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12/3/2011 Proposal document by Amit Saluja (1011081) Anup Kumar(1011230) Submitted to: Prof. V. Ranganathan

To whomsoever it may concern This is to certify that PGP 2010-12 students Amit Saluja (1011081) and Anup Kumar (1011230) will undertake their Contemporary Concerns Study on “Study of small commercial units within an educational setup” for 4th Term. 2011 .

These include both commercial business outlets and local retail shop. opportunity cost etc. Broadly we will focus on Athica. 4) Suggestion to outlets to raise service standards and to add more value proposition in services. used space. both from institute’s and outlets point of view. Overall profitability. 3) Feasibility of new brand (small commercial units under one organization) with in premier educational institute. revenue. Thus our project will focus on finding net profitability and brand development in terms of investment. Amul. Various pricing and marketing strategies adopted by them. market structure. There by complete analysis of cost. Expected Outcome: The expected outcome of our CCS project is: 1) Understanding which different variables is responsible for the sales of stores. Investment done per month.Objective/Aim: This project aims at evaluating the viability of small commercial units (retail outlets) in an educational institution. The following kind of data may be taken:        Number of customers and their frequency in these outlets. . 2) Suggestion to institute regarding feasibility of these retail outlets. revenue. Sales of different products/categories of products. in which both faculty and students reside within the campus. Methodology: The CCS would primarily be based on data collection from these setups individually and interview conducted in person from their owners. Rental value of the place acquired and actual rant paid. Probable reasons for their success over others. Various big or small commercial units are set up within the campus to serve students and faculty as well. pricing strategy and relative profitability. The Contemporary Concern Study (CCS) that we are going to undertake would try to focus on:    Sales and revenue of different retail outlets in IIM B Net profitability & opportunity costs involved Comparison of successful approaches used by these setups. These will give various insights to us and will considerably help us in fulfilling the objectives of study and streamlining our project accordance with the deliverables. Brief Description of CCS: We will take data from various retail stores. Javagreen. Amrit kailash and CCD within IIM B’s campus. In today’s scenario most of the premiere institute is residential campus bound.


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