FCE Reading Sample Tests, Part 1

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Part 1 .FCE Reading Sample Tests.

I couldn't understand it. I didn't know what was going on. is he?'" And another says: "The class gaps translate into big gulfs in the pay league. and it got to about 3. You wouldn't consider recruiting one without a degree. pink with fury. In the article. I turned to my secretary. For example. Here it is five times. or personal assistants as we call them. Not that many. So." I am not sure how many English managers now break for tea. In the UK you cannot do that so much. and I wanna do business. No way. Now we always break for tea. In France we just carry on until we have finished. I will never forget a Canadian sales director. I might earn three times more than my secretary. and she said that they probably wanted to break for tea." Some criticisms are rather like those levelled at Japanese management. he is not very well-spoken. BRITISH MANAGEMENT According to an article in Management Today. the majority of his management team left for the pub. he discovered that at lunchtime and especially on Fridays. the British manager still stops work for tea. In Germany. telling me at that time how he had been offered tea and biscuits at three in the afternoon in Northampton: "I come three thousand miles. There is no way we would do that in Germany. People will not say `I disagree'. It's quite difficult to have an open conversation. It is not so much the cup of tea as the pint of bitter that managers from outside Britain find a bar to efficiency. and this guy gives me a `nice cup of China tea and a biccy'.FCE Reading Sample Tests. What IS he?" Mind you." And a Frenchman points out the difference between the UK and France: "In France there is no pressure on the bottom line. I imagine. Now they are not allowed off the premises. a German manager tells how when he first took over a job in Britain. too." . He says: "I stopped that right away. They respect him and think that he is right even when he is wrong. `Well." Too great an interest in money is also criticised. and take three taxis and a damn steam engine into the sticks. the hotel group. would have degrees. A German says: "People say that the class system is a hindrance to progress and then two weeks later you overhear them discussing a colleague and saying. tells what happened at his first management meeting when he took over its English operation in 1991: "The meeting was in the afternoon." According to European managers the British are still too concerned with class and status. A Dutch manager says: "My first impression on coming to Britain was that profit seemed to be the most important thing. that means you can delegate much more to the secretaries in France. talking about status. Part 1 Choose the answers you think fit best according to the text. It didn't make me very popular at the time but it is not good for efficiency. Twenty years ago it was commonplace." The French manager also points out a difference in educational standards: "In France all the secretaries. this was the same man who in Rome told his Italian agent that the Colosseum would make a nice parking lot. The French managing director of Novotel.30 and everyone started looking at their watches. a Dutch manager says: "A director is God here. who was English.

he was against drink.FCE Reading Sample Tests. In the middle of the afternoon: A. 4. D. sexism.30. In Britain. He was envious of Italy's glorious past. D. D. Why did the Canadian say the Coliseum would make a nice parking lot? A. D. education. B. C. were ordered to stay in the office. hinted that it was teatime. B. had meetings at lunchtime. they got drunk. B. The German didn't like his managers going to the pub because: A. offered visitors China tea. To stop them going to the pub. He was joking. 5. it made them inefficient. The Canadian: A. liked to do business. had traveled a long way. C. C. played team games in the lunch-hour. He had nowhere to park. managers are paid much more than their secretaries because of: A. class. were given free lunches in the office. 2. B. 6. D. took a break. he believed playing sports would be better for them. D. B. 7. wasted a lot of time drinking tea. was impressed by the Englishman's good manners. C. elocution. the managers: A. Part 1 1. C. drank a lot of tea. considered his time was being wasted. managers usually had a teabreak. D. In the past: A. C. B. C. everyone checked their watches. . 3. B. noticed it was 3. He was worried about Rome's traffic problems.

is better spoken. A 2. B 5. have a superiority complex. C. B.FCE Reading Sample Tests. 1. In comparison with the British secretary. English and Japanese managers are similar in that they: A. : Comprehension Multiple Choice Check your answers. A 7. Part 1 8. C. has more status. are tactful. C 9. avoid disagreement. A 3. D. a French secretary: A. is better paid. D 4. B. 9. like tea. can take more responsibility. C 8. D . D. C 6.

The rest is silence. and dips when the other sound wave peaks. that refrigerators will no longer whine. Already Toshiba has introduced a silent refrigerator. NOISE The world ought to be a quieter place. Part 1 Choose the answers you think fit best according to the text. These tubes produce as much noise a jet taking off. like ripples meeting each other on a pond. It may even soon be possible to cancel out the low-frequency throb of the teenage stereo blasting its bass through the wall from the flat next door. The first test flight with an antinoise system took off in 1989. There must. the noise was reduced to the level of an airconditioner's hum. Anti-noise has hit the marketplace. It won't be long before silent washing machines. active noise cancellation is contributing to a revival in propeller-driven passenger aircraft. Electrolux has signed an agreement to manufacture the technology which should be on the market by 1994. The system has now move on from research to commercial development. once you remove one noise. to the relief of Americans living near railway unloading points. How will we be able to shut up the sparrows at five in the morning? . which passengers disliked because of their noise. The two waves cancel each other out. In the car industry. It means. Thus anti-noise has had to wait for the microprocessor in order to be effective. An active noise canceller removes the need for sound-absorbing chambers. What is anti-noise? It is the exact opposite of a particular sound. vacuum cleaners no longer roar.FCE Reading Sample Tests. and washing machines no longer rumble. be a perfect match. A typical active noise cancellation system has been sold to a railway company in the United States. After installing the system. Forty were installed. The trouble is. It peaks when the other sound dips. you become more aware of all the others. car makers are keen to install the technology. with passengers likely to hear the benefits in a year or two. otherwise you end up with double the din. and improves fuel consumption by as much as six per cent. The anti-sound is fired at the unwanted sound through a loudspeaker. Built into the fridge is a system that silences the hum of the motor by firing anti-noise at it. however. The company unloads grain from trains by using giant vacuum tubes. which forces the engine to work harder. In the aircraft industry. fridges and vacuum cleaners are in the High Street shops. The microprocessor can monitor the unwanted sound and respond in milliseconds. From the point of view of saving fuel. for example. conventional mufflers generate back-pressure.

What does the microprocessor do? A. 4. It records the sound. D. blast. comforted. a completely different wavelength. compensate for noise. the same wavelength. a higher-frequency wavelength. After the anti-noise devices were installed. 3. 5. the bass emits a loud low-frequency: A. installed. 7. It reacts to low frequencies. B. It checks the sound. boom. B. bang. Part 1 1. B. It responds to sound. B. Which title best suits the passage? A. a diametrically opposed wavelength. propeller-driven aircraft are: . camouflage noise. Towards a Quieter World B. B. silent devices will be: A. D. Next year. On a pop recording. C. Because of anti-noise. beat. enlivened. react with noise. C. available. C. D. C. 8.FCE Reading Sample Tests. C. D. B. consumed. neutralise noise. consoled. D. 6. sold. What anti-noise does is: A. Anti-Noise 2. the life of the people living near the railway was: A. Anti-noise works by being on: A. eased. A Better Life D. D. The Noise-Busters C. C.

D 5. Cars will have anti-noise devices because they: A. remove the need for sound-absorbing chamber Check your answers. B. B. A 4. D 8. becoming fashionable. Part 1 A. C . improve fuel consumption. C 3. make the streets quieter. C. being renovated. A 7. A 9. making a come-back. D 2.FCE Reading Sample Tests. D. cropping up. D. D 6. 1. reduce back-pressure. 9. C.

That was the complete turn-around that made me want to change my life. 43 years old." A bit unsteady on his feet. my size never bothered me. having spent the past 28 years in bed. 34 million of them are heavier than they ought to be. he has marketed his own brand of powdered food formula called "Bio-Nutrition". There are 20. I am often sick after meals.FCE Reading Sample Tests. More than one thousand people contacted him. the director of an advertising agency and the mother of four children. Walter explained: "As long as I lay in bed. in Iowa. I still can't eat certain foods. Part 1 Choose the answers you think fit best according to the text. such as meat and potatoes. there was some general sympathy with his predicament. so that only half of it could be used. All her life. Otherwise. FAT One day. but I don't regret a thing. the first gastroplasty operation was performed. horizontally. She had made several attempts to lose weight. is inflated in the stomach and left there for three months. he looked half the man he used to be: that is. I had a full and happy life. and now spends a lot of time talking to fellow-sufferers. and in the following five months I lost three kilo a week. obesity is seen as an illness. The stomach was stitched across. He sat down on a specially made concrete chair and told the reporters and TV cameras assembled there. and treated accordingly. I have always wanted to wear modern clothes and now I can go to a shop and choose what I want instead of having to take something because it fits. In the case of the severely obese. She explained: "It was very antisocial and over nine months I cut my weight down by half. a disease. In extreme cases. is to have a balloon put in the stomach. The latest development. surgery could be recommended.000 people in America walking around with balloons in their stomachs. However. Barbara Quelch had weighed 140 kilo. So. I used to be quieter and didn't want to do anything in case it drew attention to my figure. a few years ago. even going to the lengths of having her jaws wired. But I got out of breath very quickly. and was tired and irritable a lot of the time. Walter Hudson walked out of the front door of his home on Long Island for the first time in 17 years. Although few Americans aspire to Walter's size. I didn't suffer as much as other fat people. it's like having permanently just eaten a ham sandwich. The balloon is made of specially prepared rubber. Most of my meals wouldn't fill a saucer. when Walter fell out of bed and was stuck on the floor until the fire brigade came to help him up. Weight was lost but some of the side-effects of the operation turned out to be fatal. Then I had the gastroplasty operation. A true American." The publicity which resulted changed his life. an alternative to surgery. It never even dawned upon me that I couldn't do what I wanted to until the day I fell and couldn't get up. In 1981. He set up a hotline to his home. I could only take fluids for the first two months after the operation. I soon returned to my usual weight. She was successful. The big danger is deflation and blockage of the bowels. when my jaws were unwired. "This is the best day of my life. I am more assertive now. I lost weight within days. I . Surgery was first used in America during the 50s with an operation to short-circuit the small bowel in order to prevent the absorption of fats. drastic answers may be necessary. In America. he had cut himself back from 600 kilo to just 300. Now I say what I like.

According to Barbara Quelch. usually after three years. have to be careful to avoid punctures. he went into business. B. people felt sorry for him. B." 1. Health D. so it is important to eat small amounts of food. His life changed because A. B. Part 1 don't care what people think any more. Which do you think is the most appropriate title? Problems of A. The stomach can stretch again. people wrote to him. 3. 5. the neighbors helped him up. D. you can't speak to people. Walter Hudson A. Obesity C. It is a last resort. C. must see their doctor monthly.FCE Reading Sample Tests. reducing the size of the stomach. D. he decided life was better in bed. B. wasn't able to walk properly. sending food direct to the large bowel. D. Diet B. B. D. sat in a wheelchair. Fat 2. 6. was slim at last. C. the police were called. often. inflating balloons. A. C. have to be careful not to eat too much. It's not a miracle. seemed depressed. you can't eat. If this fails there is nothing else. People with a balloon in their stomach A. 7. D. can only eat one sandwich. he received a lot of publicity. . B. he had a telephone installed. 4. Surgery was first used to help people lose weight by A. the big problem with having your jaws wired together is that A. C. removing the small bowel. C. After Walter fell out of bed.

D. it takes too long. was much more self-confident. D . D. took up wearing fashionable clothes. D 3. D 5. Check your answers: 1. A 8. B 2. could eat anything she wanted. D 6.FCE Reading Sample Tests. felt ill a lot of the time. Barbara A. C. 8. D 7. A 4. Part 1 C. B. After she had had her gastroplasty operation. you don't lose weight.

Medical journals in Australia say two-thirds of the population alive today will develop some form of skin cancer. Depletion is now being caused by the CFCs released in the mid-1970s. injuring the retina and generating cataracts. aerosols. possibly. have contributed to the destruction of the ozone layer. but they do know that things from now on are going to change very quickly indeed. non-flammable. in the first two months of this year. Their low thermal conductivity made them ideal for coolants in refrigerators and air-conditioners. burning the cornea. Among them are halon gases used in fire extinguishers. The scientists who know about the ozone layer are worried. and so the chemicals being released now will endanger our children. and refrigerators. and two compounds widely used as solvents: methyl chloroform and carbon tetrachloride. UV-Bs can damage the immune system and leave you open to infectious diseases. and in southern Chile a 12 per cent reduction in plankton has been measured. nonpoisonous. the thin veil in the stratosphere which protects animals and plants from disease and. apart from CFCs. . In southern Chile.FCE Reading Sample Tests. CFCs were widely used as cleaning solvents and in plastic foam for food and drink containers. Part 1 Choose the answers you think fit best according to the text. They proved to be a valuable compound. allowing ultraviolet rays from the sun. are eating ozone molecules. stable. the ozone-eating chemical.000 of the continent's 16 million inhabitants will develop the deadliest of all. OZONE In 1928. malignant melanoma. 3. 2. found a way to use chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as a refrigerant. Other man-made chemicals. UV-Bs cause skin cancer. and occurring twice as fast as had been predicted: according to reports. and levels of chlorine. were 70 times higher than normal. non-corrosive. In the Second World War. known as UV-Bs. ozone depletion is now general over the globe. The radiation kills off the plankton on which larger sea creatures depend. These are the products which. Their combined reaction on the ozone layer is devastating. parts of the ozone layer shrank by 20 per cent. No one knows what the cumulative effects of the depletion of the ozone layer will be. sheep. extinction. Thomas Midgley. More than 250. and the insulation of buildings. blindness has begun to strike humans. a scientist and engineer in America. They damage your eyes. They give three reasons for their pessimism: 1. to bombard the earth. rabbits and horses. doubling in output every ten years.

A solvent is used in A. The opposite of "malignant" is A. salubrious. heavyweight boxing. healthy. artillery fire. "Bombard" is a word normally used with reference to A. benevolent. D. are light-weight C. B. 4. CFCs were used in drink containers because they A. solar radiation. C. D. lubricating. 8. are easily moulded. C. don't conduct heat. D. C. Worries about the Ozone Layer 2.FCE Reading Sample Tests. neutral. As CFCs are non-corrosive. Ten per cent every year. CFCs: from Coolers to Cancers B. C. they don't A. UV-B and Skin Cancer D. B. 5. eat metals. Part 1 1. cause explosions. damage plastics. 3. B. D. Twice as much each year. sterilizing. How rapidly was the use of CFCs increasing? A. as a result of UV-B . are stable compounds. According to the text. B. cooking. B. D. B. Doubling every year. 7. 6. The Ozone Layer C. Doubling every decade. D. laser technology. poison food. in southern Chile. C. cleaning. Which title would best suit the passage? A.

B. CFCs are cumulative. Our children are in danger because A. B. A 5. 9. fish are subject to disease. fish stocks are falling. C. Check your answers. B 8. CFCs take time to attack the ozone layer. C 6. C. A . A 2. fish food has been depleted. C 3. 1. D. CFCs are used more than ever. Part 1 A. D 9. D.FCE Reading Sample Tests. A 7. C 4. chlorine levels are rising. fish are going blind.

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