SUMMER Training Report

On Marketing Strategy and Customer Retention in Real Estate

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Masters of Business Administration Affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University (Rohtak) Session – 2010- 2012 PROJECT GUIDE : Ms. Meera Wadhwa

Submitted to: The controller of The examination

Submitted by: Shashank Aggarwal MBA 3rd semester

D.A.V Institute of Management


Perseverance, inspiration and motivation have played a key role in the success of any venture. This summer project is aimed at developing an understanding and implementing the concepts that have been learnt in first year of MBA. Due to the fact that the knowledge required was not in the literature, it was imperative that the people who guide were very resourceful and knowledgeable. A deep sense of gratitude for the above reason is thus owed to Mr. Sanjay Grover (Branch Head, Sales and Distribution Inception Estate, (Faridabad) for his Continuous guidance and motivation at various stages in the project. Finally a note of thanks is due to all those, too many to single out by names who have helped in no small measure by cooperating during the project and by providing constructive feed backs. To begin with I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Mrs. Meera Wadhwa (project in charge) for her guidance.

(Shashank Aggarwal)



As a part Masters of Business Administration curriculum Project Report has to be undertaken in the 3rd semester. The objective of the report is to study the increasing need customer relationship and its retainment towards Real estate. Commercial and residential estate This report is an outcome of sincere efforts to understand the procedure of sales. It gives me a feeling of immense pleasure to share my experience on my learning with others.


4 5 3 Industry Introduction 6-8 4 Company Profile • • Company History Mision and Vision 9-10 5 Research methodology 11-12 14-20 6 Data Analysis 7 Recommendations 21 8 Conclusion 22 9 Limitations of the Study 23 10 24 Appendix • Bibliography 4 . 1 2 Particulars Executive Summary Objectives of the study Page No. No.TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr.

During this training I fully realized this and came to know about how a customer chooses among a varied range of properties at different locations available to him. Finally there comes data presentation and analysis in the end of the project. to move a step forward to being the very best. 5 . I also put some of my suggestion that they will help Inception Estate ltd.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Someone has rightly said that practical knowledge is far better than classroom teaching. The report contains first of all brief introduction about the company.

To analyse the need of customer 4. my aim is to study the Advertising Effectiveness of Inception Estate ltd. In other words. To do hardcore selling 3. To search proper location as per the need of the client 6.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objective of my project report is to study the advertising and marketing strategy of Inception Estate ltd and its effect on real estate investors existing and who are going to invest in future. 6 . To learn about the sales process 2. To satisfy the need of both customers and organization. To study the process of sales and marketing 5. 1.

India is on the verge of becoming one of the fast-growing economies. However. driven by many factors including multinational entrepreneurialism. Sebi's(Securities Exchange Board of India) recent harbinger of permitting real estate mutual funds in both private and public sector will go a long way in attracting funds from small investors who emphasize on certain return. With great demand for housing for India's huge population and for commercial and industrial premises for its booming economy. The villages adjacent to the metro cities have experienced sky-rocketing land prices. Opening the doors to foreign investments is a further step in this direction.8 percent was seen by the manufacturing sector. This has induced farmers to sell their land for good money. Another impediment that can be eased on the discretion of government is the existing tax laws and other complex regulations relating to multidimensional real estates such as industrial parks and SEZs(Special Economic Zone). FDI was deemed necessary in the view of making the sector more organised and increasing professionalism. robust economy-changing demographics and the overall emergence of India on the global stage. This was ignited and fueled by two main forces. The government must ensure that there is no shortage of funds. the global meltdown in real estate produced a corresponding downturn in the Indian real estate sector. According to former Planning Commission Advisor Tarun Das. foreign direct investment to up to 100 per cent was allowed in 2005 in townships. farmers.8 percent in 2006-07 out of which a growth of 11. which had made India a preferred investment destination. large-scale real estate projects were launched across the whole country.INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION The Real Estate Boom: A genuine Euphoria Indian real sector has seen an unprecedented boom in the last few years. 7 . a price index for the housing market to track price movement must be incorporated. built-up housing and construction development projects with the liberalisation of FDI regulations. and diversified sources of funding including overseas. The industrial sector grew at the rate of 10. and private domestic funds and private equity funds. This transformed the real estate business into one of the most lucrative sectors in the country. the liberalisation policies of government has decreased the need for permissions and licenses before taking up mega construction projects. The government has allowed FDI in the real estate sector since 2002. The inflow of funding catalysed the organised development. Second. the expanding industrial sector has created a surge in demand for office-buildings and dwellings. To create an environment friendly to foreign investors. A sector which attracted venture capital. First. The real estate boom in India was inextricably linked to the country’s economic stability. in 2008. buoyant local stock markets.

etc. the first quarter of 2009 witnessed the launch of residential projects with some price rationalisation. and in the next few years it is expected to rise to 6 per cent. such as private equity and stock markets. In the past a seller's market existed.owing to a shift from luxury to low-cost housing . Because the demand in the affordable housing segment is encouraging. the residential sector is a strong driver to lead the recovery in the real estate market in terms of sales volume and asset pricing. demand for rentals has declined overall. falling demand and buyers deferring payments until they took possession of properties. building materials. low margin deals instead of high-margin and high-quality transactions.Needless to say. have witnessed the launch of aggressively priced projects in the recent past. Further. A unit increase in expenditure in the real estate sector can generate a fivefold increase in income. But now the market has perceptibly shifted towards the buyer and products must be designed to respond to market requirements. real estate developers now need to concentrate on profits through highvolume. A study by a credit rating agency ICRA shows that the construction industry ranks third among the 14 major sectors in terms of direct. Almost 5 per cent of GDP is contributed by the housing sector. This has been compounded by subdued absorption levels and a decline in pre-lease activities across the country. Further. the correction in prices. cuts in bank interest rates and smaller unit sizes per apartment . drying up considerably. construction-linked payment and financing only for projects nearing completion. which are mostly sold to end-users or investors. and being a capital-intensive industry. which were otherwise not very attractive to homebuyers. 8 . indirect and induced effects in all sectors of the Indian economy. timber. The true test of the professionalism in the real estate sector has to be seen now. Far-flung suburban locations. the construction sector has also been responsible for the development of over 250 ancillary industries such as cement. real estate developers also had to cope with other sources of funding. with a substantial surplus of office space. This will mean designing affordable housing options suited to average Indian families whose disposable income is steadily on the rise. As far as the commercial segment is concerned. brick. Moreover. The current scenario has also opened up new locations for residential development. the price corrections are more pronounced in new launches than existing projects. where land is relatively inexpensive.has led to increased affordability for homebuyers. This approach was reflected in lower loan-to-property value. paints. The resultant fall in valuation in the past few months coupled with high interest rates and low availability of money had put real estate developers on the defensive and kept homebuyers away. and whose costs are covered. In the residential segment. in which it was only necessary to market products or think about what kind of products to make. the real estate sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy: it is second only to agriculture in terms of employment generation and substantially contributes to the gross domestic product of the country. With the downturn in the economy. steel. the real estate sector started to face a liquidity crunch emanating largely from banks' cautious approach to financing the real estate companies. With a huge latent demand for housing units in India. receivables from residential projects under construction getting blocked. However.

In the retail segment. Industry experts are advocating a further substantial cut in interest rates and greater ease in credit financing.6 billion through the financial markets. The market is expected to improve some time in late 2010 based on a better global capital spending environment and stabilisation in other sectors of the economy. in December 2008 and January 2009. as priority-sector lending. India is enjoying a flurry of tie-ups between the foreign brands and Indian real estate developers and the scope and depth of investment in the retail segment seems to be expanding. While the government has taken various steps to develop the whole industry. indicating the beginning of a revival of investor confidence. which included cuts in key lending rates and classification of loans up to US$41. The government has already announced two stimulus packages. Unitech and Indiabulls Real Estate have raised around US$1. revenue-sharing models for new lease agreements are also being explored. Certain reports estimate that the IT and ITES sector alone will require 150 million ft2 of office space across urban India by 2010. The downturn has motivated developers to adapt by restructuring debt. Furthermore. with the liberalisation of the foreign direct investment policy to allow single brand retailing in India (though to a limited extent) coupled with price correction in rentals and growth of organised retail industry. Three major developers INCEPTION ESTATE. Significant loan restructuring by the financial institutions and a reduction of interest rates have resulted in more robust financial statements among real estate companies. The 9 .Rents are expected to correct in varying degrees. These stimulus packages were crucial steps in the right direction and the momentum needs to be maintained by the recently elected new government. which would improve the companies' balance sheets and their stock performance and ultimately strengthen the whole sector. The growth of the organised retail industry across India is likely to generate an additional 220 million ft2 of retail space by 2010.adopted by developers reflect the growing positive sentiment and the efforts of recent months and an increasingly stable global environment. while rentals are being negotiated downwards. These funds are largely being used to complete ongoing projects and lowering of debt obligations. Recent stock market activity in India and aggressive capital raising mechanisms including qualified institutional placement .670 (approximately) per house. Things have already started to look up for developers in the past few months. disposing of non-core assets and refining their product mix. per family. there is a further need to streamline government policies and introduce reforms to boost the real estate sector. creating considerable opportunities for occupiers and investors.

32 billion took place during January-May 2011. according to a report by the Technical Group on Estimation of Housing Shortage. according to Venture Intelligence. which provides a big investment opportunity. Indian Real Estate: Investments During 2010-11. At present. These places include Jodhpur. it has been estimated that there would be shortage of 26. as compared to 22 deals worth US$ 483 million during the same period last year. a research service focused on PE and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Further. Further. Around 20 deals worth US$ 1. the industry also witnessed growth in private equity (PE) investments as well. the Indian real estate and housing sectors received US$ 1. Punjab. offering customer-friendly financial structures. according to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion India (DIPP). Indian Real Estate: Major Developments • Phoenix Group. investment of US$ 318 million by Warburg Pincus in Oceanus Real Estate and Ascendas India’s investment of US$ 190 million in Phoenix Infocity. 10 . The revamped sector would definitely experience a boom again and it is envisaged that the value of the real estate sector in India would grow to over US$100 billion in the next 10 years with improved stock of housing loans and mortgage penetration. US$ 86 million was invested by Tata Realty in Peepul Tree Properties. and Rajasthan among others.12 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI). introduction of innovative real estate products and widespread policy measures by the new government to strengthen the real estate sector in India. an infrastructure company. The popularity of the Indian real estate sector is also highlighted by a report ‘Emerging trends in Real Estate in Asia Pacific 2011’ published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Urban Land Institute. plans to invest around US$ 44.53 million houses during the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12). The development in the real estate market encompasses growth in both commercial and residential spheres.68 million in six real estate ventures in Hyderabad. Madhya Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh. The report focuses on various places where developers such as Ansal Properties and Omaxe are building commercial and residential developments. Some of the major deals that were undertaken during the first five month of the current calendar year include investment of US$ 320 million by Jeff Morgan Capital in Compact Disc India’s film city project. reduction of risks for venture capitalists and private equity firms and rationalisation of the real estate regime. The real estate sector in India is on a growth path. Further. rebuilding foreign investors' confidence.companies are also successfully managing to cut debt and attain liquidity either through non-core asset sales or share sales to investors. the ideal course should include the restructuring of loans and increasing demand by reducing prices. Haryana. Agra.

Kotkapura and Fatehgarh Sahib. majority of which will be in the residential segment.68 million luxury residential project at Pallikaranai in the suburbs of Chennai.65 million from stamp duty and registration fee on land transactions. a luxury hotel.464 bracket under the brand name 'Umang Vinzhol' in Ahmedabad.18 million Infopark project spread over 54 acres comprising of an IT block. including around US$ 77. Tran Taran. India Property Fund.22 billion in developing another 40 million sq ft of housing across India in the next three years.12 billion entertainment township project it is developing at Suvali near Surat in Gujarat. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mumbai-based publiclyheld Patel Engineering Group. plans to launch 3-3. will launch a 3. Real estate developer INCEPTION ESTATE has decided to develop its US$ 226. Real estate company Ambuja Realty is planning to set up three more tourist resorts in West Bengal and Sikkim on the lines of the Ganga Kutir model in West Bengal. Patel Realty India Ltd.800 residential housing project in US$ 8. Rama Mandi. Real estate industry has grown to over US$ 2.68 million in sectors such as real estate.985-US$ 22. in association with SAATH.• • • • • • • • • • • • • Mumbai-based infrastructure and real estate company Atlanta is looking for a partner to buy 26 per cent stake in a US$ 2. Shapoorji Pallonji Group has floated a US$ 500 million private equity (PE) fund. Puravankara Projects Ltd has announced US$ 379. a nongovernment organisation.Sultanpur Lodhi. Indian Real Estate: Government Initiatives 11 . Bhaga Purana. plans to invest around US$ 178. service apartments and recreational facilities in three phases.32 million in two residential developments in national capital region (NCR) and Mumbai. mainly focussed on real estate. Tata Housing Development Company Ltd plans to invest nearly US$ 22.80 million in low-cost and affordable housing.48 million during 2010-11 across the country.49 billion in Chhattisgarh with the state government collecting revenue of US$ 181. a retail chain. DBS Affordable Home Strategy Ltd.39 million over the next three years to develop around 12 projects. The Government of Punjab has approved the master plans for the planned development of eight towns . Chennai-based real estate developer. managed by NRI investor Purnendu Chatterjee's TCG Real Estate and US-based Vornado Realty Trust. Hoshiarpur. will be investing US$ 60. True Value Homes India Pvt Ltd (TVH). Phadnis Group plans to invest US$ 176. Sangrur.5 million sq ft of projects valued around US$ 66. hospitality and infrastructure in the next three years.

Indira Awas Yojana. Some of these initiatives include: • • • • • Raising the limit on housing loans eligible for a 1 per cent subsidy in interest rates Widening the scope for housing under "priority-sector lending" for banks. National Rural Drinking Water Program and Rural telephony. housing. "Affordable housing will be a key factor in driving the sector and we have already started working on progressive solutions in this area for effective and customised implementation of such projects. an increase of US$ 68. Further.5 billion." CREDAI Chairman Kumar Gera said. especially focusing on affordable housing. The Urban Development Ministry received US$ 1. Mr Pranab Mukherjee. built-up infrastructure and construction development projects through the automatic route.03 million for the urban infrastructure development project. Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Program. Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana. in commercial as well as residential segments. Bharat Nirman consists of 6 flagship programs. on the back of increasing demand for such housing.53 million from the last fiscal 2010-11. according to the Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI). 12 . subject to the provisions of Special Economic Zones Act 2005 and the SEZ Policy of the Department of Commerce In the Union Budget 2011-12.89 billion. Some of the major government initiatives include: • • Allowing 100 per cent FDI in townships. Bangalore and Chennai Allocating US$ 20. subject to guidelines as prescribed by DIPP Allowing 100 per cent FDI under the automatic route in development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Indian Real Estate: Road Ahead The affordable housing segment is expected to play an important role in the growth of the real estate sector in India in 2011. during this year. the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY). Union Finance Minister presented various initiatives for the real estate sector. Increasing allocation for Bharat Nirman to US$ 12. growth in the infrastructure sector is also expected to accelerate real estate activities.The Government has undertaken various initiatives to help the sector grow in the recent past. making interest rates cheaper on them Earmarking substantial amount to the Urban Development Ministry for spending on extension of Metro networks in Delhi.

the Indian government has approved a FDI of 100% which has given a boost to the Real Estate Companies. Ambuja has taken the Real Estate Development through the companies like AHUICL. residential complex. shopping malls and complexes for office and amusement parks. The company is a trend setter in the industry of real estate. The potential of the Indian property is proved by the growth of the major real estate companies of India. The company aims at homes at an affordable price built on strong base and which brings you close to Nature. Infrastructure development. commercial real estate. The company is one among the key determinants for real estate companies. List of Top 10 Real Estate Companies of India Ambuja Realty Group: Bengal Ambuja Housing Development is a joint venture between Ambuja Housing and Urban Infrastructure Company Limited and West Bengal Housing Board. In the India real estate sector. retail space development market is continuously booming with various activities.Real Estate Companies of India Real Estate market in India has developed remarkably in the past few years. People from all parts of the globe are interested in buying the Indian property.AAHUIL.BAMDL and many others. The company has developed 42 million square feet of quality retail space in urban locations and metros in India. It has executed a a profusion in the sector of urban real estate projects varying from Group Housing to Townships to luxury apartments.ARDL. For any query related to real estate the company can be contacted in New Delhi. Sun City Projects: This is among the leading real estate companies in India. INCEPTION ESTATE Building: This is a booming real estate company of India. The company will make dream homes for the Delhilites at a low price. The biggest real estate company of India is launching their most talked about project at the hottest location like Delhi. 13 . The list below provides the name of the best Real estate Companies in India.

The company offers services like flats. Ranchi. shopping malls.The company has a wide network in Jaipur.commercial.Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.Clubs etc in other destinations. 14 . This Indian real estate company is a complete guide for anything related to real estate. You can also avail the property rates of various destinations like Kolkata.Hospitality . The company has organized process in the field of Real Estate Marketing. NK Realtors: A significant name in the Real Estate industry is NK Realtors. The company has delivered excellent quality work in the real estate sector. Rich portfolios of real estate projects are in the kitty of the company.Merlin Groups : The company is a major real estate company in India for the past three decades. Ahmedabad. It has also in its credit many prestigious Commercial and residential complexes.retail.Bangalore etc. The company provides tips for selling a house or renting a house.bungalows. Magicbricks : The key leader in the real estate sector is this property site. Just click any of the cities say Pune. All the solutions related to real estate is at awaiting the click of a mouse. Kolkata. The brochures provided by the company helps to make right choice for buying a home. Ghar4u : It is one among the top real estate companies in India.Ware house etc. Chennai etc from this real estate site. The company has its base in Kolkata. It is also the number one property site of India. The company has attributed Townships and office buildings in Kolkata.

It has made significant achievements in the cities like Bangalore.commercial.Property Dealers. Mittal Builders: This company is engaged in real estate business for the last five decades. Pune.retail.Nagpur and many others.Ware house etc.The company has in its credit real reality business. Nagpur. The company offers services like flats. 15 . It is a one stop destination for real estate in Ahmedabad.Property Buyers etc.Darya Mahal etc in the areas like Juhu Beach. K Raheja Constructions : This real estate company plays a major role in the real estate development business. Pune.Marine Drive etc. The company was awarded one among the top ten Construction company-'Best Construction & Real Estate Sector Implementation'.Bangalore etc Inception Estate : A significant name in the Real Estate industry is Inception Estate.bungalows. One can choose from a variety of options for residential apartments from various cities. Chennai.retailing outfits. Rich portfolios of real estate projects are in the kitty of the company. The company has delivered excellent quality work in the real estate sector. Property development activity is the agenda of the : This property site provides all the updated information about the real estate matters like Property Alerts. Secunderabad .hospitality sector. The company has its base in Kolkata.99acres.Coimbatore etc.The company's remarkable residential projects are Mittal Park. The company has its offices in Mumbai.

It has a 24-year track record of sustained growth. and has pan India presence across 30 cities. earnings. customer satisfaction. LTD. 16 . market capitalisation and developable area. and innovation.COMPANY’S HISTORY INCEPTION ESTATE PVT. Inception Estate is India's largest real estate company in terms of revenues. The company has approximately 238 msf of completed development and 423 msf of planned projects.

including GE. Inception Estate has also forayed into infrastructure. segments and geographies. Annuity Business The annuity business consists of the rental businesses of offices and retail.INCEPTION ESTATE's primary business is development of residential. mitigates any down-cycles in the market. row houses and apartments of varying sizes. new generation workspaces and lifestyles. Luxury and Mid-Income. The development business at present has 391 msf of development potential with 25 msf of projects under construction. IBM. duplexes. SEZ and hotel businesses. It has the distinction of developing commercial projects and IT parks that are at par with the best in the world. commercial and retail properties. INCEPTION ESTATE is credited with introducing and pioneering the revolutionary concept of developing commercial complexes in the vicinity of residential areas. The product offering involves a wide range of products including condominiums. INCEPTION ESTATE has successfully launched commercial complexes and is in the process of marking its presence across various locations in India.Super Luxury. Development Business The development business of INCEPTION ESTATE includes Homes and Commercial Complexes The Homes business caters to 3 segments of the residential market . INCEPTION ESTATE has 216 msf of developed area under homes and residential plots. Since its inception in 2007. 17 . The company has a unique business model with earnings arising from development and rentals. INCEPTION ESTATE has become a preferred name with many IT & ITES majors and leading Indian and International corporate giants. Its exposure across businesses. INCEPTION ESTATE is a name synonymous with global standards. With over six decades of excellence.

It also has a JV with Hilton hotels for the development and management of hotels pan-India. Infosys. ethics and customer service and to thereby contribute to and benefit from the growth of the Indian economy. recreation and leisure experiences with the launch of City Centre in Gurgaon in 2000.Microsoft. INCEPTION ESTATE's mission is to build a world-class real estate development company with the highest standards of professionalism. INCEPTION ESTATE has a strong management team running independent businesses. which resulted in restrictions on private real estate colony development. Symantec and Sapient. Greater kosi city. Currently. Vertex. leisure & recreational segments of the hospitality industry. INCEPTION ESTATE plans to develop worldclass hospitality properties under the luxury. WNS. It has a development potential of 12 msf for its hotel business. INCEPTION ESTATE has acquired AMAN Resorts to expand its presence in the hotel business internationally. business. Since then we have been responsible for the development of many of Haryana’s other well known urban colonies. INCEPTION ESTATE pioneered the retail revolution in the country and brought about a paradigm shift in the industry by redefining shopping. Jeevan nagar Extention. This led to our first landmark real estate development project – Inception Enclave. Citibank. particularly in the district of Faridabad in the adjacent state of Haryana. Pratap Extention. Sai colony. with 17 msf of projects under construction. Following the passage of the Haryana Development Act in 1957. Canon. INCEPTION ESTATE has created a set of execution enablers – such as Laing O'Rourke for construction. Cognizant. among others. Inceptors xpect Hills. We therefore commenced acquiring land at relatively low cost outside the area controlled by the MCF . We developed some of the first residential colonies in Faridabad such as Nehru Nagar . including Jeevan Nagar. Hewitt. Inception City is spread over 900 acres in Alwar. which includes residential. The Retail Malls business is a major thrust area for INCEPTION ESTATE. INCEPTION ESTATE is actively creating new shopping and entertainment spaces all over the country. though complementing each other in cases of opportunities of mixed land use. Rajasthan and is an integrated township. which was completed in 1988. CSC. Bank of America. The Inception estate was founded in 1987. The company has land resource of 92 msf for office and retail development. Sarooupur Extention. which has now evolved into Inception City in Alwar. 18 . Fidelity Investments. Inception Miles. Sanjay nagar. For better implementation and execution of its projects. the state assumed control of real estate development activities in Haryana.

commercial and retail properties in a modern city infrastructure with schools. ‘Arya Vaidya Sala' & ‘Industrial Award' are some of the many prestigious awards that have honored Omaxe in the past years Vision. Omaxe has received a number of awards from the industry as recognition of its continued commitment and efforts towards achieving excellence in concept and construction quality. New Delhi on 08 February 2011. hotels and shopping malls. ‘Udyog Ratna'. in an awards event held at The Oberoi. Awards INCEPTION ESTATE is adjudged the most respectable company by Estate World INCEPTION ESTATE has been entrusted with the honour of being ‘the most respected real estate company in India’ in real estate category by Estate world magazine. Mission & Values 19 . ‘Pride of the Country'. ‘Svedala’. hospitals. It also boasts of the prestigious Inception Golf and Country Club with night golfing facilities.

Separate questionnaire were made for conducting survey among customers SAMPLE TECHNIQUE .Quota sampling 20 . RESEARCH METHODOLOGY DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENT – For collecting primary data structured questionnaire were used. INCEPTION ESTATE Mission To build world-class real-estate concepts across six business lines with the highest standards of professionalism. INCEPTION ESTATE VALUES • • • Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality Ethical and professional service Compliance and respect for all community. quality and customer service. ethics. environmental and legal requirements.INCEPTION ESTATE Vision To contribute significantly to building the new India and become the world’s most valuable real estate company.

Data collection method can be classified into two methods: 21 .SAMPLE SIZE –40 DATA COLLECTION METHOD – Survey method. DATA COLLECTION TOOLS After identifying & formulating a research problem and determining the objectives of research. Thus some individuals were tentative in giving such kind of information. it involved collection of the information that is confidential from the point of view of interviewee. It is the first step in statistics of the goal of the study. Though every effort was put in to make this report authentic in every respect. The information collected should be both accurate and relevant as per requirement of the researcher. This has rendered minor impact on the conclusion of the • Also. report. who has to work out a suitable data collection method. The various limiting factors are-: • While making this report few typing and compilation result may have crept in which have not been able to get rectified. • Since the basic objective of the project is to find out the customers’ perception and compare it with that of the private insurer. a researcher has face the problem of data collection. As a result of this conclusion • with regards to the claim settlement has not bee able to serve its purpose. not many people have actually applied for claim settlement ever in their life insurance company. Also the major part of the data collect is primary in nature and hence the data may be subject to some human errors. there were few uncontrollable factors that might have had their influence on the final report.

Business journals 5. Secondary sources Sources of Primary Data I.Newspaper 4. Interview methods ■Depth Interview ■Mail interviews ■Telephone interview II. Sources of secondary data 1.Magazines 2. Data not originally collected for use in the research project under consideration.Websites 3. previouse records 22 .Directories 6. Delphi technique III. but rather for use by some other person or for some other project are termed Secondary data.1. Primary sources 2. Focus group interviews SECONDARY METHODS I.

VI. Enables to identify deficiencies in the data & make primary data specific. DATA ANALAYSIS Commercial and Residential Properties Out of 50 Quesnnaires filled by the customers there are 22% woman and 78% man 23 . II. Economical IV. Helps in understanding the problem III. Useful in case of exploratory researches. Act as basis fir comparison after primary data collected.Advantages of secondary data I. V. Easy to obtain.

People know about Inception Estate through 75 % Friends 15% Advertisements 10% Other Sources friends advertisements other sources Feature of Inception Estate forced people to deal with Inception Estate is 15% Advertisements 40%Goodwill 35% Quality Deals 10%Schemes 24 .

advertisement Quality Deals schem es goodwill People’s first choice of Estate company when they want to invest BPTP 45% Triveni 10% Inception Estate 30% Oberoi buildtech 5% BPTP Inception Estate Tarang Triveni Oberoi OTHERS Tarang 8% OTHERS 2% 25 .

Advertisements 25% Service 60% Schemes 15% 26 .Inception Estate is popular and is better than the other companies due to.

ADVERTISEMENTS Service SCHEMES Inception Estate minimum return on investment Less than 30% 30% .70% More than 70% : : : 15% 25% 60% 0-30 30-70 70-100 27 .

Type of investment mostly like by people in Inception Estate is Actual personal use Financial physical investment : : 65% 35% Actual personal use Financial Gains 28 .

Plots Commercial Industrial Society : : : 55% 38% 2% Group Housing Free hold comm. 29 . Ind.Project most liked by investors of inception Group Housing Hold Resi.

30 . but there are still some recommendations from my study point of view is that Inception Estate needs to make its marketing plans and quick development of projects and quick possession service to be more stronger than other Estate organizations to Dominate the market in future too. Projects. schemes and advertising strategy Inception Estate is successful.RECOMMENDATIONS By virtue of its Plans. In grabbing the highest market share in vintage Faridabad. Facilities.

CONCLUSION The conclusion of my study is that Inception Estate Advertising has a major impact its investors. Inception Estate 31 . People like its schemes very much.Inception Estate should introduce cheaper projects to meet middle society demands and as well as needs to develop projects having good highway connectivity than the others because its competitor Triveni group had implemented it in their plans. Inception Estate should advertise more not only on local media but also on national media. Inception Estate had created a very good image on the mind of the new investors in real estate.

has adopted a very good strategy by inviting existing investors to invest in their new projects at discounted rates. The another they required to do is to increase their budget for advertising spectally on television. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The main factors that have been adversely affected the trustworthiness of the report are: • The information about some new scheme differs from one source to another. 32 . Inception Estate needs to work on Industrial colonies seeking the customer neds of big roads and map designing.

BIBLIOGRAPHY ON-LINE WEBSITE : .COM 33 .GOOGLE.IN o WWW.CO. optimum guidance was not available. • As I was a trainee in the company the many secrets and the important facts.• Due to busy schedule of supervisors.AIRTEL. o WWW. • Due to time constraint the study is being restricted to the limited time period. figures and information has not been provided.

Dr. Kalyani and sons. 34 .NEWSPAPERS: o Times of India (15 Oct 2006. Sharma and Dr. Third Revised Edition. Gupta.L. R. S.2 Nov 2006) BOOKS: o Estate Management.L.

35 .

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