) )

v. M. SWEET 1023 E. MAIN LINN, MO 65051 DOD 05/31182 SSN 496-86-3666
J."-"'._. .......... ~


) ) )




Comes Now, the Prosecuting Attorney of the ¢ounty of Osage, State of Missouri, being duly sworn and upon information and belief, and stat~ that there is probable cause to. believe that on or about March 8, 2011, the accused committed the following crimes: \ g)UNTIl

The Prosecuting Attorney of the County ofOsag~, State of Missouri, charges that the defendant, in violation of Section 568.045, RSMo, committed the class C felony of endangering the welfare ofa child in the first degree, punishable upon cohviction under Sections 558.011 and 560.011, RSMo, in that on or about the 8th day of March] 2011, in the County of Osage, State of
Missouri, the defendant knowingly acted in a manner th~t created a substantial risk to. the life and health ofC.B_W., a child Jess than seventeen years old, ~Y placing him in a bathtub of water and leaving him with no supervision for an extended period Gftime.

Char-ge Code:·.;jf.v,O
--~ -~.

L/$'~q ,0

The Prosecuting Attorney of the County of Osage. State of Missouri, charges that the defendant, in violation of Section 565.024, RSMo, com;Jitted the class C felony of involuntary manslaughter in the first degree, punishable upon convicjion under Sections 558.011 and 560.011, RSMo, in that on or about the 8th day of March, 2011, in ~he County of Osage. State of Missouri, the defendant recklessly caused tile .death ofC.B.s. by leavi~g him in a bathtub of water unattended for an extended period of time which resulted in him droWll.jfJg.
Charge Code: ..-!

oos J q Cj , 0


The facts that form the basis for this infcrmation and belief are contained in the



th~t an arrest warrant law.


issued as


anda.L. Grel r # 50319 Pr ecuting Attorney P.O. Box 378 Linn, M4j) 65051 (573) 89V-3101 Phone (573).89V-9951 Facsimile




Amanda L. Grellner, being duly sworn, upon ~er oath, states that she is the duly elected Prosecuting Attorney of the County of Osage, State o'[Missouri, and that the facts contained herein are true and accurate to her best knowledge. infrormation and belief

Subscribed and sworn to before me this __






~ If


1. I have probable CWiE! to believe that; Sw~ 496-86-3666; at 1023 EDt MaiD, LinDt ~wi er:iminal offe.me.. II 2. The fads supporting thls belief
aft $

Radiel M..; DOB: 0513111982; SSN: 65051 wmmitted one or more


On 08 March lOll, Law Enl:hrcement and EM$ units were dispatched to 1023 East Main Street in Linn, Missouri In reference to the possible " . of an infant child. Upon arrival, EMS personnel were tending to the child and sub ported the child 10 University Hospital in Columbia where the child was later pro~ced deceased, The child bad allegedly drowned while being given a bath at the family resi~+e~ The child was identified as Cooper Bentley Sweet, w/m, IXlB: 1211212010. The child biological son of Racbel M. Sweet. The biological father has not been determined, The ~ed resided in a home at 1023 East Main Street in Linn Missouri with his mother, his ~ grandmother, identified as Candace A. Houser" WIF; DOB: 12114/1956, and two femal ., , identified as M. N. H, DOB: 0510212003~and B. D. , DOB; 0412412006. The ~ has occupied the home- with the family since birth. The family has lived at the residence since.Pctober 2010. On 09 March 2011,. an autopsy was conducted ~ the:intant child by Dr. Carl Stacey of the University of Missouri Medical Center in Columbit4 Missouri. Based on the preliminary autopsy findings and the known circumstances ~4ing the death, Dr. Stacey opined the cause of death was drowning. J! During the investigation, I :interviewed ~el Sweet This initially occurred upon my arrival at her residence the mOmIDg of the inqi~ent. A..t that time, she stated she had been giving the infant a bath and had stepped out for (2) to three (3) minutes to obtain a towel and diaper and had returned to find the child ~ water. At the time of that interview, EMS personnel were still attempting resuscitation effo~ in a bedroom of the residence. I asked Ms. Sweet to show me the bathroom where the inCi~'tI,hhad occurred. She led me to a ciO, sed door adjacent to the bedroom where EMS personnel ~ tending to the victim. Ms. Sweet immediately stepped inside the door, leaned forward a.$dpuUed a plug on what appeared to be a blue and yellow plastic baby bath which was sitting in4i~e the adult bathtub. I reached over Ms. Sweet to try to re-plug the baby tub but was ~ I was however able to determine the water inside the baby tub was cold to the touch. I served several S9ap and shaoJ.poo bottles in 1he, main tub and a small pink in color horse t the tub. There was no :;ignifican:t water in the main tub. The bathroom floor adjacent to the m~! ' wet. The ovemJl tempemture in the




During the interview, she bathtub morning and had only left him a couple minutes, and bad toifind him down the bath water. Throughout the interview, Ms, Sweet drowsy and at one point fell asleep during the interview. She claimed not to be under the iWilluenceof any alcohol or controlled substances but admitted to having consumed beer and ~quila the previous evening. Throughout the entire interview, Ms. Sweet appeared disoriented. $er speech was slurred; she was unable to focus or concentrate and frequently did not approp~ respond to questions. I did not detect an odor of any intoxicants. II On 09 March 2011, I conducted a videotaped ~ew of Candace Houser. She stated she had gotten up that morning and bad discovered thej~eceased face down in the bath water. The baby tub was tilted on its side. There was seven db to eight (8) inches of water in the tub and the water was on but running at a "trickle", She ~_ observed Rachel coming out of the bedroom. She removed the child from the tub,. placedF on the bed in the adjacent bedroom and began CPR Ms. Houser states the water felt but describes the child as cold and pale. She also states he was blue around the mouth. She di4ioot indicate the presence of any rigor mortis or lividity. She states she did not wimess the and had no knowledge of when the victim was placed in the bath. She said the two older ~dren had bathed the previous evening. She revealed that she had discovered over fifty (50) {q.~01 onazepem} pills missing from her prescription and admitted she has had ~ ~ and concerns about Rachel's prescription drug abuse. . i




On 10 Mm:ch 2011" I convened the Osage Couqty Child Fatality Review Panel. Present

at the meeting was Osage County Paramedic Kevin M~ck. Mr. McCormick was the attending paramedic who initially arrived and began ~tation efforts on the child. He describes the child as cold and pale with bluish disool~on around the mouth and face. He immediately began CPR and warming efforts. Most si~cantly, he took: the childs temperature approximately fifteen (15) minutes into tmnsport and~ved a reading of eighty seven point four (87.4) degrees Fahrenheit, indication the child submerged in cool water for an extended period of time. II ,, On 11 March 2011,· I spoke with M. H. The inf'4rview was conducted in my office and was audio .reoorded, MR. stmed that she had disoov~ "Cooper in the "bathtub", Her mother was asleep in the bedroom and she bad gotten her grar#nother and notified her that Cooper was in the bathtub. Sh,: said it took a wbile to ~e her ~up. M.H. had also indicated that d her SISter B.S. had.taken. the~ bath that ~g, when she the water was cold and deep. During the course of'the mvesaganon, we by a teacher at the Linn R-ll

had jooen


Elementary School, It was reported that on the ev~()f07 March 2011 Rachel Sweet and her children, including the victim" were attending a schoo11$.eeting. During meeting numerous attendees expressed concerns about Ms. Sweet's beb.a:\libr and welfare of her children as she appeared. 10 be in a state of semi-consciousness. At point, she approached a teacher and

~e! Ii





'-AJ< ....U'V

jngestion orrsescnnnon lOOJ~catiion, consnmpuon of alcohol or victim a water

Cad A.. Fowler
Sheriff DSN; 880 Osage COllnty Sheriff's DepartiUeDt




OCSD #: 11-000228





Osage County Attorney, Amanda filed felony charges of Endangering the Welfare of Child and Involuntary Manslaughter against Rachel M, Sweet, Linn, Missouri events occurring on March 8, 2011 which resulted in the death of her infant son, The allegations are that she placed child in a bathtub of water then left him unsupervised fOT an extended period Bond has been set at $75,000.00.

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