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is based on previous Exams and Consists of Comprehension test Test of grammar ordering of Sentences Synonyms ###### Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. Certain words/phrases in the passage are printed In bold to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions. The strength of Indian democracy lies in its tradition, in the fusion of the ideas of democracy and national independence which was characteristic of the Indian nationalist movement long before independence Although the British retained supreme authority in India until 1947, the provincial elections of 1937 provided real exercise in democratic practice before national independence; during the Pacific war India was not overrun or seriously invaded by the Japanese and after the war was over, the transfer of power to a government of the Indian Congress Party was a peaceful one as far as Britain was concerned. By 1947 ‘Indianization’ had already gone far in the Indian civil service and army, so that the new government could start with effective instruments of central control. After independence, however, India was faced with two vast problems; the first, that of economic growth from a very low level of production and the second, that of ethnic diversity and the aspirations of sub nationalities. The Congress leadership was more aware of the former problem than of the second; as a new political elite which had rebelled not only against the British Raj but also against India’s old social order, they were conscious of the need to initiate economic development and undertake social reforms, but as nationalists who had led a struggle against alien rule on behalf of all parts of India, they took the cohesion of the Indian nation too much for granted and underestimated the centrifugal, forces of ethnic division, which were bound to be accentuated rather than diminished as the popular masses were more and more drawn into politics. The Congress Party was originally opposed to the idea of recognizing any divisions of India on a linguistic basis and preferred to retain the old provinces of British India which often cut across linguistic boundaries; it was only in response to strong pressures from below that the principle of linguistic states was conceded as the basis for a federal ‘Indian Union’. The rights granted to the states created new problems for the central government. The idea of making Hindi the national language of a united India was thwarted by the recalcitrance of the speakers of other important Indian languages, and the autonomy of the states rendered central economic planning extremely difficult. Land reforms remained under the control of the states and many large-scale economic projects required a degree of co-operation between the central government and one or more of the states which it was found impossible to achieve.

Co-ordination of policies was difficult even when the Congress Party was in power both in the states and at the centre; when a congress Government in Delhi was confronted with non-Congress parties in office in the states, it became much harder. Q1. The provincial elections of 1937 in India showed that the (a) British rule was not popular in India. (b) Supremacy of British in India was likely to be short-lived. (c) Indians were peace-loving people. (d) India was capable of bringing into practice the idea of democracy. (e) Indian Congress was the single largest party in India. Q2. Why was India not overrun by the Japanese during the Pacific War? (a) Japan was skeptical about its success in the war. (b) Japan had friendly relations . with Britain (c) Japan was interested in India freedom from the British rule. (d) It was not an advantageous proposition for Japan from the military perspective. (e) None of these Q3. Which according to the passage, can be cited as exercise in democratic practice in India before Independence? (a) The Indianisation of the Indian civil service (b) The handing over, of power by British to India (c) Several democratic Institutions created by the Indian National Congress (d) A neutral role played by the army (e) None of these Q4. Which of the following problems India was faced with After Independence? (a) Improper co-ordination of various government policies (b) Increasing the production from a very low level (c) Military attack from a country across the border (d) Lack of co-ordination between the central and state governments (e) None of these Q5.Why was central economic planning found to be difficult? (a) Ethnic diversity of the people (b) Lack of will in implementing land reforms (c) Autonomy given to the states in certain matters (d) Lack of co-ordination in different government departments (e) Multiplicity of states and union territories Q6.. The new government could start with effective instrument of central power after independence because the (a) Indian army was organized on the pattern of British army (b) transfer of power to the Indian Congress party was peaceful (c) process of Indianization of the Indian CivIl Service had already started (d) people of India offered their whole hearted support to the government (e) None of these

Q7. (c) Social reforms were neglected by the government. Which of the following statements is not true in the context of the passage? (a) The political elite in India rebelled against the British Raj. Which of the following issues was not appropriately realised by the central government (a) Centre-State relations (b) A national language for the country (c) Ethnic diversity of the people (d) Implementation of the formulated policies (e) None of these Q8. WhIch of the following statements is true in the context of the.Which word is most nearly the same in meaning as the word ‘accentuated’ as used in the passage? (a) exhibited (b) projected (c) sharpened (d) devalued (e) mitigated Q12. (c) Economic development and social reforms were initiated soon after independence. (d) Congress leadership was not as much aware of the problem of ethnic diversity as much as of low production. Q11. (e) The Congress leadership was fully aware of the problem of ethnic diversity in India at the time of Independence. (b) By 1947. Indian army was fairly indianized. (e) Land reforms were under the control of the Central Government. Why was the linguistic reorganisation of the states accepted? (a) No common national language could be emerged (b) The states were not co-operating with the central government (c) Strong pressure from the states were exerted on the central government to create such states (d) Non-Congress governments in the states demanded such a reorganisation of the states (e) None of these Q9. Q10. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word ‘conceded’ as used in the passage? (a) accorded . passage? (a) During the Pacific war India was Invaded by Japan (b) After Independence India was faced with the problem of linguistic diversity of the people. (d) The Congress party was originally opposed to the idea of division of states on lingustic basis.

.Which word is most nearly the same in meaning as the word ‘thwarted’ as used in the passage? (a) diverted (b) opposed (c) accepted (d) advocated (e) implemented Q14. (b) opposition (c) dedication (d) amenability (e) vulnerability Q15. As a general rule. Q16. (a) shorter (b) slower (c) easier (d) larger (e) inferior Directions (Questions 18 to 25) Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete. (a) provocation. We cannot go on strike every year.centre stage. Now that we have gone on strike we must ……….this issue. (a) foster (b) forbid (c) forgive (d) forward (e) forsake Q17. politicians do not …………. (a) canvass (b) cross (c) clinch (d) culminate (e) co-ordinate . Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word ‘recalcitrance’ as used in the passage?. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word ‘harder’ as used in the passage.(b) criticised (c) rejected (d) denounced (e) withdrawn Q13.

He has mental…………. Indications are that the Government is ……….He is the best man for this job. however.The …………….to the prospect of granting bonus to the striking employees. he is more in need of mental companionship than of physical companionship. . (a) refuted (b) nonplussed (c) degraded (d) exhausted (e) demolished Q20. (a) natural (b) economic (c) feasibility (d) calculated (e) reallocation Q21. (a) adroitness (b) durability (c) persuasion (d) predilection (e) assimilation . (a) adores (b) cares (c) cultivates (d) apprehends (e) encompasses Q23. (a) relieved (b) aligned (c) obliged (d) reconciled (e) authorised on import of natural gas from Iran through pipeline would be completed shortly.Q18. (a) biological (b) egoistic (c) gregarious (d) democratic (e) emotional Q22. Shivalal …………classical music. He always prefers Bhimsen Joshi to Asha Bhonsale and Pandit Jasraj to Kumar his line of thinking and could not put forth any argument. to carry it out. I was totally ………. Man is…………..

(B). do you expect the water to be hot or cold? (a) ACBD (b) ACDB (c) CABD (d) DABC (e) DBAC Q28.. . to conduct the survey of natural resources in our state. (C) And yet that was what I found when I visited North Island. (C) One night a man had a dream. (B) He dreamed. one belonging to him and the other to the Lord. (a) CABD (b) CBAD (c) CEDA (d) CDAB (e) CDBA Q27. (D) For each scene. (a) consent (b) request (c) provision (d) projection (e) compliance Q25. We still have not given our………. if the manager’s subordinates are inefficient and ineffective and are not helped to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.Q24. he was walking along the beach with the Lord. (C).(A) Because. The correct order of the sentences is your answer . (B) Cold of course. His party is solely to be blamed for the political ……….in the country. (a) revival (b) advocacy (c) stalemate (d) devaluation (e) degradation Directions (Questions 26 to 30 ) In each of the questions below four sentences are given which are denoted by (A). Choose from the five alternatives and mark It as your answer Q26. (A) Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. the task may not be achieved (B) This must be just as true as the responsibility for achieving his prescribed tasks. (D) When you go bathing in a river or a pond.(A) You would be very surprised indeed to find it hot. the northern part of New Zealand. he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand. (D). By using all the four sentences you have to frame a meaningful paragraph.

(C) They had evolved a civilization higher than that of the Aryan hordes who came in their wake. highly educated workers. (D) These young. (D) It is often said that one of the prime responsibilities of a manager is the training and development of his staff. The error. ‘highly skilled. The letter of that part is the answer. (D) Till recently the Aryans were regarded as the earliest invaders of the land. or at the risk of other effects many of which are less obvious. (a) ABCD (b) EDAC (c) BCAD (d) DBAC (e) DORA Q30. however.(A) Modern research. if an will be in one part of the sentence. skilled and educated workers bring with them demands for a voice in the determination of their own organisational destiny—a change to participate in those decisions which affect their organisational lives.(C) If it is achieved it is at too great a cost. (B) Two of the most prevalent and provocative organisational dynamics of our time are the themes of participation and change (C) These demands for participation are creating pressures for internal organisational change which are matched only by external environmental pressures for organisational change.(A) Organisatione today are becoming increasingly populated by youthful. (a) ABDC (b) ABCD (c) BADC (d )BCDA (e) DCAB Directions (Questions 31 to 40) Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. has proved that there were invaders even before the Aryans poured into this land. (a) ADBC (b) BDAC (c) CABD (d) CDBA (e) DBAC Q29. ‘No error’ Q31. (B) It was thought that they came to a country which was uncivilized and barbarian. (d) / No error (e) . By April next year (a) / I will have been (b) / working in this office (c) / for twenty years.e. If there is no error the answer is (e) i.

48…….(45)…. the so-called miracles. (d) / No error (e) Directions (Questions 41-50) In the following passage. each of which numbered. Find out the appropriate word.(42)….. These number printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested. Q41. human desire to find or….Certainly. (d) / No error (e) Q34.. (a) recede (b) revive (c) dissolve (d) abandon (e) depreciate . Thus claims of ash out of nothing.. the greatest stumbling block in this processes is the ….Q32.(46)…. something extraordinary that . one above the humdrum of daily living which is why people. (d) / No error (e) Q37. (b) /It looks very old (c) / I wonder who it belonged to.(50)…. (d) / No error (e) Q36. science brings a new …. with the known laws of science ……. I have been traveling by local trains (a) /since last several years (b) / but ..(49)…. to rigorous tests and the findings …. (d) / No error(e) Q40. Saroj is not only involved (a) / in organising conferences and seminars (b) / but also in conducting )c) / adult literacy programmes (d) / No error (e) Q33. to accept routine scientific explanations of unexpected events.(44)….have never experienced (c) / such a horrible situation as this.43. There are blanks. .. (d) / No error (e) Q39. It is commonly expected that as science advances. By the time he gets back (a) /from his holidays (b) / the milkman has left (c) /twenty one bottles of milk outside his door (d) / No error (e) Q35.(47)…. I found this ring (a) / as I dig in the garden. are ….. He was having a bath (a) / when the phone rang. (c)/ I know it for ages... India today stands (a) / at crucial cross roads (b)/ with its history (c) / as an independent nation. (b) / That is not new. Have you heard the news? (a) / Mahesh and Mala are engaged. (d) / No error (e) Q38. (b) / Very unwillingly he got out of the bath (c) / and went to answer it. If I would have realised (a) / what a bad shape our library is in (b) /I would have done something (c) / to arrest the deterioration. one of which fits the blank appropriately in the context of the whole passage. idols drinking milk or petrol created from herbs and water can be …. When I heard his knock (a) / I went to the door C b) / and opened it (c) I but I was not recognise him. spirit of inquiry into a society where none existed and provides means of …. superstition should …41….

(a) diluting (b) diffusing (c) directing (d) disturbing (e) debunking Q44. (a) cleared (b) exhibited (c) criticised (d) explained (e) projected Q46. (a) volcanic (b) burning (c) critical (d) powerful (e) inflammatory Q43. (b) despite (c) instead (d) although (e) nevertheless Q47. (a) attached (b) observed (c) subjected (d) projected (e) visualized Q45. (a) yet . (a) sharpens (b) replaces (c) lifts . (a) verify (b) express (c) witness (d) activate (e) propagate Q49.Q42. (a) innate (b) sober (c) wanted (d)critical (e) cultivated Q48.

spiritualism Q4) What is worrying the millennium ………. mechanism b) hints. ideas b) technology. (a) eager (b) curious (c) unworthy (d) reluctant (e) inquisitive ## BANK PO ENGLISH ## Fill in the blanks Q1) Every …………. wish c) sacred. crisis c) lovers.(d) enlightens (e) revitalizes Q50. approach b) unique. accept b) effect. one`s basic faith but to strengthen it. transcend c) result. to a new millennial trend of crosscultural …………. dearth Q5) The ultimate ……. absence b) aspirants. a) affect. express d) simple. hide Q3) The huge crowd that spiritual leaders attract from religions also ……. divert d) concept. tradition has used the human voice as a vehicle to ………. of a suitable name for the present millennium. religion c) points.. system . of such music is not so much to ………….. a) single. question Q2) The …………. a) enthusiasts. of the Indian Drug Industry depends on research and breakthrough ……….. at present is the ……. a) defy.. a) step. a personal or community vow as a vehicle to …………… a personal or a community vow. ethics d) testify. formation d) mongers.

. holding Q10) The nuclear ………… that was ……… recently was suggestive of a certain range of options. a) tiny. speed Q6) What is required is ………… vigilance in our fight against …………. enemy Q8) Opinion is ………. launched c) weapons. odds d) populous. friendly b) project. criminal d) super. d) And the latest report is that he is writing too fast. a) doctrine. perils c) hostile. which is surrounded by many ………… Muslim countries. from behind the camera to airing his imagination lie for all to see. governing c) think of. dangers b) fundamentalist.. ourselves effectively. a) brand. Q11) Which of the following is the FIFTH sentence? a) A .. population Q7) Israeli. released b) warheads. conflict c) gaining. E) He would not say who he is writing his 59-episode serial for. tough d) sense. X. trends Q9) We can ………. has shown that brave nations can withstand all …………. but he is writing it all the same. ground that Asia must play a more pro-active role in global ……… a) holding. wars b) making. a) eternal. affairs d) developing. innovations d) goal. terrorism b) secret. C) The latest to join the bandwagon is ace photographer is Mr. corruption c) utmost. an image of a tough state only if we are seen as ……. B) Every second person today claims to be writing a teleserial. sold Arrange the sentences in proper order A) This is a real leap for him. fired d) tanks..c) survival.

The ( 8 ) situation causes one to question the ( 9 ) of the Govt`s ( 10 ) role in foodgrain industry. not simply because of cost of ( 6 ). warehouses. .b) B c) C d) D e) E Q12) Which of the following is the FIRST sentence? a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E Q13) Which of the following is the FOURTH sentence? a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E Q14) Which of the following is the THIRD sentence? a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E Q15) Which of the following is the SECOND sentence? a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E Bank PO English Set 3 FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE OPTIONS GIVEN BELOW The food grain stocks in India are at an all time ( 1 ). there is ( 3 ) about dealing with additional food grain stocks in Govt. but also because prices of food grains have not ( 7 ) in spite of huge stockpiles. With one or mor good monsoon being ( 2 ). ( 4 ) food stocks have caused an ( 5 ).

Q1) a) low b) highest c) high d) lowest e) cost Q2) a) said b) told c) blessed d) predicted e) propheted Q3) a) duty b) sensitivity c) non-sense d) hurry e) concern Q4) a) riding b) declining c) mounting d) ascending e) descending Q5) a) aplomb b) excess c) alarm d) occasion e) ulcer Q6) a) storing b) dealing c) conniving d) worrying e) living .

X`s power c) which may eventually result d) in his ouster e) None of The Above Q12) a) The company was not b) able to cut down c) the market share of pepsi .Q7) a) dissipated b) prevailed c) shot d) decreased e) depressed Q8) a) today b) current c) recent d) thorough e) dubious Q9) a) effort b) efficacy c) value d) redundancy e) oblivion Q10) a) pleasind b) relaying c) durable d) long-standing e) vote-catching FIND THAT PART OF THE SENTENCE THAT HAS GRAMATICAL OR IDIOMETIC ERROR Q11) a) The move sees as b) considerable dilution of Mr.

d) despite persistent efforts e) None of The Above Q13) a) While stayed the orders until further order b) the Supreme Court made it clear c) that the union govt. e) None of The Above Q14) a) As the govt was b) inable to generate revenue c) it had invited private sector investment d) to supplement its effort e) None of The Above Q15) a) The court directed furthus hearing of b) the matter with an appropriate authority c) after completion of papers d) in the matter. e) None of The Above Q17) a) No date for the election b) was announced c) and it was unclear whether d) anyone would step forward to battle Mr X. will be entitled d) to process the tenders. e) None of The Above Q18) a) As a first step b) NFPE cadres will resort with c) a pen down strike on 24 Feb . e) None of The Above Q16) a) The SBI outlived expectations b) to post a 160 percent rise c) in the net profit d) to Rs 715.5 cr.

d) and sit in for a 2 hour strike e) None of The Above Q19) a) Five years late b) the same question is being asked. b) but all interrmediaries c) in the indian market d) are not regulated e) None of The Above SOLUTIONS Ans 11) sees ——> is seen Ans13) stayed —–> staying Ans 14) inable —–> unable Ans15) with —–> before Ans18) resort with ——-> resort to Ans 19) late —–> later THESE WORDS HAVE BEEN TAKEN FROM PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS Match the Most similar in meaning (Synonyms) Match the following 1) Precious — Ridiculous 2) Fake — Strong Liking 3) Credible — Loneliness 4) Tranquil — Puzzle 5) Passion — Valueable 6) Ludicrous — Reliable 7) Riddle — Agile 8) Pandemic — Artificial . c) but there is no consensus d) on the answer e) None of The Above Q20) a) Advisors are also intermediaries.

2010 with Comments 5 Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given in options Clement Atlee became the PM of England after Second world war. Atlee was born in a well to do (. aleays managed to keep them together and had control over them....9.) his cabinet members.. (.) and positive approach..3. Winston Churchill who had successfully (. but Atlee by his (.8..) for the poor and the downtrodden.) and cooperation among his cabinet members.) England and the allies to victory over hitler was now rejected by the people at the hustings..4...7... TO BE ANSWERED BY YOU) Riddle Pandemic Nimble Isolation Bank Exams English Set 5 Advertisements By admin on Oct 12.) being sympethetic to the cause of . not that there was no difference of opinion (.. he is known for keeping (.5.9) Nimble — Endemic 10) Isolation — Peaceful Precious Fake Credible Tranquil Passion (CHALLENGE WORD. Labour party was (....1.6.) in granting India its freedom....) but he aleays had (. TO BE ANSWERED BY YOU) Ludicrous (CHALLENGE WORD. One of his memorable tasks was that he was (.) to power and Atlee became the PM.2.

. Q1) a) Marginalised b) Led c) Isolated d) established e) conquered Q2) a) Used b) Immune c) Averse d) Close e) Swept Q3) a) Reluctant b) Particular c) Interested d) Instrumental e) Eager Q4) a) Family b) Community c) Class d) Origin e) Country Q5) a) Jobs b) Indifference c) Concern d) Reverence e) Apathy Q6) a) Faith b) Conflict c) Assistance .10. like nationalisation of some industries and starting many schemes..India and granting India freedom.) many a constructive activity for his country too. he (.

d) Conviction e) Harmony Q7) a) From b) With c) Among d) Within e) Between Q8) a) Aggressive b) Docile c) Withdrawing d) Gentle e) Stubborn Q9) a) Besides b) After c) Athough d) Without e) He Q10) a) Observed b) Did c) Demonstrated d) Imitated e) Bypassed Today it is (.) on the inclusion of underpriviledged.7.6.) to bring about semantic changes in education.... where it lacks in its effort is the quality perspective.. Being a spirally upward drive..) recognised that 21st century will be driven by knowledge.5.4. with a special (..8.) to the knowledge.e.. To address this we need substantial expansion in educational opportunities..1.... the education system has not kept (.. Students struggle to compete in the exams which (. While the govt has taken steps to ensure education to all. India needs to usher in the knowledge revolution that (. the higher educatiuon is also uneven. While candidates are expected to travel . education cannot be (.3. To (.9..) access to quality education.) with the aspirations of the youth.2. The top of the pyramid i.) a sound knowledge of english... At the bottom of the pyramid steps must be taken to (. The vast disparity in the country today is a result of skewed (.. While our economy has made significant strides.) to improve at the higher level unless it improves at a very grassroots level.) the challenges of this century...

.several kilometres to reach school to obtain any education..) candidates Q1) a) Thickly b) Widely c) Ample d) Partly Q2) a) Adhered to b) Gather c) Cover d) Meet Q3) a) Sought b) Wanted c) Seeks d) Attempt Q4) a) Adequate b) Sufficient c) Influence d) Pace Q5) a) Access b) Approaching c) Rights d) Excess Q6) a) Aspirations b) Place c) Emphasis d) Important Q7) a) Enjoy . the higher education organisation often (.10.

2011 with Comments 22 Find out the error in the sentences given below Q1) a) The information provided b) to us were not c) as useful as we thought d) it would be e) No error Q2) a) In spite of the late hour .b) Help c) Provide d) Deepen Q8) a) Awaited b) Judged c) Thought d) Expected Q9) a) Demand b) Has c) Consume d) Wants Q10) a) Discourages b) Disobey c) Contest d) Reject Bank PO English Set 7 Advertisements By admin on Jul 08.

b) and the bad weather c) Ravi decided to brave it out d) and drink at bar e) No error Q3) a) We measured our b) height and found that c) Raman is tallest d) than me e) No error Q4) a) He asked me b) when could I c) finish d) the work e) No error Q5) a) There was no play b) on the fourth day c) of the test match d) due to the heavy rain e) No error .

Q6) a) Our teacher b) Oftem emphasises on c) the need for d) a lot of oral practice e) No error Q7) a)He was unanimously b) elected c) the director d) of our company e) no error Q8) a) He told me that b) he couldn`t buy the books c) which he wanted very much d) because he hadn`t enough money e) No error Q9) a) There is no book b) in marketing section c) which is as interesting d)as this .

2011 with Comments 37 Find the exact meaning of Idiomatic expression / phrase of given questions Q1) To get in hot waters a) to get into biling water b) to get into trouble c) to get confused d) None of the above Q2) To die a dog`s death a) to die like a dog b) to die from dog`s bite c) unheroic death d) None of the above Q3) To have cold feet a) To wash feet with cold water .e) No errror Q10) a)Mukesh`s salary b) is much c) higher than d) lokesh e) No error Bank PO English Set 8 Advertisements By admin on Jul 20.

b) To be reluctant c) to be proud of himself d) None of the above Q4) A boon in disguise a) to plant flower in desert b) to misguide someone c) A benefit in loss d) None of the above Q5) Talk through one`s hat a) To buy a second hand hat b) To share feeling with someone c) To talk non-sense d) None of the above Q6) To beat about the bush a) To cut unwanted bush b) To hide behind the bush c) To talk about unimportant things d) None of the above Q7) To give a piece of mind a) To meditate b) To scold c) To settle issue with someone .

d) None of the above Q8) To read between the lines a) To read more carefully b) To understand more than the actual words c) To be honest d) To look awkward Q9) To cut both ends a) To cut the paper carefully b) To make more beautiful c) To argue in support of both sides of the issue d) None of the above Q10) Hole and corner a) To chase somebody b) To apply full force c) Secret d) None of the above Bank Exam English Set 9 Advertisements By admin on Aug 25. 2011 with Comments 20 Q1) a) Sarita was popular / b) with her classmate that/ c) she always had some or/ .

/ e) No error Q4) a) ‘Yavanika’ is one/ b) of the latest/ c) addition to good drama/ d) which appeared in recent times./ e) No error .d) the other coming to her house/ e) no error Q2) a) The programme which/ b) came on television/ c) These days in the evenings/ d) is very interesting./ e) No error Q5) a) Children visiting the/ b) park amused/ c) by the monkeys/ d) play in the cages./ e) No error Q3) a) Prakash was leading/ b) a happy and leisurely life/ c) after his retirement/ d) from service.

Q9) a) The number of people/ b) applying were so large/ c) that the college had to/ d) stop issuing application forms./ e) No error./ e) No error Q8) a) Sooner than he had arrived/ b) his friends arranged a reception/ c) in his honour in/ d) the best hotel in town./ e) No error Q7) a) Sadhana was the one person/ b) who could somehow manage/ c) to working in the section/ d) for such a long time.Q6) a) The car flew off the road/ b) and fell into the velly/ c) because Amit/ d) was driving faster./ e) No error Q10) a) If you will/ .

b) follow my instructions/ c) you will get/ d) a suitable reward for that./ e) No error .

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