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Mountain Man Brewing Company 1a.

What is Chris considering doing and what factors will he have to align to be successful? 1b. What goal should MMBC (Chris) have? 2 What has made MMBC successful? What distinguishes it from competitors? 2a. What is distinctive about MMBCs product? 2b. What is distinctive about MMBCs customers? 2c. How is MMBCs promotion different and effective? 3 What about these factors enabled MMBC to create such a strong BRAND? 4 What has caused MMBCs decline in spite of its strong brand? 4a. Describe the market MMBC serves and the beer market in general. 4b. Describe the competition and MMBCs threats. 4c. What is the likely future of competitive brewers? What is MMBCs market/competitive position? 5 Should MMBC introduce a light beer? 5a. What are the pros and cons for doing so? 6 Is Mountain Man Light feasible for MMBC? 6a. What is required for Mountain Man Light to break even in two years? 6b. What market share will Mountain Man Light have to obtain to break even in two years? 6c. What cannibalization rate is reasonable? 6d. Is the budget appropriate for the launch? Can it be reduced? 7 Should MMBC launch Mountain Man Light? 7a. What other strategic options for growth does Chris have if Mountain Man Light is not launched or is unsuccessful?