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The main objective of this research is to create awareness on the factors that influences a consumer in buying a particular product. To know how a celebrity influences their buying behavior. To know consumers attitude towards the product that are endorsed by a celebrity. To know the reason why the consumer prefers a product that is endorsed by a celebrity. To know the awareness level regarding various brands. To know the factors that influences any firm to increase their sales volume or market share through the product endorsed by a celebrity.


The research of the Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Brands will help in acquiring a better insight and understanding the trivial aspects of branded products and its awareness. Consumer awareness about a product is very important for that of a company and this study will give a brief picture of a consumers buying behavior. The company can focus its strategies or the product on a whole, on the study and the area, which are of major concern for the consumers. The company can, thus be able to serve the

customers well and examine all factors that influences a brand that is being endorsed by a celebrity.

Need and Purpose

Instant Brand Awareness and Recall. Celebrity values define, and refresh the brand image. Celebrity adds new dimensions to the brand image. Lack of ideas. To convince clients.

Section A: 1.Name: _________________ (optional) 2. Income: __________________ 3. Gender: Male 4. Age: 13-19





50and Above

5. Occupation: Service Housewife

Business Student

Others (Please Specify) _________________

Section B: 1.If you wish to buy a particular product then what will be the motivating factor for that? a) Fewer prices b) Various discounts and offers c) Latest trends c) Celebrity endorsing the product. 2. What is the purpose behind buying the following product : a) Motor vehicle? 1. Luxury 2. Self Esteem 3. Brand Name 4. Celebrity b) Clothing 1. Status 2. Cost 3. Brand Name 4. Celebrity c) Food Products

1. Quality 2. Brand Name 3. Celebrity 4. Quality 6. Attractive Package

3. Do you think companies investing huge money, for using celebrities help them in increasing their total revenue? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Cant say 4. Does the celebrity helps in increasing the market share of the companys brand? 1. Usually true 2. Usually not 3. Cant say 5. Do you think, a presence of celebrity like Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan in an advertisement encourages you to buy the particular product? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Cant say 6. What do you think, do the celebrity themselves uses the product they themselves endorse? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Cant say

7. On a personal note what kind of celebrity does you like the most? 1. Cricketer 2. Politician 3. Film star 4. Famous personalities. 8. How do you rate the following celebrities as a brand endorser:a) Shahrukh Khan for Nokia. 1. Excellent 2. Average 3. Poor 4. Cant rate b). Sachin Tendulkar for Boost. 1. Excellent 2. Average 3. Poor 4. Cant rate c). Amir Khan for Titan Watches. 1. Excellent 2. Average 3. Poor 4. Cant rate

9. What is the most important for you?

1. Price of the product. 2. Quality of the product. 3. Value for money. 4. Celebrity endorsement.

10. Do you think celebrity endorsement is an important thing in brand promotion? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Cant say 11. Do you think celebrity endorsement is really effective in reaching its goal? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Cant say 12. According to you, what can be the reason for the companies to choose celebrities for promoting their products? 1. No new ideas 2. Easy recognition of product 3. To increase sales and profit 4. To follow competition

Limitations of the research

Every coin has two sides; and so thus this descriptive research study. The study helps in understanding various aspects, but there are certain limitations, which are to be taken into account . The following are the limitations of the study conducted:
The method used for collecting the data is time

The sample size and area of the sampling is limited

and rigid, i.e. the survey is limited to certain areas of Bangalore (Karnataka).Thus the behavior of only a particular group is determined.
The data collected from the study may be ambiguous

in some cases.

The information obtained from the consumers, based

on the questionnaire, is assumed to be factual.

The response of the consumers may be biased.