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Range Life

Twenty five hundred years, the prominent Greek philosopher

Plato gave us the allegory of the cave in his monumental

politcal dialogue, “The Republic”. In it, he argued for the

importance of education(The Good) and its effect on a person’s

experience . Though not a new concept to humanity, this concept

stated that we should not accept things as they are thought to

be. We must use our intellect to look beyond the biases and

prejudices of oneself and others to fully and functionally

comprehend the world.

As a child growing up and as most kids did, my parents had

two decisions to choose from involving my education. Plan A was

sending me to the local Catholic school and getting a decent

Catholic education devoid of hoodlums and bullies. Or choose

Plan B, which involved sending me to the local public elementary

school which involved the negation of the things bad lacking

from private schooling. Much to the chagrin of both my parents

and myself, I was put in s public school. This being the late
eighties and the economy being in the toilet for lower middle-

class folks.

My parents cringed at the thought of their preffered child

going to a normal school and the derisions they would get

deriving from the local parish members. I really doubted that my

parents cared for my education, what really mattered to them was

the opinions of their friends. They wanted the neighbors to

think of them as the caring parents that were attentative their

child’s needs, always at school functions, strict, and loving.

And they wanted them to think of me as traditional private

school kid, religious, hard working, precocious, and un-

precarious. They wanted to viewed as a tradition American family.

This attitude from parents to belong seemed at first noble.

Though, as mentioned by my friends and siblings who attented a

private school, the sense of community wears thin towards the

end of school.

Many requirements are required of parents at private

schools. Most of them being petty things as selling candy bars

and raffle tickets. The most hated of this was the community

hours, that was really just helping out by sell items at the

annual church carnival or clean the school once a week. This

only seemed to promote a sense of competition between parents to

weed out the families who actually seemded devoted to the parish

and those who were not. This competition usually ended in

alegations of favoratism towards some of the more older families

then the new families who were new to the private school system.

A preferable thing of the public school system is the lack

of major involvement of faculty towards the community. Local

private schools preferably employ eligible community members for

bureaucratic positions such as treasurer. This in the past has

led to accusations of theft and in the following year led to an

argument between the treasurer and the head Priest. This person

was eventually fired from their position and ostracized from the

rest of parents and children.

The feeling of wanting to feel like a community and wanting

to stand out is a contradiction that is visible throughout

America. Once middle school for the private schools end, a

precursor to what it will feel after high school arrives. The

equivalent of college admissions are the private school entrance

exams. This adds unnneed presure to the child and creates an air

of superiority and inferiority between the family of the

children who happen to get into better private high schools than


Though the merits of an actual education obtained from a

private school versus a public are debatable. A pro of

attending a private school would be the image you represent in

the eyes of others. A con would be the cost of attending said