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ENGLISH 6 Read the paragraph and answer the questions below.

Those who cannot read are pitiful because they cannot enjoy books. Books tell us about the wonderful things in the world. They tell us the interesting things people do. Books can answer the why and hows of things that puzzle us. They can take us to faraway places through imagination. They can show us to or the things that happened a long time ago as well as those happening at present. Books tell us about the children in other lands. They hold the key to the greatest treasures in the world. A wise man once said that he would rather be a poor boy in a cellar surrounded with books than a prince who had no chance to read. Questions: 1. Those who do not know how to read are the a. most pitiful people b. most happy people c. most wonderful people 2. What do books do for us? a. nowhere b. just in our room c. to faraway places 3. What do books hold for their readers? a. falling leaves b. running water c. key to the greatest treasure in the world 4. What questions can book answer? a. little things worth knowing b. the whys and hows of things c. things that cannot be remembered 5. What is preferable than a prince in a palace without the love for reading? a. a rich boy in a big house b. a boy in a beautiful house c. a poor boy in a cellar who loves books

FILPINO 6 I. Isulat sa patlang kung payak, tambalan, o hugnayan ang uri ng mga sumusunod na mga pangungusap. ________________1. Tawagan mo ako kapag dumating ang iyong tatay. ________________2. Sina Celina at Alyana ay nagikot sa mall at nanood ng sine. ________________3. Magpapaluto ako ng pansit at magpapaihaw ka ng bangus. ________________4. Maaga kitang susunduin kaya maghanda ka na. ________________5. Nagbabasa ng dyaryo habang nagkakape si Mang Dan. MATH 6 Write in standard numeral form. 1. six billion, four million, three _________________ 2. 5 ________________________ 3. Add with regrouping 4 3 2 2 6 7 4. Subtract and check: 7 8 1 0 2 6 5 4 6 7 5 2 3 9 8 Check: hundred five thousand

789,123 - 78,984 3213 231

5. Multiply using long method:

SCIENCE 6 1. What is the worst effect when tsunamis form in the ocean during an earthquake? a. Tsunamis can cause water to rise b. Tsunamis can kill thousands of fishes c. Tsunamis can cause flood on the seashores d. Tsunamis can wipe away whole town along the seashore 2. What should be done after earthquake? Pray hard Return to the building Check yourself or others who are injured Stay away from posts and tress 3. What skills do you develop when you use five senses? following procedures doing comparisons drawing conclusions making observation 4. why does the body need food nutrients and oxygen to help the body grow to absorbs water in the blood to supply the cells with food to supply the body with the energy 5. What are the parts of the brain? brain, nerves, spinal cord cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata MAKABAYAN 6 I. Salungguhitan ang tamang sagot. 1. Ano ang tumutukoy sa mga pisikal na katangian ng isang bansa? a. klima c. Heograpiya b. lagay ng panahon d. Topograpiya 2. Bakit kilala ang bundok Apo sa Pilipinas? a. Ito ang pinakakaibang bundok sa Pilipinas b. Ito ang pinakamahabang bundok sa Pilipinas c. Ito ang pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas d. Ito ang pinakamagandang bundok sa Pilipinas 3. Alin sa mga batas ang nangangalaga sa mga yamang mineral a. Wildlife Resources Conservation and protection bet. Of 2001 b. P.D. 1152- The Philippine Environmental Code c. R.A. 7942- Mining Act of 1995 d. R.A. 79586- Nipas Act

a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d.

b. c.

4. Alin ang nararapat sa paglinang at paggamit ng yamang gubat ng bansa? a. Pagbabawal sa pagkakalat ng basura b. Walang katapusang pagputol ng kahoy sa kagubatan c. Pagbabawal sa pagtatanim ng punongkahoy d. Paglulunsad ng programang reforestration 5. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang matalinong paggamit ng likas na yaman? a. cyanide fishing c. illegal logging b. crop rotation d. kaingin farming system READING: Being On Time Axell was the president of the grade six class organizations. They agreed to celebrate Arbor Day with a program and masss planting of fruit trees. At what time will the program start? Asked Miss Diaz their teacher. It will start at 7:00 oclock in the morning. Miss Diaz answered Axell. Thats good observed Miss Diaz. It will not be too hot for the planting of trees. I only hope it will begin on schedule. That sure, Miss Diaz Axell said. It will be a Filipino time concept. I admire you, Axell, for saying Filipino time which means on time said Miss Diaz laughing. It is really time for us to observe punctuality explained Axell. So instead of saying being on time is American time we shall call it Filipino time. Questions: 1. What did the class organization decide to celebrate? a. Arbor Day b. Town Fiesta c. Parents day 2. Aside frome the program, what other activity was scheduled? a. planting of shrubs c. planting of flowering trees b. planting of fruit trees 3. How did Axell call punctuality? a. Filipino time b. Spanish time c. American time 4. What did Axells class agree on? a. starting late b. adopting American time c. changing the concept of Filipino time 5. Who admired Axells leadership? a. the leader b. the parents c. the principal