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A black screen, voiceover of a familiar female voice - Abigail - , speaking as if to a child. "Once upon a time, there was a point in time when everyone fought, all searching for the paradise said to lie in the Atlantic Ocean...." Flash of a war raging, men dressed in heavy armor fighting to the death with one another. Flash a second image of a fleet of ships with waves crashing all around them. They're obviously in the middle of a storm. "It was said to be the greatest place on Earth....a Utopia some called it...." Lightning flashes over a black screen - during the flash, and island with what seems a city built on it is visible, but when the lightning flashes again, it's gone. "But in order to protect the city, it was sank, far below the waves...." A man stands in the crowsnest of a ship, watching as something glowing disappears in the dark, beneath the waves of the ocean. "And it was never seen again." Screen goes black for a moment. A close up on Abigail's face as she sits in the living room of the Gates manor, a blonde little girl sitting in her lap as candles flicker around them. Black again. Riley's Voice: “Well, I'm glad we're finally done with all this treasure hunting. It means I have less chances of getting shot." Benjamin Gates has taken a break, from the chaos that is treasure hunting, in order to focus his attention on his five year old daughter, Charlotte. Shows Ben chasing Charlotte around the backyard, laughing. Abigail watches from the porch, smiling. Riley comes out of nowhere and tackles Ben to the ground, laughing. Charlotte squeals in delight and jumps on both of them. Abigail: Play nice you three. Shows Charlotte smiling brightly as she hugs her father Charlotte: I love you, Daddy.

And their lives have actually managed to return to some semblence of normalocity. Flashes of a beaming Riley as he and Ben are in the kitchen, making pancakes, and Abigail dressed in a beautiful gown, preparing for another party. Screen suddenly goes black. Fades into a dark haired man, sitting at a large oak desk, writing something down. Another flash of teh same man, standing on the steps of a large building, staring at something in the distance. Voiceover of the man: "I am afraid I must do the unthinkable to save my people..." Cuts to an image of a large city, people looking happy as they go on about their day, looking pleased. Children play at the feet of the adults. Black screen again. Voiceover of the man: “Sinking the city is the only way I can think of to protect us all. We cannot let the pity wars of the rest of the world overtake us. Lightning flashes as the man continues to stare. Wind blows his hair violently about his face, making him look rather demonic. Voiceover of the man: “This is the last entry. In mere moments, we will all be underwater." A discover has been made, and as usual, Ben can't look away. Shows Ben meeting with the President. Ben holds up a worn, very weathered book and flips to a page. Ben: “Sir, I think this is the key to finding Atlantis." President: “I think you may be right, Mr. Gates. So? When do you leave? Shows Ben smiling as the President shows him the blueprints of something across his desk. Riley: "Atlantis? You mean the city that was pretty much flushed like a toliet below the ocean that no ones ever been able to find in the history of history? This could be one of the most dangerous hunts of their lives. Shows a ragged looking man, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He laughs, a creepy, very echoing laugh. Riley: Who are you supposed to be? Dracula? Flashes an image of Ben rolling his eyes while Charlotte giggles. They are sitting around a fire, roasting marshmellows. And Benjamin Gates is pulled into a hunt that he cannot resist. Shows Ben picking up his cell phone and bringing it to his ear

Ben: “Hello?” Man (over phone): Hello Gates. From this point on, you follow my orders. Shows Ben looking behind him at Riley and Abigail Riley: "What's he got on you? And who does he think he is?" Shows Ben hugging Abigail tightly Ben: “I’m sorry, Abigail.” Shows Abigail looking hysterical, tears rolling down her face. Shows a smiling Riley as he hands Ben a flashlight Riley (Voiceover): “What would you ever do without me?” The race has begun for the search for the city that mankind had longed to find since the legend and stories were first told. Shows Ben scooping up Charlotte just as something nearly crashes on top of her. Another flash of Riley shivering in teh cold, his breath visible when he breaths, Ben glancing back at him. Ben: “Come on, Riley. Almost there." Riley (with a wide, forced smile): “Y...yeah....No...p...problem." Ben just might take all the risks with this one, pushing the limits farther than he's ever done before. Abigail (Voiceover): “It is said that some have seen it, but they die before they can make it back to tell anyone." Abigail holding a torch, gazing up in wonder in the large cavern around them. Riley slippng and sliding on very sleek ice, Charlotte giggling as she slids across the ice on her stomach, enjoying it. Cuts to the trio behind a rounded panel of very, very thick glass. Zooming out, it reveals that is is the glass wall of the front part of a high-tech submarine, which is gliding underwater silently, not even a sound. Charlotte (Voiceover): “Daddy! I'm scared! Shows Riley reaching forward and grabbing Ben's arm, who turns to look back at him with frustration Riley: “We’re here for you, Ben. You don’t have to do this alone.” Legends become real....

A quick image of an icy city. Abigail's scream is heard. Shows a worried Ben pulling a panicked Charlotte close to him as she sobs, Ben attempting to calm her as he glacnes around, looking for something. Screen goes black Ben: “We'll be home soon sweetheart." As Ben and his family risk it all to keep themselves from becoming part of a legend famous for years… Shows a sequence of shots in slow motion: A horrified Riley watching as a building explodes Abigail dropping to her knees as Riley attempts to comfort her A sobbing Charlotte Ben sighing heavily and hanging his head Ben putting his head into his hands Charlotte breathing heavily, looking around, alone and lost. The night sky, a calm ocean surface. Something glows beneath the surface. The man with piercing blue eyes laughing again, holding a gun to Abigail's head. Riley slowly reaching for a crystal looking key on the ground of a cave. Riley hanging from a cliff, Abigail clinging to his leg. Ben running forward with a gun Ben: “Stop right there!" Screen goes black when the sounds of shattering glass and a terrified scream are heard Ocean Treasures Riley: “From the way I see it, we've moved up from crazy.”
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