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Week 1 Orientation to the program Week 2 Problems in Metaphysics and Metaethics by Jeremiah Joven Joaquin Week 3 Problems in Feminist and Postmodern Philosophy by Natividad Dominique Manauat Week 4 Problems in the Philosophy of Myth and Eastern Philosophy by Leni Garcia Week 5 Problems in the Philosophy of Mind and Language by Napoleon Mabaquiao Week 6 Problems in Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Life by Dennis Apolega Week 7 Problems in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art by Beverly Sarza Week 8 Written Comprehensive Examination^ Week 9 Logic and Argument for Writing by Mark Anthony Dacela Week 10 Structure of a Philosophical Essay by Mark Anthony Dacela Week 11 Research and Writing Break Week 12 Research and Writing Break Week 13 Submission of Paper Proposal*

^ The written comprehensive exam (3 areas: either 1 history and 2 major courses or 2 major courses and 1 elective) is 50% of the students final grade (Passing is 70%). The student needs to get a passing grade in all three areas, if he or she fails one exam he or she fails the course. * Three readers would be assigned for each paper. The three must confer with each other regarding the merits of the paper and agree on conditions for it to be approved. Approval comes from the readers. This process will be done blindly. The students are allowed to consult faculty members on his or her own as the writing is being done but the final approval is announced by the faculty in charge.