ie - for the widest selection of cardmaking, craft and stamping supplies in Ireland Today is my first day back on school lifts and officially the end of summer for me. But, then again it is the beginning of our busiest and most exciting time of the year! Great Big Craft Extravaganza 30 Sept, 1 &2 October 2011 The Extravaganza is now in it’s third year and now that most of the plans are in place I can officially say I am beyond excited!!! We have quite a few changes this year so I have devoted a whole page to telling you about it ... turn over now to be as excited as me - but remember to come back here to read the rest of the news please! Website News The website has broken my heart! Just as we got every thing ready to go live the bank told us we had a long wait for the bank plug in! Not a happy Kerry I can tell you. The new website is up and we are continually adding pages, products, and downloads to it. We are simply now waiting for the bank. It doesn’t mean that if you see something you simply love or have to have you cannot buy it - you can - just use that old fashioned system called the telephone and give us a quick call and we will have it out in the post! Just as soon as we have the full functionality sorted there will be such a big fanfare you will be able to hear it in America - never mind Dublin, Cork and Donegal.Sizzix Club - launches this month We have had a fantastic response to the Sizzix Club. We originally thought we would get together on a week night once a month but Gileesa (who hails from Tuam) and myself (from the Connemara wilds) are a little worried about the winter roads. We were thinking maybe Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Shall we do a text poll. Text Thursday eve, Saturday or Sunday followed by the world Sizzix to 0872048045 and we will see. We are however going to go ahead with a nice launch on Sunday 18 September to get us all started! The next few months ... Well even the next few weeks are going to be a bit hectic! Lots to do and lots of excitement to go with it. I have put some dates down on the calender to get us started with our seasonal crafting. I am going to make my new year resolution to go back to making a good few of my pressies. I think people appreciate them more. I placed a massive order for wooden items last night and am going to be using the techniques Karen Mathews taught me to transform them

An Siopa Bui
d e invite You ar as Christm to our y! il Part Cockta ay ednesd Date: W ember 14 Sept 6:30 pm for ime: 6 T like! as you Dress: ts of with lo evening all the latest a fab This is gs to eat and and hin t specials yummy to see. Great n! goodies good fu 872048045 g0 in or cater RSVP f

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into special gifts and I think I might pay a return to ceramic painting (which is what got me into the craft business in the first place. Thursday nights are going to be my working night - so look out for scrapbook crops and evening cardmaking classes - and may be we might include some ceramics & wood decoration evenings. To join the text lists (we send a quick text out to let you know what we are doing) - text me on 0872048045 and say evenings. Don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook as well - we keep that updated as often as possible. Hope to see you very soon! (maybe in

Our Contact Details are: Tel: 091 - 504692 An Siopa Bui Spiddal Craft Centre, Coast Road Spiddal, Co Galway Email: kerry@ansiopabui.ie or ansiopabui@hotmail.com The Spiddal shop is open from 11:00 to 17:30 - Monday - Saturday 13:00 to 17:30 - on Sundays
News from An Siopa Bui

The 3rd Great Big Craft Extravaganza - Athlone
30 September 1&2 October Athlone Springs Hotel Athlone
So it would be fair to say that I am pretty happy with the plans for this year’s GBCE. What I want more than anything is to have an event that is inclusive and is for the Irish crafting community. I have changed things up a bit this year and am really pleased with how it has turned out. When you arrive .... You will see a different layout from last year. As you can see we have quite a few more shops and stalls (which are small shops), and all these will be placed around the walls of the room. Lots of free demos ... The middle of the room will have lots of round tables, and these are both demo and crafting tables. Most of the shops are going to be hosting on-going demos - totally free throughout the 3 day event. So between classes, come in and sit down and watch all sorts of demos from stamping, utee, cardmaking folds, jewellery, sewing and fimo. I haven’t finalised the demonstration list or the demonstrators so if you have been in contact you might be getting a call. Space to craft ... If you don’t finish a project there will be lots of tables where you can sit down and do a bit of crafting or a bit of crafty chatting as well. Classes .. The full class list and timetable are enclosed. My suggestion is to get a cup of tea - and perhaps a biscuit - or 2 and sit down and read it carefully. You can then look at the timetable and figure out exactly what you want to do when! Remember there are 3 classrooms so you need to be careful when you book. We are doing our bookings on Event Elephant which is a dedicated event website. I am sure that this is going to make us even more efficient than last year and ensure that everything runs smoothly! Class kits The class price if very much an indication of the kit. I have some of the kits already and have discussed many others with the tutors. Expect really good kits packed with more than you will need in the class - loads of little extras to go home and practice with. Especially in the case of the Yellow Club Classes. Any more questions and where to get the latest info ... All the info about the hotel, venue, booking, how to get there etc can be found on the blog. Best option is to become a fan of the GBCE on facebook and follow the GBCE blog at http://greatbigcraftextravaganza.wordpress.com/. We are of course also available by email and phone. - Kerry (kerry@ansiopabui.ie)

• • • • • •

Entrance Free Loads of crop and craft space - also free! Fantastic demonstrators Hands on tutorials Pay only for your Classes Choice of over 30 Classes

The Shops and Stalls I think the list is finished now! Note: Not all shops will be open on all days!
• • • • • • • • Siopa Buí - Spiddal (All) JM Crafts - Tullamore (All) Cathy Walsh & Mayo Craft Club (All) BK Supplies - Waterford (All) Payperbox (All) Waltzing Mouse Stamps (Sat & Sun) Beadtime (All) Gorjuss shop - run by us - but she is so cute she has her own shop • Hill Warehouse Sale (Fri) • Jackie’s Space (Jackie Mooney) (Fri & Sat) • Crafty Queens (Fri&Sat) • Missy Bonkers (Sat & Sun) • Crafting Ireland (Sat & Sun) • Angela’s Stashes (Fimo) (Sat&Sun) • Sarah’s Shop (Sarah Holden) (Sat & Sun) • Cottage Crafts (Fri) Wow - I am beyond excited!!!

The Yellow Clubs at the GBCE
We often get calls from people wanting more info on what exactly a Yellow Club is? How much stuff you get in the bag (lots), and how it works? So this year we are doing something really different .... Why not book a Yellow Club Class? You will get a full Yellow Club (at that is lots and lots of stuff including a free stamp!) The bag is literally bulging. And you will get to make a start on the 12 plus projects inside. A great way to try it out. We are also running Yellow Bling Bag classes, and Yellow Scrapbooking classes. The same idea - get the full bag - and get started in the class. I may be biased but these could be some of the best value kits to be had at this year’s GBCE! Don’t forget to book as I have limited places in these classes.

To book classes - visit the blog at http://greatbigcraftextravaganza.wordpress.com/ and follow the links. We are booking through EventElephant to make us more efficient. Like us on Facebook to get all the latests info on the website and the Extravaganza. and of course we are in the shop for any queries or questions - email me on kerry@ansiopabui.ie or call us!

News from An Siopa Bui

What’s on at the Siopa Buí !!!
Saturday 10 September Free Demo Day - Christmas Cardmaking Lots of great new goodies for Christmas already in stock! For more information call Kim or Kerry on 091-504692 or email kerry@ansiopabui.ie Wednesday 14 September Christmas launch Cocktail Party The big reveal! All new christmas stock, great food, great specials and great fun. Please RSVP if you can for catering on 0872048045 or email kerry@ansiopabui.ie Saturday 17 September - Spiddal Christmas Cards - get started now!!! Join me to get started with some great Christmas card ideas! Make at least 5 cards plus something extra! Great techniques to get you inspired! Cost: 30 Euro for the full day - we will have a break for lunch! From 10:30 to 16:30 To book call 091-504692 or email kerrycolson@eircom.net Sunday 18th September - Spiddal Sizzix Club Launch! Join us for our very first Sizzix Club meeting. 7 Euro per month and you will be getting loads out of your Bigshot or any other die cutting machine! Lots of demos, lucky draws and new dies to play with! Time: 2pm - 5pm! To book call 091-504692 or email kerrycolson@eircom.net Saturday 15 October - Spiddal A Scrapbooking day with Corina from Coco Crafts A fab day for scrapbookers - lets get started. A great layout followed by open cropping Cost: 25:00 To book call 091-504692 or email kerry@ansiopabui.ie Saturday 29 October - Cork An Siopa Bui in Cork - all the details still to be confirmed. This is the day I have planned - lots of details to be ironed out - let us know if you are interested! Cost: 40.00 To book call 091-504692 or email kerry@ansiopabui.ie Join us at our Winter Coffee Mornings, just a nice relaxing way to spend a Friday morning - meeting with other crafters, a great demo, free raffle and of course great coffee, tea and goodies to eat! Next dates! Friday 9 September Friday 14 October

Free Demo Day Get Christmas Crafting!
Join Kerry and Phil for all the inspiration you will need to get your Christmas Crafting started!
When: Saturday 10 September Where: An Siopa Buí - Spiddal Time: 10:30 am - 4:00 pm What: Fabulous demos and great tasty treats with tea or coffee!

Come for an hour or come for the day it is a great opportunity to ask questions and get new ideas to make your christmas cards really special this year.

TXT to Craft! Card making Wednesday classes, Thursday evenings
We have a great cardmaking class every Wednesday morning from 10:30 to 12:30. And, hope to be introducing Thursday evenings. We make 2 cards and it only costs 10 Euro. Bookings are now important. Join our text list and you will get a little reminder with a sneak peak on a Tuesday and then all you need to do is reply to say you are coming. For all our other activities like Sizzix club, coffee mornings and Scrapbooking - text lists are the answer. Text me on 0872048045 to join the Wednesday list.

and more .....

Please call Kerry or Kim on 091 504692 email kerry@ansiopabui.ie or fax: 091-574991 to book your classes.
News from An Siopa Bui

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