Using EFT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Emotional Traumas of Every Kind by Gary Craig, EFT Practitioners, Combat Veterans, and Other Users

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Copyright 2008 by Gary Craig

Edited by CJ Puotinen
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Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, Gary Craig is not a licensed health professional and offers EFT as an ordained minister and as a personal performance coach. This book is written for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, health care professionals, counselors, and others who work with patients who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as for those who have PTSD. If you suffer from PTSD yourself, please consult a qualified health practitioner regarding your use of EFT. Then read the entire book, paying special attention to Chapter Thirteen. EFT can be a valuable tool for those motivated to help themselves, but for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, it should be used with specific safeguards that are explained in Chapter Thirteen.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Table of Contents
Notes and Acknowledgements 1 Introduction 3 How to learn EFT 7 Why EFT often works where nothing else will 8 Why I Wrote This Book 10 A Vital Guide for Reading This Book 12 Chapter One: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 15 A Marine overcomes PTSD 17 by Sgt. Trent Miller Testing EFT with combat veterans 19 Can EFT cure PTSD? 22 Observing EFT for veterans with PTSD 23 by Stephen S. Nagy, M.D. Chapter Two: EFT’s Basic Recipe 29 Defining the problem 29 Measuring intensity on the 0-to-10 scale 29 The Basic Recipe 30 Ingredient #1 ... The Setup 31 The Affirmation 33 The Sore Spot 34 The Karate Chop Point 35 Ingredient #2 ... The Sequence 36 Ingredient #3 ... The 9 Gamut Procedure 40 Ingredient #4 ... The Sequence (again) 42 The Reminder Phrase 42 Subsequent round adjustments 44 Optional points 46 Putting it all together 46 The Apex effect 49 The art of delivery 50


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Chapter Three: The Acceptance Phrase 51 Soft language to ease the EFT Acceptance Phrase 52 by Betty Moore-Hafter Ideas for enhancing EFT Setups by Jo Hainsworth 55 More notes on positive Setups 57 Chapter Four: Tapping for PTSD 58 Example of Basic Recipe applied to a general description 58 Example of the Basic Recipe applied to a specific memory 60 How EFT helped my PTSD 61 by Gena D. How Unresolved Trauma Triggers PTSD 63 by Dr. Carol Look An EFT formula for specific trauma 69 by Maggie Adkins Chapter Five: EFT for Combat Veterans 78 Six days at the V.A. 78 The Generalization Effect 83 Delivering EFT to a macho war veteran 86 by Dr. Patricia Carrington Layers of trauma 90 by Sophia Cayer War trauma – no more nightmares 103 by Crystal Hawk Trauma relief for a prisoner of war 104 by Wayne Clayton-Robb EFT for a prisoner who is also a veteran 104 by Gene Joseph EFT clears PTSD from a bombing in Iraq 106 by Andrea Fredi Vietnam vet with severe PTSD sleeps through the night 108 by Kim Eisen Chapter Six: Exploring Underlying Issues 111 Introducing Aspects 111 Discovering “Core Issues” 113 The Personal Peace Procedure 114 The Watch a Movie and Tell a Story Techniques 115 The Tearless Trauma Technique 115

Patricia Carrington v .EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Surrogate or proxy tapping 117 Borrowing Benefits 118 Additional tapping procedures 120 Touch and breathe (TAB method) 120 The Constricted Breathing Technique 121 The Floor-to-Ceiling Eye Roll 122 Collarbone Breathing 122 Advantages of the 9 Gamut Procedure 123 by Mair Llewellyn-Edwards Chapter Seven: Improving EFT’s Effectiveness 126 The tap-while-you-gripe technique 127 by Rick Wilkes Can you do EFT incorrectly? 129 Tapping on a single “personal” point 130 by Jerem Egan Conditions that interfere 131 Psychological reversal 131 Self-talk and the “writings on your walls” 131 Tail-enders 132 Saying goodbye to the past 133 How to tell whether EFT is working 134 When EFT loses its effectiveness 136 by Gene Monterastelli Chapter Eight: Choices. Solutions. and worthy” 156 by Deborah Lindsey Chapter Nine: Terrorist Attacks and Other Nightmares 157 EFT and the aftermath of 9/11 157 by Dr. Patricia Carrington’s “Choices” Method 139 Top ten tapping tips 143 by Dr. Carol Look When EFT doesn’t work 149 Improving EFT results at home 153 by Barbara Smith Tapping for being “able. Carol Look EFT “Choices” for recent New York City trauma victims 161 by Dr. willing. and Tapping Tips 139 Dr.

and feeling 223 like a failure by Zoe Zimmerman Relieving the trauma of a car accident 226 by JoAnn SkyWatcher vi .EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Using EFT after a terrorist attack 165 by David Lake EFT for a Hurricane Katrina survivor 169 by Rebecca Marina Using EFT for Trauma Relief after a major earthquake 171 by Deepak Mostert How to weather hurricane stress with EFT 173 by Gwenn Bonnell Chapter Ten: Advanced Work with Veterans 176 Tapping for Collections of Traumas 176 by Lindsay Kenny Trust and integrity with combat veterans 182 by Ingrid Dinter Chapter Eleven: PTSD Complications 202 Abreactions and dissociation 205 EFT for severe dissociative disorder 207 by Jerem Egan Where only the pros should tred 211 by Lori Lorenz An extreme trauma with a severe abreaction 214 and what to do about it by Jayne Morgan-Kidd Chapter Twelve: EFT for PTSD’s Many Causes 217 Dealing with anger 217 Employee overcomes anger at supervisor 218 by Steve Wells Using EFT for forgiveness: The one-percent solution 219 by Dr. agoraphobia. and sorrow by Stewart Robertson EFT for panic. shame. Patricia Carrington Reframes (seeing things differently) 222 for guilt.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Tip-toeing into two car accident traumas 228 by Alan Morison Rapid relief from accident flashbacks 230 by Ann Adams “Preventive” EFT after an attack in the street 232 by Denis Franklin Handling the aftermath of a mugging with EFT 233 over the phone by Rosemary Eads Using EFT after a hanging 234 and for unresolved mother-death grief By Dawn Norton EFT for elementary school trauma 236 by Monica Broadfoot Johnson Drowning-related trauma relief for a 9-year-old boy 237 by Tom Altaffer Resolving PTSD from a traumatic miscarriage 238 by Marcia Platt EFT clears up a long-ago date-rape trauma 243 by Jeanne Ranger Using EFT to reduce rape trauma 246 by David Peppiatt Rape trauma: It just doesn’t seem to bother me 247 like it did by Alan Batchelder Getting over a gang rape – including a follow-up 248 by Ellen Simes Trauma in the trunk of a car 249 by Ken Barclay Chapter Thirteen: Do-It-Yourself EFT 251 A client resolves life-long anger on her own 254 by Mair Llewellyn-Edwards Accident victim resolves her own PTSD 40 years later 256 by Pat Farrell How I handled my child abuse PTSD all by myself 258 by Lisa Rogers EFT beginner collapses her own PTSD 261 by Jamala Rose vii .

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Beginner taps on childhood events 264 by Angie Muccillo EFT in the aftermath of domestic violence 266 by Ann Peck Paramedic cures his own PTSD 267 by Bob Patefield In conclusion 268 EFT Glossary 269 Authors’ Contact Information 272 Index 276 viii .

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Notes and Acknowledgements
The list of individuals who contributed to the development of EFT can never be complete because most of them lived over 5,000 years ago. Those are the brilliant physicians who discovered and mapped the centerpiece of EFT, namely, the subtle energies that course through our bodies. These subtle energies are also the centerpiece of acupuncture and, as a result, EFT and acupuncture are cousins. Both disciplines are growing rapidly here in the West and, as time unfolds, they are destined to have a primary role in emotional and physical healing. In the 20th Century, other dedicated souls advanced our use of ancient techniques that utilize the body’s energy. Principal among them is Dr. George Goodheart, who developed Applied Kinesiology, a forerunner of EFT. In the 1960s, Dr. Goodheart discovered that muscle testing could be used to gather important information from the body, and he went on to train many health care practitioners and publish important books and papers. Dr. John Diamond’s work deserves applause because, to my knowledge, he was one of the first psychiatrists to use and write about these subtle energies. His many pioneering concepts, together with advanced ideas from Applied Kinesiology, have formed the foundation upon which our work is constructed. Dr. Diamond’s best-sellers include Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Power of Your Emotions (Continuum International, 1990) and Life Energy and the Emotions (Eden Grove, 1997). Dr. Roger Callahan, the clinical psychologist from whom I received my original introduction to “emotional acupressure,” deserves all the credit history can give him. He was the first to bring these techniques to the public in a substantial way and he did so despite open hostility from his own profession. As you might appreciate, it takes heavy doses of conviction to plow through the ingrained beliefs of conventional thinking. Without Roger Callahan’s missionary drive, we might still be sitting around theorizing about this “interesting thing.” It is upon the shoulders of these giants that I humbly stand. My own contribution to the rapidly expanding field of meridian therapies has been to reduce the unnecessary complexity that inevitably finds its way into new discoveries. EFT is an elegantly simple version of these procedures, which professionals and laypeople alike can use on a variety of problems. I also owe a special debt of gratitude to Adrienne Fowlie, who, through a friend, introduced me to meridian tapping techniques and helped me develop EFT. Many EFT students and practitioners helped make this book possible. I am grateful to all who contributed case studies and reports. Many of the examples given here were published in our email newsletter and are posted in the newsletter’s archives on the EFT website, To contact any of our report authors, see the Resources section at the end of this book. 1

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The names given in the reports presented here have often been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. This is especially likely if only first names are given. All of the names given here are as they originally appeared in reports published in our newsletter and on the EFT website. When a person’s full name is given, it has not been changed and is used with permission. In the interests of editorial consistency, reports from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other countries that use British spelling and punctuation have been changed to conform to standard American English. Many references are made to the V.A., which stands for hospitals and services run by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, especially its Veterans Benefits Administration and Veterans Health Administration. Like most topics of special interest, EFT has its own words and abbreviations that have special meaning for its students and practitioners. You’ll find a list of EFT terms and their definitions in the Glossary on page 269


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Welcome to the world of EFT. The word world is appropriate because in the last ten years, Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT has become a global phenomenon. Our free manual, which has been translated by EFT practitioners into19 languages, has been downloaded by over half a million people, and another 5,000 to 10,000 download it every month. While most EFT practitioners live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, the technique is being taught and used in dozens of countries around the world. If you would like to study EFT in Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati (a language of India), Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, or Turkish, simply download the manual in translation. For convenience, the manual is also available as a paperback book sold in retail bookstores and online. Look for The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gary Craig, published by Energy Psychology Press, 2008. This book will open your eyes to a new way of health and healing. It can alleviate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and keep it from ever returning while simultaneously improving a person’s love life, finances, golf game, and personal happiness. I know that sounds like hype from an infomercial. But it’s true. EFT can do all of these things and more. EFT’s basic premise is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. I can’t emphasize this concept enough. When our energy is flowing normally, without obstruction, we feel good in every way. When our energy becomes blocked or stagnant or is otherwise disrupted, negative or damaging emotions can develop along with all types of symptoms, including PTSD. EFT is often called emotional acupuncture because when someone combines gentle tapping on key acupuncture points with focused thoughts about past events, present problems, physical discomfort, or anything else, the underlying emotional factors that contributed in any way to the situation are released along with the acupuncture meridians’ energy blocks. Consider that: EFT often brings relief when nothing else does. Further, it brings relief in about 80 percent of the cases in which it’s tried, and in the hands of a skilled practitioner, its success rate can exceed 95 percent. This is as true for PTSD as it is for physical pain, difficult family relationships, performance anxiety, health problems, and anything else.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Sometimes the discomfort goes away permanently while in other cases the process needs to be continued. But even if the condition returns, it can usually be reduced or eliminated quickly and effectively just by repeating the procedure. People are often astonished at the results they experience because their belief systems have not yet adapted to this common-sense process. Somehow, relief from PTSD is supposed to be much more difficult than tapping with your fingertips on key acupuncture points. EFT is extremely easy to use. Small children learn it quickly, and kids as young as eight or ten have no trouble teaching it to others. It’s fully portable, requires no special equipment, and can be used at any time of the day or night and under any circumstances. No drugs, surgeries, radiations, or other medical interventions are involved in EFT. In fact, it’s so different from conventional medicine that the medical profession has no way of explaining its results. It doesn’t seem to matter what the patient’s diagnostic tests show. Relief is likely to occur with EFT no matter what the diagnosis. That’s because we are addressing a cause for PTSD that is outside the medical box. This is not to say that the person being treated should ignore his or her physician’s advice. On the contrary, I encourage everyone to consult with qualified health care providers. Quite a few EFT practitioners are physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, counselors, and other health care providers. As EFT becomes more widely known, it will become easier to find licensed health care practitioners who are knowledgeable about EFT. Using a few minutes of EFT will often end or significantly improve a person’s symptoms. When it doesn’t, there is likely to be some underlying emotional issue that is creating chemicals and/or tension in the body that aggravates the condition. If that’s the case, EFT is ideal for collapsing and neutralizing emotional issues, and it often does the job in minutes. EFT was originally designed for reducing the psychotherapy process from months or years down to minutes or, in complicated cases, a few sessions. What excites me most about EFT is its application to both physical and emotional health and wellness. I’m convinced more than ever that Modern Medicine has walked right past a major contributor to chronic and acute diseases and psychological disorders. Our unresolved angers, fears, and traumas show up in our physical bodies and manifest not only as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder but as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and hundreds of other illnesses.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Just about everyone knows this intuitively. Whenever Los Angeles physician Eric Robins, MD, shows patients how to do EFT, he explains that past traumas can be stored in muscles and organs in the body and that releasing past events and all the emotions they generate may alleviate physical symptoms. Dr. Robins reports that most patients grasp this concept at once, and as soon as they tap away their anger, frustration, or unhappy memories, their symptoms improve. Psychologists have always known that there are powerful connections between mind and body, but conventional talk therapy seldom cures anything, and neither do psychoactive drugs. But balancing the body’s energy can help with everything, and it’s as simple as tapping on your head and torso while focusing on a problem. As Dr. Robins explains, this simple procedure releases or neutralizes the condition’s underlying cause, and as soon as that happens, the condition itself disappears. No technique or procedure works for everyone, but by all accounts, the vast majority of those who try EFT for a specific problem experience significant results. That’s a stunning statistic, one that would be the envy of any prescription drug, surgical procedure, or medical treatment. EFT has come a long way in the last ten years, but it’s not even a blip on conventional medicine’s radar. When it is noticed, it’s often relegated to the “support therapy” category, something to be used later, after conventional treatments. I hope that will soon change. Unless there is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention, EFT should be the FIRST treatment offered. This, in my observation, will dramatically reduce the need for drugs and other conventional procedures. Even in emergencies, such as accidents or injuries, EFT can be extremely helpful, for it helps people think clearly while reducing pain and discomfort. In all situations, it speeds recovery and healing. To satisfy my curiosity about EFT’s effectiveness in the treatment of serious diseases, I recently spent two years traveling to different cities giving three-day seminars in which I worked onstage with actual patients. As a result, I know more than ever that EFT is a truly universal healing tool. The same basic approach that treats PTSD, back pain, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple chemical sensitivities works as well for glaucoma, muscular dystrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, allergies, pulled hamstring muscles, high blood pressure, heart disease, and every other physical ailment you can name. And when it comes to fears, phobias, anger, and anxiety, EFT is in a class by itself. In early 2008, it was my pleasure to work with five fellow EFT practitioners and coaches in a study of 11 combat veterans and family members who suffered from PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. The results of this well-documented research project, which is described in Chapter One, were dramatic. EFT is truly one of the fastest acting and most effective treatments that has ever been used for this difficult problem.


They perfected a system of pulse diagnosis. That’s when I began to appreciate the connections between the mind. When a meridian’s key points are stimulated with the incredibly thin needles used in acupuncture. approaches. Medical doctors study the electrical activity of our brains with electroencephalograms (EEGs) and our hearts with electrocardiograms (ECGs or EKGs) all the time.” a short Reminder Phrase. In this way. emotional. especially emotional thought about physical symptoms or past events that are in any way linked to them. and mental discomfort. with burning herbs held just above the surface of the skin (called moxibustion). with a minimum of effort. the symptoms clear up and so do the emotions that contributed to them. and with success. or energy. It makes sense that if your energy is balanced. and procedures described here apply not only to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder but to all types of physical. gentle fingertip tapping on key acupuncture points clears energy blocks along the body’s meridians. the easier it will be to apply it to any problem – quickly. When tapping is combined with focused thought. Just where and how it flows is a fascinating subject. I took Dr.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) EFT is so new that it’s still evolving. That by itself would improve health and well being. Chinese physicians mapped the body’s energy paths. which are connected by hundreds of key points. slowed. in which pulses coursing through the wrist reveal whether a meridian’s energy is moving smoothly and in the right direction or is blocked. everything inside and around you will improve. Once emotions are cleared. I was trained as an engineer at Stanford University and. Thousands of years ago. or moving incorrectly. and I never ceased to be amazed at the results. In EFT. not just PTSD. energy flows and the action or efficiency of the organ linked to the affected meridian improves. It’s no exaggeration to say that the more you use and practice EFT. and tapping. or by fingertip massage (called acupressure). EFT combines a short description of a problem with an “Acceptance Phrase. they no longer trigger symptoms. and the body’s energy system. As soon as that happens. 6 . like most engineers. The result truly is emotional freedom. but results are what matter. Please keep in mind that all of the EFT techniques. are removed. At its most basic. formulas. Theories are interesting. I’m an experimentalist at heart. the blocks that interfere with the free flow of Chi. I encourage practitioners and newcomers alike to experiment – to try it on everything. the meridians. But EFT does much more. This is why EFT’s results can be so lasting. Electricity flows through us from the moment we’re conceived until we die. the physical body. Callahan’s training and became a practitioner of his techniques. acupuncturists routinely treat all types of disease and discomfort. The procedure usually takes less than a minute.

how to correct factors that can interfere with EFT. and links to practitioners.A. and there are several EFT-related forums and chat groups whose members support each other with questions. and wherever people gather. adult schools. The manual describes the science behind EFT. offers many resources including my online tutorial. answers. You can read the entire manual on your computer. The official EFT website. tips from our website. offices. but most students print it out or have it printed at a copy center. which show EFT in action in a variety of settings. which is a series of instructions. www. In addition. to live seminars in which people with all kinds of problems volunteered to be treated onstage. To help spread the word about meeting rooms. explanations.emofree. Over 50 books about EFT have been written by practitioners. reports from users on every topic imaginable. which can be freely downloaded from www. and they come with my written permission to make up to 100 copies of each and every disc to give away. Some add blank pages for note taking. The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gary Craig. case histories. these DVDs are economically priced. and or purchased from retail and online booksellers as a paperback book. restaurants. Still another way to learn EFT is to attend a workshop or demonstration conducted by an EFT instructor or practitioner. private homes. clinics. You can start by reading the EFT Manual.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) How to learn EFT There are several ways to learn EFT. 7 .”). My favorite way is to watch our DVDs. from a hotel swimming pool (“Dave’s Fear of Water”) to the Veterans Administration Hospital where Vietnam War veterans used EFT to treat their PTSD (“Six Days at the V. and other experts. And there are many opportunities to learn EFT and hone your skills online. conference centers. These are held in libraries. and exercises that can help you move from the most basic and fundamental EFT techniques to what I call the art of delivery. published by Energy Psychology Press. 2008. or they use Post-It notes and highlighters to mark important sections for review. health care professionals. dozens of EFT practitioners have their own websites featuring helpful reports. You will get more out of these workshops if you first watch the DVDs. students. its basic procedure. My EFT Insights Newsletter is called “The Heartbeat of EFT” because it features breaking news. then place it in a three-ring binder or have it bound for convenience. recommendations. tips for applying it. shortcuts. providing instructions and all types of examples. and recommendations for improving results. the combination of skill and talent that comes with experience and imagination.

physical therapy. including our bodies.6 percent) and sham (44. Why EFT often works where nothing else will EFT approaches stress.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) This book is designed to help you learn EFT and immediately take it to a new level. anxiety. and exercise (388 patients). published in the Archives of Internal Medicine on September 24. and that is why it frequently provides major relief where prescription drugs or conventional therapies fail. They don’t use them for healing. Albert Einstein told us over 100 years ago that everything. proves that even “pretend” acupuncture is effective. blood tests. Every physician knows this. and other medical equipment. you’ll find explanations. is composed of energy. In fact. and organ function. and brain scans to discover why we have pain or feel anxious or depressed.4 percent of the patients who used it. pain.2 percent) acupuncture was almost identical – and both were nearly twice as effective as conventional therapy. Without this essential energy our bodies would come to an instant halt. doctors examine X-rays. sham acupuncture. While Western medicine has not yet determined how or why acupuncture works. which brought relief to only 27. examples. consisting of superficial needling at non-acupuncture points (387 patients). ideas. Western medical schools basically ignore it and continue to focus on the body’s chemical nature. the researchers concluded that the positive effect of both real (47. the reports shared by EFT practitioners and students are actual examples of EFT in action. It has had a profound impact on science over the last century. 2007. Nonetheless. Throughout its chapters. yet the medical folks merely measure these energies using EEGs. That is what his famous E=mc2 formula is all about. or a conventional combination of drugs. Instead. the response rates were high for the two acupuncture groups and much lower for the conventional therapy group. 8 . 1. Subtle amounts of electricity (energy) circulate throughout our bodies and are vital for brain. Why did we turn our backs on this most important scientific discovery? Was it because there’s not much money in it? Was it due to the influence of the drug companies? Who knows? Our bodies abound with energy. fear. Best of all. and discomfort in ways that are completely different from conventional medicine. and one of the most recent. several medical studies conducted in the United States and Europe have shown that it does. and scripts you can borrow.162 patients with low back pain received ten 30-minute sessions of acupuncture administered according to traditional Chinese medicine (387 patients). Medical schools train physicians and psychiatrists to look at our bodies as bags of chemicals and body parts with little or no emphasis on their energetic nature. That is an astonishing oversight. In this study. trauma. EKGs. heart. After six months.

doesn’t your blood pressure go up? Doesn’t your heart pound faster? Don’t the veins in your neck stand out? Doesn’t your face flush? During sexual arousal – an emotion – doesn’t your body change in profound ways? And don’t negative emotions sometimes cause your stomach to tighten or your throat to constrict? These are obvious everyday proofs that our emotions profoundly impact our bodies. if I threw a live rattlesnake in your lap. for they strongly suggest that “pretend” acupuncture removes energy blocks and improves the flow of chi. we see that the cause of our physical pains and symptoms must include our negative emotions because. For example.” Negative emotions produce buckets of “negative chemicals” that circulate throughout the body causing excess acidity. We all know this intuitively. without them. They just make an occasional reference to the fact that stress aggravates certain problems. laughter. the resulting chemical imbalances would not occur. generate healing chemicals and serve to produce balance. disease. Medical schools provide little or no training in understanding or treating the emotional causes or illness. and in addition to stimulating real acupuncture points. or discomfort. 9 . It doesn’t take a genius to predict the effect on our health of this consistent barrage of chemical insults. it often provides powerful healing. and joy tend to reduce pain? Perhaps you can now see why. It is like putting bad gas in our automobiles. and the like. EFT can be considered a “pretend” acupuncture. as EFT moves our systems from negative to positive emotions. wouldn’t you have an instant emotion – such as fear – that would pump major amounts of adrenaline throughout your body? When you are angry. on the other hand. In fact. chemical imbalances. yet these clear causes for our various symptoms escape the medical profession. Have you ever noticed that love. The eventual breakdown is both predictable and inevitable. our brains are often referred to by the medical folks as “the world’s most prolific pharmacy.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) These are fascinating results. Yet our emotions have a profound effect on our physical symptoms. too. which makes the treatment even more effective. Why aren’t energy and emotions the front-running candidates as causes of pain and disease? Physicians are taught early on in their training that the brain produces a wide array of chemicals that depend on our emotional moods. With these thoughts in mind. and that’s as far as they go. Positive emotions. it combines that stimulation with intention or focused thought.

Whether you are new to EFT or already an experienced “tapper. grief. and common sense would suggest that long-term. Why I Wrote This Book My main reason for writing this book is to give instruction on a method that will help our veterans and others who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a way that nothing else has. That’s what this book is about. and the like? Doesn’t he or she just prescribe drugs or other conventional treatments instead? That is where EFT comes in. easy to use. I know without a doubt that EFT can help just about anyone take control of his or her health and happiness and that the instructions and recommendations given here can completely transform and improve lives and relationships. V. But their approach is limited. lasting relief comes from addressing the CAUSE (the negative emotions) and not the SYMPTOMS (the resulting chemicals). and highly effective in the treatment of PTSD. was the last time your physician spent any quality time asking you about your anger.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Yet. It’s easy to learn. formerly called the Veterans Administration. To them. for example. That’s why they offer drugs – additional chemicals – to counteract the effects of the unwanted chemicals. When. medical centers can alleviate military PTSD in record time. I am privileged to count many dedicated physicians as my personal friends. it is my pleasure to share this book with you. that is the solution. However. I have endless respect for their many talents and superb training regarding the chemical nature of the body. versatile. I wrote it for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. trauma. Many medical discoveries are impressive indeed and my doctor friends have countless wonderments at their disposal. fear. It focuses on chemistry and does little or nothing about the energetic and emotional causes of pain and disease. They are instead SYMPTOMS of the problem. these body chemicals are NOT the problem.” and whether you plan to use EFT in your profession or simply for yourself or to help a loved one. 10 . because by adopting EFT. I wrote this book so that mental health professionals and trauma specialists around the world can learn about EFT and some of the research that proves its effectiveness in the treatment of PTSD.A. the medical folks approach this problem AS THOUGH THE UNWANTED CHEMICALS ARE THE PROBLEM.

some for as long as 20 or 30 years. tremors. which were videotaped. but I’d like to remind everyone that PTSD is PTSD no matter what the cause – and that EFT works for all types of trauma as well as hundreds of other conditions. whose lives were haunted by vivid intrusive memories. produced equally impressive results. Ideally. it worked just as well as when my colleague and I guided their sessions. Throughout EFT’s short history. or in some cases less than an hour. and other damaging events. I wrote this book so that veterans themselves can use it. I find it fascinating that an affliction that has disrupted someone’s life for years or even decades can completely disappear in a few EFT sessions. fear. all of whom suffered from PTSD or related issues. the problems associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder have increasingly been in the news. physical violence. because the most obvious and noticed forms of PTSD occur in that population. 11 . emotional abuse. In recent years. but neither the therapy nor the psychoactive prescription drugs they took freed them from the extreme emotional pain that their memories generated. and so can police. but when the veterans tried it on their own. in a single day. Knowing how to use EFT to help ourselves and others is a precious gift. This five-day conference. please study Chapter Thirteen before trying EFT. paranoid thoughts. The sessions. More recently. and almost all of us have at least a few symptoms. I worked with five other EFT practitioners and coaches in a research study involving nine veterans and two of their family members. but if veterans do not want to work with. In 1994. or do not trust professionals. and high anxiety. major or minor. Everyone is looking for something. we have received numerous reports from practitioners and beginners alike describing how a few sessions of EFT tapping reduced and then eliminated PTSD stemming from war experiences. Not only did EFT accomplish that goal. All of them had undergone conventional psychotherapy. and who suffered from mood swings. and anxiety. cannot afford. If this is your situation. I spent six days with Vietnam War veterans living in a Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital. including the families and friends of those most affected. which was filmed for a forthcoming movie and which was documented with psychological tests. That was the beginning of my deep appreciation for EFT’s powerful effects on old or stored emotional traumas. injuries. and others whose careers involve stress and trauma. It’s true that much of this book focuses on military veterans. involved patients who could not sleep through the night. that will help those who live with constant stress. veterans and others with PTSD will use EFT as homework between sessions with a professional therapist. terrorist attacks. in March of 2008. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is much in the news. medical workers.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I wrote this book for the public. accidents. anything. fire fighters. they can use it on their own. as well as for their spouses and families.

and it reduces the typical psychotherapy process from months or years down to minutes or hours. A Vital Guide for Reading This Book In a nutshell. the centuries-old healing art still practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can learn the basics of EFT in just a few minutes. You will learn the basics and more in this book. There is much debate among health care practitioners as to what causes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it should be treated.” Most readers will find it a priceless resource because it contains approaches and concepts that you will not find in other health-related books. with many warnings for those who suffer from PTSD against attempting to treat this problem themselves. Instead. there is much to be said for “the art of delivery. It is also astonishingly useful for treating emotional issues of every type. I must emphasize that the treatment of trauma represents but a tiny fraction of EFT’s long list of successes. study. we stimulate the body’s acupuncture meridians by tapping on them with our fingertips.” the shortcuts and sophisticated presentations that distinguish novices from experts. EFT is good for everything. those wishing to improve their performance in sports. EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture. The procedure is easy to learn. This book is a how-to guide for those who suffer from PTSD. public speaking. The examples. This book is a how-to guide for counselors and health care practitioners.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I invite you to join me on a journey through a technique that is easy to learn. easy to use. This book is like an encyclopedia. psychiatrists. EFT is good for pain and physical symptoms of all kinds and it often works where nothing else will. Psychologists. Those who already work with clients or patients whose lives are affected by PTSD know how time-consuming conventional therapies are and how limited their results can be. While this book focuses on EFT’s use for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. business. or PTSD. when we work with complex issues like PTSD. It is so comprehensive that it could easily be considered an “EFT Encyclopedia for PTSD. and easy to share with others. This often brings forth astonishing results that are likely to be far beyond your expectations. or the bedroom will find EFT a valuable aid. and descriptions presented here can help anyone go beyond the basics while incorporating EFT into his or her counseling sessions for improved results. or reports. Although basic EFT is incredibly simple. case reports. For example. magazines. except that we don't use needles. and other experts who have witnessed EFT first-hand are usually stunned at how quickly it works and how effective it is. and practice to understand and utilize its nuances. and produces remarkable benefits for all whose lives are touched by PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. I am convinced that if you follow 12 . Further. but it takes time. easy to use. However.

visit www. we are sprinkling within this book the opinions. please follow the guidelines in Chapter Thirteen. Thus. Your best approach is to work with a counselor or practitioner who has experience with both PTSD and EFT. the problems. there is much you can do on your own to safely and effectively address your symptoms and their underlying causes. Once you understand the basics by watching the first hour of the first DVD in our introductory set. If you have PTSD symptoms yourself and would like to use EFT to alleviate them. If you are interested in the background of EFT and some of the technical. learning important information while being entertained. so that all of us – including EFT instructors and practitioners – can add to our repertoire of approaches and strategies for making EFT more versatile and effective. complications. you can simply tap along with an endless number of sessions designed for your use. experiences.” or newcomer to EFT. you will have a thorough understanding of EFT and its beneficial effects on PTSD. which show EFT in action in seminars conducted throughout the United States. there are several ways to read this book. but if such support is not available. or adverse side effects experienced in other treatment methods are unlikely to materialize. By the time you reach the end.emofree. download our free EFT Manual from the official EFT website. After that. This means that we start with an easy-to-learn. If you’re an experienced EFTer. scientific. Depending on your interest level. One of my goals in writing this book is to provide as many interesting examples as possible. previous experience. peruse the Table of Contents and go where your curiosity and interest take and click on Buying DVDs. 13 . including war-related Post-Traumatic Stress Our DVDs are vital to your comprehension of EFT. I hope you may wish to start at the beginning and read it all the way through. This book was designed as a companion to the EFT Manual and you’ll learn something valuable from both. www. This book contains creative approaches written by many EFT experts. simple procedure that works beautifully in the majority of cases. or engineering explanations that I’m fond of sharing. For a complete description of the contents of each DVD. EFT is an “open source” healing tool that encourages experimentation.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) the step-by-step guidelines described in this book. I would like to emphasize that this book and the EFT Manual do not contain everything there is to know about EFT. If you are a “Newbie.emofree. anyone can experiment with the process and develop other refinements. and individual responses to EFT. for your expanded education. The DVDs offer many live demonstrations of relief from stress and trauma. and creative approaches of EFT students and practitioners. There is no substitute for our DVDs.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) As I like to remind everyone. there is more human drama. and humor in our videotaped seminars than there is in any reality television show! 14 . inspiration.

Those experiencing the most pronounced PTSD symptoms include war veterans. Whether or not someone has been labeled with a PTSD diagnosis. rape. tornadoes. other anxiety disorders. tsunamis or tidal waves. but most are based on The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. physical and sexual abuse. better known as the DSM-IV. and military combat. accidents. Definitions of PTSD vary. Depression. thoughts. Edition. feels alone. or feels emotionally numb and detached from the present moment. and conversations that remind him or her of the traumatic event or events. feels angry. natural disasters. volcanic eruptions. However. and alcohol or drug abuse often accompany PTSD. Events that trigger PTSD include violent personal assaults. and other crimes. there is no dividing line between PTSD and trauma. The person loses interest in important activities. which is published by the American Psychiatric Association. including children and adolescents. is unable to remember details about the event. It occurs in people of any age. 4th. immigrants fleeing violence 15 . survivors of devastating hurricanes. feels irritable. and I think it’s safe to say that anyone whose thoughts or behavior have been affected by a difficult event or situation is a likely candidate. feelings. the technique described here can help. survivors of terrorist attacks. has trouble sleeping. is unable to experience normal emotions. Family members of victims can develop the condition as well. The person can never relax. To me. overreacts when startled. manmade disasters. and other natural phenomena. the definition of PTSD continues to evolve. The person avoids activities. An official diagnosis of PTSD usually requires that at least one or more symptoms from each of the following categories be present for at least a month and that symptoms interfere with the patient leading a normal life.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter One: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is an anxiety disorder that develops after exposure to a frightening or terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm took place or was threatened. can’t concentrate. or the person has very strong mental and physical reactions when reminded of the event. The person relives the event through nightmares or flashbacks. plus survivors of accidents. and tries to be on guard at all times. or feels there is nothing to look forward to. survivors of political persecution. floods.

troops requiring treatment for PTSD may exceed 200. headaches. the Union Tribune in San Diego. parents. chaplains. and close friends of those who have PTSD develop symptoms themselves. On March 31. paramedics. gastrointestinal distress. chest pain. and emotional numbness that are synonymous with PTSD. and psychiatrists from 16 . chronic anxiety. 40 percent of Vietnam War veterans were estimated to have problems with drug abuse and almost half of those veterans had been divorced at least once. EFT can bring almost immediate results.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or disaster. numbness. increased suicide risk. progress is slow and involves ongoing treatment sessions. depression. and other symptoms that stem from stress and anxiety often accompany PTSD. rescue workers. and unemployment. heightened anxiety. While conventional approaches to PTSD do help some patients. in which changes in thought produce changes in behavior. panic attacks. By far the most widely used treatments for PTSD are pharmaceutical. weight loss. and anyone who witnesses traumatic events. published a story by staff writer Rick Rogers about how social workers. In the 1980s. and exposure therapy. their overall success rate is low. dizziness. children. so any statistics we read are guesses at best. police officers. weight gain.S. California. Others suggest that the military’s PTSD population may be 27 percent of noncommissioned officers serving three or more tours. which can include alcohol or drug abuse or addiction. and long hospitalizations. PTSD is often accompanied by physical injuries. 2005. which is why so many spouses. immune system disorders. domestic violence.000. Some military psychiatrists report that the number of U. and that half of all mental health disability claims involve it. emergency medical technicians. Physical symptoms such as insomnia. I don’t mean that everyone with PTSD will experience instant relief. fire fighters. guilt. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is believed to be significantly under-reported in the United States. phobias. Today military researchers estimate that 12 to 20 percent of Iraq war veterans experience the recurring nightmares. fears. low self-esteem. in which the person gradually and repeatedly relives or reexperiences a frightening event under controlled conditions. other relatives. illnesses. or talk therapy. In contrast. hospital staff. The conventional treatments for PTSD include group discussions. fatigue. and even when they work well. including the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and other antidepressants. but the majority of cases respond to EFT much more quickly than they do to conventional treatments. cognitive behavioral therapy. It isn’t easy living with someone who suffers from PTSD and its complications.

I isolated myself from friends and family. “I had no cares or worries in the world.” Hurley later concentrated on the worst cases he had seen while patching up Marines in Ramadi as well as focusing on the suicide to see whether anxiety would trigger another panic attack. no longer haunt them. Arkansas. since June of 2004. “It wasn’t there anymore. I have been home in Alexander. attend 17 . an overwhelming calm came over me. relax. 12 of whom found it helpful at relieving or eliminating symptoms such as anxiety and stress. Ertl used EFT in conjunction with more conventional therapies. Seaman Hurley’s response to EFT tapping is typical. said. A Marine overcomes PTSD by Sgt.” Hurley said. “I felt like a black cloud was over my head every day. but they kept getting worse. including to Desert Storm and OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom).S. In the article. even of unimaginably terrible events. Trent Miller I spent 12 years in the U. a 20-year-old corpsman who returned to Camp Pendleton the previous October after witnessing a young Marine kill himself while serving in Iraq.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Naval Medical Center San Diego and Camp Pendleton were learning EFT from instructor Sue Hannibal to help combat veterans alleviate psychological wounds. People with all kinds of traumatic memories have been able to tap their stress and anxiety away so that the memories. ~~~~ I’m always interested in looking at PTSD from the perspective of those who suffer from its symptoms. a senior clinical social worker at the medical center. The following is from a combat veteran who learned EFT in May of 2008. "EFT is tremendous for treating anxiety associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When I first got back I was having a lot of trouble readjusting to things at home.S.” Hurley said. I was deployed to the Middle East four times. “I had vivid dreams of walking through fields of gore. Jeannie Ertl. In fact I left Sue’s office singing. as do the comments added by his wife. Marines and U. It was pretty much the greatest day of my life.” Soon the nightmares were accompanied by panic attacks that interfered with his driving. “Once I started doing the tapping. I thought that I would be able to shake this set of problems plaguing me. The article then described Seaman Wilbur Hurley. Army. “But I felt nothing.” he said. who introduced him to EFT. Following a friend’s advice. Hurley made an appointment with Hannibal." At that time she had tried the method on 15 patients. I would suffer from the inability to sleep.” In my experience. near Little Rock. His report speaks for itself.

she suggested giving EFT a try. I was at the point where I had no energy left." 18 . Dr. I just wasn't myself anymore. and saw no end in sight. I was prescribed medicine after medicine. Upon her return and with some research. I was drinking heavily. was exhausted.. and I actually look forward to the next day. I remember sitting in the big. I went to the V. There was no way I would subject myself to this. My body wasn't tired anymore. He came to our home and told me about EFT. I would forget almost everything. I felt that I had tried everything.A.. So. but things kept getting worse.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) gatherings. When I mentioned to my best friend that I was going to file for divorce. which all vets should.A. While on a trip to Germany. right. but to no avail.A. This message is from Trent’s wife. for help. To my big surprise. PTSD was destroying our marriage. I was awarded a 60-percent disability. or be around any kind of stress. Steve Manire. and reclusive. My body was alive and tingling. and my soul mate. Manire has even been helping my wife with some of the issues she has faced since my return. my wife of ten years. I'm a different person. Dr. I felt different. but he said the results would be wondrous. after four years of fighting with myself and the V. my wife heard of EFT from a friend. but now I know why I had heard so many bad things about the V. "Yeah. I wasn't feeling any better. dosage after dosage. I don't blame her for those thoughts. looking around for any kind of brochure or information that would help us understand and cope with PTSD. I no longer have issues with sleeping or anxiety. She had mentioned it before but I kept thinking. was ready to leave me. My wife and I are together and a lot stronger now. Manire for his time and agreed to continue working with him twice a week. hospital for electro-shock therapy. mean towards her. he's going to laugh at me once I tell him somebody is going to tap on his body to make him feel better. I wasn't exactly sold on the idea. I agreed to try. there was nothing. After the first two-hour session. she found a local practitioner. My doctor said the next step was admitting myself to the V. and I felt like I had taken my first breath of air in four years. We were on our own. I thanked Dr. uncomfortable waiting room at the V. had thoughts of suicide.A. I strongly recommend EFT to any vet. Gisela Miller: How do you help a stubborn ex-Marine who suffers from PTSD? For more than four years I tried to find help for my husband on how to handle life with PTSD but had no success in finding anything except medications that didn’t work. She made contact with him and I agreed to meet him. ugly.A.

and is much more patient. and myself. and she had some severe PTSD issues herself as a result of dealing with her son’s behavior after he returned from Iraq. and he looked more peaceful. My main consideration as I went through the applications and interviewed people by phone was. It literally saved our marriage. Even though it may take a while for him to completely recover. all of whom were assessed for PTSD and related conditions. “I saw him again tonight. Only a few vets applied on their own behalf. not just recent conflicts. One was the mother of a young vet who was also a participant. My goal was to include veterans from several different wars. which is what I expected from a group that is cautious and skeptical by nature. please give EFT a try. the man I fell in love with when I first met him. who had terrible migraine 19 . It was unbelievable – his facial features appeared more relaxed. He is now the person he used to be. at least I see now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! If you are married to a veteran who suffers from PTSD.” ~~~~ Testing EFT with combat veterans To put EFT to the test under controlled conditions.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) But he did agree to try it. no longer has anger outbursts. Lindsay Kenny. stays calm. “How challenging can this case be?” Our observers included a psychiatrist and a psychologist. both of whom work with PTSD and both of whom agreed that my choices were “over the top” in severity. I found the participants by posting a notice on our EFT website asking for volunteers. Sophia Cayer. All group discussions and EFT sessions were conducted on-camera for a documentary movie. Manire reported. in March 2008 I brought nine veterans and two of their family members. and in his first session he got amazing results. Right away I got 30 or 40 responses. Four were women. Another was a participant’s wife. Dr. to San Francisco for a research study in which they worked with EFT practitioners Carol Look. and I especially wanted to work with vets who had serious problems with PTSD. and he was doing so well that we really couldn't come up with anything to tap on! It looks as though Gisela’s light at the end of the tunnel has arrived. Lori Lorenz. I didn’t want mild PTSD symptoms. Ingrid Dinter. Just a month after Trent began his EFT sessions. I cannot thank EFT enough for what it has done for us. but most of those were from friends or relatives of veterans with PTSD. The 11 participants ranged in age from 26 to 61. I fell in love with my husband again. he smiled. He now sleeps better. two of whom were veterans. I also wanted to include some family members and women as well as men.

I figure that if EFT can achieve spectacular success among combat veterans. the Gulf War.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) headaches and lived in a constant state of fear because whenever her husband became upset. and doubting. or images of a stressful military experience?” The SA-45 is a 45-question assessment of nine psychological symptoms including anxiety. immediately before treatment began. The veterans’ study used standard psychological evaluations – the SA-45 (Symptom Assessment 45) and PCL-M (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist . thoughts. which were then very high. Two used wheelchairs. and Iraq. the quality of their function during the day. Baseline measurements were obtained 30 days prior to treatment. The PCL-M is a self-assessment tool used by the military to score PTSD. Their physical disabilities included old injuries. to just over 20. and osteoarthirits. or Lou Gherig’s disease). they gave us a standing ovation. Because insomnia and nightmares are common among veterans. and hostility. their PTSD scores fell dramatically. These people were curious enough to attend but they were extremely cautious.. with 1 representing “not at all” and 5 representing “extremely. the first column shows the participants’ PTSD scores prior to treatment. they retained almost all of the gains they experienced during the study. I could feel and practically see a dark cloud hanging over the room. By that time their test scores for PTSD had dropped so significantly that they were now in the “normal” range. as shown by the third column. after which they were re-evaluated. The middle column shows how after treatment. The veterans had fought in Vietnam. depression. and 30 days and 90 days after that. how much have you been bothered by repeated. how many times they woke during the night. It lists 17 items and asks respondents to report how much they were bothered by a problem in the last month using a 1-to-5 scale. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The subjects worked with EFT for two or three hours per day for five days. over 60. at the conclusion of the five-day study.” A sample question is.Military) – as well as sleep diaries. participants completed a seven-day sleep diary showing how alert they felt upon waking. When the subjects were re-tested 30 days later. and how they assessed the quality of their sleep. In the following graph. and their self-reported insomnia also decreased. their PTSD scores rose slightly but remained well below their original highs. “In the past month. When I first met everyone. disturbing memories. withdrawn. he would run around the house cocking a loaded gun. At the end. The green at the bottom of each column shows the lowest possible scores for the tests. it can be just as successful with everyone else. None of them expected EFT to work. Thirty days after treatment. 20 .

I spent since 1997 in hospitals and institutions. “I’ve been doing EFT ever since then. When I came to the EFT event. Everything like sleep and nightmares and suicide thoughts all come into a place where a total turnaround happens. Everything in my life was a major challenge. anxiety. indicating a positive effect on stress biochemistry.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Before Treatment After Treatment Time Period Lowest Possible Score Participant Values 30 Days After One of the study’s subjects. I take meds for bipolar. Other war memories faded as well. That’s a kind of freedom I never thought I would have.A. It is no longer part of my dreams. I had never been to the west coast or on a plane. Once you start EFT it’s a totally different way to handle things. I talked about it at the EFT event and the intensity was so bad I had to leave the room because I felt I was going to puke. I want to help other veterans get this stuff. At the V. a single hour-long EFT session resulted in large drops in blood cortisol levels.A... “One of my Vietnam War memories involved an enemy attack where I had to pull bodies out of the rubble. In another. The changes in my life are 100 percent totally different. I had no clue what I was walking into. It’s hard to get any alternative treatment at the V. The event was outstanding. 21 . gave us this report: “I’m a Vietnam veteran and I suffer from PTSD. a man in his late fifties. I can think about the same incident with little or no intensity. Now that EFT has been done on it. I was also diagnosed as bipolar or manic depressive. I have nightmares. Iraq War veterans undergoing six biweekly hour-long EFT sessions experienced improvements in their depression.” Additional research is going on as well. I hate flying. In one study. and PTSD scores. I can’t explain it. My world wasn’t that great. I’ll go on a plane anywhere to help other veterans with EFT.

the essence of the resistance is that PTSD is considered incurable by those who have never had true success with it. In conventional PTSD circles. But six months after EFT treatments for phobias and anxiety. when dealing with the majority of the cancers. here are some comments from Dr. Can EFT cure PTSD? From time to time. and the ability of the client to continue to practice EFT on his or her own. Perhaps my M. I think "cure" would be right on. I don't see anything wrong with the word "cure. presumably. the ability of the practitioner to help the client focus on specific memories. it’s a mistake to think of EFT as a one-time cure-all treatment. “cure” is a no-no word. But in the vast majority of cases. subjects continued to show improvement. It borders on unethical behavior and charlatanism to those who have never cured a single case of PTSD. I expect that the same will be true for those who use EFT to relieve their PTSD symptoms. this in most cases is considered a cure. because PTSD can be a complex problem with many layers or aspects. how about these acronyms? PSPN = Possible Suspension of the Problem for Now AHS = Apparent Hibernation of the Symptoms Maybe we should just call it Luck or Magic – anything but "cure.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Follow-up studies of most PTSD therapies have shown that improvements can be temporary. Dear Gary. hold out false hope to the afflicted." Geez! To help us deal with the term.D. Besides. Much depends on the skill of the practitioner. rapport between client and practitioner. effective way to take the edge off of PTSD symptoms and related emotions and conditions. Frankly. with symptoms returning over time. EFT practitioners use the term "cure" when they describe the results that they or their clients obtained while tapping for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. if a person is disease-free for five years. 22 ." In standard medicine. At the same time." Seems pretty accurate to me. Eric Robins. I'm not sure why cases of psychological healing are held to a different standard. what else should we call it when the problem goes away and doesn't come back? If it weren't for the disbelievers. which includes most conventional practitioners. To use the word "cure" is to. credentials can add some light to the dialogue you are having regarding the word "cure. While the reasons vary. EFT is a fast. But to appease the disbelievers until they have more evidence.

he had extensive experience both in private practice and in community mental health settings. I have one-year and longer follow-ups on these patients with no recurrence of symptoms. while watching Dave relax. A few minutes later. after one or two EFT sessions. either physical or psychological. M. Prior to that. It is a welcome addition to my practice of standard medicine. the change must happen at the unconscious level.D. all of the trauma symptoms were gone. For me. with many of these cases. I believe that for true psychological change to occur. I contacted Gary to ask if I could attend as an 23 . MD ~~~~ One of the observers at our veterans’ PTSD event was Stephen S. EFT is one of very few modalities that cause a true and lasting PHYSIOLOGICAL change in the body. Nagy. Sincerely. simple. I was especially interested in “Dave’s Fear of Water. I first heard about EFT from friends who talked about it as a treatment that is different.” an episode in which Gary Craig and Dave. He has worked with severely and chronically psychiatrically ill individuals throughout his career. I thought that that this videotaped session was either totally fraudulent and a hoax. I know I am working at the unconscious level by asking people where they feel the trauma or the emotions IN THE BODY. the person may try to think or cognize differently. laugh. M. In each case. Eric Robins. and swim happily in the pool. When I learned about the event being planned to treat veterans with PTSD in San Francisco in March 2008. stood in a hotel swimming pool while they tapped about his phobia. In fact. where most change is made at the conscious level.D. This is a far cry from talk therapy. I know that I have cleared the problem at the unconscious level when the person cannot feel the trauma or emotions in the body as they once did.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I have personally dealt with four cases of PTSD and numerous cases of longterm abuse. Observing Veterans with PTSD being treated with EFT by Stephen S. I then met a couple of EFT practitioners and watched some of the instructional DVDs that are available from Gary Craig.. and effective. or that EFT was something I needed to take a closer look at. Dr. Nagy. but there is little change in the way clients feel problems in their bodies. a man who was too afraid to even put his face in the water. For the past two and a half years. With conscious changes. the patients' physical complaints diminished or disappeared after we cleared the emotional aspects. a psychiatrist who is Board-certified in Adult Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Nagy has dealt primarily with patients who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

but I was open to the possibility that at least some of the participants might experience improvement. I had full access to the whole process from start to finish. I also wondered whether this intense but short period of treatment. and nightmares. individual or one-onone therapy. He invited me to come My travel. and other expenses were all paid for by me. and I did not receive compensation of any kind. could help someone who had been suffering for many years after a painful event. People deal with this type of stress however they can. When I arrived in San Francisco. I was able to speak with the vets and the practitioners as well as attend the daily meetings to discuss treatment strategies and approaches. and to what degree symptoms would return again or have a risk of returning. I wanted to be a completely impartial observer. I spent most of the week sitting with the film crew as the EFT practitioners did their work. The traditional approach is to get very. where the scale is: 1 = Not at all 2 = A little bit 3 = Moderately 4 = Quite a bit 5 = Extremely 24 . it would be a real breakthrough.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) observer. By then I had reached the conclusion that EFT could probably help relieve PTSD symptoms. One hopes that one can improve target symptoms like depression. Military version. When I asked Gary how he chose the participants. I would say that those who attended were representative of people who are severely afflicted with PTSD. In the best setting. talk therapy. The conventional methods of treating PTSD have a limited set of expectations. It’s often more extreme in the military than what you see in civilian settings. but the problem of what to do with powerful emotions that remain active even though they have nothing to do with what’s going on at the present moment is part of the combat veteran’s daily experience. but I wondered whether the improvements would be temporary or permanent. named the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist. hotel. so that life becomes manageable. It was definitely not a group of the “worried well. anxiety. If so. I didn’t assume that anyone would be instantly cured.” What’s interesting about PTSD in combat veterans is that it often takes about two years from the time they return home to fully develop symptoms. he said he looked for the sickest people he could find. patients receive a combination of psychopharmacology. and some type of group therapy. very drunk and stay that way. such as just a few minutes or maybe an hour or two. in which seventeen symptoms are rated from 1 to 5 by the individual. Symptoms of PTSD are rated using a self-reporting questionnaire.

and the goal of all conventional treatment is to reduce symptoms of hyper-arousal. and the symptoms of hyper-arousal. Vets who arrived in a great deal of pain saw either a complete resolution of their symptoms or a very sizable reduction. It’s as if their involuntary nervous system. Psychiatry views PTSD as a permanent change. These symptoms can be quite severe and take time and further treatment to subside. this is what happened. got stuck in fight-flight. including individual or group counseling. or some other event that triggers memories that come flooding back. I know that Gary Craig says that all traumas. mindfulness training. one would have to say that PTSD is understood to be a permanent condition. But this diagnosis is recognized as a basis for granting an individual permanent disability. so that the individual has a very difficult time relaxing. improvements occur only for a short time because various triggers can rekindle symptoms that frighten the person who has this diagnosis. in several of the EFT sessions that I observed in San Francisco. None of them ever had as its expectation the goal that the person would be asymptomatic at the end of treatment. fearfulness. The recognized scoring criteria require a score of 55 to make a diagnosis of military PTSD. and in the years since then I have seen many enthusiasms for conventional and alternative therapies come and go. 4th of July fireworks.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Thus. the person’s symptoms might subside to a point where he or she can resume a normal life. those whose war experiences weren’t layered onto serious traumas from childhood got faster results than those whose war traumas were complicated by aspects from the past. However. and mood cycling all come back. If one is honest. My own personal struggle as I have worked with individuals with PTSD has been to wish for a technique that could take them back to the state of emotional freedom and comfort that they had prior to their traumatizing experiences. which regulates the fight-flight and relaxation responses. then this 25 . but even those who had been wrestling with inner demons for 30 or 40 years got quite good relief. especially with perseverance and the help of a skilled practitioner. I believe that anyone who has worked with individuals with PTSD sees that symptoms can wax and wane. A 5.or 10-point change in a PCL-M score is regarded as a significant improvement. With the most successful conventional treatment. the highest possible score is an 85 and an asymptomatic person would score a 17. too. but there is always the risk that something will happen. one that waxes and wanes in symptom intensity. such as an anniversary. sleeplessness. I was Board-certified in Adult Psychiatry in 1982. and psychotropic medications. a television news story. however complicated. Several interventions may lessen symptoms. Also. and mood swings to the point that the afflicted individual improves. anxiety. a newspaper or magazine article. If this is true. can eventually respond to EFT. I noticed that those with recent traumas got faster results. But no conventional treatment views this as a potentially reversible condition. But in my experience.

We started on Sunday night and I was able to sit in with the staff as they reviewed the participants’ histories and the symptoms that were going to be targeted for treatment. There is a widespread assumption that if you’re going to get better. When asked whether results like those that I witnessed in San Francisco would be considered a success if they were produced by conventional treatment.” They then described the event without experiencing any of the emotional intensity that had upset them just a few minutes before. you’re going to have to pay for it. but their reports indicate that they are markedly better than they were when they first came to the week of treatment. they did the tapping and at the end of the session calmly said. but it isn’t true for EFT. What makes this treatment attractive.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment offers much more therapeutic efficacy than any other approach that I have ever seen. which was in some cases after years of conventional therapy. They were all encouraged to continue tapping on their own after the week was over. It’s of course hard to know exactly what they’re doing and whether they are continuing to do EFT on themselves. But I think that what will ultimately sell EFT to vets who are skeptical of medical interventions is that the treatment does not have to be painful. Several times during the week of PTSD treatment in San Francisco. does not involve medications. unexpected. or without using medications. What appeals to me about EFT is that it seems to give people a chance at putting old burdens aside and continuing to move forward in their lives. such as by reliving a painful experience all over again. “Here’s what was bothering me so much. I felt it was very important to have some follow-up after one month and again after three months. 26 . and amazing. I find it very interesting that EFT can bring about significant physiological changes without the person having to put into words the memories or events that disturbed him or her. I have to say that if conventional treatment produced these same results. and can be self-administered. always on guard and on alert. is the effectiveness in reducing symptoms. after one leaps the initial small hurdle of the “oddness” of the tapping. One does not have to re-experience difficult memories in order to alleviate them or take medications to put them away partially. That is in fact true for some therapies. Many vets with severe PTSD exist indoors and away from human contact. I saw veterans become so upset that they could not talk about the details of a memory. Without reliving the experience. it would be considered to be miraculous. without the ability to enjoy life or find a fulfilling role. The selfreports suggest that folks who got relief from their symptoms have sustained that improvement over time. and the vets completed the PCL-M at these times.

What would make it appealing to a large system faced with a lot of people with PTSD is that there’s no cost for pharmaceuticals. I know that people who feel hopeless think of death as a final release from suffering. In the psychoanalytically oriented program there were psychosomatic theories about bodily dysfunction originating in emotional reactions to events. and usable by the individual for his or her own treatment if other aspects of a problem come up in the future. If therapists and counselors want to help folks who have problems with anxiety. the person can experience relief from intense inner pain quite quickly compared to the waiting time that’s necessary for medications. or people. and are concerned that these benefits could be reduced or ended if they were able to work again.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) EFT seems to be effective. it’s not quite so simply beneficial. Nowadays. Watching this week’s progress left me with the hopeful feeling that it could be possible to treat the painful symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and resolve them. At the time that I got my training. someone can be brought out of a fairly dangerous situation relatively rapidly. and there aren’t any of the complications that occur when patients become attached to the therapists they see weekly or monthly for years. situations. happiness. having impaired relations with other people. It seems that it really is possible to leave all of the anguish behind and go one with one’s life. The notion that the heart of what’s going on is still in the individual is not really considered. as they are out of the work force. I think the overwhelming realization is that there is hope. I think that EFT is something they should learn about. Gary’s approach is basically a psychosomatic formulation that goes straight to the physiology of the problem. 27 . the suffering is made worse by sleep deprivation. this treatment would give them a chance to go on to have a life after they have served. and being unable to feel love or affection. The problem with that early theorizing was that there wasn’t anything you could do with it. They don’t have to suffer eternally. What I would most like people with PTSD to realize is that things like success. dependent upon disability payments from the government. and where PTSD is involved. psychiatry has become a specialty of allopathic medicine. and good relationships are not lost forever. possibly with some ongoing support. where you search for symptoms that might be amenable to treatment with pharmacologic agents such as antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs. For vets who have been disabled for years with symptoms. using EFT to knock the props out from under the symptoms. mostly painless. being easily startled. high anxiety. substantially permanent. there isn’t any ongoing treatment expense because the treatment doesn’t have to be continued indefinitely. For those with PTSD or other symptoms of stress and anxiety. there was still the choice of going into psychoanalytically oriented training or one of the newer biologically oriented psychiatry training programs. love. health. When administered to new combat veterans.

From what I have seen. EFT could be an important treatment tool for TBI. or TBI. all of which ultimately eat people from the inside out. They don’t look at emotionally upsetting events as the origin or cause of physical symptoms. Six years after the accident. accept the lessons from experiences that we go through. and she arrived at one of Gary’s workshops needing a walking stick. irritations. The benefits of doing so are primarily for ourselves. I observed a videotape of a woman who suffered from problems relating to balance. After tapping. so that we can move forward and no longer have those negative feelings as part of our day-to-day existence. The positive effect of EFT in this respect is enormous. we go through life having conflicts with other people and with a world which simply doesn’t follow our expectations. whatever its origin. Goodness knows. and to forgive others for what they may have done or not done. We seem to have been hardwired to hold resentment. but I think EFT holds great promise for treating them. and short-term memory loss after receiving a concussion in a car accident. ~~~~ 28 . You can’t be on street patrol in Iraq without experiencing some kind of blast injury. I’m sure that the major hurdle that EFT faces is that people just don’t think psychodynamically any more. saying she couldn’t wait to show her doctors. none of the therapies her physicians prescribed had made much of a difference. EFT seems to help this life challenge hugely. The great challenge of living is to let go of injuries done to us. Conventional medicine has very little to offer TBI patients. One of the legacies of the Middle East wars is traumatic brain injury. exclaiming with joy over the things she could suddenly do. light sensitivity. so many if not most veterans returning from Iraq have at least some TBI damage. It’s also known as closed head injury. she dropped the walking stick and danced around the parking lot. Her response to EFT was amazing. This type of injury can produce major problems with short-term memory and complex reasoning.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) People always try to put a new experience into their own life or educational or intellectual context to make sense of it. The great challenge of the human condition is settling internal agitation. The person can experience cognitive dysfunction of many kinds. and it’s very interesting that this whole practice might have been more acceptable to conventional medicine if it had been developed 50 or 60 years ago. and grudges. when it could have been seen as the therapeutic arm of psychoanalytically oriented psychiatry. angers.

For reference. Don’t worry if you find it difficult to select a specific number – sometimes Newbies get distracted by this part of the procedure and worry about whether it’s a 5 or a 6. Another way to indicate the intensity of pain or discomfort is by stretching your arms wide apart for major pain and putting them close together for minor pain. Measuring Intensity on the 0-to-10 Scale 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 none / mild discomfort / moderate discomfort / major discomfort / maximum pain To help someone “tune into” his or her physical. jot the number down and add a few notes about where the pain is located. For example. is your knee sore. 2. and when you look for it you remember that it’s there but only just a little. emotional. If the pain is a major discomfort. it’s a 7. 8. here is a step-by-step description of the basic technique. or mental state. It helps to remind clients that there are no wrong answers here and that if they have trouble coming up with a specific number. it’s a 4. or 9. is a 10. so that you can still move around but you’re consciously aware of the pain. Try this on yourself right now. Defining the problem EFT sessions usually begin with a measurement of the person’s discomfort using a scale from zero to 10. how it interferes with your range of motion. and whether it hurts more when you move to the left or right. If it’s slightly more intense. This method 29 . if the person is in pain. a guess will work fine. depression. or it can be an emotion such as fear. Using the 10-point scale gets easier with practice. It’s a good idea to rate every problem before and after you apply EFT so that you can determine how much progress you’re making. ask simple questions. Just give yourself a number to get started and it will soon become automatic. We call this the Intensity Meter. ask how much it hurts. or 6. or a 2 or a 3. stand or sit. anxiety. 5. you’re in the “mild discomfort” zone and you’ll give it a 1. Do you have a headache. something you can’t forget about and it interferes with your ability to move. or anger. and so forth. A pain that’s the maximum you can endure. or does your back hurt? If you have to be reminded that you’re in pain.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Two: EFT’s Basic Recipe To appreciate how easy it is to learn EFT and teach it to those suffering from PTSD or any other disorder. or 3. The discomfort being measured can be physical. such as pain. which is as bad as it gets.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

works well for children, who find it easier to express “big” and “small” with their hands than with a number scale. Or you might visualize your discomfort on a thermometer, with the red line reaching the top for major pain and falling to the bottom for minor pain. Or you might visualize a meter that looks like an old-fashioned gas gauge, with minor pain at the zero or empty indicator on the left side and major pain on the 100 or full indicator on the right side. The method you choose doesn’t matter as long as it works for you. Keeping track of your pain’s intensity before and after treatment is the easiest way to determine whether and how effectively the treatment is working. The same scale works for feelings. First, focus on an event or memory or problem that has been bothering you. Now ask yourself the same questions you would ask a client or patient. How angry or anxious or depressed or upset are you on a scale from 1 to 10? If it doesn’t bother you at all, you’re at a zero. If you’re at a 10, that’s the maximum you can endure. Get in the habit of starting each tapping session with an intensity measurement and make a note of it. Now, borrowing some pages from the EFT manual, I’d like to introduce you to the Basic Recipe, the formula that is the foundation of this technique.

The Basic Recipe

A recipe has certain ingredients which must be added in a certain order. If you are baking a cake, for example, you must use sugar instead of pepper and you must add the sugar before you put it in the oven. cake. Basic EFT is like a cake recipe. It has specific ingredients that go together in a specific way. Just as someone who is learning to cook will get best results from following tried and true instructions, someone who is new to EFT will do well to learn the basic recipe. An accomplished chef will take a different approach, and so can you once you master the fundamentals. Although I am going to some length to describe it in detail, the Basic Recipe is very simple and easy to do. Once memorized, each round of it can be performed in about one minute. It will take some practice, of course, but after a few tries the whole process will becomes so familiar that you can bake that emotional freedom cake in your sleep. You will then be well on your way to mastery of EFT and all the rewards it provides. 30

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Let me interject here that various shortcuts are available and described later in this book and in our DVDs. I am describing the full Basic Recipe here because it provides an important foundation to the whole process. Proficient practitioners will want to use the shortcuts and other advanced techniques because they cut the average time involved by at least half and they greatly improve results, but the Basic Recipe is the place to begin. The full Basic Recipe consists of four ingredients, two of which are identical. They are: 1. The Setup 2. The Sequence 3. The 9 Gamut Procedure 4. The Sequence

Ingredient #1 ... The Setup
Applying the Basic Recipe is something like going bowling. In bowling, there is a machine that sets up the pins by picking them up and arranging them in perfect order at the end of the alley. Once this "setup" is done, all you need to do is roll the ball down the alley to knock over the pins. In a similar manner, the Basic Recipe has a beginning routine to "set up" your energy system as though it was a set of bowling pins. This routine (called the Setup) is vital to the whole process and prepares the energy system so that the rest of the Basic Recipe (the ball) can do its job. Your energy system, of course, is not really a set of bowling pins. It is a set of subtle electric circuits. I present this bowling analogy only to give you a sense for the purpose of the Setup and the need to...make sure your energy system is properly oriented before attempting to remove its disruptions. Your energy system is subject to a form of electrical interference which can block the balancing effect of these tapping procedures. When present, this interfering blockage must be removed or the Basic Recipe will not work. Removing it is the job of the Setup. Technically speaking, this interfering blockage takes the form of a polarity reversal within your energy system. This is different from the energy disruptions which cause your negative emotions. Another analogy may help us here. Consider a flashlight or any other device that runs on batteries. If the batteries aren’t there, it won’t work. Equally important, the batteries must be installed properly. You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that batteries have + and - marks on them. Those marks indicate their polarity. If you line up those + and - marks according to the instructions, then the electricity flows normally and your flashlight works fine.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

But what happens if you put the batteries in backwards? Try it sometime. The flashlight will not work. It acts as if the batteries have been removed. That's what happens when polarity reversal is present in your energy system. It's like your batteries are in backwards. I don't mean that you stop working turn "toes up" and die....but your progress does become arrested in some areas. This polarity reversal has an official name. It is called Psychological Reversal and it represents a fascinating discovery with wide-ranging applications in...all areas of healing and personal performance. It is the reason why some diseases are chronic and respond very poorly to conventional treatments. It is also the reason why some people have such a difficult time losing weight or giving up addictive substances. It is, quite literally, the cause of self sabotage. Psychological Reversal is caused by self-defeating, negative thinking which often occurs subconsciously and thus outside of your awareness. On average, it will be present – and thus hinder EFT – about 40 percent of the time. Some people have very little of it (this is rare) while others are beset by it most of the time (this also is rare). Most people fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Psychological reversal doesn't create any feelings within you so you won't know if it is present or not. Even the most positive people are subject to it....including yours truly. When psychological reversal is present, it will stop any attempt at healing, including EFT, dead in its tracks. Therefore...It must be corrected if the rest of the Basic Recipe is going to work. Being true to the 100-percent overhaul concept, we correct for Psychological Reversal even though it might not be present. It only takes 8 or 10 seconds to do and, if it isn't present, no harm is done. If it is present, however, a major impediment to your success will be out of the way. That being said, here's how the Setup works. There are two parts to it... You repeat an affirmation three times while you rub the "Sore Spot" or, alternatively, tap the "Karate Chop" point. (These will be explained shortly.)


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The Affirmation
Since the cause of Psychological Reversal involves negative thinking, it should be no surprise that the correction for it includes a neutralizing affirmation. Such is the case and here it is. Even though I have this _____________, I deeply and completely accept myself. The blank is filled in with a brief description of the problem you want to address. Here are some examples. Even though I have this pain in my lower back, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have this headache, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have this anger towards my father, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have this war memory, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have this stiffness in my neck, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have these nightmares, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have this craving for alcohol, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have this fear of snakes, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have this depression, I deeply and completely accept myself. This is only a partial list, of course, because the possible issues that are addressable by EFT are endless. You can also vary the acceptance phrase by saying: "I accept myself even though I have this_________." "Even though I have this ____________, I deeply and profoundly accept myself." "I love and accept myself even though I have this_______________."


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

All of these affirmations are correct because they follow the same general format. That is, they acknowledge the problem and create self acceptance despite the existence of the problem. That is what's necessary for the affirmation to be effective. You can use any of them but I suggest you use the recommended one because it is easy to memorize and has a good track record at getting the job done. Now here are some interesting points about the affirmation... It doesn't matter whether you believe the affirmation or not....just say it. It is better to say it with feeling and emphasis, but saying it routinely will usually do the job. It is best to say it out loud, but if you are in a social situation where you prefer to mutter it under your breath, or do it silently, then go ahead. It will probably be effective. To add to the effectiveness of the affirmation, the Setup also includes the simultaneous rubbing of a "Sore Spot" or tapping on the "Karate Chop" point. They are described next.

The Sore Spot
There are two Sore Spots and it doesn't matter which one you use. They are located in the upper left and right portions of the chest and you find them as follows:

Go to the base of the throat about where a man would knot his tie. Poke around in this area and you will find a U shaped notch at the top of your sternum (breastbone). From the top of that notch go down 2 or 3 inches toward your navel and over 2 or 3 inches to your left (or right). You should now be in the upper left (or right) portion of your chest. If


desk. Fortunately. If it does. It's not like you will have massive. Both sides are equally effective.. The Karate Chop Point The Karate Chop point (abbreviated KC) is located at the center of the fleshy part of the outside of your hand (either hand) between the top of the wrist and the base of the baby finger or. While you could use the Karate Chop point of either hand.the part of your hand you would use to deliver a karate chop. if there is any doubt. 35 . When you rub it.. If for some reason you are not able to use both hands... the arm of a chair.. if you've had some kind of operation in that area of the chest or if there's any medical reason whatsoever why you shouldn't be probing around in that specific area then switch to the other side. it is usually most convenient to tap the Karate Chop point of the non-dominant hand with the fingertips of the dominant hand. It is certainly bearable and should cause no undue discomfort. If you are right-handed. This point will also be effective if someone else taps on it for you. If you are left-handed..or. tap the Karate Chop point of one hand against any surface – a table. then lighten up your pressure a little. consult your health practitioner before proceeding. Then you can rub it with no discomfort whatsoever. intense pain by rubbing this Sore Spot. tap the Karate Chop point on your right hand with the fingertips of your left hand.tap the "Karate Chop" point instead.. I don't mean to overplay the soreness you may feel. This spot is usually sore or tender when you rub it vigorously because lymphatic congestion occurs there. In any case. tap the Karate Chop point on the left hand with the fingertips of the right hand. Also. or even your thigh.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) you press vigorously in that area (within a 2-inch radius) you will find a "Sore Spot.." This is the place you will need to rub while saying the affirmation...stated differently. after a few episodes the congestion is all dispersed and the soreness goes away. you vigorously tap the Karate Chop point with the fingertips of the index finger and middle finger – or all fingers – of the other hand. Instead of rubbing it as you would the Sore Spot... you are dispersing that congestion.

simply repeat the affirmation. performing it is easy. It doesn't have a commanding lead by any means but it is preferred. with the Setup properly performed. Alternatively. you can tap with both hands.. Now. The Sequence The Sequence is very simple in concept. 36 .. Ingredient #2 ..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Should you use the Sore Spot or the Karate Chop point? After years of experience with both methods.The Sequence. you should be able to perform the Setup in 8 seconds or so.. So feel free to use it if the Sore Spot is inappropriate for any reason. However.. Tapping with both hands at the same time is preferred by many practitioners and students. I often instruct people to tap the Karate Chop point instead of rubbing the Sore Spot. That's because it is easier to teach when I'm onstage.. It involves tapping on the end points of the major energy meridians in the body and is the method by which the energy block (which I often refer to as a "zzzzzt") in the energy system is balanced out. Now that you understand the parts to the Setup. I urge you to use the Sore Spot rather than the Karate Chop point. Tap with the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger. it has been determined that rubbing the Sore Spot is a bit more effective than tapping the Karate Chop point. You will notice that in our videotaped seminars. you are ready for the next ingredient in the Basic Recipe. however. You create a word or short phrase to fill in the blank in the affirmation and then.. That's it. Because the Setup is so important in clearing the way for the rest of the Basic Recipe to work. the Karate Chop point is perfectly useful and will clear out any interfering blockage in the vast majority of cases. you need a few tips on how to carry out the tapping process. It puts the odds a little more in your favor. After a few practice rounds. with emphasis. Before locating these points for you. This covers a little larger area than just tapping with one fingertip and allows you to cover the tapping points more easily. Tapping tips: You can tap with either hand but it is usually more convenient to do so with your dominant hand (your right hand if you are right-handed or your left hand if you are left-handed). three times while continuously rubbing the Sore Spot or tapping the Karate Chop point.

Side of Eye: On the bone bordering the outside corner of the eye.. If you are a little over or a little under seven (five to nine. Under Nose: On the small area between the bottom of your nose and the top of your upper lip. This point is abbreviated UE for Under the Eye. tap under your left arm. Chin: Midway between the point of your chin and the bottom of your lower lip. Taken together. Tap about seven times on each of the tapping points. you need only tap on one end to balance out any disruptions that may exist in it. you can tap under your right eye and. for example) that will be sufficient. Most of the tapping points exist on either side of the body.. For example. just above and to one side of the nose.and done in the order presented. For the purposes of the Basic Recipe.. Under Eye: On the bone under an eye about 1 inch below your pupil. The points: Each energy meridian has two end points. This point is abbreviated EB for beginning of the EyeBrow.they form The Sequence. What follows are instructions on how to locate the end points of those meridians that are important to the Basic Recipe.. later in The Sequence.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Alternatively. Tap solidly but never so hard as to hurt or bruise yourself. These end points are near the surface of the body and are thus more readily accessed than other points along the meridians that may be more deeply buried. This point is abbreviated SE for Side of the Eye. I say about seven times because you will be repeating a "reminder phrase" (explained later) while tapping and it will be difficult to count at the same time. we call it the chin point because it is descriptive 37 . It doesn't matter which side you use nor does it matter if you switch sides during The Sequence. Although it is not directly on the point of the chin. you can tap with three fingertips on each hand or even four. This point is abbreviated UN for Under the Nose.. Experiment to find out which arrangement feels most comfortable for you. Eyebrow: At the beginning of the eyebrow..

38 . Place your forefinger on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone (where a man would knot his tie). For ladies. It is about 4 inches below the armpit. where the underskin of the breast meets the chest wall. Move down toward the navel 1 inch and then go to the left (or right) about 1 inch.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) enough for people to understand easily. This point is abbreviated CB for CollarBone even though it is not on the collarbone (or clavicle) per se. Collarbone: The junction where the sternum (breastbone). This point is abbreviated BN for Below Nipple. one inch below the nipple. and first rib meet. This point is abbreviated UA for Under the Arm. at a point even with the nipple (for men) or in the middle of the bra strap (for women). It is at the beginning of the collarbone. Below Nipple: For men. This point is abbreviated Ch for Chin. collarbone. Underarm: On the side of the body.

Karate Chop: The last point is the Karate Chop Point. Baby Finger: On the inside of your baby finger (the side closest to your thumb) at a point even with the base of the fingernail. Index Finger: On the side of your index finger (the side facing your thumb) at a point even with the base of the fingernail. This point is abbreviated IF for Index Finger..which has been previously described under the section on the Setup. Middle Finger: On the side of your middle finger (the side closest to your thumb) at a point even with the base of the fingernail..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Thumb: On the outside edge of your thumb at a point even with the base of the thumbnail.. This point is abbreviated Th for Thumb. It is abbreviated KC for Karate Chop. It is located in the middle of the fleshy part on the outside of the hand between the top of the wrist bone and the base of the baby finger. This point is abbreviated MF for Middle Finger. This point is abbreviated BF for Baby Finger. 39 .

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The abbreviations for these points are summarized below in the same order as given above.the Gamut point. Also note that the BN point has been added since the making of our introductory DVDs It was originally left out because it was awkward for ladies to tap while in social situations (restaurants.. I include it now for completeness. etc. Even though the EFT results have been superb without it. That should make it a snap to memorize. Note that the ring finger is not included in this list because it is considered redundant or unnecessary. EB = Beginning of the EyeBrow SE = Side of the Eye UE = Under the Eye UN = Under the Nose Ch = Chin CB = Beginning of the CollarBone UA = Under the Arm BN = Below the Nipple Th = Thumb IF = Index Finger MF = Middle Finger BF = Baby Finger KC = Karate Chop Please notice that these tapping points proceed down the body. the most bizarre looking process within EFT. However.. that this routine can add efficiency to EFT and hastens your progress towards emotional freedom. Ingredient #3 . The 9 Gamut Procedure The 9 Gamut Procedure is. each tapping point is below the one before it. many EFT practitioners include it for convenience.. perhaps. certain parts of the brain are stimulated when the eyes are moved.. A few trips through it and it should be yours forever.. Likewise the right side of the brain (the creative side) is engaged when you hum a song and the left side (the digital side) is engaged when you count. Through connecting nerves.).especially when sandwiched between 2 trips through The Sequence. The 9 Gamut Procedure is a 10-second process in which nine "brain stimulating" actions are performed while continuously tapping on one of the body's energy points.. 40 ... after years of experience. It has been found. That is.. Its purpose is to "fine tune" the brain and it does so via some eye movements and some humming and counting.

or middle portion. you must perform nine different actions while tapping the Gamut point continuously. then the gamut point would be located at the apex of the triangle. you can mix the order up if you wish so long as you do all nine of them. the Setup is the preparation for the ham sandwich and the sandwich itself consists of two slices of bread (The Sequence) with the ham.. Hum two seconds of a song again. It is on the back of either hand and is 1/2 inch behind the midpoint between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and the little finger. Roll your eyes in a circle in the reverse direction. Open your eyes. Next. To do the 9 Gamut Procedure. Look down hard right while holding your head steady. Hum two seconds of a song (I usually suggest “Happy Birthday”). Count rapidly from 1 to 5. Note that these nine actions are presented in a certain order and I suggest that you memorize them in the order given... 41 . Look down hard left while holding your head steady. you must first locate the Gamut point.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) One way to help memorize the Basic Recipe is to look at it as though it was a ham sandwich. However. If you draw an imaginary line between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and little finger and consider that line to be the base of an equilateral triangle whose other sides converge to a point (apex) in the direction of the perform the last three together as a unit. Hold your head steady. Roll your eyes in a circle as though your nose is at the center of a clock and you are trying to see all the numbers in order. These 9 Gamut actions are: Close your eyes. It looks like this. as the 9 Gamut Procedure..and... Hold your head steady..

.. you hum for two seconds. Years of experience have proven this to be important. he aims it at a particular receiver. cause your energy system to disrupt.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) That is. while one is reading the comic section of the Sunday newspaper and therefore not tuned in to the problem.. 42 ... However. there's one more concept we need to develop before we can apply the Basic Recipe to a given problem.. It's called the Reminder Phrase... It can be applied to an almost endless list of emotional and physical problems and provides relief from most of them. When a football quarterback throws a pass. He doesn't just throw the ball in the air and hope someone will catch it. In fact. the Basic Recipe becomes a lifetime friend. Otherwise.the Basic Recipe does nothing. it will bounce around aimlessly with little or no effect. then count. This tells your system which problem needs to be the receiver. It is an identical trip through The Sequence. Thinking about the problem will bring about the energy disruptions involved. for example..and only then. the Basic Recipe needs to be aimed at a specific problem. The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. Likewise. The Reminder Phrase Once memorized. Otherwise.. in that order.thereby creating those energy disruptions. You "aim" the Basic Recipe by applying it while "tuned in" to the problem from which you want relief. One's fear of heights is not present. Without tuning in to the problem. note that for some people humming “Happy Birthday” causes resistance because it brings up memories of unhappy birthdays... Tuning in to a problem can be done by simply thinking about it.can be balanced by applying the Basic Recipe. then hum the song again... in turn.. Negative emotions come about because you are tuned into certain thoughts or circumstances which. you can either use EFT on those unhappy memories and resolve them…or…you can side-step this issue for now by substituting some other song. In this case. which then. Remember the discovery statement which states. tuning in means thinking about it. The Sequence (again) The fourth and last ingredient in the Basic Recipe was explained above. Ingredient #4 .. you function normally. Also. least in theory. the Setup affirmation would go like this.. with extensive training and experience.. That way you will minimize any possibility for error. and 43 .. counting. But this is not always true and. That's just one of the shortcuts we have grown accustomed to after years of experience with these techniques. Even though I have this fear of public speaking. Within this affirmation. The best Reminder Phrase to use is usually identical to what you choose for the affirmation you use in the Setup.. use "public speaking fear" or just "public speaking" instead of the somewhat longer version shown above. In this way you continually "remind" your system about the problem you are working on.. That's why I'm introducing a Reminder Phrase that you can repeat continually while you are performing the Basic Recipe. it is not usually necessary but.. The Reminder Phrase is simply a word or short phrase that describes the problem and that you repeat out loud each time you tap one of the points in The Sequence. I deeply and completely accept myself.. As stated. You merely think about the problem while applying the Basic Recipe.fear of public speaking. would seem to be distracting. Now here's an interesting point that you will most certainly notice on our audios and some of our videos.. counting. one can recognize whether or not using the Reminder Phrase is necessary. if you are working on a fear of public speaking. That's it. For example.when it is necessary it is really necessary and must be used. The subconscious mind usually locks on to the problem throughout the Basic Recipe even though all the tapping. humming. I sometimes use a shorter version of this Reminder Phrase when in seminars such as those presented on our DVDs. you may find it a bit difficult to consciously think about the problem while you are tapping.. However. you can simplify your life by just using the identical words for the Reminder Phrase as you use for the affirmation in the Setup. I might. etc.. I don’t always have people repeat a Reminder Phrase.are ideal candidates for use as the Reminder Phrase. the underlined words.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Tuning in is seemingly a very simple process. What's beautiful about EFT is that you don't need to have my experience in this regard.... It does no harm to repeat the Reminder Phrase when it is not necessary. For your purposes. That's because I have discovered over time that simply stating the affirmation during the Setup is usually sufficient to "tune in" to the problem at hand.. You don't have to be able to figure out whether or not the Reminder Phrase is necessary. You can just assume it is always necessary and thereby assure yourself of always being tuned in to the problem by simply repeating the Reminder Phrase as instructed. for example.. however. etc.

I am including a few samples below: headache war memory nightmares fear of snakes anger towards my father stiffness in my neck craving for alcohol depression Subsequent round adjustments Let's say you are using the Basic Recipe for some problem (fear.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) it will serve as an invaluable tool when it is. at other times. But just to be complete. This time.. You have already made some headway but became stopped part way toward complete relief because Psychological Reversal entered in a manner that kept you from getting any better still. It does no harm to include everything.because it can be repeated within the same time it takes to tap each energy point seven times.... When only partial relief is obtained. We do many things in each round of the Basic Recipe that may not be necessary for a given problem.that interfering blockage that the Setup is designed to correct.... But when a particular part of the Basic Recipe is necessary. Psychological Reversal shows up in a somewhat different form. one round provides only partial relief.not even time.. headache. Those subsequent rounds need to be adjusted slightly for best results. the affirmation contained within the Setup needs to be adjusted as does the Reminder Phrase. This concept about the Reminder Phrase is an easy one. anger. Instead of blocking your progress altogether it now blocks any remaining is absolutely critical. the subsequent rounds of the Basic Recipe need to address the fact that you are working on the remaining problem. Accordingly. you will need to do one or more additional rounds. Since the subconscious mind tends to be very literal.).even what may be unnecessary. Here's why: One of the main reasons why the first round doesn't always completely eliminate a problem is because of the re-emergence of Psychological Reversal.. This is part of the 100-percent overhaul concept mentioned earlier.. etc.. Here's the adjusted format for the Setup affirmation: 44 .. It costs nothing to include it. Sometimes the problem will simply vanish after just one round while. This includes always repeating the Reminder Phrase each time you tap a point during The Sequence..and it only takes one minute per round.

I deeply and completely accept myself. Study the following affirmations. Just put the word “remaining” before the previously used phrase. Even though I still have some of this fear of public speaking.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I still have some of this __________. The Reminder Phrase is also easily adjusted. It should be easy to make this adjustment and. I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I still have some of this headache. I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I still have some of this craving for alcohol. after a little experience. which reflect adjustments to the Setups shown earlier in this section. I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I still have some of this depression. I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I still have some of these nightmares. For example: remaining headache remaining anger towards my father remaining war memory remaining stiffness in my neck remaining nightmares remaining craving for alcohol remaining fear of snakes remaining depression 45 . I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I still have some of this fear of snakes. Even though I still have some of this anger towards my father. I deeply and completely accept myself. I deeply and completely accept myself. I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I still have some of this war memory. you will fall into it quite naturally. Please note the emphasized words (still and some) and how they change the thrust of the affirmation toward the remainder of the problem. Even though I still have some of this stiffness in my neck. I deeply and completely accept myself.

it’s an 8. On a scale from 1 to 10. These are less widely used because they’re less convenient. Ankle Points. In the reports shared by EFT users in this book or in our online newsletter. inside wrist against outside wrist. many students and practitioners began to add tapping points. None of these points are mentioned in the EFT Manual. we’ll focus on a physical symptom – a headache – but we will use the same basic procedure to address other aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Most people with PTSD feel anxious when they encounter EFT for the first time. but many EFTers include them from time to time. Feel free to experiment with any of them. To stimulate these points. simply repeat EFT’s Basic Recipe and the “remaining pain” reminder phrase described above. Any of these symptoms can be an excellent “first problem” to treat with EFT. simply tap on all sides of either or both ankles. tense shoulder muscles. How bad is it? It’s pretty serious. a feeling of tightness in the stomach. Putting it all together Now that you have met the ingredients of our Basic Recipe. Optional points As EFT spread to those with a knowledge of acupuncture. nausea. 46 .EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) If your pain or discomfort disappears but then returns. Top of Head. it’s just about impossible to tap yourself anywhere without hitting one or more of them – but the most popular optional points in EFT circles are probably the top of the head and points on the wrists and ankles. Several meridians run through the ankles. EFT is so flexible and versatile that I am never surprised when any acupressure tapping combined with focused thought produces good results. and outside wrist against outside wrist. For this example. I don’t personally use these points or combinations so I won’t elaborate on them here. An easy way to stimulate all of the wrist points is to cross your wrists and tap them together (about where your wristwatch would be). Run an imaginary string over your head from the top of one ear to the top of the other. you’ll see other points mentioned. and their anxiety produces physical symptoms such as headaches. inside wrist against inside wrist. What is the problem? I have a headache. Wrists. or an inability to take a deep. The highest point that the string reaches is the Top of Head point. here is how a complete EFT treatment works using the Basic Recipe. There are hundreds of acupuncture points on the human body – in fact. dizziness. relaxed breath. including some that are used in combination. Several meridians run through the inside and outside of the wrist.

The Sequence: Tap each point while repeating your reminder phrase. EB = SE = UE = UN = Ch = CB = UA = BN = Th = IF = Beginning of the EyeBrow – This headache Side of the Eye – This headache Under the Eye – This headache Under the Nose – This headache Chin – This headache Beginning of the CollarBone – This headache Under the Arm – This headache Below the Nipple – This headache Thumb – This headache Index Finger – This headache 47 . Eyes hard down right while holding the head steady. Repeat the Sequence: Tap each point while repeating your reminder phrase. Roll your eyes around in a circle in one direction. Even though I have this headache. Eyes hard down left while holding the head steady. I fully and completely accept myself. I fully and completely accept myself. Open your eyes.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Setup: Tap the Karate Chop point or rub the Sore Spot while saying: Even though I have this headache. Count rapidly from 1 to 5. Hum two seconds of a song again. Roll your eyes in a circle in the reverse direction. Hum two seconds of a song . I fully and completely accept myself. EB = SE = UE = UN = Ch = CB = UA = BN = Th = IF = MF = BF = KC = Beginning of the EyeBrow – This headache Side of the Eye – This headache Under the Eye – This headache Under the Nose – This headache Chin – This headache Beginning of the CollarBone – This headache Under the Arm – This headache Below the Nipple – This headache Thumb – This headache Index Finger – This headache Middle Finger – This headache Baby Finger – This headache Karate Chop – This headache 9 Gamut Procedure: Tap the Gamut Point while doing the following: Close your eyes. Even though I have this headache.

The next thing to do is evaluate your progress. Even though I still have some of this headache. How does it feel now? If the headache has completely disappeared. I fully and completely accept myself. Eyes hard down right while holding the head steady. Adjusted Setup: Tap the Karate Chop point or rub the Sore Spot while saying: Even though I still have some of this headache. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did. The Sequence: Tap each point while repeating your reminder phrase. Open your eyes. congratulations. For the purposes of this example. 48 . but it’s still there.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) MF = Middle Finger – This headache BF = Baby Finger – This headache KC = Karate Chop – This headache You have now finished a complete round of EFT’s Basic Recipe. Eyes hard down left while holding the head steady. I fully and completely accept myself. you’re done. Even though I still have some of this headache. I fully and completely accept myself. we’ll say that the pain has gone down to a 3 or 4. Roll eyes around in one direction. No further treatment is needed. EB = SE = UE = UN = Ch = CB = UA = BN = Th = IF = MF = BF = KC = Beginning of the EyeBrow – Remaining headache Side of the Eye – Remaining headache Under the Eye – Remaining headache Under the Nose – Remaining headache Chin – Remaining headache Beginning of the CollarBone – Remaining headache Under the Arm – Remaining headache Below the Nipple – Remaining headache Thumb – Remaining headache Index Finger – Remaining headache Middle Finger – Remaining headache Baby Finger – Remaining headache Karate Chop – Remaining headache 9 Gamut Procedure: Tap the Gamut Point while doing the following: Close your eyes.

) and somehow. You will use the same procedure to apply EFT’s Basic Recipe to any problem. EB = SE = UE = UN = Ch = CB = UA = BN = Th = IF = MF = BF = KC = Beginning of the EyeBrow – Remaining headache Side of the Eye – Remaining headache Under the Eye – Remaining headache Under the Nose – Remaining headache Chin – Remaining headache Beginning of the CollarBone – Remaining headache Under the Arm – Remaining headache Below the Nipple – Remaining headache Thumb – Remaining headache Index Finger – Remaining headache Middle Finger – Remaining headache Baby Finger – Remaining headache Karate Chop – Remaining headache You have now completed an entire EFT treatment for headache pain. So they conclude that the results must have come from "real therapy" (talk therapy. Sometimes they say.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Roll eyes in a circle in the reverse direction. indeed. tapping couldn't have been the true cause of their new freedom. Roger Callahan. etc. of course. The Apex effect As you practice EFT and show others how to use it. to describe these explanations. They all indicate the clients’ propensity to explain away their obvious relief. Hum two seconds of a song again. Count rapidly from 1 to 5. "All those years of previous therapy finally worked for me. This is nonsensical. We use the term “Apex affect.” Or a client will say. Clients say that the problem went away because they "can't think about it any more. “All that tapping confused me. Why? Because it doesn't "compute" or match their belief systems." Upon investigation. to them.” or. To some people. Hum two seconds of a song . it is just not believable that tapping could produce these results. recount the formerly traumatic incident in great detail. all that previous emotional work chose this moment to become effective. however." They achieve relief immediately after or during tapping but.” which was coined by Dr. but some 49 . so they attempt to explain the improvements by other means. “The tapping is a distraction. you’ll hear all kinds of explanations as to how or why it works. as if by magic. What they really mean is that they can't think about the problem in the same way as before. it is discovered that they can. The Sequence: Tap each point while repeating your reminder phrase.

the client honesty doesn’t remember how distressed. They have turned EFT on its head. A comedy writer would find great material here. and it still worked. You will notice these variations on our DVDs and in some of the descriptions written by EFT practitioners and students for our online newsletter. complete with its rating on the intensity scale. you will read examples and case reports that show EFT in action – and in almost all of these cases. I believe in streamlining the EFT process at every opportunity. In addition. But through years of experimentation. That’s what EFT is all about. wherever possible. What matters is that the person feels better. The art of delivery Throughout this book. statements that describe emotions. by including additional information and. stressed. That is the Setup followed by the Tapping Sequence – but without using the 9 Gamut Treatment or any of the finger points. 50 . helps keep things in perspective. without touching the points. you can experiment with EFT variations to your heart’s content – and with my blessing. by tapping on the points upside down. anxious. People have gotten excellent results when tapping on “wrong” EFT points. once you understand it . the Basic Recipe was not used at all. Keeping track of the person’s “before” picture. which defines the problem. I haven’t thrown them away. I usually elaborate on the Setup. and I encourage you to do the same. though. so I focus first on what clears the problem in most cases. by tapping on a single point rather than the entire sequence. so its ingredients will always be there when you need them. it doesn’t matter who or what gets the credit.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) people would rather believe such explanations than to give any credit to the tapping. In some cases. In the end. but I have put them on the shelf. by omitting or forgetting some points. One thing I can say with confidence is that It is just about impossible to do EFT incorrectly. I will remind you again that the Basic Recipe is simply a starting place and that. I have found that some of its ingredients are not always necessary. I encourage you to learn the Basic Recipe at the beginning of your EFT studies. or by tapping entirely mentally. or in pain he or she was at the beginning of an EFT session. uncomfortable. They have completely changed the Setup so it bears little or no resemblance to the Setup I just taught you.

Even though I can’t quite fully and completely accept myself. I can relax. Even though I have this feeling of sadness. I can let go of that for now and do this work. “I fully and completely accept myself. Even though I’m worried and don’t know what to expect. try saying. the Setup is a stumbling block. The Acceptance Phrase is an affirmation. Even though it’s hard for me to say that I fully and completely accept myself. it’s going away. If the acceptance phrase causes intense emotional pain or discomfort. 51 . try changing the Setup altogether to something like: Even though I have this __________. I choose peace. which is the Acceptance Phrase. Even though I don’t yet accept myself. but for now. as many as half feel uncomfortable saying. Even though I have this anger and frustration.” For some the incongruity is so severe that they literally can’t speak.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Three: The Acceptance Phrase The first element of every EFT Setup is a statement about the problem. I would like to feel better. if the Setup is a problem for you or your client. I’ll be okay. The combined statement says that even though I have this problem. EFT can help anyone resolve old emotional issues that contribute to low self-esteem or feelings of guilt or shame. I can enjoy life. try saying one of the following statements while you tap: Even though I can’t yet fully and completely accept myself. As you experiment with Setups. I would like to some day fully and completely accept myself. But just as important is the second part. But for many who try EFT. I can and do acknowledge myself. In a typical workshop of several hundred people. I accept myself. try different variations. which I consider crucial to the effectiveness of EFT. Even though I have this tightness in my stomach. or if it feels totally untrue. For example.

Setups.with kindness and compassion" or . Be ready to let your own imagination and intuition work on your behalf as you start tapping. especially when the issue is a sensitive one. As you read examples of how people have worked with EFT throughout this book. colorful. Try any of these Acceptance Phrases on yourself and on others. by the way. I deeply accept myself with gentleness and compassion – I've been hurt a lot.” saving considerable time and discomfort in EFT sessions for complex problems. I have found that creative wording can be especially helpful toward this end. Even though I feel guilty about what happened. Beginning with the right Setup is part of the “art of delivery.without judgment" These and similar words contribute an extra dimension of support and care. I absolutely do accept myself. Even though I feel unworthy. specific. Even though I'm so afraid of rejection. Her approach is ideal for those who need to tiptoe into their issues. the EFT Setup paves the way for healing by shifting the hard. You can also talk to the problem. While tapping on the Karate Chop point or massaging the Sore Spot. and interesting your Setup. Here are some recommendations from EFT practitioner Betty Moore-Hafter for softening the delivery of EFT’s Acceptance Phrase. I deeply and completely accept myself with kindness and compassion – it’s been hard for me. and experiment with your own variations. I would like to love and forgive myself.. Tears often come to people's eyes as we add these simple words. say whatever you like about the problem. Here are some of my favorites: 1. Even though I feel very upset. I forgive myself and anyone and anything that contributed in any way to this feeling. The more detailed. locked-up energy of psychological reversal to the softer energy of selfacceptance. the more likely you are to experience good results. Soft language to ease the EFT Acceptance Phrase by Betty Moore-Hafter As I understand it. you’ll begin to appreciate the important role that imagination and intuition play in this process.. ”.”. 52 . which includes a good percentage of the PTSD population.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I feel _________. can be of any length.

This is false guilt. they went right to the heart. We trade sessions and..” Sometimes amazing things happen after adding the words. I love and accept myself. Whenever self-acceptance is difficult. "and I'm willing to see it differently. She's responsible for herself now. the truth is. being on the receiving end.. Even though I still feel responsible for my sister." One of my clients was convinced that she could never have a child because she might abandon that child the way her father abandoned her. Most people do want to heal and feel better. And even though I don't accept myself. I highly recommend that fellow EFTers trade sessions.. the truth is. 53 . find more peace. I began adding the phrase.. And when you reframe a situation while tapping. 2. "I deeply accept myself" and say. "I want to bring healing to this. 3. cigarettes are making me sick. 4. “I'm willing to see it differently." Some people balk at the words. I'm only human. and I'm willing to see it differently.” These words can usher in powerful reframes." One gentle way to proceed is to say: Even though I don't accept myself. It was my friend and EFT colleague Carolyn Lewis who first suggested some of these expressions to me. I experienced first-hand how good it felt to hear these kind words – and how much emotion they brought up. just stating the intent for healing breaks the deadlock of self-rejection. "But I don't accept myself! I hate myself for this. “The truth is. I would like to feel better. I want to bring healing to this. she is an adult. Even though I crave this cigarette. I can accept that this is just where I am right now. it does shift the energy and things begin to change. the truth is. and reach more selfacceptance. "I'm willing to see it differently. You can learn so much by being guided and sharing ideas.." Even though my father really hurt me. Even though I still feel guilty. I totally accept myself without judgment.. For me.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I feel guilty for that mistake I made. I've done nothing wrong. As we tapped through her pain from the father issue.

" She felt at peace with it for the first time. such as: Beginning of eyebrow.” Side of eye. Even though I'm full of doubt that I can lose weight. "That was then and this is now. "I'm open to the possibility. She saw it all differently. Now I'm safe. Now I have lots of help and support. I'm ready for some help. I believe that when we open the door of possibility just a crack. And. or you can substitute the phrase. afraid my father would explode. I often tap the EFT points with alternating reminder phrases. she and her husband were talking about having children.. And even though my child self felt anxious all the time. I think my father really did love me in his own way. Even though I don't think EFT will work for me. Often. I deeply accept myself and I'm willing to entertain the possibility that maybe EFT will help. I don't need this hyper-vigilance anymore. Even though I still feel anxious. Even though I'm stuck in this anger and don't want to let it go. I deeply accept myself and I'm open to the possibility that it may be easier than I think. "But the truth is . when I heard from her later. And that was then and this is now. people often feel great relief when words like these are added. I deeply love and accept my young self. But sometimes stating a choice is too much of a stretch.. I cried alone and no one came.. Even though when I was eight years old. she seemed calm and said thoughtfully.. "You know. 6. 5.” "Choice" statements are of course very empowering when we are ready for them. you can keep "I deeply and completely accept myself" and add the extra phrase. it is enough to start the healing process into motion." When childhood pain is being healed. I love and accept that child self. afraid that something bad will happen. I deeply accept myself. I can relax now. the gentlest way to introduce a better choice is to simply bring in the idea of possibility. She knew she was not her father and would do it differently. Experiment and see what works for you! ~~~~ 54 . That's all he was capable of.. That was then and this is now. With all of these phrases.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) After several rounds of tapping. "Still feel guilty. “ and so on. I'm open to the possibility that it would be nice to feel more peaceful about this.

K. While I’ve found that in most cases this is all that is required. not a reasoned. In most cases. We are looking for the immediate emotional response. The next step is to have the person complete the following sentence. I’m okay. we wouldn’t need EFT! I accept myself as I am. a child who’s upset can say something like the following:: Even though I flunked the math test. with whatever immediately comes to mind. Instead of saying.” you can simply say:: I’m okay. you can make EFT work faster and more effectively. This. In most cases where the problems haven’t budged. you may find that self acceptance depends on something that can be addressed with EFT. by the way. Have the person make the following statement out loud and rate how true it feels emotionally on the scale of zero to 10. Even though I lost my backpack and I’m mad at myself. If the logical mind had all the answers. I’m a cool kid. As Gary shows in the DVDs. In order to accept myself I need to ___________ 55 . logical one. This seems to be particularly so when dealing with depression and auto-immune illnesses. which automatically helps us deal with any resistance we have to healing the issues we are working on. other approaches also help. Again. can add benefit in those cases where we seem to be stopped. Even if the person rates this quite high. with zero not true at all and 10 totally true. I’ll be okay. Everything’s improving Or something similar.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) And there are more variations. Instead. I’m still an awesome kid. The following article by Jo Hainsworth of the U. Here are some ideas that I use when working with people who have been tapping on their own or with practitioners and who are finding that their issues are not clearing permanently. If your issues aren’t clearing. the rating is towards the low end on this scale. we are looking for the emotional. is how we use EFT with children. Ideas for enhancing the standard EFT Setup by Jo Hainsworth One of the wonderful things about EFT is the Setup. 2. “I completely and fully accept myself. rather than a logical one. try this approach and see what happens. sometimes it also helps to really emphasise or even yell the Setup in order to get past resistance. I’ll feel better soon. the standard Setup is all we need. 1. By adding two simple but powerful statements to the Setup. gut response. The phrase “I fully and completely accept myself” makes little sense to kids. in a few complex cases.

these no longer block the use of the standard EFT Setup. 56 .EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 3. I have yet to work with someone with auto-immune challenges who has not had trauma that resulted in feeling unsafe in the world. Another block is the belief that many people have that they are not safe in the world. 6. 5. and I believe this is a key part of resolving their issues. a common response is: In order to accept myself. I need to be perfect. Ask if there were any events in their early life that caused them to feel unsafe or unprotected. they make ideal tapping subjects. Proceed to tap on whatever comes up as a result of using this statement. using a modified Setup as follows: Even though I need to ______ in order to accept myself. and when nothing more is forthcoming. For example. Take whatever comes up as a tapping statement. I have been amazed to see the results of this sort of tapping. If so. The second part of the statement helps prevent the tail enders that might accompany the standard Setup. Ask the person if there are any things that cause him or her to feel guilty when thinking about them. This belief may be one they are consciously aware of. beliefs that prevent them from accepting themselves. I need to ____________. as in my own case. In this case. might be something they don’t consciously recognize at all until some tapping has been done. re-visit the second statement (“In order to accept myself I need to ____”) until a major shift has been felt. People have uncovered things they have felt guilty about for years and years. Tap until each one is collapsed to zero. In order for me to be safe and protected. you would look for early memories of times when the person felt that he or she needed to be perfect in order to be acceptable to someone. or. Re-rate “I accept myself as I am” periodically to check progress. 4. This simple idea can really move mountains and enable EFT to work in the powerful way it is designed to. and once dealt with. I use the same process outlined above. I accept that this is how I feel right now. but with the following statements: I am safe and protected. To do this.

tapping on your EFT points will help. Phillip Mountrose and Dr. Patricia Carrington’s “Choices” phrasing. but tapping on both “problem” and “solution” phrases will help bring about long-lasting positive changes in record time.” Dr. With EFT. and with the same basic technique. EFT practitioner Angela Treat Lyon says. our subconscious blocks to healing tend to dissolve before our eyes. Jane Mountrose use what they call a “Miracle Reframe. I know that anything is possible and miracles are happening now.” in which they add the phrase “anything is possible and miracles are happening now” to the Setup: Even though I have this ____. “I also use the phrase ‘BECAUSE I love and accept myself. As they explain. you can improve the effectiveness of Setups by adding a phrase or two that reinforces positive results. And lately I've been using ‘because I love and BELIEVE in myself. you can tap a solution in. you can tap a problem out. Nothing is more versatile than that! No matter how you phrase your Setup. The healing that unfolds is nothing sort of magical. they have held the key to a number of cases I’ve worked on recently.’ which is also really powerful.” Another way to make Setups more positive is to use Dr. Once we start becoming aware of the subconscious beliefs we have around self-acceptance and safety. and we start building a completely new relationship with ourselves. This is very empowering.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) While these two ideas can seem too simple to be very powerful.’ which I start as soon as it's apparent that the person has shifted to make new choices. which she explains in Chapter Eight. ~~~~ More notes on positive Setups In addition to adding Acceptance Phrases that help the user feel relaxed and confident. 57 . improvements occur rapidly when we align ourselves with “higher vibrations.

who seems overcome with emotion. Throughout this book. or improve a golf game. can be an excellent idea. 58 . and starting with vague.. or “global” statements. or who is highly skeptical and does not yet feel a sense of rapport with his or her practitioner or instructor.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Four: Tapping for PTSD To apply EFT’s Basic Recipe to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Try starting with one of these Setups. This type of Setup is recommended for anyone who does not feel ready to focus on a traumatic event.. If you are an experienced practitioner already familiar with PTSD.. However. Example of the Basic Recipe applied to a general description The following example Setups introduce EFT gently by working around a problem rather than confronting it head-on. you will find examples of both approaches. or create something similar. and I encourage anyone who is new to EFT or to PTSD to try it first. This has the advantage of “taking the edge off” the problem so that deeper work can be done with much less emotional pain. you can begin with any physical symptom or anything the person wants to focus on. Those who have already studied EFT know that this goes against my advice to begin with specific events rather than vague or general statements. tiptoeing up on them.” Setup (tap the KC Point or massage the Sore Spot): Even though I feel overwhelmed. Because the events that trigger PTSD can be so intense. Even though I don’t expect this tapping business to help me at all . treating trauma cases can be very different from using EFT to help someone lose weight. but an excellent way to start is with a general statement that does not involve a specific memory or event. I present the “general description” Setup first because I consider it relatively safe as well as effective. but this may cause acute discomfort and an increase in PTSD symptoms.. starting with a specific intrusive memory can be the fastest way to clear both the memory and all of the problems associated with it. Even though I don’t want to think about what went on over there .. approaching them gently and gradually. “I fully and completely accept myself. Note that it does not describe what happened. I fully and completely accept myself. The following examples all end with. fix a sore back.. general.

.. Overwhelmed. giving the person time to get used to the procedure and experience its results before going on to more serious issues....... Nothing helps. Overwhelmed.. Say the Setup three times.. which prepares you energetically so that when you do address specific memories. count from 1 to 5. you introduce EFT gently. Even though I feel discouraged.. hum a tune. Nothing helps.. Even though I’ve already tried everything and have been disappointed. roll them in the opposite direction. and hum a tune.. Don’t want to think.. look down hard right. say an appropriate reminder phrase. At this point.. Repeat the Sequence. 9-Gamut Treatment: While tapping the Gamut Point. For more detailed do-ityourself instructions. By starting with a general theme or a nonspecific statement. you’ll feel more comfortable. you’ll be more prepared.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I’m afraid to try something new.... Often after a full round of tapping for a general Setup.. Nothing helps. you can repeat the entire round of EFT tapping for the same general Setup or you can switch topics or use a different Setup for the same general theme. and your results will be more effective.. open your eyes. roll your eyes in one direction. pages 251-268. see Chapter Thirteen... close your eyes... general statements are an excellent way to begin because they build a foundation of balanced energy. such as: Don’t want to think.... look down hard left... Overwhelmed. 59 .... Don’t want to think. the person feels calmer and more comfortable. Even though nothing has helped me get my old life back. saying the reminder phrase. If you suffer from PTSD yourself. The Sequence (Tap the EFT points from head to hands): While tapping the EFT points in sequence.

If the person feels better but is still a little upset or uncomfortable. look down hard right.. If the level has gone down to zero. Recurring remaining explosion. the person will be able to remember and talk about this event without being distressed. Measure Intensity. Recurring remaining explosion. And for the tapping sequence use the Reminder Phrase: Recurring remaining explosion. 60 . Setup (tap the KC Point or massage the Sore Spot): Even though I have this recurring flashback to the moment of the explosion. roll your eyes in one direction. open your eyes. Even though I have this recurring flashback to the moment of the explosion.. count from 1 to 5. start over using this Setup: Even though I still have some of this recurring flashback to the moment of the explosion. We start by asking the person to measure his or her discomfort on a scale from 0 to 10.. Even though I have this recurring flashback to the moment of the explosion. It no longer triggers emotional intensity. Repeat the Sequence: Explosion. the person is haunted by a powerful explosion and feels ready to talk about it. Measure from 0 to 10 on the Intensity Scale. Explosion. The Sequence (EFT points from head to hands): Explosion.. Explosion. look down hard left. close your eyes.. I fully and completely accept myself. Measure Intensity. 9-Gamut Treatment: While tapping the Gamut Point. hum a tune. I fully and completely accept myself.. Explosion.. I fully and completely accept myself... roll them in the opposite direction. Explosion..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Example of the Basic Recipe applied to a specific memory In this next example.. I fully and completely accept myself. and hum a tune. Explosion. Explosion.

what the person saw. you can ask the person to describe the event – where it happened. the instructor. When thinking about the explosion in a general way no longer generates an emotional response. I described a dream that I had had several months ago which was still lingering in my head. This tapping does not involve a Setup or any reminder phrases. what the person was doing. and meridian blocks are being released. which is how Gena D. If any of these questions or recollections make the person uncomfortable. There is second woman in the dream who tells the first woman that the reason she doesn’t have a right arm is because "there is a psychological issue that she’s 61 . I had vaguely heard about EFT in the last few years and paid no attention to it until the third time someone mentioned it to me. it helps to have the person continue to tap the EFT points while talking. what time it was. smelled. this Setup has served its purpose and you can move on. etc. this protocol can be repeated several times. but it serves an important purpose by releasing energy blocks and maintaining the person’s energy balance throughout the conversation. How EFT helped my PTSD by Gena D. felt. and based on the dream content. asked for a volunteer from the group to demonstrate EFT and I volunteered. is to focus on specific events. I knew that it was important. even a complex one. In I became curious about EFT since I already believed in the connection between emotions and energy meridians based on an acupuncture experience I had many years ago. After reading the EFT Manual at www. I signed up for a local workshop to see what EFT was all about. the fastest way to deal with a problem. She was so overcome with emotion that she couldn’t tap or think for herself. When the person feels emotionally neutral (the discomfort level has fallen to zero). first worked with EFT. but many people do. I knew from that experience that energy meridians are as real as I am.emofree. go back a step and start tapping with a new Setup for that specific aspect of the event. In my dream. Not everyone experiences such dramatic sensations.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) As long as the person continues to feel better. heard. At one point during the workshop Jerem Egan. ~~~~ As I often say. energy is shifting. Notice how Gena experienced physical sensations or symptoms as EFT unlocked her memories. there is an adult woman who doesn’t have a right arm. This is best done with the help of an experienced practitioner. Jerem asked what I would like to work on. The easiest way to do this is to continue tapping yourself and ask the person to mirror your motions while your conversation continues. what day it was. I consider symptoms like these to be evidence that the tapping is working.

This feeling was so strong that I couldn’t help notice this feeling in my body. When we finished this part of the work. Jerem asked me what was I feeling back then when I thought about going to Vietnam. Together we explored that there were several reasons: I was afraid of losing my Aunt’s approval. Jerem asked if I would give him permission to tap on me. "What was she thinking!!!!" As we worked on forgiveness. and at the same time I also hated her because she was the person who strongly encouraged me to join the Red Cross and "expand my horizons" by going to Vietnam and living the 23rd year of my life in a war zone. I broke into tears realizing she was the same age that I was when I went to Vietnam and I realized how it would be impossible for me to even think of suggesting that she go to a war! Who could do this to someone they loved? I saw this part of my Aunt as a monster. He continued tapping while saying this and asked me to repeat other similar phrases. Jerem worked with me on forgiving her for making this suggestion at a time when I was so young. I suddenly felt a very hot wide band of energy/heat which started gently at the base of my spine. yet she claimed to love me so much. This 62 . As this was going on." and." When Jerem asked me to feel that fear. naive. In stark contrast. In discussing this dream. I was very uncomfortable with my unresolved feelings of hatred toward my Aunt. has been like my right arm throughout my whole life and now she’s dying. I treasured above all others. She was willing to sacrifice me and the sacrifice of my life almost came true during that year. Jerem asked me why I had decided to go to Vietnam. I started crying so hard that I couldn’t follow the tapping points with him. suddenly I felt a very different energy in my body.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) not dealing with!" In the dream. "Fear. I see that the woman who is missing her right arm looks like a "doll" with an empty right arm socket. I was afraid of losing her love which. I shared that my 91-year-old Aunt Alice. I felt compelled to please her and she excitedly recommended that I do this. slowly traveled up my spine. when my own niece turned 23. I can’t recall the phrases. In the midst of my crying. but I was so caught up in the emotion of the moment that in thinking about it later. I was so angry at her and hated her for making this brainless decision which deeply affected my whole life. at that time. who is now quite ill. I nodded yes since I was unable to talk. "She was a knucklehead when she said that to me. I loved her intensely throughout my life. "Death. Immediately I said. I remember hearing Jerem repeat a phrase which sounded something like: Releasing the terror that I’ve been holding for so many years. wasn’t sure how much longer she would remain on the planet." Jerem asked me to identify that fear and without hesitating I said. and vulnerable. and given her situation. and stopped at my heart level. Jerem suggested I say.

After my first EFT session I knew that I could trust working with Jerem on other traumas I experienced there. ignored. comforting and protective. The results are amazing. What a blessing! For 40 years I have been carrying around various traumatic experiences and a few wounded soldiers from the year that I lived in Vietnam – Saigon.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) time. How Unresolved Trauma Triggers PTSD by Dr. Again. When I speak with my Aunt. have had truly wonderful and skilled therapists. After carrying around these intensely buried feelings for 40 years. over the back of my head and stopped at my forehead. but I never felt willing to explore my Vietnam experience. it’s as though it is just one of many facts about my life. they wouldn’t understand. Your symptoms might be chronic. accumulating over many years of repeated trauma. For example. I was unfamiliar with anything like the feeling of "traveling energy" in my body so I couldn’t help but notice it. I no longer feel conflicted. you might appear depressed and apathetic. there was a band of energy that felt thicker (not hot this time) which started at my heart level and slowly traveled up my spine. or they might stem from a single event such as a major car accident. While I am aware that there is more for me to do. Carol Look Post traumatic Stress Disorder doesn’t have just one single identifying symptom – it has several. Pleiku. if not all of us. and DaNang. Phan Rang. have at least a few traumatic memories and that a key to successfully treating just about any problem or symptom may be to find and neutralize those memories. I don’t re-experience the terror about the decision to go there. if you have PTSD. I scheduled a one-on-one EFT session specifically to work on some of these traumas. Carol Look makes an important point when she observes that most of us. the emotional "charge" is no longer attached to these memories. I know that a lot of vets feel this way. I know that I have found a method that I can use for personal healing. The interesting thing is that I’ve been in psychological therapy for a number of years. I believed that since they hadn’t been there. I also do not feel hatred toward my Aunt for encouraging me. She also reminds us that PTSD symptoms are often overlooked. that it’s just not something I felt able to share with someone who hadn’t been there/done that. So far. and experienced much personal growth. the four traumas I worked on have lost their "dynamite charge" of emotionality. Phu Loi. Not everyone experiences flashbacks and dissociation or 63 . who lives 3. ~~~~ Dr. It felt strong. or you might feel anxious and be hyper-vigilant. and they can seem contradictory.000 miles away. or misdiagnosed. Now I can review these events in my past as memories without the knee-jerk emotionality they always triggered. It is now a month or so after I did this EFT work and when I think about the decision to go to Vietnam.

When you experience a trauma. The “freeze response” never gets discharged. Working for years with addictions and substance abuse taught me to look for old traumas under every addiction. I believe this prevalent disorder is greatly under-diagnosed. So when you are deprived of an opportunity to discharge the emotional and physical repercussions of the original trauma. the more I am convinced that it is the underlying cause of the majority of physical health challenges and emotional issues we face today. the unresolved feelings are expressed through flashbacks. most practitioners focus on cigarette cravings and don’t explore past traumatic events. Because there is so much confusion about PTSD. When the unexpressed terror and bodily sensations resurface later in life. People who live through traumatic events typically disconnect or dissociate from their emotions as a survival mechanism. The more I learn about PTSD. and what they saw. it’s essential to understand that anxiety. people who turn to therapists for help are often misunderstood. cutting off any conscious awareness of these sensory memories. avoidance. a way of dealing with unprocessed emotions. In some of the cases I treated after the 9/11 attack. but it wasn’t until after using EFT on their incomplete memories and bodily sensations that the full story unfolded. the very nature of experiencing a trauma cuts off our access to the critical emotional and physical process we need to experience in order to discharge the trauma and prevent the later emergence of PTSD. what the trauma specialists tell us is that during this “freeze response” we download and encode the traumatic memory into our body. what they had been wearing. To be clinically successful. Because intense terror interferes with normal brain processing. Symptoms of PTSD are the result of incomplete processing of any event we have perceived as traumatic. clients caught in downtown New York were able to describe the route they took to escape. but most therapists haven’t been trained to understand this complex mechanism. In essence. Because PTSD symptoms can be difficult to identify. it is common to become stuck in an endless cycle of frightening thoughts and memories that mimic the actual event as if you are reliving it. apathy. or other problematic emotions on a daily basis. intense arousal. or even alcohol and drug use are forms of self-medication for the purpose of self-protection. If someone schedules a therapy session to quit smoking.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) other well-known PTSD symptoms. Two results are inevitable: (1) these sensations – sights. One 64 . your system actually “freezes” because the terror is too overwhelming to process in that moment. sounds and smells – are stored in our body’s memory and (2) they will resurface at a later time. This self-protecting pattern in the face of trauma leads later to the symptom cluster we now refer to as PTSD. A distressing event is categorized as a “trauma” when we experience two features – both a threat to our survival and extreme helplessness.

While each case of insomnia is different. and remove any “need” for PTSD symptoms such as hyper-vigilance or the startle response. The same lack of integration can happen as a result of a car accident. I can hear it now!” Her recollection of the events had been silent until the EFT allowed her to reintegrate all of her senses. a major feature of trauma is the distortion of memory that occurs as a safety mechanism to protect us from being overwhelmed. taking a complete history is vital. When clients contact a health care practitioner complaining that they’re sleep-deprived or having trouble falling or staying asleep. it is useful to check to see if it is as a result of PTSD or early childhood trauma. Insomnia is a very common problem with Post Traumatic Stress. and still be its cause. using EFT for the available pieces of traumatic memories will reintegrate the memories. You can verify that the results are permanent by checking with the client at a later date. I’ve heard people say. Again. and the question I routinely ask when someone begins to describe a symptom or problem is. discharge the freeze response. “When did it start?” I’ll also ask clients openended questions about their habitual thoughts. Remember. Once you and the client have tapped and successfully discharged the “freeze response” from the trauma. These are results I have come to expect with EFT. getting a divorce or getting fired might be as traumatic as an event such as 9/11 is to others. the accident could have taken place a year before the symptoms started. the woman who could suddenly hear the sounds of the World Trade Center collapsing and her colleagues screaming. Counselors never know what registers as “traumatic” to each individual. the client can see the entire picture and is therefore no longer haunted by fears about his or her current safety.” In truth. But until they use EFT on the pieces of memory they have from the accident. For example. “The accident was six months before my symptoms started. so there can’t be a connection. stopped having nightmares and flashbacks. “I can’t believe it. I’ll often ask questions about their responses to environmental cues such as. The victims can remember and recite everything they saw with vivid accuracy.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) woman said to me. When the client can tell the story from start to finish without interruption. you know the session has been a success and the traumatic memory has been neutralized with EFT. they might not be able to recall the screeching brakes or the smell of burning rubber. feeling completely calm and neutral. 65 . For some individuals. PTSD is always in the back of my mind when I work with new clients. or even decades before the onset of an illness. both of which interfere with normal sleeping habits. “Are you sensitive to loud noises or bright lights?” There is frequently a lag time between the occurrence of a traumatic event and the resulting physical or emotional symptoms.

it became more annoying. People who are consumed with guilt on a psychological level find unconscious ways and reasons to punish themselves. Every situation becomes life or death. you become desensitized to your body’s intelligence and your mind’s intuition. When he wasn’t feeling overwhelmed with guilt. the ringing subsided.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) At the veterans’ conference in San Francisco. the tremor dramatically decreased and he has since enjoyed periods of remission. had inherited a family condition. EFT practitioners need to look past the punishing behavior and assess the origins of the guilt. hide. you have no choice but to ignore your gut instincts and your emotions. In addition. that intensified when he returned home from Iraq. had tinnitus. or ringing in the ears. these two men felt compelled to be “machines” out on the battlefield. a tremor in his hand. This is an alarmingly fast way to create Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because when you are disconnected from your emotions. If you have been trained to take orders and act like a machine. that would vary greatly in volume throughout the day. it’s that the new commands overrode these instincts to run. When he focused on a positive feeling or memory. The repeated traumatic memories that Carlin and Art tried but failed to control responded extremely well to EFT. One veteran said to me that he had made other families miserable by killing people. He soon realized that this symptom was a kind of barometer that reflected his emotional state. he was overreacting to every day incidents in a state of panic. When he tried EFT. who served in Vietnam. Carlin. Even though guilt and shame may not fall neatly into the category of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. and her tremor decreased as well. which required that they disconnect themselves from their feelings. He had spent 30 years screaming orders at his wife 66 . even insistent. I worked with two men whose physical symptoms had gotten worse as a result of PTSD. and you have no time to do anything but react. ready to shoot anything that moves. He later taught EFT to his sister. His guilt ate away at him for decades. who also inherited this symptom. then 26. and when he focused on a stressful memory. Art. It’s not that they weren’t afraid or horrified. Art suffered from survivor’s guilt because numerous explosions that were meant for him killed his fellow officers instead. Imagine what a tightrope these veterans walk when they try to resume civilian life. they are chronic feelings that some PTSD victims suffer from that naturally lead to self sabotage and limitations. or protect themselves. They might experience chronic pain or other physical symptoms as a result of an unconscious conviction that they don’t deserve to be happy and joyful. many veterans suffer from shame and guilt over what they did during the wars. so he certainly didn’t deserve success in his own life. Like most combat veterans. The thinking brain goes off-line and you adapt by developing an unnatural ability to go on auto-pilot. These men were trained to take and give orders in a robotic fashion.

This was something Carlin thought he would be condemned to live with forever. He began walking better. a small child with a bomb strapped to his chest exploded ten feet in front of Carlin. He was able to repeat each gruesome detail of the event in a completely neutral tone of voice because it no longer had any emotional impact for him. but the fear. and threatened by each other. leaving him anxious. because EFT had allowed him to process the terror and discharge the “frozen” pieces of the trauma. His mind and body didn’t need to relive the terrible details as though it was happening repeatedly in the present moment. He felt he could never relax and thought he needed to sleep with one eye open. Art’s wife suffered from PTSD as a result of living with an angry. angry.. and sounds.” He and some fellow officers were moving through a field of tall grass thinking they were safe from enemy fire. Art continued to make steady improvement during the retreat. and desperate to escape through alcohol and cigarettes. Art and his wife were thrilled that they were actually talking again. Someone behind him saved his life by shooting the enemy soldier. instead of being isolated. and the panic he felt completely flooded his system. To stop the nightmares and prevent him from waking in the middle of the night. “Huh…That’s weird. While it was obviously something he would rather not have experienced. Carlin was suddenly looking down the barrel of an enemy gun. By the time he was 22. In one experience. His stunned reaction was. We tested whether EFT had worked thoroughly by asking Carlin to repeat the title he gave to this “movie” or specific event. After two couples sessions.. These feelings and symptoms naturally interfered with his sleep and gave him horrific nightmares. “The Child Blows Up and It’s All Over Me. Chronic danger affected his entire system. at those times. Carlin experienced profound emotional improvement the very first day of the veterans’ retreat after we collapsed two of his most threatening and haunting war memories. he drank excessive amounts of alcohol. To him. it no longer haunted him on a daily basis. With EFT.” At first he had trouble believing the change. enjoyed sleeping more and noticed feeling optimistic for the first time in decades. Carlin had numerous memories about the most gruesome events I had ever heard. She too was enrolled in the veterans’ study and made significant emotional and physical improvement. After stepping over a hill. over-reactive man suffering from extreme and untreated PTSD. we neutralized all the pieces of this memory until telling the entire story no longer triggered any emotional charge in his body and mind. he had already completed two tours of duty in Iraq. The second movie title Carlin chose to represent a traumatic memory from his tour in Iraq was “Iraqis in the Grass.” He walked through the details of the story out loud.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) like “Take out the garbage!” as though it was a matter of life or death. life threatening panic 67 . which included sights. smells. nervous. it seemed to be.

In the days ahead we kept working on his war memories with EFT. We again collapsed each aspect of this specific event using Gary Craig’s Movie Technique. A simple question such as. Carlin continues to use EFT and has been enthusiastically introducing EFT to other veterans in his area as well as to family members. The war memories no longer haunted him.” In an hour and a half. When he returned home. “Can you tell me about the memory that won’t go away?” is also very effective. The trauma has been processed fully. on all levels. and then he slept through the night without any nightmares – an incredible improvement for him. These challenges had nothing to do with the war or the war memories we had neutralized. EFT allows us to discharge the original and once useful and protective “freeze response” so that pieces of the trauma no longer take up valuable emotional energy. I recommend that practitioners working with PTSD clients introduce EFT with setup statements that focus on physical symptoms or a general feeling of stress or anxiety rather than specific events or traumatic memories. I recommend identifying specific events and using the Tell The Story Technique or the Movie Technique as much as possible. Once the memories and sensations from the trauma are integrated fully into consciousness by using EFT. “Iraqis in the Grass…That one doesn’t bother me anymore either. in spite of all the tragedy he witnessed. it can be useful to remain more emotionally distant with Setup Phrases such as: 68 . Once you have gained some rapport with the client (which is often difficult with PTSD clients) and he or she has become accustomed to tapping and talking.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma of the moment stayed with him for over four years until the veterans’ retreat. The counselor’s primary job is to help the PTSD client feel safe. How is it that EFT can be so effective so quickly? And how can its results last so long? I believe that with EFT we are rewiring or re-integrating the person’s sensory memories and traumas so they are no longer compartmentalized into small fragments that haunt and threaten the person. well meaning counselors often frighten them by charging in with EFT prematurely. and he continued to improve emotionally and physically. he had a short-term relapse and started drinking again in response to unresolved feelings around his friendships and his father. until Carlin was able to say. leaving room for normal every day thoughts and activities. That first night Carlin only had one drink and one cigarette with his friends. this young man went from being totally withdrawn with a stone-faced stare to an open. all as part of laying the foundation for the later deeper work. This will help the client get a feel for the EFT process while experiencing some of its benefits. the client no longer needs to be hyper vigilant to protect from the next possible attack. Unfortunately. friendly young guy able to relate and talk to everyone at the retreat. If the client is unable or reluctant to identify a specific trigger or memory.

An EFT formula for specific trauma by Maggie Adkins A trauma. you have successfully erased some of the originating causes of the person’s PTSD and the healing journey can begin. and once you have developed rapport. Even though something terrifying happened. Timing is everything. Those behaviors or fears may at first seem unrelated to the old trauma that is actually driving them. and we don’t want to inadvertently re-traumatize someone who’s contacted us for help. I fully and completely accept myself. it is likely that another “aspect” of the event has surfaced or been triggered by the person’s environment. Luckily for all of us. While clients are recounting one of their stories. the odds are incredibly high that it contains links and echoes to events in the past. It contains many useful details. or hear their voice crack or stop altogether. Does the client feel and act emotionally neutral throughout every part of the story? Can he or she look at any detail or sub-plot without feeling stressed or uncomfortable? Has the emotional intensity from that entire experience disappeared? If so. neutralize any and all emotional and physical signs of hidden trauma with EFT. sometimes causing behaviors or fears many years later. The new aspects are often easy to identify and target with EFT.tread gently.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I can’t go there yet. Whatever problem or challenge your client presents to you. when we look for core issues to current behavior. I deeply and completely accept myself. listen deeply. it is almost always the result of an incomplete treatment of an original trauma or memory. If a symptom does return. notice muscles become tense. instruct them to tap for the intensity the instant you see facial expressions change. and use compassion liberally. it is critical that you “test” your work to make sure the EFT was effective. ~~~~ Here is a detailed and comprehensive report by Maggie Adkins for addressing specific traumas with EFT. Watch for miniscule signs of distress while working with these clients. those old traumas can show themselves as being huge saboteurs in our lives. As Gary taught us. however. EFT is an incredibly efficient tool to neutralize original childhood traumas as well as current symptoms of PTSD. Ask the client to tell the story again from start to finish. After using EFT on several aspects of a traumatic memory. Working with PTSD clients requires intense attention from the counselor. 69 . Final thoughts –. such as a car accident or an act of betrayal by a friend or lover. can have impacts that reach deep into our subconscious.

If that’s true. we use EFT by working with what we do know. You don’t have to knock out all the aspects for the issue to collapse. even if that information is very general. The formula I share with you here is for those times when the trauma is still a major thread in our life. In my experience. Making an aspect list Once a trauma is chosen. Knock out enough aspects and the legs collapse. I like to make a list of all the aspects of that trauma in as much detail as possible. we just don’t know the specifics. but we are not incapacitated by it. however. I start off with very general phrases. When we do know specific details. the second relates to a car accident. which trauma from the past may be overloading the more recent trauma? If there is more than one trauma. leaving a memory but no more trauma. 70 . We just work with what we have. The aspects are what make up the whole.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) EFT surpasses anything else I know for releasing the negative emotions and resultant behaviors from a specific trauma. When we start off with general issues. The freeflowing language method is found on many of Gary Craig’s DVDs and consists of rounds where the phraseology includes more than one aspect. Sometimes. If there are multiple traumas. sometimes that wonderful EFT journey will include remembering more specifics and sometimes it will not. be careful not to switch to another trauma. What follows is a formula for working with a specific trauma or event when you DO know specifics. It is useful to incorporate different aspects of a trauma in a single round of EFT. My favorite analogy of how EFT works is Gary Craig’s image of a table top being the issue and the legs being the aspects that hold it up. I often address more than one aspect of a trauma in a single round of EFT when using the free-flowing language method. collective trauma. Central in using the technique is remembering to work with only one trauma at a time and not move around from one trauma to another. the first questions may be: Which is the most intense trauma? Which one happened first? That is. If my client is overwhelmed. This article does not cover situations wherein the client is overwhelmed at the beginning. just as you don’t have to get rid of all the legs of a table in order for the top to collapse. I find it helpful to write them down. the biggest obstacle to success in resolving traumas with EFT is the person’s lack of specificity about the details or aspects of that trauma. The first example relates to betrayal. it is best to do EFT on those details. Then choose the one that you feel is the most pivotal in your healing at this time. What follows are two examples of traumas and what might be the various aspects to work on with EFT.

he said I cheated her. a cheat. I trusted him — how can I ever trust anyone again? I chose him as my friend/lover/whatever. I woke up and smelled gasoline and couldn’t open my door. he lied about me again. I must be unlovable or people wouldn’t keep doing this to me. When I tried to counter the allegation. I’m embarrassed to face the others again. The police didn’t even test the other driver’s breath for alcohol and I’m sure he was drunk 71 . “Get a life!” No support there. I feel so lonely — there’s no one to share this with. I feel like such a fool. I can’t believe he actually did _________ . This keeps happening to me — there must be something wrong with me. I can’t trust myself to choose again.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Sample aspects of a betrayal trauma could include: He lied about me. What would my five-year-old son have done without his mother if I had died? I WAS going too fast — it was all my fault. Sample aspects of a car accident trauma could include: I saw that truck coming toward me and knew it was going to hit me. The car could have burst into flames any minute and I would have died. I can’t believe he actually said __________ . she just said. Had to wait a long time smelling gas before anyone got there to help me. I don’t know what to do. When I told Mom about it. They will think I’m a liar.

Doing this may bring up additional aspects to record. faster healing normally occurs when you work with one of the most intense aspects rather than the entire trauma. the first experience that has not healed may be stockpiling onto the more current trauma and we may have to heal the first trauma before we can get great results with the more recent one. If there are multiple similar traumas. If this happens. Because all aspects are interconnected. You can also do EFT on the movie’s name. At this point. The Movie Once I have decided what I want to work on and the aspects are written down. such as “That Betrayal” or “The Car Accident.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) This issue may remind you of something in your past The aspects may all be for a trauma that happened recently and you may automatically do EFT on that trauma. I like to check in with my client and ask if an emotion has come up. it is probably because there is a larger core issue that must be addressed first. However. After working with the most intense aspect first and bringing that intensity down. and then replay the entire event as though watching the movie.” However. but often we have to work with more than one aspect before any of them completely disappear. However. as though it is a movie. it is a very good thing to ask the core-issue question. if my client is calm and reasonably comfortable. If the intensity does go down with the first aspect. Which aspect is most intense? If my client feels overwhelmed or extremely emotional. 72 . I ask the client to give the event a name. Has an emotion come up? After working with one or two aspects. I don’t go immediately into the most intense aspect. always checking to see whether the intensity is going down. they may not release until more than one aspect is released. I then ask which of the remaining aspects is the most intense and do EFT with that aspect as long as I continued to get improvement. I like to get issues down to a zero. “What does that remind me of?” If a similar trauma happened long ago. Most often. I get the best results by doing EFT with whichever trauma has the most intensity. I ask this even if my client is not showing any signs of an emotion. several rounds each. the first incident has more intensity. I keep asking questions and probing to discover the appropriate core issue. If it does not go down. If an emotion has come up within the context of working with the specific trauma. doing several rounds on that aspect. keep with that aspect as long as you’re getting improvement. like pieces of a puzzle. I work with the most intense aspect first. it is a part of that trauma.

73 . then going through all the other tapping points and beginning again at the Karate Chop point and continuing through all the points until the emotion subsides. I do continual tapping — no words — starting with the Karate Chop point. Sometimes the body sensation moves. If you’ve worked on an emotion or body sensation If you have tapped on an emotion or body sensation. It becomes another aspect of that trauma that we want to release. I consider that body sensation as being part of the trauma. An example is. or. and shame. grief. Even though I have this betrayal tightness stuck in my throat. The emotions that present themselves most often are sadness. I deeply and profoundly accept myself. I ask what Intensity level the person is now experiencing on the original issue in order to see whether it has shifted. rage. I might tap on something like. anger. If the client feels overwhelmed at any time. After an emotion has been tapped on. I have found it most helpful to go back to the aspect list and see if other aspects are higher than that. guilt. I deeply and profoundly accept myself. or we can ask whether any new physical sensations have arisen. Sometimes aspects will shift after the release of an emotion or sensation. I deeply and profoundly accept myself. If a body sensation has come up when we are doing EFT on a specific trauma. This protocol also includes keeping the eyes open until the emotion is gently released or has subsided. and then there is a choice as to whether to chase it through the body or go back to the aspect list to see which is most intense now. Even though I have this car accident nausea in my gut. if any new aspects have come up. we can ask if any other emotions have come up. This example combines sadness and the car accident — two aspects of an issue in one round of tapping. If the body sensation gets down to a 2 or 3.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) combining the emotion with the trauma can be more powerful than doing EFT on one or the other separately. Continue with original aspects/emotions or ask if a body sensation has appeared What is the most appropriate aspect to work on next with EFT? We can either go back to the aspect list and ask which is most intense now. go back to some of the original aspects you tapped on and check their intensity level. Even though I have this car accident sadness.

I was trapped – the car could have exploded with me in it. we’ll say that “I could have died .what would my son have done without his mother?” is the most intense and it is a solid 10. For this demonstration. and any new aspects that arise. My husband told me not to go out on such a cold and wet night for the treat I promised our son. It’s just like all the other stupid things I’ve done — I’m just so dumb and worthless at so many things. My husband is furious that I went out against his wishes. At the Karate Chop point say. No one was around to help and I started to scream and beep the horn.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Continue until you are satisfied with your results This formula reminds me of a dance – moving back and forth between aspects already known. body sensations. I feel foolish and ashamed that I had the accident for such stupid reasons. Even though I could have died – what would my son have done without his mother? I deeply and profoundly accept myself. 74 . I was driving a little too fast for the slippery road. Ask which aspect is the most intense Ask which of the listed aspects is the worst . my car slid into a ditch. When I woke I smelled gasoline and couldn’t open the car door to get out. I went out anyway. until the trauma is no more than a distant memory. emotions. When a man came to help. as shown below. he took one look at me and said.” I could have died — what would my son have done without his mother? All for a stupid treat that I forgot. List all the aspects you can think of The best way to make sure you’re getting all the aspects is to make a written list. “Oh no. A child ran onto the road and when I slammed on my brakes.

you would say something like. When you combine the emotion and the aspect you were working on when it arose. if shoulder tightness arose. however. For instance. Could have died – what would my son have done without his mother? Do this for several rounds. shift to that now If no emotion or body sensation has arisen. incorporate that with the aspect you were working on. Tap on the Karate Chop point with the following Setup: Even though I was going too fast and could have hit that child – never would have forgiven myself – I deeply and profoundly accept myself. This is merely a guideline – if you are stuck at 5 or 6. we may have to do EFT on several of the aspects before it all collapses to a zero. Even though I am so sad I could have died – what would my son have done without his mother – I deeply and profoundly accept myself. or until the intensity comes down to a 4 or less. use your reminder phrase: Was going too fast – really stupid – I could have hit that child. but it wasn’t as big as the first aspect we worked on. incorporate that into the aspect you were working on when it arose. If an emotion has arisen. say your reminder phrase. that combination can often create more release from both the emotion and the original trauma. go to the next aspect. We’ll say that the fact that I was going a little too fast and I could have hit a child is the most intense now. with so many aspects. stop and go to the next most intense aspect or emotion or body sensation. That is a 10 on the Intensity Meter also. If a body sensation has arisen. if sadness has arisen. you could use wording similar to: “Even though I have this I-could-have-died tightness in my shoulders – what would my son have done without his mother – I deeply and profoundly accept myself. I like to bring the intensity down to a zero. For instance. Which aspect is NOW the most intense? Choose the aspect that is now the most intense. At the rest of the tapping points. If an emotion or body sensation has arisen.” Do rounds on this until the body sensation subsides. 75 . Do rounds on this until the emotion subsides.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) At the rest of the tapping points.

I deeply and profoundly accept myself. use your reminder phrase: He told me not to go out – I’m furious at myself that I was so bullheaded and he is too. I suggest a round of positive affirmation tapping such as. “I am deeply grateful for these healings in my body. go to the next aspect. emotions. go back to the first aspect you worked on and see if the intensity has decreased. Let’s say the next most intense aspect is. Do several rounds on this until the intensity comes down to a 4 or less. When you are satisfied with your results. Continue the dance Continue to ask yourself if there is a most intense aspect left. or body sensations.” 76 . Which aspect is NOW the most intense? Choose the aspect that is now the most intense. “My husband told me not to go out on such a cold and wet night. When you have worked with three to five aspects. Continue with this process until the intensity has reached zero for all aspects. This is just a guideline – if it is a 5 or 6 and you feel stuck. I have again changed the reminder phrase a bit to encompass a bit more and show how flexible EFT is.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Please note I have added “really stupid” in the reminder phrase as an example of how you can change the wording a bit and include another aspect. mind and spirit and I give thanks. proceed as described above for emotion or body sensation. he’s still angry with me. and I’m angry at me too. Check each aspect and see if any have gone to zero. Do the Setup at the Karate Chop point: Even though my husband told me not to go out. Feeling really stupid is another aspect and it may or may not need specific rounds of its own. At the rest of the tapping points. Has an emotion arisen? Has a body sensation arisen? Work with whatever is present. Has an emotion or body sensation arisen? If either of these has arisen.” Let’s say this aspect has an intensity of 7 — it may have already gone down because of the work we have done on other aspects that were stronger. or you’re feeling enough relief to stop.

keep tapping on the most intense aspect. and spirit and I give thanks. Choose the EFT practitioner who is right for you rather than the one who might be closest geographically. Perspective. You will be able to tell from their responses who among them has a perspective that meshes well with yours. And remember to be as specific as possible. Continue to go through this list until you have great improvement. When you are satisfied with your results. be sure to choose a competent EFT practitioner and allow yourself the freedom that releasing a trauma can bring to your life. approximately 95 percent of my client work is now done via phone consultations. a friend. mind. doing several rounds for each. ~~~~ 77 . A good way to find a practitioner is through short telephone interviews. If you do not have success with this or if you are not comfortable working with a complex trauma on your own. or a teacher in a discipline you care about. Ask if a body sensation has arisen. simpatico – whatever you want to call it – is far more important than where a practitioner is located. Choose your practitioner as carefully as you would choose a physician. where you can ask questions that relate to your situation. Ask if an emotion has arisen.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Summary The preceding formula is meant to be a guide. For example. Tap on one or two of the most intense aspects. Tap on emotion or body sensation or. I suggest a round of positive affirmation tapping such as I am deeply grateful for these healings in my body. if neither has arisen. I have witnessed the effectiveness of this formula many times. Be sure to measure the intensity of all of the aspects mentioned below. This is an important benchmark that helps you to determine what to do next.

at the end of which the story teller could recite what happened from beginning to end. In most cases the whole procedure took less than five or ten minutes. Our DVD titled “Six Days at the V. Six Days at the V. I have been fascinated with EFT’s profound effects on PostTraumatic Stress Disorder since my colleague Adrienne Fowlie and I visited a Los Angeles Veterans Administration hospital in August of 1994. Rich’s most difficult memory involved coming into a village in April 1975 and finding 20 decapitated bodies.” shows several veterans being treated on camera. and more than 50 parachute jumps made it worse. His height anxiety had gone from a 10 to a zero and stayed there. In each case. who had over 100 specific intrusive memories that he rated at a 10 on the 1-to-10 intensity scale. They wore black uniforms. We would tap until the person felt comfortable enough to start telling the story. and rate it on the 0-to-10 intensity scale. In addition. or even look over the second-floor railing at a shopping mall. give it a title. Because of his fear of falling. often with new details and observations. their heads were in one pile. he could not use an elevator.A. we would stop the story and tap until the intensity level came back down. a relaxed and comfortable Rich leaned over the railing of a third-floor fire escape and waved to his friends far below. That is. their bodies were in another. and just as effective.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Five: EFT for Combat Veterans As mentioned earlier. Only then would we ask him to resume the story. easier to remember. without any emotional intensity whatsoever. we combined the Tell a Story technique with the Tearless Trauma Technique. After a few minutes of EFT tapping. He had it before he joined the military. Rich re-experienced all of these sights. go out on a fire escape. The EFT tapping sequence is more streamlined. and smells whenever he remembered the scene. Rich then recounted three memories from Cambodia. Those who watch the DVD may notice that Adrienne and I used a slightly different tapping sequence from the one described here and in the EFT Manual. there was blood all over.A. sounds. Our “Six Days at the V.” video begins with Rich. and the stench was overwhelming. which was every day. he had a serious height phobia. and whenever his emotional intensity increased. This is because in those days we were using a precursor of EFT.A. 78 . where the Khmer Rouge (the country’s ruling party from 1975 to 1979) killed over a million villagers. we invited each veteran to choose an intrusive memory. the bodies were swollen in the heat.

his stomach felt tight and his left shoulder hurt. Ralph knew they were in trouble. The rain had filled the grave and literally lifted the bodies from the ground. through the early morning mist and fog. At this point in his story. so does the emotional intensity of the others. Our next volunteer was Ralph. Altogether. There was a 90-degree turn in the road. Ralph said that whenever he thought about the Jeep accident. Adrienne had him stop and tap until he felt relaxed. who worked with Adrienne for his memories of going over a cliff in a Jeep that almost landed on him. it was hard for him to find any at all. and the rifle was mounted on a platform on the Jeep. he had no intrusive memories from the war in Cambodia. it wasn’t. and as the top-heavy Jeep began to slide. He couldn’t get over how comfortable he felt thinking about the accident and even talking about it after tapping. and he reported that his height phobia had permanently disappeared. I checked with Rich two months after our session. The officer ordered him to drive it anyway because they had to get back to the beach. “I normally don’t ever talk about it. we worked with Rich on three specific memories and he worked by himself on another three. Another memory that bothered Rich was an eerie scene created by heavy rains. so we asked him to recount these six events again while trying to recapture their previous emotional intensity. When I asked Rich which of his other 100 intrusive memories he wanted to work on. so when we next met with him. he was horrified to see bodies rising up from a mass grave. “because it’s 79 . All of these terrifying events. at a zero. This is an example of what we call the Generalization Effect. Ralph’s anxiety rose to a 7. Memories that are linked or connected in any way often collapse together. The problem was that the Jeep had no brakes. he had removed the emotional intensity of six different troublesome memories. which Ralph reported to his commanding officer. relaxed. The test was in the story telling. Ralph flew through the air and landed so hard that everyone assumed his back was broken. Rich tapped this memory from a 10 to a zero as well. He was on maneuvers with a 106 Recoilless Rifle Platoon.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) We tapped with Rich and soon his discomfort fell to a zero. Fortunately. and instead of sleeping only four hours per night he now slept seven and felt well rested. When the Jeep went off the cilff. and comfortable. were now emotionally neutral. which had dominated his waking thoughts and appeared in his nightmares. and then he resumed his story. but he was hospitalized for his injuries. When the emotional intensity of one of them goes down or disappears. like a scene from a science fiction movie.” he said. Coming into a village just before sunrise.

Everything was fine until I opened the door and invited him to walk in. He really wanted it! But after tapping for a minute or two.” He laughed. he walked with us to a nearby restaurant.” he said. which left him always looking over his shoulder and thinking of himself as a target. that I’ve been getting therapy for since 1978. and soon the emotional sting disappeared. and I realize that it’s grief. I no longer saw myself as a target. and EFT can help break dependencies and addictions. As Ralph observed.” he said. “I remember the scenes. He also tapped for the pain he felt over the loss of close friends in Vietnam. I really enjoyed myself. our next veteran. he sat in the middle of the room with his back to the entrance and most of the customers. but he told us that if he were ever to enter one. Anthony realized that he felt fine. or compulsive behaviors as a form of self-medication. and he walked through the door. Totally amazed by his resulting lack of anxiety.” 80 . marveling over his new situation – being able to think about and even describe out loud those long-ago events that had been excruciatingly painful but which no longer triggered any discomfort. Even though Anthony was highly skeptical about EFT.A. and hold it in his hand. To really give EFT a test. he tapped with us. keeping an eye on everyone. He described his anxiety as an “ultra-awareness of harm. I don’t feel the shock.” Anthony. was an out-patient who came to the V. the thoughts that came to his mind at the restaurant door had nothing to do with lunch or the threat posed by crowds of strangers but rather the grief he felt over the death of his brother. Ralph’s desire to quit smoking gave us an opportunity to show him how EFT can stop a craving in its tracks. It’s not unusual for problems to have many aspects. The grief is what’s missing. he would go straight to the table that would give him the best view of all the entrances and exits. “Now I have a choice.” At the restaurant. and he would sit with his back to the wall. take a dry drag from it. especially those who were coming or going. “My awareness was still there. and as soon as one materializes. hospital for treatment for his fear of crowds and crowded places (hyper-vigilance).” he said. In Anthony’s case. the craving grew weak and then disappeared. Ralph started with a very strong craving. I can’t believe I’m not upset. drugs.” developed in Vietnam. “but in a good way. There isn’t any pain.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) too painful. I can have a cigarette or I can tap and let the craving go away. Anthony avoided restaurants. “I couldn’t even talk about it before. but it feels different. the sword through my heart. Many veterans turn to alcohol. Now he not only talked about it. tobacco. Something is missing. and I had him hold the unlit cigarette under his nose and really smell it. This happened because Anthony was tuning in to a new or different aspect of his problem. we tap it away and go on from there. he tapped about it. His anxiety level rose to a 10 and he stopped in his tracks. “I remember what happened.

” His intensity level remained at a zero. “I accept myself even though I shot the kid. Then. such as how when the boy got to within 60 or 70 feet of the truck. It’s always a 10 and now it’s a zero. with no specific details. Soon a small child. so he shot the boy. walking like a zombie toward the truck.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Our next veteran was Robert.” I asked Robert to tell us the whole story from the beginning. It feels so strange. and when he came back. but he agreed to stay with the truck. Robert said that the kid kept walking toward him. which he did with no emotional discomfort whatsoever. a boy five or six years of age. Robert said he drove into a village in Vietnam with a driver who wanted to stop at a bar. the boy disappeared behind a building. so he wasn’t concerned. “It’s like I’m watching a movie. but he still kept coming. He told the boy to leave and then heard the ping that told him the grenade was live and fully armed. see him lying there. Robert had misgivings about stopping in the village. intense memory. Robert shot him in the shoulder. Then I asked him to tell the story. was a short mental movie that he called “The Kid. so we stopped and tapped again.” he said. This memory made him uncomfortable. In a few rounds of tapping.” We started by addressing this memory in a general way. Robert remembered additional details.” When he resumed the story. but he kept coming as though in a trance. who had been in therapy for 30 years for PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. the grenade dropped behind him and exploded. and soon people were running out of nearby buildings. In the retelling. he could see it was a grenade. but he kept coming. when the boy was 40 feet away. Robert figured the boy was curious. which he replayed constantly in his mind. Robert took his rifle and fired a couple of rounds at the boy’s feet. These memories normally caused an intense emotional reaction in Robert. yelling and demanding to know why he had shot the child. it would be him and the truck or the kid. Robert’s intensity level rose so we stopped and tapped about how “I accept myself even though I have some of this kid emotion. but now. He told him to go back. “I didn’t want to. We had Robert tap while saying.” he said. “I can see the kid. he said. He said he 81 . At this point in his story. Robert could see that his fist was clenched. started walking around the truck. After a while. He fired at the boy’s feet. starting right before the main action began and stopping whenever he felt his emotions became intense. “I can’t believe it. Robert said that finally he had no choice. Robert realized that he held a grenade in his hand and that he had pulled the pin. Robert’s anxiety about “The Kid” fell in stages from a 10 to a zero. The boy fell. He knew he had to stop him before he reached the truck. We would tap until his stress level fell to a zero and then continue. His most intrusive. He assumed the boy was holding a rock and that even if he threw it at Robert he wouldn’t do much damage. so he shot him in the head.” Soon Robert’s intensity level fell to zero. but I had to. get away.

where a whole village was wiped out. at an 8 or 9 on the intensity scale. Philip told us that the previous night. he could only describe it as “an exceptional day for me. his headache was at an 8. The soldiers were instructed to dig a trench and bury the bodies. and he felt odd sensations in his hands and feet. even when medicated with sleeping pills. he tapped before bed. He could look back.” When he tapped for the pain in the center of his head. and we call it “chasing the pain. He said it was like a little miracle. For those who did experience a recurrence of symptoms. our last on-camera veteran. He couldn’t get over how different he felt. Later. He also suffered from insomnia. 80 percent considered the improvements permanent. he and his fellow soldiers shot at enemy troops. Altogether. Pain moving from one location to another is a common reaction to tapping. and slept through the night without waking up – all without taking any medication. he worked on his own to treat a severe headache over his right eye. suddenly. suffered from severe anxiety headaches. And he stopped blaming himself as well. but it soon fell to a zero and completely disappeared. 82 . When I asked him how he felt about these old memories. Robert talked about another memory that normally caused him distress. we recommended a few more rounds of tapping. Gary also tapped for the numbness he felt in his fingers.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) didn’t blame the people who accused him because they didn’t know what had happened. He also reported getting his best night’s sleep in over five years. and when that disappeared. see what happened. then to the center of his head. our next veteran. One night. Adrienne and I worked with veterans. Inspired by our group demonstration. Philip suffered from a height phobia and the thought of climbing a ladder made him feel jittery. Gary. It moved from his eye to the back of his head. Gary relived these painful events on an almost daily basis for decades. but now he yawned. he said he felt bored. they discovered that the people they had killed were civilians carrying personal possessions. but when dawn came. With five quick rounds of tapping. suffered from anxiety and the headaches it produced. not weapons. He could tell the story without being upset. traumatic. and feel completely detached. the headache disappeared. None of the sessions lasted longer than 15 minutes. many of them off-camera. which was always at an 8 or 10 because of the guilt he felt over what happened.” We then asked Gary to describe his most intense war memory. Philip. he said that he felt so good. Their symptoms did not return. fell asleep. to bring over 20 debilitating. In our follow-up interviews. he felt no guilt at all. intrusive memories from a 10 down to zero. all of those symptoms disappeared and he was comfortable with heights. slept well. Now. When we started working with him.

my therapist diagnosed me as having it. I founded a procedure that helps people get over unwanted emotional issues.. tapped it down to a zero. we started with one. then moved to the next. out of curiosity. of course. a "generalization effect" collapses the remaining memories so they don’t have to be treated individually.including grief. the only people familiar with that term were therapists and those who either had PTSD or knew someone who does. Donnie: Such as. but many do.] 83 .] Gary: Yes... [I never believe new clients when they say this.. He spent about 40 minutes making the repair and then. I've worked on it a lot with my therapist over the last 10 years and I've pretty much taken care of it. depression. Not every PTSD case responds in this textbook fashion. The Generalization Effect Donnie is a local plumber whom I called to repair some faulty plumbing under my kitchen sink. This is the same direct approach that I recommend throughout the EFT manual. Thus I suspected that I was talking to a PTSD sufferer. we went straight for specific traumatic memories and treated them with EFT. The issue is still there and will remain until it is properly resolved. just about anything. Typically. If the person had several traumatic memories. However. I'm just working on my website..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) In these examples.. fear. just as we saw with Rich. rape victims and the like. The conversation went like this. I honor that they think they have "taken care it.? Gary: Well. I used to be a police officer and witnessed more than my share of disasters.. and traumatized people like war veterans. after a few of these memories have been neutralized. Donnie: What keeps you so occupied on that computer? Gary: Oh.. With the proper application of EFT. Donnie: You mean like PTSD? [Until recently." but I have yet to see a PTSD case addressed by conventional techniques (like talk therapy) that does anything more than help the client "sweep it under the rug" so that it is out of sight. asked me what I was doing on my computer. these formerly intense memories can evaporate in moments. out of sight doesn't mean gone. Do you have PTSD? Donnie: Yes.

on a 0-10 scale. Donnie [gratefully]: Sure. except that we tap certain release points with our fingertips rather than use needles. Gary: okay. just guess for me what you think the intensity would be. [At this point I gave him a 2 minute run down of the theory behind the process and described it as an "emotional version of acupuncture. 84 . Donnie: About 30 seconds. Gary: okay. Donnie: An 8. Gary: And what would be a title for that movie? Donnie [with emotion]: Abuse. this is embarrassing. Gary: Was there more than one crescendo or peak moment within that 20 minutes? Donnie: There were five or six."] Gary [using the Movie Technique]: If that worst memory was a movie how long would it last? Donnie: About 20 minutes. It might help and I don't even have to know what happened. sorry for the question.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Gary [as a test]: What was your worst memory? Donnie [with obvious teary emotion]: Sorry. I'm too emotional to tell you. Let me offer you a brief experience with this new process. [I sensed this was a very tense memory and electing to use the Tearless Trauma Technique] To make this as painless as possible. Otherwise he may shift from crescendo to crescendo (aspect to aspect) within our session]. if you were to vividly imagine it. Just isolate the worse crescendo of those five or six and tell me how long that movie lasts [I am purposely forcing him to pick one very specific crescendo.

just follow along with me and tap in the same places on your body that I tap on mine.. Repeat my words too. Donnie: 1 or 2. Gary: Now run the entire 20 minute movie and see what 0-10 intensity is there for the other crescendos. Total time taken was less than 10 minutes. If you get intense along the way. it generalized over the rest. [ From here I just did straight EFT on that memory--"Even though I have this abuse memory..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Gary: okay.or maybe 0.. Donnie: That's strange. I really can't tell for sure because the movie is breaking up. Gary [after 2 minutes of EFT]: Now guess at what you think the 0-10 intensity would be if you were to vividly imagine it. once neutralized.. Donnie: I think it is a zero. but why get too advanced when a simple approach may do the job? ~~~~ 85 . Gary: Alright. too. except for one. I just can't seem to find the movie except for this one piece. In this case we selected the most intense of his crescendos and. They are all breaking up except for one and that one is maybe a 4. There are more difficult PTSD cases. I can't seem to focus on it.. please stop."] Donnie: okay. [This is a classic response when a memory has been successfully neutralized with EFT] Gary: Is that unusual for you? Donnie: Very unusual. We spent one more round of EFT on that remaining crescendo and it. including the up-front explanation. [Final note: Success. whether or not you believe them. went by the wayside. of course.. Now close your eyes and vividly imagine that 30 second movie and tell me what intensity you get to. This is a textbook case where collapsing one table leg under the client's emotional table serves to wobble and essentially collapse the whole structure.

though. he is the one who plays Santa Claus for the children in the leukemia wards in Trenton and whom they beg for and call “our Uncle Tommy. has worked on and off as a bouncer in a night club. and last year he saved a woman from being raped when he heard her screams as he was walking through a lowincome housing development. Tommy ended up having to defend himself in court against charges by this serial rapist of assault and battery. accept EFT although the standard EFT protocol might well have caused reactions in him which would have run counter to his Self Image. (He has never been married himself.” He is the strong one and the salvation of all. The attacker broke both his legs as he landed on the concrete and. he can lift a metal office desk onto a truck as easily as most of us can pick up a bag of groceries. whom he supports. Although Tommy was able to pull out of a severe battle flashback through the use of EFT. because of his enormous strength. and helpful man whom just about everyone likes.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Sometimes it takes great skill just to get someone to try EFT. Tommy. by some twist of the law.) He is also the person who stays up through the night caring for his widowed mother. Tommy’s Self Image is clearly that of being strong and invincible. grabbed the assailant by the scruff of the neck. This is a real lesson in the art of delivery. Trouble sometimes seems to be Tommy’s middle name. some of them remnants of war wounds that leave him handicapped to quite an extent. and acts as the father they never had. Dr. Delivering EFT to a macho war veteran by Dr. Tommy ran to the site of the attack. Further. Tommy won his own case when the rapist was shown to have had multiple arrests for this same crime. authority and personal congruence (what one says lines up with what one believes) as convincers for the client. Tommy. He weighs over 300 pounds and has a host of physical problems. 86 . cooks for. and tossed him over an eight foot fence. He works successfully at every imaginable sort of handyman job and. who suffers from Alzheimer’s and a near fatal heart condition. Nonetheless. Patricia Carrington I recently used the Tearless Trauma Technique to help a Viet Nam veteran. is an immensely engaging. although in actual fact this huge man is also a wonderful surrogate parent to his nieces and nephews. In that event he would likely have refused to participate in the treatment. friendly. This can be doubly difficult when the client is a "macho veteran" whose Self Image resists help of any kind – let alone something as different as EFT. He is a self-appointed defender of the weak. I am almost certain he would not have responded to this treatment had I not structured the session so that his “macho” Self Image remained intact. It blends language. On his good days. Patricia Carrington steps us through an important case involving a war flashback that was easily handled BUT ONLY after she got through her macho client's substantial resistance to being helped.

I had him sit down immediately. But he will also tell you he is “feelin’ just fine!” even when he can barely move. I have something that can help you. No introductions to EFT. Since there was no point in trying to convince him over the phone about the value of EFT. but the trick would be to get Tommy to remain doing the treatment until it took.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Tommy has done handyman work around my house for years and in many ways it is as though he is part of my family. and his face appeared ashen. amidst difficulties that would keep a soap opera running for years.” I was absolutely determined to make EFT work for him no matter what. “Tommy. in fact. die in Tommy’s arms – just as some of Tommy’s war buddies had done many years before. otherwise he would have simply skipped town as he was threatening to do. I have thus had plenty of opportunity to observe him pooh-pooh needed medical treatment until it became absolutely necessary to accept. and in fact does possess an amazing immune system. I realized I would have to overcome his resistance to accepting medical or psychological help of any kind before I could really help him – his “I’m fine! I can do it myself!” Self Image could get seriously in the way of any treatment. When he phoned me the next morning. however. Tommy managed to pry open the car door and lift the driver out. Clearly he wanted my help. a fatal accident had occurred on his property. “I don’t know what’s happening!” he kept repeating “But I’ve gotta get out of this place. NOW! We can fix this. you get over here. just as they had on the battlefields during the war. restlessness is a strong characteristic of his even under ordinary circumstances. When Tommy entered my home I saw this huge man trembling noticeably. I absolutely rely on him to fix anything and everything cheerfully and immediately. It turned out that during a winter snow storm the night before. I was deeply concerned when I heard his voice on the phone about a year ago telling me that he was leaving town forever. He just had to “get out” and never come back. there was no time for that. I simply said. almost incoherently in fact. Just the briefest description-. but he was dying and did. A car skidded off the road and smashed headlong into one of his trees. Tommy told me he was “seeing” his whole backyard aflame with bombs bursting. He claims to be able to recover almost miraculously from injury. There was a tremendous urgency in his tone and he was talking in non-stop fashion.“I’m going to use a 87 . Because I knew so well Tommy’s pride in being able to cope with anything and everything that happens to him. His Self Image of being invincible keeps him in good cheer. I’m gettin’ out of here!” I knew Tommy had called because he respected the fact that I’m a psychologist and because he trusts me.

and he described himself as “a little better.” he managed to repeat the Setup – “Even though this man was killed on my property …” – and did a round of tapping on that. Were I to do this. One thing I was certain of was that Tommy’s “macho” image could not permit him to break down and express the real emotions that were underlying his intense reactions – they would be forbidden in his view of himself. Tommy felt better yet. but they’re no needles or anything like that involved. Sometimes a few well chosen words. He just repeated the Reminder Phrase description of it. I suggested that we go directly to the memories of the war. His breathing was easier. and confidence in a technique on the part of the person using it can be a great help. Although Tommy’s initial rating was a “10 Plus. It’s being used with Viet Nam veterans who have the same problems you do now.” After tapping another round.” [My comment: Impressive! In a few words Pat used her congruence and her authority to quickly link EFT with its use for other Viet Nam veterans. said with emphasis. Then. I could not use a technique which would cause him to express what would be for him deeply humiliating emotion. So I chose to use the Tearless Trauma Technique and quickly set that in place to protect Tommy from running headlong into the restrictions of his own Self Image. I knew I would simply “lose” him — he would be out the door in a flash. his eyes more focused. I needed all the help I could get. Notice that I purposely did not have Tommy describe his own emotional reaction to the event. which in themselves would obviously evoke a great deal of emotion. It’s based on acupuncture.] Obviously I said this because I wanted Tommy to believe that the technique would work – and I didn’t have the luxury of the caution we use in experimental work where we’re careful never to influence or “suggest” to a subject positive results. but helped him construct his reminder phrase to reflect the facts alone. IF he were to think about these things. I asked him if he had seen men die like this in the war. Tommy was able to follow these instructions without thinking in detail about the accident. on an intuition. with a lot of success. he was obviously experiencing some relief. but merely to “guess” what his intensity rating on the 1-to-10 scale would be. 88 . I told him that he was not even to THINK about the accident or (later) about the battle scenes. can convey more than several pages of rhetoric.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) new method that can take away the kind of experiences you’re having. After tapping a complete round this way. For this reason I did not want to use an approach which might take him into an abreaction (a re-living) of last night’s experiences or of his war experiences.

his extremely disturbing emotions became manageable. for example. and in front of himself. “Even though they died in my arms in the war. But again. and could only keep repeating. Nor will he use it for his distress at some urgent family problems.” I have been keeping close tabs on him for over a year since this incident. to do this would be to violate his image of vulnerability — too much. but only to SAY them in the Reminder Phrase. in just 12 minutes. and his flashback never occurred again. I cannot urge you strongly enough to try it! ~~~~~ 89 . and did not “flee the state.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) “Yeah. to a zero. It is a wonderfully humane way to handle many serious problems which clients face. In my experience with EFT. Nor has the fatal accident on his property bothered him. In all.” he said. He will not. for him to take.” reminding him not to IMAGINE the war experiences. Tommy did eight to ten rounds of the tapping and I watched in amazement as his intensity rating came down. Tommy did not have to suffer the humiliation of “losing it” in front of another person. Tommy’s experience has convinced me once again of the great value of the Tearless Trauma Technique. I am convinced that we could not have obtained such excellent results were it not for the use of the Tearless Trauma Technique. this lasting effect can be expected to occur very often if the original treatment was successful. Tommy refuses to use EFT for any other problems that have occurred since this incident – even though he admits its great usefulness. looked entirely different. however. Because the pain was held to a minimum through this technique. An important point to remember is that this method need not be applied only to a major trauma. Can it be that the Apex effect only comes when a person’s Self Image is in danger of being violated if they recognize the success of the treatment? Interestingly. He did as I suggested. it would seem." over and over again. Sometimes they died in my arms just like this. He had stopped trembling. I then asked him to say. In all. use it for the severe pain he can sometimes experience with his disabilities. He was able to go back to work that day with no difficulty.. It may be because of this that he was able to accept that the treatment was effective and not have to deny this fact through the Apex (denial) effect.. “This stuff is something else! This stuff is SOMETHING ELSE!. Tommy’s EFT treatment was remarkably successful. In this case.

Then without warning and for seemingly no reason. As time goes by even subtle events can spark flashbacks that trigger PTSD symptoms. Friends and family members can be equally traumatized since they don’t understand what is happening. He was exploding at the drop of the hat and found himself constantly arguing with his wife and children. the instant he went home and back into “the real world.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) At the March 2008 PTSD study in San Francisco. things start falling apart. he was depressed and lethargic. I have seen veterans triggered while driving because the tire treads on a truck in front of them reminded them of the tires on military vehicles. They put up a valiant front. Many times veterans arrive home and initially exhibit only minimal or no side effects resulting from their war experiences. Others manage to successfully mask or ignore related emotions. Major events such as 9/11 or any event they perceive as a threat can trigger flashbacks. to no avail. sudden unexplainable bursts of anger. He spent most of his day slumped in a recliner and couldn’t find the motivation to attempt the mental or physical exercises that had been suggested to help his condition. At that point everything began falling apart. and helps her client find and neutralize core issues. defuses intense emotions generated by the Setup. nightmares. intense emotions. As you read her report. John completed an eight-week PTSD treatment program offered by the V. physical symptoms. 90 . with small children. However. which threw him into full-blown PTSD. Delayed reactions are important considerations for anyone working with veterans and their families. Therefore family and friends think everything is almost back to normal. John had been prescribed every available medication believed to help with PTSD symptoms. Less than two months before I met with him. doing their best to resume life as they used to know it.A. a constant sense of hyper-vigilance. EFT practitioner Sophia Cayer worked with several combat veterans using the same approach that she took with the Gulf War veteran described below. They too need care. Situations such as this are far more common than most realize. Video games and newsreels are things they quickly learn to avoid. pay particular attention to the gentle and indirect way in which she introduces EFT. He and his wife had flown all over the country trying various treatments in their search for answers. and other PTSD symptoms. He told me that being among his comrades in itself had offered comfort and he felt a little better while he was at the facility. insomnia. He managed to cope with the side effects of his war experience fairly well until the September 11 event in New York City. anxiety. Layers of trauma by Sophia Cayer A gentleman I will refer to as John is a Gulf War Veteran in his late thirties. Even with all the medications. married.” his challenges returned.

He couldn’t say the words “I love and respect myself” and broke into tears. didn’t know what to expect. “She’s been here with me most of the time. I choose peace. Ch (Chin) – I have been through enough. Most veterans are not only anxious. he said he was worried. I love and respect myself. Most of the time it is a last-ditch effort after a number of disappointing avenues have been explored. and he told me that the only reason suicide wasn’t an option was that he was too concerned about the pain it would cause his family. I always make it a point to inquire about the level of anxiety the person feels about even attempting EFT. If it begins to feel too intense. Since he was brand new to EFT. I assured him he didn’t have to say the words and that together we would get through it. they are frightened and uneasy. UN (Under Nose) – I don’t know what to expect. His discomfort level was already at an 8 and he was feeling it in his stomach. which also helps gain their trust and confidence. just let me know. TH (Top of Head) – All this anxiety. and I could see emotions and tears beginning to well up.” KC (Karate Chop) – Even though I have this anxiety in my stomach. SE (Side of Eye) – All this anxiety. He described it as a knot. “Let me show you how silly it is. and was disappointed that his wife couldn’t be there with him.” he said. We began again with different words: KC (Karate Chop) – Even though I have all this anxiety in my stomach. 91 . You don’t have to tell anything. He said the worst was part was not knowing what to expect. EB (Eye Brow) – All this anxiety. In my experience. UE (Under Eye) – It is sitting in my stomach. He was guilt-ridden about the state of affairs with his family and felt like a failure when it came to military service. just focus the on the tightening up.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) John was consumed by sadness as well as fear and anger. a tightening up or tension. whatever misgivings are there before we go any further. I tap first on whatever they are feeling. this approach opens the door to achieving more profound results in a shorter period of time. I said. Let’s just take a crack at it and see how it lands for you and how quickly it can work. When I asked John how he felt about doing this work. It is also a great way to demonstrate how quickly the technique can help them achieve results.

Even though I still have some anticipation in stomach. I don’t know what to expect. This remaining tightness. “Just a tiny little bit” remained. At this point he reported his stomach felt better and he felt he was probably down to 1 or zero.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) CB (Collar Bone) – I just want to feel better. UN (Under Nose) – This anxiety in my stomach. This anticipation. SE (Side of Eye) – This anxiety. and let me know how his stomach was feeling. I choose to feel better. UA (Under Arm) – All this anxiety. breathe. dealing with things as they came up. I also reminded him that he could tap preemptively. I am not sure what to expect. “Better – I am probably at a 3 or 4. Sensing a major change in his demeanor and voice. UE (Under Eye) – All tension in my stomach. Something else to try. This anticipation. I choose peace. I asked him to relax. I choose to let go of all this anticipation And to have peace within. I don’t know what to expect. I choose peace anyway. one that encouraged the healing process. KC – Even though I still have some of this anticipation in my stomach. But I choose peace anyway. EB (Eye Brow) – I choose peace. Ch (Chin) – I choose peace. That is pretty neat! “ I encouraged him by reminding him that with this wonderful self-empowerment tool. he could soon feel comfortable working on his own. TH (Top of Head) – All this fear and anticipation. TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – UE – This remaining tightness in my stomach. The realization that he could be in charge and in control of his emotions as he worked through issues on his own was an empowering thought. 92 . This anticipation in my stomach. He seemed a little surprised when he announced.

Now that John was feeling more relaxed and comfortable knowing what to expect. He had left in 1998 and the doctors believed that his PTSD was set off by the events of September 11. I realized that he could experience difficulty in getting to core issues because they were blocked. It is important to encourage persistence when people will be working on their own. I choose peace. I asked John where things stood with his military career. I could hear the emotion in his voice so I immediately interrupted to ask what he was feeling as he relayed the story. I asked. Still sitting in my stomach. I choose peace. it was time to move forward. I knew it was particularly important to be mindful and cautious as we moved forward. Based on John’s vacant expression when he arrived. he said it was his depression and anger. His one word answer: “Anger. At this point the stomach tightness was gone and he felt ready to proceed. “Anger with the government or anger about them not letting you re-enlist?” John replied. and his rapid shifts from no apparent emotion to high emotion. Knowing there had been issues with being in and out of the service. He told me that he wasn’t connected any longer with the military. As we continued to work on the more intense and complex issues together. “Both. I choose to believe in me.” 93 . Anger at 9/11 and anger that I couldn’t do anything about it. With a little gentle probing on my part he recalled that the onset occurred in 2000 or 2001. so that they realize there is no need to feel discouraged if they happen to experience intensities going up and down or find themselves switching from one aspect of the problem to another. 2001. but he could offer little else. or he could find that some memories were easily triggered. When I inquired as to what he felt was his most pressing issue. which is typical of those severely affected by PTSD. These are important considerations if you are new to dealing with PTSD. He attempted to re-enter the military following 9/11 and was denied due to his physical condition. he began to see how EFT might help him get through the days more easily. but he still couldn’t connect it with anything specific.” In an attempt to be more specific. This tiny little bit.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – This tiny little bit That is still sitting in my stomach.

I wanted to help. “Did you lose someone close to you in 9/11”? John said. I am absolutely furious. I am absolutely furious! Why did this have to happen? It just wasn’t right. They stopped me. Since he was having difficulty voicing anything. We had taken the edge off. They told me too I had many problems and wasn’t medically able. We tapped for: KC – Even though I am filled with all this anger and sadness – there was nothing I could do. And they wouldn’t let me. To help find a core issue. I wanted to help and there was nothing I could do. They told me no. This grief and sadness.” he said. They wouldn’t let me help. All this grief and sadness. TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – All this anger and sadness. They wouldn’t let me help. “They opened a site taking back prior enlisted.” 94 . but I dealt with a lot of dead in the first Gulf war. I am angry with the government. I choose peace anyway. but it was obvious that related issues and aspects were bubbling up. I began asking questions related to when and how he learned that he could not rejoin the military. Even though I am filled with all this sadness and anger.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I could feel and sense a lot more than anger and quickly received John’s confirmation of deep sadness. “No. All this grief and sadness. All this anger and sadness. in person. We managed to determine that the most predominant feelings were related to rejection by the military. I asked. I filled out the paperwork and got rejected. even though I did 8½ years with a screwedup back that got injured in service.” I could feel a myriad of emotions emanating and knew his mind was racing from event to event and feeling to feeling. an important underlying event or memory that would bring John’s attention from the vague and general to the specific and detailed. they wouldn’t even let me try – I am okay anyway. or in a letter? “It was done by computer. I am really furious. Was it over the phone.

. I would fight and die for my country. I am okay. so we simply began tapping: KC – Even though I am angry and sad at the same time and I am not even sure what this is all about. TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – CB – UA – That news that comes through the compute. All this deep sadness. They wouldn’t take me even after all I had done. They wouldn’t take me. All this anger and sadness. All this sadness and anger that I really don’t understand. or even one issue. “Which feels more intense. It is important to note that many major shifts in intensity are quite common in this situation. You don’t have to know…. I asked. I really wanted to go. I wanted to do my duty. I don’t know who I am angry at. They told me no.” It was impossible and unnecessary to attempt to sort anything out.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) When I asked. All this rejection. They rejected me. “Both feel about the same. John felt the intensity had dropped from a 10 to a 5. “I’m not really angry at the government – I love my government. I wanted to be there. They said no. All this frustration. This sadness and anger. I am okay. Deep sadness and anger. This sadness and anger. I saw it in the computer.” 95 .” I said. “Does that make you angry?” his voice rose through a swell of emotion and tears until he was almost screaming. All these emotions. This deep anger and sadness. They said no. Frequently this happens because it is impossible for PTSD victims to remain focused on one aspect of an issue. “It doesn’t matter…. the anger or the sadness?” He replied. All this anger and sadness They told me no. Even though I am angry and sad that they rejected me.

Even though I have all this deep sadness and all this anger because they said no. EB – I couldn’t believe that letter. They wouldn’t take me back.” He felt it was at a 3 or 4. I choose peace. “What does it feel like now? “ He replied. SE – That terrible letter. All this anger and sadness . I choose peace. I asked him to picture himself in front of the computer getting news and see how it felt. I am okay anyway. Remaining anger sadness. This remaining anger and sadness. I could sense his emotions on the rise. I didn’t want to hear that news. and he was feeling it in his chest and stomach. John reported feeling “Relaxed…and I’d say I am at a zero. All this anger and despair This deep sadness. “It is just the rejection that hurts. I choose to believe me. I’ve still got this anger and disappointment and all this deep sadness. I am okay anyway. I asked. This anger and sadness. I stopped at this point because I could sense a marked improvement. KC – Even though I’m still at a 5. John said he could see himself there with his brother. Disappointment and despair were intensifying. KC – Even though I still have this sense of rejection in my chest and stomach. 96 .” It was time to test.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) He now felt he might be able to remain focused on receiving the news. I choose peace. I choose peace. I choose to believe in me. and as he began to tell me about reading it on the screen. TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – UN – Ch – All this remaining anger and sadness. This feeling of despair. I couldn’t believe that news. Even though I have all this deep sadness and all this anger because they said no. I choose peace. They said no. Even though I feel this rejection in my chest and stomach. I am still carrying it. TH – This rejection.

I am offering limited details but the general drift of the tuning-into-events conversation started when 97 . They’ve got me on all of this crap [medications] that’s supposed to help. but as we worked it led us in different directions. the Inside Wrist (IW) and Outside Wrist (OW). It still hurts. All that rejection. I choose to believe in me. plus the 9 Gamut treatment (9G). It still hurts. Note that in the tapping sequence above.” he said. Well. I am already fired up. Remember that these are complex cases and it is important to follow and not lead. At this point I thought we would set to work on the non-stop movies. John reported that many of the scenes came to him like a movie screen that started in the morning and ran all day long. All that rejection. his or her enthusiasm may lead both of you to believe it is time to forge full speed ahead. They rejected me. that’s not the way it went. The following will clearly demonstrate how winding the trail can become and how essential it is to let things unfold on their own. Those rejection words. He was quite pleased that EFT was working and said that now he had “calmed down big time…” He felt better equipped to begin dealing with some of traumatic events. “I explode for no reason at all. Please continue to approach things in a gentle and subtle manner. This time he reported it was just another screen. While it is best if you can “sneak up” on events. Out of concern about triggering those reading this book. I included two optional tapping points. these events may continually replay in the person’s mind. They rejected me. John returned to the computer screen in his mind’s eye to read his rejection letter again. That euphoria and the return of the “I can handle it!” feeling may prove to be short lived. and in a matter of minutes other events will evoke new rivers of emotion. “If something happens in the house. so we attempted to gently approach the most haunting ones. but nothing works…” I reminded him that he had a new ‘secret weapon’ and that it was possible for him to have more than temporary relief. All this rejection. We started down that path. letting the person work through events and memories as they present themselves. It is important to remember that even when someone begins to experience relief.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – IW – OW – 9G – IW – OW – That rejection..

I can’t let it go… why didn’t I _____________? All this guilt. I felt a shift and when I checked in with John. Even though I have this remaining guilt. I eliminated the word. All this guilt. his anger would have remained with him for hours. (He couldn’t say the words and tears and emotions intensified. This guilt. He then shared with me that normally. All this remaining guilt. all this guilt. Realizing that ‘failure’ was the trigger and knowing he was more than tuned in. I can’t forgive myself. No need to further traumatize in order for EFT to get the job done. Remaining guilt. I still see that image. the feeling that he had failed to complete his mission according to the rules. all this guilt.) Even though I am filled with guilt. Remaining guilt. John said he felt better. I am ok. he reported feeling “neutral” about an event he had been carrying since 1991. 98 . TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – Remaining guilt. All this guilt – why didn’t I ________? I should have _________. He was a little stunned that this could really be the case.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) John said. but he was beginning to be impressed with his EFT experience. All this guilt. so we did a little probing to see how intense the pictures were as well as his feeling of guilt. I should have __________________. KC – Even though I have this remaining guilt. TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – All this guilt. All this guilt. “ I dealt with something in the Gulf War. I should have ____________. something we never practiced before…” Again a myriad of emotions were before us. I choose peace. KC – Even though I am feeling guilty – I feel like a failure as a _______. I choose peace. but the most intense was his sense of guilt. That brief tapping brought him down to a 3. It was the scariest thing I ever did in my life. or for 17 years. All this guilt. all this guilt. after being triggered to the extent he was as we talked and worked together.

” Emotions were rapidly rising as he spoke about almost losing his wife because of arguments. It is all too painful. “That’s what they are doing – stealing my whole life. the military had always been part of his identity. TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – UA – TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – How could I ever let this go? It is too painful. Letting go of all this pain from the past. But maybe if I take it one piece at a time. I choose to be in the present. As we talked it became apparent that he was afraid he would lose memories that he treasured because the service to him was family during the times in his life when he had no family. I did the best I knew how – but I want to be happy with the way things turned out – I forgive myself. it is too big. Letting go and choosing peace. and he simply couldn’t put it behind him. I asked how true that still felt and why it still seemed to feel true. It is too big. Or maybe I can. Choosing the present. Letting go of all this deep sadness. He was convinced that getting out of the service was a big mistake. It is too much. he was caught up in what he saw as his big mistake. Maybe I can embrace the present and enjoy the now. He told me that he had been involved since elementary school in some form of military association. In the moment. Letting go. In one way or another. “This isn’t going to make you forget. but it will help you neutralize the emotions. I can’t change it. I can create peace for myself. I assured him that he could put the bad behind him without losing the positive. This is something to consider when you are working with those new to EFT. Events will be things that happened but they won’t continue to steal your life from you. Even though there was too much going on and I didn’t know how to handle it.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) He told me that using the “failure” was very triggering. 99 . even though I was using his words. Even though I feel like my past has stolen the present. leaving the service: KC – Even though it was all a big mistake I can’t take back… I choose peace anyway. They need to understand that EFT is not going to erase positive memories.” He said. There is just too much.

I choose peace. Many family circumstances made John feel that he needed to leave the service. He couldn’t bring himself to accept it. I’m lost without it. So we took a breather for a moment and I attempted to zero in on a more specific and intense aspect. There was anger about the fact that they wouldn’t check his records to see that he had already given them many years of service and was due to pick up a new rank when he left. it was my life. “I hate not being there. In an effort to reassess. KC – Even though I still have this incredibly vivid image. but he would lose rank and end up taking a pay cut. I am lost without it. but I knew we had a way to go. However. and it still has me feeling angry and guilty – I didn’t perform the way I should have. I miss it. They would take him back. 100 . issues.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) John’s intensity was greatly reduced. However. I forgive myself. it ended up bringing us to exactly where we needed to be. it is incredibly vivid – still filled with guilt and anger. so he walked away. I am angry and filled with despair. He would be outranked by the very soldiers he was in charge of a month earlier. I love and forgive myself. The emotional ups and downs were constant. in the middle of an emotion-packed image from his daily movies. TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – IW – OW – TH – It was my life. since in the middle of all was my life for so many years. I feel lost without it. I asked him to repeat a statement about his sense of feeling lost now that he wasn’t in the service any longer. It was all I knew From the time I was seven. And of course. additional aspects.” Even though I hate not being there. Nothing feels the same. as he shared this with me. making it apparent that he was roaming through various issues and aspects. I miss it. and events were making themselves known. I choose peace. Even though I hate not being there . he had shared with me that he was revealing things to me that he had never shared with anyone. He simply couldn’t do it and broke into tears as he said. It was all I could really count on. I allowed him the opportunity to download. 30 days later he found himself filled with regret and headed to a recruitment office for re-enlistment. Even though I can’t get this image out of mind. I should have done it diff – I forgive myself. I miss it. from the time I was seven – it was like my family.

knowing that it was simply him processing the many changes he was experiencing. I keep flashing back there. I won’t let this go. This image. That image. I still see that image. That image. I failed. Still angry with myself. All this anger with myself. It’s with me all the time. 101 . I see it all the time. That vivid image.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – This image. See it all the time . I am still angry with myself. It really bothers me. That vivid image. This vivid image. I told him to just let it happen. I didn’t do what they taught me to do. I see it now. Didn’t do what they taught me to do. That vivid image. This vivid image. I see it everyday. IW – OW – 9G – IW – OW – 9G – TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – Vivid image. Why didn’t I do what they taught me to do. That image. Its my anger and you can’t have it. I see it everyday. I can’t let this go. I see it everyday. I can’t let this go. Disappointed in me. That image. Vivid image. At this point John was doing his best to stifle a yawn. I can’t forgive myself. It is serving me well. All this anger with myself. I won’t let this go. This vivid image. I am angry with myself.

There was no emotional charge and he shared with me that the image in his mind was now of his family. or that new aspects including but not limited to smells or sounds might surface. “It doesn’t feel bad – for now. so we did some testing. he told me he was sure it would pop up again later and get him fired up. He asked. it is possible that some remnants remained to cleared. Sure. I am working on it. However. and his feelings were that of hope.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) John was feeling much better. TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – CB – UA – TH – EB – SE – UE – UN – Ch – I think I like feeling better I might even be able to love and forgive self This is too weird How could this possibly be true after all these years All these meds All things tried Nothings made a difference How could it be so simple Where were you when I needed you? Maybe I can believe in this Even though it seems unbelievable Too good to be true I choose to be persistent Because I know I can overcome We both knew that work remained to be done. in a matter of seconds. with a little persistent tapping he could experience the same sense of relief and hope he had today. and those awful feelings are bound to come back – how could I be rid of it so easily? I am willing to trust and believe in me. he said. but for the first time in years he was hopeful.” an obvious tail-ender. ~~~~ 102 . Concerned about his doubts and the obvious tail-ender. But I reminded him that if that if that were the case. we went to work. as best he could. but in the mean time we all need to be giving our all to spreading the word and getting it to as many as humanly possible. “Why aren’t they using this stuff at the VA?” That’s a good question. He reran it in his mind and then detailed the image.“ When I asked about “for now. KC – Even though a part of me may think this is too good to be true. Here’s a sample of the language. most especially to the veterans and their families.

he probably would get in touch with his own feelings of guilt for some of the horrendous actions he took while in Bosnia." ~~~~ 103 . At that point he could tell me about Jim’s death without any emotional charge and he could describe other horrendous scenes as well. he suffered from flashbacks. he was taught Judo at an early age and knew that he had the power to kill.K. His worst recurring nightmare was seeing Jim being demolished by a land mine. Canada Day has just taken place on July 1st and for the first time he could watch and listen to the fireworks with enjoyment and without thinking it was possible artillery. nightmares. He also dealt with some personal family guilt and brought his anxiety level down easily. He saw a psychiatrist and a therapist for various problems. Jim and Joe. And that is exactly what happened. he was sleeping wonderfully with no nightmares and when he woke he knew exactly where he was and what was going on. He was a Peace Keeper in the U. Kevin was born into a military family. two common symptoms of PTSD among combat veterans. War trauma – no more nightmares by Crystal Hawk Kevin was brought to me by his Canadian live-in girl friend. Kevin wrote to say. Other nightmares involved horrendous atrocities that he witnessed. In later session he dealt with his feelings of guilt over actions he took to protect his men and his own life. By our third session.K.” He attended the finest Military Academy in England and upon graduation he enlisted in the NATO peace-keeping force in Bosnia with his two best friends. I realized the moment he left my office that now that he was free of this overwhelming memory and anxiety. one in the U. Crystal Hawk expertly applies EFT to a soldier for his flashbacks and nightmares. but he had never dealt with these issues. He was definitely in the present. He felt much more creative and more focused with no distractions in his head and could get on with his life.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) In the next report. he was raised by his loving maternal grandmother in the U. With both parents serving as officers in various armies. and deep anxiety. "I want to thank you for the peace I feel every night when I close my eyes knowing that the memories of the terrible things I've seen and done in my tour in Bosnia will not bother me. and one in Canada. For the last five years.K. To help him defend himself against his two younger but much larger brothers. Thank you for my peace of mind. He says we don’t realize that Peace Keepers are often in hand-to-hand combat. Army for 18 months in Bosnia. I taught Kevin how to tap and his anxiety level quickly came down from a 10 to 7 to 1. but he never used this “skill. His early life was happy. Several months later.

” Gene also demonstrates a creative method for backing off and then sneaking up on an intense PTSD issue. He came to my house on a WINDY day with his wife and he was clearly afraid." I'm pleased to say that in contacting him one week. gives us an interesting experience to study. One early case was a woman who was riding in a taxi in Washington. We worked in the garden and within half an hour of tapping. because gaining rapport is sometimes difficult with this population.K. I think you will find his message important. Had the bullet not been defective and nearly spent. Trauma relief for a prisoner of war by Wayne Clayton-Robb In one of my cases.Traumatic Stress Disorder. EFT for a prisoner who is also a veteran by Gene Joseph I get so used to "miraculous" cures from EFT that I almost forget to mention them. decided that he could not register anything because he was "CONFUSED. he became very distressed whenever the weather turned windy. 104 . Some of my own experiences with prisoners and rapport are given on our web site in my articles entitled “Rapport in the Prison System” and “Jewels in the Junkyard. of course. ~~~~ Gene Douglas works with prisoners. it would have hit her in the neck. which he and his colleagues were forced to re-erect after spending 12 hours toiling on the Burma railway with very sparse nourishment. This took him straight back into memories of howling winds blowing down the POW huts. when my client. one month. DC. having recorded a zero and being unable to reproduce his fear despite the strong wind and my equally strong suggestions. He has his challenges doing so. I am especially excited to have cured a number of cases of PTSD in single sessions. when a bullet struck the window of the cab. This case introduced me to the Apex effect. he remained "CONFUSED" and has not been troubled by the terrible thoughts and memories that plagued him over 50 years. he went from 9 to zero on this issue. and three months later.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Wayne Clayton-Robb from the U. As a result of his experiences.” which is explained on page 49. He also mentions the “Apex effect. I worked with an elderly man who had been a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II. many of whom are beset with Post. but they are well worth noting.

excitement and fear." About a year ago. zero. and was walking toward his door. zero. His explanation was that it had been so long. zero. We tried EFT. 10 to zero. there is a veteran who is getting out in about a month. though for now he is considered "nothing but a convict. Leaving for Vietnam. while the previous week it had been way up there. Living with a small group in the bush for six months. Being tortured. A week later. End of the battle. In those two sessions. I treated him for regret at getting himself into prison. I backed up and addressed his being drafted at age 19. Beginning the first battle. [My comment: This is a classic example of the Apex effect. At the time. No strong feelings. and the session ended. a number of PTSD cases have come and gone. Arriving at the battle scene. Training. the same. I didn't know his history. he was having nightmares. Somebody had threatened to kill him. a 10 for each. I also noticed him miming my hand gestures without his noticing that he was doing that. He told me some stories. had driven a truck up into his driveway. At the prison where I work. just excitement and anticipation. many quickly successful. but his feelings were so strong that he could not think about the events. Arriving in Vietnam. I also treated him for some feelings in regard to a traffic accident in Vietnam. 10 to zero.] I thought he was just suppressing his emotions and expected to see strong feeling again. I saw him for a symptom of some kind. Further trainings and eventually Ranger training. he had not acted in self-defense. I consider him a great American. 105 . more excitement and anticipation. but he recently came back with more symptoms. We tapped and the fear went to zero while the excitement remained a 10. He killed the person and learned that that in the eyes of the law. probably insomnia. Since then. He had that druggedout PTSD look that patients get when the doctors load them up on tranquilizers to mask their feelings. I treated his getting on a helicopter for the first time. including a stab wound in his abdomen from torture. and evading detection. I didn't hear from him for about a year. someone we owe a lot to.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) She had been experiencing symptoms of PTSD for months. Being captured. including being a prisoner of war and being tortured. He showed me some pretty bad scars. a zero. as he had shown before. it didn't matter any more. but not so many. and we removed them in a few minutes. including insomnia and recurring nightmares. 10 to zero.

A week later we met again. For the first time. gradually approaching the more stressful aspects after some treatment was already done. and an additional 15 were wounded. and when I was using the techniques I used prior to EFT. I had the pleasure of meeting Franco during an EFT class recently. and an Italian documentary filmmaker. a quiet Shia Muslim city. in this case. feelings would shoot through the roof and the client would quit. I could see emotion in his face and hear it in his voice. and tears. it was good that I was tapping on myself because that helped me remain centered as I guided him. and the flat. and he said the thought of those scenes didn't bother him because it was so long ago. an Italian civilian working at the base. I "sneaked up on it" by addressing the least stressful aspect first. he was sleeping better. 106 . and I hope his medications will be reduced. sweat. proceeding slowly to be sure all the aspects were brought down to a zero on the intensity scale. The attack caused the largest death toll suffered by non-American coalition forces since the occupation began the previous April. That. His event was the bombing. a car bomb rocked the Italian military police headquarters in southern Iraq.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) A week later. I suggested Setup phrases in order to clear all the scenes he was narrating. That gradual strategy was successful. He was scheduled to see the psychiatrist after that. his emotions manifested as muscular tension. and it was the first such attack in Nassiriya. he came forward. Eight Iraqis were also killed. he said the nightmares were gone. I expect to see him as much as possible simply because he will be getting out soon. PTSD used to be considered incurable. killing 17 Italians: 11 Carabinieri paramilitary police. What he was narrating was really strong. However. four army soldiers. together with the absent nightmares. As Franco described the event and the details became more graphic and intense. EFT clears PTSD from bombing in Iraq by Andrea Fredi Franco is a Carabiniere (special forces) soldier who survived the Nassirya bombing in Iraq. When I demonstrated the Tell a Story technique and asked for a volunteer from the audience. and the treatment he receives out there may not be as effective as what he seems to be getting now. One of the survivors attended an EFT workshop taught by Andrea Fredi in Italy. When he began to speak. seemed to be my best evidence of improvement. dead affect was gone. and it was the same. heat. ~~~~ In November 2003. Several of those surrounding us were tapping as well to cope with the emotional impact of the his story.

We put all the human remains into plastic bags. to Franco's big surprise.. Towards the end we worked on remaining tensions in his neck and shoulders and on the linked emotions. Franco felt lighter and much more comfortable.. A few rounds of EFT cleared that destructive sentiment: Even though I had to save them. lying around. thanks to his presence of mind. We arranged a follow-up appointment two months later. grief. “In the afternoon. The next morning..” A very important aspect. As Franco explained. including a well-done 9-Gamut procedure. and I remember especially one colleague who was crying and asking me help him recognize a head that he had inside a plastic bag. auditory and kinesthetic details. I wasn't able to save them anyway.. Even though I'm Superman. releasing anger. This limited the already high number of victims. still looking for human remains. We worked together for nearly an hour on the remaining parts of the story. is to feel survivor’s guilt. other emotions and aspects came out and gave us things to tap for. and sadness for those who died. tapping on these scenes until they got cleared. into “a sound ability to act and do things that others weren't able to do. exhausted. After 45 minutes. to finish the work.. this time outside the public environment. “Once the fire was extinguished. By that evening we were home. avoiding a tremendous blast in the ammunition depot. which is common to people who live through tragedies like this." For example. he and other colleagues had been able to open a breach for the Iraqi Firemen. and we brought them to the local hospital. When this happened. In the evening. many in pieces. Survivors wonder why they should be alive when their colleagues or comrades are dead. we went to rest but I couldn't sleep because the scenes of the tragedy kept coming into my mind. which he judged in a negative way. we went back to the half-destroyed base. the part of the story that we treated at the workshop remained at a zero or close to it. Even though I had to know in advance that they were attacking. as he continued exploring the explosion’s memory. We couldn’t recognize some of them. However. we continued looking for bodies as well as documents that some Iraqis were trying to steal.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) We dealt with many visual. 107 . In the late afternoon came the order to go back to Italy. I looked around and saw charred bodies.. We also used some reframing to transform the “coldness” he said he showed during the event. blame.

including tremendous grief. He said that he had not slept more than 2 to 3 hours a night in 39 years because of flashbacks which also occurred randomly during the day. The next morning while visiting he mentioned it again and I felt I had earned his trust the day before. I let it go. he exploded like a human cantaloupe. Note how her diligence takes the charge out of a major traumatic incident. There are obviously many things coming into play here. etc. and I wish it could become of inspiration for those who carry similar weights. Vietnam vet with severe PTSD sleeps through the night for the first time in 39 years By Kim Eisen I met George by chance one day. and Henry was gone. despite the obvious improvement.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) It was an extraordinary experience. I am grateful to Franco for sharing his experience. we were visiting and George started to cry uncontrollably and tell me how horrible the war was. After we got through the first round of the story. saying it couldn't hurt. right then. They switched positions on this thick huge cable and were only about 5 feet apart. ~~~~ Here's a quality use of EFT by Kim Eisen on behalf of a badly traumatized Vietnam War veteran. Whenever he was unable to speak. the client dismisses the "tapping stuff" and disavows it being responsible for the impressive result. Henry. came to help George. incomprehension that this could happen. First. and the pressure we would be using. I had him tell me the flashback story from the beginning to the end. Henry got hit – gut not just hit. . As soon as they changed positions. and Henry told George that he should stay there and start repairing things and he would run the cable to the other location. I had him start and then stop again whenever his intensity rose. I described EFT and tapped on George to show him where to tap. so I mentioned that I worked with PTSD. He started his story and the intensity came 108 . so I just said “Wanna play?” (meaning with my technique) He agreed. trauma. One day later. in front of George's eyes. Note also that. His unit was getting bombed and a radio cable needed repair when another man. George responded that he had been to all the therapies and he was as good as he was going to get and so he just managed it. survivor’s guilt. George was going to run one end of a cable to another location. His intensity level was clearly more than 10 on a 10-point scale. I could see it was very deep and he was in great despair. feelings of unworthiness. I tapped on him until he could continue. it should have been me.

As soon as I mentioned “love” without “trying. Even though he was just trying to help me. At this point he decidedly told me it was not all his fault – good changes already. I'm going to try to love and accept myself anyway. Even though Henry will never see his family again… 109 . Even though I saw him explode in front of me. Reminder phrase: He exploded in front of me … like a cantaloupe. Even though I should never have had to see this… Even though it was other people bombing us. I'm going to try to forgive myself anyway.” he got angry and said he couldn't love himself. I had responded that it was not my intention to have him forget. I still feel responsible and it's all my fault. but he was okay as long as we said he was going to try to love himself. I'm going to try. Reminder phrase: He switched places with me …he got hit. Even though it should have been me. Reminder phrase: He was just trying to help me …and looked what happened.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) fairly quickly. I love and accept myself. We continued tapping: Even though it's hard to love myself when I feel so responsible. George didn’t feel comfortable saying he loved himself. Even though nobody should have ever had to see something like this happen. but to help him reduce the flashbacks. There were many long pauses because of the intensity of the truth of each sentence. and I physically tapped the points on him when he was unable to because of the tears. He had also mentioned that he didn't want to forget the tragedy as if doing so would be some kind of dishonor to Henry. I'm going to try to accept myself. I'm going to try to accept myself. Reminder phrase: It should have been me. Even though he switched places with me and got hit.

This took about 45 minutes. Then I asked him if he's sleeping through the night. He had lived in a house for four years and had never unpacked the boxes. I don't need the credit. I just smiled. He was exhausted and grateful and we were complete for that session. That night. "Thank you. He's also making plans to repair a boat he's had in the water for years – in fact." over and over again through the tears while we continued tapping the points until he felt complete. George slept eight hours straight. that's all that matters. everything's great. which lasted about an hour altogether. This was a big one too. heard a huge sigh. I asked him how he felt and he said. I laughed and said. and he felt great. he was on it when I called.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) This was a big one – it brought on extreme despair – and I had to tap on him for several minutes while he cried until I felt a softening. which is a long time for EFT. Even though Henry was hit and I wasn't. and feeling as if he had a home. I deeply and completely love. "That’s okay. but it was needed in this situation. but all in all. thank you. because I didn't know it was going to happen. He also stated that he wasn't ready to give me credit for it. getting organized. I asked him how the flashbacks were and he said he had everything under control but it was probably because he's come to accept everything that happened and didn't really think it was that weird tapping stuff I did to him. As long as you're feeling good. but what I did couldn't have hurt. and he said he gets up once during the night to get something to eat because he's used to doing that. as it was from acceptance of the truth that he couldn't have known it was going to happen that there was a huge release of responsibility for him … I could feel and see the energy release from George. We tapped some more. for the first time in 39 years. but he was unpacking everything now. accept and forgive myself. ~~~~ 110 . he told me that he had slept for 12 hours a few nights before. and his facial expression changed so that I knew we had hit home.” Then I had him start the movie over again and the intensity rose again at the “he got hit'” part. I asked him how he felt and he replied that he felt good. “I think it's working and I feel better. George continued tapping himself this time and just started saying.” I spoke to George again two months later and in general conversation he started telling me all the things he was doing. Two weeks later.

you can then ask. the headlights. But in many cases. "The screams in the car" or "My anger at the other driver" or "My anger at the doctors. The list can be quite long. it comes back. What else about the accident bothers you? At this point the client may bring up other aspects such as. If this happens. Usually. We call these success stories “one-minute wonders. This will bring up any trailing aspects for tapping.. though. If you don't. more aspects – with a question like. someone tries the basic EFT formula and gets immediate. EFT worked fine on the problem you treated.. of course. too. You can apply EFT.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Six: Exploring Underlying Issues Every once in a while. Eventually. Tap on these other aspects until the client can no longer find anything bothersome about the accident. Introducing Aspects Some issues have many pieces – or aspects – to them. I can still see them coming at me!" You can then tap on "the headlights" or "my fear of the headlights" or any other verbiage that seems to fit. 111 . As a test.” and they can and do happen.. the headlights. clients don't usually make this distinction unless you point it out to them. it contains only one or two aspects. The problem disappears in a single session and never comes back. the client should have no emotional charge from the accident. but now a new aspect has presented itself. for example. "Oh.. What about the accident bothers you the most? Let's suppose the client says. even with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder." etc. and that aspect needs attention. It will just be an unfortunate event in his or her life. you can ask for more specifics – that is. Suppose. and that's all. These are actually separate issues. don’t assume that EFT didn’t work. at some point after EFT’s Basic Recipe reduces or eliminates the problem or trauma. a client wants help with frightful memories regarding an automobile accident. ask the person to mentally "run the movie" of the accident in vivid detail. to "this accident" and you are likely to make good progress. lasting results. After the client's reaction to the headlights has been EFT'd to zero. However. however.

Pick up on these clues. however. And the rewards are priceless. Aspects can exist with almost any emotional issue. Remember. the impact of a fist. Thus. These different emotional aspects are taking you deeper into the problem. A war trauma can have aspects such as the sight of blood. the sound of a hand grenade. You have to make the distinction by first recognizing that aspects exist and second. very thorough session is a classic example of aspects and how to address them. Some problems have so many pieces or aspects that the difficulty will not be completely resolved until several are addressed. This hour-long. I don't think you will find better examples anywhere of how to address this important subject. asking the right questions to bring them to the surface. But considering how quickly those layers can be dealt with and how beneficial the results are. To them. some clients report that the anger they had regarding a given event has shifted to sadness. etc. is to tap on "the headlights" and then ask a much-too-global. It just asks for an overall feeling. You get rid of one layer only to discover another. it's all one big problem. Another thing to recognize is that an aspect can also be an emotion. neutralizing them with EFT can seem like a daunting project. clients don’t distinguish between aspects. the onlooking eyes of the audience. addressing all of them can be a tedious process. They are opportunities for greater healing and present you with great possibilities for mastering your craft. Pay particular attention to Dave and his fear of water in The EFT Course. When a problem has many layers or aspects. Two points about this idea deserve special attention: 1. the look in a comrade's eyes before he dies. vague. Our DVD sets are loaded with live examples of aspects. If there are any other aspects (such as "the screams in the car") the client will report "no progress" because the intensity is still there. you do not have to address every specific event to collapse the larger issue. theoretically. Each aspect qualifies as a separate problem even when they all relate to the same larger problem. the project is more exciting than intimidating. the penetration. Fortunately. Experienced EFTers often compare this procedure to peeling an onion. or general question such as. etc. Aspects are important in EFT. A rape experience can have aspects such as the smell of the assailant's breath. There can be dozens or hundreds of specific events underlying a larger issue and thus.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) One mistake that is often made along the way. For example. A fear of public speaking can have aspects such as the sight of a microphone. etc. "How do you feel about the accident now?" That question doesn't ask for any new aspects. a memory of being ridiculed as a child. You can usually do the job by collapsing somewhere between five and twenty of 112 .

This is startling to some people because they have so many traumas in their life.A. and everything else. core issues are the gold nuggets that. You’ll see an excellent example of this Generalization Effect in our DVD’s session with Rich. if we can only find and treat them with EFT. Discovering “Core Issues” Core issues are the major events or problems that underlie our symptoms. Again and again I’ve worked with people while they dealt with incredibly painful memories. EFT often clears out a whole forest after cutting down just a few trees. a "Generalization Effect" occurs that serves to collapse the rest. memories that controlled their lives and dictated where they would live. We hide them from ourselves.” video in the EFT Course DVD set. The problem with core issues is that they’re not always easy to find. what career they would follow. The Generalization Effect is a fascinating feature of EFT. someone who has a hundred traumatic memories of being abused usually finds that after using EFT on only five or ten of them. There is an art to identifying which issues are table tops and which are legs. Sometimes the specific event is too long and has so many pieces to it that it should be treated as a separate table top. They’re painful. they’re able to describe them as easily as if they were talking about the weather. As soon as old events and old memories lose their emotional charge. they assume they are in for unending sessions with these techniques. after a few rounds of EFT tapping. what friends they would have. provide rapid relief. I call it that because after you address a few related problems with EFT. they all vanish. I've seen entire issues collapse by just addressing a small but important piece such as "the hateful look in my father's eye. they are completely transformed and no longer frightened.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) its table legs. not usually. 113 . 2. but that comes with experience and practice. anxious. When it comes to PTSD. Not so – at least. the process starts to generalize over all of them. Suddenly. Our conscious minds are usually clueless – they have no idea what events or memories are lurking beneath the surface or how those events and memories might be causing pain. This is because there is usually a commonality or "general theme" among those specific events. they lose their place of power in the subconscious mind." Sometimes the entire issue can be reduced to a two-second specific event and collapsed in moments with EFT. Your success rates will improve when you do. or afraid of old events. For example. After EFT appropriately collapses a few of the table legs. the first veteran on the “Six Days at the V. When in doubt. This aspect of EFT never ceases to amaze me. go for the smallest pieces. Our subconscious minds don’t want us to go there. Instead.

My third grade class ridiculed me when I gave that speech-. Note how your relationships are better and how many of your therapy type issues just don't seem to be there any more. unless you do. List everything." This happens repeatedly with EFT and thus I bring it to your awareness. 2. Apply EFT to them accordingly. The sooner you start. it was never much of a problem anyway. Note any improvements in your blood pressure. how your threshold for getting upset is much lower. too. the sooner you’ll experience true personal peace. 1. You may even dismiss it by saying. and of course note the improvements in your back pain and range of motion. pulse. On a blank sheet of paper.Mom locked me in a closet for two days-. If you don't find at least 50. I ask you to consciously notice these things because. Try it now. That's okay. which is an easy exercise that can be worked on whenever you practice EFT. List them anyway. 3. 5. Adams told me I was stupid. Make a list. Many people will find hundreds. Note. Be sure to keep after each event until it is resolved.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The Personal Peace Procedure In my online tutorial. Be sure to notice any aspects that may come up and consider them separate trees in your negative forest. Work on at least one event movie per day – preferably three – for three months. pick out the biggest redwoods in your negative forest and apply EFT to each one of them until you either laugh about it or just can’t think about it any more. 114 . you are either going at this half-heartedly or you have been living on some other planet.I almost slipped and fell into the Grand Canyon-. Then notice how your body feels better. Examples: Dad hit me in the kitchen-. etc. It takes only minutes per day. the quality healing you will have undergone may be so subtle that you don’t notice it. "Oh well.Mrs. At this rate you will have resolved 90 to 270 specific events in three months. Give each event a title as though it is a mini-movie. After the biggest redwoods are removed. When the list is complete. look for the next-biggest. Revisit some of those specific events and notice how those previously intense incidents have faded into nothingness. I describe the Personal Peace Procedure. make a list of every bothersome specific event you can remember. Tap for the big ones. While making your list you may find that some events don't seem to cause you any current discomfort. and breathing ability. 4.I stole Suzie's sandwich-. The mere fact that you remember them suggests a need for resolution.

" The Watch a Movie and Tell a Story Techniques In our search for core issues. Instead of forcing yourself to push on. you describe the events aloud.. The event may have hurt. see your physician. and our quality of life. Unlike psychotherapy techniques that require clients to relive unpleasant past events in excruciating detail. you can revisit any trauma and neutralize its emotional impact in minutes. the traumas become normal memories. However. A few minutes per day will make a monumental difference in school performance. Our bodies store traumas. health. "If you are ultimately going to do something important that will make a real difference. The Tearless Trauma Technique The Movie and Story Techniques are powerful and effective. you may feel the need to discontinue them. but in some situations. frightening. memories. and emotions that were previously locked together. they can be too intense. if jumping straight to the key event is too painful. you watch events unfold in your mind. With the emotional charge it now. It is my hope that the Personal Peace Procedure will become a worldwide routine. In this simple two-steps-forward and one-step-back process. Please do so ONLY under the supervision of a qualified physician. as gentle as they are. as though you’re watching a movie. The “plot” of the movie or story is usually very short. energy blocks. But these are meaningless words unless you put the idea into practice. When you feel comfortable again. you review a past event while tapping to reduce its emotional charge. overwhelming. and our mental movies are keys that unlock emotions that are stored with those traumas. Because EFT tapping reduces the emotional charge attached to past events. The key event lasted only a few seconds or a minute at most. The difference between the two is that in the Movie Technique. targeted body parts. step back and tap until the emotional intensity fades. or unnerving. but its retelling doesn’t have to. resume the movie or story. If necessary. EFT’s approach is gentle and flexible. As my good friend Howard Wight writes. it transforms the traumas. If you are taking prescription medications. You watch the movie or tell the story until you reach a point that feels uncomfortable. 115 . In both methods. we often use the Movie and Story Techniques.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 6. take a step back and tap. and the pain once associated with them vanishes as well. while in the Story Technique. When feelings rise up again. the connections disappear.. relationships. the movie or story can begin a few minutes before the key event.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

I always remind people that in EFT, you don’t have to feel worse in order to feel better. If the memory of a traumatic past event is simply too painful to think about, the Tearless Trauma Technique can help. Since I first introduced this technique, it has been used with great success by many. However, the term "tearless" does not mean that no one has ever shed tears or experienced discomfort while using it. Indeed, some people respond with tears or other forms of distress at the mere mention of their issue. Please consider The Tearless Trauma Technique as a method for eliminating distress with a minimum of discomfort. In most of our EFT work, we recreate specific memories and tap to neutralize their emotional charge. But in the Tearless Trauma Technique, we don’t recreate anything. We just think about the event from a distance, in the most general way, while tapping. I know that procedures that avoid or minimize emotional pain are criticized by some members of the healing community who believe that traumatic experiences must be thoroughly re-experienced before they can be completely relieved. I personally don't see why pain is at all necessary for healing to take place, although I would welcome debate on this. I feel confident saying this because I have taken care of a mountain of traumatic incidents (some of them VERY severe) and, after their healing, the clients have no interest at all in exploring insights or analyzing the "why" of their past experiences. More importantly, they are for the first time in their lives free from incapacitating emotional pain, and the results last. The pain never returns. As soon as their energy shifts, there is a visible and obvious cognition change in the way these clients talk about once-troublesome incidents. They seem done with their issues because the resolution that is so highly valued by more intense techniques seems to take place within the EFT session with minimal pain. To me, this is so profound that it tempts me to rename the process "Peace without Pain." The Tearless Trauma Technique works well in groups, in one-on-one sessions, and even for those working alone. 1. Start by identifying a specific traumatic incident from your past. Choose something that is at least three years old to minimize any complications from the dynamics of a current event. An example might be "the time my father punched me when I was 12." In contrast, "my father abused me" would be too broad because, chances are, the abuse took place over many incidents. Throughout this exercise, remind yourself to stay on your original issue because it’s easy to shift to other issues as you tap. 2. Now GUESS at what your emotional intensity would be (on the 0-10 scale) IF you were to vividly imagine the incident. DO NOT actually imagine it (although many close their eyes and do this anyway). This GUESS is a surprisingly useful


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

estimate ... and it serves to minimize emotional pain. Write your GUESS down. This guess represents your memory’s emotional intensity. 3. Next, develop a phrase to use for the EFT process, such as "this fatherpunch emotion," and then proceed with a round of tapping. 4. After this round of tapping, take another GUESS as to what your emotional intensity about the subject is now and write it down. 5. If your emotional intensity is still strong, perform more rounds of EFT using the same phrase. In my experience, a total of three or four rounds will bring just about everyone down to GUESSES of 0 to 3. 6. Perform another round of tapping once you come down to acceptably low GUESSES. After this round, try to vividly imagine and actually relive the incident. Notice that this is the first time you are being asked to do this. All previous times have been relatively painless GUESSES. In my experience, just about everyone goes straight to zero and the rest are at very low numbers. I urge everyone who works with trauma to try this. Try it on groups. Try it on individuals. Try it on war veterans, rape victims, and torture victims. Try it wherever trauma is involved, especially with those who are afraid of the intensity they usually feel when discussing or "getting into" their incident. The energy based therapies have been very impressive in their ability to handle negative emotions. That is indelibly clear to practitioners using these procedures. I think the above technique, properly mastered, adds a useful component to the "art of delivery."

Surrogate or proxy tapping
In surrogate or proxy tapping, you tap on something else – usually yourself or a photo – in place of the person you hope to help. EFT practitioners do proxy tapping all the time when they tap in person or by phone with clients for their clients’ problems. Students attending EFT workshops do it whenever they tap along with someone whose problem is being treated onstage. Anyone who taps along with our instructional DVDs does it, too. You will automatically do surrogate or proxy tapping whenever you work with a tapping buddy or with an EFT group. Surrogate tapping can be used from any distance, from a few inches to thousands of miles. It can be done at any time, whenever you think of the person. You can tap on yourself for your own emotional responses at the same time, especially for emotions like worry, frustration, impatience, guilt, anger, fear, grief, or depression.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

You can also do surrogate tapping to help animals, including family pets, animals in zoos or on farms, and wild animals. There are three basic ways to proceed. You can: Tap as though you are the person or animal you want to help, Tap as though you are talking to the person or animal you want to help, or Tap as though you are describing the person or animal you want to help. For example, your friend Tom hurt his back playing baseball. If you’re tapping with him in person, simply tap on yourself while saying his setups along with him as both of you tap together: Even though I hurt my back sliding into second base, I fully and completely accept myself. Even though I took a chance and it didn’t pay off, I got tagged out and now my back is throbbing, I forgive and accept myself. Even though it was dumb to try stealing bases at my age, I did what I did and now I choose to release all this pain in my back.... If you’re by yourself and thinking about Tom, you can tap on yourself while using the same first-person setup, above, or you can use a second-person setup, as though you are talking to Tom: Tom, even though you hurt your back sliding into second, I fully and completely accept you. Even though you took a chance that didn’t pay off, you got tagged out and now your back is throbbing, you can forgive and accept yourself. Even though you’re getting a little old to be stealing bases, the game is over, and now you can release all the pain in your back.... Or you can use a third-person setup, as though you’re talking about Tom: Even though Tom hurt his back sliding into second, I fully and completely accept him. Even though he took a chance that didn’t pay off, he got tagged out and now his back is throbbing, he can forgive and accept himself. Even though he’s getting a little old to be stealing bases, the game is over, and now he can release all the pain in his back...

Borrowing Benefits
Did you know that tapping on behalf of others can help clear your own problems? This is one of the more unusual aspects of EFT, and it’s one of the most exciting. Talk about a win-win situation. Every time you help someone else, you help yourself. 118

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

You can borrow benefits by tapping as you study this book, sending your energy to the people whose stories you’re reading. You can borrow benefits by tapping as you watch our EFT seminars on DVD, or watch the news on television, or watch commercials or anything else. You can tap on behalf of characters in books, plays, movies, magazines, and online reports. You can tap on behalf of your boss, co-workers, customers, friends, neighbors, children, spouse, parents, other relatives, and people you’ve never met. Whenever you practice sending balanced energy their way, you’ll feel better yourself. And if they’re real people with real problems, your energy will make a difference in their lives as well. You can do this tapping in person, such as while showing your brother-in-law how to relieve his sciatica, or from a distance, or by phone. The Borrowing Benefits phenomenon is so powerful and fascinating that I conducted an entire seminar on this theme, and it’s available on DVD. At the beginning of each section, I remind those watching to select a personal problem, focus on it for a moment, and then set it aside. While your conscious mind is busy tapping along with the seminar audience, your subconscious mind will include your own situation in every tapping session. The benefits you receive, or “borrow,” don’t have to be related in any way to the situations you tap for. If your back is hurting, just focus for a moment on how it hurts, then give your undivided attention to the person you want to help. You can tap with a golfer to improve his swing, tap with a student to improve her grades, tap with a dieter about losing weight, or even tap for the family dog to help her indigestion – and all the while, your back will feel better. After introducing the "Borrowing Benefits" feature of EFT, I received many enthusiastic responses. For many, it represents a big step toward speed and efficiency in the delivery of these procedures. The process also provides an additional measure of emotional safety. As you know, EFT is normally quite gentle but a few people tune in to some pretty intense stuff and it takes awhile to bring them down. With the Borrowing Benefits feature, however, clients merely identify their issues and then tap along with someone else on an issue that is seemingly quite different. Thus a sort of detachment is injected into the process while the original issues are being addressed "in the background." In this way it’s like the Tearless Trauma Technique (see page 115). This way of defining and approaching problems, in my experience, helps to minimize any unwanted intensity while still getting the job done. The process may or may not give complete resolution to an issue but, properly done, it is likely to at least take the edge off, and probably much more. Very efficient. Very useful. Very humane.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Borrowing Benefits can also be a superb way to conveniently get at core issues so that truly deep work can be done. An easy way to tap along with creative EFT sessions is to pick certain from our EFT training videos, which are filled with actual sessions, many of which are quite involved. You can identify your own issue and then tap along with the video while in your living room. Here is a suggestion for Borrowing Benefits while watching television or movies from Dr. Carol Look. She writes, “I ask clients who watch a great deal of television or frequent movie theatres to tap for the characters' distress: ‘Even though she feels insecure around that man....’ ‘Even though she won't admit the failure is her fault....’ ‘Even though he's afraid to confront the situation....’ The clients do not have to identify their own issues first, just tap for the distress that their own system can't help but tune into as a result of witnessing someone else's discomfort on the big screen.” This is a clever way of helping the subconscious mind neutralize some of the emotional charge connected to past events, making it easier to recognize, deal with, or simply release old problems. Tapping on behalf of fictional characters or real people you’ve never met brings you as many benefits as tapping on behalf of your best friend. Isn’t that fascinating?

Additional tapping procedures
You may not often use the Constricted Breathing Technique, the Floor-to-Ceiling Eye Roll, the Collarbone Breathing Exercise, or the 9 Gamut Treatment, but take a minute to become familiar with them so that you’ll have them in your repertoire of EFT procedures. These techniques are both subtle and powerful, and they can trigger a breakthrough when blocked energy refuses to move.

Touch and Breathe (TAB) method
Not everyone enjoys or can do the vigorous, lively tapping that most EFTers employ, and in some situations – such as during a business meeting or when dining in public – tapping just doesn’t feel comfortable for most people. An effective alternative is the Touch and Breathe, or TAB, method developed by John Diepold, PhD. Instead of tapping on each acupoint, simply hold it with a fingertip while breathing in and breathing out. Start by holding your Sore Spot or Karate Chop point, or hold your hands together with Karate Chop points touching, while saying your Setup Phrase out loud or to yourself. Then touch and hold each of the EFT acupoints while taking a full breath in and out. The Sequence takes longer this way, but it can be more comfortable and relaxing, and it works. Some EFTers gently massage the acupoints, which is something many of us do


. To stimulate the hand points.. During the process ask probing questions such as: "What does your constricted breath remind you of?. We rub or press the upper lip. hold each finger between the thumb and forefinger of the “tapping” hand while breathing in and breathing out..” "If there was an emotional reason for your constricted breath. In the vast majority of cases it will keep improving.) and breathe. Even though I can only fill my lungs halfway . etc. or simply cross your ankles so that they touch each other. the answers to these questions will give a big clue as to an important emotional issue.. ask the client to take another deep breath and assess the 0-10 deepness. This time assess the deepness of your breath on a 0-10 scale where 10 is your estimate of your maximum capacity. To activate the wrist points. The Constricted Breathing Technique This useful technique was first demonstrated in our DVD set “EFT-Beyond the Basics” (formerly “Steps Toward Becoming the Ultimate Therapist”) and it has the following advantages. To access the ankle points. Then do several rounds of EFT with Setups such as Even though I have constricted breathing. This is because most people have constricted breathing and it is eye opening for them to experience it improving with EFT. hold the Under Arm points while hugging ourselves. This is because emotional issues often curtail our ability to breathe deeply. Numbers typically vary from 3 to 9 on this. or cross your wrists so they touch each other. or scratch the head. Take your time and don't hyperventilate. simply circle your wrist with the opposite hand and hold it while breathing. 121 . thumbs touching.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) instinctively while thinking or concentrating. and so on. stroke the collarbone. Once you have stretched your lungs as far as they will go. The occasional people who rate their breath at a 10 (they are usually wrong) usually find that after EFT tapping. Start by inhaling twice or three times with maximum deep breaths. reach down and touch the ankles while breathing.. It can help you find important emotional issues.” "When in your past did you feel constricted or smothered?. what might it be?" Often. This stretches out your lungs so that any EFT improvement in your breathing cannot be attributed to a normal "stretching effect" of your lungs. In between each round. take another deep breath. It can also demonstrate to a skeptic or a new audience the validity of EFT. or place your fingertips together (index fingers touching. they go to a 12 or 15.

and your eyes are more likely to roll smoothly if they have something to follow.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The Floor-to-Ceiling Eye Roll This is a useful shortcut when you have brought the intensity of the problem down to a low level. lower your gaze to the floor. While you can start with either hand. at which point they will disappear again. it is named for its correction. not touching the torso. Keeping your head straight. Rather. such as a 1 or 2 on the zero-to-10 scale. I call it the Collarbone Breathing Problem not because there is something wrong with anyone's collarbones or one's breathing. Keep your elbows and arms away from your body so that the only things touching it are your fingertips and knuckles. It takes only six seconds to perform and. check your progress. it will take you to zero without having to do another round of The basic recipe. Its details are well beyond the scope of this book but I can show you how to correct the problem. you won’t be able to see either hand. parallel to the floor. and slowly raise both hands (keep your elbows straight) until they are straight out in front of you. tapping on the Gamut point all the while. Begin tapping with one hand on the Gamut point of the other. This correction was developed by Dr. 122 . In many cases. Remember that this is an eye exercise. Reverse the direction and slowly bring your hands back down. As you slowly swing your hands up. Most people to drop their elbows. hold both arms straight down in front of you. the Collarbone Breathing Exercise. At the end of this exercise. I'm going to assume you are starting with the right hand. Collarbone Breathing In a few cases. people feel much better very quickly. while you face straight ahead. Roger Callahan and need only be "thrown in" in cases where persistence with basic EFT is not showing results. the fingertips of the tapped-on hand will move into view. and it may clear the way for the normal operation of otherwise impeded EFT procedures. To achieve this result. It takes about two minutes to perform. simply repeat your reminder phrase while you tap the Gamut point continuously (hold your head steady) and take six seconds to slowly move your eyes from hard down to the floor to hard up to the ceiling. when successful. At the beginning of this eye exercise. To perform it. then continue moving up until they are pointing straight at the ceiling. perhaps five percent. so remind yourself throughout to keep your elbows up. a unique form of energy disorganization occurs within the body that impedes the progress of EFT. Keep your eyes on the fingertips while your hand continues all the way up to the ceiling.

Breathe normally for seven taps. while continuously tapping the Gamut point. You may find that it "clears the way" and allows dramatic relief. reaches a plateau. It can be especially helpful in the treatment of PTSD. tap the right hand’s Gamut point continuously while you perform the following five breathing exercises: Breathe half way in and hold it for seven taps.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Place two fingers of your right hand on your right collarbone point. an EFT practitioner/instructor in the U. The first relates to time. start each round of basic EFT with Collarbone Breathing. You will be tapping the left Gamut point with the fingertips of the right hand. repeat the entire procedure using the fingertips and knuckles of the left hand. Breathe all the way out and hold it for seven taps. There are times when it can be quite useful. Using the full Basic Recipe takes longer for each round. the procedure has four disadvantages. If you have used EFT persistently and your results are either slow or non-existent. Breathe all the way in and hold it for seven taps. We want that quick fix or magic potion. Breathe half way out and hold it for seven taps. With two fingers of your left hand (keep your right elbow up). Advantages of the 9 Gamut Procedure by Mair Llewellyn Edwards Most practitioners (myself included) don't use this procedure much because the shortcut version of the Basic Recipe usually does the job. do the five breathing exercises. Place these knuckles on your right collarbone point and tap the right hand’s Gamut point continuously while doing the five breathing exercises. However. it has its uses. Repeat this by placing the right knuckles on the left collarbone point. Place the two fingers of your right hand on your left collarbone point and. bend the fingers of your right hand so that the second joint or "knuckles" are prominent. this adds up to extra time. We are all becoming more time-conscious. To complete the Collarbone Breathing. Next. You are now half way done. has trouble focusing on an issue.K. ~~~~ Although I seldom use the 9 Gamut Treatment any more. such as when a person is stuck. 1. Here are some insights from Mair Llewellyn-Edwards. or can’t seem to make progress. 123 . and during a day full of tapping. Our time constraints make the EFT shortcut methods more attractive.

4. If a therapist feels uncomfortable introducing the EFT Basic Recipe. there is more to master. For these clients I give examples of how the EEG machine lights up in various parts of the brain when memories are revisited. We tapped upon what we thought were all the aspects of this problem. Introducing the 9 Gamut Procedure to clients can make the EFT process more believable. When using the whole of the Basic Recipe . this could be unconsciously transmitted to clients. This knowledge can often be a very effective bridge to explain how EFT and particularly the 9 Gamut Procedure works. it is better to keep the 9 Gamut Procedure on the shelf. Why use this point at all? It appears as if EFT works perfectly effectively without the Gamut point. If clients feel as I did then. and auditory aspects ensures that clean and lasting interventions are more likely to happen. EFT is pretty weird and the 9 Gamut Procedure does not dispel its New Age image. The 9 Gamut Procedure was one of the major reasons I at first resisted introducing EFT to my clients.” For reasons of simplicity and ease of learning. so let me explain why I say this. When testing it in the real world we found that when his doctor was 124 . anyway. On the face of it this statement is a contradiction of my earlier observations. But here are its four advantages. I'm excited about it. Connection to sensory experiences such as taste. introducing the 9 Gamut Procedure could break rapport. Many clients who come to me have an understanding of the function of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. so I guess the way I introduce it is pretty persuasive too. Lay people know that one side is creative and the other side more logical and rational.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 2. Describing the humming in terms of being processed by the creative side of the brain and the counting by the logical side links in well with why we go from one to the other. An example of this happened while I was working with a client with a severe needle phobia. Analytical clients like to know how the 9 Gamut Procedure accesses information in the brain. imagery. The 9 Gamut Procedure meshes well with other energy balancing techniques that the client may have heard of or tried. 1. which includes the 9 Gamut routine. Switching from one function to another makes sense in tuning into information stored in specific hemispheres of the brain. This feeling could also affect the benefits of EFT. The "ah ha" of awareness enhances knowledge of how fragments of memory held in different parts of our brains can be tuned into and tapped upon. "I'll never remember all of that. 3.which includes the 9 Gamut Procedure. smell. Clients often say. On the face of it.

These moments of silence while tapping without dialogue provide a pause for facilitating selfawareness. The two-point method In addition. it is especially comforting to hold a client's hand with one hand while with the other apply gentle pressure or massage on these two points simultaneously. As soon as we tapped for that. It can be introduced as an easily accessible pressure point to stimulate by itself. Many clients who experience anxiety or panic attacks tell me they use this point with great results. I often use the Gamut point and Karate Chop point in combination. Finally. While the client thinks of the problem rather than verbalizes it. one that allows the client to become re-orientated. 4. previously unknown unconscious memories can be more readily available. For some time this has seemed an intuitively right thing to do. collarbone. I use this two point combination when the face. or underarm points would be too invasive to use. ~~~~ 125 . This is profoundly helpful in the arena of public speaking or sports. without doing the full procedure. I have also noticed that in situations where it is appropriate to do so. Often this time offers insight and the chance for magical cognitive shifts. it is especially helpful and unobtrusive for the therapist to apply gentle pressure to this point when there is pain or emotional trauma. he was fine.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ready to give him the injection. The 9 Gamut Procedure gives clients time to go inside. Using the Gamut point can frequently give the therapist and client additional feedback. 3. it was the sensory feeling of the liquid going into his body that triggered his fear. This is easily done by exerting gentle pressure with the thumb (on the Gamut point) and index finger (on the KC point) on the client's hand. such as when a client is in severe physical or emotional pain. 2.

and it wasn’t until we saw the video that anyone noticed that I had completely forgotten to include the EFT tapping points.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Seven: Improving EFT’s Effectiveness Those who are new to EFT often ask when and how frequently they should practice tapping. If you watch our DVDs. Some EFTers tap whenever they come to a stop sign or red light. try tapping on a single point. Try tapping to music. if you get in the habit of tapping on the EFT acupoints without reciting a Setup or focusing your thoughts on anything specific. during. ballads. and before falling asleep at night. you’ll see a workshop in which the tapping worked perfectly. All we did was tap on the Karate Chop point while reciting a Setup. the sooner EFT becomes a familiar tool that you can use without effort. or after they pray or meditate. movie soundtracks. the more likely you are to remember to use it when you really need it. Experiment with classical music. such as the Karate Chop point. EFT is very flexible and forgiving. follow up with the complete sequence. That’s five times a day right there. better yet. Teaching children to tap to music is a great way to introduce them to EFT. This is a popular activity in some EFT workshops – it keeps the group focused and energetic. while you focus on your pain or problem. EFT tapping can improve any project or activity. Tap whenever you use the bathroom or take a shower and you’ll add a few more. 126 . with excellent results. rock. and it’s an easy way to avoid an energy slump in the afternoon. The answer is: As often as you like – or. or whatever you most enjoy. that alone will help keep your energy balanced and help you live a happier life. before every meal. The more you use it. I usually recommend that you start by tapping as soon as you wake up in the morning. In addition. as often as possible. the better it works. The more often you practice. rap. When you’re in a hurry. Tap while you read your email or work at the computer. marches. Tap while you study – that’s an easy way to improve your reading comprehension and recall. Tap right now as you read this page. Tap while you watch TV. Tap at whatever rhythm feels right. You don’t have to do the entire Basic Recipe – just a few quick taps as time permits will help keep your energy balanced – and as soon as you have enough time. The more you use it. Many EFTers tap before. Quite a few tap while they walk. Tap while you talk on the phone. opera.

And there is scientific proof that this can help us. In fact. we need to feel that we're not alone. That is the ideal outcome. And EFT is just such a technique. and process information more efficiently. If we tell that story to a friend who is loving.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) If you tap while you describe things that you’ve seen or experienced. Many have found that their way of looking at a situation changes as a result of following Rick’s simple instructions. or disaster. What I call “griping” is just a way to retell a story with emotional intensity. It’s a natural part of being human. kind. they are able to think. how often has it happened to you that in the process of telling and retelling an intense story. I think it has special application for those experiencing PTSD because it deals with underlying issues easily and automatically. our brain is making a decision — one that can go either way! Here’s how it works. The tap-while-you-gripe technique by Rick Wilkes Have you ever called a friend just to gripe about everything that’s gone wrong in your day? The truth is that when things go wrong. So we turn to trusted friends and family to let off steam and be comforted. you find that after the second or third or fourth retelling that the pain is now more intense than it was right after it happened? That's the risk of sharing our painful experiences with others.” “Watch a Movie. Recent brain studies show that there's an opportunity when we relive an experience to have the stored emotions of that experience heal… or become even more intense. remember. which appeared in our online newsletter. With their emotions under control. we heal the emotional intensity. explaining about how you were “done wrong” by someone else. As we recall the story and feel the emotions in our body. Most of us have been expressing our pain this way since we were very young children. right? In the process of telling the story. tragedy. we use the “Tell a Story. EFT would probably significantly improve the accuracy of eye-witness testimony. Several EFT practitioners have reported on tapping’s incredible calming effect when applied immediately after an accident. your recollections are more likely to be accurate. and comforting. 127 . chances are that our primitive emotional brain will no longer feel alone and unsupported. present. without conscious effort. Yet. In EFT. Here’s a great tip from EFT practitioner Rick Wilkes. whether they are talk professionals or not – unless you are using a technique that consistently allows you to eliminate and then harmonize the emotional intensity.” and Tearless Trauma Techniques (see pages 115-119) to help people describe difficult events without feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Let's say the story that we're telling is one in which we feel alone and unsupported.

that cares about you. divorce. The number of taps at each point doesn’t matter. we must build intensity in ourselves and in others while we plan revenge (or a lawsuit. Tap every time you tell a story that has negative emotional intensity.) The order of the points doesn’t matter. So you pick up the phone. that takes your side. What I find is that tapping while I gripe and complain shifts my entire perspective. you’ll probably notice you have a lot less in your life to gripe about! Here's how you can get started: You've had a bad day. Pretty soon. 128 . You can use the finger points. and we’re mature enough to know that intensifying the fear by making us the “Victims” and others into the “Powerful Forces of True Evil” just creates war inside us. Tap while you complain. Under Arm. The other approach is to want to heal from an emotional pain. Karate Chop. the more common. The first is. and you call your best friend. Collarbone. We use what has been human nature since cave folks sat around the fire — the need to tell our story to tribe members to gain their supportive energy — and we use that supportive energy in a new way that is far more likely to result in a sense of peace for all of us. and back to Top of Head. Ring… Hello? (Top of Head) Oh I’m so glad I reached you (Inside Eyebrow) I have had such a terrible day! (Side of Eye) I really need someone to talk to (Under Eye) Do you have a few minutes? (Under Nose) First off. don’t we? But there are two approaches to griping and complaining. It is to gather people to our side in the upcoming war. or other dramatic action designed so we WIN and the other LOSES). You can tap one point that feels good the whole call if you want. We tell a story to make us “right” and the other party “wrong. Just tap continuously while you talk. As the noise of the emotional disruption settles down. Start tapping… and tap continuously while you talk to her! (Karate Chop) Ring…. I am far more likely to hear my intuition guide me to steps that resolve the situation in the best possible way. alas. etc. not peace.” With this plan. Don’t stop! Why would we do this? We talk to others to feel better.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) That is why I suggest that you always tap while you gripe. this *&^+$ boss of mine… (then Chin. We can make our healing far more likely if we just tap the acupoints while we express our hurt and our anger and our sadness and our feelings of being out of control. You want to feel that there's someone out there that understands you.

For example. I can’t sleep through the night. In fact. An algorithm for chronic pain. Under Eye.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Try it for yourself. but if you combine focused thought and intention with tapping. And you don’t have to tap on the EFT acupoints in any specific order. An algorithm for emotional trauma went from the Inside Eyebrow to Side of Eye. bitterness. Under Eye. you can omit the words “Even though” and simply state the problem: My back hurts. And the list goes on. Thumb. but you can tap the points in any order. Index Finger. I recommend the Sequence described in the Basic Recipe because it’s easy to remember. and Collarbone. I am confident you will. then ended with 50 taps on the Gamut point. and you combine that intention with any type of acupoint stimulation. upside down or right side up and you’ll still get great results. Once you get it all out of your system. many EFTers respond that the only way to do it wrong is to not use it. and Index Finger. Under Arm. ~~~~ Can you do EFT incorrectly? This is an interesting question. No one needs to know that you are tapping. you can expect good results. I believe that if your intention is to treat a specific issue. and resentment moved from Inside Eyebrow to Little Finger to Collarbone. You can do an incomplete EFT treatment (which will make more sense as we explore advanced concepts). In fact. Collarbone. you may find this so effective that you pick up your phone and tap while you gripe without even calling your friend. When I created EFT. 129 . Under Arm. Collarbone. An algorithm for anger. Little Finger. Under Arm. Little Finger. started at the Inside Eyebrow point and went to Side of Eye. then you dial… and perhaps have a very different kind of conversation. Under Nose. I streamlined more complicated meridian therapies that involved separate algorithms or tapping patterns for different conditions or symptoms. Each had its own tapping pattern. your efforts will probably work no matter what Setup or Tapping Sequence you use. Collarbone. I’m upset. EFT is so forgiving and versatile that finding ways in which it doesn’t work can be a challenge. on either side or on both sides. And just notice whether you see a change that helps you feel both more peaceful and more empowered. like the pain in your lower back. Tap the acupoints while you are on the phone. for example. Collarbone. Collarbone.

I did the same with the finger points. I begin the next round by asking the person to: 1) Begin tapping on any point that he or she feels drawn to. why use them? Save them for when you need them. Most of us. This invitation exemplifies the beautiful intention underlying EFT to empower the user.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I realized that these algorithms. for use only when I’m stuck. you’re done. At first I replaced algorithms with a single tapping sequence and created EFT’s Basic Recipe." 130 . I now encourage people to find their own “personal” EFT acupoint and try it first. Then I put the 9 Gamut treatment on the shelf. 2) Repeat this procedure about six or seven times. For some it’s the Under Eye. it’s the Collarbone point. the process works. realize that we’re drawn to a certain point. After a few rounds of the Basic Recipe in which the client has a pretty good orientation to the tapping points and we have made some progress on reducing the intensity of the issue. I feel that this invitation to access their own intuition. it’s the Under Arm or Karate Chop point. By the time you complete three or more rounds of tapping on the EFT acupoints. in no particular sequence. If you set out to relieve your back pain and you tap on a single acupoint and the pain goes away. could be replaced with a single tapping pattern. What could be simpler? Tapping on a single “personal” point by Jerem Egan One of the things I love about EFT is how user-friendly it is and how Gary encourages people to bring their own nuances and styles to the technique. and I will tap along with them and give them phrasing to say with each point. I've come to use it for at least one round for just about every issue that clients are dealing with. if we pay attention. or we notice that every time our energy shifts. choosing points that the person feels drawn to. Here is a simple technique that I've been using the past year which I would love to pass on. These tools are worth learning because they can be very helpful. for many. but if you get good results without them. is in alignment with the intention to empower clients in their self-healing process. This approach seems to propel them into tapping more on their own as they are less worried about doing the EFT "by the book.. you don’t hurt yourself or cause complications – and when you tap on points that you do need. or divine guidance. which are difficult to remember. The beauty of meridian therapies is that when you stimulate points that you don’t need. it’s when we’re tapping on the same point. For me. especially in emergencies. you’ve tapped on all of the points in a variety of combinations.

If your energy is blocked or reversed. especially about yourself. which reflect your family or cultural conditioning. or ideas or attitudes. the thoughts and statements that rattle around in your head at all hours of the day and night that have anything to do with you. tapping on the Karate Chop point or massaging the Sore Spot corrects this problem and gets the energy flowing as it should. the problem we call psychological reversal or polarity reversal interferes.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) In the hundreds of times I've used this technique with clients. Some clients are ready to add their own phrasing to the tapping. but we save time by assuming that we might be psychologically reversed – it’s a state that we all move in and out of several times a day – and simply correct the reversal before we start tapping. you’re on your way. I offer a gentle tweak as a way of getting the person back on track. This writing contains all of the “rules” you grew up with or absorbed through life experiences – statements you heard as a child. which is another important step in the self-empowerment. If your energy is flowing in the right direction. Self-talk and the “writings on your walls” The second potential stumbling block is your subconscious mind and its programming. Once in a great while. when I feel that the phrasing is not on target. and tapping points. I believe that the more people explore EFT’s many variations and the more they create their own Setups. It’s possible to test for psychological reversal with kinesiology (muscle testing). that you’ve absorbed throughout your life. and it corrects psychological reversal if it happens to be in effect. ~~~~ Conditions that interfere Now let’s consider some of the conditions that can interfere with your ability to neutralize traumatic memories and reduce or eliminate the symptoms of PTSD. the sooner they are likely to experience good results. 131 . it has been effective in reducing intensity levels almost 100 percent of the time! Some clients were also drawn to points which were not in the Basic Recipe and got the same positive results. I call your self-talk’s programming the writings on your walls. all of which can be addressed with EFT. Thus. As described in the Basic Recipe. Reminder Phrases. Psychological reversal The first obstacle that can interfere is your energy flow. without obstacles or blockages. which is reflected by your self-talk. your Setup performs two vital functions: it focuses your mind on the problem you want to address.

. I’ll believe that when I see it. . but I’ve always been this way and it’s too hard to change. it probably will be a wonderful day – but what if they don’t? That’s when tail-enders create mischief. right. . but I know that’s never going to happen. “This is going to be a terrible day. Forget it. For example. No way. such as in this example: Even though I feel angry all the time. an important clue that is pointing to core issues. I don’t deserve to be happy. like the voice of your mother.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Life is dangerous. . 132 .. “This is going to be a wonderful day. When pigs fly. . or friend? What events from long ago come to mind? Every memory or event can be put to good use as a Setup that combines tail-enders with the writings on your walls.. no matter who is trying to get me upset.” try switching that to.. A standard piece of advice in metaphysical circles is to turn negative self-talk around by stating the opposite. but” statements that pop up when we try to set new goals or write new affirmations. teacher. Tail-enders are the “yes. Everyone has a hidden agenda. These words often have a sarcastic ring to them: Yeah. but there are some things I just can’t let go of. neighbor. Where did that idea come from? Can you hear someone’s voice in your head. Impossible. You can’t be too careful. They are the nemesis of affirmations. The most obvious tail-enders are the words we hear in our minds when we try out a new idea. see it for what it is. Tail-enders Closely related to the writings on our walls are the tail-enders they inspire... Tail-enders can show up at the end of a “Choices” statement. I’m just not good in relationships. if you hear yourself saying. . It’s all my fault. where you describe your goal... but it’s too dangerous to let my guard down. You must be kidding.” If your conscious and subconscious minds accept the affirmation.. Whenever you notice a tail-ender. but I can’t let people take advantage of me... I choose to stay calm and relaxed. father.. It’s important to never show weakness.

EFT practitioners often create “fill in the blank” statements and wait for the person to complete the sentence. “_______________. I can function in the present moment. When I relax and let my mind drift back to my childhood. As soon as a specific memory appears... I can hear my dad’s voice saying. in fact it still does. and exploring new ways of presenting and using EFT.. you can turn it into a Setup: Even though my dad always said I was an out-of-control hothead.. Continue revising the Setup so that it focuses on the person’s emotions: Even though my dad did nothing but criticize and scowl at me. you will achieve faster and more remarkable results.. Saying goodbye to the past Another way to release core issues that contribute to self-sabotage is to tap while saying: Even though ______ happened.. For example.. Even though _____ happened. and it really hurt because I could never get his approval no matter how hard I tried. As soon as you start building on the Basic Recipe by experimenting. trying new approaches.. I can relax about it and let it go.. and it made me really mad. Even though _____ happened and I can’t change the past. and just the sight of him standing there would turn my stomach. I remember ______. I fully and completely accept myself .EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) When demonstrating EFT in workshops or when working with clients.. I can change my emotional connection to the past. Even though I got in a fight with Eddie Jackson in high school. 133 . it doesn’t have to bother me any more. and my folks said they were giving up on me ..” Even though I can never forgive ____ for _____.. When I think about how important it is not to let people take advantage of me. it doesn’t have to affect me any more.. I would like to let go of that unhappy time.

and (incorrectly) low blood oxygen levels. Behaviorists consider yawning a calming signal. Then. especially when we’re under stress. If it does. deeper breaths are almost always a signal that EFT is working. and healthy. and walk very differently from the way they do when they’re comfortable. coherent. During an EFT session it’s not uncommon for someone’s voice to crack. The person’s voice changes. Yawning has been associated with sleepiness. But in many cases people do cry. The more balanced your energy. Recent research suggests that yawning is a way to cool the brain. relaxed. after EFT brings the person’s energy into balance. happy. But pain relief isn’t the only indication of EFT’s effectiveness. too. Some practitioners describe their clients as blossoming like flowers as their energy clears. it’s probably because EFT successfully removed energy blocks while neutralizing emotional issues that were the pain’s underlying cause. Whatever its purpose. This often happens after a round of tapping and it reflects an energy shift away from stress toward relaxation. yawning in an EFT session is an important clue that energy is moving and the tapping is working. fluid. The yawn might or might not be accompanied by fatigue. The person’s breathing changes. his or her voice sounds deeper. the test is simple – either the pain goes away or it doesn’t. Tears are often a sign of release or relief. fuller. Longer. Even if the tears are a symptom of discomfort. Speech patterns change. or for the person to have trouble talking. going from stumbling and inarticulate to clear. the smoother and more relaxed your breathing. or in pain sit. People who are depressed. and it really is possible to work through serious problems without weeping. with the head down and a curved spine. Some people have fallen asleep in the middle of their EFT sessions. rounder. The person cries. anxious. Most of us breathe shallowly. and more vibrant. lift their heads. frightened. for stress or tension to make the voice actually squeak. slower. confident. The Tearless Trauma Technique (see page 115) is at the heart of EFT. but even well-rested people yawn during and after tapping. a non-threatening bit of body language designed to help the person and those nearby relax and feel safe. postural changes are often obvious.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) How to tell whether EFT is working Did your tapping make a difference? When the problem is pain. Here are some common signs of EFT at work in any tapping session. and look at the world around them. stronger. most people straighten up. and eloquent. boredom. In successful EFT sessions. more confident. The person yawns. The person sighs. in which case the Tearless 134 . stand. The person’s posture and body language change. Instead of sitting hunched.

For example. moving them closer. All of these physiological changes indicate that EFT is working. move your open hands toward each other. one “right” and “true” way. Congested sinuses that suddenly to drain reflect an energy shift. but changes in facial expression. is another indication that EFT is working. such as from the left eye to the right side of the forehead or from the right shoulder blade to the center of the spine. such as from tense and stressed to relaxed and comfortable. Moving pain is a definite indication that EFT is working. If you sense a vibrating energy field or a feeling of resistance that grows stronger as your hands move closer. Blood pressure and pulse change. Another person might break out in a cold sweat and suddenly feel chilled. something is happening energetically. In EFT session that involve physical pain. and closer again. Facial muscles relax. Actually. One minute you’re angry and the next you’re laughing. One minute you’re convinced that there is only one way. such as feeling suddenly hot or cold. The pain moves. further apart. When that happens. The person feels hot or cold. A small or large area of back pain may feel intensely warm or hot. In those cases. successful EFT tapping – even if it’s for something unrelated to physical symptoms – brings both pulse and blood pressure back to normal. and the pain may pulse or vibrate. A temperature change. and as soon as “the principle of the thing” no longer matters the way it did. A cognitive shift occurs. it’s obvious that EFT has done its job. In some cases pain jumps all over the body. this happens so often that we use the phrase “chasing the pain” to describe the appropriate EFT response. EFT can make such a difference in facial expression that some practitioners call it an instant face-lift.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Trauma Technique is used to reduce the discomfort level. such as an inch or two. The pain might move a short distance. 135 . are obvious clues. muscles all over the body soften. Someone who feels suddenly hot may blush or turn red. you might be tapping for pain in the small of your back and suddenly realize that your back pain has disappeared but now your right ankle is throbbing. to look at the situation and the next you realize there are many. but it’s often a longer distance. Do enough tapping and your fingers will begin to tingle. A few rounds of effective tapping can help you look years younger as well as happier. Often people begin an EFT session with an elevated pulse rate or high blood pressure. As soon as you stop replaying a situation in the same old way and notice something new or different. One minute the person you’re mad at can’t do anything right and the next you’re making excuses for him. Sinuses drain. the emotional change indicates that EFT is working. The person feels vibrating energy.

as they try EFT "on everything. the more energy is moving and the more EFT is working. this can be a sign that EFT is working. In the same way. Even if you haven’t yet achieved the results you hope for. I’ve seen this so many times that I never conclude that EFT “didn’t work. The person is suddenly open to new options. just because we know how to do sit-ups doesn't mean we are going to have washboard abs.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The pain gets worse. This is an excellent sign because it shows that the person is no longer stuck in his or her old way of thinking and feeling. Ironically. Quickly they 136 . but just because we know how to do it doesn't mean we are going to heal. and the examination of different aspects that a sudden breakthrough can turn an unresponsive situation into an EFT success story. the person’s attitude doesn’t shift at all.” Rather. and the whole situation stays stuck – that we are tempted to conclude that EFT was not effective. EFT. Then. Often it is something they tried everything under the sun for with no relief. the search for core issues. The more things change. all this moving energy is a very good sign. I recently realized that one reason people become discouraged is that they feel disappointed if every tapping session isn’t a "One Minute Miracle" I still get great joy whenever someone trying EFT for the first time experiences relief for something that has gripped them for years. It’s very unusual for pain to get worse and stay worse when you’re using EFT. So much depends on the art of delivery. At first they can’t believe it worked so well. Even when that happens. I adopt the belief that EFT always works but that sometimes we have to keep searching for the problem’s true emotional cause. it’s worth trying again." they start to understand the breadth of EFT’s power. Balanced energy leads to clear thinking. only works when we take the time to use it. By continuing to tap and by approaching the pain and its aspects from a different perspective. your results will probably improve. It’s only when nothing happens – the pain stays exactly where it was. It often indicates that buried emotional issues are getting close to the surface. especially when you incorporate the many shortcuts and advanced techniques explained in this book. When EFT loses its effectiveness by Gene Monterastelli Can EFT lose its effectiveness? Do we build up a resistance to EFT? Why does it seem to stop working after a while? EFT is a wonderful and powerful tool. like any other tool. The overall test is whether any kind of change is taking place.

We look under the bed and find all sorts of dirt and dust we had no idea was there. Sure. Then there’s the client who works on an issue for three or four sessions and then feels overwhelmed by the amount of work that remains. In many cases they invested months or years in their attempts to get relief. Even though this seems endless. Even though It is just like an onion. or to use it daily with this issue for a while Usually that’s all it takes. in this case the EFT didn’t fix it in 60 seconds. but it might be worth their time to give it 15 or 20 minutes. every time I peal a layer off there is another waiting. Even though there’s so much it’s discouraging. I like the idea of the relief I’ll have when I clear them all up. Even though this process is taking a lot of time. We start to tap. I choose to remember how much progress I have made with these issues. often using Choices phrasing in our Setups: Even though right now I am overwhelmed with how much work is left. I know that with EFT I have a wonderful tool to continue this work. Even though everywhere I turn there is another issue or aspect.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) find relief on both the physical and emotional levels. Even though this seems like it is never going to end. I know more progress is ahead. I choose to be fascinated by the process. I’m curious about what is coming next. In these cases. Even though I’ve still got more to do. They find some pain or emotion that won't go away in one round of tapping. It is similar to cleaning a bedroom. 137 . I deeply and completely accept myself…. I simply talk them through their own experience. and it certainly requires more work on our part. This can be discouraging and even a bit alarming. it must not be worth the trouble to keep on trying. But then they hit a wall. I choose to let it be easy. When this happens with EFT I remind my clients that right now they are taking the short view and are forgetting all that they have already accomplished. I know how the progress I have made in the past has improved my life. They decide that since EFT didn't work in 60 seconds. Even though there seems to be so much work to do. I know I am healthier now than when I started..

138 . too. Focusing directly on your frustration at not getting results rapidly and “magically” enough can get EFT working fully and effectively for you once again. computers. Even though it seems like I’m not moving. people have reported using EFT to improve the health of their house plants and the performance of their cars. ~~~~ The next chapter will help you develop the EFT skills that bring outstanding results for yourself and everyone you’d like to help. Even though it might not feel like I am moving forward. I am making baby steps. relatives. I shouldn’t be surprised.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though this feels discouraging. I choose to know I really am. I know that all I have to do it take a little time each day to tap. After all. total strangers. In fact. I told them to try it on everything! And you can. and household appliances. including friends. and even family pets.

Ph. it expresses precisely what they want to bring about – the cessation of pain and the healing of their hand. I soon discovered that I could get even better results if I allowed them to insert their own positive affirmations into the EFT statement.. This way the Setup became perfectly suited to the problems they were addressing. Patricia Carrington’s “Choices” Method Patricia Carrington.” and ends with the phrase. It starts with statements like.. “I deeply and completely accept myself. I choose to have my hand be comfortable and pain free. I would suggest an EFT statement such as. She not only became a leading practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques.D.” There’s no doubt that by using this type of Setup. “Even though my shoulder is in agony.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Eight: Choices. It was through experimenting with my own clients that the EFT Choices Method was born. Carrington took a different approach and showed that you can also tap a solution in.” The treatment then proceeds with the repetition of a “problem” reminder phrase such as the phrase.” As she explains: When I was using EFT with my own clients in psychotherapy. But Dr. Associate Clinical Professor at the UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. “Even though my hand is throbbing. Basic or mechanical EFT focuses entirely on problems. you can tap a problem out. Solutions.” This immediately makes perfect sense to the injured person. In it.. For example. the person applying the method identifies the outcome that they would truly like to have for the problem at hand. “This pain. Instead of “I 139 . and Tapping Tips Dr. was one of the first clinical psychologists to incorporate EFT into her professional practice. and then puts this desired outcome into a phrase which they use at the end of the Setup. making it possible for the person to define or describe a specific desired outcome by inserting an affirmation or positive statement after the words “I choose. “Even though I have this pain in my back. she made an important contribution to its Setup. if a person's hand was throbbing.” or. She did this by adding “I choose” to the last portion of the Setup..

Make Choices that apply to you 6. For example. This method of injecting “Choices” into EFT soon developed into a definite protocol which I found to be extremely effective. counselors. however. "I live in a beautiful sunny home. ~~~~ Dr. The latter is a statement that is intentionally contrary to fact. not only for my own clients and workshop participants. but for many others as well. 2. Carrington’s six rules for phrasing Choices statements are sensible and effective: 1. and today many thousands of people are using EFT Choices statements.” this phrase commences with the words “I choose.” A little doubting self-statement in the back of our minds says. psychotherapists.” It’s important to note that “I choose” is not used in the format of a traditional affirmation. "Oh yeah? I know that's absurd!” or "I’ll NEVER have that! “ or "I feel like a fool for saying this. Be specific.” This statement is intentionally contrary to fact.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) deeply and completely accept myself. According to the rules of traditional affirmations it will result in subconscious programming that attracts the “beautiful sunny” home of the person’s dreams. particularly if the affirmation is in too sharp a contrast to their current state of affairs. traditional affirmations result in doubt and skepticism on the part of those who repeat them. State your Choices in the positive 5. when you place the words “I choose” at the beginning of your affirmation statement. and personal performance coaches are using the Choices Method because it so precisely targets their clients’ problems." Such self-doubts are stilled. the traditional affirmation is apt to create what EFT refers to as a “Tail-ender. It was almost immediately greeted with enthusiasm in the EFT community. In particular. All too often. if the person described above were to say. When people tell themselves that they live in a beautiful sunny home when in fact that is obviously not true.” the statement would be immediately believable because anyone has the right to make a “choice” and this doesn’t contradict the situation they are in. Make Choices that are easy to pronounce 140 . as. Go for the best possible outcome 4. 3. I then formalized the Choices Method and began training other people to use it. for example when a person living in a dingy basement apartment says. Create pulling Choices . "Even though I live in a dingy basement apartment. however. I choose to live in a lovely sunny home.

an even more appealing version might be. with full range of motion. not. Carrington’s suggestions. While tapping on the EFT acupoints. describe what we’d rather have. I choose to have fun doing these EFT exercises in the most ingenious way. I choose to have it not hurt. won’t. so another effective statement could be. too.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) “Pulling Choices” use words that draw you in and make you feel involved. and they help make this a compelling statement. “Curiosity is a powerful motivator. pain-free game of golf tomorrow. As she says. comfortable. They are the opposite of dull and boring statements. replace negative words (no. and create a personally rewarding Choices Phrase. through all the tapping points 141 . and effortless. For example. perfect coordination. pyramid-shaped pain stabbing the small of my back just to the left of my spine. Carrington begins with the example. Following Dr." which is a perfectly accurate statement as far as it goes. Dr. can’t. the word creative gives the statement some excitement and suspense. insert some interesting or compelling ideas. "I choose to express myself in a way that gets my points across to Susan. try alternating between “problem” and “solution” reminder phrases. hard. we can add specific details about the pain. You wonder what would be a creative way to get your points across. Here’s an example of a Setup that falls short of the six recommendations: Even though my back hurts.) with positive words. "I choose to find a creative way to get my points across to Susan. with the enthusiastic cooperation of my brilliant subconscious mind. "I choose to surprise myself by finding easy and enjoyable ways to get my points across to Susan. angry. But. she says. Even though my back has me groaning in pain. throbbing. red. etc. in the first round of tapping. use “problem” reminders: Top of Head: Inside Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: stabbing pain so frustrating terrible pain can’t move and so on. I choose to be delighted by how easy it is to enjoy a relaxed. so that the whole process is easy. and my best score yet. I choose to have this whole situation work to my advantage." As she explains.” Easy and enjoyable are pulling words. For example: Even though I have this sharp. and I can’t believe that this tapping business is going to make any difference at all. and my back feels completely well. “ Surprise is another word that can draw us in.

such as: Top of Head Inside Eyebrow: Side of Eye: I’m upset because my back is in agony. finish by tapping on the Inside Eyebrow point while saying a positive reminder phrase. and so on. 142 . such as: Top of Head: Inside Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: better already pain-free complete range of motion everything’s easy and so on. I’m upset because my back is in agony. through all the tapping points. I’m upset because my back is in agony. and so on. through all the tapping points. through all the tapping points. Then.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Or use the same complete “problem” sentence on all of the acupoints. always ending on a “solution” phrase. through all the tapping points Or use the same complete “solution” sentence on all of the acupoints. Or alternate between the two complete sentences used above: Top of Head: Inside Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: I’m upset because my back is in agony. use only positive “solution” phrases. through all the tapping points. such as: Top of Head: Inside Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: Under Nose: stabbing pain I feel wonderful sharp spasms full range of motion so frustrating and so on. I choose to feel completely well in every way. In the third and final round of tapping. in the second round of tapping. To be sure your final phrase is positive (you should always end on a positive note). I’m upset because my back is in agony. such as: Top of Head: Inside Eyebrow: Side of Eye: I choose to feel completely well in every way. I choose to feel completely well in every way. I choose to feel completely well in every way. and so on. I choose to feel completely well in every way. alternate between “problem” and “solution” phrases.

so alternating ears are "hearing. the Choices Method is flexible. and back again the next day. I fully and completely accept myself. Some use only one Setup and incorporate everything in it before they start tapping the acupoints. consider tapping while in different positions. so making use of the "other" hand while tapping through emotional conflicts helps to more fully neutralize the issues. The Choices Method is brilliant because it helps people figure out not only what they don’t want but what they do want. try lying down. and your left hand is tapping on the right. and it helps speed results. we usually favor one side. and I applaud her discoveries. Some begin with the basic EFT Setup (“Even though ___. tending to be right-handed or left-handed. and tap while you are 143 . alternate between problem and solution reminder phrases in the second.Cross Over Tapping: Cross your hands over each other when you tap – so your right hand is tapping on your left side of your face and body.. In my opinion.. Patricia Carrington is truly an EFT pioneer. ~~~~ Dr.” or something similar) for their first two Setups and switch to Choices phrasing for the third setup. especially the ultra simple ones. switch the phone from side to side regularly as well. 1. but I highly recommend trying them all before you dismiss them... Like EFT itself. Carol Look offers ten innovative tapping tips that can help experts and novices alike improve their results. Carol Look I have compiled a list of my favorite tapping tips that have had a dramatic influence on my work and results with clients. Of course. All of these can help take your EFT skills to the next level. and there is no single “right” way to use it. For those who do telephone sessions as either client or practitioner. alternating in this way helps because it allows you to more fully integrate the emotional material that you are working on. then switch to your dominant hand on the following day.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Some practitioners start with problem reminder phrases in the first round of tapping. use your non-dominant hand for a full day. and devote the third round entirely to solution statements. it installs affirmations and positive statements. Use any that work for you." Here is another variation. Also. Opposite Hand Tapping: When tapping on yourself. Top ten tapping tips by the same time. You could also alternate hands from round to round of EFT. Aren't you always sitting down while tapping? Try standing up when using EFT.

When you are tapping and saying something positive. The Argument Tapping technique is wonderful for the brain. For instance.. For instance.. This will help chop down a lot of "trees in your forest.... The next variation of Argument Tapping is to argue with yourself while tapping. Take both sides and argue the points while you tap.. alternating the sides with each consecutive point. but this time with yourself.. Then move to the regular sequence of points and tap as if you are arguing with another person as follows: Eyebrow: You won't amount to anything.. and vigorously argue both sides.. for instance. and say. let's say your mother or father said you "wouldn't amount to anything” or that "people like you can't get wealthy” or that "people like you are never satisfied. I will. Be sure to follow how the argument is "looping" in your memory." Proceed with other similar arguments.. Under Eye: No you won't.. Even though he said I was no good and wouldn't amount to anything. and I expect that the absurdity of it all will surface for many of you and feel quite relieving. Chin: Don't be ridiculous.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) rolled over on your side. Side of Eye: Yes. you are arguing.. and they have stored so much information for us.” etc. voice both sides of an argument with another person around an issue of self-esteem or conflict about yourself. I choose to accept myself now anyway. This is also useful for getting the tail-enders into your tapping. Our bodies are brilliant. for the emotional release. It would sound like this: 144 . When you are tapping. Under Nose: Yes I will. Under Arm: Who are you kidding? Top of Head: I know I can do it.. Argument Tapping I love using this process with clients in a group setting because most people find it surprising and amusing and seem to get something of value out of it.... Collarbone: I'm smart enough. Notice if any new material might 'hear" a tail-ender that says "No I don't!" Use whatever tail-enders that come up for you in your current round of EFT. start with the Karate Chop Point. 2.. I know I have what it takes to be successful. So again.

. Under Arm: I accept my feelings. and feel the relief of saying “No!” Don't be surprised when this technique speeds up the change you were intending.. Refusal Tapping is very helpful with chronic illnesses. 3.. Side of Eye: No I don't. Your round from the eyebrow point to the top of the head would proceed as follows: Eyebrow: I refuse to give this up. Under Nose: No I'm not! Chin: Yes I am! Collarbone: No I'm not........ I'm keeping this problem. controlled on a regular basis. Under Eye: I am so happy I don't have to get rid of this... influenced by others and manipulated all our lives... it is very natural to experience an enormous amount of emotional resistance. We have all been told what to do. Collarbone: Ha ha.. Under Nose: I refuse to change. Top of the Head: I REFUSE TO LET GO OF THIS ISSUE.... Side of Eye: Don't even try to make me. do one full round of Refusal Tapping to get over the issue you have selected. Under the Arm: You can't make me get over this... Chin: You can't make me...EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Eyebrow: I have what it takes to be successful. Try giving this part of you a voice for a change. Under Eye: I am smart enough to figure this out. Top of Head: I appreciate who I am... and when trying to change. 145 .. Part of us believes the change is threatening to our survival. Refusal Tapping When you are using EFT..

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 4. sing your affirmations instead of speaking them. So during this second round. As usual. This works especially well for chronic low self-esteem issues. 5. Universe. and intentions. we are moving towards emotional and physical health. This helps activate the right brain (which is why we use humming in the 9-gamut procedure) and any time we are doing something to promote balance between our two hemispheres of the brain. Singing Affirmations (while you tap) You may either sing the entire round from negative to positive." For example: Eyebrow: Thank you God (Spirit. This will help you in several areas. Under the Eye: Thank you God for resolving that disagreement so quickly. color. It helps when you need to use visualization instead of regular tapping if you are in a public place and don't feel free to tap on your face and body. look into the mirror. 146 . In the same way that affirmations will automatically bring up a “tail-ender. 6. Side of Eye: Thank you God for bringing me the perfect clients for my business. Look into a mirror as you tap for your deepest emotional conflicts. goals. Sometimes my clients who are calling for a phone session from their office look at their reflection in their computer screen to enhance the emotional release during the session. You will now have a picture and corresponding memory of what you look like when you tap. Look in the Mirror While tapping several rounds in a row.” looking in the mirror when you say “I deeply and completely accept myself” will trigger discomfort that is then exposed and addressed during the treatment. Universal Intelligence) for such an abundance of loving friends in my life. This technique allows you to see subtle changes that occur in muscle tone. Source. Thank-You Tapping Do at least three rounds in a row while tapping on your "Thank You List. This extra boost encourages you to absorb the positive affirmation of the setup more fully (I deeply and completely love and accept myself). or just use singing on the second round when you are "installing" the positive statements. Higher Power. and energy in your face and body as you tap. Definitely make use of these clues. I do the first round focusing on the "problem" and often switch during a second round (before doing setups again) to more positive statements (such as Pat Carrington's CHOICES).

I deeply and completely love and accept myself..I deeply and completely love and accept myself.. Top of the Head: Thank you God for continued guidance and clarity on my path. someone you want to give a test run. 147 . he's a great person and has really matured. Picture it.. Even though I was miserable during this time because of that incident.. hear the person’s voice (you might have this in your head from a class or some of the videos). wouldn't you like some extra help? Choose your favorite EFT practitioner. Even though he was feeling so vulnerable back then.... Photo Tapping Take out old family photos and identify feelings. Use the first person singular. Guest Tapping When you are tapping at home alone...Even though I was confused...) and it opens up your treatment options tremendously. incidents and thoughts that were going on when the pictures were taken. And don't be surprised when the "guest tapper" comes up with profoundly brilliant ideas! 8..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Under the Nose: Thank you God for bringing that wonderful miracle through me to my client who was in pain. Collarbone: Thank you God for all the blessings I have in my life today.. Do the same for family members when you see them in the photos: Even though he was angry and said that hurtful thing to me. themes. 7. I choose to release the pain of it now and accept both of us... Chin: Thank you God for my vibrant health and energy.. This will help those of you who don't think you're good enough at tapping (even though you are.. and use words as if you are treating someone else.Even though I didn't realize I was such a geek. and pretend he or she is tapping for and with you.Even though he was so scared back then. You may be shocked at how effective this is for bringing up emotions you thought had been "handled..Even though he was drunk in that photo and I remember the fight we had...." Here are some options: Look at yourself in the selected photo objectively.) and tap a few rounds while you are looking at yourself. Under Arm: Thank you God for bringing me such peace in my life. Allow your intuition to choose someone. or Gary Craig. You might even take out your high school year book (since High School seems to be so fraught with conflicted feelings for many people.Even though I was feeling so sad because of the rejection. feel it. he has a good heart and meant well.

Communicating to yourself this way is very effective. you were trying to do it right and are allowed not to be perfect. I feel peace from that problem.. Collarbone: You are lovable anyway.. it is in my past where it belongs. Then tap the points using "you" as the subject: Eyebrow: You made a mistake. Under Nose: It's about time I got over that! Chin: Finally.. try accepting your feelings anyway..Even though you didn't mean to hurt her. Collarbone: At last. Under Arm: You are such a good person. Side of Eye: I'm so relieved this is over.. Top of Head: Finally.. Eyebrow: I am so grateful I got over this problem. Setups at the Karate Chop Point would be: Even though you made a mistake. feeling what it would feel like if you had completely gotten over the problem (even if you haven't yet). Under Eye: I am so happy I am free of this conflict. Chin: You don't need to be perfect...Even though you don't want to forgive yourself. For example. Side of Eye: So what? Under Eye: You meant well... "You" Tapping While tapping on one of your own issues.. Really FEEL the relief now that it is over!! This is critical.... 148 ... consider accepting all of you and your feelings... do a final round in the past tense... use the "second person singular" over and over. Top of head: You are totally lovable and worthy anyway..... 10. Past Tense Tapping After completing two or three rounds on whatever issue you have chosen.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 9.. Under the Nose: You are human.... relief and peace on this issue. Under Arm: I so appreciate all the progress I have made.

Kiss someone you love on all the face points and say I love you. it came right back – and this continued after we found and treated several core issues. Try going outside or into another room. To remedy that problem. Do this very tenderly. which are anti-inflammatory and help balance energy. and any other spots you can reach. really filling your lungs. ~~~~ When EFT doesn’t work EFT can work in the most extreme conditions. In addition. Great for kids! Great for lovers! Also. or you may be exposed to an energy toxin. But from time to time conditions do interfere. 149 .EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 11. When I first met her. There may be a problem with energy in the room. Kiss and Tap Here’s a bonus tapping tip. spend as much time as possible outdoors. 2. being outdoors (assuming the air quality is reasonable) provides fresh air and oxygen. Our modern lifestyles also deprive us of full-spectrum natural light. the Karate Chop Point on both sides. There are many possible sources of electromagnetic interference. the gamut spot. or near an open window or doorway – without wearing sunglasses. A shady location is fine so long as your eyes have access to natural light. If you find that EFT isn’t working – that is. The earth supplies a constant supply of free electrons. Wearing shoes. or contact lenses. An easy way to help clear your mind and body is to go outdoors and stand for several minutes with your bare feet on bare ground. or rocks. including fluorescent lighting. relieving her back pain and asthma along the way. sand. you or the person you’re working with experience no change and the situation seems stuck – try these remedies. all of which prevent the transmission of full-spectrum light. The following are common problems that are easily corrected. Louella was suicidal. Tears came easily and "hopeless" seemed to be her favorite word. and riding in cars insulates us from those free electrons. concrete. reading glasses. so there are no hard and fast rules about when and where it will work and where it won’t. 1. which our endocrine systems need in order to function well. A few years ago I worked with a woman who had suffered major bouts of depression since age nine. grass. Take several deep breaths. when many factors could be expected to interfere with its success. but whenever her depression lifted a little. EFT tapping helped. on a screened porch. being indoors. kiss yourself on the finger points of both hands. Maybe it’s something you ate. Then try your Setup and tapping sequence again.

founder of the Journal of Immunology. Within minutes she was on the brink of a panic attack. her depression began to lift. your pulse will remain stable. your pulse will increase. including serious diseases. We invented a “detective diet” to establish what other foods might be causing her problem. she acted as though she had taken a drug. He worked on the cutting edge of medical technology. Make it more specific. She agreed to eat only organic foods (the apple that put her to sleep was not organically grown). and interfere with the effectiveness of EFT is to take your pulse before and after eating. But one of the easiest ways to discover which foods and substances have an adverse effect on your health. In fact. Many holistic physicians routinely recommend that their patients stop eating common allergens. He observed that if you eat a food that agrees with you. your set-up phrase may be too general. she felt terrific. and even the simplest EFT tapping requires exhausting effort. Focus on a single incident or a single upsetting detail in an incident. MD. enjoyed dancing again. In his medical practice and through The Pulse Test. Try varying the Setup. Many EFTers notice that when they eat certain foods. they soon feel tired. Responses to food are individual. her depression shot back to a 10. or vice versa. too global. With this simple technique. eat one food at a time. and vacationed in Spain. and in many cases their health improves right away. 3. She slept normally. Dr. and within 24 hours it completely disappeared. but the discovery that brought him the most satisfaction was the least complicated. many forget all about EFT. Louella’s food sensitivities are not unusual. she felt better until she ate an apple. By alternating between the Sore Spot and Karate Chop point and by focusing on the details of upsetting past 150 . From the moment Louella started this detective diet. their memory declines. went on long hikes with friends. Try switching from the Karate Chop point to the Sore Spot for your set-up phrase. Also. his book on the subject. As long as she stayed away from wheat and commercially grown fruits and vegetables. he not only treated but cured all types of health problems. There are also blood tests that diagnose sensitivities to specific foods. was a highly regarded research scientist in New York in the 1950s. but many experience this kind of fatigue soon after they eat sweets and simple carbohydrates. and wait one hour between foods. and she fell asleep for several hours. which was the only organic food that triggered an adverse reaction. She learned to avoid wheat. If you eat one that doesn't. like wheat and dairy products. Those familiar with Applied Kinesiology can use muscle testing to check for food sensitivities. simple projects seem suddenly complicated. disrupt your energy. Coca trained thousands to monitor their diets and avoid their personal allergens. Arthur Coca.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) During our sixth partially successful session.

which detail to select. back up and tap until the feeling subsides. Let your mind fill in the blanks. 6. You may need to do more repetitions. They’re afraid that thinking about a problem will make it worse. you’ll make rapid progress. This step-by-step procedure. Welcome those unhappy memories and start tapping. and it is organizing my thoughts in the best possible way for a good outcome. You may not know what to tap for. If the Acceptance Phrase is a stumbling block. and I definitely don’t want to remember ___________. I often say that the secrets to success with EFT are focus and perseverance. Try using a Setup that invites the subconscious mind to communicate. As long as you experience at least some improvement. such as: “Even though I don’t know how to use EFT for this problem. but continued to tap and tap and tap – suddenly everything shifted. This is not unusual. I don’t want to do this.” 5. I know that my imagination will come up with an appropriate phrase. Example: I don’t want to tap on my weight problem. There’s your opportunity! Start tapping on: Even though I don’t want to tap on my weight problem. You can observe it from a distance without being emotionally involved. then move a little closer. especially for beginners. you are moving in the right direction. you won’t have to relive the experience. EFT practitioners and students often report that when they felt stuck. By focusing on their fear of tapping. It’s hard to know what issue to choose. it makes me uncomfortable. EFT is not designed to be a painful procedure. has freed EFTers of all ages from the shackles of painful memories while neutralizing core issues that created their pain and discomfort. I don’t want to think about _____________. I know that deep within me my clever. I’d rather not even think about it. many EFT novices have jumped straight to core issues with excellent results.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) events. Then continue. which we call the Tearless Trauma Technique. Unhappy memories are what make EFT work.” “Even though I can’t think right now. Your subconscious mind can be your ally here. Just tap and think about an unhappy event from a distance. Thanks to EFT tapping. the right words will come to me without effort. This fear is actually a wonderful tapping subject. going nowhere. 151 . use the suggestions in Chapter Three (pages 54-61) to change it.” “Even though I don’t know how to define this problem. or how to address an issue once you find it. You may be avoiding unhappy memories. intelligent mind understands exactly what I hope to accomplish. 4. If it begins to feel painful. Some people feel uncomfortable saying negative Setups.

~~~~ 152 . and whenever you take a bath or shower. Always try to find a new way of looking at an old. making them a more powerful part of you. 9. swimming as fast as you can. I’ve had people SHOUT their set-up phrases. mirror tapping can strengthen those positive results. going for a hike. Find a tapping buddy. Try all of these techniques and keep track of your results so you’ll know which strategies work best for you. Shout it out! If the set-up phrase isn’t getting through. Some exciting EFT results have been achieved immediately after a vigorous physical workout. Try to tap at least five times a day – and more often when you think of it. 8. 10. Watch yourself in a mirror as you tap. Once EFT neutralizes negative emotions and you install positive emotions and affirmations in their place. or riding a bike immediately before your next tapping session. author of the best seller Energy Medicine and coauthor (with David Feinstein and me) of The Promise of Energy Psychology. Some people do this in their cars with the radio volume turned up. stuck issue. Others do it in the shower. Donna Eden. some are able to say “I fully and completely accept and love myself” if they’re looking at a wall. Approach your problem from new directions. Tap while you watch TV. and tap with that person at every opportunity. In many of my seminars. Tap while you walk the dog. and that interferes with not only EFT but your overall health and thought processes. Look for new perspectives. Go back to the Personal Peace Procedure (see page 118) and work through a dozen different issues. Clear your energy. Involve your imagination. Try jogging. There’s a definite connection between the lymph system and the body’s energy system. has taught thousands how to clear their energy and keep it balanced with tapping and other exercises.. but not if they’re looking at themselves in a mirror. Think of the problem as a play or movie and put your favorite actors in the cast. whenever you use the bathroom. 12. bouncing on a rebounder (miniature trampoline). For example. Think of it as a computer game and visualize its special effects. you may not be saying it loudly enough. someone who can tap with you in person or on the phone. such as tapping every hour on the hour or at a certain time of day. See any of Donna’s books or videos for instructions. mirror tapping is an excellent way to discover phrases and statements that make you feel uncomfortable. 11. When you’re sedentary. Get some vigorous exercise. Set a tapping goal. Tap before every meal. Try tapping more often. To involve your entire being in this exercise. Serious EFTers are ingenious about creating time to tap throughout the day. lymph doesn’t circulate. As Carol Look notes on page 150. Tap while you read this book. Recruit friends or family members to form a tapping group. so the body’s waste removal slows down.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 7. use emphatic gestures or jump up and down.

We may wonder if there is something the matter with us. You as a Newbie are still learning the basics.” I shift our focus away from failure and we can hold the “yet” as a positive intention. Improving EFT results at home by Barbara Smith Have you ever thought. Sometimes we lose heart and give up. Trainers who work with groups are usually very experienced and able to employ a range of sophisticated EFT techniques. but not all the time.” At that point. or decided not to use it. “I tried that EFT and it didn’t work. I fully and completely accept myself. change. I suggest that tapping now would be useful. The metaphor that guides me here and the one I use most frequently is the image of water dripping on a stone. Keep tapping until the process becomes second nature. She makes several helpful observations.” we learn another lesson about ourselves and about what works and what doesn’t work for each situation. This kind of transforming success can build our expectation that every session will be like that. Do EFT for EFT When someone tells me that he or she forgot to use EFT at home. They are so exciting and satisfying. we are fortunate enough to experience or watch one of those amazing demonstrations that result in profound. 3. these tips are for you. but every time EFT “doesn’t work. No wonder people talk about EFT as the best thing since sliced bread. and the client may promise to “try harder. Good trainers make intuitive judgments about which issue to address. the language to use. We refer to these as a one-minute wonders. They seem so easy and so effective. 2. “How is it that I am tapping all this time and getting so nowhere?” If you have temporarily faltered in your EFT journey. and that we will do EFT for EFT. and the best technique for the situation. 1.. The one-minute wonder Sometimes. we might discuss the reasons. The one-minute wonders that you see in demonstrations do happen. Even though this tapping stuff isn’t working. When EFT hasn’t worked YET It would be easy to head this paragraph “EFT doesn’t work for me. we feel disappointed and discouraged. when we first learn EFT. When we try it out at home on our own and the problem does not instantly resolve.. But when I reframe it as “EFT hasn’t worked YET.” This is what disappointed clients say.. and seemingly instant. 153 . It might take a while to see the effect.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) EFT instructor Barbara Smith wrote the following for our email newsletter.” or.

This is the time to work one-to-one. Has the tension gone out of your chest. Many factors might stop you from reaching instant success. If you are helping someone else with EFT. The “felt” experience One of the ways we know that EFT is really working for us is through “felt” experience. your breath easier? Has the thought changed? Teach yourself to notice these changes using all of your senses. Note every change in aspect. Later. we begin to work on ourselves using the basic skills.. 6. What words were you using? When people tell me that the EFT didn’t work. by phone. we will be free to address the next layer of presenting issues. its aspects. you have probably forgotten to notice what is happening in your body. beginners give up or feel hopeless. Write down the issue. with an experienced practitioner who is familiar with the more sophisticated applications of EFT and who will help you recognize and address core experiences and hidden beliefs that may block you from change. I ask for specific information about the issue. 5. you can refer back to the specific experience to find what you might be overlooking or to recapture the feeling of success that you previously discovered. in person.. and the phrases the client was saying. Most adults do not notice the changes in skin temperature. 4. the constant shifts of muscle tension. Stop and notice exactly what has changed. you will be able to look back and remind yourself of your progress and previous successes.… When we have lowered our discomfort. This is the way to get specific about what happened or where the protocol might be improved. and/or intensity after each round. This is especially important if you are working on your own.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I forget to do EFT when it would be really useful . frustration. We may even find some specific events involving our own beliefs about success. When we first learn EFT. and the intensity level of your distress in relation to this issue. 154 . EFT will never work for me In some situations. In this way. or has the mental picture changed? Does your body feel lighter.. One reason is psychological reversal. We don’t have enough experience and confidence to treat some deeper issues. are your shoulders tense or relaxed. When the EFT seems not to be working. and the tightness or lack of muscle tone at any moment. Even though I have messed it up … Even though I give up on EFT before I’m fully over the problem . the reminder phrase you are using. or anxiety about the EFT not working. and we would tap for those. This meta-level of tapping can be very useful. this record will ensure you can quickly identify any issues that may have been overlooked. or in a group.

9. because we find it very difficult to believe that something as strange as EFT will really work. Some issues take several rounds before they completely clear. You can change your response to others with a little tapping: Even though I really hate the way she rolls her eyes when I mention EFT. If you carefully record your intensity rate and are clear about the aspect you’re treating. Find a friend. and read accounts from others about their success with EFT. and gradually I became more confident about presenting EFT to others. Support may be the very thing that makes the difference. other people’s skepticism really does not matter. Testing. write down your distress level and the problem’s aspects for every round. It just means it has not worked – yet. arrange some telephone coaching. Experienced therapists have been integrating EFT with many other psychological 155 . or choose a less arousing aspect of your problem before going back to the BIG ONE. 10. I suggest to my clients that if they think there is no change. The EFT Skeptics’ Society Most of us have had years of experience of using the thinking-talking-trying harder process of therapeutic change. I remember that it took me some time before I routinely used EFT on myself. subscribe to an EFT newsletter. testing.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 7. If you don’t know any EFT person near you. Is it possible that you wandered off target? Before you decide that EFT is not working for you. Too much too fast? Because EFT is not working at home does not mean that EFT will not work. Try some practice sessions on less intense issues. 8. colleague or professional who knows and uses EFT. Back to basics with ”The EFT Course” The EFT Course is presented in Gary Craig’s EFT Manual and introductory DVDs. I chose a few colleagues with whom to share what I was learning. Those of us who are health professionals know that many of our colleagues are still skeptical about EFT.. and in the beginning we may find ourselves drifting back to a talk model. they should be prepared to do up to five rounds at any one level of intensity before they move to a new aspect or topic. Keep up to date with innovations through internet newsletters. you will probably find yourself making progress. Sometime the reason is that we have tried to address one of our truly big issues. testing Are you testing at home? What are you testing? In my practice this is the thing that new clients find the most difficult to do consistently at home. Once you have achieved a high rate of success with EFT in your own life.. one whose distress level is overwhelming. Now I use it on everything and cannot imagine how I ever lived without EFT.. The EFT manual remains the definitive source of EFT theory and practice.

willing. check to be sure that you are following all of the EFT basics in your sessions at home. while others have been creating variations that we sometimes call EFT’’s “cousins. The gist of it is that if people don’t believe they are able to heal or if they aren’t willing to heal (usually because of secondary gains) or they think they aren’t worthy of healing. and worthy” by Deborah Lindsey I just wanted to tell of a tapping phrase that works wonders for people who seem to be stuck when using EFT. Just tap on the following sentence for a few rounds and see if it makes a difference. these beliefs are subconscious (the person might even deny it consciously) but if you muscle test. in the words of family therapist Virginia Satir. Even though I’m not able to heal… Even though I’m not willing to heal… Even though I’m not worthy of being healed… You might be amazed that even the most stubborn cases begin to show results. no worry.” ~~~~ Sometimes adding a single phrase to the EFT Setup statement can make a difference. Then. With all of the amazing stories that you hear. you will often find that one or more of these issues is at hand. Now if you don’t know how to muscle test. Here’s an idea from Deborah Lindsey Tapping for being “able. Even though I’m not able. You can also tap on each part separately if you want. it’s easy to forget that every once in a while you run into a person who seems to be doing everything right but doesn’t get much in the way of results. I love and accept myself and forgive myself. ~~~~ 156 .EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and physiological forms of healing. or worthy of being healed. When that happens. I have a simple little tapping phrase that I use to blast through it and get people moving again. In many cases.” If EFT is not working for you. willing. the EFT process will be more challenging because they will subconsciously sabotage their own success. ”Try it on everything and swallow only what fits.

afraid of the future and “unhinged” by last week’s attack. EFT and the aftermath of 9/11 by Dr. They are also grieving the symbol of downtown. scaled down version of PTSD. Unlike military personnel. Fortunately. The most prevalent emotional symptoms for people suffering in this second tier of PTSD include feelings of guilt. shared the following suggestions for traumatized therapists and details about the escape of a traumatized client. nightmares. an exaggerated startle response. Here is how some EFT practitioners helped themselves and others deal with the unexpected. day and night.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Nine: Terrorist Attacks and Other Nightmares Civilian populations are often affected by natural and man-made disasters even more than military populations are. In addition. the buildings that represented the commerce of the country. Throughout her report you will find helpful insights and language for use with yourself and others. EFT tapping can fill that void. I would like to address the population of people experiencing a milder. they are still unbearable and deserve and require competent treatment. and rescue workers. police. Friends and clients are unsettled in the present. Carol Look. and the look of terror on neighbors’ faces. I have observed signs of distraction (people staring at you but not hearing what you are 157 . including auditory and visual flashbacks. the smell of smoke and destruction. whose office is two miles away. profound restlessness and a heightened state of agitation. They can’t get away from the constant sound of sirens. Dr. helplessness and anxiety. most people haven’t received any training or experience that would help them anticipate or cope with the aftermath of terrible events. One week after the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. While their symptoms are less severe than those of people who barely escaped with their lives. Carol Look Many of the survivors who worked until last week in the World Trade Center have been experiencing the classic cluster of symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of those New Yorkers who did not lose direct family members are experiencing deep grief as a result of being glued to the news accounts of the tragedy and from seeing hundreds of photograph posters of the missing that make the loss of complete strangers all the more personal.

When I volunteered at the Armory for the families who were directed there to report missing loved ones. Colleagues are telling me they are going to work without their appointment books. of course. One therapist told me she felt useless as a professional and was “leaking” her own emotions all over the place. As mental health professionals.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) saying). among those New Yorkers who need help. centered decisions in their daily lives. Several of her clients had waited until feeling surrounded by the safety of their therapist’s office to tell every last detail of the catastrophe. These emotional states and their oppressive consequences can be efficiently handled with EFT. A seasoned clinician told me he feared he had added to the emotional damage of his clients by being too distraught himself to be present. all day long. Many described feeling stunned and unprepared for hearing the horror stories and fears of their clients. frustrated and traumatized. Some of the most effective EFT practitioners I know “forgot” to seek help or treat themselves and only compounded their feelings of distress by volunteering too long or going back to work too soon. Still other colleagues said they were under the impression that they were coping well and processing what had happened until stories of unprecedented devastation were recounted in their offices. and feeling empty. Strong feelings of “survivor’s guilt” are preventing individuals from validating or expressing their feelings. losing orientation to time and space (missing important meetings/ bumping into things). and being dissociated from feelings and events. emotional numbness (shock). lonely. exhausted. we must be able to take care of ourselves in order to offer comfort and care to others. Therapists are. irritability (picking fights with loved ones). One social worker said she was overwhelmed by her patients’ actual experiences. Suggestions for a Traumatized Therapist It is not just weekly clients who feel disoriented. making poor logistical decisions. failing to carry out routine chores. Here are some useful Setup phrases for overwhelmed therapists: 158 . double booking their sessions. helpless and afraid. one after another. numerous mental health workers appeared nearly as traumatized and disoriented as the family members. Hundreds of mental health workers have lost patients and loved ones or witnessed the devastation directly. Numerous colleagues have been telling me that they feel as if they went back to work too early. mild disorientation (getting into the shower with socks or glasses on). Some social workers were so eager to “help” that they were emotionally intrusive and missed important clues from the distressed families. yet they expect themselves to be ready and emotionally available to comfort others. and a strong sense of feeling unsafe is preventing people from making wise.

Jen has a sketchy memory of the morning. was covered in soot. blocking her feelings of fear and vulnerability. She escaped through a southern entrance of the building. and she told me she was in “survivor mode” all day. It was quite evident she had been traumatized. First we tapped for….EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I don’t want to hear about it anymore… Even though my clients’ fears scare me…and I feel overwhelmed… Even though I shouldn’t want to protect myself from the stories… Even though I should be doing more…helping more (I am enough…I do enough…”) Even though I resent their neediness when I have my own needs… Even though I’m mad at her for telling me the gruesome details… (I wish I hadn’t heard that story…) Even though I want to be taken care of instead of taking care of them… Even though I feel guilty…I should be able to handle this… Even though I’m afraid of the hatred I’m hearing about…I choose love… Even though I wasn’t afraid of the future until they reminded me to be… Even though I feel helpless and powerless…I want to feel safe… Even though I can’t stop seeing the images in my head… Treatment for a Client Who Escaped I wanted to share a portion of the treatment process I used with a client who felt guilty and unsafe as a result of last week’s devastation: This morning I worked with Jen who had been attending a meeting in a building directly across the street from the World Trade Center when the attack occurred. and scared of the future… Even though I don’t feel safe in New York anymore… and Even though I can’t believe I went through that incident… 159 . and crawled under a fence with other employees to safety at the tip of the island. Even though I still feel jittery.

even aware that I. She felt totally out of balance. (Please note that using the Tell a Story technique is also very helpful. Jen also felt wracked with guilt because she had burst into hysterical giggles and laughter Friday evening. The clients are already tuned in and just narrate what happened (“and then…and then…and then…”) while they tap on themselves or you tap on them). although she enjoyed and needed the release. We then turned to Jen’s feelings of guilt. Even though I have this heaviness in my chest…the dust and the screams… Even though I have this anxiety in my throat…I’m afraid to stay in New York… Even though the future is so uncertain…and I’m afraid of what is going to happen… Even though I’m afraid I’m in denial… (People kept telling her she was in denial and would fall apart in the near future) Jen described feeling deeply conflicted between two sets of experiences and feelings: 160 . She felt guilty about receiving attention and help. She described herself as “fine” and not nearly as traumatized as other people who lost their loved ones. rather than humor that she feared offended others. Jen was able to reframe her outburst as a natural release of intense emotion. her therapist. She said she felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I feel threatened…I can and do take care of myself… At various treatment spots I alternated “I feel safe now” with “I’m not safe” until Jen calmed down. must be going through trauma. With EFT. Even though I shouldn’t have been laughing… Even though I feel guilty for being upset…when I wasn’t hurt as much as others… Even though I shouldn’t get the attention…others deserve it more than I… Even though I feel guilty getting on with my life…I choose to take care of my needs… Even though I feel guilty for not doing more…for wanting to change the subject… These rounds produced a deeper awareness of guilt and physical feelings in her chest and throat which needed attention.

~~~~ Dr. if ever. because we are all affected so deeply by the shocking events of yesterday [9/11/2001]. is the time for us to make choices which can help us meet what may be a turning point in our collective awareness." EFT “Choices” for recent New York City trauma victims by Dr. and I am deeply grateful. Even though I don’t know where I fit in…nothing feels stable any more… Even though I feel guilty for wanting to run away… Even though I don’t want to burden other people with my fears… Even though I don’t know how to react…I choose to love and accept myself anyway. which is an urgent communication giving recommendations for using EFT Choices in this time of crisis. but if they serve to spark your own inner wisdom as 161 . Patricia Carrington had the difficult experience of not knowing for 30 hours whether her sister-in-law. But like all things. Now. On September 12. she wrote me to say. a form of affirmation which substitutes the phrase “I choose…” for the standard declarative phrase “I have” or “I am” used in traditional affirmations to address traumas. I have put together a few suggestions for EFT Choices that can help heal in this time of trouble. Patricia Carrington I am writing this report on the use of EFT Choices. Wendy. had survived the attacks. Even though I need a break from it all…I accept all of me… We kept tapping until Jen regained the confidence in her own ability to handle what she had experienced.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 1) feelings of shock and terror when in her downtown home where she compulsively watched the news around the clock. I have written the following piece. it had its strange gift to NOT know for 30 hours – it helped me realize the deep distress of people who are unable to locate their loved ones amidst the rubble or in the hospitals or wherever – and it will help me to help them accordingly. and 2) feelings of relief she felt when working uptown in Manhattan where she found people seemingly oblivious to it all—with an absence of reminders such as candlelight vigils or hospitals teaming with families and people in crisis. ”We finally heard this afternoon that Wendy is safe. She wasn’t sure which emotional state was “right” or appropriate. Accordingly. They are not the only Choices which can be made for this purpose by any means.

you proceed exactly as in standard EFT — by identifying the problem to be addressed and then casting it in words that speak to the person. 162 . Even though I don’t understand the meaning of…. the simplest relevant Choice may be the most effective. Use whatever speaks to you or others.. Even though I feel helpless about…etc.etc. Even though I’m deeply hurt and saddened by….etc.. .etc. You may well think of other negative phrases that can address this crisis. Even though this terrible thing happened…. as a reminder phrase for a whole round of EFT...etc. Some of these require certain spiritual belief systems to be of use and you must judge this on an individual basis..etc.. Here are some suggested Choices for set-up and reminder phrases.I choose to feel gentle comfort within me. Even though I see no solution for…:etc.I choose to feel a deep peace within me..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to how you can use this crisis to bring about a deep and enduring change in our consciousness. then this effort will be worthwhile. Even though I am hopeless about…. Some suggested set-up phrases that pertain to the tragic event of this Tuesday are: Even though I am stunned and bewildered by this terrible happening Even though I am deeply frightened …. .I choose to know that I am surrounded by love (or by God’s or my Angel’s love). The Choices suggested here can be used at the end of an EFT set-up phrase. . or simply all alone as an affirmation.etc. When using Choices with EFT. Simple Healing Choices The first step in using healing Choices often needs to be an intensely personal one because it must serve to neutralize the shock and pain which the person may be feeling.. For this. Even though I am outraged…...

. With these concepts in mind. . I suggest the following Choices and urge you to create your own as well and to help others to do so. This statement about the “learning” inherent in suffering can be extremely meaningful in the face of a tragic occurrence...EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . feel free to delete them and adopt today whatever means of understanding works best to move you to your own powerful place of healing in this time of radical change. While many of these may ultimately be true. Positive Choices Specifically for Those with a Spiritual Frame of Reference The following Choices are based on my own personal sense of the meaning of this event for all of us— what I consider its higher meaning.” which is different) in any of these suggested Choices... they will tend to fall flat and not be heard. ... . I would urge you to avoid platitudes and generalities wherever possible. the following are Choices which address the deeper significance of this event and some ways in which people may find a positive resolution for the distress they feel.I choose to feel calm and confident that I can handle this.I choose to have this dreadful event open my heart.. One word of caution in doing this however.I choose to learn something absolutely essential for my own life from this event. or by themselves. and that I don’t use the word “tragedy” (just “tragic.I choose to feel at peace within myself and radiate this to others. I learned something which profoundly changed my life as a result. Notice that most of the following Choices give a “reframe” of this shockingly painful event. .I choose to feel safe in God’s arms...I choose to allow something surprisingly good to come from this sad event... 163 . .. When I used it for myself in the past to deal with the painful death of a close relative. This is not because this event isn’t one of deep sadness and suffering —but because the word “tragedy” technically refers to a play or story with an inevitably tragic ENDING. I do not think that this is a concept that can best serve us when what we need to make room for is the energy of healing and of change.... If my thoughts don’t resonate with your own.. After the “Even though…” phrase.I choose to radiate love and healing to myself and others. A specific suggestion which relates directly to the person’s life will be attended to with interest.

.I choose to see this widespread suffering as a gift which will change human understanding and cooperation from now on.. but I am sure it will have meaning for some..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ... . this surrogate tapping can also include. an Australian EFT practitioner.I choose to be a still point amidst the chaos. If such a concept is too far out for you...I choose to sense the Divine intent for a greater good in all this. . using EFT and other Energy therapies to bring them comfort and help. Dr. .I choose to know (or I choose to be guided as to) exactly what I can do best to help. Tanya. ~~~~ This next article is about an in-depth treatment of the trauma resulting from a terrorist attack on the island of Bali in 2002.. This is just a sampling of what can be done here using EFT. tapping for the bewildered spirits of the departed beings who gave their lives so shockingly in order that we might learn from this event. all of whom were in need of our understanding and support so that they could realize why they had been chosen (or had chosen) to make this sacrifice. please just discard it. .... If one’s belief system permits it. . and so on.I choose to radiate understanding and peace from my heart to a pained world.I choose to be still and allow God (or love) to enter my heart.I choose to preserve the gift of our immense caring for each other at this time. This intuitive person saw an array of spirits of those who had abruptly lost their lives in the incident which included people from every walk of life and many different nationalities. a professional photographer 164 . applied EFT in expert fashion to help his daughter. David Lake. Surrogate Tapping for Others We can make healing Choices for others by using any of the above phrases (or other ones) while tapping on ourselves FOR those others.. including Arabs..I choose to be open to an unseen good in this.. . We will learn more about the healing Choices necessary at this time in history when we go out into our communities to work with groups that have been traumatized by this event. sending them profound healing. and on.... as one highly intuitive person suggested this week. .

emotional trauma that needed to be addressed. 165 . The technique is relatively simple. I don’t want her to repeat her story without EFT first. Focus means using EFT’s Tell a Story technique. The confirmed death toll rises from 3 to 183 in 36 hours. But for two trivial circumstances she would have been killed. We share our tears. and far away. 2002. we wait at the airport with hundreds of highly worried people the next morning. reading the details on the Internet news. are focus and persistence.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who was visiting Bali on assignment and was caught in the attack. At home I find that she is soon going to be interviewed twice. The keys to the good result. “Only slight injuries.m. The next morning. While she suffered no physical damage there was. Prelude First there is the 4 a. Persistence means making sure that many EFT sequences are delivered during the treatment session.” But she is in shock. Using EFT after a terrorist attack by David Lake My daughter Tanya was at the epicenter of the Bali bombing on October 12. My hope is that many others affected by this kind of disaster will come to use EFT — personally or professionally — as a straightforward and effective antidote to the implicit horror of these events. With her permission I am posting details of her treatment for the trauma of that night. It is reassuring to have him around. Then on the way home we hear the awful story of the blast. even though we know she is alive. of course. in my opinion. My colleague Steve Wells is in the house and offers to do EFT for her if I don’t feel up to it — but I do. I start tapping from that point on through the next day while organizing a flight home. and friends are coming over. I make two comments within the report that might help some with applying EFT to these circumstances. and contacting family. The anxiety is far more intense than anything I have experienced before. She is upbeat about being alive but she has seen terrible things. Reality Tanya appears and looks very well for someone who has slept little in days. At this point I wish that we could stop and use EFT for everybody immediately but it isn’t the right time. At times the tapping was constant. call.

. many people get very intense at the mere thought of telling the story..] David continues: The first thing that happens when we start with the tale is that she connects with the feeling of an extraordinary evil “touching my heart like a spider. I call this "chasing the pain" and find that. Even though I don’t want to tell this story. I concentrate as usual on the negative (reported) aspects of what has happened. the corresponding emotional intensities have subsided as well. The physical symptoms tend to shift around the body as EFT is applied. and then the stomach (its location shifted) until it lessens. Even though this story still scares me.... after the physical symptoms have been relieved. He is a very quick learner.. In such cases I use EFT to "take the edge off" the intensity with Set up phrases like. He has been so concerned about her. Treatment She is okay about going into the story of the event — there is no fear of that. [My comment: Unlike Tanya. Even though I feel uncomfortable right now. or any block to doing it. While all of the memories have very intense thoughts. and engaged by that. I use the extended EFT sequence (on two occasions).. and Tanya already knows EFT basics. I keep tapping until they are down to 0-2 on the 0-10 intensity scale. and I will check in with him at the end of the session.] David continues: When Tanya is distressed.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) She and her boyfriend James agree to a treatment session together. Hence excessive tapping.” We divert to treating this feeling in her chest. We go through the moments of the incident using EFT for any intensity during the recollection. [My comment: Tapping on the physical symptoms is often a great way to neutralize the issue without emotional pain. the feeling reactions become more neutral as we go on.. This serves to avoid unnecessary emotional pain and often collapses most of the issue before we even start. but here I am sensitive to the fact that the worst is represented fully in the body at one level anyway — EFT in trauma work is a multilevel treatment and often works best in the body without clever words. Sometimes I use one set-up statement for several rounds of tapping. He too had a telephone call. I ask him to tap along with everything Tanya says and feels and get the benefits that way. otherwise I use the shortcut sevenpoint sequence exclusively. 166 .

The event has a more neutral feeling about it now. There were the surreal aspects of life continuing uninterrupted half a mile away from the carnage. Later at the beach talking with people. Then we see if she has residual body tensions — and we tap on those too. Tanya has no flashbacks. Some of the chest emotion has returned. I kept thinking ‘I'm doing the best I can’. We discuss this while doing a lot of “continual” tapping. and watches the TV news with appropriate sadness and feeling. This is enough for one session. I am tapping as actively as anyone during the whole session to help and protect myself. voice tone and sighing. In Tanya’s words: “I was tapping the whole time I walked away from the club.. I was imagining I was tapping. hesitations. or nightmares. I was tapping. They talk together the whole day. We are all completely attuned. In the process it becomes clear that she kept it together on the night of the bombing and didn’t panic. There was carnage and chaos. Following the session she does her interviews. and we also talk about life and death and war and injury 167 . intrusive thoughts. Follow-up She and James sleep deeply that night. As the motorbikes came at me. Of course EFT will not eliminate the legitimate upset and grief associated with such an event—only the dysfunctional and excessive part. especially the next day. tells her story to friends. Having escaped to the beach she had to deal with people looking at her black face and body and the owner of her hotel refusing to let her settle her bill and wash herself. I don't know if it was a short or long while (I'm thinking about 30-45 minutes to get to the beach) but all that stuff was in my head. The next day they both feel “fine” and go swimming.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I don’t take any ratings for intensity but gauge the effect of EFT by the degree of relaxation. The story has a second component where she returned to the site the following day and took pictures of the debris and bodies for her newspaper.” I help her finish all of the tapping for the “story” and double check the result by having her go through it again. It turns out that now there are more philosophical concerns about what the whole evil effort of terrorism might mean. The full impact of the horror was clear.. She is celebrating being alive — and I love to see it! In the evening we have another session lasting two hours to check on the treatment and see what else might be worth treating. Despite being blown over she was able to join with others to give and receive help. James is relaxed. There was more danger in her mind during the phase of getting away when she was nearly run over by many speeding motorbikes. She is coping.

Media reports are traumatizing for onlookers. A personal note Tanya was in Paddy’s Irish Bar when the first bomb went off inside and 40 people were killed instantly. The earlier you can treat. She had moved to a corner away from the explosion to get away from the loud music of Britney Spears. We have lost proportionately more lives than the USA did on September 11. the better the result. Simple techniques can treat thoroughly. out of politeness. Use EFT when watching or reading the news. Likewise when I watched on TV reports of the great efforts of ordinary people to provide care to the injured in impossible circumstances. When I saw the photograph of the charred remnants of Paddy’s Irish Bar. but lingered behind the concrete wall that saved her life from the huge car bomb outside a minute later. I had to do a lot of tapping.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but in a neutral to positive way. Tanya says it is the love and affection of family and friends that has helped most.) And a friend refilled her drink then so that. I also think that the more EFT you do in a treatment session. James recalls an incident where his life was in danger and we tap on the memory of that. she didn’t leave. the better. I still can’t think of Tanya nearly dying as a real event. (I find myself warming to that singer in a brand new way. Take your time using EFT and be optimistic that every sequence of EFT promotes the real healing. too. Tanya used EFT as “first aid” on the night the attack occurred — this is ideal timing for self-help. Not all this trauma fits the strict criteria for “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. EFT calmed me significantly.” but it still hurts very much. In the media Australia begins mourning the loss of life of its young people. Conclusions EFT does work to help heal severe trauma. ~~~~ 168 . I was more upset about what happened than I realized initially. I will keep an eye on her. These are the random unpredictabilities of survival I find hard to credit and thus. so disturbing. I think she has had good treatment for all the aspects of the event that we could discover.

. She took only the bare minimum thinking she would be back in two or three days. confused. She knew something was coming to New Orleans but she refused to "see. fled reluctantly. and I don't know what to do. One year later.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Hurricane Katrina. like so many others... which flooded Louisiana and adjacent states at the end of August 2005 was one of the worst natural disasters in U. She rated her level of anxiety and confusion at a 10 and reported feeling foggy. Even though I don't understand why this had to happen to ME. and foggy headed. Paulette lived only five blocks from the Mighty Mississippi in downtown New Orleans. Here is her story." She felt devastated that she was no longer in a position to help others because of her own extreme emotional trauma. displaced. Even though I don't understand why this sneaked up on me. I asked Paulette to tell me a little of her story so we could address her most pressing emotions first. Harvard researchers released the results of a survey of disaster survivors.I refused to "see" this coming.. Paulette could hardly talk. Worse. disconnected. my life is upside down.. We began by addressing her feelings of being displaced... She heard Katrina was coming and. Paulette was almost hysterical and exhausted from her ordeal... EFT for a Hurricane Katrina survivor by Rebecca Marina It is important to pre-frame this story by telling you that Paulette is a very gifted intuitive healer and medium. She felt hopeless. and angry.S. Rebecca Marina offers this first-hand account of a successful EFT treatment for the trauma experienced by one survivor. She felt as if she had absolutely nothing left in this world. More than half the survivors had nightmares and reported being more angry and irritable than they were prior to the disaster. numb. history. 169 . betrayed. Even though I feel so confused. Their report estimated that 30 percent of survivors were suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and PTSD.. At the beginning of our phone session. abandoned. I release this fear that has gotten hold of me. she doubted that she could ever do her work again. and very angry at people for criticizing the officials in New Orleans. In this next report. hopeless...

.. I explained that anger. used properly. can help transform negative to positive in very short order. When Paulette was a bit calmer. Tell a Story is a wonderful technique for dissolving emotions. ~~~~ 170 . centered. Even though I feel so angry at the Red Cross and the Salvation army for selling clothes. it's hard for me to ask for help. We then stopped and Paulette said she now felt great! I asked her to re-check the original emotion of confusion and it was down to none at all.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I've always been the strong one. The difference was just incredible.." she felt it was a 6. I love and accept myself. Even though I feel so angry I could just scream [and she did scream a few choice words] I deeply love and accept myself. and ready to pick up the pieces and move forward. I can't help anyone else now and I don't know what to do. I told her we would "harness the power" of her anger.. . When we re-checked Paulette’s intensity on "confusion... I am afraid I won't be able to help anyone and I won't be able to do my work. I should have asked how she knew it was a 6 because Paulette became distracted and started talking about how angry she felt that the media was criticizing the mayor of New Orleans so much.. We then tapped in some positive choices using Dr Carrington’s Choices phrasing and Paulette became more calm.. I asked Paulette to give me some details of why she felt angry and we had some great set up phrases in: Even though I feel so angry at the media for criticizing the mayor – at least he didn't leave – I love and accept myself. Just tap while talking about the situation or event that bothers you. buy one get one free. She started to get very emotional and I had Paulette tap on herself while telling me the story.

The school program supports the teachers and children by organizing creative activities and Disaster Awareness training. In the EFT Trauma Relief Training. bodily harm. I used the Karate Point instead of the Sore Spot in the Setup. EFT Trauma Relief Training was added and integrated into the school program. is very active.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Sometimes we have to sit back in Gratitudinal Awe at the dedication some people have for bettering the lives of others. Since then. The Collarbone point was too difficult for them to tap. Firstly. I would ask them how many children were afraid of a new earthquake. Some would have a bit of trouble finding the Eyebrow and Side of Eye points in the beginning and needed assistance. Merapi. 5. In this 2006 report he details his efforts and methods for helping the victims of a 6. our main concerns were the many children. and one and a half million people are homeless. Reports from volunteers documented the earthquakes’ impact in loss of lives. Such is the case with Deepak Mostert and his efforts at Trauma Relief. 171 . The response was 80 percent. there was already an ongoing program in place for the schools. 50. and the nearby volcano.722 people died.000 were injured. For the younger children. an earthquake measuring 6. there have been hundreds of minor earthquakes in the area. Using EFT for Trauma Relief after a major earthquake in Indonesia By Deepak Mostert On 27 May 2006.3 earthquake in Yogykarta.000 houses were damaged or destroyed. My experience was that every child was able to learn this technique. I would first teach them EFT Trauma Relief as a game. I would then tell them that I could teach them a game to play when they felt this fear. I would then ask how many children were afraid to go to sleep at night. and material damage. age 5 to 8 years. and teachers who were traumatized by the recent earthquake and the many earthquakes that have followed.3 on the Richter scale hit the Yogykarta area in Indonesia. This training provides instruction in how to act in a practical way in case of new disasters and is supplemented by social studies information on earthquakes and tsunamis. 350. parents. so I taught them to use the whole hand. The response was nearly 100 percent. The non-governmental organizations Yayasan Bahari Indonesia and Pak Cahyo Alkantana were my hosts. The details are that. When I arrived at Camp Bawuran.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The children found the Underarm point hilarious, and I used it as a build up in the game of tapping the EFT points. After practicing this game a few times, we tapped on both “fear of a new earthquake” and “fear of going to sleep.” The children’s parents would participate as well. After introducing EFT in this way, I would talk to the parents and teachers and explain how to measure intensity on the zero-to-10 scale, the background of EFT and how it works, how to use EFT on their children, and some of the other uses that EFT has. There were many people who were troubled by physical problems like headaches and other tension-related symptoms. Then, together with the children, we would do two more rounds on “fear of earthquake” and “fear of sleeping.” This was sufficient training for the children, teachers, and parents to be able to work with EFT. Although I never mentioned it during the training, the initial aim was to get the fear levels down during the training by using EFT and Borrowing Benefits. I received feedback from parents and teachers that the program was very effective and that they had noticed the difference in the behavior of the children and themselves. I was overwhelmed by the response to this program and the feedback. There was a large acceptance towards EFT, partly because in addition to relying on Western medicine, the people of Indonesia have kept in touch with their traditional healing methods. In addition, the Chinese part of the population has lived in Java for centuries, and their acupuncture has been integrated into the society. The largely Muslim community also accepted the EFT program. During a 17-day period, the team’s volunteers trained over 600 people in EFT Trauma Relief. I trained 12 volunteers in the basics of EFT and gave advanced training to three volunteers to teach EFT Trauma Relief to children, teachers, and parents. In addition to the teachers we trained during our school visits, we trained 21 teachers from a Teachers’ Association. We managed to give two evening trainings in separate villages to an additional 180 people. The First Response phase is over, foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have left, and local NGOs, private initiatives, and local government agencies are faced with an immense task. The majority of the people in this area live in temporary shacks and tents. The housing situation is a major concern because it is not adequate for the monsoon season due in four to six weeks. Due to poor hygiene and a lack of facilities, the outbreak of diseases during the monsoon season is a concern. There is a shortage of orthopedic surgeons for follow-up medical treatment of the injured victims.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

There is to my knowledge no ongoing trauma relief work. In spite all the knowledge we have about trauma and trauma healing techniques, there is insufficient awareness about the impact of trauma on personal lives and communities that lasts for several generations. In the Yogyakarta area, there is a great need for trauma work and a good start has been made. A continuation of this program is necessary for the thousands of people who were not reached and who are in great need of support. I recommend the founding of an independent organization for Trauma Support in Indonesia, in NGO form, that can structurally organize Trauma Relief Training in the disaster area, provide training for the workers of the many organizations that are involved with the rebuilding of this large area, develop information folders about the effects and working of trauma in the Indonesian and Javanese languages, develop visual aid material to support the trainings, work in cooperation with local and national governments, and prepare First Response teams for eventual new disasters in Indonesia ~~~~ The reports in this chapter provide excellent EFT strategies for dealing with natural and manmade disasters. Now here’s some advice for those who are in the path of a disaster that hasn’t arrived yet. EFT practitioner Gwenn Bonnell lives in Florida, where hurricanes are an all too familiar phenomenon. Gwen’s versatile EFT Setups for weathering hurricane stress, which she sent to subscribers of her online newsletter in September 2004, can be easily adapted for use during tornado warnings, earthquake aftershocks, approaching floods, forest fires, or any other emergency. As Gwenn wrote in her introduction to this piece, “You may not be in a hurricane-prone area, but you can easily adapt this same process to your own private ‘hurricane,’ whether it’s a tornado, earthquake, or job loss. The same process works for ANY kind of stormy weather, especially when stress causes overeating.” Notice how Gwenn incorporates stress-related physical symptoms and metaphors to make the Setups more comprehensive and personal. Keep this report handy for anyone who worries about circumstances beyond his or her control.

How to weather hurricane stress with EFT
by Gwenn Bonnell
We’ve been affected by so many hurricanes that I can’t even keep count. By now, all of us in hurricane country are experiencing more and more stress as a result of waiting and preparing, going through the storms, living without electricity and water, and cleaning up afterwards, only to have the threat hit us again.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This is the perfect opportunity to understand how you react to stress. Where do you hold most of your stress? By now, the stress has probably traveled through your mind, affected your emotions, and settled somewhere in your physical body. Here are some Setups you can use with EFT to relieve the hurricane stress. Even though I have all these fears about the worst happening, no matter what I do to prepare it’s not enough, I accept myself anyway and know that I always do the best I can. Even though I’m overwhelmed with preparing yet again for another hurricane, we’ve been through this time and time again, I’m fed up with all of this, why do we have to keep dealing with this, I love and accept myself, and choose to remain calm and sane throughout this process. Even though I have all this anxiety about going through another hurricane, thoughts about what can happen keep going around and around in my head, I accept myself and I choose to release all these fears and focus on how I’ve survived everything in my life. Even though my nerves are shot and I can’t take going through this again, I accept myself anyway and just love feeling calm and peaceful. Even though I’m too stressed to control my emotions anymore, I don’t now how to get through this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I choose to breathe deeply and release all my stressful emotions. Even though it’s emotionally draining to go through another hurricane, we haven’t even recovered from the last one yet, and it seems like I fly off the handle at any little thing, I choose to remember that I’m okay, l lived through the last hurricane and I’m okay, my family is okay, and I will live through this one also. Notice where in your body you are holding this hurricane stress. There’s that helpless feeling, the stress of not being able to control the situation, which you might experience in your back. For me, it’s in my jaw ... grinding my teeth at night and waking up with a toothache in the morning. For my mother-in-law, it’s in her shoulder, especially after repeatedly moving furniture and plants in and out of the house. I’ve heard others say they are just “wiped out” or “blown away” by all this. And of course, especially when the electricity fails, we’re all just “sweating it out.” Use these metaphors, or whatever metaphor applies to you personally, when using EFT.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Even though I’m holding all this hurricane stress in my back, I feel like I have to support everyone and everything around me, I love and approve of myself, and I trust that my family and I will remain safe. Even though all this hurricane stress is grinding me down and I’m holding it all in my jaw, I love and accept myself and choose to release all this stress from my jaw because for now I am safe. Even though It’s a burden facing these hurricanes again and again, and I’m carrying this burden in my shoulders, I accept myself, love myself, and forgive myself, and I choose to find joy every day in the little things of life. Even though I feel wiped out having to go through all this hurricane stress over and over again, and I’m afraid that a hurricane will wipe us out, I accept myself and choose to stay in my power and know that even if the worst happens, I will survive and be okay. Or: Even though Hurricane ____ wiped us out, it’s over, I survived, I’m okay, and I choose to focus on recovering and feeling grateful for and focusing on what and who I have in my life right now. Even though I feel blown away by all these hurricanes, I choose to stay connected with the earth at all times and remember to be thankful for the people who do love and support me. Even though I keep sweating it out and it seems like there’s no end to it, I accept the situation and choose to accept what I can’t change and look for the positive at all times. I know this all may seem too overwhelming, especially in the middle of a disaster, but remember that EFT works best when you are specific and persistent. So find what metaphor works best for your situation and get tapping. Over and over again. Especially first thin g in the morning, before going to bed at night, and whenever the intensity of your mental, emotional, or physical feeling rises. Just keep tapping. EFT has helped many people get through traumatic situations, and it will help you, too. Just getting your energies balanced will help you cope with the stress of living through yet another hurricane. Don’t forget your children. They may feel even more powerless than you, especially because it’s difficult for them to understand why their routine is being interrupted. Get them tapping, too! Also, keep yourself safe. No amount of tapping can take the place of common sense, but EFT can help you make better decisions when you are tired and weary. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. ~~~~


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Chapter Ten: Advanced Work with Veterans
Lindsay Kenny is an experienced EFT practitioner who participated in our March 2008 event in San Francisco. Here, for the benefit of counselors and practitioners, she describes a simple EFT approach that is highly effective for complex and challenging PTSD cases – and, as she notes, it can also help those who want to try EFT on their own.

Tapping for Collections of Traumas
by Lindsay Kenny
During the week of working with combat veterans In San Francisco, I was struck by childhood issues that the veterans shared. I worked with nine of the eleven participants and I don’t think there was a single one who didn’t have significant baggage from childhood. It occurred to me that they were attracted to military service because it gave structure to their lives. A lot of them had repressive, domineering, dictatorial, judgmental, critical parents, which is interesting when you consider the behavior of most drill sergeants and commanding officers. In my work with veterans and others who have PTSD, I’ve observed that once you are traumatized, the effects of future traumas can become much more pronounced as a result. For example, if as a child your house burns down or you lose one or both of your parents or you’re the victim of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, then later on in life whenever anything similar happens, you’re so sensitized that the current event feels magnified. As a result, you can over-react when a boss criticizes you or something unexpected happens. This answers for me the question of why some vets are okay when they come home and others develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Two soldiers can be in the same battalion and witness the same events, but one of them suffers for 30 years and other goes on with his life. My hunch is that the one who bounces back didn’t have an unhappy childhood and therefore deals with trauma differently from the one who did. The veterans who have the most difficult time, I think, are those who experience terrible things all their lives, in childhood, during the war, and after they come home. Unhappy events get layered on top of each other until the person reaches a breaking point. I call this “piling on.” When someone goes on a shooting spree or has a total breakdown, it’s never because of a single event. It’s one thing after 176

and that sort of thing. Those conflicts affected thousands of soldiers who are still picking up the pieces. I think it’s important to focus on our veterans right now. Start with your childhood. abuse. personal tragedies. It’s been thirty or forty years since Vietnam. Wherever they are. start with the very old traumas. and crushing disappointments. that it could help them get over some serious issues painlessly and that they could trust us. natural disasters. and post-war traumas without much effort. Afghanistan and Iraq. we read about events in their lives that were shocking. alcohol. I started with the long-ago past. EFT can change their lives and reestablish emotional health. But it’s just as important to educate the public about EFT because severe trauma isn’t limited to those in the military. war traumas. Now we have an important message to get out to the world. or beating your wife or kids. economic catastrophes. schoolteachers and others who live in war zones. and it also established rapport. Each of the participants had completed a personal history and in preparation for the EFT sessions. and then we had the Gulf Wars. smells. fire fighters. The veterans dealt with their most serious traumas in different ways. anger. assaults. which is what I do whenever I’m teaching EFT. 177 . and then you can sneak up on current problems. illegal drugs. I started each session by asking the person about things that happened in childhood. and people everywhere who survived accidents. EFT can help police. and finally the actual events themselves. smells. and sounds generated less intensity. that’s when I dealt with their emotions: the grief. sexual trauma. the sights. and we use whatever resources we have in order to at least try to reach that goal. frustration. There has never been a tool like EFT before. a tool so powerful that people can alleviate all of their pre-war traumas. like “I had to watch my best friend get blown up and then I had to pick up his arms and legs and put them in a body bag” as if they were reading a phone number. that there is an effective method of dealing with PTSD that doesn’t involve prescription medication. everyone has the desire to feel better. It’s vital to share with them a tool that works. and sounds. This was an effective way to introduce EFT. It was also a sensible place to start because a lot of them weren’t ready to talk about their war experiences. the first traumas that he or she experienced. In the first session with each of the nine veterans I worked with in San Francisco. It was a way of establishing a foundation or background. The participants could see that EFT worked. betrayal. In those cases I started right in on the event’s different aspects and their intensity. Deep inside.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) another until it’s like the straw that breaks the camel’s back and the person just snaps. Rather than focusing on recent events. Once the remembered sights. Some just stated what happened.

if the person can talk about a trauma and name it. But it was very hard for them to imagine any other way of responding until we tapped on the issue. was a horrific sense of betrayal. by their branch of the service.” or some specific memory that really bothered him or her. by their country. if you allowed yourself to get upset. which they all experienced in the service. in most cases. which in this case include things like bombs going off. people disappearing. Then. without thinking of any specific events. They may say. seeing collections of body parts. sounds of gunfire. We would then move from the general to the specific while the person remained relaxed and comfortable. “Just imagine. like the Tearless Trauma Technique. I like to collect these before we begin by bundling together a series of negative repetitive events that are similar or related. This got layered onto whatever other betrayals they had already experienced in life. Put all of those events together without focusing on any one of them. what do you guess your level of intensity would be on a scale from zero to 10?” It was always a 10. and having friends not come back. One huge thing that stood out to me.” and that’s all you have to say. or some would say it’s a 20. that’s an effective way to proceed. at which point the person would often say something like. what really bothers me is the time I found my friend’s finger with his college ring on it. or by someone or some thing. I’ve got it buried. and other horrific things. You don’t have to describe the details of a specific problem to get good results. watching people die.’ Now. 178 . The anger that they held onto often kept a trauma alive. several different things. “You know. You can give it a title like “That Summer Night” or “The Afternoon in Baghdad. That’s like drinking poison and hoping the person you’re mad at gets sick or dies. I would say. They all felt betrayed by a superior officer. just put them in a bundle and give the bundle a name. like ‘Horrific War Trauma’ or ‘My Nightmare in Afghanistan. “I’m afraid to bring it up. the sense of betrayal and all the emotional intensity that went with it disappeared in a single session.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) In PTSD counseling. That’s very different from the approach you have to take with people who don’t want to talk about what happened. but don’t go there. You can tap to defuse the emotion and gradually peel away the layers before you ever get to the specifics.” In EFT we have gentle ways of sneaking up on problems. They wanted to keep that anger and that sense of betrayal in order to keep alive thoughts about punishing whoever or whatever they were mad at. it was a series of events. For most of the veterans. Then we would tap that whole collective bundle of trauma down to a low number. the problem wasn’t one single event. all those times that you were traumatized during the war. I don’t want to think about it. hearing bombs go off. hearing gunfire at night.

Their physical symptoms were better. After the first day. night sweats. and pain. I worked with one woman who was the mother of one of the vets. uncomfortable steps while struggling down the hall with a tense scowl on his face and anger permeating out of every cell. 179 . they were tense with each other and with themselves. or tinnitus. They went through tremendous changes in their attitudes. insomnia. To keep track of their progress. complete with anxiety. asking general questions like. checking on each physical symptom and making note of its improvement. which is a ringing in the ears. and often we would deal with more than one issue during a session. Others had PTSD from having family members in the service. they all went out to dinner together and were laughing. and in other ways move their lives in a new direction. TMJ. joking. jobs they wanted to get. avoiding eye contact with everyone. like TMJ or tension in the neck. anxiety. and their attitude toward us was so hostile that we were a little afraid. A lot of them had projects they wanted to start. and having such a great time that they were asked to tone it down. Of the nine vets I worked with in San Francisco using this method. then seeing the same person two or three days later striding confidently with a smile on his face. Every morning we reviewed the participants’ progress by going over the list of what we had worked with the day before or in previous sessions. night sweats. night terrors. their outlook on life. in addition to noting their test scores. the best sleep I’ve had in 30 years. joking with the other participants. “I got a great night’s sleep. all experienced significant improvement.” Then we’d go to the next item on the list. and how they felt about themselves. when she went from a 10 to a zero on 15 to 20 separate issues. I made sure they were doing okay and reminded them of things they planned to work on. insomnia. It was absolutely astonishing to see someone cringing and walking with short. TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint problems) from clenching the jaw. I kept in email contact with everyone I worked with for several weeks. When these guys first arrived. and was able to quickly collapse all of them. She came in with symptoms that were very similar to her son’s. walking upright. Not all of them had seen actual combat. we really didn’t have anything for her to do.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Each session was an hour and 15 minutes long. She was in a very happy mode. By the end of the week. and miserable just a few days before. “How are you doing with insomnia? Were you able to sleep last night?” The usual reply was. One participant got PTSD just from being in the service but not in a war. isolated. paranoia. You would never have known that this was the same group of traumatized people who had been tense. and looking people in the eye. Everyone had problems with stress. happy.

They weren’t reacting the way they did in the past. everything from TMJ and tinnitus to insomnia and arthritis pain or headaches. had more clarity of thought and more confidence. Then you can move from the distant past to the more recent past. and raped twice. the EFT process go much more easily and quickly. she was very stressed – plus. trauma. She’s handling it more calmly and with confidence. and negativity. and she uses EFT to dispel problems as they come up. Most importantly. after the tapping. and then move to the present. They dealt with current problems at a much different level. she had been abused. they were gone. For those who are working on their own in an effort to treat their own PTSD. Yet now.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) too. I want to love and accept who I am. think of a general theme and all the events or memories that are connected to it and give it a name. past or chronic events or issues. or even decades in therapy or on medications. and you’ll have a head start on treating it as well. you can tap for any specific memory that demands attention. in the service. After doing the reversal neutralization you just go into normal EFT. years. and focusing on that title rather than on any specific incidents as a way to get started. giving them a title. more focused. the symptoms weren’t just better. and when she came in. they did it without spending months. the situation with her parents is much easier to deal with. but after relieving themselves of substantial pain. One of the vets was a woman who was taking care of two parents with Alzheimer’s. Some of these people had to go back into situations that were difficult. you can tap a whole group of unhappy memories down to a more comfortable level of intensity. Tap on that general theme until the intensity level falls to a more comfortable level. such as with their families or their jobs. Her situation was really difficult. By beginning with a collection of events from the long-ago past. Once that happens. In fact. so they still had to deal with stress or anxiety. molested. When dealing with any highly charged issue. By addressing and neutralizing that subconscious resistance head-on. They were calmer. In each of these time frames. I believe it’s important to eliminate subconscious resistance to change. I would recommend using the same technique of starting with general collections of past events. Then 180 . They were abusive and demanding of her time. they reentered those situations with a clean slate. It’s not getting to her the way it used to. which I call a Reversal. It’s done simply by tapping on the Karate Chop point while saying three times Even though I don’t want to let go of these problems [naming the collective name or individual issue].

Many people feel overwhelmed by a sense of having everything go wrong in life – they’re in pain or don’t feel well physically. Once the events no longer generate a reaction. We do another round and another until it gets down toward a 1. Gather a collection of events from childhood that share a general theme. I believe. they’re in the middle of a divorce. Repeat steps 1 – 4 while focusing on the present. Repeat steps 1 – 4 while focusing on a more recent time frame. 3. Once the collection’s intensity level comes down. Once the intensity level of the emotions comes down... that it’s safer to deal with events first and then emotions. tap on any specific emotion that comes to mind. I have people write everything down so that all those problems are on a single piece of paper. tap on any specific childhood event that comes to mind. there 181 . other things start coming up. Usually when we reach a lower number. Give the collection a name and tap its intensity down.” We tap on the list’s title using a Setup such as: Even though I have this nightmare life and I’m feeling overwhelmed. In review. When stressful events mount up. If the person starts at a 10. they see problems. they’re facing a layoff at work. 2. my nightmare life. repeat this procedure using the emotions that these events used to generate or still generate. I think it’s very difficult for most people to deal with complex issues like PTSD on their own even if they are experienced with EFT. 4. the first round of tapping may bring the intensity level down to a 7 or 8. 6. my nightmare life. or maybe lower. There’s always plenty to tap on.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) collect all the emotions you feel about those events and tap in a general way on those. based on my experience. When I ask them to give it a name. Give it a name and tap its intensity down. Then we tap the EFT points using the title as the reminder phrase: My nightmare life. they’re behind on the mortgage. the sequence is: 1. I love and accept myself. 5. That being said. It’s a lot easier with the help of a trained. they’ll say something like “My Hellish Life” or “This Nightmare” or “Being Overwhelmed. and wherever they look. skilled professional who can guide them through it.

either by preference or necessity. This is the opposite of what we normally do with EFT. As president of a non-government organization. and peace. she takes us step by step through the EFT counseling process. Ingrid used these same techniques at our 2008 PTSD conference with excellent results. In this comprehensive report. but for the treatment of PTSD and other complex issues. transformation. this is a safe approach. and all who have been trained to keep their feelings from interfering with their professional responsibilities. and when they do. I remember the many ruins that remained between newly erected homes and the field trips to concentration camps that our school organized. and it works. fire fighters. Ingrid combines general rather than specific Setups with constantly changing Reminder Phrases. If veterans can achieve awareness. illuminating the way for the whole nation. My grandfather served in both World Wars. World War II was still very present and a frequent guest at our dinner table. so we never have to use violence to resolve conflicts again. Trust and integrity with combat veterans by Ingrid Dinter “Veterans are the light at the tip of the candle.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are people who will want to try EFT on their own. and her gentle expertise provides an excellent model for counselors and practitioners who use EFT to help not only military personnel but police. and my mother grew up in the extreme poverty that all refugees experience. they can share with the rest of society the realities of war. dominating the conversations without ever allowing us children to ask questions. During 182 . hospital staff. I spent five years collecting humanitarian aid for the victims of the war in the former Yugoslavia. ~~~~ EFT coach Ingrid Dinter spends considerable time working with veterans. will be able to go out into the world and teach When I was a child in the 1960s and ‘70s in Germany. understanding.” – Thich Nhat Hanh I have a dream…that someday soldiers and their families. those who understand what war truly means. I believe it will help them to take this collective approach. and eventually reveal core issues. feel comfortable. And they can teach us how to make peace with ourselves and each other. all of which help clients relax. barely surviving three years in a Russian work camp. to start by focusing not on individual events but on a collection of related events and to give the collection a name and tap on it until its intensity level drops. emergency medical technicians. My father had been a prisoner of war.

to accommodate the special needs of veterans. we can help in a profoundly different way. and they trust each other with their lives. intrusive thoughts. Explaining why they are suffering usually does not take the symptoms away. When teaching other healing practitioners how to help veterans using EFT. They are advised to always go with at least one buddy. as can the skillful reframing of past events in positive rather than negative terms. there is no point in getting started with our healing work. A flashback feels no different from being back in the war zone. and flashbacks. and changes everything. better in groups. but it doesn’t decrease the pain. we become a buddy for the soldiers. hoping but doubting that EFT can help heal their insomnia. If a soldier doesn’t trust me. This allows them to show up as a force. I have seen that the specifics of war trauma can require healing practitioners to be more flexible in their approach. and creative use of the Choices technique. Talking about this with fellow veterans can bring comfort and acceptance. The soldier needs to be certain that I am reliable and will do whatever I can to get him or her out of this trauma. shows up unannounced during the day as flashbacks. That is the story I share with the veterans who come to me. I encourage them to ask any questions they have about the person they are about to go back into war with. It can even exceed the bond that returning soldiers feel toward their families.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) frequent trips into war zones. I am at the beginning of a study to find out what works and how to find new paradigms for sessions that support soldiers with severe trauma. It haunts them in their dreams. 183 . even if it means going the extra mile that standard treatment hasn’t foreseen. This trauma often follows surviving veterans for the rest of their lives. I share with them that in war soldiers never go alone into a danger zone. The bond that is formed between soldiers is stronger than anything most civilians ever experience. As practitioners. Talking about what happened often increases acceptance. As EFT practitioners. I experienced bombardment and human suffering first hand. The death of a brother in war is traumatic beyond belief. but it never heals. it helps to understand that when we are accepted to help. Talking about traumatic events always holds the risk of bringing war experiences back up. a situation that can cause great conflict at home. The grief and guilt never leave. It might be that scheduling longer or more frequent sessions in the beginning helps the client feel safe. nightmares. Trust in the integrity of the practitioner is of the essence. We are the ones they have to rely on to keep them safe and get them out of danger.

D. so he didn’t have orders to protect it. They describe losing their soul. something breaking inside. veterans often tell me that they feel comfortable socializing now. reading a spouse’s blog on the Internet. and never being safe. self-worth. He created the belief that he was a coward for curling up and crying. Each story is similarly relevant. and peace. All practitioners have reasons for wanting to help veterans heal. he released this belief along with his feelings of anger. Every veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD has confirmed this in some form as his reality: The soul seems to be gone. and it would be appropriate and fitting to move on now without the fear and selfjudgment. realizing that this happened only once in his life. He was alone in an office building that came under massive attack. But I have heard people say that visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington. when survival of the self was a moment’s decision that often 184 . as it comes from the heart and resonates with the passion to help and heal. There was nothing for him to do but hide in a corner and wait to die while mortars flew around him. Once we can explain to ourselves why we want to help. and I believe that as preparation for this work. He realized that he could lose his life at any moment for reasons that had nothing to do with an important cause. it makes sense to do some soul searching. This experience changed his life at the core. safety. and he was laughing in disbelief about how much he had changed. betrayal. we can communicate it to soldiers. or seeing a news report about a person in their community who was changed through the experience of war made it clear for them that they wanted to help.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Rapport One powerful way to gain rapport with veterans is by sharing our own story.C.. He just relaxed about it. It is important to them to know who we are before we can ask them to go back into a war zone in their minds and take us with them. or a disconnect from the world and from their own true selves. a very long time ago. After tapping on their trauma. PTSD and the soul The veterans and family members I have worked with feel that PTSD is not a mental illness but rather a symptom of the soul. Crowds are not threatening to them anymore. Trauma rewrites our beliefs about life. While gently tapping on the incident’s different aspects. broken away at the moment of terror. Not everybody grew up with a military background or is married to a soldier. which explains why it is so important for us to do this work. One of my Vietnam vets emailed me that he had just signed up for dancing lessons with his granddaughter. Another was haunted by the memory of almost losing his life in a completely meaningless situation. It was an empty building.

not knowing how to rest. Clearing our own blocks to doing this work When taking a moment to become clear about why we are doing what we are doing. hyper-vigilance. and they don’t want to be an interesting case study. and it is usually one of the core issues we will work with. In the following. not finding peace in anything they do.” They don’t like to be defined by PTSD. They don’t know how to get back to who they were. What used to be enjoyable has lost its meaning and there seems to be no hope that this will ever change. For the soldiers. Job relationships can’t be maintained. This is only “A” way. as each practitioner and every client is unique and special. So please take what resonates. nothing has meaning anymore. things were never the same again. Some veterans have told me that they are hurt when they feel that people perceive them as being “messed up. asking. and fear of connecting with and confronting others are all symptoms of a disconnect from the soul. this work is very personal. or they begin to doubt the righteousness of their own role in war. Nightmares and intrusive thoughts. After this break happened. and they feel lost and hopeless. and they want to be taken seriously. endured.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused harm and pain to others. We are at our best when we work with our uniqueness from a point of compassion and love. Life has become a meaningless struggle for many of these men and women in ways that people in the outside world might not recognize or understand. It is easy to talk to a soldier about his or her soul. They know that something is missing in them that they can’t access anymore. anger. “When was the time you last felt connected? What happened before you felt your soul was leaving?” All of the severely traumatized soldiers I have worked with had a surprisingly clear answer to that question. When soldiers feel that something they saw. and change or leave out what doesn’t. Families break apart. and often comes at a high cost: Relationships outside of the veterans’ community become complicated and are often undesirable. Getting used to this state of being is hard. When we can’t feel our soul in anything. The veterans tumble through life. we might realize that we have beliefs and thought patterns about veterans that could be released. The same thing can happen when soldiers return home and realize that they are not respected and accepted by society. they protected their soul for as long as they could and have since been suffering from their inability to reconnect. symptoms of PTSD often begin to show. Their experiences often don’t allow them to believe that anybody truly can and wants to 185 . or did cannot be forgiven. only the connection with the soldier can tell us what work needs to be done. when they have great ethical doubts about what happened during or after deployment. not “THE” way. During times of war. I want to give examples for Setup statements that might help a veteran heal. Ultimately.

and the fear of having to trust somebody and then be let down can be overwhelming. It is important to not change the facts or minimize them. They are often unprepared for coming home. we explore the difference between finding an excuse and finding the reason for what happened. “I don’t know what happened. 186 . I can’t believe what I did in war. I was never like that growing up. Finding forgiveness I often find that soldiers give me only a part of the story. I often hear. as this would be inappropriate and disrespectful to the situation. and they can’t come to terms with what war did to them and what they did in war. and offering healing techniques. might be the first hurdle we have to take if we want to help a veteran heal. I have experienced many times that a soldier who was suffering from many symptoms insisted that I should work with someone who was more in need. This is not me. reasons that veterans who suffer from guilt and safe-blame often don’t see or acknowledge. So where can we go with this? When helping a veteran heal. I notice the discrepancy between the civilians they were and the soldiers they became. Whenever veterans have the courage and trust to bring up traumatic events that they blame themselves for. Many of the nightmares and intrusive thoughts that we work with involve these traumatic events that have haunted the soldiers ever since. and many veterans are scared of themselves at the core and believe that they don’t deserve forgiveness. But I find it important to see the facts in context. even disrespectful. But there is usually more to it than the soldier realizes or finds important enough to mention. They went through a transformation from civilian to warrior to soldier. Back home. no matter how powerful and effective. even in their sleep. This mindset. and each of these roles has different rules. There are reasons for why things happened. and it is worth the wait. a selfprotection mechanism.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) help. I don’t look for excuses for what happened. I have heard soldiers say that anyone who suggests that healing is possible simply doesn’t understand what he or she is talking about. can at first feel inappropriate. It often takes time and commitment to assist a soldier in taking that first step. Together. Using EFT on the context of what happened often allows for the soldier to open up to receive forgiveness and peace in ways that didn’t seem possible before. soldiers often struggle with the rules of the civilian world. the part that has created the way they feel or believe. PTSD is a symptom of the soul after horrific trauma. from the soldier’s perspective. There can also be a sense of not deserving help or forgiveness.” This is a very big conflict.

Because veterans are often apprehensive when they encounter EFT for the first time. Instead. even if we have a way to go to get there. There is no excuse for going out and hurting people.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) One of my vets blamed himself for being the leader of an outing that turned very violent. many soldiers now feel free to see lessons of war and peace that they can teach to others. the center of healing. it is my intention to help the practitioner and client resonate with them from the heart. They were on food rationing and had all lost 40 pounds or more. But there was a reason: His unit had been under huge pressure for many. I am not claiming that these words. not through excuses. 187 . we can find and unfold our own potential and the most powerful statements naturally come up perfectly. with an open mind and an open heart. More than giving solutions to specific issues that might come up. there is a place from which someone can ask for and receive forgiveness. I use Setups that are as universal as they are meaningful for the individual involved. I do. we tap a few rounds on general issues. many days. Even though there is no excuse or justification for what happened and what they did. repeated one by one. but through forgiveness. They were fed up because they had constantly been tortured by war and thoughts of the people they had lost. They couldn’t take it anymore. What better teachers could we have? Getting started Since I don’t want new clients to get unnecessarily upset. After almost 40 years. By healing their guilt about what happened. It is usually easier to explain EFT after the client has tried it and seen results. Tapping on the positive helps establish a sense of healing and acceptance. all of these tapping statements can only be suggestions. as there are many ways of doing EFT successfully. Tapping on that with a soldier can change everything for him. and started a fight. When speaking out loud. as the emotional load of their trauma didn’t allow them to even consider getting well and having a good life. however. and trying to find one would be unfair to the victims. which helps the person relax. I try not to ask too many war-related questions before I introduce EFT. Naturally. When appropriate. got drunk. They are general enough to be easily adapted for anyone who suffers from trauma. he still couldn’t find peace with it. will always bring profound results. At peace? okay? Relaxed? Many veterans have never asked themselves this question. ask what the person’s goals are for the session and how he or she would like to feel.

fast and non-traumatizing way. less apprehensive. as this is usually appropriate and shows respect for the client and his or her emotions. Feeling misunderstood Another statement that I use a lot is: Even though I have been through more than you will ever understand. tightness in their body might be gone. they are encouraged to change it. They feel more relaxed. as it feels appropriate. such as: Even though I have been through more than anyone knows or can understand. and it didn’t hurt. Being open to positive surprises can fill us with expectations and curiosity. or a specific feeling or issue might come up. With each round of EFT. The client now sees that he or she is in control. They usually feel more relaxed. and if something doesn’t work for them. The word “surprisingly” opens us up to receiving new solutions and new feelings. Being in control After the first round of tapping. I fill in the explanations and information the soldier needs to understand how and why we are so successful releasing trauma in a gentle. in which I encourage the client to change any phrasing so it works better. I allow myself to be surprisingly okay with that. most people already sense changes. Even though I feel very overwhelmed right now. 188 .EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Feeling overwhelmed I like to start with a round of tapping on feeling overwhelmed. allowing us to consider new ways of dealing with our past. and often even experience physical relief – and we were not specific. I choose to be surprisingly okay with that After each round of tapping. ways that we didn’t even know were possible before. even if we are not aware of them yet. This experience usually increases their trust and willingness to work together with the practitioner. I choose to be surprisingly at peace with that Any way of phrasing this basic statement is appropriate. They also realize that they were in control during the tapping. This set up statement usually startles people. It can also help to take the edge off in a safe and comfortable way and set the stage for more tapping. the result can be greater trust and more relaxation.

allow the soldier to find his or her own way and resonate with what seems fitting. and I don’t feel that healing is possible for me. I choose to allow myself to relax about it. Even though I don’t feel safe enough to even consider that I can heal. 189 . I allow myself to feel respected for all that I have been through. healing or forgiveness. or not completely establishing rapport. I choose to feel confident that I can take it one step at a time.” These words. and only veterans can understand why I am saying this and you just don’t know what you are talking about. I choose to allow myself to heal in a way that works for me. I found a way to tap on this that often works very well anyway: It is the simple phrase. Resistance to EFT Even though I don’t want to make a fool of myself by tapping on my head and body. which can be a side effect of PTSD. in a way that works for me. but wants to give it just one shot: Even though I resent the thought of even considering peace. “In a way that works for me. Even though I don’t know yet if this is going to work out. even without sharing it with the practitioner. Here are some examples: Even though I have been through more than anybody will ever understand.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Here are some more situations and beliefs that often have to be dealt with before we can begin to work on specific traumatic memories. If the veteran feels angry about the offer to help. The power and effectiveness of the Setup statements often increase dramatically. While it is true that many EFT practitioners who are offering help have not been in combat. Even though I am overwhelmed by all that I have been through. added to the end of the Setup. I choose to take it one step at a time and appreciate my courage to never give up. and the mere thought of it is scary. Resistance to healing Some veterans believe that no therapy can be successful unless the practitioner has experience with the realities of war . I realize that I can be open and at ease with this either way. I choose to feel surprisingly safe and in control. Even though I could quite easily get very emotional here and I don’t want that. and I consider the possibility that I can find and accept healing in a way that works for me. trust issues.

can be very powerful for the purpose of being specific. since I grew up in Germany. I am careful to let him or her set the tone and choose the words we use. However.. A longer. so that we speak as much as possible in the person’s own language. This no-frills use of language can make it hard to emotionally connect with things that happen. If someone has great resistance to using language this way. In that case. In the military. more carefully “testing the waters” version could be: …I allow myself to consider that there is a way that allows me to be at peace with this in a way that works for me and everybody else involved. …I choose to find it surprisingly appropriate to find peace anyway. For me personally. For the purpose of being specific..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Other positive endings Even though . While this is not everybody’s thing. I don’t have any “writings on my wall” about American slang. the authenticity of the practitioner remains essential above all. adverb. it’s probably better to do what works for the practitioner. it might be appropriate for the practitioner to chime right in. Of course. strong language can be an outlet that allows for otherwise suppressed feelings to be expressed. Very often. and being specific and on target can make all the difference in a successful session. and using strong language. we have to be authentic to be successful. and exclamation. those words won’t come across as authentic.. this leads to using quite a bit of really strong language. adjective. 190 . as it was not part of my upbringing. soldiers are exposed to very minimal language. …I allow myself to consider the possibility that I can feel safe enough to relax about it. Words have meaning and power. And finally: …I choose to claim my power back in a way that feels safe and appropriate The importance of language When a veteran decides to trust enough to give EFT a chance. noun. calling it what it is. It is astounding to see in how many different ways the F-word can be used – as a verb. …I consider being as relaxed as I was when I was when I was 15. They use a short and straightforward style that the soldiers adapt to.

or if a soldier doesn’t want to share what happened. Before getting to specific events. 191 . it can be very healing to ask for a specific event that caused any of these feelings. and let the soldier choose which one he wants to tap on. I’m not able to keep my family or others safe. My life is like never waking up from a bad dream People see me as a monster. beliefs or physical symptoms. As an EFT practitioner. I am injured and they told me that I will never recover. I have intrusive thoughts. that truly works for me. I allow myself to live my life in a powerful and positive way. I have pain where there shouldn’t be pain. and it might contain specific events that can be released with EFT. I am always on guard and never feel safe. And the list goes on. veterans often don’t like to talk and bring up memories that we could work on. I find it important to recognize and accept the wall for as long as the soldier needs it. I don’t trust anyone. resentment. Even if they betrayed me and it’s not fair. frustration. Here are some examples: Betrayal Most of the veterans I have worked with felt betrayed in many ways. I find the following Setups useful: Even though I am mad as hell that they betrayed me. and trust issues. or cheated. At the same time. I am angry all the time. This can be a good starting point. If it is safe and appropriate. I feel like a failure.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Common issues and feelings and “the wall” In my experience. as it gives a feeling of control and safety. My buddy got killed and I couldn’t help him. Those may include feelings of being overwhelmed. They have a wall around themselves that keeps them safe and required some huge effort to build. My marriage is in trouble. Life isn’t fair. I choose to feel surprisingly at peace with that. misunderstood. I suffer from insomnia. I hate authority. as it can be linked to anger. there are feelings and mindsets that many soldiers share. I am not safe for others to be around. My physical health is deteriorating.

that the betrayal has caused. even though it might not have felt this way. Then we turn to the realization that NOW. whether I felt it or not. I allow myself to claim my power back and heal in surprising ways. as it doesn’t give a perspective into the future. can be an eye-opener that allows for the veteran to finally feel safe in the here and now. It is also useful to add the specific feelings such as anger. but clearly not now. Tapping on negative or problem statements might not be enough. At the same time.” as they carry meaning for the soldier without having to tune in and share specifics before the person is ready to do so.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though my body and mind are not the same any more. I find it helpful to bring up how much time has passed since the event occurred. even though it is truly in the past. last month. Even though you betrayed me and I am deeply hurt. and the reality that the person has been safe for many years. The Setup can include the time that has elapsed since the traumatic event. I allow you and me to take the time we need to heal from what happened to us. but they can open doors that allow veterans to work through specific feelings and memories that need to be resolved. or even yesterday. the trauma still feels real. and I am still dreaming about it as if it just happened. I feel very betrayed. I choose to open up to the possibility that I have been safe for 40 years now. Naturally. Depending on the client. which might be 40 years ago. the vet has probably struggled with this for a long time and is looking at the practitioner with hope and despair. in a way that truly works for us.” “what I did. and unacceptable to the veteran as much as to the practitioner. Guilt and the passage of time In war. Even though I keep reliving these events. and my life was more 192 .” or “what I suffered. Doing so would at the very least feel inappropriate. They are a start. I might prefer to start more generally by suggesting phrases like “what I experienced. it is often hard to find anything positive in all the horror that happened. the possible future outcome. There is nothing good about a dear person dying or almost getting killed while hanging from a parachute. it feels like yesterday. resentment. In this case. I realize now that after all this time it is okay to heal from what happened long ago Even though this happened a long time ago. Going back and forth between the traumatic past. For example: Even though I have never felt safe since I returned from Vietnam. last year. these short statements won’t change everything. after all this time. etc.

It may even increase the person’s negative self-talk. I choose to allow myself to find peace with that in an appropriate way that truly works for me. I choose to allow myself to heal from what war has 193 . I can’t believe what it made me do. I allow myself to realize that I made it anyway. Once a soldier becomes a part of war. using the Movie Technique and Tearless Trauma Technique. Guilt As I mentioned before. and did more than anybody will ever understand. I must be a survivor/I must have it in me. he may be exposed to situations that force him to make decisions that he later regrets. and I feel guilty and responsible for the things that happened. and I can’t forgive myself for what I have done. shame and self blame. and everybody else involved. and I feel ashamed about the whole thing. that what happened was so bad that there is indeed no way to ever receive forgiveness unless we make something up. no matter how well intentioned. War has rules and a life of its own.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) difficult than what I ever thought I could survive. I often see that there was more to the story that what the soldier remembered or found important. an excuse. Even though it hurts to see what war has made of me and my dreams and values. 40 years ago. and in those details we often find the true reason for what happened and why. Instead. Here are some setups that might help bring relief: Even though war sucks. It can help to listen calmly and respectfully for the soldier’s version of the situation. Even though. I find it important to be honest and not find excuses for the things that happened. I allow myself to realize that what this happened a long time ago. when a veteran has suffered for so long from guilt. the victims. In my experience. I went through more. saw more. Even though I wish this had never happened. will be hard to accept. Even though I have been hurt in the past. and so did my role in it. and I can feel safe to consider releasing it and letting it go so that I won’t get hurt again even if I find peace with it after all this time. Tapping on each component of it. I choose to allow myself to find peace and forgiveness in surprising and appropriate ways. can release excess feelings about what happened. I choose to already allow myself to feel the peace that I will have once we are done tapping.

and I could never express it.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) made of me and find a better way to honor and support those who had to suffer through what happened.” Grieving and survivors guilt Since veterans have often developed powerful bonds with their fellow soldiers. The challenge for the practitioner is to help the soldier find a better way to handle the grief. Movie Technique. They often make an inner vow to honor their fallen brother’s or sister’s memory forever with their grief. unless the veteran brings it up himself or herself. Even though I am sorry for what I did. 194 . I am very careful with the use of “brother” or “sister” when referring to fellow soldiers. I choose to open up to the possibility that there are ways to live a powerful. It might help to read this out aloud. the grief and survivors guilt can be so overwhelming that they may never get over it. It can be either healing or re-traumatizing. and strategies for sneaking up on the problem are essential for this work. I’d like to suggest some Setups that can take this a bit further. Finding meaning Many vets feel that they have a lesson to teach but suffer too much or don’t feel comfortable enough to share their story or even consider being heard. I allow myself now to realize that my plea for forgiveness might be heard. Then we do a round of tapping using Reminder Phrases like “I’m sorry for what happened” and. “I ask for forgiveness and I allow myself to receive it. Even though I can’t imagine my life will ever be what it was before I left. and excellent rapport and trust are essential to start the healing process. their brothers in war. meaningful life in a way that truly works for me and those I care for. Opening up that possibility can help them find power in their past: Even though I believe that the guilt that I have felt for all these years will never be enough to make up for what happened or for what I did. EFT’s Tearless Trauma Technique. if one of them dies. Please be aware that mentioning the word “brother” or “grieving my brother” can bring up huge emotions that the soldier might not be prepared for. even by myself. Intuitive tapping can sometimes start a dialogue between the diseased person and the survivor that can be very healing. I open up to the possibility that there might be a more powerful way of taking responsibility for what happened and transforming it into a powerful lesson of peace. Here is a suggestion.

on a very deep level. CB (Collar Bone) – I will never forget. brother. Ch – If I wouldn’t like to call on him and say. UE – I wonder if I was on the other side. to find peace in a surprisingly appropriate way. CB – Hey. SE – It hurts me to see you in such grief. SE (Side of Eye) – I will never get over this. SE – I could wonder who would benefit from me feeling this way. Ch (Chin) – My way of honoring him. UA (Under Arm) – And I will never forgive myself or anyone else involved. I choose to allow myself to heal in an appropriate way that truly honors what happened and what it meant to me and to everyone involved. in a powerful and meaningful ways. UA – You did the best you could and it was not your fault. UN – If I wouldn’t like to say. I might have decided or [made a vow that I will can or should never let go of this grief and guilt. TH (Top of Head) – I am still overwhelmed with grief over what happened. UE – And I could wonder. Even though I suffer from all that happened. EB – You being sad doesn’t serve me. I allow myself. UN – And I looked at my brother who made it home. UA – I am all right now. TH – Even if it costs me! EB – I could allow myself to wonder why that would be a good thing. TH – I am at peace here. now. all that I did [didn’t] do back then. CB – Please let go of this need to grieve.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) KC (Karate Chop) or SS (Sore Spot) – Even though. Relax! Ch – You have your whole life to live and I’m glad for you. it’s okay now. Even though I can’t even imagine ever letting go of this grief. 195 . UE (Under Eye) – My way of honoring him and all that he meant to me and others UN (Under Nose) – I am overwhelmed with grief. if I was on the other side. 40 years later. I choose to open up to the possibility that I can find new ways of honoring my brother and all that he and his death stood for. EB (Eye Brow) – Nobody will ever understand.

They separate themselves. EB – Maybe you can find meaning in helping those who feel like you. Ch – And I know that If you were here and I was still living. CB – You would tell me just the same. traumatic events in childhood. and they don’t talk about their experiences while deployed. for your willingness to sacrifice your life and happiness for the memory of your brother. EB – I choose to accept myself and all that I have learned. and it is okay to find peace. UA – Peace to you. So. and I am proud and happy for you. and certain rules were enforced that don’t exist in the outside world. CB – In a way that allows me to find peace. UN – Thank you. and peace to me. in a way that truly works for me. Many soldiers have great conflicts with this. and they pull back from their lives and families. 196 . UE – I am not upset. The power that we set free by releasing those can often speed up the healing process. Even though I am overwhelmed by how different things are from what I expected them to be. things have often changed in subtle ways that are very disturbing and difficult to understand. Ch – I allow myself now to find an even more appropriate way to honor you. just like everybody else. even when a veteran has war-related trauma. I always ask if there were specific. and you are not letting me down. TH – But you are needed out there. UN – I am glad and proud that you decided to claim your power back. and after a long deployment. I choose to allow myself to find a way back into my life one step at a time. SE – I am grateful now that I can see a mission in life. trusting and communicating only with other veterans. Thank you for your loyalty.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) TH – Maybe you can now do something wonderful and powerful with your life or with our experience or all that we learned and know. UA – I love you brother. SE –You can give yourself permission to move on without grief. Friends and family have moved on with their lives. as they set the foundation for beliefs about self and the safety of their surroundings. While overseas. Addressing those with EFT can be a very important part of the healing. The outside world Returning home is often not as easy as expected. [name of grieving soldier]. certain things were accepted. TH – Thank You! Childhood Veterans have childhood issues. UE – And I choose to do amazingly powerful things with it.

I ask whether this statement is true. This allows me to keep my client safe. I choose to consider the 197 . it makes sense to address the separation of the soul. when would that be? Can you come up with something?” Depending on the person’s religious background and feelings about the word “soul. I gently throw in a question like. I choose to allow myself the realization that the outside world is not as dangerous as the war zone was. often unspoken way of relating to their souls. “If there was something you feel cannot be forgiven. as if your soul had disappeared. When I work with a soldier. In my experience. Some say that PTSD happens when the soul separates from the body. without fearing that we are addressing the “big one” before its time has come. If possible. I ask. Even though this might take a while. I am always surprised at how precise and specific the answers can be. This is when I begin to introduce Setups like the following: Even though I felt like my soul had left me and my life was never going to be the same again. and the veteran has control over what we are working on. releasing a lifelong traumatic event in an hour or less is a wonderful healing experience. It might take a bit of tapping to take the edge off first. Even though after all that happened. I allow myself now to consider the possibility that my soul might not have left but rather moved itself to a safe place where it has been waiting for me to get ready for its return. I like to tap on the story in tiny increments. and I didn’t even know if I deserved it. I never felt safe enough to call my soul back.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I feel lonely and misunderstood by most people. Calling the soul back At some point. Being very comfortable using the gentle EFT techniques will make all the difference in how a soldier experiences the release of his or her past. soldiers have a very powerful. and they usually confirm it. Finding core issues After taking the time we need to gain rapport and trust. I allow myself to realize that this was a long time ago. Even though I remember how lost I felt when I was pushed beyond the breaking point over and over again. After tapping on the above Setup.” I encourage him or her to substitute other words as needed so that the following Setups feel comfortable and authentic. could you come up with something?” This question might lead us to a fundamental core issue that the soldier might or might not be ready to release. and I can truly feel safe and protected now. “If there had been a time when you felt like something broke inside.

EB (Eye Brow) – I allow myself to heal. UA (Under Arm) – I choose to do wonderful things with the lessons I have learned. SE – I choose to find peace in surprising ways 198 . there is a way out. using reminder phrases from the above Setups. SE (Side of Eye) – I can call my soul back now UE (Under Eye) –As I am ready and prepared for its return. Even though I felt so out of control when I realized that something was broken and it left me devastated. CB – I am amazed at how obvious that has always been. I choose to see that if there is a way in. The sequence of EFT points is then tapped on. The specific event or events that brought the soldier beyond the breaking point usually need to be cleaned out. UN – Even though it felt that way. TH – I am calling my soul back to me with love and appreciation. Ch (Chin) – I am my soul. SE – I am asking my soul to come back to me. TH – I choose to find meaning and purpose for myself and others. so there is nothing to disconnect. I use the gentle techniques for that. UN (Under Nose) – I am already enjoying the feeling of being connected and whole. EB – That allows us to heal now.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) possibility that I have been safe for a long time and I might as well enjoy it in a way that works for me. CB (Collar Bone) – I love how comfortable and safe that feels. I simply honor everything that the soldier brings up and tap on it until the issue is resolved. UA – Even thought I didn’t see it. I choose to feel safe enough to consider that my soul has been waiting for me to call it back. Ch – I am allowing myself to realize that I have been safe for a long time. EB – I am ready and I have deserved it for a long time. TH (Top of Head) – I choose to realize that my soul might be in a safe place. Some of these events may have occurred in pre-military times or even in childhood. UE – I realize we were never separated. Then we can call the soul back: KC (Karate Chop) or SS (Sore Spot) – Even though I never thought that my soul could come back to me. I allow myself to heal in surprising ways.. Even though I didn’t believe that there was any way out of this trouble and pain.

His sleep has improved from getting four or five hours per night in a ten-hour time period. UN – I allow myself to release my fear now. "I still think about Vietnam but it doesn't seem to bother me. had been shot and Don couldn’t rescue him. Don is 61 and has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.” In our last session. so we worked through his childhood trauma. It also stopped the tremors and shaking that are a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease. Don said. he stated that now the bad spirits are gone. who was walking in Don’s place.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) UE – In an appropriate way that truly works for me. another war memory came up where he had to identify dead bodies days after they had been killed. He had felt as if these dead men had always been with him. It is clearer. and faster. His voice has a very different sound now. interrupted by an average of two nightmares. and he can breathe and think clearly. but the tapping helped him relax and release the tension in his mind. his SA-45 score dropped gradually from 122 to 77 and his PCL-M dropped from 65 to 34 and remained 199 . and now he reported that a huge weight is lifted of him. Here are some recent examples. In our second session he worked through the traumatic memory of having shot someone’s arm off two weeks before he returned home from Vietnam. We worked together for a total of six treatment hours. mostly by phone. who killed himself while driving drunk. bouncing all over. and documenting their progress with the same standardized tests used in the study. I have been working with many veterans. Don had a dream relating to the death of his father. It is truly nice to hear the hope and confidence in his voice. lighter. There is less roughness and he laughs more. In our fifth tapping session. Don talked a lot about the improvements in his sleep and overall well-being. No more war memories came up for him! Reviewing his progress two weeks later. Ch – I am deeply grateful that I have the power to reconnect. and I thank you! Recent cases Since participating in Gary Craig’s veterans PTSD study in San Francisco in March 2008. Next. UA – I welcome my soul back with gratitude. The third session dealt with a very traumatic event – his best friend. CB – I already enjoy how the loneliness is leaving me. to getting an average of seven or eight hours with no nightmares. In our first session he said his thoughts were like bumper cars. After tapping on all the aspects of what he saw and realized. Between the first session and his 60-day follow up. then we tapped for the stress and feelings of lack of control resulting from the construction of his new home and people not doing what they were supposed to do.

chiropractic care. Western medicine. I would get very distressed if I stayed up late. “I had already tried group counseling. a non-combat veteran with severe PTSD who has been on disability since 1993. As she explained. and numerology). 200 . prescribed pharmaceuticals. I couldn’t remain asleep without waking up repeatedly during the night. University of New Mexico PTSD Sleep Study and Nightmare Reduction. Sleep became an easy and gentle activity free from worry and fretting. Quick. yet couldn’t seem to go to bed until late because I dreaded the nightmares. Also. The last session was again with both of them in person. I wake up earlier than I used to and I need less sleep than before. PTSD awareness training. crystal and gemstone magic. Native American healing beliefs. Within two sessions. Jack’s sessions were different because we worked in person instead of exclusively over the phone. then Jack and I did a 2½ -hour single session and a 40-minute phone session. The things that I tried helped very little. she did so out of a sense of desperation. Vial Handwriting by Vial Rogers. Sleep was my enemy and I fought it every night. First we did three hours of couples counseling. I obsessed about sleep because I was always in sleep deficit. and obsessions that interfered with my sleep. He continues to tap on his Parkinson’s symptoms to keep the shaking under control. No more fighting sleep. waking up exhausted and tired. Gentle. That same week I worked with Joanna. is a 43-year-old who served in Iraq and is also a fire fighter and ambulance driver. Veterans Administration individual counseling for many years. astrology. No more nightmares. he very much wanted his wife to participate in some of the sessions. Joanna suffered from severe MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and childhood sexual trauma. He frequently witnesses horrific events. And I was plagued by repeated traumatic nightmares every night. In addition to her PTSD. New Age healing techniques such as pendulum dousing and chakra cleansing. and most any suggestion by any health care worker.” This next veteran. emotions. When Joanna agreed to try EFT. Transcendental Meditation. Easy. I wouldn’t take naps during the day because it would make getting to sleep more difficult at night. Veteran’s Administration Group therapy many times.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) there for the following two months. Today I let my body tell me when to sleep instead of rigorously following a clock. No longer am I afraid of going to sleep or of even how much sleep I receive. Jack. self-help books. metaphysical training (including candle magic. I felt myself release all the associated trauma. Sleep today is a joy that refreshes my body and rejuvenates my soul. herbal remedies. “I still couldn’t fall asleep. Sometimes the associated old beliefs about sleep come up but now I utilize EFT to release them. “I gave EFT a chance and I was thrilled with the results. nutritional education.

approximately nine hours total. He has spread the word and is getting his support group and counselor involved with EFT. In addition. 75 days after Jack’s first EFT session. his SA-45 score was 77 and his PCL-M score was 44. Today. and his PCL-M score fell from 59 points to 39. and many issues stemming from childhood as well as being deployed in Vietnam and Iraq multiple times. but that’s a start! ~~~~ 201 . Now. Jack’s wife experienced similar improvements in her SA45 scores.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) On May 28. depression. lots of stress at home. before the first EFT session. Twelve days after his introduction to EFT. his SA-45 score is 90 and his PCL-M score is 38. I helped him release some of his traumatic memories with EFT. We might have a ways to go before EFT is officially adopted by the military or by the medical profession. he suffered from shaking hands. which went from 121 points to 84 after the first couples session. it is still at that level. Michael is a Vietnam vet who was diagnosed with PTSD. Michael’s SA-45 score fell from 133 points to 104. These are impressive results by any criteria. In six sessions. 75 days later. Jack’s SA-45 score was 138 points and his PCL-M score was 72.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Eleven: PTSD Complications There are many theories about the causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its complications. there is the level that involves what happened during the war. and other symptoms that occur thereafter. the shock he felt when Gary died. and so forth. his father embedded in him this immense feeling of being responsible for everything. But what we found once we got into the session was that when John was growing up. The second level is one in which newer memories build upon older memories. couldn’t think about it. To give you an example. Where did that feeling come from? It came from his father’s repeated statements. he sent someone to his death. When we deal with combat veterans and others who have gone through significant traumas. John felt so massively guilty about this that he couldn’t talk about it. these events are said to produce dissociation and brain changes that make the adult personality more likely to suffer from acute PTSD and require special treatment. years later. This is what I call “the 202 . and he felt responsible. So. When I first talked with John on the phone. First. even when it belonged to someone entirely different. I believe we are dealing with two basic levels of experience. I dealt with a veteran named John. reminders. such as Gary being his friend. and lectures. And we could have tapped on different aspects of this situation. This is because a soldier named Gary was killed after John sent him with radio equipment to the front lines in battle. the whole battalion could go down. The same is true for traumatic events that disrupt civilian life. and this level includes the traumatic events themselves plus all the intrusive memories. and couldn’t mention the fellow’s name. I describe the older memories as foundational because they create a supporting structure on which newer memories are layered. like myself. but this theory is simply a way to explain a condition that I explain differently. including those from childhood. if terrible things happen in childhood. in my work with serious diseases. For example. We could deal with this memory quite logically by discussing how he had to send someone to deliver the equipment because if he didn’t. he could not say my name. things they can’t let go of. nightmares. It was his feeling of responsibility that was the real issue. I don’t doubt that childhood traumas contribute to PTSD.

as soon as the person feels comfortable. or anything else. In our San Francisco group.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) writings on your walls” (see page 135 rather than dissociation. never to return. you begin unraveling the situation at its most basic level. so as soon as the person feels comfortable describing the past. because in many cases it is. When you get back to what happened in the past that created the writings on your walls. “Wait a minute. At the same time. and it’s the procedure I recommend for all trauma cases. The Tearless Trauma Technique is described on page 115. These are people whose entire traumatic memory and all of its aspects and results disappear in a few minutes. not to mention years of psychotherapy and other conventional treatments. to climb back into an unhappy past event and relive it. As soon as the person feels uncomfortable telling the story or even thinking about a specific thing that happened. and I saw many more in San Francisco at our PTSD study.” DVD. but you’re going to do a more thorough job. I agree with those who consider PTSD to be a complex condition.” and he said that no one was ever going to see it.” 203 . EFT is not a treatment that requires anyone to suffer. you have to clear the trauma from the war incident. I worked with Bob. I fully and completely accept myself. not just PTSD.” to which he replied. with statements like: Even though I’ve had all these experiences.A. just to take the edges off. that is. I take it one specific event at a time. you’re telling the story already. the original or core issues. you start with the general and. I started by spending five to eight minutes treating this memory globally. you step back from the event and tap until the feeling of emotional intensity falls to a zero. who had one horrific memory which he described as “behind a wall. temporal lobe damage. “Yes. Yes. and don’t stop me. Only then do you continue with the story or approach it in the first place. a disturbance of mental function. even among combat veterans who have multiple problems and multiple traumas. That remains my favorite way of tackling any condition. I said. I was startled because I had planned to spend the better part of an hour sneaking up on the issue. assuming you are an accomplished EFTer who is skilled in asking the right questions. In my approach to PTSD. But what I find interesting is that we have so many one-minute wonders and one-session wonders when using EFT for war trauma. Combat veterans often have multiple issues. by going back to the underlying issues. in a very general and non-specific way. I am. This is why we often spend time skirting around or “sneaking up on” big issues. You’ll see examples of this in our “Six Days at the V. You don’t have to do that. and we get close to them only when the person feels comfortable. that created the problem in the first place. That’s all it took for Bob to decide to tell his story. I have to pay close attention to the person’s comfort level. you move to the specific.

If he had. the chances are that it’s bouncing off of a childhood issue. but it’s been my observation that with 80 to 90 percent of these traumatic memories – and I don’t care how horrible they are – if you just keep tapping and focusing on one specific event and all its pieces and stay on that event. reminder. or part of the event that triggered any emotional intensity. like two feet that had been blown off. which is why EFT works best for PTSD if you are working with an experienced practitioner who can help you stay on topic. start with general statements that set the stage and help you relax. I could have taken any one specific event or scene and tapped on it while keeping his attention on it until it was neutralized. The next day I tapped with him while we tested the different aspects of the story and collapsed the whole thing. creating Setups like Even though I kept pulling body parts out of the rubble. We then did 10 to 15 minutes of EFT tapping using the descriptions he had just given me. that contributed to his battle-related PTSD.. When he came back he still looked pale and queasy. To my knowledge. you will likely collapse it.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) So I sat back and listened as he talked.. Bob did not have any foundational events. and he had to leave for a few minutes. including alcohol abuse and difficult living conditions. If someone is not able to focus on an event that occurred in adulthood. and keep tapping. What we want to do is separate these memories into specific events. In our San Francisco study. I’m convinced that EFT can help you if you use common sense. I call this the “divide and conquer” approach. When he finished. such as things that happened in childhood. Someone working by himself or herself might not be able to discern that. We kept tapping on it and tapping on it until he was able to tell the story with no emotional intensity whatsoever. quite a few of the participants had foundational issues. Our subconscious minds lump all kinds of memories together. problems that were built on problems going back years or decades. even when Bob concentrated hard on the worst images. The secret here is tapping on one event at a time. But even if you don’t have access to an experienced EFT practitioner. he was ashen-faced and felt nauseated. so that we get used to collapsing 204 . really focus on that one event. I mean that we completely neutralized every aspect of the entire episode so that there wasn’t a single thought. and these problems manifested in different ways. without shifting to other scenes or events. even by yourself. then tap on the smallest and least scary memory or event that bothers you in any way. It wasn’t possible in those five days to take care of everything for everyone. until the emotional charge is gone. preferably small or inconsequential ones first. but the progress we made was startling. memory. By collapse. I don’t have statistical studies to back this up.

psychologists were experimenting with therapies that encouraged combat veterans and others to relive past events in a safe and controlled environment. By World War II. Please note that tapping does not appear to cause this. while they are tapping for the on-stage person’s physical symptoms or psychological trauma. EFT is a remarkable do-it-yourself tool. become agitated. or in other ways display emotional distress. In some clinics. By starting with smaller. the audience members 205 . They may freeze. more important issues. However. but it must be used with common sense. sounds. and sensations that haunted them. I often teach EFT workshops for hundreds of people at a time. Rather. Remember that every negative emotion and most of our physical symptoms stem from an imbalance in the body’s energy system. When our energy is out of balance. reliving the past in intense detail was the only treatment. Abreactions – or the reliving of those past events – became an important part of the treatment. less important traumas. begin to cry. we set the stage for success with larger. but when our energy is balanced. several therapeutic approaches to PTSD consider abreactions a critical element in the healing process. EFT is a fist-aid treatment that often brings the person back to the present moment as quickly and comfortably as possible. in some cases. patients were tied down or physically restrained prior to treatment so that they wouldn’t injure themselves or staff members when they re-experienced the sights. members of the audience experience their own overwhelming emotions.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) our emotional connection to past events. we are far more likely to expect the best and act accordingly. If they do occur. Abreactions and dissociation In World War I and other wars of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Sigmund Freud created the term “abreaction” to describe the way severely traumatized people relive their most frightening experiences. From time to time. I recommend that you consult a professional if matters become intense. But abreactions are painful. smells. Even today. the terms “shell shock” and “combat fatigue” described soldiers whose lives were permanently altered by traumatic memories. In fact. Abreactions are not the goal of EFT. This not only helps us anticipate the positive changes that tapping will bring to other issues but it actually strengthens us by balancing our energy and keeping it balanced. The same terms were applied to Prisoners of War and survivors of natural disasters and other traumas. we are far more likely to expect the worst. They generate flashbacks that are psychologically difficult and physically painful. and at those events members of the audience tap along with me and whoever is on stage with me for whatever issues or problems that person is dealing with.

far away. I have used this strategy myself many times when I am feeling overwhelmed in some way. This produces gaps or discontinuities in conscious awareness. supporting tone of voice help bring the person back to the present moment while reducing stress and anxiety. confidently. suppressing all of the emotions that would normally accompany the experience. reassuringly tapped on her face and upper body up and down. Certain past events and the person’s emotional response to those events are simply not integrated into the person’s awareness. in which the person cannot recall important personal information. it’s there. The symptoms of dissociation include depersonalization.” Dissociation is usually defined as a state of acute mental decompensation in which thoughts. 206 . One of the complications that can accompany PTSD is what psychologists call “dissociation. dissociative amnesia. I’m convinced. and memories are compartmentalized so that there is a lack of connection between things that are usually associated with each other. until the woman had returned enough to the present moment that an emotional assistant could go out of the room with her and help her to deal with what had come up. derealization. emotions. in which the world does not seem real but rather phony. and identity confusion or identity alteration. keeping an eye on things. a woman in the audience fell into a strong abreaction. Our support staff takes the affected person to a quiet location and taps with them until they recover from whatever memories sent them over the edge. talking nonstop to yourself about what happened and how you are feeling. is EFT tapping in an emergency. EFT practitioner Rue Haas writes: I teach people strategies for calming themselves when they are in the grip of a strong reaction or memory. sensations. One of the best strategies is to tap rapidly up and down the EFT points. We always have skilled EFT practitioners standing by. up and down. in which the person feels detached from or “not in” his or her body. in which the person shifts into an alternative personality. and gently. Someone experiencing dissociation can know that he or she went through a terrible ordeal but act as though it was nothing special or unusual. not bothering for the moment with the standard Setup or Reminder phrases.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) bring these issues with them and they appear to “show up” as natural memories during the therapeutic process. or as though it’s a movie. constantly. In the midst of his session with a volunteer on stage who was tapping about abuse issues in her past. the best treatment. Whenever someone is experiencing emotional trauma. came all the way back to where the woman was sitting. Calming Reminder Phrases delivered in a soothing. I saw Gary Craig use this technique in a workshop of 400 people. Gary left the stage. As soon as someone needs help. talking with her in a calming voice.

its causes.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Just as with PTSD. there are many theories about dissociation. there is no such thing as one EFT protocol for dissociation and a separate EFT protocol for abreactions or for any other symptom. Our first Setup phrase was: Even though I'm really afraid that Mommy is going to hit me because I did something bad when I was two years old. violent family of origin history and how she has been plagued with intense flashbacks for several years. Jane regressed into being a two-year-old terrified of receiving a violent beating from her mom. She was quite familiar with the condition. which was a regular occurrence. Jane was been unable to work because the debilitating flashbacks would come on a regular basis.. she told us about her very painful. She had tried various treatments including talk therapy with no success. and how best to treat it. I asked my wife Nell. I tapped directly on her. Here is how Jerem Egan dealt with the emotional disconnectedness that dissociation produced in one of his clients. she would leave the present moment. With Jane’s permission. I’m not concerned with labels and diagnoses. He sat in front of Jane and maintained soft 207 . When people present the symptoms associated with a psychological condition. by reminding herself to focus on the present moment and that she is here now and that she is okay. Unlike those in the mental health field.. She had invited a close male friend to support her in the process. In other words. not respond to things going on around her. for help. space out." Within 20 or 30 seconds. As I had not dealt with any severe cases involving that issue. who is both an EFT practitioner and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 28 years experience. Nell began the session by giving Jane information on how to keep herself grounded when these fugues occurred. We then began tapping. EFT for severe dissociative disorder by Jerem Egan I had a phone call requesting an EFT session for someone who said she had a severe dissociative disorder. and assume a younger identity. or part of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When they occurred. These episodes forced her to leave her job as a nurse. Jane was slow to enter the tapping process and get specific about memories because it felt difficult to deal with such painful material. I use the same EFT procedures that I do for any other physical or psychological condition. When Jane arrived for her session. I deeply and completely accept myself. aspect.

She was also studying the EFT videos and enjoying Borrowing Benefits. We spoke with Jane again one week after the session. she went into a terrified state saying . I do believe that EFT is the perfect treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in all of its guises and that anyone who masters the basics of EFT and then 208 . always gently pulling Jane back into the present and telling her how well she was doing with the tapping and staying with it.oh boy. As I tapped on Jane and addressed the various aspects. Nell was an incredible anchor. “Don’t go where you don’t belong” is one of my mottos.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) eye contact while holding her hand. such as intense anger. It was somewhat of an altered state for all four of us – we tapped continuously for about an hour. including different incidents and emotions which were unfolding. From that point on. this amazing tool. Nell said that Jane was the most intense case of dissociative disorder she had ever encountered.” At one point. When her intensity level rose. In a follow up call a couple of days ago. When it was time to finish. EFT practitioners and coaches should comply with state and local regulations and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.." while protecting her head. Jane reported that she was tapping every morning on other emotions that were coming up. I'm gonna get it now. Jane’s eyes would glaze over and she would cower or shake. Whenever Jane would respond to one of the tapping sequences in some way. That said. a profound sense peace permeated the room. and she said that "little Janie" had only been there once the entire week and that she was feeling happy! ~~~ I would like to emphasize that I do not encourage EFT students to set themselves up as PTSD experts. Jane was in and out of the flashbacks and the entire hour was a continuous stream of nonstop tapping in which Nell and I fed Jane phrases. we would integrate the material into the next portion of the flow. From the experience of being in that vessel. "Mommy will beat me if I love myself. I felt a deep gratitude for EFT." she would say things like. and she plans to do more EFT work with her friend.. we both are feeling pulled to working with trauma as our primary focus. Nell was coaching her to help her stay in the present moment and separate herself from the incidents she was recalling (the Watch a Movie technique) while we tapped to neutralize the intensity those past events generated. which was addressing an agonizing situation which has been in place for years and which nothing else had been able to touch. and having excellent results bringing the intensity levels way down. When we prompted her with Setup phrases like "I love myself."Oh boy.

or hospitalization. to explore their experiences in this regard. I have never seen an abreaction. this informal finding clearly falls into the "random event" category. This is not to negate your experience. here is a letter I wrote to Joaquin Andrade. and (3) I have never even seen an abreaction. both licensed and unlicensed. MD. I would like to offer some thoughts along these lines for you and other learned readers to consider. This is because (1) I have no formal training in this field. If you will permit my engineer's left brain to speak for a moment. I think we are obligated to investigate why. It would be an unrealistic stretch to conclude that tapping causes abreactions when only one such abreaction is reported out of thousands upon thousands of applications spanning a period of over 10 years. "Was I that out to lunch on this issue?" I wondered. Altogether. these practitioners have used tapping procedures on over 5. NONE of them has ever experienced an abreaction and NONE of them has ever had a trainee call them with a reported abreaction. in reply to his experience with this adverse side effect. after doing this for 11 years and applying it a few thousand times myself. To further address the risk of abreactions. incoherency. between them.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) goes on to master its more advanced techniques should be able to help just about anyone recover from PTSD. I became concerned. This was especially so because. I noted that Dr. if someone of your stature and dedication finds abreactions and other "horror stories" (your term) while using tapping procedures. I INCLUDED in the definition such things as uncontrollable panic attacks. That being said. Phil Friedman reported to you that they have been applying tapping procedures consistently over a combined 14 years and. John Diepold and Dr. I consider myself qualified to assess the statistical lack of proof mentioned above but do not consider myself an authority on the "whys and wherefores" of abreactions. both licensed and unlicensed. Upon reading of the abreactions that you and others reported after using tapping techniques. they reported only one abreaction. The most obvious thought is that the population you deal with appears to contain an above average concentration of 209 . [Note: I defined abreaction in these explorations to EXCLUDE tears of other forms of distress that normally occur in a healing session (and that subside with further tapping or the mere passage of time).] In addition. So I called several EFT practitioners. (2) I possess no conventional credentials or licensing. On the contrary. Rather. from Uruguay.000 people and have taught EFT to over 500 other practitioners. this paucity of abreactions easily qualifies as a statistical non-event. Dear Joaquin. inability to perform their occupation for a few days.

tapping causes abreactions. at least in the United States. and do. Percentage-wise. you have administered tapping procedures to nearly 30. abreact with great frequency and. I don't walk in your shoes and have never been in a psychiatric hospital in my life (except for the V. that is still a mere 1 percent out of a population that commonly abreacts.000 patients and. If these abreactions occur while tapping (and thus tapping appears as the "obvious trigger"). fears. indeed. abreactions? 3. these interventions. shouldn't 210 . In many cases.. Now. which is very possible. it appears logical to me that many members of your client population would abreact under almost ANY form of therapeutic intervention. We are talking about Dissociative Identity Disorder. a phrase that triggers a memory. in my understanding. members of this client population abreact while seeing something disagreeable in a movie or on TV. and so on)? 2. can often be found in psychiatric hospitals BECAUSE they abreact so often and so intensely. this is still statistically insignificant for this population. Could this low percentage of abreactions be caused by something other than tapping (for example. However. why doesn't 75 percent or more of this abreaction-prone population exhibit these intense behaviors? Why is it such a tiny percentage? What else may be happening? If.” DVD). if I understand correctly. After all. abreact whether or not they are undergoing a tapping session.A. Schizophrenia.. and the like. serve to tune the patient in to their troublesome issues. a random flashback that happens to occur while tapping. where we videotaped our “Six Days at the V. hospital in Los Angeles. Basically. by their very nature. Unless there is something I'm not seeing. Thus any thoughts I may have on this matter must be speculative. What percentage of abreactions do you observe with other therapeutic interventions and how does that compare with the percentage that occurs during a tapping session? Could it be that other interventions trigger as many. that is only 1/10 of 1 percent out of a population that is much more prone to abreactions than the clients of most practitioners who are troubled by "garden variety" traumas. or even more. etc.A. These patients. they can. a reaction to a practitioner.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) severely emotionally disadvantaged people. Even if you have witnessed 10 times as many abreactions. 1. a smell in the room. Some questions that might arise here are. BiPolar disorders. At other times they have "out of the blue" intrusive thoughts or flashbacks with no obvious trigger. Further. The above are speculations of mine and I offer them as food for dialogue. approximately 30 have exhibited these intense abreactions. Nor am I face to face with your patients when all this is happening.

For privacy reasons. gives us the details of an intense case of trauma where "only the pros should tread" (my term). as with most of the reports in this book. Where only the pros should tread by Lori Lorenz Trish was referred to me by a caring family member because.” Even though she knew her childhood was not pleasant and that her family was pretty dysfunctional. you can cut down a few trees in a forest of traumatic memories. the actual atrocities are not described and. sometimes spanning months. the whole forest collapses. with many complicating aspects. terrifying dreams and intrusive waking images from her childhood began appearing out of "nowhere. 211 . Please note her use of the Tearless Trauma Technique. maiming. and other unspeakable atrocities. active. eventually. these "memories" were outside the realm of anything she thought could actually occur in ANY family. loving family life. she seemed to be falling apart.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) abreactions show up most of the time while tapping an abreaction prone population? I continue to look for connections between EFT tapping and abreactions and continue to find so few cases that I consider EFT to be one of the safest techniques to apply in any clinical setting to patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. who worked with combat veterans at our EFT study in San Francisco last March. in which I describe how with EFT. Lori Lorenz. Sometimes these clients appear to lead a normal life until. and long before you address them all individually. least of all hers. ~~~~ In the following report. these memories show up and cause severe disorientation. despite her outwardly beautiful. the client’s name has been changed. sexual abuse. Within the past few weeks. Lori refers in passing to a “forest” of problems.” There is much to unravel here that multiple sessions are typically necessary. murder. This is a reference to one of my favorite analogies. Experienced healing practitioners have all had cases where clients protect themselves by repressing or "not remembering" childhood events that involve torture. does not lend itself to being a "one-minute wonder. Also note that a difficult case like this. Lori's sessions with Trish should be very helpful – especially for the pros who deal with this category of clients. She was terrified of both the "memories" (if they were true) and the possibility that she was "going insane" (if they weren't).

" and "this overwhelm. looked at me with clearly present eyes. we have much more with which to help. I'll never forget the look of disbelief on her face when she sat back.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) When Trish entered my office. However. Instead of tapping. and just guess at what she might feel if she were to touch into them. But in this case. I briefly explained EFT as this "weird stuff" of tapping on the meridians to process the emotions and. whatever this stuff was. So we started tapping on "this emotion. As Trish calmed somewhat. it was working. she expressed her greater fear that she was going crazy. I let her know that unfortunately people do. without dissociating. Even with an established relationship and familiarity with the client’s history. she was able to achieve some orientation and a sense of calm. strong tapping seemed the best way to get her body sensations going in order to counter the body memories and the feeling of being disconnected from her body that seemed to be overwhelming her. In the "old days. most practitioners find such a situation to be pretty unnerving. Within minutes she was relating the extreme content of these new "memories" and entering into gripping states of flashback and immobilizing terror. and that people just didn't do these things to children. It seemed that a strong and directive voice was needed to help her focus as she moved in and out of being present. I often use the TAB (Touch and Breathe) method for EFT. eyes glazed and unfocused. with our EFT tools. I kept reminding her that our intent was not to go into the experience yet. she was barely holding herself together. we just wanted her out of this terror and sense of feeling overwhelmed. she was willing to try." "this terror.” "these images.” and "this confusion” while I frequently reminded her not to go into the memories in detail. Using a strong voice. After several rounds of EFT tapping. and this helped her discover that she had some control over the intrusiveness of the thoughts as well as the feeling of being overwhelmed. She was to intentionally distance herself from them. 212 . you simply hold each acupoint while breathing in and breathing out. I kept reminding Trish where she was and asking her to keep looking into my eyes to help her orient herself.” At times I had to tap and speak for her when she was immobilized. and said she couldn't believe it but. even though she was quite sure nothing could help her. which can be very soothing and introspective. and introduce some countering thoughts. body shaking. So we started Gary's Tearless Trauma Technique by simply referring to "these memories. despite her strong skepticism. keep the person oriented.” "this terror. but we didn't have to decide anything about the truth of her images at that point. which I did with her permission." there was little one could do during this ordeal but provide comfort. that these memories couldn't be true.

The rest she handles with EFT using her (by now) excellent skills. In the past eight months. and those issues are getting easier to clear. Her experience of calculated abuse over more than a decade ranks among the most intense I've encountered or read about. She was determined to use it as much as was needed to take back her ability to live her own life while working through whatever was needed to discover the truth and heal it. At one point in our work. Trish has grown and deepened in her capacity to love. Trish opted to stay with EFT. Wisely. we did some general monitoring of the intensity and her sense of whether or not she could handle it. Nonetheless. and there was little time to keep track of these zero-to-10 measurements anyway.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Once Trish had a sense that she could use EFT to counter the intensity of the memories. traumatizing work to get through the experiences she outlined or simply declined to work with her. and has courageously faced layer after layer of experience which would not be believed by most people – even in a horror film or documentary. in which her primary tool has been EFT. and we work by phone between trips. And that's saying a lot because my work has included the type of intense trauma that has resulted in Multiple Personality Disorder and severely repressed memories. at least at that moment. There was little hope of coming down to a zero on any of these far-reaching. By the end of our first session. I travel to her city only every four to six weeks. each of whom either gave a dismal prognosis and predicted years of painful. even for less extensive mind-controlling abuse than she suffered. Trish has discovered the truth of these memories. The fact that she has reached this point in only eight months is almost unheard of. Trish considered having a local therapist work with her in person. By our meeting the next day she had used the EFT extensively for the memories and nightmares with impressive relief. and connect with her husband and children in ways that amaze her and bring tears to her eyes. For Trish. Trish interviewed five or six professionals who specialize in abuse. Through this healing. having a place to describe these horrific events seemed more important for her sense of sanity than trying to neutralize a "forest" of unknown extent in a single two-hour session. We worked carefully with the details and tapped often whenever the intensity rose. Trish was absolutely convinced of the efficacy of EFT. she began to describe them. received several validations from external sources. ~~~~ 213 . with faster results. experience joy. She occasionally schedules a session or two when some new aspect or layer of experience surfaces. many-aspected events.

and I described how it works. I told her we would approach the event in a general way to take the edge off the intensity and move toward it slowly and carefully. She was impressed with this simple technique. I asked for any physical or emotional symptoms that were present at this time but she had none. her mother tried to leave her father. I taught Jenny how to do EFT and we tapped on some simple body discomforts and some general feelings of anxiety. she developed fears about leaving and being killed by her husband as her mother had been. People sometimes enter into such sessions with intense buried memories. Jenny married and had children with a man who was physically and psychologically abusive in order to control her behaviors. Jenny told me she knew that this happened but had no memories about it. When Jenny was a young child. she became more and more emotionally unstable and was eventually hospitalized. I told her that we would be using the Tearless Trauma Technique to minimize emotional pain. She continued to be afraid of him but would play by his rules so she could see her children. independence. I thought it would be good to begin with a general statement so I said something like 214 . Thus it should be no surprise that this intensity shows up during the session. I told her everything except what was actually going to happen… I asked her if she had any nervousness or other concerns about the topic we were going to address. During her attempt to leave. freedom. Jenny’s father killed her mother.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) In the following report. No one in her family ever talked about her mother or her father or the death. and self-esteem. It is vitally important to recognize this and I make a comment about it within the article. and Jenny witnessed this event. She was treated and released but her husband gained custody of the children and was making it impossible for her to spend time with them unless he was present as well. He was using the children as a means of persuading her to return to the relationship against her will. A few weeks later. She talked about the murder of her mother in a matter-of-fact manner. All of this was told to me with absolutely no emotion. An extreme trauma with a severe abreaction and what to do about it by Jayne Morgan-Kidd Jenny grew up in a violent home in which her father physically abused her mother. When she decided to divorce him. Jayne Morgan-Kidd gives us the history of her traumatized client and then describes the client's extreme reaction at the beginning of her EFT session. As the divorce date approached. we decided to begin work on the trauma. beliefs. Jenny’s grandmother just “became Mommy after it happened” and that was that. Note how Jayne "stayed with it" and brought peace to the process.

I don’t think that if I had simply suggested that “life has always been pretty hard for her” that she would have had the same reaction. I began to tap on her head. She started saying things like. I called the next day to see how she was doing. I took her hand and was continuing to tap on the points I could get to. tapping her head and along her spinal column. She started to cry and covered her face with her hands. Otherwise. I see what he’s doing …. When I tap for clients. as though she might vomit. I will include one other set of phrasing even if they 215 . More sessions were required to resolve all the aspects of this trauma." Either way. saying things like ‘I’m safe now.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though life has been hard for me ever since I was little… and we didn’t even get off the Karate Chop Point. But we had a start. when I have a client with such an extremely traumatic history. I often hold one of their hands with one of mine as I tap on them with the other. as it was one of the few points that I could reach. I told her I was going to tap for her. It was almost as if she was proud that she had been through this “purging. Her whole body was coming forward as she continued crying. She said she felt she had purged a lot and having a sore throat seemed reasonable to her. it’s not happening now. I find it useful to have these real issues on the table so they can be dealt with. It is difficult to say whether they are brought out because the client is in a therapeutic environment or because EFT "loosened things up. I can see it. I told her we could tap on that sensation but she did not want to tap on it. Why? Because the memories are already there.] I’ve learned something else from this experience that I’d like to share with others who do this kind of work. In the future. this was a long time ago. the abreaction subsided. they stay hidden and seethe under the surface. “I remember it. [My comment: It's important to recognize that EFT doesn't cause the memories that are behind this sort of abreaction. including some of the finger points. There were no more tears or crying and she looked calm. I continued tapping and saying any calming phrase that came to me. nothing is happening now…” I could hear her making hard swallowing sounds. She told me her sore throat was gone when she woke up and that she continued to feel calm and relaxed. Then I began to feel her hand getting heavier and heavier in mine. albeit a bumpy one! Did that first round of tapping bring on the abreaction? I would say yes it did.” By this time she was on her knees on the floor and I was beside her. and after what seemed much longer than the five minutes it probably was. She told me her throat was sore.” We ended the session by doing some tapping with some affirmations on self-acceptance and love.

And it’s also important that you feel confident that you can stay with someone throughout an extreme reaction until it clears.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) say they have no physical sensations or emotions present as we begin. I think I would use some phrases like: Even though I’m not feeling anything right now about this experience that I had when I was little… Even though I might have all kinds of feelings about this experience that I may have hidden from myself… And I would probably do several minutes of this approach before going on to anything closer to the event itself. I will tap for them anyway. This experience also reminds me that it’s important to let the client know that extreme reactions are possible with EFT even when we are using techniques to minimize pain. ~~~~ 216 .

It’s also easy to justify our anger. and let go. Nagy observed.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Twelve: EFT for PTSD’s Many Causes Far from the battlefield. Although it often follows accidents. At the same time. As Dr. EFT works for people of all ages. believing that to let our guard down and let go of anger or unforgiveness puts us in a vulnerable position. anger is one of our hard-wired emotions. the simple strategy of giving up a little anger can go a long way toward releasing the rest. anger that has lasted for years. Intellectually deciding to release anger and actually doing so are two different things. Yet even when we understand that. even dozens of years. I consider anger a major impediment to physical and emotional healing. has evaporated in just a few minutes with the help of EFT. it can be difficult to forgive. PTSD’s underlying causes can include verbal abuse. heartache. forget. The key is correcting the energy disruption that prevents the person from seeing the situation any differently from the way he or she has been seeing it all along. embarrassment. letting go of anger always pays more dividends than holding onto it. the person’s perspective changes and old grudges don’t seem important any more. It’s easy to get upset. lets the enemy win. EFT tapping removes the energy blocks that contribute to anger. and then stay mad. anyone can experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yet. The same Setup phrases and strategies that work well for military PTSD can be adapted for any kind of trauma. I appreciate how tenacious this emotion can be. the emotion that can interfere the most and cause the most damage is anger. Fortunately. Total forgiveness can seem like an impossible homework assignment. We may see how destructive anger is when we see it in other people. and other traumatic events. direct anger toward a particular person or institution. but our own anger is different. or even toward God or Mother Nature. including children. in many cases. and as soon as that happens. acute disappointments. In fact. Dealing with anger When it comes to recovering from just about any setback that life has to offer. stress. 217 . or means that we approve of or condone what happened. In my experience. and even causes that are never discovered. illness. physical assaults. We may even go out of our way to feed anger and keep it alive. or anxiety.

. but it replaces a flat “it’s never going to happen” with the possibility of a future transformation..” The supervisor had listened. harmony can be restored.” After just one more round he was able to see the event in perspective and “from the other side. and it was clear that this confrontation would become physical. who had changed his roster without consultation.” He then said that he realized the supervisor probably hadn’t meant any malice towards him and probably didn’t even realize he was upset by the decision that had been made. Several weeks later in another program... That is that anger typically covers an underlying fear. the same result can be applied in marriages and other interpersonal relationships.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Some ways to do this are to project your release of anger far into the future or to make the whole project indefinite..” He planned to confront the supervisor.. perhaps. taken his ideas on board. made the changes. I wondered aloud what would have happened if we hadn’t used EFT and he assured me the results “would not have been pretty. he acknowledged that he was feeling hurt and upset by the supervisor’s actions and agreed to try tapping on “this supervisor hurt. Rather than having this man tap on his anger – which was substantial – I made a distinction with him that I credit to Dr Larry Nims. forgive him a little. sadness.. I asked the employees to list situations at work that provoked them emotionally... Isn't that our ultimate goal? Employee overcomes anger at supervisor by Steve Wells In applying EFT in the corporate field. his face became red and he described how he wanted to “kill the guy. this employee was able to relate that he had spoken to the supervisor and explained his position “without getting angry at all – I was able to calmly state my case. As he spoke.I choose to know that I can some day release this anger. One worker described a recent misunderstanding between himself and his supervisor. or hurt.I might someday. This all sounds very vague. I am continually impressed at how easily conflict can be resolved. The case below is just one example of many. and they were now enjoying an excellent working relationship. . .” After just one round his face became softer and he said “Well I don’t feel so much like I have to sort him out now. and productivity can be improved in the workplace using these techniques. The bottom line is that EFT can be used effectively to generate personal peace where none existed before. When I discussed this with the man. In one group I worked with. While the setting here is in the corporate workplace. Steve Wells demonstrates how easily intense anger can be defused.” He was 218 .

perhaps for religious or ethical reasons. I agree that the act of “forgiveness” is all too often a pretense entered into by a person who feels obliged to “forgive” someone (or fate). They feel that to do this would be paying mere lip service to the concept of “forgiveness. When it happens it does so by default. As John Naisbett recognized two decades ago in his book Megatrends. Using EFT for forgiveness: the one-percent solution by Dr. And their adoption creates positive shifts in productivity and morale for those businesses that embrace these technologies and use them to build their people. The reason for this may be the fact that the act of forgiving is not an act at all in any real sense. or anger about a “wrong” that has been done to self or others. ~~~~ Here is an important report from Dr. To truly forgive. especially when one feels resentment. How many situations like this are happening every day that could be resolved if every worker were empowered to use EFT? What could this do for the morale and productivity of the average workplace? I believe there are significant advantages available for those businesses that are early adopters of new change technologies such as EFT. who calls her elegant application of incremental EFT the “one-percent solution.” It would not come from their heart. fear. Patricia Carrington. Patricia Carrington I can’t tell you how often people have told me that they simply cannot conceive of forgiving some other person for destructive acts that person has done – even if they use EFT for this problem. advances in technology (high tech) bring a corresponding need for the human connection (high touch).” That’s a great name for a highly effective technique. which are even more significant than the mechanistic advances being touted as the future for business.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) still incredulous that EFT had so effectively dealt with his anger and hurt. These needs are everywhere you look in the average workplace. as he recalled how intense he had been at the time. Webster's New International Dictionary and the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language both define the verb to forgive as "to give up resentment against or the 219 . as we let go of resentment against the other party along with the desire to punish. They cry out for skilled practitioners to get in there and help people to iron out the hurts. is one of the most difficult and "unintuitive" things that we can do.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) desire to punish. Perhaps it will fall upon the floor and get damaged. is basically an absence of these negative emotions. We cling to such thoughts tenaciously for long periods of time. I am going to suggest a way in which EFT can be used to lessen or eliminate resentment and the punishment motive. Ask someone. I am reminded of the way newborn infants show such a powerful grasp reflex. revenge and a desire to punish have been relinquished. to pardon. to place a book on a table. It is likely that newborns had to be able to grasp onto their mothers or onto a tree branch to protect against a disastrous fall. the fact is that it is usually easier for us to hold on to something that it is to let go of that same thing. then. Whatever the reason. They will probably consider possible outcomes that come to their mind and will try to decide whether it is safe and advantageous for them to let go of the book. Forgiveness. an absence of the need for revenge. however. Maybe the person will be “pushed around” or otherwise manipulated by you if he or she complies with this request. and more than likely (if they have no particular reason for not doing so) they will find it easy to comply with your request for they are being asked to do a direct and simple act. The result is that this person may be reluctant to let go of the book. and because of our use of language. and it is not surprising that we hear stories of vendettas that carry on from generation to generation in certain cultures. This makes for difficulty. This grasp reflex may well be due to some inherited instinct that helped newborn humans to survive when we were tree-dwelling primates. sometimes for a lifetime. How then can we bring about “forgiveness. even with the use of EFT? Because forgiveness is actually something that happens automatically when resentment. when we attempt to use EFT to create forgiveness because it is much more difficult for people or animals to let go of something than it is for them to hold on to it. or at least hesitate to carry it out until they give considerable thought to the consequences. ask that same person to “let go” of a book they might already be holding and they may well resist that request. we have a strong tendency to hold on to remembered wrongs and seemingly cannot pry ourselves loose from thoughts about “justice” and “punishment” for such wrongs.” which basically involves a letting go of resentment and giving up of the wish for revenge. They can hold on with enormous strength to a finger or object within reach and not let go of it for a long time –– sometimes their fingers have to be pried loose from the object. thereby creating the natural state of forgiveness which is. in fact. where a revenge motive actually controls the lives of the people caught in it. 220 . for example. to stop being angry with. However. anger.” It is quite clear that their definitions of forgiveness refer to the result of letting go of anger or resentment or desire for revenge.

Suppose that one person has been deeply hurt another person in the past. If you use this “one-percent” solution. Here is how this statement might look in practice. After all. and by letting it happen at all. you will probably have no trouble letting go of such a ridiculously small portion of your resentment. If you ask Person A to “forgive” Person B. I have found it is far more productive to approach this matter in an indirect manner. A little release is always a big release. is to BREAK UP the “letting go” process into tiny chunks. you have actually opened a door to letting go of your resentments totally. I choose to release one percent of the rage I feel toward her. Even though I’m furious about what she did. a certainty that you cannot under any circumstances let go of your resentment! I have many times seen this simple strategy result in a person's ability to entertain the possibility of letting go of all of their resentment. end the statement by a Choice to “let go of only one-percent" of your resentment. or desire to punish. can someone just let go of resentment if they’ve been deeply hurt? A way to get around this trap. Even if you ask her or him to “let go” of any resentment they have toward the other person. "And keep all the rest of it" if you wish. it is not much to ask of yourself to give up one percent of it. When you formulate your EFT statement. One way I have found extremely effective is to break up the revenge motive into tiny manageable pieces. Once relinquishing 221 . so that you prove to yourself that your conviction that it’s impossible to let go of your resentment isn’t true. Even though I’m outraged at what he did. then you will be in a very different state of mind than you were before. anger. little by little. I call this the "Divide and Conquer" tactic. that resentment can be let go of in little pieces –– which of course paves the way for a much greater letting go to come.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Since there is much reluctance in people to let go of resentment and the need for retribution. Here’s how it works. You can even add the phrase. they reason. even if on a very small scale. I choose to let go of one percent of my anger against him. Something that seemed impossible will suddenly become possible. and you are still allowed to retain most of your righteous anger! However –– and here is the secret in this approach –– if you are able truly to let go of one percent of your resentment. it seems impossible at first. How. one which I find to be extraordinarily effective. it still tends to feel impossible. You will now have abandoned a deeply entrenched belief.

This is because the emotional charge has been removed from the situation." Reframes (seeing things differently) for guilt. and it’s often magnified in cases of PTSD. "The four Setups and reframes below are tailored to those who have been infected by the not-good-enough virus. or you may decide to do so. Releasing them will have obvious benefits on our day to day energy. and sorrow by Stewart Robertson Feelings of shame. you are now free to choose what is really best for you.” and punishment must be meted out for you to be at rest.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a desire for revenge is seen as possible. shame. When you let go of your tenacious hold on the conviction that “justice must be done at any cost. Either way. Stewart Robertson from the UK gives us four "reframing Setups" for addressing guilt and its close relatives. 222 . healing responses. He says. I usually begin on the Karate Chop point and continue round the usual points while continuing my ramblings of such perspectives. and the universal abundance showing up in our lives. ~~~~ Guilt is another destructive emotion. The four Setups and reframes below are tailored to those who have been infected by the not-good-enough virus. the road has been cleared for you to release your entire resentment/punishment motive. These reframes are very effective because they help the client to see the issues differently. You will have lifted a tremendous emotional burden from yourself. and you’ll be able to move ahead constructively with your life. and because unforgiveness depends on that motive. I strongly recommend the “one-percent solution” when the need to forgive is resistant to any other approach. You may decide that you don’t want to see that person again or put yourself in that kind of situation again. Substitute your client’s situation and emotions – or your own – into the Setup and customize as far as possible. or those stuck in sorrow or guilt. it too will have melted away. and can go on from there to build a new relationship or other better relationships or whatever you desire. and unworthiness are among the lowest energies we can sustain as human beings. The revenge motive will have evaporated. shame and sorrow. or those stuck in sorrow or guilt. Now you will have “forgiven” that person in the true sense of that word. according to rational decision. you finally will be at rest. You will have forgiven this person or circumstance or fate in the true sense of the word. guilt.

I never feel guilty that I am well. it's not the last word on me. Because family roles are “assigned” unconsciously very early in people’s lives. and fears of being in positions of responsibility. and self-blame is no better than blaming someone else… Even though I feel ashamed. they become our identity in many ways. I'll die deserving. somehow I'm believing that me feeling bad is helping in some way. sorry. EFT for panic. and sparkling attributes.origin issues. abilities. fears of going outside. We may be afraid to let go of the roles and move into other. and not even one thimbleful of my guilt will change what happened.. agoraphobia. I would never pin this on anyone else. it's not my entire person. these problems improve. I worked with Susan on her panic attacks. He was 223 . We don't always get "one minute wonders. and I always have good intentions… Even though I feel ashamed. while others are sick and I can never be hungry enough to feed one starving child. or guilty about this issue. somehow I'm managing to feel guilty about this. with friends. and the only question is whether I'll give myself a break for the bit in the middle… ~~~~ As you will see in the following article by Zoe Zimmerman. or guilty about this issue. but progress can be very steady. Susan’s father was an alcoholic with three children." of course. freer ways of living and relating. contributing to what Gary has called “the writings on our walls. there is much more to me. we can’t imagine ourselves being any other way. Even though I feel ashamed. or guilty about this issue and I DON'T forgive myself for this problem. and I am ultimately innocent and always worthy of love. this issue doesn’t represent everything about me. and feeling like a failure by Zoe Zimmerman I’ve found that negative family patterns from childhood powerfully influence how we as adults interact at work. sorry.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I feel ashamed. a long list of childhood issues can ruin an adulthood! But when EFT is properly applied to the adult. it doesn't represent me as a person. EFT can be very effective in resolving family-of. my skills. sorry. with spouses.. which does seem ridiculous. it doesn't describe all of me. and with our children. sorry.” For this reason. I was born deserving. resources. feelings of incompetence and failure in her marriage. or guilty.

The oldest child. Some part of me knew it. She tried to work in the healthcare field. but whenever someone experienced a big emotion. We worked on a number of specific incidents having to do with her father and some having to do with her mother and sister. I’ve carried it to this day. even back then. Susan’s mother. where she was responsible for other people. and. fear. on the other hand. He excelled in school and sports and was his father’s favorite. I realize now that he tried to make me do what wasn’t right for me. and feel completely incompetent. I was always strong in being me. I realize now that I was never weak. Tapping on EFT points: I’ve had the role of the weak and incompetent one. and feel. He worked hard at keeping it that way. in some ways. I realize now that this is not actually who I am personally and I give myself permission to give up the role and to be who I really am. Susan’s father used to tell her that she would never amount to anything because she was so weak and incompetent. and hear. such as sadness.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) emotionally volatile and verbally and physically abusive to Susan. Even though I was given the role of the weak and incompetent one. responsible for knowing what to do to help people and completely unable to do so. his youngest child. a boy. like a failure when I heard. I believed I couldn’t do anything right. Susan became increasingly unable to be effective in the world and was afraid of people in authority. felt all the family tension and anxiety in her body. I realize that what he wanted me to do was not right for me. it became almost impossible for her to leave the house. was the one who did everything right. I believed I was wrong. and I did that instead. including her own husband. because she was afraid of her husband. He also told her that no man would ever want her. Some part of me knew that and refused. Even though I believed I was weak and couldn’t do anything right when my father said that to me. Here are some excerpts from the more general family dynamics sessions. she would forget what she knew. Susan. She felt. and this became my identity in the family. I deeply and completely accept and love myself anyway – myself as a child and myself now. As an adult. Some part of me knew what was right for me and I was following that. was not able to protect herself or her child from his unpredictable violence. at the same time. my father saying I can’t do anything right. Tapping on EFT points: I believed I was weak. become dizzy. Even though I felt. Some part of me knew what was right for me. He never cried or showed weakness of any kind. or anger. numb. I’ve thought that’s 224 . and panicky. Finally. and to his wife.

Although her husband is not like her father. I know now that it’s a role that was given to me unconsciously. Even though I’m afraid to give up this role – because. I forgive myself for taking it on and living it to this day. He knew it was about him and not about me. Even though I feel unsafe when my husband is angry. Tapping on EFT points: He knew it was not about me. Susan’s panic attacks have decreased. he knew what he was doing and the evidence was his apologies afterward. Even though I was so scared and felt it was my fault when my father yelled or hit me. I know this now. I forgive my family for giving it to me and for holding me to it.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) actually who I am. and I give myself permission to let my father-fear go. whenever he showed “negative” emotions such as anger. and it brings back the danger of living with my father. He knew that he was unhappy and angry and frustrated and took it out on me. so that I can go on with my life free and separate from his unhappiness. And she now sees that when her 225 . She was able to attend a training class that she had put off because she was too afraid to go. I forgive him now. numb. without it. I choose to stay committed to myself and to the relationship with my husband. I realize now that it was never about me at all. it has more to do with him than with me. Tapping on EFT points: When my husband is angry about _____. She has also been able to teach a church class without getting dizzy. who am I? – I deeply and completely love and accept myself and give myself permission to give it up. The patterns she learned in order to survive around her father were still present today with her husband. I choose to see the distinction between my father and my husband. I’m committed to staying right here now with what I feel and think and know. and there’s still a part of me that’s living from that time and place. I realize that my father was dangerous and my husband is not. I give myself permission to let it go and I choose to be free to once again live who I really am. he knew I was fine. and panicky. I completely accept myself and I completely accept my husband. and that he knew all along that it was not about me. He knew it was his own problem. she reacted with fear and with feeling wrong and like a failure. Over time. Even though I learned as a child that my only survival was to disappear away from my father and away from myself. and she is able to go outside and run errands.

and one of the highlights is that we would quickly come to miss the presence of someone if they weren't there. Before the call I went to the archives of the EFT website and searched for "car accident" in order to get a sense of what other practitioners had done.” So. I hadn't dealt with the particular trauma of a recent car accident. It was truly an amazing weekend. I asked Sarah to describe what she saw. Her car had been hit by a drunk driver. and she was able to make it to the end of the workshop that afternoon. such as its color (red). Note how the physical problems subsided and re-appeared at a later time. it’s often because of his own fears and does not mean that she is incompetent or that she is a failure. texture (striated muscle). and intensity (7 on a scale of zero to 10). ~~~~ JoAnn SkyWatcher gives us a helpful step-by-step trip through a successful EFT session for accident trauma. I asked her to tap on her Karate Chop Point while she said her Setup: Even though I was in a sucky car accident… Even though I was really scared by being in this sucky car accident… Even though it was really scary being in this sucky car accident… Then we did one round of tapping through the different points.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) husband is critical of her. This is usually evidence that there are more aspects to address. She is able to stand up for herself. shape (triangular). temperature (hot). one of the participants. Fortunately she had not been seriously injured. like the name of a movie. heard and felt during the accident as well as her fears and other feelings. I then asked her about the pain she was having in her neck. Sucky car accident! The next couple of rounds she repeated the following phrases that described what she had sensed while tapping on each point: 226 . I also asked her to give the accident a name. sound (Ahhh!!!-screaming). I decided to volunteer my EFT services and we worked by telephone the next day. saying. I bundled together all of the aspects of the car accident and Sarah titled it “Sucks. and she was in the hospital. One day we were startled to hear that Sarah. Relieving the trauma of a car accident by JoAnn SkyWatcher Recently I participated in a three-day workshop and really got to know the participants. had been in a car accident on her way home from the workshop the day before.

However. I am pissed that he drove off. My glasses get knocked off. the pain in her neck only dropped to a 4 out of 10. I'm getting hit and the car is spinning. and in less 227 . even though it wasn't her fault. and that brought her level of intensity to zero for the trauma. which had already dropped from 7 to 5 without being directly addressed. I tried using humor. and had her yell loudly about how guilty she was for driving the car. I felt the impact of the car hitting the back left wheel. It only took two more rounds of tapping directly for the pain in her neck bring it to zero. I saw the teal blur coming at me. I asked if there was anything else that she was feeling. I heard my neighbors talking. Like a smack across the face. So. I heard tires squealing. and the pain in her neck dropped to 2. I first thought nothing would happen. The first twenty minutes of the session I used to learn about all aspects of the accident. I smell the airbag going off. I asked her to yell louder. we tapped on her anger and embarrassment for a couple of rounds. I see him drive off. Next. I hear the sound of the impact. And thought that was not a good noise. So. She reported feeling some guilt about the accident. The squealing tires and the smack. and how to describe the pain in her neck. It smells like gunpowder. I asked her to do the 9-Gamut treatment. We continued tapping for the trauma of the sucky car accident. though the pain in her neck remained at 2. Her level of intensity went to 2 and then almost to zero. I asked Sarah to look inside and see if there was something that she had overlooked. I then asked her about the pain in her neck. The tapping brought her level of intensity down from 7 to 3 for the trauma of the car accident. We spent only five minutes directly tapping for the pain in her neck. Then we tapped for about thirty minutes to dissolve the trauma of the accident itself.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I was driving through the intersection. I hear the sound of braking glass. My vision is blurry. At each point. I think the yelling helped because her level of intensity dropped to 1 for the trauma of the sucky accident. She realized that she was feeling angry and embarrassed. how she felt about it. and her level of intensity remained the same. The car is spinning around 180 degrees.

she said she saw the car that caused the accident just begin to appear in the periphery of her vision and she felt terror and helplessness arising. Notice how. Doing that. The whole process had taken no more than five minutes. so. Some repeatedly relive the accident mentally for decades. Alan Morison from the United Kingdom gives us some skillful approaches for lifting this burden from two different women. Tip-toeing into two car accident traumas by Alan Morison In August at a health fair where I offer EFT to the passing public. and she responded. As she continued speaking. My body still gets tired very easily but better each week. I tested her by taking her gradually more and more into the accident memory. and even though she was unhurt. I felt no need to check the intensity of her feelings .it was pretty obvious it was a 10 or higher. We communicated by email today. She left to do her packing with a spring in her step. It has been a month since Sarah’s accident. I gave her a simple round of silent tapping which helped calm her immediately. 228 . Very useful. I'm having pain now (when I do have it) right behind my heart. in both cases.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than one hour. One good thing is that in my last visit to my chiropractor I had no upper cervical stuff to be worked on. After tapping for any remaining emotions. at my sacrum. I asked how she is doing. she said it was like looking into a very distant scene. She felt no response whatsoever and when she played the whole movie in her mind. "I'm feeling pretty good. she disliked busy roads ever since. She suddenly announced that she was not looking forward to returning home and explained that two years ago she had been involved in a bad motorway accident. he gently tiptoes into the issue. sweats. another stallholder. both the trauma of the accident and the pain in her neck were completely gone. so I tapped for these emotions. with permission. She had recurring nightmares. resulting in nightmares and lifelong limits. I could see her becoming emotional. Experience has taught me that clients report this when traumas have been released. and sometimes also in my neck. just before the end of the day. and flashbacks. I then took her back to a calm state of mind just before the accident. which was the first time probably ever!" ~~~~ Car accidents can leave both physical and emotional scars on us. I was talking to Sue. In this article. I asked her to edge forward into the very first second of the event to prevent any further heavy emotions and to report what she could see and feel. Medication had not helped at all.

beginning at the age of four when she had witnessed a pile-up just by her house. I tapped her for the sounds she heard first from inside the house. opening the door to go out. As we proceeded. I tapped her for two more accidents by the time she was 13. and then seeing the crumpled cars. But the dominoes had started falling and she released these horrific sights very quickly. “This feels really bizarre. I stopped talking and with permission tapped this lady to calm her down. was a chapter of one motor accident after another.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Almost three months later I met her again and asked about the accident. then with the shock of the suicide of a neighbor in her car. She could now experience what it was like to be finally emotionally free. She could now know what it was like to feel joyful and it was wonderful to see the transformation in her. walking down her path. 229 . the absence of mother (who was in a different room and didn't know she had gone out). She looked puzzled for a moment and then said.” The trauma had so completely left her system that she had almost forgotten it even took place. little knowing just how deeply his description would affect her. it seems. Each incident was fairly quickly resolved but she just kept revealing more. “Oh that! It hasn't bothered me since the tapping. Taking her into the scene gradually. She decided to have some treatment there and then. dealing with the shock of the slow motion inevitability of impact and the feeling that her father could have done something to avoid the collisions. We dealt with the tragedy in her mid teens of the death of her best friend in a traffic accident and her ensuing loneliness. but because she felt some anxiety about treatment in a public place I tapped first for that and then eased her into telling her story. as she had lived almost all her life under the cloud of these events. thinking to myself that this must be another traffic accident PTSD case. I was using my intuition rather than the numbers but it all adds up to the same. A long drive to Spain with friends ended in the horror of driving through terrible weather conditions and witnessing several fatal accidents. Most of the time I did not need to check for intensity levels but I tested for each event by getting her to play her movie of the scenes and only moved on when doing so provoked no reaction. only to move on to a friend who had recently had an accident and bragged about his minor injuries to her. Her life. When finally she could play through everything with no negative reactions she said.' No small wonder. The color of the cars was also significant for her as future accidents involved cars of similar colors. Success! At another fair I was telling someone about Sue's story when I noticed another lady in the vicinity becoming rather emotional as she listened.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The whole process took one and a half hours. She didn’t break any bones but had whiplash and other physical problems. I asked her to think of the worst part of the accident and she said she was so afraid of being hit again that she drove five 230 . Several said the upset incident didn’t bother them any more. She had weeks of physical therapy and was out of work for four months. She was working on the second traffic accident and said. explaining that they did not have to believe this exercise would work. It is over and I am okay. In November. “I can still see it happen but I am calm now. I asked them to pick a specific incident in their life that still upset them when they thought about it and then write down their current intensity on a scale of zero to 10. Then we did three group rounds starting with: “Even though I have this upset feeling. “Oh my goodness!” and I asked if she’d like to elaborate on that statement. There are still times when I can hardly believe how successful EFT is. She agreed but wanted to remain seated. I asked them to think about their upset and write down the number again. The inevitable surprised looks came on some faces. had two traffic accidents in less than six weeks. Brenda. The irony was that both accidents occurred at the same intersection on her way home from work. ~~~~ EFT instructor Ann Adams gives us the details (including several sets of Setup language) behind a relatively simple case involving accident flashbacks. she shared with me that she was still having flashbacks of the accident and trouble sleeping. These two trauma cases are witness to that. Rapid relief from accident flashbacks by Ann Adams Last year one of our terrific cooks at our residential program. I suggested she attend.” After two slow deep breaths. I started the training session with a brief explanation of the technique and led everyone right into an exercise. This is a common problem and thus Ann's message should help many clients.” I asked for her number and she said it was a zero. and she hardly noticed the passage of time. Since I was conducting another staff training on using EFT the following week. She seemed so comfortable talking about it that I asked if she would like to work on other aspects of the accident as a demonstration in front of the group. She returned to work last August. Brenda said. I deeply and completely accept myself.

. Wrong with what? I asked. About the middle of January. We tapped several times for: Even though I am afraid to drive through the intersection. So we tapped twice through the points for: "Even though I still have some apprehension about getting close to where the accident happened. Then she said she was still a little apprehensive when she got close enough to actually see the intersection. I suggested to Brenda that she use the remaining time in the staff training to work on any other scenes of the accident that still affected her. She said. I had an opportunity to ask Brenda about her feelings now about the accident. That was in November. She said. I feel like I should have been able to do 231 . “That stuff you did really helped” and told me she not only had been able to drive home the shorter way but that after the training she was able to sleep and that she no longer was having flashbacks about the cars ramming into her. I asked her to picture herself passing that intersection on her way home but to stop at any point she felt herself getting upset again. But she said that something about it still bothered her – it was a nagging kind of feeling that something was still wrong..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) extra miles coming and going to work in a detour around the "accident intersection. Even though I feel helpless to prevent being hit by a car. Brenda was smiling now and said she thought she could go home the shorter way.” she said. and then passing each landmark along the way until she got to the intersection where she had the two wrecks..." When asked to take a deep breath and give me a number." Her fear of being hit again at that intersection was at least a 9. “Yes. so I took a guess and said that sometimes victims felt that in some way they were responsible for what had happened to them. she reported it was now a 2. And. I gave the group a handout that describes the process and encouraged them to use it for everything. “Wrong with me. starting it.. as always.. So Brenda and the audience did the 9 Gamut procedure and another round of tapping. Even though I am afraid I will be hit again. She began by picturing herself getting in the car. Her intensity level was a 6.. She closed her eyes and was quiet for a few seconds.. She was meaning emotionally. I told the audience that I wanted to show them another step and for those who still had any level of upset to think about their problem and follow along.

is like giving yourself a vaccination against PTSD. This is one reason why I encourage people to tap several times a day every day for issues big and small. Denis Franklin from Australia comes upon a friend being attacked in the streets and immediately applies EFT for the emotional trauma.” We started tapping for: "Even though I ought to have been able to do something…" "Even though I feel responsible…" "Even though I feel guilty for the accident…" Brenda then laughed and told me that she couldn’t see now how she could have thought she was responsible. who apparently has serious psychiatric problems. for eight months now. Our newsletter archives offer many examples of people tapping immediately after a car accident. “That’s amazing. argument. Recently I came upon a lady I knew. EFT can help prevent it from developing in the first place. and I assertively asked the aggressor. who was being attacked by another woman! I could hear the yelling and recognized her from a distance. and to stop at any point there was any upset. Wouldn't it be nice if we could apply EFT immediately after every traumatic experience? “Preventive” EFT after an attack in the street by Denis Franklin I have been using EFT with tremendous results.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) something to stop it. including the police and hospital experiences. Brenda. it sure is! ~~~~ In addition to helping people recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” Yeah. injury. especially during times of stress. what was going 232 .” I asked her to close her eyes again and pictured both accidents. About a minute passed and she opened her eyes and said no. or other mishap. That I shouldn’t have been driving by that intersection that day. The aggressor had been punching and kicking my friend and hitting her with an umbrella. When I reached them. Keeping your energy balanced. Success. both in my counseling sessions and on its own. and even when they can’t think of any specific problem to tap for. There was nothing she could have done to stop it. “It was not my fault. the former schoolteacher in me came out.

I use EFT with the majority of my clients to excellent effect. had a reduction of intensity in a matter of minutes. eliminate food cravings.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on. The matter was considered serious enough to be reported to the police. and neutralize traumas of all kinds. both ladies said the level of their emotional upset had gone from a 10 down to about a 4! Then. The young woman who had been watching appeared even more agitated than my friend who had been attacked! My friend had previously heard me mention EFT. we never know when EFT is going to come in handy. After that first. including a brief prayer and using their feeling words. I offered EFT sessions at a fair. Also note the delayed reaction at the end. I sat them both down opposite me in a quiet place and took them through a first round of tapping. She started to explain. or what it’s going to be used for! ~~~~ Listen in as Rosemary Eads uses EFT over the phone to calm her step-daughter. I have helped people stop smoking. and later we each had to give the police our statement of what had happened. 233 . often-interrupted round. regardless of the issue. and the young lady had never even heard of it. A young woman was also there with my friend. I asked both ladies if they would like to be free of the pent-up emotion they were both feeling. after an uninterrupted second round. I told her to move on. They mirrored my (left-handed) tapping on myself. Handling the aftermath of a mugging with EFT over the phone by Rosemary Eads As a mental health counselor. and every person. Of course. As we hear so often. and slowly and reluctantly she did so. both agreed that the stress from that trauma had been reduced to zero! And they were very grateful! Later I prayed for the poor disturbed lady. After the aggressor had gone. though she didn’t know anything about it. explaining it as we went. but it turned out that my friend wasn’t even directly involved in what the other woman was upset about. Recently. they both said they would.

When we spoke the next day. My instincts told me that because the incident was so fresh. she is using the Movie Technique. 234 . She instinctively clutched the purse and as a result was dragged along the road by the would-be thief. she reported that she was no longer weepy or shaky. my most gratifying experience occurred when my twenty-something step-daughter was mugged in Minneapolis. the physical distance between us and our children can be a source of great frustration in a time of crisis. She felt that the incident was unfortunate. ~~~~ The EFT Movie Technique and Story Technique are two of our most useful procedures.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) However. she is using the Story Technique. EFT helped us bridge the distance and enabled me to comfort my step-daughter in a powerful and magnificently effective way. As parents. Her intensity had gone down to a zero on its own. When her friend closes her eyes to watch events from the past. Note how seasoned EFTer Dawn Norton uses them for two separate issues. it might be appropriate to leave the intensity at a 4 for the time being. I was so grateful to have this extraordinary tool to help her with her trauma. Using EFT for the aftermath of a hanging and for unresolved mother-death grief by Dawn Norton I recently had two amazing experiences with a friend in my community. hundreds of miles away from my husband and me. I offered to teach her EFT because I knew she had witnessed the aftermath of a hanging that had happened about a year before. I used EFT both times to bring total resolution to extremely difficult memories. she was down to a 4 at the end. Her screams eventually drove the thief off and she stumbled into her apartment shaken and bloody. While her intensity level was a 9 at the beginning of our work. going over many of the aspects of the incident. She called us the next day to tell us what happened and reported that she was crying a great deal and was still shaking. She was returning from the store on foot at about 5 PM when a boy on a bike tried to steal her purse. and when she describes out loud what happened. but was no longer preoccupying her thoughts. I asked her if she was interested in doing EFT over the phone and she agreed. I worked with her for about a half an hour. They often generate impressive results even in the hands of newcomers. The two go together like a hand and glove.

should she feel distressed to let me know and we would do more EFT.. "And then they cut him out of the tree and he fell to the ground. "Oh. She said. After about four rounds. When she said. We used these and similar phrases. Again. "And then I saw him hanging in the tree. she had felt great regret. She only told me that she felt a little responsible as he was a neighbor and she probably should have offered more friendship." I again asked what she felt. heart poundings. how she found out from her father that her mother would not be coming home." Only 15 minutes earlier. THAT! I forgot all about that. and her sadness at growing up without her. he might have done it anyway. We went through all of the details of before she was sick... 235 . She had been writing about her mother's death at the tender age of 11 from complications of diabetes. what happened the night she was taken away by ambulance. how she had been bedridden for some time. I tapped along on myself on her behalf as she narrated. How does it make you feel to say that? She replied that she felt all right and continued. taking note of her level of intensity on each round. Clearly her level of intensity was 10 out of 10. I asked her if she still felt responsible at all for what happened. She closed her eyes and began to tell the story. She had begun counseling and she had been asked to keep a journal of her earliest memories. she was down to a 1 out of 10. I did not stop her because I did not want her to feel as if she were doing it wrong. How wonderful! I saw her a week later and asked her how she was doing with what I hoped was a former memory. She also told me that for months she could not walk by the spot where it happened. I explained that at ANY point." I stopped her. When she finished telling me the story. If I had tried to help him. I met with her again.. and even now she still had daily memories. I then explained the Movie Technique to her. And here was the shift. As we sat down. and it is just sad that it happened. I really don't. He was obviously very sad and depressed. Even though no one should have to see something like that. and a hard time sleeping at night. We tapped for: Even though this was the worst thing I ever saw. I noticed she had been crying and asked her about it. "No. When she said.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I did not know the details at the time we began. She told me how depressed she was." A few weeks later. and now she did not. We jumped right in. I asked if she were to picture it in her mind what her level of distress would be. nothing.

put his head into the officer's neck. The boy had a bad cut on his head and while lying on the court. I also know that many people believe that school counselors usually do 'band-aid' work. she told the story and there was a little more to do. I tapped on him while he was telling me this because he appeared to be in shock. she said she had not had any thoughts come to mind about it at all. Jake had a father who committed suicide the summer before I started seeing him in a grief group and he was doing pretty well. she said that she could now deal with the memory just fine. blood was pooling around his head. one day there was a knock on my door and Jake and his friend were standing there. It has been about five months since we worked together and she seems to have permanent relief. told him not to look. In this case a young boy was given immediate relief. And. EFT for elementary school trauma by Monica Broadfoot Johnson I would like to share a success that I had regarding an elementary school boy. So Jake was brought to me and looked as if he were ready to pass out. This time I explained just to run the movie in her mind and stop if there was any emotional intensity. and the parents do not take their kids to therapy. and walked with him away from the situation. Not only was the picture of his dad putting him into a re-grieving state. There were moments when I had to voice for her as she was so emotionally intense that she could not speak. She went all the way through it and opened her eyes and said there was nothing left. there have been no thoughts to trigger anything. EFT works well for people of all ages. ~~~~ This brief article by Monica Johnson highlights the near-instant transformation that often occurs when using EFT for traumatic memories. I spoke to her recently about both of these experiences. And when I asked about her mother. So here is the aspect of not doing what he was told to do. I work at a school in a poverty area. Again. He began telling me what had happened on the court and how it reminded him of his dad lying on the street with the blood pooling around his head. On the first.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) This was all done again with the Movie Technique. being a little boy. the police officer had picked up Jake. and then seeing the horror. In her words. During his dad's death. So here is my story. 236 . I work in an elementary school as a counselor and have been using EFT for two years now. he looked. of course. and I just intuitively said what came to mind. but another aspect arose. Jake's friend had brought him to me because there had been an accident on the basketball court. However. and that the real work goes to real therapists. Another boy had been hit with something and was knocked out.

Such a thing happened to me recently. of course. I also added and had him repeat this Setup: Even though I didn't listen to the police officer. He came to see me. was not a good swimmer and was holding onto the demarcation ropes in a lake for support while he swam. I'm still a survivor. Then he went back to class and made it through the day. He experienced terrible nightmares and periods of crying. I was contacted by the mother of a young boy who's name had recently been in the newspaper in connection to a drowning. and with his mother's help. The boy was traumatized. who shares with us a life-changing trauma relief for a young boy. I'm just a kid and I forgive me … I am a survivor. an experienced veteran in this field. Drowning-related trauma relief for a 9-year-old boy by Tom Altaffer We are used to EFT performing miracles in our daily lives all the time. The lifeguard told him he had to let go.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I tapped on him for about 10 minutes. Even though an adult probably couldn't handle it. I'm just a kid and I am a survivor … I forgive myself for just being a kid and looking when he told me not to. 237 . I decided to test the treatment by going to the lake with him the following week. I for one. The young man was at a lake with a friend. Since the child was so young and the trauma so dramatic. I don't know how we would have gotten through so quickly this without EFT. ~~~~ Those of us with extensive EFT experience have many stories to tell. we worked on his bad feelings for two sessions with EFT until they were all manageable. a young man. Such is the case with Tom Altaffer. I just let him keep talking while I used the basic tapping points. age 9. some of which are particularly heartwarming and stand out above the rest. so his friend came out to help him. The boy was saved. The boy. but his friend died. find myself taking it for granted until something happens that is really out of the ordinary. self-blame and anger after the event. The boy climbed on his friend's back and they started back for shore when the friend was sucked down into the water into a deep hole.

The boy reported to his mother that it was very scary when the water closed over his head and he began swimming up to the surface. Unlike deaths marked by funerals. but he was okay and did not panic. but I am thrilled that he felt comfortable enough to even consider it. with some other children. He was able to point out where the events had occurred and discuss the incident without undue distress. and his mother can tell.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The next week. which were applied by his mother or myself. He even elected to go into the water and splash around. Today. such sentiments don’t begin to address the degree of loss and grief one may experience during this time. memorial services. his mother reported that the boy had experienced no further nightmares and that the self blame and despondency had almost disappeared. his mother reports that there have been no nightmares and that he has begun talking about his friend with appropriate sadness at the loss but without obvious distress. He is not happy about what happened or the loss of his friend. stopping occasionally to do a few rounds of EFT. you’ll try again… These things happen… It’s probably for the best. She also reports that when she went to pick him up at camp. the counselor happily reported to her that her son. It had not occurred to me to treat him for this aspect of the experience so it is not surprising that it was scary. So far as I. don’t worry. Had we waited for the research on EFT's effectiveness to be done. “Oh. the boy. and other cultural and religious rituals. the trauma healed after only two sessions. In the two weeks since this session. miscarriage is kind of a “no man’s land. he is fine. Marcia Platt shows how EFT can help the large number of couples whose pregnancies end in miscarriages that lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trauma like this is considered impossible to treat by conventional methods. 238 . More than 25 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage and this unnoticed yet sizable minority of women and their partners may never reach resolution of their loss.” However well intentioned. Resolving PTSD from a traumatic miscarriage by Marcia Platt All too often the emotional sequelae of miscarriage go unacknowledged. jumped off a dock into another lake. In this well-written article. We went with him to the lake where his friend had died." Sympathetic family and friends often respond to the loss by saying things like. but he is not being tortured by painful memories. this boy would still be having nightmares and blaming himself for the death of his friend. ~~~~ Few traumas compare with the loss of a child.

239 . My colleague worked with Trish several times using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This painful procedure was done without any preparation or medication. She was left with symptoms of severe PTSD.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Trish. I’ll spare you the details. She felt that the doctor and his staff wanted to leave early for the holiday and were rushing her.” A D&C (which stands for dilation and curettage) involves scraping the lining of the uterus and is usually performed in a hospital under anesthesia. Even though I’ve never been able to talk about what happened. grief. Even though I don’t want to talk about this… Even though I know I can stop at any time. it’s up to me… Even though it’s too painful to talk about… Even though I’m afraid I’ll be overwhelmed… Even though I’ll never get over this grieving. “The fetus is dead. with no preamble. The entire experience went from bad to worse as the physician mishandled the procedure and everything involved with it. Not only did Trish lose the baby. age 36. You’ll need a D&C and I can do it later in my office. I don’t hear anything. I’m open to the possibility that this can change. She could not stop crying. and feelings of hopelessness. a method of psychotherapy that combines reliving a traumatic experience with specific eye movements). He thought EFT might be more helpful and asked if EFT might work in this case. and walked around in a daze for several hours trying to absorb this news and returned to the doctor that afternoon. Trish left the office with her husband. recurring images of the medical procedure she endured. and anger. I’m open to the possibility that it can be different this time and I’m open to healing. Trish and her husband both felt and observed things they NEVER should have. an inability to concentrate. but she would immediately experience an abreaction and could go no further. helplessness. He performed a sonogram and said. “YES!” Needless to say Trish’s level of intensity was initially beyond 10 on a scale of 0 to 10 for almost every aspect we tapped on. both in shock. Of course I said. It’s no big deal. including insomnia. Trish began having cramps and bleeding and in the morning went to an obstetrician who was covering for her usual doctor. Two nights before Christmas. but her mistreatment by an “on call” physician compounded what was already an overwhelming situation. was referred to me by a colleague three months after she suffered a miscarriage 3½ months into her first pregnancy.

Even though this wasn’t supposed to happen. we were ready to proceed. 10 out of 10. Her level of intensity was down to 3 out of 10.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) When her level of intensity was down to 1 or 2 out of 10. Her level of intensity was down to 2 out of 10. Going VERY SLOWLY we tapped on: Even though I thought I was “safe” after completing the first trimester… Even though I started bleeding and had cramps… Even though I knew something was wrong… Even though I was scared I’d lose the baby… Even though I couldn’t sleep… Even though I prayed and prayed things would be all right… Even though I was filled with dread. Her level of intensity was 8 out of 10. We used the Tell a Story Technique from the beginning of her experience. I honor myself for getting through this difficult time. Even though the pain was more than I could bear… Even though I was screaming because the pain was so bad… 240 . We then tapped for the procedure itself. Even though this did happen. I’m open to healing this deep pain. Even though he said “The fetus is dead”… Even though I really didn’t understand what that meant… Even though my mind went numb with that information… Even though I was in a daze… Even though the worst had happened… Even though it wasn’t “Fair. I’m open to the possibility of finding peace. We continued with the parts of her story that still had a high level of intensity. which brought her level of intensity back up to a 10.” I accept all my feelings without judgment.

I’m open to finding peace. I’m open to healing. Her level of intensity started at 6 or 7 out of 10 when we began tapping on the following: Even though there must be something wrong with me that I couldn’t carry this baby to term. Even though it seemed like all my hopes and dreams had died too. Even though I believe I don’t deserve to have a baby. We also tapped on self-esteem issues she has been dealing with her whole life. Even though this happened. Even though it’s probably my fault. I accept myself and all my beliefs. I choose to remember that I survived terrible pain. I can’t do anything right. Even though I thought it was the family I would never have. I’m open to forgiving myself for this belief and perhaps I can see this experience in a different light. Her level of intensity came down to 2 out of 10 and her story continued: Even though I heard something crash on the floor… Even though I saw the contents of the (uterus) canister… Even though it was all red and bloody… Even though I knew what it was … it was my baby… Even though that canister held all hopes and dreams… Even though I believed the canister held the promise of a family. I’m open to changing this perception and I’m to open to healing this pain. I acknowledge my body for being far stronger than I thought it could ever be. I accept myself and all my feelings.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I thought I would pass out… Even though I wanted to pass out… Even though it felt like a piece of me was being ripped apart. I honor my body and my soul for being so strong. 241 . I want to accept myself anyway.

” Trish had also seen jewelry on the Internet for women who had miscarried and thought what she needed was a necklace spelling out the baby’s name. Yes. Even though this happened. I’m willing to consider that there may be some learning in here for me. After two hours of EFT. Even though this happened. Even though this happened I’m open to finding peace. She was able to tell the “story” calmly and without tears. Trish was exhausted and relaxed. I’ve discovered just how strong I really am. I’m open to forgiving myself for any contribution I may have made to this event. I asked Trish if there was anything else she needed to do to further her healing. starting with a level of intensity of 6 out of 10. My intention is for complete healing. 242 . Even though this happened. Even though this happened. Even though this may not have been the right time for this little soul to be born into this world. Even though this happened. “I’m open to healing. I’m open to the possibility that things happen for reasons I may never understand. I’m ready to accept that this experience is complete for me. she was sad. I’m ready to release my need to hold onto this particular “dream” and make space in my heart to move on. Her level of intensity was at 4 out of 10 as we finished with: Even though this happened. We tapped many times for the statement. but appropriately so. Even though I’ve gone through hell. She wanted to write a letter to the baby expressing her sadness and to say “good bye. I choose to believe in my dream of creating a family. I’m willing to open my heart and release this pain. I’m open to healing.” until her level of intensity fell to 1 or 2 out of 10.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Her level of intensity fell to a 1. We talked about creating rituals to acknowledge her loss. We then reframed her experience. Her level of intensity for all of the issues we tapped for had fallen to a 1 or 2. Even though this was a terrible experience. the bond I share with my husband is so much stronger now.

When it came up again a few months back. It was quite a new phenomenon for me. So I immediately started tapping: Even though I feel dirty and undeserving… Even though I couldn’t scream… Even though I couldn’t fight against him… 243 . I was alone. Yet there it was again. I didn’t know quite what to make of it. He did his dirty deed. but as I struggled he forced my head under and behind the steering wheel. alive and squeezing at my heart. he said he loved me and wanted to marry me over and over again. and love hurt. Post script. One night while we sat in his car. In this next report. Love had come into my life briefly. but I liked it. screaming for release. tugging at my clothes. I tapped it down to level of intensity of 0 out of 10 with EFT. Trish said she wanted to hold on to some anger to motivate her to report the physician to the NJ Board of Medical Examiners. I couldn’t fight against him. No one had ever loved me before. She says she is “over the moon!” ~~~~ Rape is another difficult situation. He seemed very loving and tender. I didn’t tell anyone. There was no one to help me. Each time I tried to get up my head was stuck and I couldn’t get in an upright sitting position. She felt resolved with her experience. My head was almost to the floor and I remember feeling the pedals. I never saw him again. one year later: After an “uneventful” pregnancy Trish gave birth to a healthy baby. This date rape issue is an incident I thought I had dealt with successfully with talk therapy before EFT. But I didn’t scream.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) We had one more session the following week just to check. But as he said these things. always expressing his love for me. and her PTSD symptoms were completely gone. EFT clears up a long-ago date rape trauma by Jeanne Ranger George and I had dated a few times when I was 15. one made worse by the social stigmas associated with it. Our DVDs and newsletter archives provide many examples of EFT helping people of all ages overcome the very serious psychological damage caused by rape and sexual molestation. I struggled against him because this didn’t seem right. Jeanne Ranger describes how she used EFT to resolve a “date rape” that had caused many years of anguish. he was pushing me down against the seat.

I was in the bathroom so I turned on the fan.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I couldn’t scream… Even though I didn’t expect that… Even though I was so naive to think he really loved me… Even though I never dreamed that could happen… Even though I did nothing to stop him… Even though I feel so guilty… Even though I couldn’t scream… Even though I feel so ashamed… Even though I was such a wimp… Even though I couldn’t scream… Even though I was alone and no one to help me… Even though I was so naive and didn’t know what to do… Even though I let that young girl tell me how to feel… Even though I listened to that young girl all this time… Even though I couldn’t scream… I was stuck on screaming. and scream into the towels until I couldn’t scream anymore. Then I continued tapping: Even though I couldn’t scream then I can scream now… Even though I still feel so ashamed… Even though I was so stupid to think he really loved me… Even though I still feel so guilty… Even though I feel so guilty but I know it wasn’t my fault… Even though I let him take advantage of me… 244 . and the water full blast. I somehow had to scream. grabbed some towels put them hard on my face and started to scream.

to be one … I can protect her now … I choose to protect her now … I choose to love her. who sent me the information on EFT. and let you go … I forgive myself for hanging on to this for so long … Letting it go … Letting it all go … I am safe. George. I was free of the date-rape incident. and give her what she desires … That little girl that was me and I are together now … I choose to love her and protect her. I am so grateful to my friend Paul. It's taken over my life. he really took advantage of me. ordered and viewed all the DVDs. and I am happy … I completely love and accept myself. At long last. It works! It has become my passion. and whoever showed any interest in wanting to try it out. so I completely forgive you. I was able to scream and I feel cleansed. I don’t want you in my life on any level anymore. I forgive you … George. no more shame … Letting it go … It wasn’t my fault … I did not cause it … I choose to forgive myself … I forgive myself … I am willing to look at forgiving George. and take care of her. the bastard.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I let that event control much of my adult life… Even though I’m still alone. family members. read about it. I have also been able to clear several other painful core issues with EFT. you bastard. I know what to do now. and to bring relief to my friends. I began to treat myself for physical and emotional ailments. it’s not in the way that I was alone before… Even though I have trouble forgiving myself for being such a wimp… Even though I let that young girl protect me in the only way she knew how. their friends. like she tried her best to do with me … She just didn’t know what to do. so I can let this go once and for all. she doesn’t’ need to protect me anymore … She can stop now … She can rest now … It’s time for her to come in … It’s time for “us” to unite. I was so naive … I knew nothing … I wonder how many others he dateraped like he did me … He knew what he was doing … Maybe that was the only way he could feel good about himself … George is a sick individual … He needs help … He’s the wimp … I need to forgive him. I immersed myself in it. I researched it. ~~~~ 245 . and studied it at every hour of the day and night. I choose to let go of the guilt and the shame … No more guilt.

He attempted to strangle her." This is very typical and indicative of major healing. blow-by-blow. 246 . Using EFT to reduce rape trauma by David Peppiatt Yesterday. What's the point in getting upset about something like that?" EFT’s results lasted. David Peppiatt used EFT to help a 19-year-old deal with rape. “Mikaela. I worked with Mikaela. She came to me a complete mess (hardly surprising) because I had helped her mother through some serious issues. He forced her left eyelids open and held a live cigarette lighter close to her eyeball. that was 20 years ago. it would be better if you filed a complete police report. Healthy cognitive shifts occur after the process. she still has no problem with the old memories. then beat her face to a pulp. My first words were. And so.” She replied. "Well. I attended my 50th client. Paul. She says. She is 19-years old and three days ago was raped by her boyfriend. yet her pain has completely gone. When asked to bring up the emotional event after doing EFT. For the thick end of three long hours we went to every nuance. "Make 'it' (the pain) go away!!!" And so I did. Notice how his report exemplifies the following EFT principles: Complete relaxation after the process has been successfully completed. I called on Mikaela this morning for a follow-up. waited for the trial. then sodomized her. and she feels genuinely sorry for her rapist! She wondered whether EFT could help someone as troubled as he was. there were heaps of subjective/supportive aspects from her childhood. the client says she just "can't get there" and "it just doesn't seem to bother me like it did. assaultby-assault. no jury in the land will convict this man because you will be incapable of evincing any emotional import to what he did to you. every aspect. ~~~~ I’m grateful to Alan Batchelder for sharing with us the following rape trauma case from two years ago. and then I can help you off-load your agony. He also attempted to break both of her arms. indignity-by-indignity. if revenge is your immediate need. In addition to recent events. Finally we got every one of them down from tens to zeros. After two years. I was just a little girl. a result of inchoate agony.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Next. if I help you. agony-by-agony. Every little moment of the entire episode is still with her. I couldn't protect myself then the way I can now. with tears and mucous streaming down her battered face. a milestone of sorts.

We then cleared with "Even though I still have some of this…" and tapped again. that was 20 years ago. Well. what do you get?" She sat there without moving for maybe five seconds. Then he took off all my clothes. Think about how he took off all your clothes. Most often. as you sit there now. "I don't know. and he seemed genuinely interested in sex as a shared experience. punctuated with heavy sobbing and gasping. Among the issues they were concerned about was their sexual relationship. and my kids have 247 . and she was looking at her hands. Then we stopped. I still hate him. lying folded in her lap. "When I was seven years old we lived in a small town in Southern Oregon. What's the point in getting upset about something like that.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Rape trauma: It just doesn’t seem to bother me like it did by Alan Batchelder Sandy and her partner came in for pre-marriage counseling. kind. Think of how he took off all his clothes. "Is there something in your earlier years that you could talk about?" She immediately burst into tears. and she began to relate her story. quiet and attentive. then asked. I was just a little girl. I just can't get there. Think about how you hiked up the side of that hill until you stopped. By this time she was breathing quietly. without undue emotion. I sat. Her skin was free of blotches. We went through the first EFT tapping procedure without even clearing for Psychological Reversal. think back to that hot summer day when your stepfather took you for that walk down that country road. I said. This time she laughed as she said. "Sandy. then looked calmly at me and said. Then he took off all his clothes. Still." At this point she was scarcely able to breath. He was patient. I suggested a session with her alone.” I paused. I never let that man touch me again. We hiked up the side of a hill. her intensity level shot up to a 10. Her 0-10 intensity dropped to 6. "But what about the distress you were feeling?" Again she paused before answering. One more clearing with "Even if I never get completely over this…" and a last round of tapping. One day my stepfather took me for a walk down a country road. as she explained. They asked whether I could help. I stopped her and said that it was not necessary to go any further. I couldn't protect myself then the way I can now. “Now. she found herself reacting with uncontrollable negative feelings when her partner initiated sexual play. "Well. then asked. Her intensity fell to a 2." I agreed that hating him was a pretty reasonable response and possibly a useful one to keep. she got upset and turned off. her eyes were clear. which she freely acknowledged. When she came in I asked the gentle question. and understanding. It was in the summer. but to follow my lead and do what I showed her.

to help her release stress and anger she felt building up from work and her relationship with Steve. who came to me for Reiki. Her history was negatively affecting her relationship with Steve and her ability to be intimate. Neil beat her regularly in those days and was verbally abusive. ~~~~ Ellen Simes' client was gang raped and. and I asked her if she knew where all the anger stuff was coming from. it just doesn't seem to bother me like it did. I don't know. We sat and talked before the Reiki session. Getting over a gang rape – including a follow-up by Ellen Simes Last June I had a client." Her partner. As you will see. but nothing they could not handle.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) never been allowed to be near him. When Ann started telling me her story. her intensity level immediately jumped to a 10+. we try EFT and attempt to clear up the energy system a bit so that Reiki might be even more effective. She said she had never gotten over being gang raped 20 years ago by her then-husband. her partner. 248 . now her husband. confirmed that there was no sign of the former difficulties. many other aspects came up and we tapped for them all. We defined that aspect as feelings of helplessness and did two rounds of tapping to get that down to a zero. As she retold the story. She was willing to give EFT a try. She laughed and told me that it was "good and gone. Ann. Ellen is well studied in EFT and. held within her all the anger and related emotions that go with that experience. and a bunch of his service buddies. separated out many aspects for tapping. whom I saw last week. of course. Some of them were: anger at her husband disgust at herself feelings of weakness feelings of embarrassment why did this happen to me? I am not good enough this is my fault anger at herself for allowing it to happen anger at the other men involved feelings of shame feelings of dirtiness feelings of worthlessness I made this happen I did not deserve this why me? and even more. I asked her a couple of months ago whether "that problem" we had worked on had ever come back. this one session allowed the client to travel a long way down the road to resolution. She felt she could never forgive him even though she had been through much traditional counseling. They have the usual "things." he said. I suggested that before we do Reiki." That was over two years ago. Neil. as you might expect.

and she has been able to help both herself and him through a healing process. Ann has since been able to talk with this man and explain how his past behaviors hurt her and caused her both physical and emotional pain. others have been more minor. family. as I do. *Happy birthday Annie. is part of the "art of delivery” that is so important in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other complex problems using EFT.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) We tapped until each one was a zero. at times. She sent him the papers and felt at peace with whatever happened. The whole process took about an hour and a half. We moved on to her Reiki session and she left relaxed and happy. Ann decided to file for an annulment from Neil. Understanding aspects. she told the story in several ways and commented that it was like watching a movie – she was now outside the event and there was no emotional charge to it. She wanted to tell me about what had happened to her on her birthday. Five months later.* in what she heard as a sarcastic tone of voice. She was on the phone with her former mother-in-law. I've had many good experiences with clients. ~~~~ This message from Ken Barclay is particularly useful for the student because it describes a case with many aspects. a tearful experience. During all this time. Trauma in the trunk of a car by Ken Barclay Since receiving the EFT kit in June. of course. like a headache cleared up or regaining the ability to fall asleep at 249 . She was thrilled and amazed. He said. Two weeks later I received a call from Ann. when Neil walked into the house and grabbed the phone. Her relationship with Steve. that all of these tools have helped her to heal. she had never gotten an annulment. and friends. There was no emotional charge. Ann was seeing a conventional therapist and receiving medication for depression. Ann said she was amazed because normally that would have caused her to freak out and go into panic and fear and an anxiety attack. her current partner. She recognizes. Although they had divorced years before. with whom she had remained in contact throughout the years. He called her and they were able to have lunch and talk. she just thought it was ridiculous and told him to put his mother back on the phone. He actually apologized and said he wanted to help her gain the annulment and do whatever else he could to make amends. and was. Instead. has become more comfortable and they are now working through intimacy issues she had previously been unable to approach.. Ultimately. She was thrilled. Some of them have been pretty profound. and that they have worked synergistically to produce results she had only dreamed of in a short time frame.

Probably the most striking was working with Penny. Penny was unable to talk or even think about specific incidents until we had worked on the general area of "painful treatment by Richard. We dealt with that and had brought it down to a zero when it was time to stop. She chose the time when he had bound her arms. She had no food or water and was not allowed out to relieve herself." When the negative charge on that was reduced. The only times he opened the trunk were to beat her. I am looking forward to working with her on her other "tens. and we worked on the anger. I asked her to pick the worst of the many traumas she had experienced at his hands. She thought of three "really bad" incidents that were so painful that she couldn't choose the worst. and kept her there while traveling across country for four days. her anger became so strong that I felt it best not to pursue fear to zero. but not quite zero. a young woman who had several severe traumatic experiences with Richard. put her in the trunk of his car. Penny left the session feeling cheerful and "light as a feather. and mouth with duct tape. And this was just one of three equally traumatic incidents in a series of episodes of devaluing.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) night. I asked her to pick one at random." She thought of Richard as pathetic more than as an object of fear and anger. getting this much movement on Penny's post-trauma stress would have taken so many sessions that I'm sure she would not have stayed the course." but I marvel at how much she accomplished in that one session. since I was already using another client's time. legs. ~~~~ 250 . She worked first on the fear she still felt when thinking of the experience. her feelings of humiliation came strongly to the foreground. When that was at a low level. beatings and threats. When that was at about a 2 or 3. her former boyfriend. Prior to EFT.

which has prepared you for more advanced work. or other physical symptoms you have. for at least three general problems.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Chapter Thirteen: Do-It-Yourself EFT Can someone who has experienced traumatic events safely learn EFT on his or her own? Can someone who is not a trained psychotherapist or other professional help a friend. Remember. work at first on general stress relief and whatever aches. Do this by working through EFT’s Basic Recipe.” she says. get into the rhythm of tapping. Even though my shoulder hurts. For example: Even though it’s hard for me to relax. After a day or two of the Basic Recipe for general stress and physical symptoms.” In other words. here are some suggestions for doing so. This will give you an opportunity to try EFT. you can start using EFT to defuse or 251 . Dr. “By starting with bodily symptoms and daily stress. and balance your body’s energy. I fully and completely accept myself. which is described in Chapter Two. I fully and completely accept myself. however. or relative who suffers from PTSD? Is there a danger that the tapping will just open up old wounds and make them worse? Will the person suffer a painful abreaction? If you have painful memories and PTSD symptoms and you choose to use EFT to help yourself. you’re learning to use EFT and your body’s energy is responding well. and you are urged to seek out such help should difficult intensity arise. become familiar with the tapping points. Even though I keep having this headache. spouse. that professional help may be indicated. I fully and completely accept myself. Carol Look recommends focusing entirely on stress release and physical symptoms. Even though I have this overall feeling of stress or tension and I can feel it in my back. I fully and completely accept myself. Do the complete procedure. “you can do a lot to help yourself feel more comfortable while relieving discomfort. tapping on all the EFT points with appropriate Reminder Phrases. pains. Does the EFT make a difference? If you feel less stressed and if your physical symptoms improve. This is the most important foundation you can lay for yourself. which is what I expect will happen.

starting right now. as usual. all of which are designed to defuse stress and tension. Now review Dr. I fully and completely accept myself. help the person feel comfortable. I choose to take it one step at a time in a way that truly works for me. and add a “solution” statement to each of your Setups. which is plenty. This is not the time to tackle intrusive traumatic memories. pick out three things that irritated you and focus on them. For example: Even though I have this overall stress and I can feel it in my back.” which she describes on pages 52-54. For example: Even though I’m annoyed because the contractor didn’t finish the repairs yet. I fully and completely accept myself. and I choose to surprise myself by relaxing and enjoying life while releasing all the stress in my back and letting my back feel flexible and comfortable in every way. Even though my kids make way too much noise. and strengthen the body’s energy balance. I completely accept myself and I choose to be surprised at how easy it is for me to switch my mind from the things that are going wrong to the things that are going right in my life. Even though my boss is being impossible. which is described in Chapter Eight. which is doing the best it can. I forgive my back. I choose to be surprisingly okay with that. I fully and completely accept myself. Even though the contractor didn’t finish the repairs yet and I’m really annoyed. it’s too weird. Even though this repair business is noisy and messy and behind schedule and a real distraction. Examples include: Even though I feel overwhelmed right now. Ingrid Dinter uses general Setups that she describes in Chapter Nine. For example: 252 . I choose to focus on the things that really matter. Patricia Carrington’s Choices Method. Even though it’s impossible to get good help and there are always delays and it drives me nuts. I accept myself. I fully and completely accept myself. Even though I don’t want to do this tapping business.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) neutralize the emotional intensity you feel toward recent events. I fully and completely accept myself. Betty Moore-Hafter uses “soft language. to make the Setup’s Acceptance Phrase more comfortable for all. We’re going to start small. Assuming that this has been an ordinary week with nothing unusual going on.

Even though I don’t feel like remembering what happened. and then practiced being specific with issues that don’t cause much discomfort should you tackle more serious memories. which often happens after tapping through the Basic Recipe once or twice. Whenever you feel uncomfortable. I accept myself. Work through the Basic Recipe several times a day for at least a week on general issues like stress. practiced on general issues. Even though I don’t want to think about those things. I fully and completely accept myself. take your time. I strongly recommend that anyone working alone study the examples these talented practitioners have provided and use them as a model when doing EFT. I accept and forgive myself and I choose to let this tapping business do its work so that my stress level comes way down and it’s easy for me to remember what happened without being upset. your next assignment is to choose one or two unhappy events from the past. like a 3 or 4 at most. I accept myself. and I'm willing to see it differently. The instant you start to feel emotional intensity. For even better results. try moving forward again. Underline or highlight the words that feel 253 . and recent annoyances. Having done that homework. Only after you have done this homework. I’m at peace. there’s no pressure or deadline. Even though I still feel uneasy about this memory. no problem. I choose to put it on the shelf for now. I accept myself.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I’m disappointed about what happened. Don’t rush. I'm open to the possibility that it would be nice to feel more peaceful about this. step back and pause while you tap until you feel more relaxed. Don’t forget the Tearless Trauma Technique. Write a Setup for the first event using all of the tips and hints you have been studying. include some of the phrases and recommendations referred to above. I can step back from that event and just keep tapping until I feel relaxed. so I am okay. I’m safe. and when your intensity level falls to a zero and you feel completely at ease. try a general Setup like: Even though that makes me really uncomfortable. I fully and completely accept myself. which appear throughout this book. Even though I'm stuck in this anger and don't want to let it go. as far back as childhood. Even though I don’t feel comfortable thinking about that right now. physical symptoms. and the important thing is that my energy is balanced. Start with events that aren’t very high on the 10-point intensity scale. If you still feel uncomfortable. but not one that you have trouble talking about. Keep tapping while you say: Even though I still have some of this uncomfortable feeling.

Others go back to childhood issues and have many aspects. Carl. It was obvious that she had thought long and hard about working on this problem.] It appears that this angry streak ran right through her whole family.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) right for you and add them to your Setups whenever you do EFT. everyone told Susan that this anger was part of her personality--in her genes. Grandma was renowned for it and her mother exhibited obvious signs of it. which appear in brackets. The following thoughtful article by Mair Llewellyn-Edwards of the UK illustrates a client's choice to use EFT for both herself and her family for long-standing anger issues. tapping has let me let go. Some of our angers appear isolated from other causes and are easily addressed with EFT. While she questioned this "writing on her walls. Here was a very determined person wanting to sort out an anger problem that had plagued her for years. They too can be handled by EFT but often require several EFT applications/sessions to "get it all. I am always a little cautious working with a client who is sent by someone else because I want it to be their decision. A client resolves lifelong anger on her own by Mair Llewellyn-Edwards Following her boyfriend's recommendation. She was very motivated to come. 254 . I need not have worried about Susan.” she was concerned about her children "inheriting" this family anger streak.” Please note the client's use of our "Borrowing Benefits" technique as well as a few of my own comments. [My comment: Anger is also a major cause of our physical ailments. had used EFT successfully twelve months earlier for a flying phobia. Susan came to me 5 months ago for help with anger management. When I asked a little more about family history I also found that great grandma was a powerful force to be reckoned with too! As a result. It is well known that our emotions trigger a wide variety of chemical changes in our bodies and our "anger chemicals" can be particularly devastating. I knew this meeting was different. “I now no longer blame others or myself. Right from the onset of meeting her. The boyfriend. Write down words or phrases you would like to incorporate in your EFT work. As a teenager it had often gotten her into problems at school as well as socially. However." In Susan’s example she was able to substantially reduce the problem by diligently applying EFT to herself over a two-month period. The client's grandmother sums it up by saying.

” She made no further appointment but said she would be in touch. This is the first time in my life as a therapist that this has happened so obviously. With confidence in her self-testing we were able to use muscle testing on many statements. and learned from her family that there had been a profound transformation in Susan’s life. political. muscle testing is an art and very few become as proficient at it as Mair.] I then taught her EFT. It is also the first time it has been possible to give a client such a comprehensive tool to help themselves. As Susan tapped herself. prejudices and the like. Since experienced EFTers repeatedly see the link between our emotions and our physical ailments we must wonder if the real cause of "inherited" diseases isn't in the family emotions that get passed down through the generations – rather than "through the genes. Since EFT was designed to achieve results without it. Whilst listening to Gary’s early introductory video tape. Two months ago she rang me and asked if I would come to meet her family.” [My comment: Some practitioners enjoy kinesiology muscle testing and find it quite helpful within their own procedures. We used it whilst we were together and she knew that it would give her the necessary feedback when working on her own.) as well as attitudes. However. (I had used a muscle test on Carl to reassure him he was okay to fly at the completion of therapy). Through this simple procedure she had received wonderful results. She reported that following this experience she had frequently used EFT. the practitioner has a choice as to the use of muscle testing. I did. She wanted to learn how I used this EFT so she could apply it to herself and thus be in charge of her own healing. she had been sexually abused-an obvious source for her anger. Susan thought of two such statements that confirmed her new found belief were .“I am now ready to work on this anger problem” and “I can do it myself with EFT. she healed just as Veronica had healed. she had tapped along with Veronica (the lady who was raped by her father). Learning to muscle test was helpful for Susan too. We began with muscle testing. 255 . of course." it can certainly be transmitted through family interactions. In fact. etc. it is quite common for families to share certain beliefs (religious. When she left I gave her a copy of Gary’s early introductory video and Tam's (my husband's) book “How to Heal Yourself and Others with Meridian Therapies.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) [My comment: While I've never seen evidence that anger is inherited "through the genes. so that she may learn to self test. Whenever she noticed any negative charge on any feelings she tapped them away. As a small child."] I found it fascinating to observe Susan's quest for freedom.

Susan reported that. The family meeting I attended revealed the extent of the healing in her small nucleus of the world.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) [My comment: Here is another attractive use of the "Borrowing Benefits" technique. blood draining from my face. which was 40 years ago. Even though this occurred so seldom. I was passing an accident just at the moment that a person on a gurney was being put into an ambulance.] Susan’s insight through muscle testing and the EFT routine had progressively cleared these blockages. since using EFT she had not had any recurrence of the anger. Eventually. Two months of working with EFT had freed her of a lifetime of anger and blame. I realized that during that time. these are typical symptoms of PTSD. Accident victim resolves her own PTSD 40 years later by Pat Farrell Three times over a period of about 25 years. I experienced shortness of breath. I was trapped in a car for three hours while the rescue team tried to extract me after a horrible accident. The full session with Veronica can be seen on Video 2B of the EFT Course. I think her healing had been dramatically enhanced by sharing what she had learned in that the experience of facilitating the healing with her Mum and Grandma had added to her own personal liberation.” This story illustrates that. That’s similar to a tank running over an ant. and heart palpitations so severe that I had to pull over while driving. “I now no longer blame others or myself. in an unconscious or semi- 256 . others can freely heal themselves and help others. By this time I was experienced in EFT and started looking for an explanation. I suspect that a large number of us have had similar reactions. Part One. given the tools of healing. When I was twenty. Her mother and grandmother were both going through ongoing healing with their daughter and granddaughter. I started putting things together and realized that at each occurrence. This do-it-yourself story offers important insights. Four of us in my little car were hit head-on by a 1959 Oldsmobile. Grandma summed up the change experienced in her own life with the following comment. This ensures that EFT can be truly accessible to everyone. tapping has let me let go. ~~~~ Pat Farrell successfully diagnosed and treated her own PTSD long after the car crash that caused her symptoms. Pat is a good example of someone who experiences a trauma and then manifests occasional PTSD symptoms without realizing why or without realizing what they mean. She had taught EFT to her family so they could reduce their own anger.

I then used a round of: I choose to release this subconscious reaction to seeing an accident. I have been punishing myself for all these years… 257 . I choose to release this reaction. Then I did an entire round on guilt about Rita’s death and the medical struggles that my friends and fellow passengers Frankie and Danny experienced over the years. Rita. when my family was sure that I would be okay. Now. I focused on the accident and used EFT to tap on: Even though I have this stressful response each time I see a body being removed from a car… Even though the emergency team’s removal of Rita’s body from the crash is deeply embedded in my subconscious… Even though I feel responsible for Rita’s death… I tapped on the body points using wording like: This reaction to bodies being put in an ambulance. I have been holding on to this guilt… Even though I didn’t realize it. I must have seen or heard the rescuers talking about my friend. Even though the State Police said it wasn’t my fault. That can’t be Rita on the stretcher. I remember not really being surprised. that they finally told me of Rita’s death.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) conscious state. all these years later. This reaction. I have been holding on to this guilt for forty years… Even though I didn’t feel that people blamed me. While I felt shocked. It wasn’t until about a week after the accident. and I realized that my subconscious was already aware of the tragedy. I’m afraid they’ll never get me out of the car.

physically and sexually – by a family member. In fact. with child sexual abuse. I hated myself and resented the world. I was an intravenous drug user by 14 and pregnant with my first child at 15. she didn't believe me. ~~~~ This article by EFT do-it-yourselfer Lisa Rogers should be passed around the planet. It was private and I knew I'd be there a few times day! Although there were many major issues I needed to address. I would love to see more use of EFT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When I told my mother. It is a major testimony to persistence and points to the limitless possibilities within EFT. What did I have to lose? I tapped every day. When I was a child. EFT is truly the miracle drug – without being a drug. This left me with a lasting feeling of shame and guilt that somehow I had done something to cause this. My frustration led me to use street drugs and alcohol in an effort to medicate myself. I thought I was a bad person.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) This guilt that it must have been my fault I choose to release this guilt. From age 12. and I have no training in the mental health field. I felt alone and misunderstood. I have done lots of work to release the guilt over the years and finally feel free of it thanks to EFT. I visited dozens of therapists trying to get help for my depression and anxiety. I barely graduated from high school. I ran away from home at 12 and lived on the streets for years. It seemed too good to be true. I decided to give it a try. 258 . I had no idea then how much it would change my life. I am just an ordinary person who had an extraordinary problem. My family treated me like a traitor. Nothing else had worked. I felt like a freak. I was severely abused – emotionally. I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As the years went by my life was a wreck. I guess the best place to start is the beginning. My ritual was that I would tap every time I went to the bathroom. Years of counseling and prescribed drugs left me frustrated and no closer to relief. The sexual abuse began when I was eight and continued for four years on a regular basis. but since this was something I could do on my own. When I found EFT. How I handled my child abuse PTSD all by myself by Lisa Rogers I am not a therapist. I thought it would be helpful to focus on one at a time..

. I could see that EFT really worked. Even though no child ever deserves it.. Even though I'm so nervous for no reason… Even though I'm terrified and I'm only watching TV... Even though the light hurts me. Even though I keep having these night terrors… After about a month of tapping every day on my outward symptoms.. Even though I hate myself... I ordered the free EFT manual and learned the process.. Even though my parents didn't love me… Even though my parents didn't protect me. so at first I tapped on my physical feelings only. Even though the noise hurts me.. I was afraid to dig too deep. Even though I feel like someone just jumped out and scared me… Even though I can't concentrate.. Even though I'm trash. Even though I feel like a deer in the headlights… Even though my heart is pounding out of my chest. Even though I deserved it...... Even though I should have never told… Even though I should have told earlier but I was too scared… 259 . Even though I'm worth nothing.. Even though I didn't deserve it.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I was suicidal and desperate for help when I found EFT... I then felt confident and safe enough to start tapping on specific painful negative emotions.......

. I didn't want to relive them so I simply tapped on my feelings surrounding the abuse as a whole.. I have since learned to use the Tearless Trauma Technique. Even though I can’t forget… Even though these memories won’t go away… Even though it's been years and it still hurts so much. my life completely changed... EFT gave me the freedom to be a valuable and productive human being.. I was determined. I tapped for another six months on a regular basis. Even though my mom didn't believe me. Once I got rid of the guilt and shame I had felt for so long. I always checked my progress with the zero-to-10 scale... My personal success with EFT inspired me to help 260 . I just kept tapping on whatever came into my head.. Even though I feel different… Even though a part of me still thinks it's my fault.. Even though I feel shame and guilt.. Even though I know it wasn't my fault... where you can imagine thinking about the problem without actually thinking about it.. Within a year of finding EFT. I now love my life and myself.... it was easier to address specific memories because I knew logically that it wasn't my fault. I would write things down to tap on later if I couldn't tap right then.. This is a great tool that I use often. Even though child services knew and they didn't protect me… Even though my mother knew and still won't admit it… Even though I'll never be normal. Even though it made me hate my body. For over five years now I have been clean from drugs and alcohol and have not had a single panic attack.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Even though I told and it ruined my family and my life. I have to note that for the first few months I never tapped on specific abuse memories because they were too painful. Even though everyone thought I was a liar..

could not color in kindergarten. For all intents and purposes I was born in a concentration camp and raised on terror. beatings. and her understanding of EFT was rudimentary at best. Jamala knew no one in this field and had no money to pay them. appear in brackets. ~~~~ This next example is not a happy story. and starvation.] I remember my first memory of "life. probably like the boxes my father was put in for punishment. in fact. of course. At the end of three years of torture. but I believe it was conception. accordingly. I was left for long periods of time alone in the dark. As easily seen by Jamala's experiences below. Jamala's father wasn't "bad. my father was on a ship one mile offshore when the atomic bomb was dropped and. My father was a Prisoner of War in Japan for three years during World War II. sleep. the angina pain and arrhythmia. I am now an EFT practitioner. long term healing requires understanding and forgiveness. No one should have to walk in Jamala Rose's shoes but. hatred. Abuse cases like this almost always involve abusers who were badly abused themselves. I woke up one day and they were just gone. I had PTSD from my first moment of life. She says. I was a dead limp infant and could not eat. Isolation was big. he suffered radiation sickness. However. "The tumors. I never functioned normally in my life. helping people to overcome their issues with the Emotional Freedom Techniques. to die. He abused me horribly from the first moment of my life. is to place blame on the abuser when. the panic attacks all sort of drained out. That notwithstanding. unfortunately." I do not know if it was conception or birth. I never 261 . far too many do. [My comment: This is important input by Jamala. I screamed in horror and did everything I could to get out of the body. EFT beginner collapses her own PTSD by Jamala Rose I have had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder all my life.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) others. the headaches. Anything but face this madman. Jamala's healing qualifies as spectacular." He was ill. The temptation. Jamala's story gives us both inspiration regarding the possibilities AND insights into how a beginner can use EFT even for such a serious condition. Despite its "tough to stomach" nature. which are scattered throughout her report. We all know how brutal the Japanese were on these men. I could not learn. I believe she would have received much quicker benefits had she consulted a skilled professional in the field or had she been able to apply the recommendations explained here." My comments. or eliminate. although the ending is certainly uplifting.

By the time I was 11 years old I had severe panic attacks that lasted all night long. I often took almost 50 mg a day because I was so locked up in terror and all manners of pain. Even though she had no money and no help. and more specifically this past fall. I had migraines daily by age 12. [My comment: I spoke with Jamala by phone and learned that three months before writing this report. I would go into the bathroom and writhe in pain for hours and hours. But the next pain was right behind it. she could have experienced much quicker and deeper results. I was going through incest recovery and all that. okay. I did this almost every day all those years. I was a walking panic attack and I walked into walls from all the drugs. I would do collarbone breathing first and then sit in a crossed legged position. I learned basic EFT some 10 years ago from a chiropractor. Then I would pass out on the cold floor from exhaustion. I would 262 . It is pre-beginner's status. I would be doubled over in pain and then suddenly okay. So. but only for pain relief because I was in too much pain to be consistent with anything. I threw up most days and sobbed every day of my life. of course. I woke from sleep with grief that I was alive again. I finally was given Valium at age 12. she downloaded our free EFT Manual and that allowed her to apply EFT much more efficiently.] I really started to apply EFT this past year. she still received benefits. With persistence she was getting results despite her lack of training in the process.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) laughed or smiled and had no idea how it felt to do so. just the tapping on the side of the hand. like my heart was being crushed and I was being murdered. Tapping only on the Karate Chop point does not even qualify as beginner's status. feeling like I was dying. I had no money so I had no one to help me or guide me through this. the ONLY thing she learned was tapping on the Karate Chop point for physical pain. I looked like Dracula's daughter my whole life. close my eyes and start with whatever idea was in my mind that moment. I would beg and plead with God to end this now. There is literally not one photo of me available. This is still a long way from the sophisticated refinements in our EFT training videos but it does qualify her as at least a beginner.] Sometimes I had a miraculous relief. I finally cleared myself enough to be able to get up every morning and do it like a program. [My comment: It is important to note that. I destroyed them all because I looked so dead. With help or better training. at this point.

I had a stomach ache for 6 weeks during which I felt I was going to die.” "Even though I want to die" ( that one was always loaded). I would stop if needed to. The end result (three months I did this) is I rarely have a panic attack anymore. all dysfunctional. Thus. find this to be difficult. [My comment: This is a superb. I 263 . I occasionally get the beginning of a migraine but work it out pretty fast. the "core" that she was talking about had to do with some spiritual understandings that come from A Course In Miracles. This is a highly effective way to go about this process. say for example.” etc. the headaches. Then it suddenly emptied out. and let them go. a newcomer such as Jamala who has no other guidance or outside help can. which I was afraid to do before. but there is always one core energy to it all. creative use of EFT. formerly titled Steps Toward Becoming The Ultimate Therapist ) only it goes a step further. the angina pain and arrhythmia. I could not keep doing it. I woke up one day and they were just gone. so I targeted them specifically a month ago and they are all gone!!! Our bodies and minds present many symptoms at a time. and did. However. the panic attacks all sort of drained out. forgiveness and Oneness being among them. but stayed focused on this following the stomach ache. I EFT'd whatever next thought flowed. "Even though my head hurts. I spoke honestly to everyone I knew. like a vipassana meditation.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) tap that idea. there was too much. To try to EFT with each specific thing was driving me crazy.] I unplugged that core and everything began to empty out. Instead of limiting it to physical pains as they shift around the body (typical of some EFT sessions). The tumors. It is easy to resolve one SPECIFIC EVENT and then shift to another painful issue quite quickly. Like washing out a dirty garbage can.” [My comment: To me. In my phone conversation with Jamala. Then I would allow my thoughts to flow and follow them. My body shifted into a cleansing mode. I eventually stopped being "specific" and started to get "core. she also applied it to her thoughts. It is a form of "chasing the pain" (which is covered in EFT Beyond the Basics. the most efficient way to apply EFT to complicated issues is to break them down into the SPECIFIC EVENTS that underlie them. This can be disconcerting until one has more experience with the process. like a good craniosacral unwinding. I then found myself looking at my few relationships. We must be flexible and take our clients by the hand and walk with them down their most gentle path. "Even though my stomach feels like I swallowed a bowling ball. I had huge tumors in my uterus and ovaries and was almost bleeding to death every month. there is no ONE way to do any of this.

~~~~ To clear our emotional baggage. I was a trained holistic therapist so I know the levels of severity human beings can be damaged at. Before the workshop. but I learned the curing and healing are different. threw out all my old clothes and got new ones (okay from the second hand store but new to me). Everyone can be helped with it.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) began eating only raw foods. Sarah was tapping almost daily on her present conditions. making the changes. and worries. the first in my life at the age of 48. following the healing process on every level as it presents itself. which is what I live for. but it is definitely a powerful primary tool. and layers of emotion. I signed up for a class that was just for fun. but every one of them is capable of being healed. and it is often behind our current issues. I was the worst life case I ever saw and I had many a guru in my life whom I asked for help. she wrote: "For a week or so after the course I was making more headway on my anxiety but life was still not much fun! I did have a new feeling of calm but it was still hard work getting through most days. So I know there is not anyone out there who cannot follow in my footsteps and do the same. Beginner taps on childhood events by Angie Muccillo I recently ran an EFT workshop and received some interesting feedback from one of the participants. and it will not be a rival for my spiritual life. Now I am looking at my work and affirming I choose to earn a living doing what I enjoy and do well. In her email to me after the workshop. I was tapping all the time on my anxiety and other present conditions as I had been since Christmas and making somewhat slow progress. Then last week I finally heeded the words to tap on childhood events and suddenly everything started changing. It just hadn't seemed like it would help so I wasn't wasting my time on this old stuff when I had so many present problems! The childhood events didn't look to me to be anyway related to present anxieties 264 . There are other things we must do along with it. There are a lot of people who may be considered incurable. EFT is a powerful tool for transformation. we must include all the “stuff” we collected during childhood. by which I mean we build on it by adding memories. And I was incurable. It is usually foundational. I beat all the odds. getting some relief but not making a lot of headway with her level of anxiety. I was a worst case. whom I will call Sarah. stresses. reactions. I was considered incurable by every healing modality. And I know because I should have died decades ago.

she is getting much better results. Now that this has clicked for her. During the workshop Sarah worked on and successfully cleared a past trauma involving the death of her cat using the Movie Technique. It wasn't until she decided to tap on early childhood memories that she started making more significant progress. Even though I've got a long way to go I have a sense of joy now that I can't remember feeling for a very long time. If I'd had to try and choose some past events to try and "cure" my anxieties I probably would have gone for teenage stuff but the stuff I was tapping on was very early – about the age of five – but I guess that set the stage for my responses later on!" Sarah's belief that "tapping on childhood events was a waste of time" appears to have presented a major block to her progress. and I’m enjoying the first serious relief from eight years of always-present anxiety Thanks so much for running the workshop. The importance of tapping on specific childhood events. Until Sarah started tapping on these childhood traumas.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) so I would never in a million years have tapped on these. To me this points out three important things: The value of attending workshops. The day really inspired me not to give up with EFT. Tapping on specific childhood events using the Movie technique is a fundamental EFT concept. her present day struggles were not resolving as effectively as possible. The importance of persistence. Present day anxieties are often replays of our childhood dramas and traumas and will continue to create the same patterns in the present until they are resolved." I wonder how many others out there share this belief that "tapping on childhood events is a waste of time" and are not making use of the personal peace process and tapping on specific events? These setups may help: Even though tapping on all that old childhood stuff is A WASTE OF TIME and I've got better things to tap on… Even though up until now I haven't found the need to tap on childhood events… Even though up until now I haven't understood the significance of tapping on all that childhood stuff… 265 . "I still feel like I've only touched a very small amount of the big stuff before the age of 10 but things have changed hugely and everyday just seems to be getting better. She is also dedicated to doing the work and is reaping the benefits.

allowing me to attend to my daughter. it cannot prevent abuse from happening. Sarah found the key to healing her present day anxieties when she heeded the words to "tap on childhood events. Upon getting to safety and while waiting for the police. we do not try it and consequently miss out on important opportunities to heal... My children. were present and my older child got involved by jumping onto her father. they say . however. Ann Peck found ways to use EFT for herself and her children immediately after her ex-husband attacked her.. EFT has been instrumental in my healing in so many ways. in a manner of speaking." ~~~~ Domestic violence is one of those unspoken atrocities that exists in our culture. My history includes sexual. She then called 911. and so I do. I immediately began tapping. I can ’t believe he did this … I’m really okay . physical and verbal abuse. EFT to the rescue ." If we are convinced something will not work or is a waste of time. It does. I’ve dedicated my EFT practice to working with women. Knowing how to use EFT in an emergency can be very helpful! EFT in the aftermath of domestic violence by Ann Peck It’s been four years since EFT blessed my life with its presence. telling him not to hurt her mom. ages 6 and 11. among other things. Recently.. It wasn’t my fault … I didn’t cause this to happen … Need to calm down … Kids need me.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) If you are not getting results with EFT it may be worthwhile to check into your beliefs around what you think does and does not work and tap on any beliefs that says "this is a waste of time. give us something to use when abuse occurs. Fortunately. I was physically assaulted by my former husband. who told me she was so scared and that she thought her dad was going to kill me. I asked her if we could tap. 266 . sadly.. (Her dad is against tapping – probably because he has seen it work!) I tapped as a surrogate for her and noticed her breathing started to even out and the crying and shaking stopped.. I tapped for … this precious child … this amazing strong child … this courageous child … feeling safe … breathing calmly. EFT calmed my emotions and pulled my scattered energies back into balance. She looked back at her dad and promptly refused. that is. While EFT has helped in healing the effects of past abuse. Teach what you know. especially those with histories of abuse.

and usually a lot of meds . to make any noticeable progress? I personally think such severe trauma should be handled under the guidance of a skilled EFT professional because unexpected intensities could certainly arise. I cannot imagine life without EFT! ~~~~ Consider next this "impossible" case. I would see them fall and injure themselves in graphic detail. to name a few. flashbacks.. I managed another seven years. How could someone do this on his own when even the most knowledgeable pro would typically take months or years . and they would vividly replay in my mind. I'm not sure how I got in this state. As I traveled around. I would see the accident in any situation. and compulsive behaviors. Although I got some basic counseling though my General Practitioner. If only I had known about EFT then. Paramedic cures his own PTSD by Bob Patefield Two and a half years ago my 14-year career as a Paramedic ended following a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Sooooo. Bob Patefield in the U. The worst was the attempted murder of two young boys by their father. It seemed very gradual.. However. it was so distressing for him. It was a very unpleasant time. he got our materials and did it himself. he was able to rest peacefully through the night. health professionals would have gasped at the mere notion of anyone trying to collapse his or her own Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If someone simply crossed the road in front of me. I would see my partner off to work in the morning and then was unable get images of her in a serious road accident out of my mind. although there were some very traumatic incidents in my career. intrusive thoughts.. By the time we were done. I was desperate to find a selfhelp tool.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Later that evening I tapped with my son as we talked about what happened. 267 . Before EFT..K. couldn't get this help as he was on a long waiting list to see a psychologist. This event continues to give us lots of opportunities for tapping as we navigate through the legal system and our own individual healing. I would pass places where I had attended serious road accidents and other traumatic events. I was in a real mess with nightmares. I was left on a very long waiting list to see a psychologist. My colleague on that day never worked again.

but I wasn't convinced. She seemed very surprised that I had managed to deal with the PTSD myself. and EFT has made us closer than we have ever been. using it to diffuse anxiety and stress in whatever situation arose. a patient. I changed my mind. your children. We know different. I had to look in more detail. a client. I was getting results almost immediately. or even a favorite pet. so I told her how I had gone about it. EFT has helped me not only get over the PTSD. stress. this bridge will become a lifetime skill that you can use to spread emotional freedom and joy from yourself to others. EFT is a powerful tool for the relief of all types of pain. your spouse or partner. tree to tree. I don't miss it at all. I would spend an hour or so a day tapping on whatever issues came to mind. shifting here and there. There are so many opportunities to use EFT in frontline emergency care that I almost miss being a Paramedic . Once built. ~~~~ In conclusion .. I hope you will join me in exploring its powerful benefits. trauma. I downloaded the manual and got tapping straight away. it doesn’t rust or tarnish or become obsolete. a friend or relative. I am currently offering a free group session to Ambulance staff from my old service. When I finally got my appointment to see the psychologist (after a two-year wait) she could find no traces of PTSD at all. I built a growing hi-fi business and set myself up as an EFT Practitioner in Lancashire. It will always be there for you.. discomfort. I ordered the wonderful DVDs and watched them all over the next 12 months. Together we will build within you a bridge to the land of personal peace. She seemed to think that EFT had somehow suppressed the traumatic feelings and they would resurface in the future.Mmmm! Night shifts. not just for their benefit. Whether you’re working with yourself. Like gold. Master what’s in these pages and you will never view healing the same way again. it has also helped me rid myself of tons of negative baggage and self-limiting beliefs from my childhood. My whole family has benefited from these great techniques. using the techniques I learned on myself and others. so when my partner had her longstanding fear of heights diffused very rapidly. and anxiety. And it’s permanent.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I had seen EFT demonstrated two years before. though. The End 268 . but for the benefit of their patients too.. No.

Aspects are “issues within issues. even though you aren’t tapping for your own situation. or 3 or any other intensity level). by massage or tapping. which are sensitive points along the body’s meridians. This was the original EFT protocol. which are complementary opposites. A headache described as a sharp pain behind the eyes at an intensity of 8 might shift to dull throb in back of the head at an intensity of 7 (or 9. your own situation improves. emotional issues behind the discomforts are often successfully treated. emotional. When new aspects appear. feminine force) and yang (the active masculine force). flows through and around every living being. Borrowing Benefits When you tap with or on behalf of another person. they work together with the natural flow of chi to help the body achieve and maintain health. In the process. many aspects of a situation or problem each require their own EFT treatment. They are referred to in some of the reports included here and are often mentioned in EFT reports. the original EFT treatment continues to work while the new aspect triggers a new set of symptoms. Acupoints can be stimulated by acupuncture needles or. Sequence (tapping on acupoints in order). Acupoints Acupuncture points. Basic Formula See Mechanical EFT. in groups.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) EFT Glossary The following terms have specific meanings in EFT. It is said to regulate spiritual. only a few do. Keep "chasing the pain" with EFT and it will usually go to zero or some low number. Chi Chi. 9-Gamut Treatment. the more your own life improves. These forces. in acupressure. and when you perform surrogate or proxy tapping. Basic Recipe A four-step treatment consisting of Setup phrase. are in constant motion. EFT can seem to stop working. and Sequence. Chi moves through the body along invisible pathways. or channels. In truth. Art of Delivery The sophisticated presentation of EFT that uses imagination. physical discomforts can move to other locations and/or change in intensity or quality. In some cases. In others. EFT is an acupressure tapping technique. and physical balance and to be influenced by yin (the receptive. or energy. intuition.” different facets or pieces of a problem that are related but separate. The art of delivery goes far beyond Mechanical EFT. The more you tap for others. When yin and yang are balanced. mental. Moving pain is an indication that EFT is working. and humor to quickly discover and treat the underlying causes of pain and other problems. called meridians Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies 20 meridians along which chi or vital 269 . Chasing the Pain After applying EFT. This happens in one-on-one sessions.

In this way. as though it were a movie. Give each event a title.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) energy flows or circulate through to all parts of the body. Mechanical EFT EFT’s Basic Formula consists of tapping on the Karate Chop point or Sore Spot while saying three times. When the intensity subsides. stop and tap on that intensity. For a full description. The eight primary meridians pass through five pairs of vital organs. Core issues are not always obvious but careful detective work can often uncover them. as though 270 . as many bothersome events from your life that you can remember. they often take with them issues that are related in the person’s mind. its root or heart. frustration. discomfort.emofree. Intensity Meter The zero-to-10 scale that measures pain. I fully and complete accept myself” (Setup phrase). . Intensity can also be indicated with gestures. they can be broken down into specific events and handled routinely with EFT. usually created in response to traumatic events. and twelve secondary meridians network to the extremities. The basic premise of EFT is that the cause of every negative emotion and most physical symptoms is a block or disruption in the flow of Chi. Generalization Effect When related issues are neutralized with EFT. Meridians Invisible channels or pathways through which energy or Chi flows in the body. or energy. as quickly as possible. It may be the most-often used EFT technique of all. anger. with an appropriate Reminder Phrase. that are vague and not specific. In EFT it refers to problems. Acupoints along the meridians can be stimulated to improve the flow of Chi and. and once discovered. such as hands held close together (small discomfort) or wide apart (large discomfort). This method has been a mainstay in the tool box of many EFT practitioners. and every other physical or emotional symptom. Choices Method Dr. to resolve emotional issues. especially in Setup phrases. in EFT. A core issue is truly the crux of the problem.htm Personal Peace Procedure An exercise in which you clear problems and release core issues by writing down. “Even though I have this __[problem]__. continue in your mind with the story. or Watch a Movie Technique In this process you review in your mind. several issues can be resolved even though only one is directly treated. When intensity comes up. Movie Technique. Try for at least 50 or 100. Patricia Carrington’s method for inserting positive statements and solutions into Setup and Reminder Phrases. Core Issues Core issues are deep. along one or more of the meridians. Global While the term “global” usually refers to something that is universal or experienced a bothersome specific event. followed by three rounds of tapping the Sequence of EFT acupoints in order. important underlying emotional imbalances. see www.

or sentence that helps the mind focus on the problem being treated. This technique is identical to the Movie Technique except that in the Movie Technique. and stop to tap whenever the story becomes emotionally intense. begin tapping on the largest issues. “Even though I have this ___________.emofree. phrase. When you state a goal or affirmation. Each of the stopping points represents another aspect of the issue that. See Chi. on occasion. you simply watch past events unfold in your mind. In EFT. grief. you describe them out loud. tail-enders point the way to core issues. It is used in combination with acupoint tapping. For details. picture. The person can be present or not. Another way to perform surrogate or proxy tapping is to substitute a photograph.. or line drawing for the person and tap on that.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) it is a book or movie. or Setup An opening statement said at the beginning of each EFT treatment which defines and helps neutralize the problem. Reminder Phrase A word. Writings on Your Walls Limiting beliefs and attitudes that result from cultural conditioning or family attitudes. but” statements that create negative self-talk. above. I fully and completely accept myself. If you work through two or three per day. Setup phrase. will take you to even deeper issues. the standard Setup phrase is. these are often illogical and harmful yet very strong subconscious influences. When the list is complete. Tearless Trauma Technique This is another way of approaching an emotional problem in a gentle way. Surrogate or Proxy Tapping involves tapping on yourself on behalf of another person. anger. In the Tell a Story Technique. see www. or Tell a Story Technique Narrate or tell the story out loud of a specific event dealing with trauma.htm. 271 .com/tutorial/tutormthirteen. it’s 180 or 270. Yin and Yang. Eliminating at least one uncomfortable memory per day (a very conservative schedule) removes at least 90 unhappy events in three months. etc. Tail-Enders The “yes. It involves having the client guess as to the emotional intensity of a past event rather than painfully re-live it mentally.” Story Technique. drpat123@yahoo. Oregon) Rogue Valley Healing Arts 33 North Central www. Kim Eisen (USA. California) Pat Farrell ( Wayne Clayton-Robb (UK. Florida) Heaven on Earth Phone: 954-370-1552 Maggie Adkins (Australia) PO Box 625 McLaren Vale SA 5171 Phone: 08 8388 3997 Cell/Mobile: 0420 314 837 www. CA 92142 Phone: 858-571-6545 www. New Mexico) Sage Counseling 2019 Galisteo sophia@sophiacayer. NM 87505 Phone: 505-989-4455 www. Box 420544 San Patricia Jerem Egan (USA.) Ingrid Dinter (USA.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) EFT Practitioners Ann Adams ( ingrid@eftcoach. N10D Santa Hertfordshire Phone: 01923 350380 Graham Batchelor (U. New Jersey) 61 Kingsley Road Kendall Park NJ 08824 Phone: 732-297-7261 Fax: 732-297-0778 www. Suite 410 Sophia Cayer ( www. New Hampshire) Healing Now PO Box 561 272 .pat-farrell. PhD ( Georgia) Gwenn Bonnell (USA. England) Watford. Minnesota) EFT Worldwide Phone: 612-802-HEAL (4325) pat@pat-farrell. NH 03229 Phone: 603-746-2328 www.K. OR 97501 Phone: 541-282-7950 or 1-888-763-3532 Rosemary Eads (USA. Florida) Personal Peace Foundation Phone: 941-776-8584 www.

Box 1953 Madison Square Station New AZ crystal. West Virginia) Self-Health and Awareness Center 3300 Grand Central Avenue Crystal Hawk ( Monica Broadfoot Johnson (USA. Toronto) Phone: 416-922-4325 Fax: 416-922-2261 www. DN11 9LR UK Phone +44 1302 743113 Fax: +44 1302 742346 Lindsay Kenny ( EFT Section Dr. WV 26105 Phone 304-295-4411 or 304-295-9646 www.eftgetsubetter. Arkansas) Great Relief Therapies Little 273 .com Andrea Fredi (Italy) EFT-Italia Phone: 335 66 46 951 Carol Look ( Mair Llewellyn-Edwards (England) Llewellyn Consultancy 4 St Marys Mews. S Yorkshire. NY 10159 Phone: 212-477-8645 andreafredi@hotmail.selfhealth andawarenesscenter.greatrelieftherapies. New York) P. Tickhill.angelatreatlyon. Steve Manire (USA. Arizona) EFT Gets U Better Personal Coach Rebecca Marina (USA) Jo Hainsworth (New Zealand) Self Healing Portal Dr David Lake (Australia) PO Box 738 Newport NSW Australia 2106 Phone: (61-2) 9997-3848 Fax: (61-2) 9999-2158 www.eft-italia. California) Phone: 888-449-3030 www.LKcoaching.eftdownunder.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Denis Franklin (Australia) Deborah Lindsey ( deborahlindsey@earthlink. AR Angela Treat Lyon www.

com Betty Moore-Hafter ( betty@risingsunhealing. Suite 7 Burlington.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Jayne Morgan-Kidd (USA.trestaid. England) 10 Reedymoor Terrace 274 . Scotland) The Scottish EFT Centre Phone: 0131 339 6979 Cell: 07766 936 906 Dawn Norton ( Marcia Platt www... Florida) 971 Virginia Ave. Lancashire BB8 7LQ Phone: 01282 867819 www. Scotland) The Consulting Rooms The Connal Building 34 West George Street Glasgow G2 1DA Phone: 07756 121 582 www." Ranger (USA. Arizona) New Horizons PO Box 456 info@eftme. www.. AZ 85534 Phone: 508-464-6583 www. Vermont 05401 Phone: 802-860-7286 Stewart Robertson ( Angie Muccillo (Australia) Sublime Massage Clinic Hutton Street Thornbury Melbourne Vic Australia 3070 Phone: 0417391055 Ann Peck Goddess Journey.. Texas) Phone: 210-393-8663 or 210-525-9605 Deepak Mostert (New Zealand and Indonesia) TREST AID (Trauma Relief & Emotional Support Techniques) Bob Patefield (UK.holistichypnotherapyeft. Jeanne " info@trestaid.eftme. Vermont) Rising Sun Healing Center 35 King Alan Morison (U. FL 34683 Phone: 727-375-7924 Fax: 610-471-5880 givejrashott@yahoo. Suite E Palm Harbor. Phillip and Jane Mountrose Getting Thru Drs.marciaplatt.

CA 95482 Phone: 707-462-2501 Rick Wilkes ( 275 .com zoeric@comcast. California) PO Box 789 JoAnn SkyWatcher (USA.zoez-therapy.S.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Lisa Rogers ( theravensnest@comcast. Suite 3038 Morgantown. WV 26505 Phone: 304-284-0711 or 1-888-222-3856 www. West Virginia) Thriving Now 2567 University joann@wayhealthy. Colorado) Phone: 303-444-1195 www.theravensnestwellness center. PA 19006-6111 Phone: 866-417-3137 www.. Pennsylvania) The Ravens Nest Wellness Center 2579B Huntington Pike Huntington Zoe Zimmerman ( Barbara Smith (New Zealand) Phone: (+64) 06 3567999 www.

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San Francisco 86 “Preventive EFT after an attack in the street” by Denis Franklin 228 prisoner of war 100 278 . Iraq 102 9 Gamut Point – Karate Chop combination 119 9 Gamut Procedure 36-37. Dr. Angela Treat 53 Marina. Carol Look 59 Hurley. Dawn 230 one-minute wonder 149 one-percent solution 215 opposite-hand tapping 139 optional points 42 “Paramedic cures his own PTSD” by Bob Patefield 263 past-tense tapping 144 Patefield. Dr. Carol 59. 119 Norton. 249 Morrison. Bob 263 Paulette (Katrina survivor) 165 PCL-M 16 Penny (example client) 245 Peppiatt. importance of 186 “Layers of trauma” by Sophia Cayer 86 Life Energy and the Emotions 1 Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Power of Your Emotions 1 Lindsey. Angie 260 mugging trauma 229 muscle testing (kinesiology) 251 music. Phillip 53 Movie Technique 111. Dr. 247 Lyon. Rebecca 165 Michael (veteran) 197 Miller. Dr. Wilber 14 Hurricane Katrina 165 hurricane stress. 230 Muccillo. 20 defined 11. Jane 53 Mountrose. 127 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) causes of 213-246 checklist – military (PCL-M) 16. Deborah 152 Llewellyn-Edwards. 21 EFT for 54 Setup Phrases for 183 symptoms 11-12 military and 12. Betty 48. Marcia 234 polarity reversal 28. Sgt. Lindsay 172 Kevin (veteran) 99 kinesiology (muscle testing) 251 kiss and tap 145 language. 250 Look. David 242 Personal Peace Procedure 110 Philip (veteran) 78 photo tapping 143 Platt. Monica Broadfoot 232 Karate Chop point 31 Kenny. EFT for 169 Ideas for enhancing the standard EFT Setup 51 “Improving EFT results at home” by Barbara Smith 149 Indonesia earthquake 167 insomnia 104 intensity scale 25 Jack (veteran) 196 Jake (example client) 232 Jane (example client) 203 John (veteran) 86-98 John (veteran) 198 Johnson. Alan 224 Mostert. Gene 132 Moore-Hafter. Deepak 167 Mountrose. Mair 19. 19-24 Nassiriya. 116. tapping to 120 Nagy. Giesele 14 Miller.EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) “How I handled my child abuse PTSD all by myself” by Lisa Rogers 254 “How to weather hurricane stress with EFT” by Gwenn Bonnell 169 “How Unresolved Trauma Triggers PTSD” by Dr. 21 study. Stephen. Trent 13-14 “miracle” reframe 53 mirror tapping 142 miscarriage trauma 234 Monterastelli.

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