on your monthly bill helps you keep your mobile charges in control. make payments by cash or credit card and enjoy uninterrupted Airtel Services. you can also send in your requests through email 121@airtelindia. Sort your calls between personal and official or analyze your usage. Register free on ‘My Airtel’ section and view your monthly bill with call details for last three months.Features • o Easy Billing Enjoy a host of rich features only with Airtel e-bill. Walk in to any Airtel Relationship Centre in the country. keeps track of your usage and ensures that your mobile phone is not misused. Anytime Anywhere You can choose from a host of convenient payment options only with Airtel. Drop a cheque at any of the drop boxes for making payments or simply log on to My Airtel section and pay instantly through your credit card. at the click of a button.

with Services from Airtel Airtel brings you a wide range of Services that will change the way you communicate. call hold. call divert and Caller Line Identification Presentation. In more than just words.National and International Airtel's roaming service allows you to stay connected and use your mobile phone to make or receive calls from almost anywhere in India and also over 160 countries. help you do more with your Airtel Postpaid connection! Conference callYou can hold a teleconference with 5 people simultaneously with Call Conferencing . BlackBerry services). • o GPRS – Roaming Use Airtel Postpaid's GPRS services. • o Strong Network Coverage Enjoy complete clarity when calling with Airtel . • o Widest Roaming . Try them and discover a whole new world of fun and excitement. • o Say it. from almost anywhere in India and abroad.You can also make use of ECS facility. abroad.It offers you world class technology and unbreakable network coverage that spans over 23 circles across the country.enhance your credit limit or opt for our convenient payment method of Credit Card Standing instruction . to access the internet and office mails (eg. while roaming. • o Long Distance Calling Facility Call long distance calls in India and Overseas with STD / ISD facility on your Airtel phone.Call management Services Call waiting.

with anyone. games. Airtel Live!Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination with Airtel Live! Airtel brings you the latest in entertainment and information services. images and video clippings. jokes. by sending a SMS 'FUN' to 56465.Voice MailWhen your handset is switched off. watch live TV and download full songs on you phone! To get Airtel Live! settings on your phone SMS 'Live' to 56465 and save the settings that you receive as your preferred connection. Airtel Live! SIM Services: Access loads of fun content and exciting services like cricket. You can also choose a variety of content options like Live Cricket Commentary. For e.MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service): Jazz up your messages with pictures.SMS (Short Messaging Service)Send messages quickly and easily. <SUB BIZ> for Business News. To download new services on your Airtel SIM. with MMS from Airtel! To activate MMS on your phone.service from Airtel. on your phone at the touch of a few buttons with Airtel Live! SIM based Services on your SIM card menu. right on your phone!Airtel Live! WAP Services: Download the latest ringtones. you can set up a conference even when the other five are using a landline phone. stocks. Airtel Live! SMS .Subscription AlertsGet regular alerts on news. important reminders and rib-tickling jokes. if it's too noisy to talk or you don't have much time. The best part is that there's no extra monthly cost for setting up Voicemail .Missed call alertA missed call alert is a SMS that you will receive for all the calls that you missed. Airtel Live! Portal can be accessed from you GPRS enabled phone. anytime. SMS <SUB NEWS> for News. or you’re too busy to answer the phone. business. health and films on your Airtel mobile phone with Subscription Services. Airtel Voicemail will answer your calls and record a message. Movie Reviews or Stock Market Updates. latest National / International News.g. To know more. videos and much more. wallpapers. say ‘Ring tones’ to download your favourite ring tones. using text. choose the "What's new" option under the "Airtel services" menu. It's the way to Share those interesting one-liners. call customer service at 121. SMS 'MMS' to 56465 and save service settings. You can also get news clips. <SUB JOKE> for Jokes. anywhere in the world. In fact. dial *135*2# then press the call button and wait for the request to be completed. The SMS will detail the CLI and the time when the call was made.Airtel Live! Voice Services: Just Dial 56465 and say the name of the just pay for the phone call when you use the service. To activate. <SUB SPO> for Sports Alerts & <SUB VAASTU> for Vaastu tips to 3333.

accessible from anywhere in the country. Anytime Anywhere In case you need assistance. mention your mobile no. Cricket. Access e-mails and internet across Airtel's pan-India presence using 'Mobile Office' with your phone or a phone and laptop both.Services: You can enjoy a host of services by sending a keyword as an SMS to 56465 ! Choose Astrology / Horoscope. GPRS (General Packet Radio Services)Log on to the internet. make them groove to the hottest new tracks burning up the music charts with Hello Tunes from Airtel! Choose from a library of over 80000 songs from more than 16 languages. get in touch with our customer support to know yours. In case you need assistance SMS ‘Help’ to 56465. You can also send us an SMS to 121 or mail us at 121@airtelindia. like 9810012345 in the subject of the mail for a quicker response.our number.Get the EDGEBrowse the internet on your mobile phone with Airtel's EDGE services. . copy any Hello tune you like by simply pressing ‘*’ on your phone when the Hello Tune is playing on your friends phone. • o Reach us.Hello Tunes Tired of that boring old ‘tring tring’ on your phone? Now when a friend calls. • o Best Value Plan We also offer ?Best Value Plan' to our customers. enhanced WAP experience and Airtel Data Cards on our high speed network. dial '121' .com *In case of email. Enjoy live TV. Whats more. even while roaming. Bollywood / Hollywood / Indi Pop Ring tones. with GPRS that allows data transmission at a higher speed.

words to every feeling. Enter the world of limitless possibilities with Airtel Prepaid. The service that helps you give. Features Here are some of the many advantages that New Airtel Prepaid brings you. and easily available – Airtel prepaid offers you the best rates and coverage on the islands along with a wide variety of value – added services and 24. an expression to every emotion.Total Cost Control Pre activated STD/ISD without deposits or rentals Strong Network coverage Instant Balance and Validity Enquiry Recharge your Airtel Prepaid Prepaid Roaming . affordable.our customer care.Prepaid Services Convenient.

from a variety of tailor– made recharge coupons with different denominations. Instant Balance and Validity Enquiry Your account balance is updated on the screen of your handset at the end of each chargeable call. Strong Network Coverage Enjoy complete clarity when calling with Airtel’s world-class technology and unbreakable network coverage that spans over 23 circles across the country. press 'OK' or 'YES' button and your account balance will be displayed on the screen of your handset. Pre activated STD/ISD without deposits or rentals You can now enjoy a pre-activated STD/ISD on your Airtel Prepaid. which are available at a number of outlets across your city. to as high as Rs. 10. . Choose the Airtel Prepaid Recharge Coupon that’s right for you. Hassle-free calls are here to stay! Click here for more information on STD/ISD rates in your circle new. The calling value on your card keeps reducing as you make calls or use any other chargeable service.More with Airtel Prepaid Reach us Anytime Anywhere Total Cost Control You can control your Airtel Prepaid like never before.000/-. No more rentals or deposits – simply recharge as much as you need to from as low as Rs. 10. You can also call 123 from your mobile phone and listen to the voice announcement or simply dial *123#. Recharge your Airtel Prepaid Recharging is Easy. Simply follow the procedure mentioned below. No more paying deposits or having a minimum balance in your account to make an STD/ISD call. to recharge your phone.

Gently scratch the silver panel on the reverse of the recharge card for a 16-digit number. Follow the voice announcement and enter the 16-digit recharge number. Easy Recharge Recharge your Airtel Prepaid Card electronically with value that suits your needs. The following recharge denominations are available nationally for recharge through Bank website or ATM. More Recharge options: Flexible recharge voucher This unique recharge voucher gives you the option to choose between validity or talktime. 24-hour Recharge via ATM Recharge your Airtel Prepaid round-the-clock at your nearest ATM. . This recharge option is available with all leading banks. when requested. Just walk up to your nearest ATM. Click here for Airtel Easy Charge options. Your prepaid account will be automatically recharged by the calling value amount and validity of your coupon. as per your need.000. Click here to find the Airtel Recharge Coupon Options that suits your requirement. 10. Call '123' and choose your preferred language. Select 'Mobile Recharge / Bill Pay' from the main menu and follow the prompts to recharge your prepaid. Many leading banks provide Internet based recharging. 10 till Rs. starting from Rs. You can also recharge your Airtel Prepaid while roaming anywhere in the country. Internet Recharge You may log on to the Internet banking website of your bank and select the prepaid recharge option to recharge your Airtel prepaid. insert the ATM card and enter your ATM PIN number.

The price of an item is clearly an important determinant of the value of sales made. Researching consumers' opinions about pricing is important as it indicates how they value what they are looking for as well as what they want to pay. price is the one. which creates sales revenue . the value of water in the Lake District will be considerably different from the value of water in the desert.all the others are costs. Price mix . Crudely speaking.Price mix Of all the aspects of the marketing mix. price is really determined by the discovery of what customers perceive is the value of the item on sale. In theory. An organization's pricing policy will vary according to time and circumstances.

picture messages and ring tones. discounts.Price is the valuation placed upon the product by the marketer. • Price policy. one price or varying price. through apprentices and high powered business executives. • Airtel wants to make its services accessible to as many people as possible: from the young. to the more mature users. etc.) Bill Plan Charge  CALL CHARGES CLIP 0 0 Rs 300* Monthly Rental Rs 150 0 Airtel GSM/CDMA Landline . e. • Price maintenance. use of less price. This includes the pricing policies and procedures relating to Price level to adopt specific prices. and • Margins to adopt for company and for trade. allowances and terms of credit. Price mix with Airtel Prices for Post paid  ONE TIME CHARGES Activation Charges Membership Fee Security Deposit  MONTHLY CHARGES (FIXED) (Rs.g. It offers various pricing structures to suit different customer groups. Phone users can top up their phone on line. Airtel gives NECTAR reward points for every £1 spent on calls. It has to cover pricing. text messages. Monthly price plans are available as well as prepay options.

50 0.20p for 50KB. 49 All STD calls @ Re.00 Rs 3 & 5 as per service availed  DESCRIPTION Benefits: Call to 1 Existing Airtel No @ 0.Monthly Rental: Rs.350 Local SMS Free (Validity 30days) *(Rs 300 security deposit refundable on disconnection).50 1.00  SMS Local CDMA National International 0.  ESTIMATED BILL .Local Rates  STD RATES STD Rates 0. 35 .10. 17-Oct-2010-Dussera.ADD ON (Airtel/MH/GSM/12) .50 0. 1/ min.Monthly rental: Rs.Monthly rental: Rs. 5-Nov-2010-Diwali Festival. 75 p/ min (4) SMS Pack .50 1. 35 All STD calls @ Re. (2) GPRS Pack . *Blackout Days for Year 2010 when sms discount will not be applicable. 1-January-2010-New Year. 31-Dec-10-New Year Evening. 1st-August-2010-Friendship Day.50 1.Monthly rental: Rs. *On Blackout Days sms charges will be as per the base rate. Optional Packs: (1) STD calling Pack .50 5. (3) STD calling Pack .599 with 600MB Free .50 1.50 1.

79 162.0 40.0 231.0 960.82 522.Paid Tariffs Plans  ONE TIME CHARGES Pulse Rate Price of Pack (Rs. Variable Charges Airtime Total (Fixed + Variable) Service Tax @ 10.79 254.)  CALL CHARGES • 60 secs 99 0 Free in Home Network Airtel Local Rates 1 GSM/CDMA 1 Rs 1.50 per min STD Rates Rs 1.88 1058.14 344.88 Prices for Pre .16 810. Fixed Monthly Charges Monthly Rental 150 Monthly Commitment 0 Clip Charges 0 B.16 612.0 23.48 433.0 474.0 555.50 per min Landline 1 Rs 1.0 57.0 48.0 98.50 per min .3% Estimated Monthly Bill 200 150 0 0 300 150 0 0 400 150 0 0 500 150 0 0 1000 150 0 0 81.82 405.0 393.Mins.) Free Airtime on Pack (Rs.14 243.0 32.0 312. Of Use>>> 100 A.48 324.) Incoming Calls (Rs.

17-Oct-2010-Dussera. 1-January-2010-New Year.12141. SMS Local National International  OTHER DETAILS • Re 1 per 160 characters Rs 1. 31-Dec-10-New Year Evening. If using Friendz1 call to 12141 IVR & will be charged as per the new Tariff for all numbers added through the IVR. (A never before price proposition on STD ) Daily rental per number chosen ( 50 ps /day) Number change @ Rs. 1st-August-2010-Friendship Day. The key product features : Special rates for special people Choice of 5 Airtel numbers . 5-Nov-2010-Diwali Festival.Number addition/change charges Rs5/number.5/number Register the number on IVR .5 Rs 5 per 160 characters Services to SIM Card will be discontinued if there is no usage i.(Lifetime customers would not be part of this T&C. Now existing and new prepaid customers can call local Airtel @20p and STD@50p on any combination of STD and local special 5 numbers.e. no voice calls (incoming or outgoing).local or STD (All five can be either STD or local or a combination) Local @ 20 ps /min & STD @ 50 ps /min .Daily rental 50p/number/day. Tollfree IVR to manage Special 5 is 12141. Voucher Rates .*On Blackout Days sms charges will be as per the base rate. You will also not be able to use this number post disconnection. No refunds will be given for any unused talktime balance and validity on the card. Blackout Days for Year 2010 when sms discount will not be applicable.) Special 5 Features: Airtel Presents Special 5. SMS and data for any continuous period of 90 days.

20 0 0 0 Easy Recharge • .39 65.06 (Top Up) 88 235.06 25.10 0 64 0 182 0 0 0 595 0 55.40 22.94 22 24.26 52.70 31.62 42.40 96.00 2.19 34.72 (Top Up) 250 326.20 59. Recharge Coupon Options • MSC Calling Processing Service Validity Grace Period (Rs) Value (Rs) Fee (Rs) tax (Rs) (days) (days) 10 30 40 60 75 120 160 200 260 350 360 460 500 7.5 33.38 (Top Up) 417.70 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 0 30 0 0 0 90 90 90 90 0 90 0 90 0 90 0 0 0 Approximate Minutes Of Usage 6.00 2.21 14.79 145.5 0 0 0 0.04 (Top Ups) 500 (Bada Top UPPer second Pulse) 595 (Bada Top UPPer second Pulse) 795 (Bada Top UPPer second Pulse) 2 2.00 2.99 106.60 0 0 0 795 0 74.20 47.80 3.00 11.00 2.60 7.28 38.00 0 90 0 61.74 5.93 2.96 46.

50) 0 (Top Up) Lifetime 365 (Per second) 1 Year (Local SVV) 0 (DA a/c 15 4.98 (For lifetime 43 validity recharge with Rs 41) 0 ( All local calls 45 0.74 3.49 1.15 2.40 8 & STD@0.97 2 11.39 0 (A2A Local & STD Processing Fee(Rs) 7.19 0 ( All local & std 31 call @ Re.57 0 25.43 2.00 58.79 13.40 1.40 26 & STD@0.61 47.76 23.60 14.26 41 37.83 4.00 9.93 1.50) 27 24.02 4.87 2.50) 47 52 60 64 0 ( 75min STD TT) 0 52.21 1.98 (Other 1 Year .50) 10 7.03 1.24 2.Denomination TalkTime (Range) Range Value (Rs) 0 *(Local calls@0.39 2.92 2.06 15 (Local+STD 11 Minutes) 12 8.60 0 (Top Up) 5.86 Card Offer) 5.00 28.1) 0 (All local & std call 32 @ 1/paise/sec) 40 34.20 Validity (days) 30 Days 0 (Top Up) 1 Day 0 3 (300 sms Free) 0 Days 30(Night Hr11pm6am) 30 Days 30 (Night 11pm-6am) 10 Days 365 180 Days 30 Days (Night Pack) 0 (Top Up) 365 Days (STD SVV) 365(loc/Nat sms0.12 1.99 3.00 0 0 40.08 29.80 2.52 2.50 0 (300 night Mins of 28 local A2A) 30 25.39 Days) 365 (New 4.25 2.01 2.80 42.02 Service tax(Rs) 0.17 38.50 & Std@Re 1.14 2.51 18.13 20.61 2.85 21.88 0 (Night Pack -Local 13 A2A Rs 1/20 mins) 0 ( Rs 15 STD mins 15 in D/A a/c) *0 (Night Pack 16 -Local A2A 1paise for 5 sec) 2000 Voice sms 20 (Voice sms Pack) 0 (Night Pack -Local 23 A2A Rs 1/20 mins) 0 (*5000 Free local 24 sms) 0 (*Local calls@0.75 0.

81 60 Days 30 Days Lifetime 0 365 Days 15 Days Airtel TT 365 (New Card Offer) 0 (Top Up) 20 0 0 0 ( DA 15 Days) 0 Lifetime 30 Days 0 0 89 Days 0 Days (Combo SVV) 0 (DA A/C 30 days) 0 (400 Local A_A 231.00 14.00 88.17 2.94 89.79 200 Minutes (200 local+std sms free ) 135.19 (100 mins (11pm-6am) Local / National .27 10.80 100.40 9.94 15.86 3.01 14.1 ps/sec) 66 67 69 75 90 97 99 100 110 111 116 120 147 150 160 170 195 196 200 205 225 241 251 255 0 *(Local calls@0.00 0 (Offer for Airtel One/ Nokia 2 year) 150 ( Dedicated A/c) 97.60 79.84 60.66 2 100.99 145.73 0 ( Rs 200 Local A2ATT in Dedicated A/c) 74.50 23.01 22.21 18.68 19.76 90.50) 0 (*15000 Free local sms) 0 (A2A Local & STD 1 ps/sec New Card) 66.00 0 (Top Up) 8.34 10.30 18.00 200 (74 sms free) 59.14 21.87 18.16 6.56 2.00 133 0 0 154.00 81.37 10.06 9.12 0 77.00 *( local calls 40p/min & Std@50p) 106.74 62.50 27.2 ps/sec) 6.63 31.40 & STD@0.06 (Top Up) 0 (300 Mins STD TT in DA A/C) 176.2 Card Offer) ps/sec) 7.74 94.25 main a/c+24.26 365 Days 30 Days 6.44 23.00 0 ( DA a/c 60 local+std min+60 local/STD sms) 8.70 93.83 11.24 9.00 150 (250 Night TT in DD A/c) 200.32 185.75 for local A2A 124.56 Local/STD 1.21 14.44 (Other 365 (New Local/STD 1.

84 33.89 41.5/30 secs) 795 (Bada Top Up Per sec Pulse) 823.00 326.55 30.28 27.70 49.78 0 -49.38 (Top Up) 395 141.04 (Top Up) 250 500 (Bada Top Up Per sec Pulse) 525+525 A2A Local Night Mins DA a/c (11pm to 6am) 595 (Bada Top Up Per sec Pulse) 645.96 46.40 74.40 0 24.16 0 0 258.56 67.260 295 325 341 360 395 441 460 495 500 525 595 725 786 795 925 1500 235.22 46.38 140.18 42.10 0 0 (Offer Frm 10Sep) 30 (A2A Night Mins) 210 Days 0 0-Offer Starts 10Sep 300 Days 0 LifeTime 0 Days 30 (A2A Night Mins) 0 0 0 0 0 0 (BTU) .75 for local A2A 786 (Gulf countries Rs3.35 181.75 for local A2A 1500 SMS) 0 0 -30.25 main a/c+101.72 (Top Up) 295 325 +250 A2A local Night Mins DA a/c (11pm to 6am) 128.82 0 198.62 36.70 73.24 86.03 55.10 0 0 15.25 main a/c+79.00 417.35 31.03 0 12.

These elements of marketing mix are equal. marketing mix acts on the integrated marketing strategy and the four elements together constitutes the marketing strategy. A service firm can select any any above element or a combination of them depending on which will be the most effective in creating a favorable response from the target audience Promotion is the persuasive communication about the product by the marketer to the prospective buyer.e Advertising. Promotion includes the following elements i. . sales promotion. It covers (a) personal selling. publicity and the policies and procedures. interdependent and essential. public relation. (b) Advertising and sales promotion. Promotion helps to create awareness among the customers and enables them to exercise their right to choose the service provider. The . personnel selling and mailing offers.Promotion mix Promotion is one of the key element of the marketing mix which is used for the purpose of encouraging sales and conveying to the customer the positioning of the service.

the marketing manager devise such a marketing mix that will give the optimum profit for the product he has to market. in magazines and in other media outlets reaches large audiences and spreads the brand image and the message very effectively. on billboards. . He should keep in mind The relevant marketing forces so that the result would bring in adequate profits. Advertising through hoardings and boards on streets all so ensures the promotion of Airtel Advertising in news paper is used by Airtel to cover more & more area and to promote their services. Therefore. This is known as above the line promotion. Advertising on radio also effects a lot of public to attract towards the product and it hampers the customer to listen it more times. Promotion mix with Airtel Airtel uses following elements for promotions • Advertising Advertising on TV.The main aim of all marketing activities is profitability.

They require unique products to suit a one-off purpose. sending out leaflets and brochures to maintain brand awareness. Direct mail Airtel also uses direct mail . It involves communication with groups outside the company. Airtel uses this method of promotion extensively. In addition. Direct mailing is a productive way of promoting to existing customers for several reasons. typical sales promotions include: • • • • BOGOF (buy one. . The company can measure the response rate from a direct mail campaign and can follow up enquiries Public relations Airtel used this to enhance the image of a company. shareholders. such as customers. government and the public. These offer customers incentives to encourage them to buy goods and services. • • Airtel already has the names of contacts in existing customer businesses. however. such as people who have signed up for its newsletter. these offers would not be relevant to the people who make the purchase decisions. This enables a business to target existing and potential customers with its sales messages.Sales promotions Airtel uses Sales promotions in order to reach more and more audience. In B2C markets. it can easily access the names of people from other parts of these businesses who have expressed interest in Airtel products. This means the company remains in its customers’ minds the next time they need to make a purchase. get one free) offers price discounts (10% off this week) giveaways competitions to win holidays or cash prizes In most B2B markets. Airtel customers are making large investments. This can take different forms. like adding in air conditioning to a building. Airtel offers solution and value-based benefits.

This provides an opportunity to put the company name in front of very large television audiences. This may lead to free. Press releases – companies issue short news stories about their operations. Charitable donations – businesses may participate in fundraising events like Comic Relief or Children in Need. provided a building for an incubator unit at the famous Papworth hospital in Cambridgeshire and supplied a new teaching block at York St John College in Yorkshire.• • • • Product launches – businesses invite the press to the launch of new products. acting as free advertising and product endorsement. Portakabin has issued press releases announcing that it has helped create nursery accommodation at a hospital in Salford. Sponsorship – large companies provide finance for events such as Formula One or the Olympics in return for the right to promote their brand names during the event. These are commercial sales. and hopefully favourable. but they are also good public relations stories that attract newspaper interest. publicity. . which may then appear in television reports or newspaper articles.

policies and procedures relating to : • Channels used between stores and consumers. • Degree of selectivity among wholesalers and retailers. policies and procedures. • Transportation .Distribution mix Distribution is the delivery of the product to consumer and his right to consume it. It includes channels of distribution . • Efforts to gain co-operative of trade.

g. via Airtel stores and country specific Airtel websites. • People are on hand to ensure customers’ needs are matched with the right product and to explain the different options available. distributors and retailers. to both consumer and business customers in the majority of markets under the Airtel brand. independent dealers. and indirectly via third party service providers. • It also sells through independent retailers e. The Group seeks to use its understanding to deliver . Car phone Warehouse. Airtel’s products and services are available directly. • Customers are able to see and handle products they are considering buying. Airtel endeavours to ensure that customer needs are at the centre of all of the Group’s actions.Distribution Mix with AIRTEL • Airtel India operates over 300 of its own stores.

successful trial of an innovative handset based self service solution and creation of a global training academy for customer facing staff. . Airtel’s customer knowledge driven organisation aims to make the most of its deep customer understanding by approaching customers with the most appropriate product through a channel they enjoy at a time that is best for them.relevance and value to each customer and communicate to them on an individual. This is a proprietary diagnostic system. This approach firmly places Airtel as an organisation that listens to customers. This information is used to identify any areas for improvement and focus. the Group has created a Global Customer Value Management team to support operating companies with their aim to engage with customers directly through a data driven approach. household. with the ultimate aim of encouraging customers to stay with Airtel for longer and use and promote the Group’s services more. community or business level. linking all the elements of customer interactions to deliver exceptional service and consistency in the Group’s approach while financially optimising decisions made via a branded customer experience across all touchpoints. Airtel continues to use a customer measurement system called “customer delight” to monitor and drive customer satisfaction in the Group’s controlled markets at a local and global level. which tracks customer satisfaction across all points of interaction with Airtel and identifies the drivers of customer delight and their relative impact. For this reason. delivers value and enhances their experience. Recent examples of this include: rollout of a consistent and innovative store design to eight countries.

.In the BrandZ most powerful brands ranking. To enable the consistent use of the Airtel brand.9%. In addition. all including detail on how to make the brand work across every touchpoint. the brand consideration among non-users of the brand has increased in the 2008 financial year to 33. consistent and differentiated customer experience through its brand and communications activities. Since June 2006.5%. retail. and a performance level that is 1. up 2. a set of guidelines has been developed in areas such as advertising. eight markets have implemented the global retail design. online and merchandising. with local brand positioning projects now implemented in 12 markets.0 percentage points on the previous financial year. The brand function has also developed a methodology to develop competitive local market brand positioning. For the 2008 financial year. Brand and customer experience continues to implement Airtel’s promise of “helping customers make the most of their time”. A new Marketing Framework has been developed and implemented across the business. Ranked 11th globally. Airtel has continued to focus on delivering a superior. Airtel brand preference among its own users reached 81.8 percentage points above its market share.0 percentage point higher than its closest competitors. 1. which includes a new vision of expanding the Group’s category from mobile only to total communications “to be the communications leader in an increasingly connected world”.

. in most operating companies. a specific Group wide programme is currently being rolled out across all controlled markets. These stores sell services to new customers. in order to ensure Airtel websites have state of the art online capabilities and provide the customer with an excellent and consistent online experience. Additionally. The store footprint is constantly reviewed in response to market conditions which resulted in. Additionally. all stores in India were rebranded as Airtel and over 40 stores were refurbished to the Group’s standard format.150 stores.500 Airtel branded stores. and in many cases also provide customer support. A standard store format. renew or upgrade services for existing customers. which was tested in 2006. Airtel opening a further 90 stores in Spain and 21 stores in Romania during the year. sales forces are in place to sell directly to business customers and some consumer segments.Direct distribution Number of directly owned stores Airtel directly owns and manages over 1. for example. As a result. The internet is a key channel to promote and sell Airtel’s products and services and to provide customers with an easy. which sell Airtel products and services exclusively. user friendly and accessible way to manage their Airtel services and access support. by way of franchise and exclusive dealer arrangements. was rolled out in 11 markets during the 2008 financial year. The Group also has 6.

Airtel seeks to enter Distribution Network The common routes for brining the products to the market from the producer to the consumer are show below. DIRECT SALE Producer Direct Channel Indirect Channels Producer wholesaler (I Sale) Producer wholesaler consumer consumer Consumer .The Group hosts MVNOs in a number of markets. independent dealers.Indirect distribution Number of branded stores The extent of indirect distribution varies between markets but may include using third party service providers. distributors and retailers. These are operators who buy access to existing networks and resell that access to customers under a different brand name and proposition. Where appropriate.

but no one is perfect and so Airtel also. 4. Launching of new services & schemes – Airtel launches many new services & schemes form benefits of customers like night calling at lower rate. 3. SMS pack . and USB modem. Best network coverage – Airtel has a good network coverage over all country and more cities connected to each other and also the network is more stronger for rural areas. lower STD calling rates etc.Central Market (I S) Producer Retailer consumer Findings While studying this project I found that some points of Airtel are positive & some are negative . Provides many services – Airtel provides many services to their customer like mobile services. Good Distribution Channel – Distribution channel of Airtel is good as both direct and indirect channel are in work. . DTH services. as compare to other cellular company. there is no doubt that Airtel is one of the leading cellular company. Data card. 2. Broad band and Internet services. Following are positive points 1.

6. Use of latest technology – Airtel uses high speed optic fiber network technology which gives a better quality of voice to the customer. 3. 2.5. Airtel Charges fair price – Airtel charges fair prices to their customer for their services they provide . . Negative points 1. Airtel does a price control on the products and maintain their prices. Lack in promotions – Airtel lacks in promotion. They should increase their promotional policies. High calling rates for long distance – Airtel ISD calling rates are much higher than then the other companies. Product is good service provided is good but if promotion is not done well or not done in good manner then you are unable to reach to the customer. Lack in online marketing – Airtel lacks in online marketing as compare to other companies.

• Increase the online purchasing of product & increase online marketing to give satisfaction to the customer. • Launch more schemes relating to GPRS to capture more and more market and to reach more & more customer. • . I suggest that Airtel should increase in tower so Airtel customer will get the benefits of full networks. • Reduce the ISD rates to give more affordable service to the customers. • Increase in number of outlets for customer support & services .Suggestions • Improve the promotion policy of company to gain more and more profits.

Questionnaire • When was company Establish? • What about company history? • Which services are provided by it? • What about network coverage of company? • What is the policy of company in Marketing Mix? • How company work in advertising department? • How many retail outlet chains in Nasik district? • What are achievements of company this year? .• Airtel should increase Customer relationship center in more number in Nasik dist as they are less as compare to other companies.

The secondary Data.The Sec data was collected from the prospectus of the Company and from Internet and Newspapers Asian Age and Economic Times.BIBLIOGRAPHY The primary data. Hindustan times .the primary data was collected by Airtel Customer Relationship office. NEWSPAPER: Times of India. . INTERNET: www.airtellive.

Data collection tool – The was collected through interview method 3. 2.Research Methodology 1. Internet news paper T .This project work is purely based on secondary data collected by Magazine .V etc . Sources of data – Primary data was collected by interview and questionnaire method by customer relationship office. 4. Research design – This design of study is done to study the Airtelmarketing mix. secondary data.

services. This company incoming time will be leading in telecommunication companies in world and company will spread their web over whole world. .Conclusion In this way all information regarding the Company is been collected and data analysis and interpretation has been done by studying all information in this project I have came and conclusion that AirtelCellular company in all direction i. coverage. plans. and terrifs. achivemnets. In this way project case for Research Methodology subject has been completed.e.

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