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Place your surname and the page number 0.

5 inches from the top edge and one inch from the right edge of every page. Place Name one inch from top Course Name and Number Instructors Name Due Date Title of Work

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The line bordering this page represents the one inch margins on the top, sides and bottom of each page.

The paragraph begins with five spaces or 0.5 inch indention. Remember to use one inch margins on the top, bottom and both sides and regular 12 pt use Double Spacing. When you cite your sources use the parenthetical style

Please note that we have set the indentation at five spaces Times New Romans Font. Always which comes only to 0.35 inches. You have the option of a five space indentation or a 0.5 inch inas shown in the MLA Handbook dentation.

for Writers of Research Papers, Seventh Edition. For a simple quote, you just place the authorss surname and the page number where the citation is found. For example, the man said that he was very hungry (Hose 123), or his brother said: I am not hungry at all (James 321). Bible citations are done the same way. The Gospel of John states that God loved the world so much that He gave His Son (3:16). Longer quotations are set off by ten spaces or a 1 inch indentation from the left marPlease note that we have set the indentation at ten spaces which comes only to 0.7 inches. You have the option of a ten space indentation or a 1 inch indentation.

gin and are not placed within quotation marks and the period comes before the parenthetical citation. A longer quotation is one which is longer than four lines of prose text. In this particular example, I am drawing out the paragraph so that it may make the minimum requirements for a longer quotation. A longer quotation will be at least five lines long. (Battle 456)

If you have more than one book by the same author, you need to place a shortened version of the title in the parenthetical citation (Frank, Lost 23). The shortened title will specify which work you are citing (Frank, Found 32).

Your Surname 2 Works Cited All Biblical quotations are from the King James Version. Battle, David M. The Quotable Battle. Orangeburg: Dont You Wish Press, 2002. Print. Frank, I Am. Lost in the Forest. Nome: Foggy Press, 2900. Print. ---. Found At Home. Nome: Clear Press, 2901. Print. Gardner, J. R. Christian Social Ethics. Exploring Our Christian Faith. 2nd. Ed. W. T. Purkiser. Kansas City: Beacon Hill, 1978. 508-524. Print. Hose, Ho Jo. Dying of Hunger. Hungry: University of Famines, 2890. Print. James, Le Full. The Art of Stuffing Ones Face at the Dinner Table without Unbuckling Ones Belt. Stuffed Turkey: University of Munches, 2899. Print. Lipschits, Obed. Literary and Ideological Aspects of Nehemiah 11. Journal of Biblical Literature. 121 (2002): 423-440. Print. MLA style FAQ. . Modern Language Association of America. May 15, 2002. Web. September 9, 2002. <>. Muder, Doug. When Bad Things Happen to Good People. Doug Muder. Nov 10, 1996. Web. Sept 18, 2002. <>. Electronic Citations Always try to learn all you can about the web-page from which you are getting the data. The more information given by the web-page about itself, the more likely it will give legitimate information. You should try to find out the following about the web-page: (1) author, (2) name of site, (3) name of institution, publisher, or sponsorer of page, [n.p. If no publisher named] (4) date of creation, [n.d. If not published] (5) medium of publication, (6) date accessed, (7) URL address. Note that you put the electronic address or URL between angle brackets <. . .>. Order the items in the citation under Work Cited in the same sequence as in the above listing. If the author is unknown, begin with the title (item 2). If the title is unknown, use the html page name (<http://hawisher.html>). If you cannot find any information for item 4, then do not use the material. For more help, browse the MLA homepage ( <>). Or Purdue OWL ( Hyperlinks are acceptable. Include all Internet sources among the other cited works.