Prophetic Dream: 999 and 666
Oleg’s dream – Morning 3 September 2011 I dreamt I was in my grandfather’s bedroom. I saw a woman I know who was busy speaking to her mother on the telephone. She mentioned to her mother that she considered having a child. I discerned in my spirit that her mother was questioning her about it. I saw my grandfather’s bed was untidy because of clothing not ironed scattered on the surface of it. I rested myself on top of the clothing and felt uncomfortable and foul. Then I saw papers on the bed with different numbers on it. I looked at it and get myself involved in some computations by applying different methods in the calculations. Then I saw it – the number 999 was standing out but somehow it was also the number 666. I discerned in my dream that 666 was the number of the devil. In my dream I saw a vision of the devil walking in a busy street in a city. It was a terrible experience. Deep in my spirit I discerned the absoluteness of his blasphemous and arrogant nature. He was about 6 feet 5 inches tall and muscularly built. He was blond with a short neat beard; his face was a bit stout and he was wearing a long black leather coat. He was walking with absolute self-confidence and though he looked like a wealthy businessman walking in the street I sensed that he was utterly evil. As he was walking in the busy street I sensed his presence very close to me. Interpretation: Our family knew my late grandfather as a wise man and he symbolizes wisdom in my dream. I was in

my grandfather’s room, which means that the wisdom that was in him is also in me. The woman, that I know, that spoke on the telephone has a treacherous nature, just like her mother; her mother is often behind her mischief or the instigator and manipulator thereof. She and her mother communicating about wanting a child refer to the communication of two parties (a prominent government and the conspirators) to develop the implementation of a system that will influence the Global economic and commerce systems (666 is an economic number) as we know it. Her mother questioned her about it. I believe the "666 plan˝ of the conspirators is presently not ironed out as far as some details are concerned. Lying on my grandfather’s bed means I am resting in the same wisdom as my grandfather. Lying on clothing not ironed means some things must be ironed out; the decoding of the message in the numbers on the papers. The number 999 is the amplification of the number 9. Nine is the last of the digits and signifies the end or conclusion of a matter, finality or judgment. In this dream 999 means the end of a millennium (one less than a thousand) or end of this age. The end of the age will be 2012 – witness of the heavenly bodies. Then God said, "Let there be lights in firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years˝ (Genesis 1:14, emphasis added). Compare Revelation 12:1, 3; 15:1. The number 666 is the number of the beast. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666 (Genesis 1:14). Having my grandfather’s wisdom I calculated the numbers in my dream.

The number 666, the number of the devil, refers to the beast, a human that is the fullness of the devil bodily. The dream refers to what is happening now. The vision in the dream refers to the future. The devil walking in a busy city refers to the beast that will appear like a normal person in the street. Sensing his absolute blasphemous and arrogant nature refers to his character – utmost evil. The beast being tall and muscular refers to his prominent character as future world ruler and his inner strength. He was blond with a short neat beard; his face was a bit stout and he was wearing a long black leather coat. He was walking with absolute self-confidence. This additional information completes the description of his character. Though he appeared just like any person in the street I sensed that he was utterly evil. He will be among us and we will not know it until he will be revealed. The numbers 999 and 666 together means, "At the end of the age the Beast will be unveiled.˝ I sensed his presence very close to me. It means the fulfillment of the vision in the dream is near. Comments: The fact that the galactic cycle finished in 2012 does not mean God has to do something immediately. He will act according to the counsel of His will. I stay out of predicting dates till God specifically reveals a date.

Although we try to refrain from predicting dates my father had a dream on 22 July 2011 that point to a date 13 September 2013 (Day of Atonement). We believe God is going to do something significantly important on that day that relates to that festival’s spiritual meaning but what it will or can be we do not know. As he said, "Though I refrain from predicting dates I could not ignore this dream.˝ This dream is highly symbolic and the description of the beast has nothing to do with his real appearance. It was only a discernment of his character. I felt in the dream that the city was New York, however, I doubt it if it has anything to do with New York or the USA. The number 666 is an economic number and New York symbolizes the economic capital of the world. The devil being in New York confirms 666 as an economic number.

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