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Fernanda Aulas Particulares

Aluno: ______________________________________ Data: ___________

1. Sabrina doesn't play tennis. (Steve) - 2. You went to Australia last year. (I) - 3. Mike doesn't like mathematics. (I) - 4. I'd love to visit New York some day. ' 5. We went to the beach last weekend. ' 6. She won't be able to come next week. ' 7. I don't like country music. '

'. '. '. ',I don't agree with you. '. '. ', I don't agree with her.

8. She can speak two languages. ' 9. I wouldn't like to do his job. '

10. She'd like to live in a big city. '

11.I've never seen so many people here. ' 12. He doesn't have any money. ' 13. She can speak English. '

'. '. '.

14. He enjoys eating a pear.

I. he.

15. I just can't stop loving you

16. My cheese has been eaten by mice 17. He may drive slowly

theirs. she.

18. He doesn't want to leave. 19. We won't eat a lot tonight 20. He couldn't stand up.

I. she. they.

21. He shaves every morning. 22.You are eating snails. 23. I am not tired.

I. they. we.

24. Dany loves travelling.(I)

25. Peter phoned Sarah.(Brian) 26. Peter doesn't like carrots.(I)

27. You went to Australia last year.(She) 28. Mike doesn't like mathematics.(We) 29. I am a teacher.


30. John studied in the U.S.A.


31. I won't go to Australia for my next holidays. 32. They aren't worried and


I. they. we. she. I.

33. She was extremely tired and 34. She sings beautifully and 35. I don't speak Japanese. 36. He is clever and

37. I couldn't get up this morning. 38. I have never been to Africa. 39. He was sick,

she. they.


40. You will eat at 6 o'clock , 41. My dog was lost ,


yours. mine. you. I. I.

42. Your mother is dead , 43. I need a new suit , 44. Jane plays tennis , 45. He will go home ,

46. Her children are out , 47. My father works here ,

mine. Mike.

48. Joanne dances very well , 49. She likes chocolate. So 50. Kevin is sixteen. So 51. I can dance. So

my daughter. I.

Karen and Ann.

my sister.

52. We will go to England next month. So 53. Kevin has never been to Italy. Neither 54. I am not American. Neither

my brother. my parents.


55. They don't live in Paris. Neither

his parents.

56. She wasn't at the cinema yesterday. Neither


57. Paul and Mike didn't play tennis last Monday. Neither 58. We won't study geography next year. Neither


Sue and Emily.

59. Paul's parents can't sing. Neither 60. I used to play the piano. So


Alex's sister. we.

61. She was happy to see you. So

62. My children don't like walking. Neither

Susan's daughter.

63. We are going to the swimming pool this afternoon. So 64. 'He can play the guitar very well!' '

I. , I'm really bad at music !'

65. 'He left very early yesterday. He said he was tired!' ' until the end of the film.' 66. 'I won't have much time for lunch today!' ' brought sandwiches.' 67. 'I didn' t enjoy the play' '

, but I stayed but that's OK, I've

. I think it was terrific!' . Two years ago I went to L.A. and , there's no other way to be a , it would have been too . It's really a wonderful country, and yet I haven't drunk anything for hours!' . They had to stop walking for a couple of hours.'

68. 'I've never met a film star.' ' guess what? In a clothes shop I came upon M. Streep!' 69. 'I really need to pass this exam!' ' journalist.' 70. 'I couldn't tell her the truth!' ' embarrassing!'

71. 'I've been to Italy many times.' ' don't you think?' 72. 'They aren't thirsty.' ' 73. 'I was exhausted!' '

74. 'I couldn't do it by myself!' ' 75. 'I never tidy my room.' '

, it needs too much practice!' ! I can't stand it when it's in a mess.'

76. 'Our boss will be away for a week.' '

. I wish he would,now and then.'

77. 'I found this exercise a bit hard at times.' carefully and then it was just easy.' 78. I won't go to Australia next holidays.

. I studied the rules


79. Sharon and I are in New York now!...Really?! 80. I am not in the Bronx... 81. We were in Broadway...


we. I.

82. I won't go to Chicago next week. 83. Now we are at home.


I we

84. I'm going to go to the cinema.

85. We won't leave to France next week..

86. You are late for school. 87. You don't like red skirts.

I. Jane.

88. My children go to St Johana's School. 89. Paul should behave more carefully.

yours Kathrin.

90. Students were not tired at the end of the day. 91. Guy speaks English very well. 92. I am a teacher.

the teachers.


you. Paul you. Alfred.

93. Vivian can never be rich.

94. I am not expecting any prize. 95. I will be at the party.

96. Karim studied in the U.S.A. 97. You didn't see him.

Henry. I.

98. Sam should not have left school so early. 99. They must obey the instructions. 100. We won't be long.

Lillian. we.

they. I. Kan. you. they.

101. Mary goes by train at 3 pm.

102. I did not wash my car yesterday. 103. Camin is a computer scientist. 104. Catherine has eaten rice.

105. I am fond of shopping. It's so exciting !

. .

106. I love chocolate, and I am fond of apples.

107. I don't like chips, it's too disgusting and fat. 108. I have never been to Quebec before this year.

109. Yesterday, I was at school, because it was Monday.

110. While I was doing the cooking, I was watching T.V. What about you ? 111. When I am 18, I will finish my studies.

112. I am very good at school, but what about you ? 113. I don't like this boy, I think he's very ugly.

. .

114. I live in England, in London, which is a beautiful city. 115. I don't like tea with sugar. 116. David doesn't like carrots. 117. I'm feeling tired.

I. I. I.

118. I spent the whole evening watching television.


119. I don't like eggs.

I. I. I. I. I.

120. I was sick yesterday.

121. Maria is not a noisy pupil. 122. They won't go camping . 123. I need a holiday.

124. I would love a cup of tea.


125. Look at this girl ! She is fond of chocolate ! 126. I'd like to go to the swimming pool.

. . .

127. When I am 25, I'll work in an hospital. 128. That girl is very tall.

129. I have never been to Paris before this day.

. .

130. Look at him ! He's running ! I don't like running. 131. I can swim in the sea. What about you ? 132. I can't do much sport. What about you ? 133. Yesterday, I was in my bedroom at 18.00.

. . .

134. I didn't do my homework yesterday. What about you ?

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