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Breast Cancer? Nominate your Breast Friend Breast Friends Award for 2011.

Before we know it's October and October is the month of Breast Cancer. This month, the disease is brought to the attention. Considering that each year approximately 13,000 women and 100 men diagnosed with breast cancer in the Netherlands to hear, it's not surprising to find more attention to this. This makes the Breast Friends Award to life.

People who have breast cancer is detected, experienced a period of ignorance, fear, confusion and uncertainty. Precisely in this period they have family and friends need a listening ear, for mental and emotional support, someone to whom they can fall back if the disease-just not see it.

For these "shoulders", the "rocks in the surf" by Roche Netherlands has created an award. The Breast Friends Award. For this award, people who are eligible for a special way with the welfare of people with breast cancer. This year, the award for the fourth consecutive year, awarded. The winner will win up to 5000 euros and a photograph of herself or himself with his or her Breast Friend, made by top photographer Patricia Steur.

A Breast Friend is a good friend, family member or neighbor that the man or woman assisting with breast cancer have been detected. These are someone who is both emotionally, and with practical help assist the breast cancer patient during the entire period of illness. From the observation until recovery. Because they believe in Roche, a Breast Friend you are stronger!

Do you have someone in your neighborhood during the past year or in recent years has developed a special initiative which many breast cancer patients to have what? Nominate this initiative for the Breast Friends Award 2011! For the simple rules on the site of www.breastfriends.nl , you can nominate your Breast Friends to 1 September 2011.

On the site of breastfriends.nl you will also find interviews and true stories from people who tell you what happened in their lives when they were confronted with the diagnosis of breast cancer. They will also tell you personal tips and tricks for the treatment easier to get through. Also you can splendid view double portraits of famous and less famous people, made by top photographers Rankin and Patricia Steur. The portraits were made of Breast Friends, people who have in common that they have a friend assist with breast cancer. Definitely worth a look.

The award for the fourth time awarded under one of the nominee. Four years ago, in 2008, the Breast Friends Award was first awarded to Marielle van der Pers. She missed a site that lists the many opportunities that exist to cover a bald head. Along with her she has Breast Friend site www.hoofdzakengids.nl established. A year later the award won by Machteld de Bont, who thinks about cancer care at the hospital well organized, but for home care for the children and the work there was nothing. As a result, she founded the Foundation for Cancer Care and successfully. Last year, the award won by van der Does Lide with Mamma Rosa. Mamma Rosa aims to provide information to immigrant women about breast cancer and encouraging communication about breast cancer in these women.

So, do you know someone who has undertaken such initiatives and has developed something beautiful? Give this person and nominate him or her for the Breast Friend Award 2011! This can be the site of Breast Friends.

Simply cheer on your wall

Eline Pellinkhof is a master at making creative, fun and cheerful designs. She started as a baby and children's clothing designer. Nevertheless Sat designing and illustrating her blood and she has chosen to further the art and design direction to go. It shows they are very fun and creative designs to see. To give you an idea, you will see below an example of crossstitch method. This shows how in a fun and inexpensive way to paint your own wall. With this sweet and cheerful way of painting, the Dutch designer has always been known. Now she has the ability to have more to show and introduce the concept to consumers.

Cross Stitch method brighten your room and it's very inexpensive to do yourself. Another inexpensive way to decorate your room, besides buying expensive designer furniture, the hanging of beautiful photographic posters something like Eline's cross stitch painting a lot of emotion and atmosphere in your room does. Both methods are cheap and in every room of your house to apply.

Do you think the cross-stitch method is not able to do it yourself, Eline a stencil that you can order on its website . Currently she is also busy designing cute cheerful postcards. Are you curious about this, please be sure to take a look at the website. With all these convenient ways you spell your decor in an instant to another and that too in the most cost effective way.

Hind sight remains of thermal baths!

The beautiful singer Hind brand Therme has still managed to keep one year as a face for their brand. Until the end of 2012, we still enjoy the Therme commercials with the beautiful and charismatic singer Hind in the lead.

Therme in recent years grown into a renowned brand in body. For thus says Therme "cure in exotic countries is an unforgettable experience and a dream of many." For some of us it is unfortunately not always an option to cure in an exotic country. Partly this is Therme on a journey, around the world to the finest ingredients and treatments to collect.These are converted into the special world line courses, where you will find a variety of products to stimulate your senses.

Treatments with Therme World is a journey taken, and you can now enjoy traditional bath & body cultures from different countries in the form of sensual, professional spa products for home use.

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Skin Clear Hydrator

Paula Begoun founder Paula's Choice started out as a reviewer and critic in the field of skin care products and their claims of manufacturers. Meanwhile, they become the most famous of America and is also conquering the European market. Because all the products they laid eyes upon it and may try, she got the idea to yourself skin care products on the market. And with success! At present, there is a great product line by developing more knowledge is extensive.

Now comes in a new product line Resist, Anti-Aging Skin Clear Hydrator. Resist the line's main features to improve the skin texture, skin tone, elasticity and natural resistance of the skin. Using this line you will see visible reduction in the damage caused to skin by UV rays, pigment disturbances and fewer wrinkles and fine lines are less visible.

The latest addition to Anti-Aging Skin Clear Hydrator, also does the above, but does more ......... the product provides a remarkably smooth skin, without impurities and restores the moisture level in the skin. Also renews and restores the product aging skin, calms redness and fade discoloration caused by acne.

Paula's Choice Anti-Aging Skin Clear Hydrator is available in a 50 ml € 25.50, the shop www.paulaschoice.nl

Folk Waves, the autumn collection of Pupa.
Slowly trickle of all brands in the autumn and winterlookjes. Similarly from Pupa Milano. This fall that focuses on the bohemian look.

Pupa introduces you to a world of folk mixed with sensuality, untamed passion, hippie style and color graphics. With ideas from Peru to the Russian steppes through it with a touch of the 70s.

Folk Waves Pupa of the look for fall, provides a wonderfully natural and matte complexion. With the beautiful eyes and pearly satin colors are used, making the eyes intensified. To make your eyes more magic and seduction has to give a Pupa eyeliner in the collection made a brilliant shine contains. The lips remain nude in beautiful shades, enriched with gold beads, creating a stunning effect creates delicate and refined.

The nails do it this autumn and remain with Pupa elegant with orange, aubergine and blue.

You can find the look from late August 2011 in stores and prices are from € 6.25 for nail polish and go up to € 25.95 for the trio blush.

Coccinelle from September in Amsterdam!
Yes really exclusive baby and children's concept Coccinelle Fashion Stores opens its doors on 14 September 2011 at the Magna Plaza, Amsterdam!

Coccinelle offers a wonderful assortment of designer clothes for babies and children. You have to think about brands as Armani, Burberry, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Monnalisa, Guess and Iceberg. In the shops of Coccinelle you experience luxury, quality and excellent service, so you and your child can enjoy a stylish and fun fashion line.

With over 15 years experience and already seven stores by the Netherlands this shop is the absolute top when it comes to babies and children. And it's fun, you have a play area in the store, so that you can enjoy shopping in the store and find a cute TV corner with an interactive play area. But there is a savings, where you get loyalty points on all your purchases, you can convert to a Coccinelle gift voucher and unlimited shelf life. Twice a year, for the kids organized fashion shows, where you the newest and latest fashion show and of course you can buy.

Of course you do not go to the shops and you can also line the coolest and best baby and children buy www.coccinelle.nl

Fashion Stores Cocoinelle leave open their branches in Amsterdam, not just pass by and especially for the grand opening, there are special names in international fashion. There will be special performances, fairytale magic, unexpected guests and activities, all of which will make for an unforgettable afternoon!

So grab your babies and children and make sure you're there! On 14 September 2011 at the Magna Plaza, Amsterdam.

Emporio Armani has a new look
Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani packed hit again with a new look. These diamonds are enveloping perfumes in Black Carat, the new black addiction.

The bottles of these perfumes were all beautifully polished and gave a seductive sensual feeling. Now the bottles wrapped in beautiful shiny black polished diamonds, the ultimate seduction show.

The tempting aroma as it ever was, is even more intense by the discovery of the still deeper facets of the fragrance. Next temptation comes the sense of mystery over. Emporio Armani Diamonds Carat Black unveils two new unique fragrances for men and women. The women's fragrance is a floral oriental and fruity fragrance for men fragrance is spicy and woody.

Already curious? Discover the new Emporio Armani black addiction ....... Black Diamonds Carat for him and her as the stores in November 2011. Both bottles come in a 50 ml vial with the ladies a bottle price of € 70.80 and € 59.00 Messrs bottle will cost.

Nice spicy autumn and winter fashion for the girls at Shoeby.

For autumn and winter of 2011, Shoeby unwise nice collections for girls in the shops. For Little Girls (sizes 92 to 122), the two collection lines and Grandma's Closet Floral Bits And Pieces. And for the girls (sizes 122 to 176), three lines of The Radio Remix, Black Or Blue Wink and Fifties.

For the little diva's fall is very spicy and we lace, furs (fake of course), tulle with dots, beautiful washes and so on. Grandma's closet, from the time she herself was young, was used for inspiration. This combined with a modern twist gives foolish fun and spirited clothing for the little ones.

For the bigger girls, the fashion for autumn and winter a lot tougher. Nice variety of materials that are worn together, it makes me a little of the eighties, but in a modern version. Cool cool leggings / tregging, in the nicest colors, with cool boots underneath, a nice tunic and a woolen jacket, super accessories from necklaces to hats. Really nice to pass up.

Go take a look and score Shoeby also your new school outfit (or your daughter ;-)) for the fall and winter!

New bags of PICARD in beautiful cognac.

Picard labeled bags that are beautiful and stylish handbags manufactures, launching yet another strong season this chic bag collection: the Golden Trend Cognac!

In this collection we find plenty of it-bags, fashion bags that many hearts beat faster. Within these collections are also several lines, a real outlier, the Virginia line. In the Virginia line carries the cognac hue clearly predominate. The bags are in line with the latest fashion trends, making them great fit with the latest trends and outfits. Whether you're a bohostyled, elegant or classy bag with a trend loving you want to wear the Golden Cognac Trend Collection is a bag for every fashionista available.

Nice to know all the leather ......, Picard uses the brand, are made of vegetable tanned leather. This gives rise to the beautiful fawn color. The process is not only good for the color result, but also provides remarkably solid leather, which during use is more beautiful.

The bags are also durable and Picard fashionable for even more bags you can also check out www.eurofox.nl

Genifique Youth Activator Serum Lancome now in favor of packaging.

Almost one year ago we told you the secret to a beautiful and youthful skin and how the youthfulness of the skin can retain ............ the Genifique Youth Activator of Lancome.

This product provides its special formula for the production of the protein that keeps our skin youthful. It's the 'Big Bang' in the innovation and has made many users very happy. Due to the tremendous success of the product, Lancome has decided to have a measure on the market. From November 2011, the Youth Activator Serum 75ml Genifique available!

For fans of the Genifique Youth Activator Serum is great news, because this package is a lot cheaper. The 75 ml comes at a price of € 107.00 in stores. (30 ml costs € 69.50).

New way to detox with the Inner Yoga Detox Wave Concept.

I have often talked about detox, home detox. And in my previous articles I have not pushed to hide what I think about it. In order to clear the mind as, I am definitely not a fan of home detox . Especially because I find that with proper guidance needed detox. So you keep your body healthy and not all the good bacteria in the intestines is removed.

Now there is a new concept, the "Inner Wave Detox Yoga Concept. A concept that combines yoga and detox. And under the guidance!

That sounds good in my ears, considering that both yoga and detox existed for centuries, even yogis are hardly eat (Oberom, 26-year-old Brazilian yogi). Yoga helps your body and mind to come into balance, yoga has a positive effect on your body and your organs. And for this reason may also have a good contribution to the detox your body. The inner wave method that combines yoga and detox, provide increased self-awareness, a conscious way of life, body and spirit and give a natural metamorphosis.

With the "Inner Wave Detox Yoga Concept 'you better, fitter and with a good resistance in the autumn!

Intensive cleaning with the "Inner Wave Detox Spa" results in, literally leads to a process of learning to let go. Literally let you all waste and slakkenlos. Figuratively, you go to work with your old emotions and old habits. For the full treatment to keep you have perseverance. Yoga also helps you push through and teach you in touch with yourself.

The combination of the Inner Wave Concept Detox and Yoga combines the two forces for an effective functioning of both body and mind! For more information you can also take a look at the site Inner Wave .

Pure refreshment and care with the Energizing Body Mist Therme

We have already written about the world of treatments spa, the delicious body care line inspired by ingredients from around the world. Lines with different heating products that are also based on the various worldly beauty and wellness rituals. Thanks to odor perception by the products, they let you dream away piece by piece to faraway places.

To further intensify the experience is completely new thermal baths with three variants of the Energizing Body Mist: Bali Flower, White Lotus Zen and Ylang Ylang! These sprays are great for after shower or bath after spraying on the body. They provide delicious refreshment, skin care in their own way and perfume your body a wonderful gentle way. Plus the formula free of parabens and contain no mineral oils.

The Energizing body mist in the three versions are on sale for € 6.95 for 60 ml.

Tip: You can use the body mist also your linen and / or your clothes subtle perfume.

Shoeby the autumn / winter collection for 2011 boys in the shops!

The summer is almost over, which means that the seasons are changing. In many stores you see the new collections already in the shops and also at Shoeby.

Schoeby this year a great fall and winter collection for boys on the shelves. The collection for boys is divided into two groups: young boys and boys. Young boys have the sizes from 92 to 122, reflecting the two themes Ice Nautic which the bold red, white, blue and green contains gift detail T-shirts, polo shirts, jacket and shirts are also in abundance found. The second theme of rugby league you will find a strong sense of USA with a nice sporty touch, thanks to the banded cuffs. Rugby polo, round neck tees and hoodies are in the store with big bold prints and damaged applications. The main colors in this line are: red, white, blue, plum purple, green trekking, river and bleu bleu stone.

Voor de grotere jongens met de maten 128 tot en met 176, liggen er ook twee stoere lijnen in de winkels van Shoeby: North Shore en Vintage Street. North Shore is geïnspireerd op de koude winters langs de kust, waarbij de inspiratie vooral is ontstaan door de zee. Dit is terug te zien in de frisse kleuren, stoere badges, applicaties en borduursels. Vintage street is wat het zegt vintage! Ga kijken naar de stoere ruiten en strepen in gewassen materialen. Met een warme look en feel good stoffen is dit een prachtige lijn voor de herfst en winter van 2010.

Prachtige collectie van Shoeby Fashion voor de kleine heren onder ons, moeders ga snel naar de winkel voor de nieuwste trends!

Kledingcollectie Amy Winehouse wordt toch uitgebracht

Amy Winehouse hield zich naast muziek de afgelopen jaren ook bezig met het ontwerpen van kleding. Haar kleding ontwierp ze voor het Britse modemerk Fred Perry. Enkele van haar collecties zijn al uitgebracht. Na haar dood bestond er bij Fred Perry twijfel of ze de overige drie collecties nog wel uit zouden brengen. In overleg met haar familie heeft Fred Perry besloten dat ze de overige collecties ook uit gaan brengen.

Sinds 2010 was Amy Winehouse al bezig met haar collecties. Haar ontworpen kleding is een combinatie van haar eigen stijl en de nette Fred Perry stijl. De collectie bestaat voor een groot deel uit ruitjes en tweedpatronen in de kleuren zwart en wit met een fifties accent.

De complete opbrengst van deze laatste drie collecties zal gaan naar de nog door Amy's vader op te richten Amy Winehouse Foundation. Daarnaast zal Fred Perry ook nog een aparte donatie doen aan dit fonds dat bedoeld is om probleemjongeren te helpen.

Aqua di Gioia heeft nu een badlijn!

Kennen jullie m nog? Die heerlijke geur die alle elementen van de natuur in zich draagt, die zowel betrekking heeft op land als op zee, volledig geïnspireerd op een emotie. Ja......, ik heb het over Aqua di Gioia van Giorgio Armani.

Voor fans van dit overheerlijke frisse parfum, is er goed nieuws. Aqua di Gioia wordt uitgebreid met een badlijn. Deze badlijn bestaat uit een gel douche, waarmee je de frisheid al onder de douche of in bad kan ervaren. En voor na het bad is er pot overheerlijke body cream, die rijk is en je huid zijdezacht maakt, je wordt omhult met je favoriete geur, de hele dag door.

De douchegel kun je al kopen vanaf € 35,40 voor 200ml en de body cream is te koop in een pot van 200 ml voor € 55,08.

The Big Pony Collection van Ralph Lauren breid uit!
Vanaf de lancering van The Big Pony Collection heeft de geur een ware hype door gemaakt. De geuren zijn een groot succes onder de 'jonge mannen'. En logische, gezien je de geuren all over the body kunt sprayen en je voor elke mood een geur hebt die bij je past.

Om de heren nog meer te verblijden, wordt de collectie uitgebreid met body washes. Van elke geur komt er een schuimende verleiding voor onder de douche. En om het feest compleet te maken verschijnt er een eau de toilette in een limited edition met een hippe 'Ear Phone' cadeau.

Ben jij een fan van The Big Pony Collection van Ralph Lauren, ga dan naar de winkel en breid jouw favoriete geur uit met een body wash van 400 ml voor maar € 28,52.

New! Feet Care lijn van Zarqa
We kunnen het niet vaak genoeg onder de aandacht brengen, je voeten! Onze voeten hebben het het zwaarst van ons lichaam en vaak wordt er pas naar de voeten omgekeken, als je klachten hebt. En zelfs dan wordt alleen de klacht behandeld en wordt er niet verder naar de voeten gekeken. Sterker we proppen onze voeten in net iets te kleine schoenen, of in synthetische schoenen, we lopen op onze blote voeten in het zand en op het gras en we vinden het dan raar als we last krijgen van zweetvoeten, pijnlijke voeten, zwemmerseczeem, kalknagels, jeukende voeten, vermoeide of branderige voeten.

Tijd om hier dus iets aan te doen, dat moet Zarqa ook gedacht hebben, die lanceren namelijk een volledig nieuwe lijn voor de voeten Feet Care! Zarqa Feet Care is een uitgebreide voet verzorgingslijn, waarmee je je voeten heerlijk kunt verzorgen. Je kunt de producten afzonderlijk gebruiken en samen in een kuur verband. Alle Feet Care producten zijn vrij van parfum, allergenen, kleurstoffen, parabenen, paraffine en dierlijke extracten. Daarbij zijn de producten ook te gebruiken tijdens een zwangerschap en geschikt voor mensen met Diabetes. Ideaal dus!

Binnen het assortiment vindt je heerlijke producten, zoals: Zarqa Energizing footbad dit is een gemineraliseerd voetenbadzout met een heilzame verkwikkende werking op de voeten. Het maakt de voeten ontspannend en verkwikt de voeten. Om je voeten nog zachter te krijgen kun je de overheerlijke Foot scrub . Dit is een stimulerende en verfrissende voetenscrub, welke zorgt voor gladde, zachte en schone voeten. Tevens heeft de scrub een deodoriserende werking en zorgt voor heerlijke zuivere en intensief verzorgde voeten.

Heb jij ook zo'n last van die extreem droge, ruwe en schilferige voeten, met misschien ook nog wat eelt en kloven. Dan is de Repair Foot Balm echt iets voor jou! Deze balm hersteld de huid intensief en bevat 10% urea, alsmede een percentage melkzuur. Samen met pedicures en dermatologen is deze balm ontwikkeld om de voeten optimaal te verzorgen en te herstellen. De balm kan zelfs gebruikt worden bij mensen met diabetes, eczeem en psoriasis.

Maar Zarqa heeft ook een Multi Active Foot Cream op de markt gebracht. Deze is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het oplossen van diverse voetklachten, maar kan ook gebruikt worden om gezonde voeten optimaal in balans te houden. De creme heeft een desinfecterende werking en heeft dan ook de mogelijkheid tot het aanpakken van voetschimmel, bacteriën en zweetvoeten. Door de anti-transpirant werking van de crème blijven de voeten lekker droog en fris.

De lijn zou niet compleet zijn als er niet aan de voeten en benen zou zijn gedacht. Hierin zijn twee producten verkrijgbaar Stimulating Foot & legs die een stimulerende werking heeft op vermoeide voeten en onderbenen. Relaxing Legs is een verkoelende voet en beengel die super is voor de behandeling van gezwollen voeten en zware benen. Je benen voelen weer super licht en soepel aan.

Wacht dus niet langer en geef jouw voeten ook de verzorging die ze verdienen!

ZARQA Energizing Footbath € 6,95/500 g.

ZARQA Foot Scrub € 7,95/75 ml

ZARQA Repair Foot Balm € 9,95/75 ml

ZARQA Multi Active Foot Cream € 8,95/75ml

ZARQA Stimulating Foot & Legs € 9,95/50 ml

ZARQA Relaxing Legs € 11,95/200ml

Priori CoffeeBerry 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals
De PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals zorgen voor een puntgave make-upbasis en het optimaal verdoezelen van ongelijkmatigheden op de huid. Deze 100% natuurlijke, minerale foundations zijn verkrijgbaar in 6 verschillende tinten.

De samenstelling van de PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals is ontwikkeld zonder overbodige hulpstoffen ('fillers') die je bij andere minerale merken nogal eens tegenkomt. Niet voor niets worden deze unieke foundations aanbevolen door de Amerikaanse 'Skin Cancer Foundation'!

De PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals combinerende oerkracht van een 100% natuurlijke en zeer krachtige antioxidant met een verfijnde textuur in de vorm van een minerale poederfoundation. De foundations zijn gebaseerd op het natuurlijke CoffeeBerry® -extract. Dit unieke extract, afkomstig van de koffiebes, is maar liefst 3x krachtiger dan groene thee!

De PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Concealer (met SPF 25) is hét perfecte product om onregelmatigheden te verdoezelen en om de huid zichtbaar te perfectioneren op een 100% natuurlijke manier! Dit multifunctionele product vormt tevens de perfecte basis voor het aanbrengen van een minerale oogschaduw, waardoor het aanbrengen gemakkelijker wordt en de oogschaduw de gehele dag goed blijft zitten, zonder ophopingen in de oogplooitjes.

Ter afsluiting van een minerale make-up met de PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals Foundations, is er PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® Finishing Touch. Breng dit poeder aan over de minerale foundation, om deze te fixeren, zodat je er de gehele dag perfect en fris uitziet!

Verkoopprijzen & meer informatie: Voor een adres van een salon in de buurt en meer informatie is er de website www.prioriskincare.nl

Verkoopprijs: PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals € 49,95/stuk

Priori Perfecting Minerals

Spinning Jewelry met nieuwe lijn Down to Earth
Spinning Jewelry brengt een prachtige lijn op de markt met sieraden die een eerbetoon leveren aan de vrouwelijke romantiek.

Deze begint bij de natuurlijke schoonheid waarmee je down to earth gaat. Binnen deze collectie staat de natuur centraal. Een reeks van licht geoxideerde, donkere blaadjes vindt je op zilveren ringen, die hun kleur verkrijgen uit een speels pallet van blauw, groen en oud roze tinten.

Maar natuurlijk brengt Spinning Jewelry ook een prachtige tegenpool voor de natuur. Hierin vindt je vrouwelijkheid en romantiek, de collectie is verleidelijk met bloemen, hartjes en strikken verwerkt in een klassieke symboliek. Subtiele gaatjes patronen en fijne lijnen wisselen elkaar af. Een vleugje Bohemian geeft een stukje extra luxe aan de prachtige sieraden.

De kleuren van het najaar staan centraal in de nieuwe collectie, tinten van rood, paars en bruin vindt je vooral in de basis, welke worden verfraaid met kleuren van geel, oranje en champagne. De tinten staan perfect bij de tinten van de najaarsmode.

Verfraai je look met Spinning Jewelry! Voor meer informatie kijk op www.spinningjewelry.com

Shocking mascara bij de New Blacks 2011 van Yves Saint Laurent
Dit najaar heeft YSL zich laten inspireren door de kleur zwart. Omdat meerdere kleuren zwart zijn, heet de look New Blacks 2011. In deze look vinden we mascara's, eyeliners en drie limited edition nagellakken.

Voor de New Blacks is YSL ook nog eens de technologie van de mascara's ingedoken en met een super resultaat! De mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking is geboren, een mascara met een shocking effect. Deze mascara zorgt voor een mooi vol effect op de wimpers, die gelijk een schitterende curve aan de wimpers geeft.

Je wimpers zien er prachtig gekruld, vol, lang en zwart uit. Ideaal voor een verleidelijke look. Om je ogen nog verleidelijker te maken, zijn er ook mooie eyeliners bij de New Blacks 2011.

Om je look af te kunnen maken brengt YSL drie limited edition nagellakken in drie prachtige zwarte kleuren op de markt.

De prijzen van de producten vallen mee, als je bedenkt dat de mascara met haar € 29,30 ook het duurste product is uit de look. Laat je ook verleiden door het mysterieuze zwart. Vanaf September 2011 zullen de New Blacks 2011 in de winkels te vinden zijn.

Badlijn Flowerbomb Bath Decadence van Viktor & Rolf, Eindelijk!
Voor de liefhebbers van de sensuele Flowerbomb van Viktor & Rolf is er goed nieuws! Je kan nu ook in bad met Flowerbomb.

Speciaal voor de dames die kunnen genieten van een bad is het heerlijk, een geurkaars met de verleidelijke Flowerbomb geur, die je kunt laten geuren door je badkamer, waardoor je al helemaal in de sfeer komt om heerlijk te ontspannen. Voor in het bad komt Viktor & Rolf met een zalig bath caviar waardoor je zinnenprikkelend een bad kunt nemen.

De geurkaars kan je natuurlijk branden waar je maar wilt genieten van je favoriete geur.

The Bath Caviar (€ 65, -) and Scented Candle (€ 65, -) are now on sale at authorized sales outlets.

A beautiful aura with a little help from Miracle Lancome Complexion

Lancôme launched last year a great new formula with foundations Teint Miracle. A foundation by using the seven lightpaths of the skin, a beautiful smooth skin show, so beautiful that it resembles the natural aura of the skin. After this great success, Lancôme's hairline to expand even further. September 2011 and comes with two great new products within the range of Complexion Miracle Foundation.

Miracle Teint Compact is the first compact foundation from Lancôme, the aura of a perfect natural skin recreation ë ert. For the first time, the laboratories have succeeded in the technology of the seven light paths of the skin, in a compact formula to process. And the result is amazing.

This powder gives skin a beautiful equalized again, corrects the irregularities. Without drying out your skin. In addition, the powder is not shiny again and will not for a powdery face. The powder blends in with the skin, creating a beautiful natural complexion is revealed.

The compact powder can be used wet and dry and it would not be like the Lancome powder your skin would not care and protect. And protects your skin with SPF 15 factor.

Effet Miracle is the first perfect ionizing Lancôme based directly on the seven criteria of a perfect natural skin works. A basic foundation for under your preferred that the skin visibly beautiful.

Effet Miracle creates a beautiful glowing complexion, refines your pores, smooths wrinkles and smooth fine lines, gives your skin an even skin tone, makes your skin shine free, reduces signs of fatigue and concealed irregularities in your skin.

You use the basic Effet Miracle after applying your skin and under your desired foundation.

Both products thus produce a great looking skin, let alone when they are used together. You can use the Miracle Teint Compact all purchases for € 41.49 and the Miracle Effet has a price of € 33.99. Both can be found from September 2011 in the range of Lancôme in your familiar stores.

Biotherm Homme Aqua Power 10 years!

Yes, we read it right, the hydrating Aquapower success Biotherm for men is now 10 years!

Biotherm and for that same product again in the men's draw attention to. In the tenth anniversary of Aqua Power, the product has more than 1 million loyal fans managed to collect and that is not nothing, knowing that every 10 seconds in the world is sold Homme Aqua Power gives you something to think about.

Biotherm In 1985 the men began to join in their quest for skin care and grooming for men made with the male perspective is not lost. Men can now no taboo in simple and quick steps, their skin care, without changing who they are.

Homme Aqua Power is such a product. This gel cream is a refreshing non-greasy texture to the skin ultra-hydrated. The gel cream is immediately absorbed through the skin, not sticky and leaves no greasy layer behind. It sits in a handy pump bottle, what the weather more user friendly.

So are you a man who suffers from a dehydrated (dry) skin and want to do anything about it? Probeer dan de Aquapower Homme van Biotherm Homme de pompflacon van 75 ml heeft een prijs van € 37,33. New! is de pompflacon in een 50 ml en deze heeft een prijs van € 22,17.

Met Carisma het najaar in, de nieuwe look van Collistar
Zo'n twee weken geleden ontving ik een geweldig pakket, met daarin de nieuwe najaarslook van Collistar. En echt alleen de doosjes al zijn een feestje, laat staan wat er in de doosjes zit.........

Collistar heeft zichzelf overtroffen met de nieuwe najaar- / winterlook Carisma. De kleuren zijn prachtig met paarse en groene tinten, gecombineerd met zwoele goud tinten en verleidelijk roze. Een look voor de dames die niet bang zijn om een statement te maken, een look voor de krachtige, vastberaden en ultracharmante vrouwen. Een look die maar een ding uitademt en dat is Carisma!

Dit najaar zorgt Collistar wederom voor een chique kleurenpallet, welke bestaat uit glans en glitter voor op je gelaat en ogen, om de mond mat weg te zetten.

In het pakket zaten twee 'full colour palet' voor je gezicht, ogen en lippen. Waarvan de ene uit trendy kleuren als paars en roze bestaat en de andere met zwart en goud een chiquer effect geeft. Deze paletten vindt ik super, je vindt hierin drie oogschaduwen, een lipgloss en een blush. Geweldig om mee te nemen in je tas en je gedurende de dag bij te kunnen werken. De paletten hebben een prijs van € 42,-, die het dubbel en dwars waard zijn.

Daarbij kun je je ogen nog een extra dimensie geven met het Duo Eye Pencil (€14,45 per stuk). Deze heeft een intens metallic met onweerstaanbaar lichteffect. In de kleuren zilver en goud kun je je ogen nog meer verfraaien.

Om de ultieme verleiding aan de ogen weer te geven, heeft collistar een prachtige mascara bij de look gedaan in de kleur groen. Je wimpers worden voller, dikker en langer en met de verleidelijke kleur groen maak je je ogen sprekend en spectaculair! De mascara heet Mascara Design, groen en heeft een prijs van € 23,90.

Of course, the look is not complete when we mouth and hands take along. For the lips, the look is in four lipsticks. These lipsticks are very color stable and give a satin sheen, even I find something on the dull side. What is nice though, because the rest of the look sparkles and shines. Nice of the lipsticks is that they do something more than just a color to your lips. They take care of your lips, the enrichment of vitamins C and E, which moisturize and protect lips. The lipsticks come in four colors pomegranate, violet, brandy and amaretto and you can have in your possession for € 23.90 each.

But the thought of nails, nail polish four colors in four stunning colors that are great for the coming season and you can combine perfectly with the upcoming fashion. The nail lacquers have a superstructure ..... you only need one layer for a perfect coverage, then they dry quickly and are great stay. In fact you have two from sitting with glitter, these are hard to remove. Tip Always use a base coat under nail polish.

The colors are red, anthracite, blue with a metallic shine and glitter and green with a metallic sheen and glitter. A piece you can already buy them for € 13.90, and they're worth.

For this look good to be able to bring Collistar also has a base mind and find you a look into the effect Lifting Concealer (€ 21.65), during the concealment of irregularities, an immediate lifting effect. And your face is beautiful to equalize the silky translucent powder 'Silk Effect Loose Powder ", which beautifully blends with your skin and delivers a beautiful and even tone. Also handy for the ladies with a slightly oilier skin, it absorbs the oil on your face, so you can enjoy a more matte appearance. This powder is only a price of € 34.50.

Does your palette so crazy, but do too little with all those colors in it? Then Collistar especially for you the three top colors are done separately in a box and the eye shadows you can purchase for only € 15.55.

Are you already enthusiastic about the autumn of Collistar Carisma look, it's still wait. Late August, early September, the look on sale in stores!

Colourful and fragrant badmelken Weleda
Now that the summer as always is delayed and so little energy we get from the sun, can sometimes undermine our vitality. Therefore, we suggest you take a nice hot bath in one of the great badmelken Weleda and you are back on charge. Weleda makes several badmelken and only the lively colorful packaging is all you happier. And aromatherapy ë n refresh your mind and you can give yourself more energy, more vitality and true harmony. A must try on for yourself. Go to the store get a badmelk what appeals to you, let your tub filled with warm running water. Put on some music and pour yourself a drink. Go enjoy your bath and you will see that you then complete revamp.

Hidden Treasures, the gloss off for charity.
A whole story, women forced to flee their homeland because their lives are not safe anymore. Seek refuge in a new country, in a country where they do not know the language, the values are different, let alone the culture. Some are abandoned, others have more luck with opportunities to learn the language, a course of study and a job. These women are able to finance themselves and their families maintain independent and can build a new future. More refugee women would be helped, for these are the foundations other Soroptimists and the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF). They come with a single Glossy - Hidden Treasures (refugee women), in which different women with different backgrounds, nationalities, professions and ages have their say. And here's what connects them. The thread of the glossy, eating and cooking, for food connects people. Jointly by the table to go, the smaller distance between the people and get to know each other. When Glossy Hidden Treasures is a cookbook added. A cookbook with sophisticated dishes that match the stories in the Glossy. The purpose of the Glossy readers is to inform and enthuse about the enrichment of cultures, so the reader learns more about the immigrant women, their experiences, problems and solutions found. This magazine hopes to generate respect and understanding for each other. It hopes the Union of Soroptimists that with a helping hand, you connect with these women and so many of these women can make. The Glossy Hidden Treasures, will consist of 86 pages and will be launched on 3 September 2011 during the nationwide closure of the four-year project. You can buy them through Glossy www.magvilla.nl . Also, the glossy's available in Christmas gifts from www.stegman.nl .

Are you a beauty on a budget then these must-haves for you!
How can you cheap and good beauty products to try? By using composite sets! Especially now, during the holiday time is the time to wander off for nice perfume skincare kits. In a set you will often cleaned with a cream and an additional product, which may vary from one serum to an eye cream. Often it depends on the skin care brand. H2O is also very nice sets, which you beauty with a budget not to be missed. You have a set specifically for your face with this warm weather is great thirstquenching. But there is also a set for your body, because your body the skin has to endure and could use some extra care. I will find themselves the products of H2O super! The spectrum of minerals, algae and seaweed from the sea were taken into account, and provide optimal skin. Your skin has no trouble recognizing the minerals and therefore the products are easily and rapidly absorbed with a great result.
Oasis ™ Hydrating Trio is available for € 14.00










Sea Marine Spa Trio is available for € 25.00 Head over to the shop and also enjoy your beauty benefits!

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