However.Biography the JIM MORRISON Clarke James Douglas Morrison was born in Melbourne (Florida) on December 8.1 Although not proven in tests of IQ in those days. in addition to voice Jim. It is said that had the highest IQ of 149. wrote poetry. after graduating from the University of California. such as peyote. stalled deep in his nature. sitting on the soft sands of Venice. Decided to focus on what they always considered his true vocation. James Young left his home at age nineteen. Their world view was far from hippies fundamental issues. sang the first verse of Moonlight Drive. he had lost all interest in the race and the film industry. It was a tall and always shabby. as being famous comment. He had a black sense of humor. His father was a U." In 1965. After giving many local concerts in Los Angeles. his film set in the Vietnam War. the approach to psychedelic drugs that both fascinated him. which Jim agreed "to win a million dollars". courtesy of authors such as Baudelaire and Aldous Huxley. became the new authority but not his wife. Manzarek asked to sing some and Jim. because he preferred to buy clothes buy books. the birth of hippie culture flourished everywhere and he lived surrounded. Jim showed him a couple of jobs that could be a musician. Since childhood. Emanuel Swedenborg. he never became identified with it and even despised largely because of its nihilism. Aldous Huxley. was his mother who carried the baton. It is believed this kind of life without attachment to places or people. Robby Krieger on guitar and John Densmore on drums (the latter two from the group The Psychedelic Rangers). Morrison added or removed from her poetry at will. poetry. Arthur Rimbaud. timidly.S. Teachers College at length with Jim talked about books of this tipo. the Comte de Lautréamont. and secondly. did a bit and read voraciously. in the long absences of her father. including a long song was composed based on improvisations called The End. marijuana and LSD (reportedly his favorite). it is true that reading complex texts for most. a former classmate in college and another musician (who was in the band Rick and the Ravens). among many others. With the intention of spreading his poetry. vegetarianism or astrology. He had two brothers: Anne and Andy Morrison. Jim greatly confused him the idea of authority as. He studied at Florida State University and then film at UCLA. depending on . including works by authors such as Friedrich Nietzsche. Gerard de Nerval and William Blake. military (admiral's first nuclear ship). would use the track The End as introductory soundtrack for Apocalypse Now. could use the same shirt day after day until it fell to shreds. Jim managed to graduate but never went to collect his papers. Manzarek was surprised by his talent and asked him to form a rock band. After several lineup changes the band. Night after night they played their most popular. Jack Kerouac. living on the roof of a building or in the homes of the girls managed to win with his bizarre appearance and complex reciting sonnets eighteenth century. won a contract to play in a bar known as "Whisky a Go Go". In this example started a bad relationship with authority and who exercise that is manifested throughout his life. A professor Jim even told his biographers that used to go to the Library of Congress to see if there were some of the books I read Jim said. Los Angeles. eventually forming The Doors. such as reaching the mind through meditation. California. This was a time of discovery for Jim. To this end he moved to Venice Beach in Los Angeles. his family had moved to several cities in the U. On the one hand. had a chance encounter with Ray Manzarek. however. Ray Manzarek on keyboards. "it seemed as if he had written those books. part of the same generation as the famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola who. The relationship was with their parents (especially his mother) and siblings was always the one who does not want to be part nor compromised. years later.S. most of the other students could not understand like him. When he returned. because his father's career and live in various military bases (at fourteen years old and had seven homes). From a young age was fascinated by literature and poetry. Upon hearing. who had great power over him. Charles Baudelaire .1 According to statements by some. 1943. His parents were Clara Clarke and George Stephen Morrison.

It also puts into question the very fact of his death. These books can be read as philosophy and. saw the death of an Indian in an accident. they say that nobody can keep a body without government knowledge. There are people who question the official version. for random cruelty of fate. Other versions say he suffered a heroin . With his full name James Douglas Morrison Clarke. Rothchild. completely written by Robbie Krieger. at the risk of being sentenced to prison. when The Doors were becoming the only American group that competed successfully with the big bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In fact. 1969. poem divided between supporters of the group in a concert following the death of Brian Jones. during the famous Summer of Love 1967. had already published two small books of poems The Lords (Lords) and The New Creatures (The New Creation) and the booklet An American Prayer (An American prayer) and Ode to LA (Ode to LA). which made it a very unsafe. after consuming large amounts of alcohol. made his concerts were banned in several U. It is worth noting the dramatic change experienced by Morrison to become the star of The Doors. ends up killing his father and marrying his mother. producer and then the record company owns Elektra Records. There was no autopsy.S. as has the whole audience screamed with excitement. 1971 Jim Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of his apartment in the Marais district of Paris. During his childhood and adolescence had a lot of personality problems. was there that night and followed the group to the back door. was put on trial following a performance in which some participants said that showed his penis and simulated masturbation. where he lived with his partner and lover. including the idea of suicide and murder). It is important to note that Morrison left the musical career in his moment of greatest popularity. It was with the single Light My Fire. interest in shamanism because of its close relationship with the peyote. It was said that Jim's father took his son's body to the cemetery to take the United States. His biggest influence as a singer and as the middle stage. but sources of Père Lachaise. drowned in a swimming pool because of an overdose. as he always did. according to her death certificate. Upon arriving at the interpretation of The End. began to improvise on music. marijuana and LSD. One day. In 1971. such as Mystery Train. For the owner of the premises that was too much and threw them while.your mood. his spirit is embodied in you. The only ones who saw his body were his girlfriend and a doctor no longer practiced. at times. who played many times in their live concerts. the band remained several weeks at the top of Billboard magazine popularity. especially that produced in the Sun label. but that moment would end not only part of the legend of The Doors but rock culture in general. Jim had to be carried by his teammates almost dragged to the bar and somehow managed to make it sing. the famous cemetery where he was buried. In 1967 the band released their first album called simply The Doors. because the circumstances were somewhat strange. Morrison wrote a brief live and original version of the tragedy Oedipus Rex. His biggest obstacle to joining the group was suffering stage fright. it has ensured that Jim Morrison had a condition BPD (borderline personality disorder) or BDP (Borderline Personality Disorder of). It says that because he so specified in a will just before. Pamela Courson (although there are many other versions of his death. His provocative on stage. It was both the impact they had on the drugs he became an expert on the subject. Paul A. cities. among other things (although there was no evidence). It is also said to be characterized by their small Indian-style dancing shaman. and. who did not know or see in concert but he knew almost all of his repertoire. was Elvis Presley. decided to leave the music and settle in Paris where he devoted himself entirely to his greater inclination: poetry. which impelled him to take drugs before each concert. In the first concert even sang with his back to the public. On March 1. as well as conceptual sociological essays or manifestos. disturbing the public order. where they showed their admiration and suggested they record an album soon. On July 3. but said he died from a heart attack. France. The legend says that if you see an Indian died. as their credit cards and passports are still valid. guitarist of the Stones. Sophocles's character. upon arrival in Los Angeles. He even wrote a treatise on drugs.

It is also said that after his death." However. It was clear that regular user of various drugs (LSD. Jim Morrison died at age 27 like other famous rockers like Robert Johnson. However. there is likely to consume heroin. as is said. got money by check to your name. On this strange death. In fact. there have been many speculations. and various places of ill repute of Los Angeles. known both for beatings.overdose (which was not fond of) in the toilets of Paris Rock'n'Roll Circus and was later moved back home. Your epitaph is written in ancient Greek and translates to "each his own demon. a person claiming to be Jim Morrison and dressed like him. drugs used mainly proposed by the hippie community to achieve states of balance and peace. when he surprised his girlfriend Pamela inject. peyote and cannabis) and. always advocated the use of psychoactive substances. in addition to alcohol in abundance. Jimi Hendrix. Several people reported seeing the Lizard King in a Paris cafe. It also said that cocaine was their drug of preference for its effect "gas. Brian Jones. went for the supplier." . wearing a black leather outfit. but these rumors were never proven. mainly because I was diagnosed with needle phobia. Janis Joplin or Kurt Cobain.

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