CREEPING COMPROMISE: DRESS (BIBLE STUDY 3) TOPIC: Creeping Compromise: Dress – An Issue of a Christian’s Heart.

KEY TEXT: 2Cor 6:16, 17; 1 John 2:15, 16 HYMNS: SDAH 623, N41, N33 INTRODUCTION Have you ever heard the statement, “If you cannot beat them, join them?” If your response is ‘Yes’, then my next question is, “What does it mean”. I heard this statement for the first time in1996 when I was then a student in the Seminary at ASWA. This statement has to do with Compromise. Is it true that a Christian can reach a compromise with the Heathen? CHRISTIAN STANDARD “The subject of Christian Standard” according to Joe Crews, “Is probably one of the most neglected doctrines in the modern church” “The world today is in an incredible state of flex and change. The traditional views and values have been altered and almost under the numbing influence of television and high mobile electronic media; minds have been manipulated, thought pattern set up, and decisions dictated” These alteration and change have come about gradually. In a nut shell, Secularism is gradually eroding Christianity. Seventh-day Adventists want to be like others and gradually are selling our birth right. DEFINITIONS: CREEPING (verb): (1) Moving in a quiet careful way, especially to avoid attracting attention. (2) Gradually entering something and change it. COMPROPMISE: (1) A solution to a problem in which two things or situations are changed slightly so that they can exist together or (2) To do something which is against your principles and therefore seems dishonest or shameful (The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English). SNARES OF SATAN – Self Deception • Have you ever wondered how major changes seem to occur overnight in a church? There is no doubt that Satan is pulling the strings and directing the subtle forces designed to destroy us spiritually. • Since the official organization of the Seventh-day Adventist church (about 150 years ago), Satan has tried to use the same trick employed against Adam and Eve (Gen 3:5); and the Israelites to exchanging Theocracy for Monarchy (1Sam 8:4 – 6) with the desire of becoming like other nations to make us deceive ourselves. Almost imperceptibly, our thinking has been affected by what we see and hear.” • Spiritual conviction has been softened and disappeared altogether.

New approach to Marriage and funeral services. style our hair in the hottest new looks and display the most darling adornment. FUNDAMENTAL BELIEF ON DRESS While recognizing cultural differences. words.” (CM 176).” (4T. With infinite patience he introduces pictures. RESPONSIBILITY TO UPHOLD CHURCH STANDARDS AND POLICIES In this study time we will limit ourselves to life-style: Dressing or Dress. amusements. PERFECT EXAMPLES OF CREEPING COMPROMISE Perfect examples of ideas introduced into worship service today include: New style of worship and music. Customs and fashions may change with the years. what do they see? What attracts them? • Is it your hair color. modest. and practices that cannot be condemned per se. We are tempted to feel good about ourselves. hence the instruction for Christians to dress purposefully “to protect the people of God from the corrupting influence of the world. ideas. Dress is an important factor in Christian character. • But Satan knows how the mind operates under the power of suggestion and associations. your clothing? Or is it radiant glow on your face? • Is it something on the outside or something from within? Our world puts great emphasis on a person’s (especially women) outward beauty. 634). as well as to promote physical and moral health…. neat befitting those whose true beauty does not consist of outward adornment but in the imperishable ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit. our dress is to be simple. DRESS Let us consider the following: • When people look at you. New approach to spiritual warfare (Prayer offensive – Pentecostal /charismatic approach). but principles of right conduct are always the same.• The fine sensitivity to sin has been blunted by incessant exposure to the apparent innocent influences of our baited society. and Mode of dressing. your hair style. True religion which enters into every phase of life must have a molding influence in all our activities. SOME MISLEADING ISSUES • Some Adventists have been led to believe that it is legalistic to make any kind of issue over standards and Life Style. Homo sexuality and lesbianism. ADVENTISTS AS REFORMERS “As Seventh-day Adventists we have been called out from the world to be reformers. . Constantly we are invited to wear latest fashion. Our habits of life must stem from principle not from the example of the world about us.

Just as the blue hemmed garment of the Israelites portrayed them as a commandment-keeping people. in good taste. NAMES GIVEN TO SOME MODERN DRESS STYLES Modern dresses. Here are few examples: WOMEN OR LADIES STYLES • Accident – Women dress with one ‘arm ‘or sleeve • M’atrick Yesu – Women slit with long opening on its side which can be worn with the opening beside when entering worship place but turned back after service. E. He desires our Clothing to be not only neat and healthful. vanity or rebellion is our heart it will be revealed in immodest clothing. OUR DRESS AS SYMBOL The Bible calls us “a chosen generation.FASHION: The World of fashion attempts to dictate what men and women should wear and how they should fix their hair and decorate their face. That which is hung upon the outside is the sign of what is within (MCP 1:289). a royal priesthood. If pride. • X – Ray – Dress material that exposes the body. some of the styles flout biblical principles of modesty. Her concern is the avoidance of extremes. • In reference to dress Ellen White reminds the Christian that “It is our privilege to honour our creator. • Test tube or “Tu – na –bu” -Male Trousers with narrow legs or base. clean.G. What does our clothing symbolize? • It symbolizes the condition of our heart. durable simple modest and appropriate for ones age and work. BOYS OR MEN’S DRESS STYLES • Utto Pfiser – Boys trousers that is pulled below the waist. simplicity and frugality. but appropriate and becoming (Edu 248). but rather that which is neat . Our appearance in every respect should be characterized by neatness. • Zoom – lion – Trousers with large legs or openings at the base and sweeps as the wearer walks ELLEN. and holy nation. (GC 419 – 431). modesty and purity. Dress is an index of the mind and heart. • I am aware – Dresses when worn leaves either the upper part of the navel or part of buttocks naked. • Pillow case – Old fashioned female underwear (panties) that covers the buttocks or the entire private parts. G White penned hundreds of pages on this issue. attractive. • No one precise style is given as a uniform for the Christian. especially for ladies have been nicknamed according to how they appear to onlookers.WHITE AND APPEARANCE Appearance is an important concern for Christians. • Our dress is also symbolic of God’s Lordship in our lives. Christian discipleship requires total allegiance to Christ leaving no room for enslavement to the dictates of fashion. peculiar people (1Pet 2:9). so our clothing may announce to the world that we are Gods obedient children (People of . With each passing last season some change is brought in to make last season’s wardrobe outmoded. Furthermore.

28) • We do not glorify God by exposing our body or even certain parts of it to the eyes of others. Because our senses have been desensitized by the age of nakedness in which we live. how do we determine what is not modest? 2. 12 vols. The world should recognize us as God’s people by the way we dress. Joe. 3. • Years ago God warned us about modern fashions. QUESTIONS 1. and he exults when he sees professed Christian eagerly accept the fashion that he has invented” If our ladies and gentlemen dress according to the common fashion of our day we are not dressing modestly. Handbook of Seventh – day Adventist Theology.27 5. 3. We should not forget that the sight of a woman’s body affects a man much differently than it does a female. Vol. This includes low necklines. WISE COUNSEL • Our young ladies have a responsibility to help our brothers keep their heart pure.Hope) following his standard and not the world’s. hence His request for our hearts and our eyes (Pro 23:26). New Edition London: Pearson Educational Ltd. We must do right even if the world does differently. we are at least held responsible (Matt 5:27. Fall 2003. Hagerstown: Review and Herald Publishing Association. God calls for a people who have purity of heart exemplified in a modest simple. 2003. Ellen G.APPIAH. Staci. 21. 17. How true is this statement? REFERENCES 1. Raoul. “When the heart is converted everything that is out of harmony with the word of God will drop off”. ed. sleeveless blouses. “Satan is constantly devising some new styles of dress that shall prove an injury to physical and moral health. Osterman. Dederen. sheer or tight clothing. Offinso District CGC . “Dress: an Issue of My Heart”. • We should never wear anything that would be enticing to lead a brother to sin. Procter. even in his thoughts. White. Seventh – Day Adventist Church Manual 17th Edition (2005) 6. 370 & 433 4. no. Anything that puts accent on our form or leaves us partially naked has no place in the dress of a woman or man professing godliness. By PASTOR DASEBRE NSIAH. Adventist Affirm. appropriate style of dress. Crews.1977 2. He knows that our clothing symbolizes our heart condition. 2002. Creeping Compromise Baltimore: Amazing Facts. • We live in a society where various degree of nudity is accepted. Paul Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. CONCLUSION In a world where fashion tends to take precedence over Biblical counsel. writings (in text).

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