Blackie is a lovely little girl who was surrendered to PETS by her former owner in a township. She has now been in foster care since the 16th of July. Please help her find her forever home. She is a Doberman cross breed and about 1 year old. She has been sterilized and vaccinated. She is good with other dogs and cats.

Gender: Girl
 Estimated date of birth: About 2 years old
 Guestimate Breed: Chow cross Lab
Estimated size when fully grown: Medium
 Vaccinated: Yes
 Dewormed: Yes
 Sterilised: Yes General: She is very playful and friendly! Loves to cuddle and give kisses. Well behaved but can choose not to listen and go exploring. Good with dogs and children, not sure about cats.

Dog Found
Roxy (left) and Amber (right). These two angels were rescued from a township a few weeks back with severe mange and were just skin and bones. However, they have now done a complete 180 in their foster parent’s care and are ready to be rehomed. They do still have some black marks where their hair won’t grow back from the mange but this is just externally. They socialize well with other dogs, walk nicely on the lead and they give the best hugs and kisses in the world. Roxy is about 1 and Amber is about 4. They don’t like cats but love all people, old and young. Just one hug from them will brighten even the darkest day.

Approximately 4 months old. PETS Just got him in yesterday. Gorgeous puppy rescued off the streets when he was just a few weeks old. Looking for his forever home.

Meet Legs. Knick named that way because of his long legs. He is a min pin who was rescued off the streets in July. We have looked high and low for his owners but no luck! He is very sweet, affectionate, playful, non food aggressive, friendly with other dogs and children and is house trained. He is about a year old and has been sterilized. The lady who found him cannot hold onto him much longer as her Bull Terrier will have him for breakfast.

This little guy we sent out a while ago but so far no one has even inquired about him. Scamp is a Miniature Pincher Doberman, he is 11, he's been sterilized and he does get on with other dogs, doesn't pee inside, walks on his back legs and can be very tame and calm just sleeping and being near you! He's really loyal and quite mannish! Please help us find this old boy a loving home.

Gender: Girl
Estimated date of birth: Unknown
 Guestimate Breed: Fox Terrier
Estimated size when fully grown: Small
Vaccinated: Yes
Dewormed: Yes 
Sterilised: No
General: Rescued from a gentleman trying to sell her and her mom on the side of the road some years back. She needs to be with someone all the time. Hates being alone! She spends most of the day on her foster mom's lap :-) Gets on with all the other dogs and loves running around chasing them. Chases cats but only as a playful thing - no aggression towards them and can live quite harmoniously with them.

Dusty & Lady
Thank you to everyone who networked out this urgent request for us. Luckily our prayers were answered and we found a foster home for the two of them together late Friday afternoon. Now they are looking for their forever homes – together. Dusty is a male German Shepherd who is now 7 years of age. He has been sterilised and has a wonderful nature. For people that come to the property and don’t know him, they often think he must be viscous because he is so energetic and excited at their arrival but he is completely harmless. Dusty has a pleasant, placid nature and loves everyone. He gets on well with other dogs.

 Lady is a fox Terrier, 7 yrs of age. She has been sterilised and is a great watchdog, always alert and eager to notify you when guests arrive. She has a wonderful, friendly nature and is a great lapdog too. She gets on well with adults and children alike and is very playful with the German shepherd we have who is the same age.

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