Beginner's Guide to Fitness and Health

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Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


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Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


Special Note Before You Start

This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read. Consult your doctor before you start any fitness program.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health



This ebook is concerned with fitness and well-being, not the super-fitness required by athletes and superstars, but the daily need important fitness that is so vital to your well-being. No matter how hopeless you may feel right now, whatever physical shape or form you may be in, or whatever your age, you can always improve upon your health, strength, and appearance. This ebook is designed to help you achieve all that. You'll learn three basic fitness exercises as steps to your fitness goals. Make some of these a part of your daily living and you'll soon find that without conscious effort, or extra “work” you're gaining many benefits. Remember, you can't have perfect health and fitness in one day. It's a process. Be patient. Start slow and work into a more vigorous routine. Always do stretches before and after your workouts. Great health and fitness is not an overnight proposition. And staying fit and healthy is a lifestyle, not a project. To Your Fitness Success, Saeed Sikiru

“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live” - Jim Rohn.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


The Benefits of Fitness Exercise to Your Life
The main benefits that may arise from regular fitness participation are countless. Every one knows the health benefits of being fit. The most important thing is to remain focus to your fitness goals. Regular exercise will help you: ● complete your daily activities without stress ● strengthen your heart muscle and make it more efficient ● control your weight ● stimulate bone growth ● cope with stress ● fight infections ● improve the efficiency of your body systems ● raise your self-esteem ● sleep better ● recover more quickly from common illnesses ● reduce heart disease by strengthen your heart muscles – providing a slower but more efficient beat so that your blood circulation is improved ● improve your breathing, and your body benefits from the better oxygen intake and use ● enhance your digestive system and improve your appetite ● reduce medical costs ● improve your job productivity ● increase your energy, alertness, and vitality ● increase your sense of self-discipline, because of the determination you need to stick to your exercise program ● wake up each day with so much energy and life force Are you beginning to imagine the importance of exercise now? Why don't you start planning for your fitness goals today? The more you wait the more you're depriving yourself of these great health benefits. You don't really need anything special to get started. All you need is your will power. That's all! “Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness” – Earl of Derby.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


The 3 Basic Requirements for Exercise
Before you begin on your fitness journey, you have to set aside some of the most important requirement for your fitness goal. These include: 1. Timing – Fitness exercises can be performed first thing in the morning or late in the evening, before you retire to bed. The time should be a matter of convenience to you. Your chosen time should also be a routine period. Your daily exercise in this presentation should take you a minimum of 10 minutes per day, and slightly more when your performances are increased. As you become fitter and begin to experience the effects of the workouts in you, the exercises should be increased by a number of repetitions, timing, or pace. For example, running or hopping on the spot. You could increase the pace – fast , and increase the number of hops within the same timing. You should not increase the minimum time or repetition indicated until you get used to your exercises. 2. Dress – It is very important that you dress properly for your workouts. A T-shirt or singlet should be ideal for you. In a hot weather, you may prefer to workout bear chest, but should be covered after performance to avoid “catching cold”. The important thing is to dress conveniently for the occasion. 3. Space – For aerobic workouts, you may take to the road for brisk walking, jogging; interval running – running alternate with walking without breaking over a prescribed or predetermined distance or period. Exercises under this could be performed on a field – running round a track. The gymnasium also presents a better facility for all kinds of exercises in the cold and temperate areas. For your daily dose, however, exercises could be performed in a very small space – in the compound on a mat, or a clean bare floor, or on a carpet. Some have just enough space for exercise in their bedrooms. Choose the best time for your workout – anytime that's most convenient to you. Get the proper fitness dress and find a good location for exercising. I think these are the three most basic requirements for exercise.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


The 3 Basic Fitness Exercises That Can Make You Fit and Healthy
As a beginner who wants to get fit, you don't have to rush into different kinds of fitness activities simply because you want to become fit. This will easily tire you out and leave you frustrated. Instead, start your fitness activities with the basic exercises and move on to the more advanced ones as time goes on. Below are the three most basic fitness exercises that can make you fit and healthy while you enjoy it: ● Walking – Seems like a gentle everyday activity that you may not consider a worthwhile exercise. Brisk walking does the same for you as running and jogging. Walking is very much recommended particularly for those advanced in age, the overweight, and the sedentary workers – the busy folks. To begin your fitness walking, start slowly – warm up for about 10-15 minutes. You should be properly warmed up by this time. Increase the intensity of your walking after you are properly warmed-up and hold on to that for about 10-15 minutes before you cool-down. Increase your walking pace at the last 2-3 minutes before you finally slow down. Cool yourself down by walking slowly for about 5-10 minutes. Do some stretching after that but do not overstretch your joints. Take it easy with yourself. ● Jogging – This is my favorite. Slow down the pace of running and you turn into jogging. By picking your jogging track carefully, you may combine exercise with sight seeing of the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. You can also do some jogging on a treadmill if you have one, or you can use those in the gym if you are a member. Follow the same steps that I've laid down for the fitness walking. There is no much difference between walking and jogging. To me, jogging requires more energy than brisk walking. But you can use both to get yourself fit. ● Running – Of course running is a very vigorous mode of exercise. It is an excellent conditioner for the legs and promotes cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency. However, you should warm up properly when you set out for running. Effective warm up will prepare your muscles for intense workouts. Begin your running slowly by jogging, and then increase the pace every few minutes. I wouldn't recommend running to anyone who is trying to begin fitness from scratch. You can begin with either brisk walking or jogging before you promote yourself into running. Again, if you're overweight and want to lose weight, you can start by walking 2-3 times per week for few months before you take into running. P.S: Watch the videos here to grab more tips about walking, jogging, and running.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


Your Daily Fitness Workout Plan and How You Can Use It
Most people begin their fitness exercise programs daily without any goal in mind. Some walk, jog, run, swim etc. and become confused after any of these activities. Fortunately, there is a simple and viable plan that you can follow when doing any workout. You can use this simple plan to achieve a good fitness result within a short period. This plan is divided into four simple periods: (1) The warm-up period – Warming up before a workout is vital to your success. You greatly decrease your risk of injury and you'll increase your performance hugely. Begin your warm-up slowly. Do it for about 10-20 minutes. Excessive sweating is an indication of an effective warm up. By this time your body should be ready for the main part of your workout.

(2) The main part of your workout; the endurance activity – After an effective warm up, increase the intensity of your workout – the rate at which you do it. Hold the intensity for about 10-20 minutes. Do it faster at the last 2-3 minutes of the main workout. For example, let's assume you're jogging and are just about to end your jogging session, increase your jogging speed – jog faster before you slow down. And that takes us to the next period........

(3) The cool-down period – Cool yourself down for about 5-10 minutes. Don't sit or stand still. Walk leisurely around. Breathe slowly through your nose during this period and let it be natural. Drink some water but not plenty. Let's move to the final period …...

(4) The stretching period – Do your stretching slowly and gently. When stretching your muscles on one side of a joint, stretch those on the other side as well. For example, if you stretch your left hamstring, stretch the right one too. Include 8-12 stretches into your program. Your stretches should last for few seconds. Don't overstretch your muscles. Pay attention to your body areas that are least flexible and stretch them more often. P.S: Visit Fitness Beginners Resources for stretching vidoe.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


10 Powerful Ways to Stay Motivated to Your Fitness Program
Sometimes it seem difficult to continue with a fitness exercise program. But there are tips you can use to push yourself forward again and again. Check these out: ● get the right fitness dress and shoes for your exercise ● fit your program into your daily lifestyle – exercise before you go to work or after work ● exercise with your friends ● combine music with your fitness activities – iPod, mp3 player, CD player etc. ● change your workouts frequently; cross-train ● reward yourself when you reach a fitness goal – it could be a nice fitness dress, shoes or anything tangible ● keep your workouts simple and enjoyable ● keep a log or diary to record your improvements ● take some time off – rest and recover ● always keep the benefits of exercise in your mind

You can also include your own tips. The most important thing is to stay motivated to your fitness goals.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


8 Useful Tips to Help You Choose Your Fitness Shoes
The tips and advice below will guide you to choose the fitness shoes that are right for you: 1. Know your feet, whether they're curved or straight. Check whether you've high arches or are flat footed. Check if the shoes fit the shape of your foot. 2. Don't buy shoes that are too short. Short shoes can crowd your toes, especially the fourth and the fifth ones. Also, consider if you'll be wearing your shoes with socks or not, so that you choose the right size. 3. Look for shoes that are designed for the right function, protection, and durability. 4. Select shoes that will protect your feet from injury. 5. When you're at the store, try on three or four types of shoes that appeal to you for comfort when you tighten the laces. 6. Imitate some fitness movements with the shoes on to have a feel of it. This will allow you to compare them for stability, balance, comfort, shifting, rolling, pressure, friction, shock absorption, and sliding. 7. Once you buy your fitness shoes, take them home and walk around the house in them for a week or so to break them in. 8. Your final decision may be determined by price.

Buying the right fitness shoes is very important. So choose the right type of shoes that will make your fitness activities enjoyable and exciting.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


4 Important Things to Consider Before Buying Your Fitness Dress
Choosing the right fitness dress can help your performance greatly. Knowing what fitness clothing will work best for you is very important. Consider the tips below before you pull out your credit card or wallet to buy those fitness dress. I. Warm weather – Wear loose dress that allow sweat evaporation during warm weather. Loose dress will also enable your skin to breathe while you're working out in warm weather. Don't wear too many clothes or clothes that are too tight on your body. This will make you feel uncomfortable during your workouts. II. Cold weather – Put on protective clothes during your fitness workouts in cold weather. Protect your chest against cold weather and put on a head warmer or hat. Wear gloves when you exercise in the cold. III. Size – The size of your chosen fitness dress should not be too small or big on you. Put on your chosen outfit, mimic some fitness moves to catch the feel of the dress on you. For example, swing your arms as if you're running. Stretch yourself a little bit. The whole idea is to make certain that you feel comfortable in your chosen fitness dress. IV. Color – This is not really necessary but choosing your favorite colors will keep you motivated to stick to your fitness goals. You'll always want to put it on and this will trigger you to exercise your body. Above all, select the fitness clothing that fit you perfectly well, and dress conveniently for your workouts.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


Tips and Advice to Help You Decide The Best Time for Your Fitness Workouts
1) Mornings – Good workout habits are formed when done in the morning. If you exercise regularly in the morning, you'll carry that energized feeling with you for hours more. You'll also get that boost to your metabolism first thing in the morning which helps to burn more calories earlier in the day. Again, when you do exercise first thing in the morning, you've a much lower chance of interruptions or distractions interfering with your workout. Kids might still be sleeping. The phone has not started ringing, and the messy hassle business of life hasn't began. You can always adapt your extra workout time by waking up earlier. The downsides of morning workout are; your body's temperature is at its lowest a few hours before waking so you don't always feel so eager to exercise. Plus, your muscles are stiff and cold and need to be warmed up before engaging in exercise. You might not be a morning type. If your attitude is to avoid getting up early at any cost, then morning workout is not for you. Don't force yourself or else workouts will be boring to you real soon. 2) Afternoons – You can break the stresses of the day by exercising in the afternoon. You can adjust your appetite or snack with a workout. Your body temperature and hormone levels are higher than the morning, and the improved blood flow from the exercise will help sustain your mental activity for the remainder of the day. The disadvantages of afternoon workouts is that distractions and interruptions are more likely to sneak in. You might be unable to fit in exercise and lunch into the time assigned. Long function is also at its worst around noon time and while that might make a big difference with a regular workout, you could feel it with a strenuous one. 3) Evenings – This looks like an ideal time to be active. Your body temperature and hormone levels peak at 6 pm so exercise done three hours earlier or later than that is best for building endurance and muscle. Your muscles are warm and flexible and your lung function is best between 4-5 pm. If these factors work on your favor, you might be able to workout harder and faster at this time of the day. With exercise at this time, it helps to relieve the stresses of the day. Again, working out before dinner is a good way to help limit how much you have. The disadvantage with working out late in the day are all the distractions that could take advantage on your workout. Continued interruptions might leave you feeling frustrated and too willing to avoid exercising altogether. There you have it. Choosing the most convenient time for your exercise is up to you. What time do you consider best for your workouts? Choose the time that will be much more convenient to you.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


5 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Sleep Better And Soundly
Lack of sleep can lead to some common illnesses such as headache, body weakness, irritation of the eyes. Sleeplessness cause stress and depression sometimes. But the causes of lack of sleep vary from person to person. The good news is that there are some easy ways to make yourself sleep better and peacefully. By the time you finish reading this article, you'll understand how easy you can induce yourself to sleep soundly. 1. Read a little – Always put one of your favorite books close to your bed. Reading while you lie down on your bed can induce you to sleep. The book must be one that you really like in order to make you want to read it. You should start feeling sleepy once you are absorbed in the book. When you're immersed completely in the book, your mind becomes free, your muscles are relaxed, and you no longer think much about anything distressing. And this will make you fall asleep easily. Can you now imagine the power of reading while you lie down on your bed? You try it and see. 2. Play soft music – Do you remember that cool music you enjoy playing? Yes, it can help you fall asleep too. Like reading, cool, soft, and sentimental songs can make you fall asleep quickly. Play one of your favorite cool songs while you're about to sleep. Turn down the volume. Too high volume will not help you sleep and if it does, you'll always wake up every few minutes. And relax yourself while the music is playing. 3. Exercise in the early evening – Try working out three to four hours before bed time. This will help relax your muscles, your mind will be fresh again, and falling asleep wouldn't be a problem. Your exercise should not be hard. Just small activities that can make you sweat a little. Don't exercise your body when you're almost ready to go to bed. You'll be too energized to fall asleep if you do so. 4. Take a bath – A good night bath should help relax your body and make you fall asleep easily. 5. Put your worries aside – Get all your worries off your mind if you want to sleep. Thinking too much about the things that bother your mind will not make you sleep. If you find it difficult to do that, you can practice tips number 1 – 2.

Discovering ways to help you fight your sleeplessness will help you overcome your difficulty. Just follow the idea that appeals to you and implement it. You can easily overcome your lack of sleep with the tips above. Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health 13

7 Ways to Develop Your Body's Flexibility And Feel Younger Again
Good flexibility is good for both successful performance and injury prevention. Also, good flexibility makes you feel younger; you can twist your body any way you want it, you spend your day without feeling any strain in any part of your body, and you wake up daily feeling very fresh and ready to begin your day with plenty life force in you. Just imagine how exciting it will be if you develop your body's flexibility with the tips below: i. Warm up before stretching – An increase in muscle temperature produced by fast walking, slow jogging, jumping jacks, or other large muscle exercise will make stretching safer, and more productive. You're sufficiently warmed up when you begin to sweat. ii. Stretch your muscles – After an effective warm up, stretch your muscle groups slowly and gently. Thus your arms, neck, waist, legs, and other part of your body that can be stretched. Hold your stretches for 5-10 seconds, and don't push for further increase. Stop each stretch at the point of tension, not pain. Stretching to the point of pain, or until muscles quiver can lead to a risk of overstretching injury. iii. Don't bounce – Never bounce during a stretch or perform any type of forceful stretch. A sustained stretch is more effective. iv. Pay attention to your body areas that are least flexible and stretch them more often. v. Strive for muscle balance – When stretching muscles on one side of a joint, stretch those on the other side as well. I think I've said this earlier. vi. Be consistent with your stretching workouts. Stretch your body 3-4 times per week. You'll be amazed at the result when you begin to feel the effects of stretching in your body. vii. Some stretching can be performed while you sit or lie down. Don't be intimidated by that. The most important thing is to make your body flexible in any way that you can. Body flexibility will make you feel much younger. You'll be able to carry out your daily activities with much ease. You'll always wake up feeling so fresh and energized if you develop your body's flexibility very well. Watch this stretching video for more tips and advice.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


The 5 Most Important Things to Consider Before You Sign Up for A Gym Membership

If you want to have and keep a healthy, well-toned body, a good gym or health club can offer you a collection of equipment and services to help you meet your fitness goal. But remember that not all fitness clubs are equal. The guidelines below should help you make the right choice of a gym center . 1. Location – This is very important when choosing a gym center. Your chosen gym center should be easily accessible and convenient to you. It should be within 5-10 minutes of your home or workplace. You'll always find excuses not to go if it's far. 2. Operation time – Find out the hours of operation of the gym, including holidays and weekends. Ensure the facility will be open at the time you intend to workout. 3. The atmosphere – You should feel comfortable and at ease in the fitness center you intend to join. The atmosphere at most gym centers are friendly, and people are encouraged to “have a good time” while working out. 4. Cost – The price of gym membership differs depending on the services offered, and the duration of membership. Make the cost of membership fits well into your budget. 5. Contracts – The agreements and contracts of gym membership vary from center to center and state to state. Ensure you're satisfied with any contract that is presented to you before you sign. Spend sometime to think about it carefully.

There you have it. Any good and well equipped gym center can help you achieve your fitness goals if you consider the above points.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


6 Simple Ways To Lose Weight And Still Have Fun Doing It
Before you embark on any weight loss program you need to set yourself some realistic goals. Your goals will help you achieve your objectives within a short period of time. You need a plan that will help you lose weight, maintain it, and keep it for life. But not the “lose weight quick” type of plan. Just picture yourself working on your weight loss goals, losing weight gradually along the way, and still enjoy yourself at the same time. Below are some tips that can help you lose weight and still have fun doing it. (1) Set realistic goals – To be honest with you, losing weight require some effort, time, and commitment from you. But with a goal and some self-discipline, you'll be amazed at how less difficult it is to lose weight. “Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean”. Aim to lose few pounds per day. Reduce the amount of calories you consume per day. Don't stop eating your favorite but unhealthy foods instantly. Instead, reduce the quantity you consume daily until you cut them off completely. Let your goal ring in your mind always. This will remind you of what to eat, drink, and what not to. Reward yourself each day when you accomplish a goal for that day. (2) Come up with your own strategy – Besides following the rules designed for a weight loss program you've signed for, also draw your own plans to fit well into the program you're following. This will make things a little easier for you. Also, break down your strategies into smaller forms to make them more achievable. Let your strategy fit well into your lifestyle so that you don't feel the stress of the changes that you're going through. (3) Stop buying unhealthy foods – Be mindful about the types of food you buy when you start working on your weight loss goals. Replace your favorite but fatty foods with healthy foods. This may not be easy at the beginning but don't quit. No body is perfect. You can always work on your failure over and over again but don't let it be a habit. (4) Avoid social pressure – When you go out with your friends, don't use their presence around you as an excuse to divert from your weight loss goal. Few of them might envy you for your determination and discipline to lose weight. You don't have to eat those junk foods because every body is. Don't be intimidated by your friends. Just let them understand your goal. And be mindful about what you eat anytime you go out with your friends. Don't worry about the occasional failure. But don't let it become an excuse for giving up the whole plan.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


(5) Exercise regularly – Make sure you workout frequently if you want to achieve your weight loss goal. Your workouts should be simple and easy to do daily. This will not make it bore to you. Check these videos out for more tips about simple and basic workouts. (6) Focus on doing it, not losing it – Instead of thinking always about losing those pounds rather focus on doing what you must do to lose them. The more you work on your plan the faster you'll lose those pounds.

Writing a simple and realistic weight loss plan will help you achieve your goal easier. You have to put more effort, time and commitment in your weight loss program. Make your daily goals simple and achievable. Don't rush on losing lots of pounds within a short period. You'll be frustrated at the long run. Take it easy and simple with yourself.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


10 Most Important Fitness Advice That Will Help Prevent Your Body From Injuries
You need to be very careful when doing any fitness workout to prevent your body from injuries. Besides that, you should practice safety measures in any exercise that you engage yourself. The tips and advice below will help prevent your body from fitness injuries: 1. Drink a full glass of water before you begin any fitness exercise. This will boost your energy level, and regulate your body's temperature for maximum performance. 2. Do some little stretching before you start any workout. This will increase your body's readiness for any intense exercise. 3. Consciously relax all muscles as much as possible after each workout repetition. Let each pause last for 1-2 seconds. 4. Stretching exercises should consist of a slow, smooth press to the limit of joint movement, and no jerking whatsoever. Jerking is harmful and has no place for good performance. 5. Try not to hold your breathe; let breathing happen naturally without forcing it during performance, unless so directed. 6. If an exercise hurts, take it lightly. If with practice, it still hurts, do not continue. There is always a substitute, which may prove equally beneficial. 7. Watch yourself in a mirror, if possible, to see if you're performing properly. 8. If possible, it is always better to train under the vigilance of an expert coach who can help you avoid harmful practices, and more importantly, to achieve your goal – maximum performance. 9. Set some days aside for resting. Let your body rest and recover. Give yourself adequate sleep and proper diet. 10. Watch what you feed yourself. Eat healthy foods. Drink plenty of water regularly. Minimize your sugar, salt, alcohol, and fat consumption.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


There you have it all. That's all the basic fitness knowledge that you need to make yourself fit, healthy, and happier for the rest of your life. It's your turn now to take advantage of the information in this guide. Use it as a guideline to help build your body's fitness. Decide now to become more than half-well. Climb up the wellness ladder to become more physically fit and exert greater control over your wellness destiny. For more updates about basic fitness information, health, and personal development, please sign up for regular newsletters here at:

About the author.
My name is Saeed Sikiru. I'm the founder of blog. I'm not a professional fitness instructor nor a professional athlete but have been a fitness enthusiast for over 10 years now. Also, I devote much of my time studying and researching health, fitness, and personal development.

I got into fitness while I was in high school and it's amazing the experience – my level of fitness improved greatly and it affected every aspects of my life positively. I played soccer, handball, and long jump. These activities made me develop so much interest in health and fitness. Over the years, I have grown to learn that regular exercise, enough rest and sleep, and a healthy eating habit will make you the healthiest person that ever lived. Regular exercise makes you look younger than your real age. If you’re ready to take action and eager to learn, you can go through my fitness journey and learn what I did, simply by reading the articles and watching the videos at Fitness Beginners Resources, then copy what I did to start your own fitness journey. To your health & fitness success.

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Health


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