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Large areas of Bihar and Nepal were flooded due to break of embankment on Kosi
River on 18 August. 36 lakhs people of Bihar and one lakh people of Nepal got
affected due to this flood. More than four lakhs houses collapsed. Thousands of
domestic animals died and crops of Rs. 150 crore got destroyed. It is obvious that a
large number of people have also died due to this flood however; no such accurate
data is available. The people who got ruined due to this flood are small farmer, farm
laborer and other working class people.
Low level politics of power hungry politicians on this flood are continuing.
Flood is just an issue for them. These politicians are blaming each other and claim
themselves to be best in relief works. Series of scams in relief funds is yet to start.
Central and Bihar state government is responsible for destruction of life of 36
lakhs people of Bihar. It is a criminal act committed by central and state government.
Governments and its departments are directly responsible for the loss of life due to
flood in Kosi River.
Flow of water was 1 lakh 44 thousand cusec on 18th August 2008, when 400
meter embankment on Kosi River cracked. However, the capacity of embankment is 9
lakhs 50 thousand cusec. Break in Kosi embankment on 90% lower flow of water in
comparison to its actual capacity shows that how badly the up keeping of
embankment was managed.
The repairing and maintenance of Kosi embankments should have been
completed before melting of the glaciers. Even in the case of negligence this work
should have been completed before the arrival of monsoon in June. But this year this
work was not done by July-August even. There are several facts supporting to it.
Director of ‘Ganga flood control commission* on 1 April, through a letter, asked for
the planning of maintainance from the Engineer-in-chief (north) of Bihar water
resource department. The same letter was sent for the first time on 25 April and third
time on12 June. Not a single letter was responded. During the monsoons Engineer of
Bihar government sends a daily report of embankments to the center. News of
embankment on 16 August was, ‘All the embankments under Bihar water resources
department are safe.’ The same news was repeated on 17 August. News for 18 august
is well known by the whole country. Embankment broke off.
It is gross negligence of different departments of Indian government. No
action is being taken against responsible officers and departments even after repeated
8th incident of breaking of Kosi embankment. Water resource department, Ganga
Flood Control Commission, Kosi High Level committee etc. are culprit of loss of life
and property of people of Bihar.
The flood is not a natural disaster or curse of ‘Mother Kosi’, this is result of gross
negligence of state and central government. It is a manifold bigger crime than the
crime of Ansal brothers and Sanjeev Nanda. Governments are shrinking their
responsibilities from this criminal negligence. Government machineries and media
are also creating confusion by spreading rumors that flood was caused due to
releasing of water by Nepal. The truth is that there is no dam on Kosi River in Nepal.
And whatever barrages are there are all in control of Government of Bihar. The
maintainance responsibilities are also of the government of Bihar.
The criminal negligence of government of India has destroyed life of lakhs of
people. In such condition, it is our duty to make pressure on government to prosecute
those officers and departments immediately who are responsible for this. It is also our
responsibility to help as far as possible to working class of people of Bihar in their

Flood affected people of Bihar have to face lot of difficulties now. However , we can
not rely upon corrupt and inefficient government agencies. We all know about the
concern for the masses of power hungry politicians. We appeal to all of you to raise
your voice against criminal negligence of the government and other responsible
persons for the flood and come forward for direct help to flood affected masses of


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