5, 2011

September 2011 will be month not to be forgotten

This month will be the month that Kaye Beach’s battle to protect not only her own rights, liberty and freedom but also all citizen’s rights, liberty and freedom starts in the courts of Oklahoma. The preliminaries have already taken place. Kaye has exhausted all administrative remedies to protect her personal information including her biometrics (fingerprinting, DNA, digital facial image for use with facial recognition technology) and iris scan). Kaye’s attorneys were successful in traffic court when the Norman City Attorney’s office dismissed charges that alleged Kaye was driving without a valid driver’s license. Kaye’s attorneys, Benjamin Sisney and Jonathan Echols of Echols and Associates in Oklahoma are two of the best in the country to present Kaye’s case in a suit being filed in Oklahoma. It is important to note Kaye Beach’s attorneys have been in contact with other attorneys across the country. I will only say for now that input has been received that Kaye’s attorneys will consider. I would not be surprised if a major news release was to be issued in the upcoming weeks. This is the beginning, not the end of the battle that will take place. Thanks to the many people who have donated to Kaye’s defense fund, Kaye and her attorneys are ready to move forward. For those that want to learn more about Kaye Beach’s legal fight visit : There are several articles available by scrolling down the homepage. For purposes of disclosure; Kaye Beach is a member of the Board of Directors of the Constitutional Alliance. On September 12, 2001, President George W. Bush invited members of Congress and the media for a meeting in the cabinet room of the White House. The mood was understandably anxious, somber: The World Trade Center lay in rubble, the Pentagon had a hole gouged into it and shock and awe had settled over the United States. One of the most extraordinary periods of American history – what would come to be known as the “Post 9-11 Era” – was beginning.

The president gravely laid out the situation and the steps his administration would take to secure the homeland, but during the course of the meeting he also made this significant declaration: “We will not allow this enemy to win the war by changing our way of life or restricting our freedoms.” Kaye Beach’s case will decide if in fact the terrorists have won by changing our way of life, and restricting our freedoms. I recognize many citizens and/or groups are focused on the 2012 elections and/or issues such as healthcare, immigration, wars and our nation’s debt. The winners of the 2012 elections do not take office until January 2013. Personally, I feel that citizens participating in elections or having their voices heard on a number of issues is important. Kaye and her attorneys prevailing is more than important; it is critical. If we as citizens are to have a voice and representation Kaye Beach must prevail. We do not have until 2013 to wait for the people we want elected to take office. Everyday new laws are being implemented, new policies are taken under consideration and new legislation is being proposed that is more egregious than what we have already witnessed. Our government’s insistence that it be allowed to create a 24/7 digital footprint of the who, what, how, when and where of each citizen’s activities must be defeated. We do have rights and those rights cannot be ignored by anyone. Biometrics, RFID and other technologies are at the center of our government’s strategy and Kaye Beach’s case. The presumption of innocence no longer does exist in our country. We have failed as a country to do what is each citizen’s foremost responsibility; to pass on to the children of today the rights, liberty and freedom we inherited at such great sacrifice of previous generations. Each citizen, each group, each ministry will have to decide which side they are on; the choices are clear, either support Kaye Beach or support the continued erosion of our rights. September can be the month remembered for an event that took place that led to the Patriot Act, Real ID and other laws and policies that have turned our rights into privileges or September can be remembered for being the month that citizens led by Kaye Beach stood up and told the federal government “No”. No to centralized databases, no to biometrics, RFID and other invasive technologies, and no to the destruction of our Constitution.


Mark Lerner, Co-Founder of the Constitutional Alliance and the Stop Real ID Coalition