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Ed Stetzer
This practical, self-guided manual will help your church understand the necessity for effective communications and promotional strategies, including: • Why Christians and churches should advertise • Jesus’ communication methods • Promising what you can deliver and delivering what you promise • What advertising can and cannot do • Biblically balanced approaches to outreach and marketing • Top 10 church advertising mistakes • 14 steps for developing an effective outreach communication strategy • Knowing your community and target audience • Developing your message: finding a valid connection point • Testing your message: Did we truly connect? • Selecting the right media for your church’s message • Making your message last the entire year • Advertising as an aid to evangelism The manual offers applications for established churches as well as church plants and is the perfect manual for pastors, lay leaders and church administrators.
has trained pastors and church planters on five continents. He is a former seminary professor, teaching evangelism, missions, and church planting and now serves as Research Team Director and Missiologist at the North American Mission Board. He has written Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age and (with Elmer Towns) Perimeters of Light: Biblical Boundaries for the Emerging Church. His websites include www.newchurches.com and www.comebackchurches.com.

Eric Ramsey
has written and led conferences on church outreach and media across North America. Ramsey’s advertising campaigns, commercials and concepts have been used by thousands of churches in North America, South America, Asia and Africa. His combined experience in broadcast marketing, pastoral ministry, communications consulting and media production give him a unique perspective and understanding of church outreach communications. He currently serves in the Church Planting Group of the North American Mission Board.

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A “How To” Marketing Manual for Pastors and Church Leaders

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1 Advertising a Dying Church 8. .3 Promising What You Can Deliver & Delivering What You Promise What Advertising Can & Cannot Do. .6 Jesus Did Not Compromise the Truth 3.2 Jesus Presented a Clear & Simple Message 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 A Marketing Timeline for Established Churches 8. . . .I. .3 Marketing Leverage Points 8. . .24 Would the Real Church Please Stand Up? . . . . . . . . . . . . . We Are From the Planet Earth Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Jesus Offered Benefits – Not Programs 3.2 Yes. . .5 Outreach Days Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Chapter 8: 3 . .33 8. . . .7 Conclusion Advertising as an Exercise in Telling the Truth. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 3. . . . . . . . . .2 Being True to Who You Are 4. . Building an Outreach Advertising Strategy Chapter 1 Why a Marketing Manual for Churches? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 5. . . . . . . . . . . . .1 What Is Outreach Marketing? 2. . . .2 Get Healthy First 8. . . . . . 18 4. . . . . 12 2. . . . . . .1 Jesus Communicated to the Masses 3. . . . . . . . .1 The Approach 1. .3 Jesus Knew His Listener & Communicated in Their Language 3. . . .2 Guiding Principles 1. . . . . . . . .2 Why Do Christians Do Marketing? The Communication Methods of Jesus Christ . . 9 1. . . . . . . . . .1 Maintaining a Right Motivation 4. . . . . . . .1 Advertising Doesn’t Replace Evangelism – But Leads to It! 5. .4 Jesus Met People at Their Point of Need 3. .3 The Manual Format Foundations for Using Advertising & Marketing.32 Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church.

. . . . . . . . . . . .10 Focus Group 1.12 Walking the Neighborhood 1.43 Research Your Community.58 2. . . . . . Identify Audience Needs.2 Core Values 2. . . .8 Door-to-Door Survey 1. . . .6 Community Needs List Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: 4 . . . . .II. .7 Primary Research 1.5 Congregational Needs 2.7 Map Your Congregation Discover Your Congregational Strengths. . . . . . . . . . .11 Windshield Survey 1. . . . . . . .1 Psychographics 5. . . .3 Local Advertising That Is Working 5. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Growth Patterns 1. . . .3 Psychographic Information 1. . . . . . . . . . .72 5. . . . . . . .2 Surveys 5. . . . . . . . . . . Steps for Developing an Effective Outreach Communication Strategy Introduction Step 1: Steps for Developing an Effective Outreach Communication Strategy. .3 Worship Style 2. . .45 . . . . . . . . .14 Local Public Records Discover the Identity of Your Church. . . .6 Congregational Needs List 2. . . .4 Interests 2. 1. . . . . . .13 Local Media Professionals 1. . .6 Religious Background 1.9 Phone Survey 1.4 Relationships in the Community 5. . .68 . . . . . .5 Civic Organizations 5. . . . .4 Obtaining Demographic & Psychographic Information 1. . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Profiling Your Congregation 2. . . . . . . . .2 Demographic Information 1. . . . .1 For New Church Starts 1. . . . . 67 Define Your Target Group. . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .6 Easily Remembered 7. . . .4 Select a Single Benefit or Synthesize Common Benefits Develop a Message That Matters. . . . . .2 Rediscover the Socio-Geographical Dynamics 6. . . . . . .1 Use Professionals 9. .1 Religious Background Analysis 6. . .7 Positive 7. . . . .95 9. . . .2 Simple 7. . . . . . . .6 Newspaper & Magazines 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Sounds Good 7. .6 Be Sure the Design Reflects Your Core Values 5 .84 7. .3 Visual Branding: Connect Each Message With a Common Design 9. . 77 6. . . . . 91 8. . . . . .5 Design With the Audience in Mind 9.2 Theme & Logo 9. . . . . .4 Identify Media That Will Fit a Realistic Budget Selecting the Right Media for Your Community . . .3 Finding the Strongest Connecting Points to the Community 6.2 Plan to Use More Than One Medium 8.3 Determine What Media Will Find Your Audience 8. . . .7 Radio 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Short 7. . . . . .8 Focus On Those Who Will Respond Identify Media. . . . . . . .5 Looks Good 7.8 Television Step 7: Step 8: Step 9: Produce the Communication Tools. . . . . . .89 8. . . .3 Narrowly Focused 7. .5 Direct Mail & the Law of Large Numbers 8.Step 6: Compare the Church to the Community. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Point Each Medium to Another 9. . . . . . .1 Finding the Right Media 8. . .

. . . . .2 Promise Only What You Can Deliver Track & Evaluate Results. . . . . . . . . .2 Allow Your Plan to Flex Step 11: Step 12: Step 13: Step 14: III. . . . . . . .I. . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Communication Calendar Planning Grid Launch the Strategy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Schedule Commercial Ads at Less Expensive Times 11.. . . . . . 159 C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Calendar One Quarter Ahead 11. . . . . . . . . 104 11. . . . . . . . Applications Application A: T. . .S. . . . . .2 C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Advertising Calendar 11. 111 12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Then Off” Approach 11. . 113 13. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Step 10: Test It. . . . . . . . .1 Focus Groups 10. . . .1 Do Not Expect Big Results Immediately 13. . .N. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Don’t Abandon Prematurely 14. . . .4 C. . . . 101 10. . . . .3 Consider a “Heavy On. . 148 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Application C: Planting a New Church. .4 Use Multiple Media at the Same Time 11. . . . . 119 A Church-Wide Outreach for Attracting & Communicating a New Wave of Church Guests Using Every Available Means to Tell Every Available Person About Christ & His Church Using Outreach Advertising to Start a New Church Application B: Operation Saturation. . . . . . . . . . . . .M. . . . . . . . . . . . .U. . . . . . . . . .1 C. . . . . . . . .1 Consider Special Days 11. . . .2 Allow Current Members to Respond Assemble a Marketing Calendar. . . . . .5 Building the Launch Team Launching the Church A Marketing Timeline for a New Church Example of Church Planting Proposal Examples of New Church Mailers 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Bigger is Not Necessarily Better 12.2 “How Did You Hear About Us?” Card Adjust Strategy .3 C. . . . 116 14. . . . . . . . . .

223 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 209 H. . . . . . .1 Programs J. . . . . . . 196 F. . . . . . . . . .5 Letter to First-Time Guests E. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Sample Existing Church Brochure Application I: Application J: Marketing Special Events . . . . . . 203 G. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Letter to New Parents E. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 186 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Radio F.6 ImpactCard™ Examples Buying Advice . 220 J. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Letter to New Movers E. . . . . . . . . 216 When The Guests Arrive!. . . . . . . .1 Sample Radio Spots G.1 Money & Media Specific Mediums. .2 Sample Television Spots G. . . .5 Outdoor Advertising F. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Communication Cards Conclusion. . . . . . . .Application D: Phone Scripts . . .1 Operation Epistle E. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Newspaper F. . . . . 185 Application E: Direct Mail. . . .2 Guest Packets J. . . . . . . .6 Television Application F: Application G: Electronic Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Letter to Those Requesting More Information E. . . . . . .2 Sample New Church Brochure H. . . . . . . . . . . .4 Internet F. . . . . . . . . Conclusion: 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Brochure Template H. . .3 Sample Press Releases Application H: Brochures. . 197 F. . . . . . . . . . . . E. . . .

Ramsey has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communications and in ministry. Some of the examples in the manual are from the churches he has served. teaching evangelism. His combined experience in broadcast management and marketing. Ramsey Eric W. He now serves as Research Team Director and Missiologist at the North American Mission Board. Andrew and Alisha. Some of the examples in the manual are from the churches he served. He has used innovative media strategies to plant and revitalize churches (see his website. Georgia with his wife Gaye and two children. missions and church planting. pastoral ministry. Kristen.com. communications consulting and media production give him a unique perspective and understanding of church outreach communications. He has written Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age and (with Elmer Towns) Perimeters of Light: Biblical Boundaries for the Emerging Church. He lives in Cumming. He has written. 8 .newchurches. commercials and concepts have been utilized by thousands of churches. Georgia with his wife Donna and three daughters. lectured and led conferences across North America on the topic of outreach using media. Ed Stetzer Eric W. www.Introduction Who Are We? Ed Stetzer has trained pastors and church planters on five continents. Jaclyn and Kaitlyn. He lives in Cumming.) He is a former seminary professor. Ramsey’s advertising campaigns.

to the unchurched it is now. size. Mother’s Day and Christmas) • Planning bi-annual outreach campaigns (Outreach Days) • And other methods depending on the church’s situation The process of developing a strategy that will work for your church begins by understanding your target audience and their needs. and the workplace dominates the family schedule. A good ongoing strategy might include: • Helping church members invest in and invite their unchurched friends • Using holidays to reach out (particularly Easter. so when your church points those people toward Jesus Christ. Then. churches won’t grow. Because of their location. unfortunately. in many places. and communicating the pertinent benefits of your church to the target audience in language that connects. there’s the rest of us! Most of us need a strategy to attract guests. getting people to visit your church is.1 Why a Marketing Manual for Churches? Every church is faced with an ongoing challenge: how to continually encourage guests to visit–particularly those with no prior exposure to church. becoming harder and harder. While the church in America was once the cultural center of a community. The goal is to introduce people to your church. or reputation. 9 . The majority of families are multi-income. Without guests. The church has to work hard to cut through the clutter of the culture to reach the unchurched with a compelling reason to consider attending church so they might genuinely consider Christ. Families in America are busier than ever. However. a steady stream of seekers will pass through their doors. merely one of many venues for entertainment and social interaction. That strategy is essential for the long-term growth of the church. Some churches generate guests without too much effort. Merely promoting your church will not change anyone’s spiritual life. they are more willing to listen.

Some churches have had bad experiences. These plans will help you to customize an outreach plan for your church. If we can help people find value in our church then we may be able to help them take the next step: to begin a relationship with the Creator of the universe.1 The Approach In recent years some churches have shied away from marketing. In church outreach marketing. and to develop a comprehensive and integrated communication strategy. is nothing more than favorably placing and imaging your “product” or “service” in the mind of the consumer. in secular terminology. The advantage that the church has over businesses is that we have the greatest reason to do marketing. Marketing. this is due to the fact that they failed to do their homework. life and belonging. Churches need to train their members to “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:5). to identify and understand the people they were trying to reach. Often. A broader strategy helps the church and its members to connect with the entire community through mass outreach working hand-in-hand with personal evangelism. and making sure that when they think about your church they see it as a place where their spiritual needs can be addressed. We will do this for several situations: • Starting a new church • Promoting an outreach event • Maintaining ongoing outreach 10 .Chapter 1: Why a Marketing Manual for Churches? 1 The intent is not to replace personal evangelism. In this manual we will lay out plans for you that will help you be effective at outreach in the new millennium. When done correctly. They have spent large sums of money and have seen little to no return. it is helping a specific audience think about your church. marketing works. Their connection with the church results in enhanced relationships leading them to find eternal love. 1.

Evangelism is a commandment that can couple with advertising for effective outreach. They are: 1. creative. Outreach advertising does take into account the felt needs of people. 3. it must lead them to their real and deepest needs if it is to be biblically appropriate. Marketing a dying or dysfunctional church is dishonest unless you say it is dying and dysfunctional. chairs. 4. 5.3 The Manual Format Each topic comes in a separate section. gymnasium. 9. 11 . The interested unchurched are not offended by outreach through marketing if it is honest. However. it enhances its effectiveness. Each is like a small article–which may be duplicated for use (only) in your local church. 6. 2.2 Guiding Principles As we look at the subject. It is those who are interested that are the most fruitful for outreach–not those who are hostile. 8. Concentrate on church health before you attempt marketing. Outreach marketing is a tool (like a parking lot. Outreach advertising itself does not need to present the plan of salvation in order to assist in bringing people to faith in Christ. so they can hear the claims of Christ in the context of believers living out their faith. 1. is modeled by Jesus Christ and taught throughout the New Testament. We will show how marketing energizes both corporate and personal evangelism. Practical examples and tools will follow most topics.) that is useful for sharing Christ. Your church needs a comprehensive outreach plan to use every available means to tell every accessible person God’s story. effective communication. Excellent. authentic and excellent. The best evangelism takes place when people are on a journey with Christians in a local church. 7. it might help you to know ten principles which guide us as we write this. aimed at a specific audience. Outreach advertising and marketing help bring more people into relationship with the church. But the strategy must ultimately include a presentation of the gospel and incorporation into a local church.1 Chapter 1: Why a Marketing Manual for Churches? 1. Advertising must be integrated with a broader outreach strategy. transferring the responsibility of the Great Commission from their mouths to their church’s mailers. Marketing does not replace evangelism. etc. Mobilizing a church with advertising without empowering them with a passion and tools for evangelism will leave everyone frustrated. Many churches have deferred to marketing as their evangelism strategy. 10.

It is the function that puts feet to your marketing strategy. it is a means of causing lost people to consider your church and its benefits. Copyright© 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Then. People in your community (your marketplace) have some basic needs. organization or concept in the marketplace.” For a church. Advertising is not evangelism (unless you are sending out evangelistic tracts). your church will help them to consider Christ. and are not. Every method of telling the marketplace is advertising. marketing and advertising should be an intentional part of outreach and evangelism. Advertising is the process of communicating your primary message(s). word-ofmouth advertising is usually limited to an existing relational network. In simple secular terms.2 Foundations for Using Advertising & Marketing 2. Fourth Edition. It is intentionally positioning a product. Marketing involves understanding the needs of the consumer and the benefits of the product or service. It creates new relational networks through which the gospel can naturally flow. and then connecting the two in the most effective way—often through advertising. Although most people think of direct mail or radio. once connected. We think that the work of Christ is worthy of “attracting public attention. the very best–and most affordable—advertising mode is “word-of-mouth. All rights reserved 12 . Mass advertising helps expand the horizons of communication. One dictionary explains it is “the activity of attracting public attention…”1 Advertising tells the marketplace what’s going on in the church.” However. marketing is creating need or awareness. that the local church can effectively address.1 What Is Outreach Marketing? There are many different ideas about what advertising and marketing are. Published by Houghton Mufflin Company. and shaping perception in the mind of the consumer. both general and specific. God has uniquely gifted your local church to engage and address 1 The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. Instead.

The last three churches I (Ed) started used outreach marketing and strategic advertising to further the efforts of our people. Finally. is in advertising. there is nothing inherently evil about media and advertising. 2. An outreach plan is only as good as the strategy it seeks to support. First. So. how will the community know your church can meet their needs unless they are told? They can’t. As such. including advertising. While your individual campaigns and projects may make up the bulk of your budget. Often. The results are usually 100% effort being put into a strategy which is only 50% developed. because some churches cater to a consumer mentality does not mean that yours must–and this manual will teach you to communicate in a biblical manner. And each church started with more than 200 at their opening services. that will help your church to grow and people to find Christ. Our purpose is to help you develop a comprehensive outreach strategy. many churches approach outreach marketing as a series of disjointed projects without an overall plan. we need to enter that marketplace of ideas through marketing. 13 . but also of our staff and people. Some are concerned (and rightly) that advertising can create a consumer mentality in those we reach.2 Chapter 2: Foundation for Using Advertising & Marketing the specific spiritual and relational needs of your community. But three reasons tell us that outreach advertising is an appropriate method for us to use. worship God. this concern has some merit. Thus. and motivate people to engage the solution. and rely on people to evangelize their friends? Shouldn’t that reach the lost without the need to resort to “worldly” methods? If marketing is done with improper motivation. We will teach you how to use media and advertising as a redemptive tool to attract people to your church so they can hear the gospel. the Apostle Paul entered into dialogue at the point of communication. establishing and maintaining a comprehensive strategy will help you to do effective outreach over the long haul. Today. Second. if we are going to capture as many hearts and minds as possible for the gospel. However. It was here where ideas were exchanged and people were “recruited” to new ways of thinking. that Areopagus. This is marketing. Political campaigns are not primarily won in small group debates (unless you live in Iowa or New Hampshire).2 Why Do Christians Do Marketing? It’s really a good question–why not just preach the Word. or marketplace of ideas. It is up to the church to effectively articulate the needs. God calls us to be good stewards – not only of our funds. However. people in the community cannot clearly articulate their spiritual and relational needs–they feel them but often cannot identify them. ideas are communicated through marketing and advertising. But. a fully developed strategy is imperative. offer solutions. marketing and advertising are tools that God can use to present Christ to the unchurched. Instead. the Areopagus in Athens.

2 Jesus Presented a Clear & Simple Message From the masses. one of the reasons he “became flesh and dwelt among us” was to be an example for us. the Decapolis. and then he addressed spiritual needs. There are some who argue that mass communication is a waste of time. Jesus chose two specific groups of workers to train. one man. 9:36. 14:13. No doubt. He drew their attention by addressing their most basic needs. he continued to preach and teach to all who were in the crowd. the fact that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh had a great deal to do with his success. 8:1. Jesus communicated with the masses (Matthew 5:1. 20:29. However. Jerusalem. Obviously Jesus didn’t think so. to prepare every area where he would be ministering (Luke 10:1ff). 19:2. 14 . Even though Jesus knew that the majority of people would not embrace him as Lord. He chose 12 men (Matthew 10:1ff) to be trained to communicate his message and carry on the work after he was gone. 21:8. made a cultural impact like no other. effort and resources. 3. He also appointed 72 others whom he equipped to go ahead of him. and from those methods.1 Jesus Communicated to the Masses “Large crowds from Galilee. 13:2. 23:1). extract timeless principles. 12:46. Judea and the region across to the Jordan followed [Jesus]” (Matthew 4:25). standardized for easy communication and multiplication. in groups of two. 3. From the beginning to the end of his ministry. Jesus presented a clear and simple message.3 The Communication Methods of Jesus Christ In some of the shortest ministry years in history. 11:7. 13:34. We can learn from his communication methods. Jesus Christ. 15:30.

and understands them. But. Jesus developed relationships. Studying demographic and psychographic statistical data is not enough. It works. therefore he knew his listener. and data on a page does not allow you to connect with the heart of a person or people. the church falls back into a disjointed approach to communication which neglects the personal side of outreach. Multiplying the message is also a necessary part of successful outreach communication. hunger). If the churches of today are going to operate in a Christ-like manner. knows them. before he could choose the right story. he first had to understand the people to whom he spoke. The church today must spend time with nonChristians. Multiplying the message is communicating the same message through a variety of media. he did. Christians today need to take time to study the people around them. single dimension activity. Scroll 2-B!” His communication to believers and non-believers alike flowed out of issues and needs that people were facing (rejection. and engage them in their world. one-sided. 3. they must do the same. It is important to remember that a primary purpose for mass media advertising is complementing and stimulating word-of-mouth advertising.4 Jesus Met People at Their Point of Need Not once in Scripture do we find Jesus sitting down to address an audience and saying something like. reproducible message. Whether or not he had to study the people. He engaged them in their world. even after the church has relationally engaged the community. so that those communicating the message are saying the same thing. emptiness. He did this so his listener could grasp the spiritual truths he wanted them to understand. It is hard to “reach out” to people if you are afraid of touching them. Jesus met people where they were and then invited them to have a relationship with Him. even politicians. it is a distant. Standardizing involves developing an intentional. Studying a culture’s profile does not let people know you care. craftsmanship. So often. 3. Many times. Jesus went straight to his groups of 12 and 72 to launch a word-of-mouth communication plan. illustration or simile. “Heed the word of the Lord today from Exodus. Today. Some might argue that since Jesus was God in the flesh. persecution. develop relationships with them. business relationships and preparing food. He knew all things.3 Jesus Knew His Listener & Communicated in Their Language Jesus told stories and used illustrations about farming. fear. corporations and governments drop standardized messages to the mass media. the church attempts to communicate to the community from the church’s vantage point.3 Chapter 3: The Communication Methods of Jesus Christ Standardizing the message is critical for good communication. While this type of data can be very useful in getting a “big picture” view. 15 . he did not have to study the people. He spent time with people.

“Sir. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.” Instead. it is critical to keep in mind that communicating is not just proclaiming a message. highlight benefits. Of course. so they followed. the starting point is perceived needs–and missionaries have known this for 2000 years. it is helping the audience understand what you are proclaiming. Jesus gave a directive. “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). 16 . The promised benefit was that they would become fishers of men. That does not mean that everything we do is about their needs. Sadly. This is best done by meeting people. “Blessed are the meek. is built upon the benefits of righteous living. they understood well what fishing was. I’d like to invite you to try our newly formed Christian apprentice program. one-on-one instruction.5 Jesus Offered Benefits – Not Programs When Jesus was calling out the Twelve. The same benefits Jesus offered to people he has entrusted to the Church to offer to the world in his name. as Jesus did. justice. the church should offer a safe. for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6). relational gathering place for emotional and spiritual encouragement and growth. The Beatitudes. They are only interested in whether or not the church can offer solutions for their needs. for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5). and I will make you fishers of men. etc. Rather than inviting single adults to join the singles’ group so the church can reach the latest enrollment goal. 3. Jesus and the church today don’t leave people at their point of need. as well as quality group training sessions. imagine him saying. and the others like them.” However. This lack of benefits for the hearers diminishes the impact of outreach. Each of these statements. but it does mean that Jesus (and we) should never apologize for starting with people’s needs. and offered a benefit: “Come. We move them from their perceived needs to their real needs. They recognized a unique leadership ability in Jesus. Most people do not care about church programs or functions. a section of what is arguably Jesus’ most notable sermon. grace. thirst. many churches are only interested in what benefit a person can bring to the church. We seek to provide hands-on experience. It is likely that the disciples understood very little about the concept of being “fishers of men. at their points of need such as hunger.Chapter 3: The Communication Methods of Jesus Christ 3 When developing an outreach communication strategy. and they wanted the success that Jesus promised. follow me. However.” The directive was to follow him.

7 Conclusion Communications that wisely and passionately seek to reconcile people to God need no justification. some churches have substituted the rich truth of God for a lighter flavor. 17 . they have no hope. He expressed a desire and a willingness to have relationships with all people from all walks of life. 3. And overturning the merchants’ tables in the temple courts was certainly not a politically correct activity. Jesus confronted the piety and character of the Pharisees and their attitude toward sinners. Certainly.” would God not be equally honored if it was shouted from the mailbox. Jesus never compromised the truth. in doing so.” Our communications must always invite people to step toward truth–the light of God–and must never compromise truth. Jesus said. it must be consistent with who God is. If the Bible teaches us to “shout it from the rooftops. What is more loving: offending people by confronting them with their sin and need for a Savior. inclusive and tolerant of all people. Yet the truth of God should never be compromised nor trivialized through marketing. and that Jesus is their only hope because he is the very essence of what is true–he is the Truth. It is done in an effort to be more inclusive. Nicodemus understood that his goodness was not enough to gain him favor with God. Jesus’ message was truly for the masses. television. But.3 Chapter 3: The Communication Methods of Jesus Christ 3. But. Inclusiveness is a value based on the appreciation of freedom. “…the truth will set you free. or tolerating sin and helping to maintain their feeling of acceptance while they slip off into eternity forever separated from God? Outreach marketing should be consistent with the character of God–and while a single postcard will not communicate everything there is to know about God. People need to understand that without God. For some reason.6 Jesus Did Not Compromise the Truth In an effort to attract people and make church more palatable for the masses. gracious. true freedom is only found in truth. kind. Christians should be loving. and door knobs? Bad marketing is never appropriate–but outreach marketing done responsibly can be a great help in reaching more for the gospel’s sake. it has become trendy to criticize tools that maximize the effectiveness of our outreach.

marketing the church was a controversial topic in the 1990s.newchurches.4 Advertising as an Exercise in Telling the Truth As mentioned earlier.1 Maintaining a Right Motivation A good question to ask is. So. Can a church be both ethical and biblical in its use of marketing? Obviously. Let us say that the critics were (and are) right sometimes. Simply. (See Ed’s article on the dangers of inappropriate church marketing at www. others expressed concerns about consumerism and the lack of community that marketing evidenced. we are convinced it can. 18 . The question is how? Marketing that is gracious and truthful glorifies God.” The focus is about people and relationships. or is it so our church can be one-up on the church down the road?” The answer reveals motivation for marketing. 4. “Why do you want to market your church?” The church growth movement of the 1980s fell under criticism because it seemed the goal of some church leaders was not to evangelize the lost as much as it was to reach numeric goals. an outreach leader must ask. marketing is an opportunity to communicate the truth. and you would probably not own this manual if you were opposed to the idea.) In the new millennium. Some have used advertising in an unbiblical way–tailoring their church to the whims of the unchurched. not a Kingdom-driven mindset. It was to “seek and save those who are lost. Others have so relied on marketing that they de-emphasized the central place of relationships to the biblical mission. Marketing that is deceptive dishonors him. not about goals and vain bragging rights.com/ resources. Jesus’ motivation for ministry was not to produce great numbers of disciples. “Why do I want to market our church? Is it so more people can experience the love of God. Church leaders and pastors were warned of compromise and watering down the gospel. This is a self-serving mindset.

This manual will help guide you through a process of understanding your community. understanding your church. restored family relationships. for the purpose of reflecting his glory and communicating his love. More so now than ever. When the church makes any promise or claim. His desire is for your church to be the local body of believers he called you to be—nothing more. people expect delivery on the goods and services they are promised. energizing music. people expect the church to deliver.4 Chapter 4: Advertising as an Exercise in Telling the Truth 4.” the workers. many churches are failing to deliver. and communicating that message in a true and relevant way to the community. 19 . Be real. dry cleaners and even car dealerships expend great amounts of energy. God knew that he would place your church in your particular community. They have promised something on which they cannot deliver. facilities. If a church is going to advertise “first-class child care. or better than the best daycare centers in the area. compared to today’s standards. the church has lied. nothing less. Restaurants.3 Promising What You Can Deliver & Delivering What You Promise Many churches promise what attracts people. motivational messages.2 Being True to Who You Are Before the foundation of the world. Once a church has broken the trust of someone. vision statement or advertising message of another church. For the most part. Be true to who God created you to be. time and money making sure that customers receive the goods and services they have grown to expect. Then be sure that there is always follow through–that the church actually delivers what they promise. and healing for every hurt. supermarkets. and service at the church must be as good as. It is dangerous to just blindly adopt the mission statement. Be careful that the promises your church makes can be fulfilled. And it must. getting that trust back is next to impossible. creating a message that communicates who you are. retail stores. First-class child care. 4. Your church must discover who they are before they can tell the community who they are. are just a few of the promises made by churches every Sunday. If not.

” Soon.” What started as a great tool lost both some of its effectiveness and some of its purpose as churches began to position themselves against one another. But. As with any tool. outreach marketing can be misused. That is good stewardship and good strategy. It can help the unchurched consider the church when otherwise they would not. it helps the church to accomplish its ultimate mission–being and showing Christ to a lost world. Because it worked in building numbers. fliers were all over town asking. This should never be. and many churches began to use it. advertising that effectively attracts unchurched people leads to opportunities to present the gospel.1 Advertising Doesn’t Replace Evangelism – But It Leads to It! This may have been why marketing got a bad name in some circles–it was successful. we’re young. Sure. 20 . Advertising is never meant to be a substitute for evangelism.5 What Advertising Can & Cannot Do 5. some churches have ignored this to the detriment of their own long-term health. As the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of men and women who are touched by your outreach advertising. it led some churches to try to “out-market” their “competitors. But the fact remains. It is meant to lead to evangelism. “Tired of boring sermons? We’ve got better ones” and “Think they’re old–well. they can be more receptive to consider what they otherwise would not–visiting that church of strange people down the street. When used in such a way. outreach advertising can be done appropriately and with authenticity. What was a passionate invitation to a biblically focused church deteriorated into a selfish competition.

We Are From the Planet Earth Who are we? Crazy people falling on the floor? Right-wing fanatics looking to legislate television? Mystics sitting in a circle? To a world unsure about the church. Outreach marketing is intended to help your neighbors see that we are. such advertisements intend to attract Christians looking for a certain type of church or ministry.2 Yes. indeed. It’s misguided exclusivism. We can get out quickly if they do!” That means that our outreach advertising needs to be understandable to real people (not just Christian “insiders” like us). The task of outreach marketing and advertising is different.5 Chapter 5: What Advertising Can & Cannot Do 5. outreach advertising invites people to give this “church thing” a try. Here is a sampling of recent ads: • “Expository Preaching” (sounds like some sort of medical problem) • “Joel 2:7 Ministry” (I had to look that one up. helping them realize that “It can’t be too bad. we also have been changed by something that they need–a real encounter with a real God. They won’t embarrass us too much. I am always intrigued by the advertisements in the paper that speak only to Christians (and sometimes only to specific brands of Christians). So. After all. We are real people with real struggles. This isn’t outreach. real people. 21 . so do you) • “Deliverance Every Tuesday” (the movie?) • “Holding Forth the Infallible Word” (doesn’t the Pope do that?) Instead of attracting regular people. We need to gear our advertising to reach across and address the real concerns of the unchurched. all of these bizarre images seem very real. But. It can lower their defenses. they do watch cable news.

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But. Rick’s letter addressed the concerns of his unchurched neighbors (he went door-to-door to discover those concerns). good outreach advertising will help you reach your community if done well. like Rick Warren. So.5 Chapter 5: What Advertising Can & Cannot Do There is only one problem–most of us do not live in Southern California and none of us live in the early ‘80s. you have to address the concerns of the unchurched in your area. Because he paid careful attention to the needs of his community. he had a great outreach impact. It’s a great model–but in order to have an impact. first you have to avoid… 23 .

signs… all of these things are “media.” or “We need a… whatever. or sign up for Internet service. brochures. I then pointed out that a church in his setting had been very successful. So.” When the product is finished. But. or hears it. having listened to pastors explain their advertising and marketing missteps. This week. we hope somebody finds it. They will help you to consider your church situation and what you need to know before planning to use outreach advertising. No matter what. Newsletters. websites. newspaper ads. even though everyday his mailbox is filled with the mailers of companies investing millions of dollars to get him to buy soap.” or “We need a website. I was unable to convince him—he was certain that advertising would not work. you can see that companies spend millions because it works. I (Ed) spoke to a group of 80 pastors when one young church planter explained. Every time you see advertising.” I explained that I knew several churches in his city (one of the mega-cities) that has had great success. Selecting Media Before Identifying a Target Group Most communication attempts begin with “We need a brochure. go to a restaurant. television commercials. This is reverse thinking.” Mistake ➊ 24 . sometimes it does NOT work. Below are ten mistakes that we have compiled. We know many. He countered that he was in a more urban environment. many churches that have tried it and it did work. sees it.6 Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes Most pastors know someone who tried it and it did not work. “Marketing just does not work anymore.” or “We need a newsletter. what do churches do that causes some outreach strategies to work and others not to? Some leaders in emerging churches have decided that the unchurched dislike advertising so much that it will hurt their church efforts.

does not mean it will reach your general audience in that same area—in fact. sounds good. Those who owned TVs seldom watched the two broadcast stations that they could get with rabbit ear antennas. or is priced right does not mean that it will work for your audience. it probably won’t. Be careful! Just because something looks good. somewhere in North America. And. strategy. develop your message. Mistake ➋ 25 . and then determine the best media. ambitious church planter was offered an amazingly low price on cable television advertising. the plan is setting up for another failure. once again. a young. media cannot be intelligently and strategically selected. just because something works to reach a particular niche group in your area. Pastors are doing this because the last idea from their buddy two states over failed miserably and they need a winner – right now. If you find something that was recently successful in reaching a similar people in a similar culture to yours. program. After airing the spot nearly one hundred times in the first month. the target group must first be identified and understood. first define your target group. What do we want to say to our target group? Until these questions are answered. or advertising campaign. His media was selected without his target group in mind. After some research. Who is our target group? 2.6 Chapter 6: Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes Media are vehicles which transport a message from one place to another. Doing It Because It Worked Somewhere Else Today. agrarian community had a very conservative Mennonite influence. outreach. there was no response from the community. Just because something works in another city does not mean that it will work in your area. there are pastors picking up the phone or sending e-mails to fellow pastors to get every detail of that highly successful program. Before a medium of communication is selected. Where is our target group? 3. or method worked somewhere else. This. however. give it a try. strategy. the church planter discovered that the rural. Remember. by all means. For example. does not mean that we cannot learn from what others have done. does not mean it is guaranteed to work in your context. People did not have cable television. And. The commercials were local insertion spots that aired on the most popular cable stations. What response do we want from our target group? 4. The following questions must be answered: 1. Just because a particular campaign.

It is quite another thing to waste a few thousand dollars on advertising that missed the intended target. One would think that with computer technology such as grammar check and spell check. The shotgun does not have to be as precisely aimed as the rifle. In the average church. it hits with as much as 10 times more force than the shotgun— and there is no wasted lead. Most paid advertising is not. every week churches publish errors that make them look inept. But the sad thing is. The result is a lot of wasted shot (although the target was hit). The errors are still there though people hold a false confidence they are not… until it is too late. keep in mind that the average person must experience an advertising message six times before it’s understood and responded to. air a radio spot with a different message to seniors. a conscientious parent wanting the best for his/her child is going to think twice about believing that this church can provide quality education of any kind for their child. While this approach might seem to cover a lot of people with a variety of messages. careless and unprofessional.Chapter 6: Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes 6 Relying on a Shotgun Approach to Messaging The basic difference between a shotgun and a rifle is that a shotgun fires a spray of small pellets at a target. For instance. your childs spiritual eduction comes first. and just plain careless mistakes slip through the ever-present editorial cracks of churches. shotgun lead is relatively cheap. there are multiple messages going out to multiple audiences. streamlined bullet at a precise location on the target. a church might send a well-crafted mass mailer with an appealing message to families. using a variety of media. spelling. and have a website front page with yet a different message to a more youth-oriented audience. formatting. Mistake ➍ 26 . It is one thing to waste a few thousand small lead pellets at the skeet range. errors would significantly decrease. But. This prominent church is neither inept not ignorant. A rifle must be carefully and precisely aimed. but usually more pellets (or shot) miss the intended target than hit it. A well-crafted. bulletins to posters. while a rifle fires a single. printed advertisements to signs. “What you say is not as important as how you say it” is very true here. Now. grammar. precise message repeatedly communicated to a specific audience will always yield a larger return than multiple messages communicated to multiple audiences. From newsletters to websites. Mistake ➌ Carelessness We have all read those horrendous but hilarious church bulletin bloopers. This has not been the case. The old adage. but when it hits the center point on the target. Who wants to entrust their children to a church that posts the following sign? at First church.

That image becomes a filter through which they begin to interpret any other information that follows. or paid advertisement are often the first impression of your church. but. sign. I (Ed) remember the height of our carelessness. The bold letters at the top (with the words running vertically) spelled out S-T-D Sunday. I don’t enjoy sports bars and I seldom even open the sports section of the newspaper. and the advertising worked—the event was a success. or musical style. Now. Most often they are read before anyone even thinks about walking in the door of your church building. For some reason. and have even excelled in a couple.6 Chapter 6: Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes Words on a brochure. Our target audience wasn’t looking to us for expertise with sexually transmitted diseases! Doing What YOU Like Most of us know what we like. we posted the fliers and placed the ad. I have always enjoyed playing sports. Several years ago. when I (Eric) was a singles’ pastor. Mistake ➎ 27 . so should everyone else. website. What people read creates a mental image that is not easily broken. it was suggested by a couple of our single men that we post fliers in the local sports bars and place an ad in the sports section of the newspaper. our singles’ ministry had about eight women for every two men. We were planning a “Share the Discovery Sunday” for our new church – inviting our 150 or so regular attendees to share info about our year-old church with their friends and family. but “what I like” has to be set aside when an advertising message or medium is being considered. theme phrase. Regardless. in an effort to expose them to our singles’ ministry. Do not assume that your likes and dislikes are the same as those of your audience. All was going great until we received the brochures (that I had approved). In a meeting to plan the publicity for the event. many church leaders assume that if they love a certain color scheme. We decided to host an event specifically geared toward single men in the community.

they would be less likely to use them outside the church. It would be ludicrous to launch an advertising campaign aimed at second or third generation Koreans living in the United States that is written in Korean. would you care to share with me in a time of intimate fellowship?” I could end up in jail! Extreme example? Not necessarily. most often they do not mean eating off of the same plate. “Hey there brother. Most often what they mean is dinner party. When someone speaking Christianese talks about sharing a meal together. Be careful of the language you use when communicating to the unchurched. It is amazing how many church advertisements I read. or come over for dinner. splitting a entrée in a restaurant. share in fellowship. that are supposedly aimed at an unchurched audience. share burdens. It is equally absurd to think that a church can appeal to an unchurched audience by using such terms and phrases as: • Saved • Washed in the blood • Revival • Time of fellowship • Afterglow • Righteousness • Justified • Holiness • Anointed • Impute • gospel • Glory • Blessed • Impart • Break bread • Feast on the Word And how about the word that is perhaps the church favorite? Share.Chapter 6: Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes 6 Use of Christian Jargon Imagine that you are a young student at a university and I walk up to you casually and say. We share our testimony. we share all kinds of things. For that matter.” The majority of North Americans are nearly two generations removed from traditional Christian culture. or offering you half of their sandwich. if Christians would limit the use of these terms inside the walls of the church. Mistake ➏ 28 . doing lunch. which are written in “Christianese.

with a negative brush.” Some churches sing hymns. we have found that they often define their church by what it is not. That is not the issue here. Highlight what your church does . Most of them look something like this: Mistake ➑ First Presbyterian Church “Where Heaven and Earth Meet” Dr. This will help your audience develop and maintain a positive impression of your church. some do not. Pastor First-class Ministries For: • Preschool • Children • Youth • Single Adults • Married Adults • Median Adults 400 South Main (131) 555-0777 www. one will quickly discover a standardized format for church ads.and does well. Charles Graves. Make a concerted effort to be positive in marketing – all the while being truthful. “We don’t do hymns. This is never healthy. “We sing contemporary praise and worship music.” When someone says. as a whole. but it is the description that is the problem. “We don’t do hymns. not for the local church or the Kingdom of God. Statements like these immediately position one church against another and paint church.firstpreslunker. Remember. Mistake ➐ Promoting Programs Rather Than Highlighting Benefits Looking through the religion section of any local newspaper or the Yellow Pages. the objective is to attract.6 Chapter 6: Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes Defining Ourselves by What We Don’t Do As we work with church planters. The same is true for any number of “we don’t” statements. as a whole. not to repel.org Sunday Bible Study – 9:00 AM Morning Worship – 10:30 AM Discipleship – 6:00 PM Evening Worship – 7:00 PM Wednesday Mid-Week Service – 7:00 PM Choir Practice – 8:00 PM 29 . These church planters could have just as easily said something like. It is often.” it immediately implies that there is something distasteful about churches that enjoy singing hymns.

and the substitute teacher reads the Bible story from the teacher’s book. interactive environment where children learn values that will last a lifetime. The family feels that either they were lied to or the church just has no clue what “exciting” means for 5th grade students. “We have great cars of all colors”. Nor would one be exceptionally attracted to a dry cleaners that boasts. For instance. emotional. These statements describe programs with which your target audience likely has little to no familiarity. To approach advertising in this way. “Our church has exciting activities for children of all ages. For instance. and pants. and spiritual needs are universal . your church can help them move from felt needs to their real needs.” Meanwhile the church is struggling to find workers for the 5th and 6th grades. Mistake ➒ 30 . skirts. “What do we do well?” and list all of the benefits the church provides. Visionaries tend to see things as they will be someday. a church must first understand something about the needs of its target group. benefits and experiences attract people. no planned learning activity. more will be provided on this topic in the section entitled Steps for Developing an Effective Outreach Communication Strategy. Having been attracted by the church’s claims. Second. The church must tailor its message to connect with the right needs. relevant need does not already exist.Chapter 6: Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes 6 Statements like “First-class Student Ministry” or “Bible Studies for All Ages” mean little to nothing to the average unchurched reader.” If a significant. programs and products don’t. would motivate few. Relational. a new need must be created. no snacks.even for those who think they have none. “We use advanced chemicals to clean shirts. and the family never returns.” The product or service must be connected to an existing need. A church needs to ask. blouses. a church must understand the benefits they can provide. A message can be crafted highlighting a benefit that connects with an existing need of the target group. Later. The newcomer tells his parents how boring the class was. a car commercial that says. much less any attraction toward. “First-class preschool department” is not nearly as attractive to a young mother as “a loving. People. Then. There is a last minute substitute teacher in the 5th grade Sunday school class. At this point. Promising What You Can’t Deliver Most pastors are visionaries. it is common for a pastor or church leader to say something like. and the summer calendar of activities has not yet been planned. a 5th grade boy and his family attend the church for the very first time. What are their concerns? What makes them happy? What do they enjoy? What are their goals? How do they live and how do they want to live? What are their priorities? What are their perceptions of church? What is their perception of your church? Keep in mind that their needs are being assessed from a communications and receptivity standpoint. rather than seeing the current reality of today. a moral assessment isn’t an issue.

planning and good execution. relevant message 4. or what you can do for them. time and money are wasted. “friendliest church in town. A good outreach communication strategy will have these components: 1. An understanding of your church 3. A well-crafted. Otherwise.” be sure that you can deliver the goods. Using Disjointed Tactics Rather Than Developing A Strategy Perhaps the biggest mistake churches make in outreach advertising is jumping from one tactic to another without any real strategy. A tracking system to determine who is responding to which communication media Mistake ➓ 31 . These things are very difficult to regain. and the community still does not have a healthy perception of who your church is.6 Chapter 6: Top 10 Church Advertising Mistakes Whatever the claim.” “top-quality preschool care. Strategically selected communication vehicles to carry your message (media) 5. An understanding of your community 2.” or “practical life-based Bible teaching. respect and trust. If not. Good communication of any kind takes research. the church loses credibility.

and thus fulfill the Great Commission. love people. The world does not need another social club. There is never a good reason to trade worship for entertainment. no church should ever mask or deny who they really are. or convictions for tolerance. and should reflect Christ-likeness in every way. Love God.7 Would the Real Church Please Stand Up? Consumerism in today’s church culture has led many churches to abandon their true identity in an attempt to become a church that will be more attractive to their community. The world needs to discover real love and real relationships that will last forever. 32 . Every believer in every church is uniquely gifted by God to be an effective witness of the power and gospel of Jesus Christ. nor do they need to be condemned by the church. Attempts to become something or someone other than who God created a local church to be. can only result in the church not fulfilling the mission to which God has called it. and be real.not who God has created another church or organization to be. Be who God has created you to be . While a goal of every church should be to reach out to their community. The Church is the body of Christ. righteousness for political correctness.

try to make some positive changes. • This advertising only works for churches that are large.8 Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church Outreach advertising is helping churches all over the world to accomplish their Great Commission vision. one note of caution first… 8. will help you to develop a strategy for your church. Most will be unimpressed and leave. the end result is the same. probably will generate visitors. However. It can generate new visitors and help people in the church to invite their friends. Either way. Instead. The dying church will be less likely to try it ever again saying • We spent a lot of money and no one stayed. 33 . Steps for Developing an Effective Outreach Communication Strategy. • The new people only wanted to change everything. A good outreach campaign without a healthy church. On page 37 you will find a sample timeline. get frustrated. It is counterproductive because new people cannot fix a divided and dying church. and then leave. it will end up discouraging the church.1 Advertising a Dying Church Advertising a dying church as other than what it is. The process described in the following section. Some will stay for a while. is both counterproductive and dishonest.

The church was made up of mostly senior adults (the median age was in the 60s). • Use advertising to bring new people as the church implements healthy patterns.” That is a fair response. The plan included: • Outreach ImpactCards™ (see pages 182-184 and 193-195) and a banner on the church • Every member praying for and inviting seven friends using InviteCards™ (see page 155) • A press release telling about the new emphasis • Telephoning of friends and neighbors (and. Two months after the final vote. in most of their cases. Aubrey Malphurs’ book. • Implement the plan. a better plan is to implement church health plans and then begin an outreach plan. Soon. But. no longing for the days of an empty church.) • Teach the people and lead them into an outreach plan. They ask. Then.2 Get Healthy First Instead. I led them through a revising process. Advanced Strategic Planning (Baker Books. There were no complaints about the changes. We planned an outreach event for Easter. 211 people showed up—even the balcony was full (something that happened regularly in the ‘60s. people wonder why they made the change. restless church members would have been wondering why they had wasted money on a nursery renovation and new sound system. They decided they wanted to grow. The attendance had grown from 35 to 211 and stayed over 100 in the subsequent weeks. Imagine if we had not planned and implemented such an outreach. they needed to bring visitors to the red carpet. I was told). move ahead with outreach advertising as part of that plan. we started our outreach. Why? Why? Why? Advertising will not revitalize and bring health to a church. The process works best as follows: • Analyze where we are and make plans to get healthy. I explained to them that they had laid out the red carpet. and they adopted a whole new strategy. I (Ed) had the chance to do this very thing. and no going back. “Why change a perfectly good church when it reaches no one new? Let’s go back to the way we liked it. but when people are reached. why they had changed their constitution and music. I was a part-time pastor at a church while serving as a seminary professor. it can help a healthy church grow. their children and grandchildren) • Some remodeling of the old facility The little church worked and waited.Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church 8 While advertising cannot fix a broken church. (This may involve an extensive revitalization process that could take years. Now. 1999). is a recommended resource for considering such a process. 8. 34 . If there is no growth after change. There are few things that affirm a new growth strategy as much as growth. it will help a newly healthy church understand why health is so important.


Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church

8.3 Marketing Leverage Points
Few churches have an unlimited budget for outreach. It would be nice to send out mailers every week, place billboards, run radio commercials, and do television for each service. However, the reality is that most churches have a limited budget from which to draw to effectively do outreach. Because of this, most churches and pastors are asking the questions, “How can we most effectively spend the money we use for outreach? How can we do it most strategically?” The answer is: Find strategic opportunities in the life cycle of the church so that resources are used most effectively. We call these “marketing leverage points.” In a new church, these marketing leverage points tend to be found in events such as preview services and the first service. These are events that both the church community and the unchurched tend to be the most receptive and responsive towards. The church is excited because it sees these events as an opportunity to bring their friends. There is a built-in sense of enthusiasm and excitement; therefore, it becomes a leverage point because the church core is involved. At the same time there is a unique experience for the unchurched to be interested and to attend. It is these two things, 1) involvement and excitement of the existing church and/or core, and 2) an event of interest to an unchurched community, that create a marketing leverage point. In an established church, these events are found more generally in the seasons of the church’s life. Let us illustrate by using an example of what not to do. In most places, summer time is when people go on vacation and are away from home. As such, church attendance goes down in most places. Therefore, it would make little sense to plan a major outreach event in the middle of July to invite people to a worship service when most of your own people are gone or busy and the unchurched are gone or busy. On the contrary, most churches have found that the best times to do outreach are spring and fall. (This may differ in your area if there are unique cultural events that take place.) Church growth experts talk about church growth as a two-humped camel. Churches tend to grow in the spring, plateau or decline in the summer, grow again in the fall, and then plateau and decline again in the winter.





Winter 35

Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church


A marketing leverage point can be found at these spring and fall seasonal cycles. In this manual, you’ll see that we recommend doing a major outreach event every spring and every fall. This is not accidental. This is intended to follow the enthusiasm of your church family and to tie it to the receptivity of the lost and the unchurched in the community to create a marketing leverage point. There are other obvious marketing leverage points. They include, but are not limited to, special Sundays. For example, Easter is an obvious one. Another less obvious Sunday is Mother’s Day. Interestingly, Mother’s Day tends to have a higher attendance than Christmas Eve in most churches today. Christmas Eve also gives an opportunity to bring the resources of outreach and marketing to help grow your church.



Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church

8.4 A Marketing Timeline For Established Churches
The Research Stage

Complete all of the work in the manual and then begin to plan around an annual calendar. Below is an example.

Event Timeline
• Announcing the Winter Message Series You can do direct mail on both if desired, but it is better to do a major team planning on only one.

Planning Timeline
Easter Outreach Planning
January February March April May June July August

January Direct Mail

• Order direct mail • Organize teams

Easter Outreach Event
• Direct mail to all within 5 miles • Bring a Friend emphasis • Church-wide planning • Thorough follow-up

• Order direct mail • Organize teams

Family Outreach Planning

• Church emphasis on the Family • Direct mail listing Family messages • Bring Your Family emphasis on Mother’s & Father’s Day

From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day

• Utilize public service announcements • Use press releases when appropriate • Sports and children’s outreaches

Summer Activities

• Direct mail to all within 5 miles • Bring a Friend emphasis • Church-wide planning • Thorough follow-up

Fall Outreach – 1st Sunday of October

• Order direct mail • Organize teams

Fall Outreach Planning

September October November December

• Church members invite friends to Christmas Eve

Christmas Impact Cards

The ultimate goal: “The Lord added daily to those being saved” Acts 2:47, NIV

This model is not for every church, but can help a church planning to use mass media in an advertising-responsive community.


Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church


8.5 Outreach Days
Outreach Days can be an important part of every church’s strategy. It gives church people an opportunity to work with the direct mail and to bring their friends. However, many such events tend not to be successful. When a pastor encourages everyone to bring a friend next Sunday, few actually do. A well-planned outreach campaign will help them to focus their energies on a specific outreach day. When you combine that with a media campaign, the effect can be a great boost to your church’s growth. So, our task is to help you to marshal your church to outreach and at the same time to marshal your resources to work together to create an effective outreach campaign. Our bias is simple: the most effective outreach projects engage the whole existing or new church in the process, and simultaneously contact a large number of unchurched and lost people, and invite them to participate. This strategy can be described in one word: momentum. Outreach Days bring momentum when properly implemented. In my (Ed’s) research for my Ph.D. dissertation, it became obvious that churches grew most effectively when they took their relationships with the unchurched and their relational witness seriously. The charts on the following pages indicate that those who considered these factors important grew much faster than those that did not.

Evangelistic Method - Relationship with the Unchurched

Mean Attendance After 4 Years

140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0
No answer Not a factor May be a factor Contributing factor Somewhat a factor Main factor


8 Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church Evangelistic Method - Relational Witness of Members 160 Mean Attendance After 4 Years 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 No answer Not a factor May be a factor Contributing factor Somewhat a factor Main factor Also. Evangelistic Method - Prayer Ministry 160 Mean Attendance After 4 Years 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 No answer Not a factor May be a factor Contributing factor Somewhat a factor Main factor 39 . Special Outreach Days help do that. Simply put. those that considered prayer essential. experienced growth at a faster rate than those that did not. getting your people praying and inviting their friends is essential to any outreach strategy.

For example.000 piece mailer and expect the lost to come streaming into their church. imagine an effective. children) having specific tasks. Therefore. Churches that are ineffective in outreach tend to do one without the other. the pastor will stand up and say “Everyone bring a friend next week. biblical examples of outreach. and the purpose of the church • Testimonies in the “in-house” newsletters and worship services of individuals who became Christians or who came to church for the first time because someone invited them • A focusing of energies towards the special Sunday event and the follow-up. integrated outreach campaign which includes: • A lead-up of three months • Key leaders of the church motivating others and assisting in the project • A large mailer to the community introducing the church to new people in the community • InviteCards™ for members to give to their friends • Opportunities to train and equip members in foundational tools of sharing their faith and sharing their testimony. Help get them beyond the idea that they are just getting someone to join their club. yet he did not indicate that this was a part of a larger outreach strategy that could and would be effective. Understanding those who do not have a relationship with Christ will likely give your people more zeal in talking with and inviting friends and family. singles. there is often a backlash against direct mail because people feel that it does not work. rather than involve the people. with all groups in the church (youth. instead. but rather are sharing a message that can literally make the difference between eternal life or death for their friends. teaching and activities that tie in with this Sunday (and no other activities and events that conflict with this) 40 .Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church 8 Churches that are effectively doing outreach look for those opportune moments when they simultaneously motivate their people and motivate the lost and unchurched to attend. senior adults. many churches have begun to rely on direct mail and other forms of marketing as their form of outreach. let’s double the attendance of our church!” With very few exceptions. On the other hand.) • Some limited radio exposure to assist in the process • Prayer groups that are gathering together to pray for the success of the outreach • Small group teaching materials that focus on the early church. Usually this does not occur. Why? He encouraged the people. (While many of your members will want to bring their friends and family so that the pastor can share the gospel presentation. The problem is that it was not integrated into a broader outreach strategy. they send out a 20. Instead. goals. young marrieds. a time of teaching/training will help members understand more clearly the essentials of developing personal relationships and sharing their faith with unbelievers. the attendance remains the same.

I (Ed) have used this in both new and established churches. shared experiences. The impact of such events lasts more than just the individual day. Preparing themselves spiritually. etc. we look for strategic times to plan strategic events and then implement them to achieve momentum so that the whole church is involved in outreach. (While a complete overhaul every spring and fall is not feasible. In such outreaches. Instead. This is a good time to ask again.). and our church usually doubled or tripled on such days—with a good number of the guests becoming regular attendees. 41 . Investing in those relationships through prayer. and even one year later) • An evaluation of systems. the members will become increasingly aware of times of personal leverage points in the lives of their friends and family (divorce. service. but also one week.8 Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church • Training and strategy for follow-up and assimilation (the people should not only have a vision of what their church will look like on that Sunday. You might think “This is so much work. and other contacts. the church can and usually does experience growth. simple improvements with the build-up to each of these events. and mentally for new people to come and be a part of the body of Christ. 3. loss of a child. 2. As large groups of leaders became involved.”) When all of this energy is focused on outreach. the church that worked hard for outreach rejoices together at its results. Preparing for an Outreach Special Sunday event may be like training for an athletic event. When that special Sunday comes. we involved dozens of people in different teams (some with ocean themes and some without).” when you bring a tidal wave of growth to your church. 4. “What does our facility look like to a visitor? How friendly are we? Does our child care meet the needs of those who are coming? How have we assimilated in the past? What can we do to improve? Are we ready to implement a new program to help those we may be reaching such as recovery groups. etc. One way to do that is through “Tsunami Day. how can a church do it?” The answer is. unemployment. the entire church became energized. the church does not typically do this every Sunday. facilities. new baby. But another part of it is training for fitness in the day-to-day outreach of their friends and family. Identifying people in their lives who need Jesus. There are some very specific things the church does to get ready and to finish the race. They are preparing with a focus on this special day but also learning and practicing: 1. one month. emotionally. a church with long-term renovation plans can implement new. seminars. and programming. They will have the tools to talk with these friends and family members and the awareness of how to help them begin to discover a personal God through attending church. new job. While the church as a whole may only mobilize for these specific days a few times a year. Intentionally inviting the unchurched to church.

but can be easily modified for any outreach campaign. purchase a Friend Day resource from Ephesians Four Ministries. 42 . The point is that it provides a framework to involve a large number of people in outreach planning to motivate the entire church through outreach. It’s not perfect – and it is even a bit silly at times.Chapter 8: Doing Outreach Advertising in an Established Church 8 Specifics on this outreach are included in this book as Application A. The example included is for an Easter Outreach. Or. Ours is just a guide. Feel free to use it or modify it as you would feel appropriate.

Churches often jump from one communication tactic to another. Fulfilling the promises made in the mailer is a critical factor in encouraging return visits. hoping each time that they will strike the “mother lode” of church visitors.Introduction Steps for Developing an Effective Outreach Communication Strategy The primary reason most church outreach communication efforts do not succeed is that there is no well-constructed strategic plan.—advertising. sorting information. The reality is that successful outreach communication is much more of a process than an event. one at a time. marketing. Each step builds upon the previous one. business strategy. While it is true that occasionally a mailer. Each step requires gathering information. It is also helpful to assign each step to a point person. if a couple of the people on your team have a background or good understanding of communications (i. This is not something that you will easily work through in a few minutes. And.e. 43 . journalism. and thinking through critical questions. The following 14 steps provide a systematic process for developing an effective. this is much more the exception than the rule. We have found that a good number is five to seven persons who represent a good crosssection of your church (or core group if you are a new church start). just because a communication piece draws a record crowd does not mean you will necessarily keep them. this is a process. broadcasting. It is helpful. well-suited outreach communication plan for your church. Conduct each step in order. You will discover the answers to the following critical questions: • Who is in our community? • Who is our church? • Who is our church best equipped to reach? • What does our church have that the community needs? • What do we want people in the community to do? • What do we want the community to understand? • What do we want to say to the community? • How do we help the community experience who we are? • How will the community most effectively find a relationship with Jesus Christ? This is not something that a pastor or church staff should do alone. or related field). print ad or event will trigger a large turnout. this process will take forever to complete if you include too many people in the process. commercial. On the other hand. or even a few hours. though not necessary. Remember.

God placed your church in this community.Finally. at this time. you and your team should approach this process prayerfully. Ask for God’s guidance. insight. bless you by enabling you to join him on a most incredible journey of kingdom growth! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Research Your Community Discover the Identity of Your Church Discover Your Congregational Strengths Define Your Target Group Identify Audience Needs Compare the Church to the Community Develop a Message That Matters Identify Media Produce the Communication Tools Test It Assemble a Marketing Calender Launch the Strategy Track & Evaluate Results Adjust Strategy 44 . for his purpose. May he who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask or imagine. wisdom and blessing throughout the process.

). It is necessary for any church. This is not something that a church will do one time and be finished. ethnicity. mountains.e. new or established. ethno-linguistic barriers (as in a segmented city – i. income. Before this audience can be understood. 45 . That is your church or congregation. 2 When we talk about “audience. to understand the makeup of their community.” we are not talking about those who come to church on Sunday morning. and rural areas. lake. Both types of data are necessary. etc. Often times it is not.” Sometimes this is the case. recreation. Before a church begins gathering this data. and your job is to preach the Word faithfully to them. and both scientific and non-scientific approaches are helpful in gathering this data. industrial or commercial areas of a city (where people commute in for work. it must first be identified. Chinatown. “Audience” here refers to the community that needs to hear the message about your church so they can come and hear the message of Christ faithfully preached. Exceptions to the three-mile radius rule are geographic barriers (rivers. There are two types of data that are helpful in understanding your community: demographic data (age. etc. it is easy to assume that the majority of the population in your area is “just like you.1 Research Your Community Effective communication of any kind begins with the communicator (your church in this case) understanding the audience2 with whom you wish to communicate. buying habits.) and psychographic data (lifestyle. In many cases. the size of the geographic area to be studied must be determined. In most communities it is necessary to re-examine the community every few years. with your church at the center). Consider beginning with an area no larger than a three-mile radius around your church building or meeting place (a three-mile radius is a circle with a diameter of six miles. In areas where there is rapid growth or change. The purpose of this first step is to identify the population segments in your community. Spanish-speaking Hispanic area. this should be done every two to three years. and shopping).). ocean). etc.

2011. lifestyle. 46 . 2020. Understanding needs is necessary for strategic communication and outreach.Step 1: Research Your Community 1 1.1 For New Church Starts In the case of a new church start. This information is valuable in developing an understanding of past and current behavior. Census years are “zero” years (2000. Psychographic data includes information such as buying habits.4 Obtaining Demographic & Psychographic Information Both demographic and psychographic data are critical for understanding a population segment. buying habits and lifestyle. This information is critical in determining the needs of people. 1. Census data is an example of demographic information. However. it is necessary to first research a larger geographic area to determine the most strategic meeting place for the congregation. This information is most accurate in the second and third year of each decade (2001.census. More valuable psychographic and demographic/psychographic blend information can be found through the organizations listed on the following page. 2012). using demographic or psychographic data alone can be misleading. level of education. Age. The reason for this is that United States census data is gathered literally door to door every ten years. Demographic data is easily obtained at the website of the United States Census Bureau.). 2002. The two must be synthesized before an accurate profile can be developed. 2010. After the meeting place has been determined. concentrate on a three-mile (or smaller) radius around the determined meeting location. income level and ethnicity are all examples of demographic information. 1.3 Psychographic Information Psychographic data goes deeper than demographic data. 1. www. number in household. type of employment and entertainment choices.gov.2 Demographic Information Demographic data are the basic facts about a given individual or population segment broken down by geographic area. etc.

jsp?ci=3&si=4&pn=prizmne Claritas PRIZM is a system of market segmentation on the basis of demographics. www. Inc. and others.outreach. chances are that the growth patterns in your community have changed or are currently changing. Graph the following: In a three-mile radius around your church. because they do not look at the underlying psychological makeup of people.S. This information is available from a variety of sources. as well as the projected growth patterns for the next several years. and attitudes. the chamber of commerce or the school board will likely have this information. SRI Consulting VALS www.com/claritas/Default.5 Growth Patterns If your church has met in the same location for more than 15 years. If you are in a smaller town.1 Step 1: Research Your Community Claritas PRIZM www. lifestyle.shtml VALS (Values and Lifestyles) categorizes U. VALS is unique because it highlights factors that motivate consumer buying behavior. ethnicity. your city most likely has an economic development council.sric-bi.com/VALS/presurvey. The next two pages show some sample graphs. broken down into a variety of different segments including age. If you live in a city of more than 15. adult consumers into mutually exclusive groups based on their psychology and several key demographics. The system can then be applied to potential markets.claritas. 1.com www. income.com or 800-991-6011 Outreach provides complimentary quality demographic information with church needs in mind.clusterbigip1. Call 800-991-6011 to speak with an Outreach Specialist to obtain these free reports. Other segmentation systems based solely on demographics or geographics cannot do this. 47 . Outreach. graph the demographic changes over the past 20 years.mybestsegments. This is always a good source.000. It is important to know the current growth patterns. The growth patterns of a community will have a huge impact on strategy you execute—and likely the location you choose for your new church.

Step 1: Research Your Community


Anglo 25-54 Hispanic 25-54 African American 25-54 Korean 25-54 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005

This graph shows a breakdown by the four largest ethnic groups, ages 25 to 54, in a three-mile radius. Notice the change from 1985 to 2005. Based on this information, what are some possible conclusions a church might make?

Some possible conclusions: 1. Anglos and African-Americans are moving out. 2. Hispanics are moving in. 3. Koreans are holding steady. 4. The future of the neighborhood may well be a Spanish-speaking congregation.



Step 1: Research Your Community

Pre-school children Children 5-11 years Children 13 to 18 years

600 500 400 300 200 100 0 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005

This sample graph shows population of school age children in a three-mile radius around the church. Notice the changes from 1985 to 2005. Based on this information, what are some possible conclusions a church might make?

Some possible conclusions: 1. The population of children preschool age to 11 years has grown considerably over a 10-year period. But the population of children 12 to 18 years has basically stayed the same. As children grow to middle school age, families are relocating to another area. 2. The population of preschool age children has risen dramatically over a 10-year period. Either a good number of people stay in the area after graduating from high school and start families, or young families are moving in from other places. What are some other conclusions you could draw?


Step 1: Research Your Community


Based on the growth pattern information you have gathered from various sources, try graphing the following for your community in five-year increments, from 20 years past to 20 years projected. 1. Dwellings a. Single family dwellings 1) Owner occupied 2) Renter occupied b. Duplex dwellings c. Apartments 2. New Construction a. Residential Single Family b. Residential Multi-housing c. Commercial 3. Ethnicity a. Primary Ethnicity 1 b. Primary Ethnicity 2 c. Primary Ethnicity 3 d. Primary Ethnicity 4 4. School Age Children a. Pre-school (under 5) b. Elementary (5 to 11) c. Secondary (12 to 18) Identify some additional graphs that you should make based on the growth pattern data you have collected. For example, if you discover that there has been a significant amount of growth in the Korean population in the past 10 years, then you might consider breaking out very specific data within that people group.



Step 1: Research Your Community

1.6 Religious Background
Discovering the religious background of your community is critical for helping you understand their world view. In some communities, surveys work well for this purpose; in others they do not work well at all and another means must be utilized. You will have to determine whether or not a survey is an appropriate tool for this purpose in your particular context. Another option for gathering this information, and gathering it much more quickly, is on the Internet. There are several websites from which you can get this information. One of the most user-friendly sources is Adherents. Their website is www.adherents.com. The site includes statistics on religious affiliation and church membership for the United States. You can search by geographic area and ethnicity. Gathering data on religious backgrounds is, however, just a starting place. Nothing can take the place of developing relationships in the community and learning about religious backgrounds, world view and personal philosophies person-to-person.

1.7 Primary Research
Primary research can be done in a variety of both scientific and non-scientific ways. Some examples of more scientific methods of primary research include surveys, polls and query (focus) groups. Non-scientific methods include windshield surveys, or surveys taken while hanging out at local gathering places (restaurants, coffee houses, parks) or by walking neighborhoods. Following are some ideas for doing primary research and basic tips for each.

1.8 Door-to-Door Survey
Door-to-door surveys can be very effective in some areas—and impossible to conduct in others. Basically, researchers go door-to-door with standardized survey sheets on a clipboard, and ask the same set of questions at each location. Probably the most noted example of this is Rick Warren when he started Saddleback Church. He went door-to-door and asked people why they did not attend church and then developed his outreach strategy around answering their objections. His primary research led to his advertising strategy.


if you bring in a mission team or youth group from somewhere else to conduct the surveys. let it be done naturally and with integrity. We think it is dishonest to ask a person to take part in a survey and then corner them with an evangelistic sales pitch. What do you think is the greatest need in (insert the name of your community)? 3. Even though a mission team or youth group can cover a great deal of area in a short period of time. Some surveys are designed to “bait and switch” into an evangelism presentation. Remember. the interview stops there. This information is extracted from the book “Leading Your Church To Grow” by C.Step 1: Research Your Community 1 Warren asked five questions for his survey: 1. Church is more interested in money than me.”) 2. Messages don’t relate to daily living. You should find that you have a good handle on the felt needs of the unchurched in your area. We are all for personal evangelism—we do it regularly. If God gives you an opportunity. you miss out on this benefit. 4. so your objections will in all likelihood be different. However. do not stoop to violating someone’s boundaries by shrouding an evangelistic sales pitch in an information gathering survey. 3. 2. The Holy Spirit does not need our crude manipulation tactics to do his work. Peter Wagner. Why do you think most people don’t attend church? (Be sure you don’t change the wording of this key question) 4. California. by all means. This only further damages the credibility of Christians and the church in general. please. we don’t think it is worth missing the chance for you and your church to personally connect with people in the community. When you have 100 pages of notes. But. He then created his direct mail (see example on page 22) that answered the objections. 52 . could I do for you? Warren followed these guidelines: Take notes as you talk. 3 These five questions were adapted from questions that Robert Schuller used years ago. Church people are unfriendly. Regal Books. Wish the person well. What advice would you give me as the pastor of a nearby church? What. Are you an active member of a nearby church? (If the answer is yes.3 Warren found these to be the four most common complaints: 1. what kinds of things would you look for? 5. Childcare is inadequate. then leave the person a brochure describing your church. you are not in Orange County. study them for a long time in an attitude of prayer. present the gospel. 1984. Lastly. If you were looking for a church in the area. for example. Church is boring. However. the beautiful thing about conducting door-to-door surveys is that you actually get to meet the people who live there. but you are looking for opinion of the “unchurched.

often people will be more open on the phone than they would face to face. This is both biblical and important in our society. so such restrictions do not apply to you (unless you are selling something. • Do not go into gated or secured communities without permission. If you feel you must use short answer. These are more difficult to tabulate anyway. • Walk. DO NOT beg. your church. Don’t ride a bike. “but. in a single sentence. • Try not to use any subjective short answer questions. due to the abuse of telemarketing. • Wear comfortable.1 Step 1: Research Your Community Here are some basic tips for door-to-door surveys: • Keep it short! Anything more than eight “yes/no” or multiple-choice questions is too long. • No door-to-door survey should take more than 90 seconds. the other should mark the answers. “What do you want in a church?” is irrelevant if the person has already indicated they have no interest in attending a church. and leave. Most of the tips for conducting a door-to-door survey apply to phone surveys as well. and state your purpose up front.) • Go door-to-door in groups of two. • Be sure to have a clear path of questioning. phone surveys can be very annoying to some. However. But some people are very suspicious of phone calls from persons they do not know. DO NOT say. one person should ask the questions. While phone surveys seem less personable. limit the survey to no more than two such questions. Like a door-to-door survey. and casual clothing. phone surveys are preferred over door-to-door surveys. thank them. To involve both. the survey should be short. (e. Objective questions such as multiple choice and true/false are better. standardized and simple. • Be gracious! If a person does not want to take part in the survey. appropriate. it won’t take long”. Non-profits are usually exempt from “do not call” lists—but nonetheless the lists have created new complexities for all telephone surveyors. DO NOT ask again.). Shoot for less than one minute. don’t ask it. Shirts and ties or dresses are discouraged unless there is a culturally appropriate reason for wearing them. It is more critical in conducting a phone survey to identify yourself. wish them a good day. DO NOT try to make small talk. Bottom line – know the culture well enough to make wise communication choices. smile.9 Phone Survey In some cases. For instance. each person should have a clipboard and surveys. DO NOT ask if anyone else is home who might want to take the survey—respect your neighbors in every way. 1. 53 . if the answer to Question two makes Question three irrelevant. you are not “soliciting”. However.g. Phone surveys are not as intrusive in some cultures as door-to-door.

but by their actions and attitudes. 54 . The key is to provide a light. This should be done at the church building. or a restaurant where there is a private dining room. Do not make multiple passes down the same residential streets. You may distribute a standardized questionnaire or survey. Focus groups will prove to be especially useful later in this process in the sections entitled Identifying Audience Needs (Step 5) and Test It (Step 10). spend a few minutes debriefing. Invite a group for a brunch or lunch gathering. this exercise is not recommended for more rural areas. A focus group can serve as a very practical way to gain understanding of common core values. It is usually best to blend in. is similar to the windshield survey. but not a peak traffic time. Do your best to be inconspicuous. interactive setting in which people feel free to dialogue. When walking the neighborhood. casual. Discuss your observations and make hypotheses based upon your observations. Write down some conclusions based on your observations and note questions for further study. but is more interactive with the community. while another makes notes of observations. but guided feel. a community center. take time to debrief and make notes of your observations. Listen to what they are saying—not just by their words. again with two people.12 Walking the Neighborhood This exercise.11 Windshield Survey It is amazing what you can observe by just driving around a neighborhood or community. but not so slowly as to be obnoxious to other drivers. A focus group needs to have an informal. As you walk. After you return from the drive.Step 1: Research Your Community 1 1. For obvious reasons. wear culturally appropriate clothing.10 Focus Group A focus group is a group of people (usually 8 to 30) intentionally gathered for focused dialogue. 1. lifestyles and world views in the community. When you return from your walk. Note questions for further study. Take time to interact with people. Drive slowly enough to make careful observations. Consider selecting a time of day when people are out and about. 1. or you may ask dialogue catalyzing questions to the group—whichever is most appropriate for the culture. One person should drive. make mental notes or inconspicuously jot brief written notes.

the programs they run. Television stations.) • Number. local magazines. (this is indicative of number and age of children in area) • Are there more high-end specialty shops or discount stores? • Homes for sale • Apartments for rent • Vacant storefronts • New retail construction • Ratio of single-family homes to multi-housing units • Parks. in particular.1 Step 1: Research Your Community Here are some ideas for things to observe during the Windshield Survey or Walking the Neighborhood exercise: • Age of persons • Ethnicity • Note children’s bicycles. local newspapers. the personalities they feature. They know the exact demographic and psychographic profile of the person who is the most likely to tune in to their station. walking/running trails. radio stations. Radio stations. Radio stations. wagons. and local advertising agencies spend a considerable amount of money and time in understanding their coverage area and specific audiences.13 Local Media Professionals Local media professionals make it their business to know the local marketplace. The music they play. and type of other churches. and other religious gathering places. 55 . and the events they host are all aimed at that individual. biking trails • Public transportation • Number and size of schools • Number and size of preschools and/or daycare centers • Local industry • Number of dry cleaners (The number of dry cleaners in a given area is usually directly proportionate to the number of office workers and white collar professionals. especially those in more highly populated areas. size. 1. etc. tricycles. focus on a relatively narrow market segment. understand the dynamics of market segmentation. synagogues.

This person will be much more likely to share this printed information with you if you are planning to advertise on the station. ask to speak to the general manager (If you ask for the “G. Then ask what kind of printed information the station has on this audience. explain that you need all the information you can get so you can build an effective presentation for your outreach team and/or church body. income level. And information they have! If this person feels so inclined. The sales manager might just be overly anxious to sell you an advertising contract. Once you get through to one of these people. They will likely be very intrigued by this and ask you to give a demographic and/or psychographic description of those church members. and that you are picking up the lunch tab. give it. explain who you are. Take notes.” they will think you are really cool and know your radio stuff. Eric. type of housing. Try this exercise: 1. because many are likely to list a Christian station as their favorite (even if it isn’t really their favorite—their church is asking. If they do not have a promotions director.M. education. you will likely sit though a long sales pitch yourself and not get to step number four. this gives a strong indication of which station(s) to which potential members are listening. Otherwise. and brands of clothing. asking a favor. 4. and be somewhat annoying (take it from a former radio sales manager. cars. set up a lunch meeting.. So. then settle for the sales manager. Over lunch. lifestyle. and much more! They often will even be able to tell you this audience’s favorite color schemes. Here is a business lunch tip: Make it clear up front that you are doing demographic research. 5. It is best to ask them to list their top 3 favorite stations. So.M. do not be dishonest. but. he/she will be able to tell you the median age. and explain that a large number of your church members listen to their station. You will want to conduct this exercise with a mainstream radio station—not a Christian station. Any of these persons will know the information you will be seeking—and know it well. when you know what station(s) to which your members are listening. family situation. if you are in fact planning to advertise on the station.) If they do not think you are important enough or cool enough to put you through to the G. movies.Step 1: Research Your Community 1 A church can save a great deal of time and money by capitalizing on the research and study that has already been done by these media outlets. contact that station and ask to speak to the promotions director. Then ask your new radio friend to profile their typical listener for you. so many give the church answer). After the lunch meeting. Remember. give a brief profile of your church. the easiest audience to reach are the people similar to those you are already reaching. Survey the people in your congregation to find out what radio station they listen to most. Once you determine the station or stations that the majority of your congregation listens to. Please.) 3. 56 . ask if there is any way you might be able to get some copies of their data. That way you don’t surprise the station representative and can also more easily control the topic of conversation. 2.

However. the outreach communication strategy you develop may include radio advertising. County Clerk Office 4. Keep in mind that this report might also include those who had their water service terminated and then reinstated. concerns. church council. 57 . Continue cultivating the relationship with your new radio friend. Keep in mind that much (though not all) of this information is available through the Internet. you might be able to introduce him/her to a very special friend of yours—Jesus. 1. Some companies will mail (or e-mail) a list upon request. as a pastor or church leader. This is public information available free of charge. Economic Development Office 3. it is free. Begin to plot the new move-ins on a map. County Commissioner 6. After obtaining the information. Others require that the information be requested and picked up in person. School Administrative Offices 2. 1. Who knows. or church body.1 Step 1: Research Your Community 6. For instance. You will discover patterns of growth and turnover. It will be important to have a friend in the business.14 Local Public Records Local public records are a good place to discover who is moving into the area. By merging this information with the information you gathered through a windshield survey or walking the neighborhood. Be sensitive to this if you chose to use this list as a “contact list” for new move-ins. School Board 5. and future of your community. City Planner’s Office 7. it is incredibly important to gain that understanding—to know the values. you will gain valuable insights regarding the type of people who are moving into your area. by just asking. But. More importantly. your church can receive a monthly report of all new public water customers. Chamber of Commerce It is not necessary to plumb the depths of societal research like pollster and author George Barna for your community. do as promised and create a presentation for your outreach team. Below is a list of other places where you can obtain valuable public information – for free. in most cities and towns.

As a result of conducting this survey. who is your church? How has God uniquely equipped your congregation to meet the unique needs of your community? The danger in modeling your church after another church is that the natural strengths of your church may not ever have the opportunity to rise to the surface. Each section builds upon the conclusion drawn from previous sections. 2. It will not provide a comprehensive profile. So. because they are always shrouded by the giftedness you are trying to find as you strive to become a church that you are not.1 Profiling Your Congregation A Church Communication Survey on the following pages will assist you in gathering critical profile data from your congregation. 58 . you will gather critical information that can be sorted and synthesized to help you and your congregation understand who you are. at a specific time in history. through whom he desires to accomplish his work. discovering it for the first time! The exercises should be completed in the order they are listed. but it provides a first step in rediscovering the identity of your church. The following exercises will assist you in rediscovering the identity of your congregation—or if you are a church plant.2 Discover the Identity of Your Church Who is your church? Your local church is a unique body of believers whom God has placed in a particular geographic area.

Your name is NOT required. Check all of the following that influenced you coming to this church: m recommended by a friend m church advertisement: m sign m newspaper m radio/TV m direct mail m other m letter or printed material from the church m personal visit from: m pastor m staff m member m The location of the church is convenient m ministries of the church: m worship m music m Bible study m pre-school / children’s ministry m youth ministry m single adult ministry m senior adult ministry m Bible study m recreation m other: 8. How well do you think our church is known in the community? m well-known m somewhat m not at all m don’t know 59 . 1. How long have you been a member of this church? m not a member m less than 1 year m 3-5 years m 6-9 years m 1-2 years m 10 years or more 5. Age (check appropriate bracket): m (12-17) m (18-24) m (25-34) m (45-54) m (55-64) m (65-74) 3. Do you feel that we have a friendly church? m yes m no m sometimes m sometimes m never 9. Sex: m male m female 2. Indicate your attendance at the following church activities: Sunday School: m regular m sometimes Morning Worship: m regular m sometimes Discipleship Classes: m regular m sometimes Evening Worship: m regular m sometimes Mid-week Service: m regular m sometimes Social Events: m regular m sometimes m very seldom m very seldom m very seldom m very seldom m very seldom m very seldom 7. How often do you speak to guests in our church? m regularly 10. Approximately how far do you live from the church building? m less than 1 mile m 1-3 miles m 4-5 miles m 6-10 miles m 10-20 miles m more than 20 miles 6.2 Step 2: Discover the Identity of Your Church Church Communication Survey Your completion of this survey will assist our church in better communicating to you and the community around us. Marital Status: m single m married m (35-44) m (75 or over) m widowed m divorced 4.

I receive television signal from: m cable TV service m antenna m do not watch television m other: 24. How often are you on the internet? m daily m 4 to 6 days a week m once a week m 1 to 3 times a month 22.Step 2: Discover the Identity of Your Church 2 11. My favorite radio station is: 17. “I” = interest): photography: graphic design: advertising: writing: editing: public relations: customer service: printing: broadcasting: internet marketing: web site design: digital photo editing: 60 . Do you think that it is important to have a definite plan for making our church better known in the community? m yes m no 12. My favorite television network is: 25. or interest (Indicate by the following: “P” = professional experience. and information from: 19. What is the greatest thing about our church? 13. When telling others about our church. From what sources do you get most of the information about the church programs and events? m church newsletter m Sunday bulletin m Sunday School announcements m word of mouth m web site m announcements from pulpit m bulletin boards m posters m special mailings m other: 15. Do you own a computer? m yes m no m no …at work? m yes m no 20. skills. Check the following publications you regularly read: m daily newspaper (name): m neighborhood newsletter (name): m free classified paper (name): 16. weather. My favorite magazine is: 18. “S” = skills. Please indicate the areas in which you have professional experience. I use the internet for: m work m school m information My next favorite is: m 2 to 3 days a week m seldom m never m entertainment m direct satellite 23. I get the most reliable news. Do you have an internet provider at home? m yes 21. what points do you mention most often? 14.

discipleship. worship. For example. Value identifiers include: • Where do we spend our money? • What do we most often talk about? • What has traditionally been valued in our church? • What do we feel we have neglected but that God is calling us to? In the space below. Core values are the knowledge and feeling based biases through which an individual filters information. Core values can include such things as community. the authority of God’s Word. the beauty of art might be a core value. The common or corporate core values are those that the majority of the congregation hold individually and intentionally or unintentionally express corporately. makes decisions. If your church has a document in which the core values are listed. service. However. Keep in mind that this list should be limited to 6-8 items. excellence. etc. resist the temptation to just ditto the list. Every church will have certain values. in a more urban. If too many values are listed. every church should love children. evangelism. and establishes a world view.2 Step 2: Discover the Identity of Your Church 2. but in a church in a rapidly growing young suburb filled with young preschool families. Synthesizing and digesting the psychographic data can also aid in the identification of core values. creativity. young bohemian community. some are no longer core. list your congregation’s core values.2 Core Values Understanding the common core values of your congregation is essential to building a congregational profile. Think through the behaviors and expressed values of your congregation. but core values are the kind of things we talk about most. 61 . and the value of the exercise is undermined. children’s ministry might be a core value.

preferred musical styles. prayers.3 Worship Style Every congregation. use of visual arts. Musical style. over time. Worship style is the corporate genre of expressing a congregation’s love and devotion to God. planned portions.Step 2: Discover the Identity of Your Church 2 2. body posture. length of service. moments of silence. instrumentation. develops their own unique corporate worship style. traditions of the leadership. Describe the worship language of your congregation: What are the cultural influences and other factors which have shaped your church’s corporate worship style? 62 . content of music. ethnic background and influence. and others. There are many cultural factors that shape a church’s worship style: past traditions of the church and/or denomination. age of the congregation. spontaneous portions. and many other elements and factors create the worship language of a church. religious background of your members.

This is important. List what you see as the primary interests of different segments of your membership. because later in this process you will list the interests of the community or people group in the community that your church is intending to reach. In what activities do parents encourage their children to be involved? 4. What social and political interests seem to energize members of your congregation? Answers to these questions will assist you in discovering the interests of the members in your church.2 Step 2: Discover the Identity of Your Church 2. What occupies their leisure time? 3.4 Interests 1. What are the interests of the members in your congregation? 2. Segment of Church Population Interests 63 .

2. You will have to determine whether or not this method will work in your particular context.) 4. Possible classes. much like corporate core values draw people together. workshops. is that in many cultures people are not completely honest in expressing their needs.5 Congregational Needs In the 1980s there was a lot of talk about “perceived needs. review Church Communication Survey questions 12 and 13. This will help you to identify and narrow down the common needs in your congregation. Interests can also point toward needs. fears. Another way to identify needs is by talking to Bible study leaders. there are common needs among people. In any church. These common needs draw people together. or even conducting a needs survey. A better understanding of motivations.” In reality.” It’s best to acknowledge needs as needs. interests grow out of needs. 3. The problem with needs surveys.Step 2: Discover the Identity of Your Church 2 2. it often enables her/him to more effectively minister to those outside the church experiencing similar needs. (When a member in your congregation deals with specific needs. asking deacons or pastors. New outreach-related ministries that your church might be well-equipped to begin. and behaviors of those in your congregation. Often. on page 60. Review your conclusions in the Core Values section and in the Interests section. 64 . As you begin to understand the needs in your congregation you will discover the following: 1. In addition. core values stem from needs and needs from core values. the human mind does not distinguish “real needs” from “perceived needs” or “felt needs.” In the 1990s the term changed to “felt needs. or services you should provide. How to better minister to those in your congregation. Often.

time apart from children to conduct personal business.2 Step 2: Discover the Identity of Your Church 2.6 Congregational Needs List On the chart below. one segment might be single parents. Segment of Congregation Needs 65 . social interaction with other adults. or even just help in learning how to be a good single parent. list the needs in your congregation by congregational segmentation. Needs that single parents might have could be childcare. For example.

Step 2: Discover the Identity of Your Church 2 2. mappingcenter.org). for this particular excercise. Consider mapping your congregation according to the following: 1. Small groups What are some conclusions that can be drawn from this map? 66 . and colored pushpins. Age 4. We like to use a large wall map mounted on foam core or corkboard. When they joined the church (Why? Trends?) 2. such as that provided by the Mapping Center for Evangelism (www.7 Map Your Congregation Mapping your congregation is an exercise that can easily be done on a computer with mapping software. Psychographic designation (if you have actually determined this) 3.

3. this question has already been addressed by each church member completing the survey. as he has every church. On the Needs to Strengths Worksheet on page 79. What is God doing? Where is God at work? What ministries has God been blessing? 67 . Consider placing this question on your membership forms. Some churches are just exceptionally skilled at loving people and making them feel valued and accepted. Why are new members joining? Go back to the Church Communication Survey (page 59). What are new members saying attracted them to the church? It is a helpful practice to ask every new member this question. Think about the giftedness of the members of your church. Reflect on the most talked about ministries in your church. while others have great community outreach programs. 2. begin listing your church’s strengths. The following questions will help you think through and identify your church’s strengths. 1. what do they say? God has uniquely equipped your church. you conducted the Church Communication Survey (page 59). What human resources are available? Who is already gifted and willing to serve? God brings individuals with specific talents and gifts to specific churches in specific communities for specific reasons. If your church members are going to tell others something positive about your church.3 Discover Your Congregational Strengths What does your congregation do extremely well? Consider the things that attract people to your church. what do they say? If in a past exercise. Some churches have incredible children’s ministries. 4. When people speak positively about your church. to do certain things well.

Thus. What a blessing and an opportunity. the necessary persons and giftedness to accomplish the tasks to which he has called you. As such. to reach out to a particular people. culture and character. and each of the local churches he started had a unique makeup. while Luke communicated better with a Gentile audience. Likewise. The New Testament writers each had different peoples with whom they best connected. and equipping.4 Define Your Target Group Sometimes church people get nervous when thinking about “defining their target group. The churches at Ephesus. Each of these churches was uniquely designed by the Father and empowered by the Holy Spirit to connect with a particular people group. Rather. but to the “lost sheep of Israel.” Jesus told us to go to “ta ethne” or to “the peoples. mentorship. at a certain time in history. A church need not apologize for having such a focus in order to be more effective. it is so they can concentrate on effectively reaching out to those with whom they are best equipped to connect. Moreover. The one thing that they had in common (besides Jesus Christ) was that they were living away from their homeland. though multi-ethnic. his strategy for the church involves acknowledging and strategizing to reach different kinds of people. shared at least one very real sociological characteristic—most had relocated to Ephesus from somewhere else. Matthew communicated well to a Jewish audience. While it is true that Paul strived to be “all things to all people” he was sent specifically to the Gentiles.” The motivation for a church defining its target is not so they can be exclusive of others. Each required different styles of leadership. Jesus himself said that he was not called to the Gentiles. God has provided and will provide in the future. they were very well-equipped to reach out to “wanderers” and traveling businessmen. After all.” In other words. The Bible often speaks of “peoples. God saw fit to place your church in a certain place. 68 .” By focusing his ministry he actually laid the foundation for a greater impact later on. our strategy needs to address the people to whom God has sent us.

keep in mind the following: I.4 Step 4: Define Your Target Group As you begin defining your audience. If God has in fact given you a burden for a particular people group or market segment. Who is not being reached? Who are the people in your community who are not connecting with any church? Who has God placed in your immediate area? God placed your church in this particular community for a purpose. Profile of Current Church Membership Who are the people in your church? What is the dominant psychographic designation in your congregation? Go back to your congregational map. it is amazing how many well-intended church planters seek to reach an audience who does not exist in their particular community. List the critical conclusions you drew from this exercise in Step 2. Your Community Reference Your Findings From Step 1 If God is leading you to reach out to second-generation Koreans. Has God completed his purpose in that community through your church? II. 69 . Reference the information you learned about the geographic placement of your congregation. consider relocating to where they are. Keep in mind that the easiest audience for your church to reach is the same type of people you are currently reaching. make sure that there are second-generation Koreans in your community—as well as in your church! As ridiculously obvious as this may seem.

For example. even if it seems impractical. Be careful to differentiate between core values and cultural preferences. In the space below. Using the core values you listed earlier. On the next page is a resource that I (Ed) have used to help pastors define their target group in a systematic manner. find which ones connect with your target group. 70 . synthesize a basic profile description of the person your church is best equipped to reach. Where God seems to be at work Pray & Observe Who is God bringing to your community? Is God giving members of your congregation a specific burden for a people group or social/ psychographic segment in your community? Who has joined your church in the past year? Is there a pattern of religious background. do it. if your church has a large number of parents who home school their children and do not look favorably upon public schools. it would be a stretch to reach out to teachers and school administrators. ethnicity. IV.Step 4: Define Your Target Group 4 III. Your Church’s Core Values There are certain core values which are held by your church that might not be shared by the community as a whole. geography or psychography? Has God given your church a fresh vision? If you are certain that this vision is God-given.

Vineyard-type music) Care system that will best minister: example: cell groups. spouse name: (example: Millcreek Mark and Mary. others wear them all week) Best outreach media strategy: (example: telemarketing and direct mail. Front Range Rick and Rhonda. Sunday School later for content study) Dress that will be appropriate: (example: casual—some do not have suits. expository.4 Step 4: Define Your Target Group Target Group Profile Who is the average person this church will reach? Name: If married. band. country music radio) 71 .) Age: Race: Musical preference: (example: soft rock and contemporary country) Children: Education: (example: preschoolers) (example: 2 years of college) (example: 30-35 years of age) (example: multiracial) Job / Vocation: (example: first generation white collar or well-paying blue collar) Possible implications of the above listed observations: Preaching style that will best minister: (example: thematic. teaching oriented) Worship style that will best minister: (example: contemporary style—not too enthusiastic. etc.

What they do care about is how the church can help them experience something important to them. In identifying the needs of your audience. keep in mind that many of their would-be needs are likely being met by their relationship with God and involvement in the church. and needs from core values. it is helpful to resource the following: 5. By all means. try to surmise possible needs. if needs of church members surface in this exercise. In any community. However. make note of them and consider how the church might address those needs. there are common needs among people. In this exercise section.” some of their possible needs might be: • Assurance of a safe social environment for their children • After school care for their children • Security in knowing that being a “mom” is an important and valued role • Opportunities for building relationships with other mothers • Marriage enrichment It would also be helpful to ask the “mini-van moms” (possibly becoming “SUV moms!”) in your congregation what their needs are. much like corporate core values draw people together. For example. if a psychographic designation you are focusing on is “mini-van moms. you will list the specific needs of the audience you have identified in Step 2. As you read the psychographic profile(s). people do not care about your church programs. This is not just public relations. core values stem from needs.1 Psychographics Go back to the psychographic information you gathered. Often. 72 .5 Identify Audience Needs Identifying your audience needs is critical for knowing how to best connect with the audience. but Biblical responsibility. Remember that for the most part. These common needs draw people together in the context of a church. creating a profile of the specific audience(s) on whom you are choosing to focus.

See the sample on the next page. this approach tends to be more effective.5 Step 5: Identify Audience Needs 5. If so. but in many cultures people are not likely to be honest in expressing their needs. which is the greatest threat to your family? • Finances/Economy • Quality of education for children • Infidelity • Violence • Substance abuse • Other: Needs-based surveys work in some cultures. 73 . Therefore. You will have to determine whether or not this is appropriate in your particular context. Here are some examples of this type of questioning for community members: In your opinion. An example of a needs-based question is: Of the following issues. survey questions which are opinion-based questions regarding church or community can be very telling. what is the most critical crisis the family faces today? • Finances/Economy • Quality of education for children • Infidelity • Violence • Substance abuse • Other People often answer these type questions based on their own frame of reference. examine the results of that survey information. However. You may have chosen to ask some of these types of questions in Step 1. whose needs should a church spend most of their time focusing on? • Children • Teenagers • Couples • Single adults • Senior adults • Other In your opinion.2 Surveys Need-based surveys are surveys which intentionally and directly ask diagnostic questions to determine needs.

Step 5: Identify Audience Needs 5 Sample Religion & Culture Opinion Survey Approximate age of person being interviewed: Probable ethnicity of person being interviewed: How long have you lived in this area? m Less than one year m One to three years m Four to ten years m More than ten years In your opinion. what is the most critical crisis the family faces today? m Finances/Economy m Quality of education for children m Infidelity m Violence m Substance abuse m Other: How many days a month do you (or your household) set aside for relaxation and/or entertainment? m none m 1 to 2 m 3 to 5 m 5 to 8 m More than 8 Would you say that activity in a church or religious organization is a: m Large part of your (your household) schedule m Moderate part of your (your household) schedule m Small part of your (your household) schedule m No part of your (your household) schedule In your opinion. whose needs should a church spend most of their time focusing on? m Children m Teenagers m Couples m Single adults m Senior adults m Other: (do not ask – estimate) (do not ask – make educated guess) 74 .

5. fishing. Make every effort to get to know one non-church member per month – really get to know them. you should be able to identify common themes that point to common needs. lunch. you can still benefit from them. in their world. it is not just because it is a fun. • What are the needs to which the ads are appealing? • Is the audience attracted more to product selection or discounted price? • Are they attracted more to personalized service or lower cost? • Of the ads that are working well. is there a common theme. 5. Remember. Every church member should be intentionally developing relationships in the community. you will have earned the relational privilege of asking deeper questions. Identify local advertising that is connecting well with your primary audience. The church should be creating opportunities for church members to interact with the community at large. Advertising is much more of a science than an art. Golf. a ball game. and do it on their turf. approach or mood? As you begin working through these questions. 75 . And when you understand their needs. But. This is an excellent way to engage the whole congregation with an outreach mindset. Do something that they would enjoy. or civic or social organizations are just a few ways to develop relationships. and sharing Christ with. cute or creative ad.3 Local Advertising That Is Working A study of local advertising is an excellent way to get a handle on specific needs in the community. As a church leader.5 Step 5: Identify Audience Needs 5. caring for. shopping.5 Civic Organizations Involvement with civic organizations is an excellent way to discover needs in the community.4 Relationships in the Community There is no substitute for developing relationships in the community. As you develop these relationships and really get to know the people. It is creating a need. it is critical that you lead the way. you will begin to naturally understand their needs. or most often amplifying and suggesting a solution for an existing need in the consumer’s mind. Some churches are utilizing a “High Five” strategy in which every member of their congregation has a list of five people they have identified to reach out to and are consciously praying for. if you are not one to get involved with these organizations. if advertising is really working well.

Rotary Club specializes in educational needs of young people. All you have to do is ask any of these organizations and they will gladly give you this type of information. understanding and meeting different types of needs in the community. They make it their business to know the educational needs and the barriers to quality education in a local area. Segment of Community Needs 76 . For example. The segmentations should be both demographic and psychographic. or home safety education. list the needs in your community by population segmentation. Rotary Club and Lions Club specialize in knowing. homework tutoring.Step 5: Identify Audience Needs 5 Organizations such as Kiwanis Club.6 Community Needs List On the chart below. Some of their needs might be a place to go after school. one segment might be elementary school children of working single parents. For example. 5.

2. 3.6 Compare the Church to the Community What are the three largest psychographic groups in the community? 1. 3. What are the three largest psychographic groups in your church? 1. 2. How do the lists match? (Or do they?) Are the predominant psychographic groups in your community being reached? Is your church reaching them? 77 .

who is? 6.1 Religious Background Analysis What are the predominant religious backgrounds of each of the three primary psychographic groups in your community? Psychographic Designation Religious Background(s) What are the predominant religious backgrounds of each of the three largest psychographic designations in your church body? Psychographic Designation Religious Background(s) 78 .Step 6: Compare the Church to the Community 6 If your church is not reaching them.

Talk to people.2 Rediscover the Socio-Geographical Dynamics According to your congregational map. 79 . Ask questions. where do those who have joined in the past 5 years live? Are there groupings in certain geographic areas? Is there a common psychographic or demographic profile of those who have joined in the past 3 years? What do they like/dislike about your church? From what areas in that 3-mile radius are you not receiving new members? What are the predominant profiles of those areas? Note: To determine the profile of each small geographic area.6 Step 6: Compare the Church to the Community 6. it will probably be necessary to walk or slowly drive around the area and note your observations.

Step 6: Compare the Church to the Community 6 Record your findings: Un-Reached Geographic Area Predominant Profiles of Geographic Area What are some possible ways in which your church might reach into these un-reached areas? 80 .

) Church Strength Demographic Commonality Community Needs 81 .3 Finding the Strongest Connecting Points to the Community Needs To Strengths Worksheet List your findings for each of the three areas: Church Strengths. and Community Needs. (See example on the next page.6 Step 6: Compare the Church to the Community 6. Demographic Commonality.

College age. Need for place to go for “clean” entertainment Families with children.Step 6: Compare the Church to the Community 6 Example Church Strength Demographic Commonality Community Needs Highly active single adult ministry Good at hosting community events Large food & clothing ministry Single adults. African American.” “Demographic Commonality” and “Community Needs” intersect? • The point at which each of these three things intersect is your greatest potential connection point to the community. 82 . programs don’t. benefits and people connect with people. • Remember. engage in activities together. African Safe place for families to American. enough social assistance Low-income Hispanic families Notlow-income families for Fine arts program in schools has been down-sized Transient population creates need for “pseudo-family” relationships Many talented musicians in the School-age children church Highly relational congregation Military families Where do the “Church Strengths. Nobody cares about your program unless they understand how it meets their needs.

the quality of the strength. Write the benefit in the space below. rank each of the benefits.” or “a place where all families of all shapes and sizes are valued and loved. such as community connectedness. try again. a broader benefit (or common denominator) for the benefits listed above might be.6 Step 6: Compare the Church to the Community 6. Make sure that the benefit you have written above relates to the focus group you defined in Step 2. or nurturing environment for families. “a place where children have fun and learn morals and values that will last a lifetime. such as quality enjoyable recreation for children. keep in mind the magnitude of the need. 83 . If not. or childcare assistance for single parents. and the breadth of the benefit. then identify a common denominator from which to extract a benefit. If this is the case.” Narrow your list down to a single benefit. If so. If you identified more specific benefits. As you rank them. You may have identified a general over-arching benefit.4 Select a Single Benefit or Synthesize Common Benefits The goal in this next step is to target a single area where your church can benefit the community. For example. press on.

For the sake of preaching and evangelism. The Bible calls it the “stumbling block of the cross. Seven or less words is ideal.” However. or will do. your “message” is the standardized. in this process will matter. If this is not done well. your message is clear—Christ and Christ crucified. no pressure! A quality bite-sized message should be short. Developing this advertising message is a critical step. narrowly focused. Think about some of the well-known advertising slogans and tag lines. be easily remembered. easy-to-remember benefit that will connect your church to your community. Count syllables instead.7 Develop a Message That Matters For the sake of marketing your church. nothing else you have done. work audibly and visually. and positive. (4 syllables) 84 . These types of phrases are often used as slogans and sometimes used as tag lines. But. • Just do it! (3 syllables) • Coke is it! (3 syllables) • The Taste of a New Generation (9 syllables) • We try harder. 7. This advertising message is intended to encourage people to consider the church—and when they visit the church. getting people to consider that “dangerous” message is usually best done in a safe place. simple. they will hear the message of the gospel. There should never be more than 12 syllables.1 Short A message should be short and to the point. Do not be as concerned about how many words are in the message.

but. Not necessarily simplistic.7 Step 7: Develop a Message That Matters • Trix are for kids! (4 syllables) • Melts in your mouth. each additional thought in a message divides the impact level of that message.” What does that mean to an unchurched person? Moreover. Be sure that it is well understood. Is it easy to say? Do the words flow easily? Some mixtures and combinations of consonants cause the tongue to get easily tangled. sometimes thought-provoking messages or messages that are built upon a play on words work well. This also means avoiding the use of Christian rhetoric.4 Sounds Good A message must sound good. what benefit does this communicate to any audience? It is somewhat fun to say and has a nice meter. Your message should be simple.2 Simple A message should be simple. 85 . 7. Keep it straight forward and simple. Remember. Test the phrase. How might it work on radio? Will people likely want to repeat it? Does it have a strong meter? The meter is the rhythm and emphasis on each syllable in the rhythm. not in your hands (8 syllables) • Others: Can you recall any that are more than 12 syllables? 7. 7. Stay with the one benefit that you have identified. But. easily understood and clearly stating a benefit to the audience. and not easily misunderstood.3 Narrowly Focused Communicate only one benefit in this message. Have several people speak the phrase aloud. One church printed their statement on a church newsletter recently as a tag line: “Crossing the way by the way of the cross. It must be easily spoken and easily heard. Do not try to pack in a second thought or idea. A good meter can make the message more appealing and more memorable. it is too vague to be useful. be careful.

Can you still easily recall it.” I cringed. nor is it an acronym.7 Positive While visiting with a church planter I (Eric) asked him about his church’s worship service. It is phonetically strong and visually balanced.5 Looks Good Will the message work well in print? How will it look on a printed page or a church sign? Most everyone is familiar with the KODAK brand. Statements like these immediately position a church against another and are founded on negativity. How does it look in a script style? How does it look in a bold block print? 7. it immediately implies that there is something distasteful about churches that enjoy singing hymns. we don’t like movies. Whenever possible. the camera and film company. In fact. to which he immediately replied. we don’t dance. Some churches sing hymns. Highlight what your church does – and does well. use a positive approach when speaking or writing about the values your church holds also. some do not. Try printing your message in a variety of font styles. The word KODAK is not the founder’s last name. and our messaging should reflect it. In addition. it means nothing. “We don’t do hymns”. we don’t smoke. The same is true for any number of “we don’t” statements. “we don’t” statements reinforce the stereotype that the Church is nothing but a “we don’t” club (we don’t drink. This is never healthy. This will help your audience develop and maintain a positive impression of your church. 86 . or does it take a certain amount of effort? If all of the above listed characteristics are taken into consideration. The Church should be marked by joy. It was created because it looked good in print and sounded good to the ears. Make a concerted effort to always be positive. we don’t have fun. The issue is that his first sentence explaining his church was negatively stated. it should be somewhat easily remembered. He could have just as easily said something like. “We don’t do hymns.Step 7: Develop a Message That Matters 7 7. or even “Our church’s music is wired for 220.6 Easily Remembered Is the message easily remembered? Walk away from the message for a day or two. 7.” When someone says. we don’t think that’s funny…). That is not the issue here. not for the local church or the Kingdom of God as a whole. “We sing contemporary praise and worship music”.

a Saturday night service. • Hostile Unchurched Many churches target the hostile unchurched when. the fact that your church is “cool” will not connect with them. Because it is different. or whatever. They will generally be interested in what you are doing (though be careful. If people are hostile to church. and you can catch their attention. Your advertising helps them to overcome their barriers. or listed topics. discover which part of that group would be open. They want to be interested. tell them that your church is relevant and why. they should consider visiting your church. the hostile unchurched are not the ones likely to respond. • Ambivalent Unchurched The ambivalent unchurched have mixed feelings. Perhaps they were hurt or just dropped out. They are thinking about spiritual things. but for some reason they are not ready to respond. they often carry baggage). If you know why they are disinterested. benefits.7 Step 7: Develop a Message That Matters 7. They are the most likely to respond. they are unlikely to respond. 87 . well-designed. Either through humor. Oddly enough. They don’t care that other churches have boring music and they probably don’t care that your church has contemporary music. People are not attracted to the negatives of other churches. Recent surveys have indicated that large numbers of professing evangelical Christians do not attend church. your advertising can address their concerns and possibly lead them to consider the benefits of visiting. • Interested Unchurched All around us are interested unchurched. great childcare. I (Ed) have tended to think of the openness of people in five categories. Instead. they see that your church is different from the churches they have rejected. Churches try to connect with their focus target by using ads that resonate with them. I see many mailers that attempt to get people to take a fresh look at church by attacking more traditional expressions of church. In a culture that is increasingly spiritual. However. the interested unchurched are often believers. so don’t tell them. creative advertising can let people know that you are a safe place to explore the things of God. in reality. and your advertising lets them know that you are a safe place to consider such things. They don’t care that you think that other churches are boring. • Disinterested Unchurched The disinterested unchurched may be open.8 Focused On Those Who Will Respond Once you know who is in your community.

In the space below. write a message that connects the recipient to your church. and fits the criteria listed above. but churches continue to do it. 88 . those in need of the gospel?” Okay. “Is this intended to attract people at other churches to our better programs.Step 7: Develop a Message That Matters 7 • Churched There is a percentage of people in almost every community that is churched—but not necessarily in a church. They might or might not be already engaged and involved in another congregation. Targeting the churched is generally a mistake. let’s give it a try. They advertise their programs to attract those from other churches. or will this reach the unchurched. ask. As you work through your advertising.

No matter how profound or motivating a message is. however. it is worthless unless it can be effectively communicated. I am always amazed at how differently strangers interact with me depending on what car I am driving and how I am dressed. wearing my Birkenstocks and faded cut-off jeans and sporting my favorite tie-dye shirt. but they also shape and color the message. The media you select. encounter the same people. and people smile and politely nod or waive. now you will select the best vehicles to transport that message. driving the bug. These message transport vehicles. I pull into the same location. and mothers pull their children close and nobody looks me in the eye. Most of the time. I am still the same person–just packaged differently. or media. In the same way. You have created a message. I drive a late model Toyota Avalon. 89 . wearing business attire. However. I can pull up to a “Gas-n-Grub” convenience store in my Toyota. I (Eric) enjoy driving my bright orange 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle. and the way in which your message is launched will shape and color the message positively or negatively.1 Finding the Right Media This next step is as critical as message development. not only carry the message from the sender to the receiver.8 Identify Media 8. media packages the message and greatly effects the way it is understood and responded to.

Step 8: Identify Media 8 8. any data that you collected from media professionals. but by the careful alignment of your church’s identity. 8. Educators know that involving more than one of the five senses in a learning activity exponentially increases understanding and retention. and appropriate messaging to connect the two. all 12 tear-offs would be gone. In addition to the marketing law of many touches. you may not think you are able to afford it. single parenting classes and support groups. I monitored them closely. but dreams have to be funded.” or “I have always wanted to hear the church advertised on that station. It worked. Be careful that you do not fall into the trap of “wouldn’t it be cool to have a video.” Select the media by first considering your audience. wisdom and discernment. This material will prove to be very useful as you begin selecting the right media. because every couple of days or so. as a singles minister. more accurate interpretation of the message by the audience. 2. The same is true with advertising or outreach communication. your community’s needs. Remember. 8. be careful at this point. However you proceed. really pray through this part of the process.4 Identify Media That Will Fit a Realistic Budget You can identify media all day long and construct a communication plan that will rock the world. there are three primary reasons to use more than one medium: 1. 90 . the most productive places I (Eric) found to advertise singles events. Multiple mediums (media) help to ensure that there is a balanced. But God certainly is the supplier of our needs. and any surveys you conducted inside and outside the church.3 Determine What Media Will Find Your Audience Go back to the psychographic data. and the laundromat bulletin boards were free. If he is really giving the vision. After you have constructed a list. At the laundromats I would post fliers with phone number tear-offs at the bottom. hone the list down strategically and realistically. The classified ad was about $25 for two issues. Years ago.2 Plan To Use More Than One Medium Never rely on a single medium. The medium found the audience. were on the free laundromat bulletin boards and in the free classified tabloid available at convenience stores and restaurants. On paper. the impact of your marketing dollars will largely be determined not just by the amount you spend. he will also bring the provision. Sometimes free media works as well or even better than paid media. The biggest reason is the law of multi-sensory learning. If the one medium you are using fails. You want your audience to “experience” your message. But keep in mind that God may want to stretch the church. so does your entire message. 3. Pray for faith. So.

when you contact a large enough group of people.” or new parents just started talking about taking their child to church.” Simply put. but your direct mail arrives the same day that God’s Holy Spirit is at work—and God uses it as a tool for growing the kingdom.8 Step 8: Identify Media Selecting the Right Media for Your Community 8. We were also surprised that direct mail was working in many diverse kinds of communities.5 Direct Mail & the Law of Large Numbers As we have interviewed pastors and church planters around North America. there is one who is. Ninety nine are not interested. It can work if done well. Marketers show that every day—that is why they keep sending you things in the mail. We know that the Holy Spirit is already at work in the lives of men and women in the community. • Double Mass Mailer Many churches will use two mailers to advertise for the same event. but also the least strategic. This type of mailer should identify with the needs of the focus group. The mailer or letter needs to tell what the church has to offer to help the unchurched overcome their concerns about coming to church. The key issue you need to ask is. “Will it work where I am?” There are several methods that many successful churches are using. or God’s Holy Spirit has worked some other way. Second. One morning. Inc. 91 . the local oil change place considers finding that one a normal cost of doing business. Direct mail is still working and working well— when it is done well. the key phrase was the first one. they will send the mailer twice—once two or more weeks before Easter and then the week before Easter. direct mail is still their most effective methodology. There are several ways this is done: • Single Mass Mailer A single mass mailer is probably the most common. The impact of two mailers tends to be significant—those who forget the first time then remember the second time. Many communities that are thoroughly postmodern are also being reach through direct mail. The front is a catchy four-color postcard. “We should get back in church. We are not just looking for people interested in a product. The reason direct mail works is the “Law of Large Numbers. enough of them are interested in what you offer that they respond. but the back is intended for you to provide personalized text that will connect with your specific target group. If a church is having a special Easter Outreach service. So. For every 99 people who are not interested. provides many templates for such mailings. This tends to reach both those who plan ahead and those who plan at the last minute. However. Outreach. a wife said to her husband. First. they have told us two things. it does not produce the same numbers that it did 10 years ago.

” Easter and Christmas are often effective because that is when people are most likely to go to church. the percentage of people who subscribe to the daily newspaper is at a 30-year low. It’s a lot easier to steer a person to your church during a holiday than it is to get a disinterested person to decide to visit an outreach spaghetti supper when they weren’t even considering church in the first place. In some contexts print advertising might not even be necessary. and few who subscribe thoroughly read it. the church could start one – a great communication tool. they are more likely to attend. Fall Outreach Mailer one week before the service 3. Holidays are an ideal time to connect with people “in motion. In addition.” Some churches have adopted a strategy for regular mailings. Here is one approach. listed in order of priority.Step 8: Identify Media 8 Because of the law of “Multiple Touches”. 92 . it is almost always true that more is better. In fact. ministry tool. if the community surrounding your church does not have one. So.” 8. most often they think only about the local major newspaper. make sure that it finds your audience and relates to your audience.000 mailers to a larger group. it carries the inherent value of tying your church closely in with the community. again due to the law of “Multiple Touches. Easter Mailer one week before the service 2. tend to read the paper much more faithfully than urban and suburban dwellers. January mailer announcing New Year’s plans 5. Think again. When people see what is coming. the masses might miss your ad. though: newspapers are saturated with ads.6 Newspaper & Magazines When churches begin to think about print advertising. Whatever print venue you select. Easter Mailer two weeks before the service 4. however. we think it is usually more effective to send 5. Each mailer would target those within a reasonable driving distance to the church: 1. The message “Visit our church!” is not nearly as strong as “Build a Great Family” or “Come to Our Hot Topics Message Series. Fall Outreach Mailer two weeks before the service It is important for EACH mailer to indicate the message (sermon) topics. assuming they are relevant to the needs of the community. One of the most productive places for urban and suburban dwellers to advertise is the neighborhood or community newsletter. • Multiple Mailers When dealing with direct mail.000 mailers twice to the same group than 10. Persons in small towns. and service to the community.

7 Radio Often. Be sure that you are selecting a station that will hit your primary audience.8 Step 8: Identify Media When newspaper is a good choice for your church. country or light rock mix is likely to be the best choice. or you can buy programming packages. do not spend your advertising dollars on Christian radio. see Application F. 3. You can buy ROS (run of station) packages. Do not advertise in the religion section. Ask for the best possible price. Your audience and your message will determine the section in which you should place the ad. on page 198. if you are aiming at most women in the U. Bigger is not necessarily better. 2. Running a single ad in a single issue is usually worthless. The newspaper wants you to think that bigger is always better. and peak listening hours. here are some basic tips to follow: 1. market segment. ages 35 to 54. If you are aiming at men 35 to 54. in church life. you wish to communicate primarily with people who do not attend church. 4. most of those same people do not see the need to advertise in exclusively Christian newspapers. But there is no need for guess work. Radio is arguably the most negotiable paid-advertising venue on the planet. Virtually any station can provide you with current data about their market reach. choosing a radio station on which to advertise can feel like a moral decision and evoke all kinds of emotion. Buying Advice. Christian radio would make the most sense and your efforts would likely be very productive. Interestingly. classic rock or country will be your best choice. Buy multiple ads across multiple issues. If however. because bigger costs more. By the way. In general. Some Christians believe that a church should only advertise on a Christian radio station. magazines. keep in mind that there are two basic ways to buy radio. When you have settled on a station. If “sheep swapping” is the goal. Radio is a segmented medium. newsletters or even television stations. not an advertising decision. NEVER PAY STANDARD RATECARD PRICE. with radio. There is something very good about financially supporting a Christian communications venue. A “church discount” is usually not the best price. Odd-shaped ads and ads with good use of white space tend to draw more attention. Consider your audience and consider your message. For more on purchasing radio advertising. 93 . 8. But let that be a ministry opportunity.S.

CBS. but because there are so many more cable stations than broadcast stations (in most cable markets 15 times more). The audience for these networks is very broad. for now. NBC. and to reach the avid sportsman who is looking for an added advantage to his golf game. What better place to sell specialty cookware than on The Cooking Channel. but run along side the national spots. FOX). but your ability to narrowly target is not as strong as cable. To read more on television advertising. and your cost per thousand to reach your specific audience is higher. Many national advertisers are finding this type of segmented advertising to be very beneficial. where better to advertise than the Golf Channel. While still dominating the market. Your church television commercials are inserted locally by the local network affiliate. but is not normally available for local advertising. 94 . Satellite television has most of the same marketing segmentation characteristics as cable. Cable television is more like magazine advertising in that you can target a very narrow audience. Both broadcast and cable has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. One of the most beneficial places to advertise on local major network affiliates is the evening news. selecting the right station and programming is critical to reaching your primary audience. they are still the “big boys” and there is a certain prestige to advertising on these network affiliates. If your audience is stay-at-home moms. Broadcast television is primarily understood as the major networks (ABC. In terms of advertising. see page 201-202. these networks annually continue to lose market share.Step 8: Identify Media 8 8. or ESPN? A local cable television company can insert your church television commercials into narrowly targeted programming that will reach your audience with rifle precision. there are two overarching types of television media to chose from. broadcast and cable. and varies based on time of day. But.8 Television If you choose to use television. the total number of persons reached is much less than broadcast – not as much because so many more watch broadcast television over cable. look into advertising during mid-morning talk shows. You will reach a large audience. However.

It is one that takes a great deal of thought. What people read creates a mental image that is not easily broken. In the same way. Most often these things are read before anyone even thinks about walking in the door of your church building. That image becomes a filter through which they begin to interpret any other information that follows. Sadly. 9. website. and brushes can be an artist. but if the message or advertisement is not properly produced. That is like saying anyone with a canvas. postcard. Often the first impression your church will make is on a sign. Embarking on creating a design that will speak well and speak accurately of your church is a serious matter. and in so doing. the impression formed is not the one which was intended. you might never even have the chance to correct that image. the medium can be right.9 Produce the Communication Tools The actual production of your marketing communication tool is one of the most critical steps in this process. With all the technological advances of the last two decades.1 Use Professionals A brochure. care and artistic ability. 95 . Mental images are powerful things. So often. If that impression is one of carelessness or ineptness. sound right. These tools will create an impression in the minds of whoever experiences them—that is the intent. or other marketing tool. right? Wrong. Following the guidelines below will help to ensure that quality communication tools are produced. flier. sign or paid advertisement often provides the first impression of your church. the movie comes out. The words can be right. Have you ever read a fantastic novel? You “know” exactly what those characters look like. or act right. this is often the one place where churches try to cut corners. the results can be more damaging than helpful. paid advertisement. Then. the first impression that you create in the mind of a potential visitor is critical. In nearly every church there is a well-meaning clipart jockey who claims to be a graphic designer. paint. undermine or neutralize the entire strategy. and when you see it you are sorely disappointed because the characters did not look right. how they walk. Use professionals when producing your communication tools or ads. though. anyone with a computer can be a graphic designer. and what their voice sounds like.

Most pastors are skilled communicators on a platform.catalystproductions. They can be glad that people aren’t telling them they’ve got a great face for radio! The added cost for using professionals is well worth it. do not assume that the pastor of the church needs to be the one to voice the commercial. usually it is best if he does not.montevistapictures. Use a professional voice. Use professionals! Here are some additional professional production groups who might be able to assist you with print. There are companies who specialize in customizing pre-produced designs and templates which can work extremely well. but most do not.Step 9: Produce the Communication Tools 9 This not only applies to print. The designs from Outreach. Yes. it costs more.com Dream Churches www. Again. internet or other media development.dreamchurches. it could easily cost the church $10. Each of these understands “church”: Catalyst Productions www.com 96 .covenantgrp. (As our publisher they didn’t even make us say that! We’ve used Outreach for years before we ever undertook this project. by having a pre-existing.000. While it is possible to spend thousands of dollars on custom tools. market-tested. are very well produced.com Covenant Communications Group www. a well-meaning.) If a church were to contract with a designer to design an image package of that quality with a full design suite of multiple communication pieces. but to every other medium you will be using. quality-designed package modified and customized for your church.com Monte Vista Pictures www. Website design has also been made very simple – like desktop publishing. it might be well worth it if you cannot find a pre-designed package that will work for your church. but. In fact. some of the world’s hokiest websites are church sites.com Integrity Productions www. Some do. broadcast. Sadly.integritypro. If you will be running radio commercials. kindhearted disaster with a computer can wreck an otherwise good thing. However. but do not have a voice for radio. Pastors need not feel badly about not having a good voice for radio. it is not usually necessary. perhaps too simple. Inc. Outreach can also create original design packages for your church. the cost is a mere fraction of the cost for original art.

business cards. logo and theme is ready to be utilized. church unity and joy. should present a consistent identity. print ads and every other advertising piece should have a common design. signage. An attempt to do so will result in a theme and logo that is understood and embraced by those who created it. a key message and a visual image (logo) to be used in all internal and external communications. These things should convey energy. church staff or church membership cannot produce a theme and a logo apart from understanding the community. Even if you use professionals to design each element. signs. A pastor. And just placing your logo on something does not necessarily tie it in with the common design theme. 97 . no letterhead. it will not be effective if each of those designers works in a vacuum and is not designing according to other advertising. business cards. the following elements should be designed and produced: • Letterhead • Envelopes • Postcards • Mailing labels • Business cards • Note cards • Website • Signs • Fliers • Church transportation • Door mats 9. cultural relevance. The process for selecting a theme should be a collaborative effort that takes advantage of creative synergy in the local congregation. internal and external. letterhead. remember and recognize. brochures.2 Theme & Logo Every local church needs a recognizable public identity which includes a name. A website.3 Visual Branding: Connect Each Message With a Common Design Another big mistake that is often made by churches is having no consistency with designs. but foreign to the audience for whom it is intended.9 Step 9: Produce the Communication Tools 9. A logo is the most basic visual communication tool for your church. Once a logo is developed. brochures or other written materials would be developed or distributed until an official name. Ultimately. compassion. the theme must reflect to the local community a message that they can understand. All communication. love. it must first communicate with the culture. This requires understanding something about the people with whom the church is communicating. newsletters. Ideally. If a church is going to impact the culture.

list each advertising or communication tool being produced and the other tools to which each should point. handout. Be careful when ordering those really “cool” postcards and mailers. you want them to immediately recognize that it is from your church. Every newsletter. It is best if you order from the same “design suite” which enfolds visual branding so that there is a consistency of design. phone number. Every radio spot should point to a yellow page ad and/or website. flier or mailer should have pointers to website. Every web page should have the church phone number. information table. 9.Step 9: Produce the Communication Tools 9 Professional designers and media producers can assist you in making this happen. Marketing Tool Pointers Continued… 98 . It is important to keep these people informed of the other advertising you have produced or will be producing. Try to direct your message in every medium to at least two other mediums. When someone sees part of a newsletter sticking out from under a stack of mail. In the space below.4 Point Each Medium to Another A much greater amount of leverage can be achieved by just pointing each advertising piece to another. every print ad should point to the website. For example. Every recorded phone message should point to the website. or other “more information” venue.

so should everyone else. but I don’t enjoy sports bars and seldom open the sports section of the newspaper. most pastors assume that if they love a certain color scheme. The point is this: do not assume that your likes and dislikes are the same as those of your audience. For some reason.9 Step 9: Produce the Communication Tools Marketing Tool Pointers 9. We decided to host an event specifically geared toward single men in the community. theme phrase. or musical style. In a meeting to plan the publicity for the event. Now.5 Design With the Audience In Mind Most of us know what we like. our singles’ ministry had about eight women for every two men. it was suggested by a couple of our single men that we post fliers in the local sports bars and place an ad in the sports section of the newspaper. if my preferences carried the day. I have always enjoyed playing sports. in an effort to expose them to our singles’ ministry. However. but what we like has to be placed aside when an advertising message or medium is being considered. 99 . and the advertising worked—the event was a success. We posted the fliers and placed the ad. Several years ago. we would have missed a great opportunity. when I (Eric) was a singles pastor.

Consistency. When the Chinese restaurant purchased the building. You e-mail them the link so they can check it out as well. In Oklahoma City. you will not want to use a gothic looking design with harsh lines. It will not reflect who you are. And they never said that it was a “healthy place. or the plaza. layout and links gave that impression. you e-mail a couple of friends and convince them to try this new place with you. hugging type of church. you find it to be a smoke-filled barbecue and beer joint – not at all what you were expecting. But. and a number of other themed rooms – cool place. It was one of those places with the waterfalls and live entertainment. not only between communications and our church—but also between our culture and our physical environment. Make sure that the design is truly reflective of your church’s identity.Step 9: Produce the Communication Tools 9 9. the building used to be owned by what was the largest Mexican restaurant in town. or the market. but eating at this place always seems strange. In making these type of mistakes. The web page is crisp and clean. it still feels like that Mexican place. but. not only will you fail in your attempt to connect with your audience.6 Be Sure the Design Reflects Your Core Values There is always the temptation to copy a “cool design” or purchase those edgy postcards for distribution. This happens regularly in church life. The prices are good. the design. Imagine receiving a link to a web page featuring a new restaurant. but your audience could end up feeling lied to. 100 . The descriptions of the food sound great: lean cuts of meat. fuzzy. The meat is all high quality angus beef. and at the bottom there are links to other sites featuring benefits of eating organic foods. design. What happened? Nobody actually lied. all fresh ingredients. But. colors. or template from another church. If you are a church largely made up of mid-life and senior adults. This place is huge. A church will borrow an idea. when you get inside. When eating there. You see. The next day the three of you arrive at the restaurant and find a line of people outside waiting to get in. be careful. You could eat in the cave room. This reinforces that it must be a great place. So. they made some changes in the décor. is essential. If you have a warm. or a church will purchase a pre-produced advertising package without making sure that the art really reflects who they are. I love Asian food. The restaurant uses all fresh ingredients. sometimes I get the urge to dip my fried wanton in some salsa. there is one of the largest Chinese buffets I (Eric) have ever seen.” But. it would be a big mistake to use stock photos of young twenty-something couples with preschoolers.

10.10 Test It Before you spend a great deal of money mass producing brochures or mailers. on some ideas your church has come up with. Keep in mind that these people are likely to be somewhat uncomfortable anyway. interactive environment. and is normally left to professionals. Provide a brunch. • Restate the purpose for the gathering. laidback. you can conduct a soft focus group while also building relationships that can lead to further outreach. or buying advertising time and space. You might expect eight to twelve to accept the invitation. Do all you can to provide a lighthearted. These people should not be church members. take your advertising for a test drive. Honor your promise! • Allow the group to introduce themselves to each other. lunch. explaining that your church is trying very hard to connect to the community. Call or send out personalized invitations to about 30 people. or snacks. Do not assume that they know why they are there. Keep things moving. sending out direct mail pieces. However. through group dialogue. Below are some suggested ways of going about testing the media. Get on with the exercise. 101 . just coming into a church building. Respect their time. • Allow the group to experience one marketing tool at a time. Here are some basic guidelines for conducting a focus group meeting.1 Focus Groups Conducting a scientific focus group is a specialized task. • Thank them for their attendance and tell them how long they will be there. and you are seeking their opinion. Assemble a group of people who fit your audience group.

not to individuals. • Avoid commenting after each remark. • See that all members have a chance to participate. Stay focused on that purpose. While none should be forced to speak. • Do not engage in arguments about theology. religions or other issues. neither should any member be prevented from speaking because of the domination of others. only their interpretations. This will derail the purpose of the meeting. • Always address your comments to the group. impressions and feelings.Step 10: Test It 10 • Keep the group focused. 102 . but be careful not to verbalize your opinion or draw conclusions. • Do not defend your marketing ideas or concepts. • Watch for extended digressions. When this occurs. • If a member asks a question. but to help your church be more effective in reaching out so others can hear the claims of Christ. • Listen with real interest. • Do not let the group be too solution-driven. You are not looking for their solutions. DO NOT INTERJECT YOUR OPINION. social concerns. try to bounce it back to the group. gently redirect the discussion and comments. Ask “How might we…” rather than “How should we…” • Receive all input with grace and an open mind. Ask them their thoughts about the marketing tool and what impressions they have. You are not here to convince them of the claims of Christ. • Apply the principle of deferred judgment. • Make clear transitions from one item to the next. • Bring the discussion to a close on each item. Look at the person speaking.

and those inside church do not connect with the marketing tools. Better to know now than later. you will in all likelihood miss your target. Try again. Resist the temptation to defend the marketing tools and concepts. This is why testing is important.2 Allow Current Members To Respond Successful businesses value the input. church leaders should value the input. If they do not work. chances are one of two things has happened: 1. 103 .10 Step 10: Test It 10. Perhaps you have chosen to aim at an audience in the community who might or might not easily connect with your church. If the audience you have identified as your focal audience outside the church is psychographically similar to those inside the church. 2. feelings and opinions of the current church members. In a similar way. If church members do not connect with the advertising concepts. go with it. Remember that a church most easily reaches out and connects with people who are similar to those who are already in the congregation. If you get positive feedback. they do not work. opinions and feelings of their current customer base.

1 Consider Special Days Special days can be holidays. travel patterns change. In communities where public schools follow a two-semester year with a summer break. People are changing their routines. life. faith. 104 . Most churches have no problem at all connecting the dots for advertising during Easter or Christmas. When people are going through these types of changes they also seem to be more open to spiritual changes. It is also the place where your budget lives or dies. these are not the only times – or necessarily even the best times on the calendar to advertise. It is a good time for the church to advertise a “family values” message series or small group Bible study. it is a time when people in most communities are more likely to accept an invitation to church. one of the greatest times to advertise is during the back-to-school days. They are days on the calendar that many churches view as competition. 11. a message from the church about life or God is not a stretch. See them as a communication wave that you can ride. and spiritual things. So. community celebrations or even high school homecoming. But do not view them as competition. However. and families are confronted with new sets of needs. In addition. parents are thinking about family more (as they see their children growing up before their very eyes and beginning a new grade in school). These are times when people might be thinking more about family.11 Assemble a Marketing Calender The marketing calendar is where communication lives or dies.

music. Try one of these: 1. Video the football games. consider hosting it on the church property. Create an absurdly interesting event to conduct after a football game—on the field. getting plenty of band. fan. If the church building is near by and you have an adequate facility. build upon it. community. church and God. coaches. give a brief testimony of their love for football. don’t compete with events on the calendar – capitalize on them. the event made the front page – great photo story. and makes it psychologically much easier for a person to attend an event or service at the church in the future. One year. It can be at the ball field as long as you visually and audibly connect the event to your church. No event in small-town America consistently draws a bigger crowd or boasts a longer running history. This gets people in the doors of the church building. or band members (or a combination of several) at the event. It works! 2. rather it is something on which to capitalize.11 Step 11: Assemble a Marketing Calendar In small-town America. fairs. So. lets them know where the church building is. teachers and parents armed with cans of shaving cream in a giant free-for-all. Have one of the players. the church provided snacks and music.2 Schedule Commercial Ads at Less Expensive Times When looking at paid commercial advertising. 3. and presenting the gospel. My favorite was the “Outrageous Shaving Cream Fight. Paid commercial advertising is expensive. get to know more people. Take advantage! 11. Host a concert following the game. cheerleaders. and invite them to give your church a try – or better yet.” Imagine 200+ students. Have lots of food. the one event on the calendar where few churches dare to tread happens on Friday nights in the fall of every year—high school football. talking about how much they and their families love our church. the sticker shock for many is an insurmountable obstacle. give God a try. 105 . and feature a one-hour edited video of the season’s football highlights. parent and cheerleader footage. do not even think about competing with it. Our church people were prepared and mobilized to “work the crowd” by building relationships. I (Eric) have done several. But. Whatever you do. festivals. friends. High school football is not something to battle or ignore. rates are much more affordable in the first and third quarters of the year. Parades. it got bigger. These are all opportunities to get very lowcost advertising. Each year we did it. Advertise a “Football Highlights Party” hosted by your church. or just about any community event is a low-cost opportunity for your church to create more visibility in the community. And every year the newspaper was there to cover the story. Following the event.

Then Off” Approach There are many media sales people who will try to sell a church an advertising package with daily commercials. 4 spots on Friday. Keep in mind the law of multi-sensory learning. I stopped to check the mailbox. In the third quarter. With this approach. On top of the stack of mail was a postcard from the same telecommunications company. Skip one week and then run 4 spots on Wednesday. I heard a radio commercial advertising a new calling plan being offered by a well-known nationwide company. The event would be Sunday. Had I not seen the postcard. the advertising sales staff gets restless and hungry. listening to the radio. and their radio budget affords only 30 radio commercials. And had I not heard the radio commercial. advertising the same new plan. 11. then off” approach affords you the opportunity to “stack” media. As you plan your media calendar. It would be best to run 3 spots on Thursday. reading the newspaper. only 8 of 30 days were covered. when in reality. utilizing multiple media simultaneously. the next day.Step 11: Assemble a Marketing Calendar 11 In the first quarter (January. As I pulled into my driveway. The next week (which is the week before the event) consider running 3 Thursday. strategically time the media so that the audience will experience your message in multiple ways from multiple media in a short time span. business is slower. You want your audience to “experience” your message. and 5 Saturday. The desperate need to make a sale allows the buyer to negotiate a much lower rate. For this reason. This is not necessary. I would not have been so drawn to the postcard. advertising costs fall to the second lowest rates of the year. Stacking media is communicating a single message. I might not have even remembered the radio commercial. the listeners think they are hearing this commercial message all of the time. When the advertising business gets slow. So. Several months ago I was contemplating changing cell phone providers. Often this is a 50 percent savings – sometimes more.4 Use Multiple Media at the Same Time Using a “heavy on. March) many businesses have just spent their entire advertising budget during the Christmas season. The same is true with advertising or outreach communication. Frequency refers to the number of times the commercial is viewed or experienced. 4 Friday. or surfing the web. the belief by many advertisers is that people are outside enjoying the warm weather. 4 spots on Friday. 106 . 3 spots on Thursday.3 Consider a “Heavy On. February. The other side of this issue is that frequency sells. 11. and not engaged in watching television. it would be foolish to run one commercial a day for a month. On my way home from the office. Educators know that involving more than one of the five senses in a learning activity exponentially increases understanding and retention. If a church is hosting a community-wide or city-wide event.

2. If you can.6 Advertising Calendar Month: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 107 . you will discover that significant discounts can be granted to those who plan and contract advertising for months at a time. It is hard to advertise and promote something that has not yet been planned. plan a year in advance. rather than ministry dictating budget. 3.5 Calendar One Quarter Ahead As you work on your media calendar. 11. It helps drive better budget planning. churches allow the budget to dictate ministry. It will save you a great deal of money in paid advertising. Too often. 4. It prompts other groups and ministries within the church to develop plans. This is done for several reasons: 1. plan at least one quarter at a time.11 Step 11: Assemble a Marketing Calendar 11. It forces strategic planners to think about the “big picture” and not just hop from one event to the next. As you begin buying advertising.

e-mail to postcard all past event mailing attendees 25 18 19 11 12 Post fliers Post Fliers Promote to congregation 15 Follow with phone call to all places press release was sent 16 13 3 Radio ads 14 .promote to . 3.newspaper ad .newspaper ad .e-mail to postcard all past event mailing attendees .send press Secure release newspaper .5 radio ads Second mass .re-post fliers .5 radio ads .re-post fliers .newspaper ad 26 .promote to congregation 22 17 20 4 Radio ads . consider “heavy on.secure radio advertising advertising .newspaper ad 27 .Tickets in School Event! 108 .tickets at schools 29 30 23 24 . Determine the date of the primary event. Month: May Monday 2 Example Tuesday 3 Wednesday 4 5 Thursday 6 Friday Saturday 7 Sunday Promote to congregation 8 1 Purchased postcard mailers (4 weeks before) 9 Send letter to congregation promoting event 10 .3 radio ads 21 . • Stack media • Link media • With paid advertising. After determining audience and media.Step 11: Assemble a Marketing Calendar 11 1.newspaper ad Sell tickets at .final mass postcard mailing .5 radio ads First mass . 2.5 radio ads . then off” approach.e-mail to all past event attendees .8 radio ads . Determine the dates of events that can be linked to the primary event. An example is shown below. work backward from the event’s date to determine media schedule.re-post fliers schools .5 radio ads 28 . 4.5 radio ads congregation .

7 Communication Calendar Planning Grid Example Date: 4 Congregation receives letter Date: 9 Phone calls to media outlets confirming press release Fliers hung Date: 11 Date: 13 KRMG radio First mass 3 spots mailer received Date: 14 3 radio spots KRMG Date: 18 5 radio spots Date: 20 4 radio spots Mailer outlets receive press releases E-mails received by all past event attendees Newspaper community calendar KRMG 3 Fliers up radio spots E-mails received Mailer Received Fliers up Fliers up First mass Fliers up mailing received at rural routes Fliers up Date: 21 Radio spots 5 Date: 23 School tickets Date: 24 Mailer received Date: 26 Newspaper ad Date: 27 8 radio spots Date: 28 Phone calls to past event attendees Fliers out Date: Fliers Out Fliers out Fliers reposted E-mail received School tickets Mass mailing received Community 5 radio calendar spots 5 radio spots Mailer Received EVENT 109 .11 Step 11: Assemble a Marketing Calendar 11.

Step 11: Assemble a Marketing Calendar 11 Communication Calendar Planning Grid Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: 110 .

see some basic tips on page 196. radio. This is assuming that you have already determined that this medium will “find your audience. full-page and half-page ads are very expensive and usually unnecessary. For the most part.12 Launch the Strategy Once you have decided what message and media will work best for you. However. 111 . it is time to secure printing or advertising contracts. newspaper. (www. In the case of utilizing direct mail. etc. the savings will likely offset the added cost. you want to try making the buys yourself. in the event you also opt for mass media. the advertiser does not pay the vast majority of media buyers. A standard quarter-page ad will be placed either above or below the horizontal fold. Most media buyers receive a 10 percent commission that is paid by the media company. or a combination of the above. you may choose to use a professional media buyer to purchase advertising.” Tip: never advertise on the religion page. While it is true that a media buyer could cost extra fees. that’s what we’ve done and recommend it! Or.1 Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better When buying print advertising. Inc. A quarter-page ad can be extremely effective if the following guidelines are considered: • Placement is critical. If. In fact. This increases visibility and has been proven in advertising testing to be much more effective. it is a waste. 12. Be sure that your ad is placed in a section that your audience will read. whether they be direct mail. however. even if you have to pay slightly more to get that placement. However.com or 1-800-991-6011).outreach. • Break the fold. a quarter page ad (or smaller) can be designed in a vertical format so that it crosses the horizontal fold in the center of the page. it may be as simple as picking up the phone to speak to an outreach consultant at a company like Outreach.

be sure that you are prepared to deliver matched or higher quality child care than the professional daycare centers in your area. promises come in many different forms.Step 12: Launch the Strategy 12 12. therefore they are (i. Be sure that all of your activities. the clothing. that is the perception. or painted on a building. especially if you have used any stock photos. the expectation is that the church has a large number of teenagers). Review your photos. Review your verbiage. It is easy to get burned by not taking a closer look at words printed on a shirt. and any printed words that might be in the photo. Can you deliver on the promises you have made? Look for claims or implications of high quality. As has already been stated. again. ministries. make sure. Make sure. 112 . that your audience is likely to understand the message the way you are anticipating. If you claim to be a friendly church. Many of those so called “promises” were never intended to be promises in the first place. – If a mailer features a large group of teenagers. be one! If you claim to be concerned about each and every need. Double-check the background elements in the photos.2 Promise Only What You Can Deliver As you prepare to launch your strategy.e. be prepared to meet them! If you claim to have excellent child care. Nevertheless. Remember that statements like “high quality” are very subjective. that you can deliver on your promises. greeters and church family as a whole are ready to deliver on any promises you have made. again.

and considering it.13 Track & Evaluate Results Tracking and evaluating the results of your communication is the best way to increase the productivity of your communication. While only a few may respond to the message. there may be cause for concern. pondering it. many more are hearing it. Now it is time to see how well it will fly. well-constructed. 13. seeing it. Do not expect big results immediately. 113 . it is after the second or third mailing that a church begins to really connect. Often. Weaknesses can be found in the very best-made plans. Consider your newly developed communication plan a “prototype.” It has been well thought out. It’s likely time for your church to repeat it. But do not get nervous if you have not seen any results within the first two weeks. And it is important to discover those weaknesses so that you can adjust and improve your communication plan. and even tested. if you have not seen any response from the communication plan.1 Do Not Expect Big Results Immediately Communication takes time. Countless churches have been disappointed with few visitors coming after a direct mailing. After the first 6-8 weeks.

Step 13: Track & Evaluate Results 13 13.2 “How Did You Hear About Us?” Card One of the best ways to determine what communication media are working well for you is to use a “How Did You Hear About Us?” card. It is not even necessary for them to place their name on the card—though that often comes in handy for connecting visitors when they come. ask them to kindly complete one of these cards. How Did You Hear About Us? Check all that apply: m From a friend m I heard about the church on radio m I saw a newspaper ad m Driving by the building – saw sign m I received a postcard m A church member visited me m I have a family member who attends (attended) this church m Other: My experience here today has been: m Excellent m Fair m Awkward m Helpful m Motivational Your Name (optional): Date: E-mail: Your age: m under 12 m 25-34 m 70+ m 12-18 m 35-54 m 19-24 m 55-69 Phone #: m Good m Poor m Pleasant m Irritating m Other: 114 . When guests attend your services or special events.

other event? Try the following exercises with this information (Note: Sorting is far easier when done in Microsoft Excel): 1. or have you attempted to communicate your message to the age range that is missing? 3. 1. Are there certain times of the year that certain ages are more likely to attend than others? 5. Sort by event and age. Medium – What media do they recall exposure to? 3. Sort by date and medium. Track by medium and event. What media seem to be communicating best to each specific age group? Identify age gaps. What advertising seemed to work best for each event? Compare results to your advertising calendar. What events are attracting what age of people? 4. 2. What age ranges of people are you not attracting? Is this expected. special service. What advertising did not seem to pay off? 115 . Sort by medium and age. Are there certain media that were noted more on certain dates? Compare these results to the advertising calendar. Date – When did they attend? 2. Sort by age and date. Age – Track by age range 4.13 Step 13: Track & Evaluate Results Create a spreadsheet or other type of electronic tracking system. You will want to be able to sort the data by the following categories. Event – Did the person attend a regular worship service. and track the information on these cards. concert.

Work it. everyone has an opinion. 14. And remember. For most people. communities change.1 Don’t Abandon Prematurely Just because something is not working perfectly right away does not mean that you need to scrap it and move on to something else. Change only one or two things at a time. Too often. and move on. value the mission more than yourself. So. Communicating to the church and giving fair warning of changes to come—plus plenty of information regarding the specifics of the changes will help. If something is not working. 116 . admit it. Too often. Church people are even slower. it will be difficult to track the effectiveness of the changes you have made. make changes in small increments. churches jump from one plan to another without really sticking with and working a plan. and be Christian about it. But.14 Adjust Strategy Never stop evaluating and adjusting the strategy. personalities and pride are attached to certain projects or strategies. Give it a chance. what they do not know is more frightening than what they do know. keep people informed. People change. you will never make everyone happy. Grow up. People in general are slow to accept change. trends change. and no strategy is perfect. Otherwise. and communication methods and plans must change in order to remain effective. Give it a fair chance. stop doing it.

Sometimes God even chooses to work through tragedy.2 Allow Your Plan to Flex Never let your plan be so rigid and cast in concrete that it prevents you from being flexible enough to move with change. God is always at work. If the church is there to provide a listening ear and point people to the Word of God. When tragedy strikes. In the words of Henry Blackby. and a church needs to adjust quickly to join God in what he is doing. There are times when God begins working in an area. people begin to ask introspective and spiritual questions. 117 . Join Him. lives can be changed for all of eternity.14 Step 14: Adjust Strategy 14.

Step 14: Adjust Strategy 14 Notes 118 .

S. God’s heart has always been for his children to tell others about his love and his offer of forgiveness. if you feel that your church or community will be offended by the use of “tsunami” as a good thing. and the number of disciples increased vastly” Acts 6:7 (TLB) Tsunami is an Easter Outreach program that we are using to reach our families. Listed below you will find the different Tsunami teams and their roles. 119 .4 T. making guests comfortable at our church. For Tsunami to be successful. Prayerfully consider two things. all of us—including you!—need to be telling our friends and family about the Easter service. we as a church must be fully committed to making the required steps of preparation. We are using it as an acronym in which each letter stands for a different part of the outreach. Tsunami is the Japanese word for a tidal wave. Pray about which of the following temporary teams you might want to join and then “catch the wave” of what God is going to do with our church. Our Easter Sunday service will be less than an hour and fifteen minutes in length. then you will need to change its name. inviting friends. We are joining with God in this exciting plan to reach our community.I. This is an intentional effort to invite a WAVE of people to join us for our Easter Sunday service.U.Note: This is an example of a concentrated outreach plan that worked well in our subculture. First. Second. This plan was introduced prior to the horrific Christmas 2004 Asian tsunami. 4 Special thanks goes to Mike Dodson who helped develop these. our friends.M.A. etc. but will need to be modified to fit your community.N. yet the eternal results that we anticipate will require several weeks of preparation by our members. and our community with the good news of the gospel. The steps involved in this outreach are familiar to most of us: prayer. A A Church-Wide Outreach for Attracting & Connecting a New Wave of Church Guests “God’s message was preached in ever-widening circles. we need you on a Tsunami team.

A. is in charge of this team. If you want to involved with this team. we desire to raise the internal awareness regarding outreach in our church.M. 120 . we will be placing paper figures of people on the board to represent each person that has been invited to the Easter service.Application A: T. like reaching people with the gospel. God loves to hear his people pray for the things that are close to his heart. During the fellowship song each week. Join us in inviting your friends to the service. Then demonstrate your commitment to inviting friends by placing your paper figures on the poster board. In our case.A. Please talk with if you want to host a prayer meeting in your home or help in other ways with this “wave” of prayer.I A T. This will be accomplished through four TSUNAMI sermons preached by the pastor and four TSUNAMI Bible Studies that your class/group will be working through in coming weeks. This team also provides a Bible Study for all small groups and Sunday School classes to study 2 or 3 weeks before the outreach service. We want our church family to be emboldened to reach out from our church into their sphere of influence. In our church we desire to see a spiritual earthquake that starts in our hearts and transforms our community. Tidal Surge A tsunami involves raising the water…. This is the prayer emphasis of the TSUNAMI outreach.M. This team is responsible for communicating the vision and purpose of TSUNAMI to the church.U.N.S.S. We will be placing a large wave on a poster board that will be on the stage of the church each week. coworkers and family to the Easter service. It is very realistic to believe that each church member can bring at least one friend to the service. This team has the responsibility for encouraging church members to invite friends. contact .I.U. We will be holding prayer meetings in different homes.N. Seismic Shift Tsunamis are caused when an earthquake starts on the ocean floor…. If we as a church do not pray and ask God to help us prepare for Easter and ask him to draw our friends and family to our church. Undertow An undertow is the result of a wave drawing people into its stream…. all our other efforts are worthless.

to write to them. Nami Nami is the Japanese word for “wave”…. Shoreline Greeters will direct parking and guide our guests into the church. newspaper ads.” A Media Whenever an event like a Tsunami takes place. Because these ministries will occur after the Easter service. it needs to be big news in the media…. Contact for more information about helping with the NAMI team. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover their needs so that we can pray for them as a church. We have many people who once attended our church. These teams will be in charge of taking care of all our guests on Easter Sunday. the processes of facilitating responses to the gospel and re-inviting our guests to join us on a regular basis. This includes our Easter mailings to households throughout the community. This team will contact our non-attendees and reconnect them with the church. Contact for more information. but for different reasons they no longer come to the church.M. in order to join up for this “inor to visit their homes. and followup visits in their home. 121 . We are anticipating a “wave” of people who will join us on Easter. There are opportunities available to call them.A Application A: T. it is possible to help with the other teams before Easter. Each family that visits our church will receive a batch of homemade cookies on Easter afternoon.S. and other forms of communication.A. We think that this news is worth telling. After Easter. the people on the shore need to know about it….U. Many community members are not aware of all the recent exciting changes that have happened at our church.I. These teams will help our church greet the wave of new guests. will be directed by the Impact teams. We want to let all our church members know about the outreach. Contact to sign up for the media team. Impact A Tsunami always leads to an impact on shore…. Each of the NAMI teams has a different name. Contact reach. including those who are less involved. guests will be greeted and made to feel welcome by Shepherds who will be assigned to different rows. This team will be publicizing our Easter service throughout our community. Once inside the church. a phone call within a week of Easter. We want the impact to last beyond one Sunday because of our thorough follow-up.N. and then join us in the follow-up after Easter. Coastal dvisory When a Tsunami comes.

M. the first letter is given) to the Kingdom excitement our efforts 1st Wavers our Crowd the church on our purpose Answers: adds. focuses 122 . studies) for congregation to bring friend • Providing positive momentum to encourage everyone to bring a friend • Parking lot greeters • Door greeters • Seat greeters • Phone team • Letter campaign • Directed visitation • • • • Direct mail pieces Newspaper ads Radio. concentrates.I A Operational Team Team Leader Objective Vision Casting Cover • Introduction • Goal setting with congregation • Momentum builders: sermons. etc.Application A: T.N. during and after Easter services. leadership meetings. newsletters.U. disciples.A. brings. • Developing material (forms. enlarges. TV spots Impact flier distribution Tidal Surge Seismic Shift Undertow Nami Advisory Media Impact A B C D E F Probably the pastor Prayer Emphasis Involvement by members Greeting Inreach Advertising Outreach Assimilating/ • Short-term follow-up Connecting • Long-term follow-up What does tsunami accomplish? (Fill in the blank.S. • Small group curriculum • Prayer events involving as many of core as possible before. invitations.

This powerful empire dominated much of the Near East during several centuries of Israel’s history. You will note the “water” theme throughout. a prophet of God. and people need God. and the most important place for promotion is the pulpit. Today.M. KY.N. for developing the messages that follow. The Assyrians were known for their wickedness and their cruelty in warfare. the whole church has to rally around the cause. If God wants people to come to him. God’s people are often the obstacle. A Wave of God Jonah 1:1-2 “The word of the LORD came to Jonah son of Amittai: ‘Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it. it can’t just be a good idea for a few people.A Application A: T.5 Sermon 1: Jonah Introduction: God is passionate about drawing people into a relationship with him.I.A. often his people won’t work for him. because its wickedness has come up before me. Very few people pick up the Bible to read about God for themselves without anyone influencing them. If you are going to have a successful outreach campaign. we are going to look at the life of Jonah. A vast majority of those who become Christians do so through the actions and influence of other people. Instead. even an unwilling messenger. yet they often turn away from God and turn to watered-down. While God chooses to work through his people. The best way to make that happen is to encourage them through a series of messages. misguided substitutes. God is powerful and this does happen. Jay Lowder. Tidal Surge The most important person for promotion is the pastor.S. Following are a series of messages that my (Ed) Tsunami team developed for use in our church. what keeps them from coming? Surprisingly. They are searching for meaning and purpose in life. but it is not his normal way of reaching people. His story is found in the Old Testament book named after him. 123 . and it shows us that God’s love for people can overcome every barrier. They instinctively know that they need God in their lives. Verses 1-2 begin our story by noting that 5 Special thanks goes to one of my staff. 1. Jay is currently completing his doctural studies at Southern Seminary in Louisville. testimonies and emphases.U. Most people are deeply religious in their orientation in life.’” Nineveh was a great city of the mighty Assyrian Empire.

There is no one who knows the hurts. The message of judgment was fine with him. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. It is so important for us to remember that God is the source of the wave. he will spare them. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors. for he had many reasons to despise the Assyrians. God is merciful. as though God were making his appeal through us.S. They would also force Judah to pay tribune to them. however. He will not allow the wickedness of Nineveh to continue. The Assyrians were not just an idle threat. Their wickedness and cruelty were legendary. but God is getting ready to inform them of his displeasure. They had been hostile in their relations to his own nation. Sometimes. Jonah 1:3 But Jonah ran away from the LORD and headed for Tarshish.Application A: T. They had mercy and compassion on no one. the Assyrians would conquer Israel and destroy its capital city. A Wave of Disobedience God told Jonah to go east to the city of Nineveh. feet. Why would he flee from the command to go to Nineveh? He did not like the thought that God might spare the city.M. He commands his prophet Jonah to go and preach against the city. He has called us to be the hands. within 51 years of Jonah’s preaching. This indicates that God was ready to respond to the situation. like Jonah. God has to discipline us before we shape up. The prophet Nahum later described the Assyrians in detail: 124 . and loving. compassionate. the beginning of our efforts. The situation is no different today.A. yet by announcing coming judgment. he ran the other way. 2. west to the Mediterranean Sea. He did not just ignore God’s command. especially their enemies. Think of this response as a giant wave towering over Nineveh. Both sides of God’s nature are seen in this message. and mouths through which he communicates his love. not counting men’s sins against them. he went aboard and sailed for Tarshish to flee from the LORD. he opens the possibility that if they repent. Jonah was called to be an ambassador: 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 All this is from God. Jonah refused. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. the problems and the difficulties in our homes and our community better than God knows them. In fact.I A the wickedness of the city of Nineveh had attracted God’s attention. God’s nature has not changed in the passing centuries. On the other hand. God is holy and has an intense anger toward sin and wickedness. After paying the fare.N.U. where he found a ship bound for that port. who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ. The inhabitants do not know about their perilous situation yet. Israel. On the one. It is his plan for people to enter relationships with him through the work of his Son. We choose whether we will join God in what he is doing in our community. He went down to Joppa.

” Jonah overlooked the obvious. Nahum 3:1 Woe to the city of blood. “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me.U. their attention turned to Jonah. we ourselves resist God’s call to reach out to others all the time. After they had called on their gods with no result and had done everything that they could do to save the ship. or most comfortable action to reach others. So Jonah tried to do what we often try to do—he ran from the Lord. God sent (lit. But Jonah had gone below deck. where he lay down and fell into a deep sleep. Jonah 1:6 The captain went to him and said. co-workers.A Application A: T. and such a violent storm arose that the ship threatened to break up. And they threw the cargo into the sea to lighten the ship. It is not the easiest. “threw”) a storm at Jonah’s ship. but it is what we are commanded to do. it was an issue of national pride and identity. I am sending you. What is it in your life that hinders you from wanting friends. The captain and sailors responded with fear and awareness that somebody’s god must be angry. They were not Hebrews like Jonah but worshipped many different gods. 5 All the sailors were afraid and each cried out to his own god.M. Disobeying God does not change his plan or his will. 125 . For Jonah. “get up and call” is that these are the same two commands that God had given to Jonah before he ran away. safest.S. including his endless mercy and compassion.I. Nahum 1:11 From you. In verse 4. family.N. O Nineveh. who had been sleeping. so he was calling them to reach others. 3.” The irony of the captain’s words to Jonah. and even strangers to come to God? Do you know? Often we are so good at concealing our motives and disguising our thoughts that we are not even conscious of why we resist. John 20:21 Again Jesus said. especially when we do not like them. God is too loving to let stubborn people thwart his plans.A. and we will not perish. full of lies. so they needed to find the right God quickly. Wave of Correction Jonah 1:4 Then the LORD sent a great wind on the sea. has one come forth who plots evil against the LORD and counsels wickedness. Jonah could not stomach the thought that the Ninevites might be spared. Jesus told his disciples that just as he had obeyed the Father’s desire to reach people. full of plunder. never without victims! Jonah’s actual problem was that he understood God too well. so he sent a wave of correction. “How can you sleep? Get up and call on your God! Maybe he will take notice of us. As horrible as this sounds.

He was a prophet of God. 126 . either. who is responsible for making all this trouble for us? What do you do? Where do you come from? What is your country? From what people are you?” 9 He answered.Application A: T.” 13 Instead. So they asked him. the God of heaven. and they offered a sacrifice to the LORD and made vows to him. “O LORD. and he knew that God was punishing him for his disobedience. The sailors initially resisted.” In their terror. While God disciplined Jonah. Even before they cast lots. Jonah 1:14 Then they cried to the LORD. they cast him into the sea. “What have you done?” (They knew he was running away from the LORD.I A Jonah 1:7 Then the sailors said to each other. 8 So they asked him. for you. They responded to God with prayers. God provided a great fish to swallow Jonah in order to keep him from drowning. one who worships the supreme God. God can and will reach people even through the disobedience of His children. This act of mercy had a deep impact on the stubborn missionary. the God of heaven.) 11 The sea was getting rougher and rougher. Jonah 1:17 But the LORD provided a great fish to swallow Jonah. Do not hold us accountable for killing an innocent man. As for Jonah. offerings.” 10 This terrified them and they asked. God’s mercy came like waves in this story. foreign and idolatrous sailors learned about the identity of the true God and about His mercy. and Jonah was inside the fish three days and three nights.N. “I am a Hebrew and I worship the LORD. “and it will become calm. He told them that he was a Hebrew. the sailors gained a frightening respect for the God of Israel. But they could not. please do not let us die for taking this man’s life. let us cast lots to find out who is responsible for this calamity. Jonah knew what was happening. With a miraculous result. “What should we do to you to make the sea calm down for us?” 12 “Pick me up and throw me into the sea. O LORD. have done as you pleased.M. Jonah showed no pretense and told the sailors to cast him overboard so the ship could be spared his punishment. but when nothing else worked. I know that it is my fault that this great storm has come upon you. “the LORD. who made the sea and the land. “Tell us.” he replied.S. He was prepared to accept his death sentence from God. because he had already told them so.U.” They cast lots and the lot fell on Jonah. the men did their best to row back to land. and vows. 16 At this the men greatly feared the LORD. the storm stopped immediately and the sailors learned to respect the true God. for the sea grew even wilder than before. “Come. God did not give up on him. and the raging sea grew calm.A.” 15 Then they took Jonah and threw him overboard. who made the sea and the land.

the great fish spewed Jonah up on the beach. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence.A. When the news reached the king of Nineveh. The city of Nineveh believed Jonah’s words and they repented.” Jonah obeyed the word of the LORD and went to Nineveh. 4. Jonah 2:10 And the LORD commanded the fish.M. But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth. Let everyone call urgently on God. covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the dust. and all of them. they heard God’s voice and it frightened them into action. Jonah 3:5-9 The Ninevites believed God. I have not been afraid to speak out. It was also an immediate response.” The result was a great miracle. They declared a fast. do not let them eat or drink. Psalms 40:9 I have told all your people about your justice.N. he rose from his throne.S. because verse four tells us that only one day of Jonah’s preaching had occurred. took off his royal robes. herd or flock. from the least to the greatest.a visit required three days. In the following verses. taste anything. he described how close to death he had come and how God had heard his cries. O LORD. put on sackcloth. Now Nineveh was a very important city-.A Application A: T. He committed himself to do God’s will and to be willing to obey him. well know (The New Living Translation). Jonah started into the city. He finally fulfilled his task by announcing God’s intention to destroy Nineveh in 40 days. Jonah 2:1 From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the LORD his God. Remember that God is the one who had been working behind the scenes making all this possible. A Wave of Repentance Jonah received his second set of instructions to go and preach against Nineveh. 127 .” Jonah was a foreigner from a tiny nation. Then he issued a proclamation in Nineveh: “By the decree of the king and his nobles: Do not let any man or beast. He proclaimed: “Forty more days and Nineveh will be overturned. After three days passed. Jonah decided that this was a perfect time and location for a prayer meeting.U. from the greatest to the least. and yet through his human voice. as you. A wave of repentance swept through Nineveh. Even the king repented and ordered a fast and other signs of mourning. Jonah 3:1-4 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: “Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you. and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.I. On the first day. Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish.

many times in Christian history. for they repented at the preaching of Jonah. then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned. too evil. The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it. and he was afraid that this would happen. and if that nation I warned repents of its evil. is this not what I said when I was still at home? That is why I was so quick to flee to Tarshish. rather than a wave of destruction. 5. 128 . we learn more details about his initial resistance.A. Notice Jonah’s response: Jonah 4:1-3 But Jonah was greatly displeased and became angry. “O LORD. he had compassion and did not bring upon them the destruction he had threatened. Jonah knew that God was merciful. take away my life. or even too distant or too different to be reached.S.Application A: T. In one of them. O LORD. and now one greater than Jonah is here. He ran away from God so that Nineveh would not have a chance to be spared. I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God. We are fortunate that millennia later. Jonah was angry. From the very beginning. Waves of Mercy God had threatened to send a wave of judgement. Jonah asked for death rather than to continue to live with the knowledge that the enemy of Israel has been saved from disaster.M. Jesus says: Matthew 12:30-42 He answered. We do not have time to examine the details. Sadly. a God who relents from sending calamity. Now. but God used a vine to teach Jonah about his hypocrisy and bitterness. for it is better for me to die than to live. by ignoring his plea for death and by teaching him again about mercy.U. He prayed to the LORD. Jeremiah also spoke of God’s willingness to turn from wrath to mercy: Jeremiah 18:7-8 If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted. In his complaint to God.N. yet He spared Nineveh because of its repentance.” Instead of rejoicing at their change of heart. Nineveh was not the only recipient of divine mercy. We are willing to receive God’s mercy and even to sing about it. slow to anger and abounding in love. so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. the church has tried to limit God by declaring a group of people too hostile. God showed His mercy again to Jonah. torn down and destroyed. too wicked. Jonah is so much like us today. “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. but we want God to limit his mercy to our kind of people.I A Jesus cites Jonah on two occasions. Jonah 3:10 When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways. Now. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish. God’s heart is seen in this wave of mercy. God is still patient with us and is willing to teach us about the waves of His mercy.

we learned that God is the one who starts the wave.I. Conclusion Where are you in this story? Where is our church? We know that God has placed us in this community to reach people for Him. Are we ready to receive the people that God wants to send to us? Remember. You also need to join a TSUNAMI team. or indifference.S. Are you doing anything to hinder the tidal waves of God’s love? Maybe you have co-workers or family that have hurt you so deeply that you do not care about their spiritual condition. We need to ask God to send us people from our neighborhoods and community. diminishes.I. Maybe today.S. Do you find yourself in the same position as Jonah. and children with waves of His mercy.M. Our church has decided to use an Easter outreach plan called T. or ends. Look around our church this morning. even those people that are difficult to deal with. You may need to lay aside sinful attitudes of racism. Our Seismic Shock team is organizing our church to begin praying for Easter. and pleases God our Savior. We need you to be involved in inviting your friends. pride. unwilling to reach out to others with the same mercy that you have received? God’s heart is expressed in 1 Timothy 2:3-4.A Application A: T. God is giving us an opportunity to join him.N. even our stubbornness. be brave enough to ask God to prepare you to be his messenger and to use this church to receive the people that His waves of mercy can bring to us. co-workers. We also need to tell Him that we are willing to love them for His sake. If our outreach does not begin in the heart of God and spread to our hearts.U. women. 1 Timothy 2:3-4 This is good. He extends to you. then all our other efforts are worthless. family. because we believe that God is going to give us a tidal wave of new people in our church on Easter. The same mercy that God extended to Ninevah. Nothing ever diminishes God’s love towards His children. God is in the business of overwhelming men. who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.U. We know that His mercy never changes. 129 .A. you need to repent of your attitude and tell God that you are ready to tell His Good News. and yes. You have heard about it and will continue to hear about it.N. As we move into a time of response in the service.A.M.

tried to kill him (4:28). everyone had been talking about him. It begins with a fish story. The routine can be so boring: work.” It is our prayer and hope that God will bring us a wave of people who need to hear about him. like the people of his own hometown. because his miracles had touched his life personally.A. ordinary days – we have so many of them. Tsunami is the Japanese word for “big wave. Peter’s mother-in-law had been gravely sick with a fever. decisions to make. and still others. We have been talking about our Easter outreach program called TSUNAMI. left there by the fishermen. He was a controversial figure: some loved him. For Peter. Peter and others had been fishing on the Sea of Galilee all night. to be prepared to reach out to others. All Christians are called to be on mission for God. It is so easy to fall into a mind-numbing routine and to let days. Luke 5:3 He got into one of the boats. 37 tells us that the whole countryside was filled with news of his miracles and his teaching. Except Jesus was now standing in his boat. going through their routine of washing nets. 2 he saw at the water’s edge two boats. As we said last week. A crowd had descended upon the shore. Peter had been thinking about Jesus.S. Luke 4:14. First. Now they were ashore. family responsibilities. others rejected him. Let us take a moment to take stock of where we are in our church: God wants to reach people and people want to hear about God. and even years pass without fully living the lives that we have been given.N. teaching people on the shore. Peter listens as Jesus again preaches the gospel. referred to as the “word of God” in verse 1. but today he was in the midst of just another ordinary day…. Peter had already been thinking about Jesus a lot. bills to pay. so what is missing? Maybe. food to eat. and it was reported that even the demons recognized him. Sermon 2: Peter 1.Application A: T. you are missing. weeks.M. A fish story with a large catch of fish and a man whose life was changed forever. telephone calls and emails to return. following Jesus and hanging on his every word. who were washing their nets. the person of Jesus was even more amazing. Jesus had come to Peter’s home and had healed her with just a word (4:38-39). Luke 5:1 One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret. the one belonging to Simon. 130 . with the people crowding around him and listening to the word of God.I A A Wave of Servants Luke 5:1ff Regular. we are going to re-examine the calling each one of us has to be ministers in our community. An Ordinary Day and an Extraordinary Crowd Our story begins at the end of a long night for a group of men. and asked him to put out a little from shore. calling him the “Holy One of God” (4:34). Today. He taught with authority. to share the blessings that God has given to us. Then he sat down and taught the people from the boat.U.

Jesus would ask his disciples.who do you say that I am?” It is Peter who makes the right confession.” When they had done so.” The time of teaching the crowd has ended.” What prompted this response? He knew he was in the presence of the Messiah. Later. “Master. but Jesus is preparing to teach Peter a lesson that he would never forget. and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink. be merciful to me. This is the case for Peter. he said to Simon. .M.A. “. the even more drastic event occurred in Peter’s life.I.A Application A: T. An Ordinary Task and Extraordinary Results Peter’s first surprise of the day was Jesus’ command to go fishing again. Peter is not the first person to respond with wonder and fear at the presence of God. they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. The unusualness of the request is seen in Peter’s response. and the result was amazing. they recognize their sinful condition. he fell at Jesus’ knees and said. “Go away from me. yet now they are to try fishing again?! We should notice that some of the men who would also become disciples were present on this occasion. But because you say so. Luke 5:5-8 Simon answered. It has been suggested that Peter’s expression of fear could be reworded. and it scared him. While this was an extraordinary result. Luke 5:8-10 When Simon Peter saw this. “Go away from me. They achieved in one catch of fish what they had failed to achieve in a whole night of fishing. “The Christ of God. we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. “I am a man of unclean lips!” When people realize that they are in the presence of God. . and he had seen his miraculous power. I am a sinful man!” 9 For he and all his companions were astonished at the catch of fish they had taken. a sinner” or “What is a Holy One like you doing with a sinner like me?” Peter is overwhelmed by the knowledge of his sinfulness.U. . the sons of Zebedee. 10 and so were James and John.N. I am a sinful man!” Both fishing boats were needed to haul in the fish that they caught.” Peter had seen Jesus’ immediate knowledge of things that no man could know. Simon’s partners. Peter had a glimpse of Jesus’ divine identity. of the Savior. I will let down the nets. All of his questions about Jesus had been answered in a moment. Lord. In the book of Isaiah. So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them. and let down the nets for a catch. Peter and the others obeyed Jesus. When Simon Peter saw this. The fishermen had worked all night and had not caught any fish. but Luke focuses our attention on Peter. he fell at Jesus’ knees and said. He is not refusing to obey Jesus and he used the respectful term “master. “Lord. Luke 5:4 When he had finished speaking. 2. “Put out into deep water.” but his thoughts are evident. Lord. .S. 131 . Isaiah has a vision of God seated on His throne and he cries out with despair and fear.

U. . I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. Using the imagery of fishing. This was Peter’s introduction into three years of discipleship. but the extending of an invitation. but he extended forgiveness. love and a future to him. then this morning. . He had no special “package” of gifts and talents that enabled him to do things that other people could not do. to admit that you have never really known who Jesus is.I A Luke 5:10 . not just a when-it-is-convenient-and-if-I-like-it-then-I’ll-obey-it attitude. 1 Corinthians 9:22-23 To the weak I became weak. 132 . you need to receive the same kind of forgiveness that accepted Peter.S. the sinful fisherman. a willingness to sacrifice everything to follow God.A.N. “Don’t be afraid. had learned who Jesus was.” Jesus reassures him. What he had was a relationship with his Savior and the call to follow him. this commitment led him to say that he was willing to be as flexible and as adaptable as he needed to be in order to reach as many people as he could. Peter was not specially qualified to be a disciple. you might need to be honest enough with yourself this morning. I do all this for the sake of the gospel that I may share in its blessings. he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.Application A: T. Jesus announces to him that he would be reaching people instead. Where are you today? Are you stuck in the only-if-I-like-it-I’ll-do-it attitude that we often fall into? Think back through the story of Peter’s call to ministry. to win the weak. Peter had seen the crowds. Then Jesus said to Simon. from now on you will catch men. had been accepted.M. For Paul. and now he was being called to learn to “fish” for people. “Don’t be afraid. following his master and learning from him.” Jesus did not deny Peter’s sinful condition. An Ordinary Occupation and an Extraordinary Call Jesus’ response to Peter is not rejection of him. 3. If this is your situation. If you have never felt this call to serve God through reaching others. Christians are called to love and worship God. but they are also called to reach others with the good news that they themselves have received. It is possible to sit in a church for years and never to have entered a relationship with God through his Son. Jesus described the life of following him in Matthew 16:24: Matthew 16:24 Then Jesus said to his disciples.” It is a total commitment. “If anyone would come after me. What is the appropriate response to an extraordinary call? It is an extraordinary commitment.

Commit to nurture your relationships with your family. the boredom and the frustration in your life is not due to all the other things that you usually blame it on.U. but then something ordinary happened. a new person in Christ. When God made you a new creation. Being all things to all people may mean that you need to “serve” your friends or co-workers before they will come. too ordinary. and coworkers come to Savior. and your friends so that you can invite them to join us on Easter Sunday. Maybe this means watching their kids while they get out of the house and take a break.A Application A: T. One last thought: maybe you have been trying to reach people and invite them to the church. your co-workers. Maybe.N. but you are frustrated with your lack of results.M. Find a ministry today and commit to “fish” for the lost in our community. This may be taking them for out for a cup of coffee and listening to their problems. Maybe you were once passionate about seeing your friends. family. we need people with evangelistic hearts who will go with us to visit those who come to our church. Then. TSUNAMI is a great opportunity for you to reconsider and to re-enlist in serving God. There are so many different ways that you can serve him through our preparations for Easter.” We must be flexible and persistent in our inviting. God will show you what you need to do to reach them. 133 . but it is due to the fact that you are standing around on the beach instead of going out to “fish” for people. you were created to be active in serving God. Our Savior left the glory of heaven to spend a lifetime on a dirty. Tell God today that you are ready to answer the call to reach others. The problem may be that you have not discovered the truth of Paul’s attitude when he said that he had become “all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. Or maybe. you remember when God saved you and you realized that God was calling you to reach others. your passion for obeying God cooled off and you drifted away into a day-by-day dull existence. get involved in helping us be prepared to tell them about God’s forgiveness when they come.I.S.A. Once we have a wave of new people visit us. His heart was reaching people: Luke 19:10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. Your desire to reach other people diminished. You may have been active in many different ministries. sinful world full of sick and hurting people so that he could save people. You became dulled into complacency by your daily routine.

We have been praying. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God. rebellious teenagers. Surely.M. Sermon 3: 1. When a wave of people sweeps over our church. and healed those who needed healing. There is one lingering question. Late in the afternoon the Twelve came to him and said. These people needed to eat. Now the day was getting late and the disciples were becoming anxious. people who have decided that life is not worth living. But the needs in our community and in those who will come into our church are overwhelming.S. “Send the crowd away so they can go to the surrounding villages and countryside and find food and lodging. The crowd had been with Jesus a long time. but we must be sure that we understand the exact source of their solutions. The Situation: Human Need Jesus had been healing the sick and speaking to the large crowd that had gathered to hear him. “You give them something to eat. out in the countryside away from the villages. The disciples came to him and explained the situation. so the disciples came to Jesus with the only reasonable solution: The crowd needed to go away and find food for themselves and places to stay. The Proposed Solution: Human Resources Jesus has a different idea about what should happen. couples with serious marital problems. though. their master. what will we do with them? This may sound like an absurd question. making preparations. He instructs them that they should feed them: Luke 9:13 He replied. Honestly.I A A Wave of Need Luke 9:11-17 Introduction The TSUNAMI is almost upon us. We have been inviting all sorts of people to come join us. workaholics. who had demonstrated compassion for the crowd so many times and who was so intent on healing them from diseases. hurting people and likely others who aren’t even aware of their need for God. but it is not ridiculous.” 134 . Luke 9:11-12 (T)he crowds learned about it and followed him. Single moms.A. and inviting friends to our church. people with depression due having lost loved ones. would understand their request. what can you and I provide for them? What solutions can we give? How can we even begin to meet their needs? Jesus taught his disciples an important lesson that we need to learn before we drown under a human wave of people and their overwhelming needs. because we are in a remote place here. There is a solution for the needs of people.Application A: T.N.U.” 2.

S. it seems like Jesus was commanding them to accomplish a very difficult task. They took stock of the food situation and reported what was available: five loaves of bread and two fish.U. they had seen Jesus meet physical and spiritual needs. The irony is strong. “Master. you can provide the food” or “Lord. Even when they had been sent out to preach the gospel. they were now ready to see God do what only God can do. Verse 6 tells us that Jesus knew what he himself would do to feed the people. On the surface.” Not only would this be an enormous task for the disciples. Matthew’s account tells us that there were 5. “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” He asked this only to test him. This left only one common sense solution: They must to go to the villages themselves and bring back enough food for the crowd.I. and Jesus had always been the solution. broken hearts 135 .000 men present and many more women and children. so the disciples knew that they could never feed the crowd with the food present.” We make the same mistake in our church. he said to Philip. John 6:5-6 When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him. What was the response of the disciples? Did they make a passing grade ? No! They made a very common mistake that we often make. On the other hand. Mark reports that they told Jesus: “That would take eight months of a man’s wages! Are we to go and spend that much on bread and give it to them to eat?” Having reached the end of their own ability to solve the problem and to meet the human need. yet they still did not understand. for he already had in mind what he was going to do. heal the sick. Luke 9:13 They answered.A Application A: T. Faced with the knowledge that we cannot meet the needs of the community around us. and the disciples were being given a pop quiz.A.M. The Real Solution: Divine Resources And Human Distributors The mistake that the disciples had made was that they assumed that they were supposed to provide the resources. it was very clear that they were ministering in Jesus’ power: Matthew 10:1 He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. On the one hand. only you can do this. we do not believe that anything can be done about the needs. John gives us an important detail regarding this event. but this would be very expensive. Many times. They mistook their role for that of being manufacturers rather than distributors. They should have said. They tried to solve the problem themselves. 3. we follow the God who changes lives and hearts. Discipleship school was in full session. but instead he wanted to teach them an important lesson. “We have only five loaves of bread and two fish—unless we go and buy food for all this crowd. and cast out demons. we retreat into the safety of our Christian community.N.

not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. toiling for food to eat – for he grants sleep to those he loves. May we be willing to see the emptiness and brokenness in the lives around us. let us be very clear about just what this solution is. Our prayer needs to be “God. the watchmen stand guard in vain. Then he gave them to the disciples to set before the people. They need God to act in their lives. God does what only he can do. but for food that endures to eternal life.N. Their problems are too big and too difficult for us to manufacture solutions for them. In vain you rise early and stay up late.U.” The disciples did so. you can meet the needs in our community. In our weakness. “I tell you the truth. It is so much easier to ignore the needs or to respond with cynicism.I A and hurting people around us.Application A: T. Psalm 127:1-2 “Unless the LORD builds the house. we must see the human needs around us.000. Use us to distribute your resources!” In the midst of the disciples making plans for a long hike into the nearest villages.S. yet we are called to care with the compassion of Christ.) But he said to his disciples. The Result: God Is Glorified (He Gets the Credit!) The result of this miracle was that the Father was glorified through the Son and the crowd witnessed yet another proof of the truthfulness and authority of Jesus’ ministry. planning and talents are not enough to meet the needs in the lives of others. lives will be changed forever and God will be glorified. and everybody sat down. the crowd continued to follow him. “Have them sit down in groups of about fifty each. “distributing” the divine solution. After Jesus fed the 5. which the Son of Man will give you. While we are talking about it. First.” 4.M. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven. Luke 9:14-16 (About five thousand men were there. its builders labor in vain. Like the disciples. Suddenly. they were functioning in the right role. When we as individuals and our church as a whole does ministry in which we proclaim the gospel (“distributing God’s resources”). which was the wrong motive. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.A. but he told them that they were following him because he had fed them. Unless the LORD watches over the city. he gave thanks and broke them.” 136 . we must be willing to admit that our own strengths. you are looking for me. He blessed the food and gave it to the disciples to distribute. Are we ready for a wave of needy people to come into our church? Are we ready to go out and meet them at their point of need? The answer depends on whether we understand our proper role in ministry. They need something more. we need to learn that the end of own abilities is a positive event. Do not work for food that spoils. They need divine intervention. John 6:26-27 Jesus answered. Jesus provided the solution. The result is that we maintain an “invisible” Christian presence in our community. Second.

M. The salvation that He offers through His death and resurrection meets the deepest human need for salvation. He who comes to me will never go hungry. the full power of our awesome God is available to solve the smaller problems in people’s lives. He stated that: “I am not ashamed of the gospel. His confidence in what God could do through his preaching (“distributing”) never wavered. Paul preached this gospel. Jesus then pointed them to himself.I. to preach to religious Jews and immoral Gentiles. because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew. and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. Once people enter into this relationship. families and friends meet the God who loves them and desires to change their lives. we will point people to the same Savior who spoke of Himself as the real bread: John 6:35 Then Jesus declared. “I am the bread of life. a deep spiritual hunger for which they needed a solution. Only then will we be ready to receive the TSUNAMI.S. and to make known the gospel to all types of people. May we as a church embrace the message of the cross of Christ so that we can see coworkers. He traveled thousands of miles to speak to the wise and the foolish. Jesus is the solution.A. When we minister in God’s power and not our own.N. He talked with them about a deeper need that they had.A Application A: T. May God give us a vision of the way that He wants to transform the lives around us. 137 .U. then for the Gentile (Romans 1:16).

Process: Through prayer meetings. confession. Process: Announcements from pulpit encouraging God’s people to be involved in prayer. specific prayers for the lost at prayer meetings.Application A: T.S. Objective: that God’s people would become more intentional about prayer. Moving and cleansing through concentrated prayer. Process: through the consistent process leading up to Tsunami. Scripture Focus: John 16:8-11 4. Scripture Focus: Acts 1:14 2. Moving God’s hand through celebrative prayer. staff. Objective: to have a group praying at the church during the Tsunami service. our prayer is that God’s people will become radical people of prayer with vision to look to the daily ministry of the church. Objective: to set the hearts of God’s people apart unto God. and to take part in His process of bringing lost people to Himself. thanksgiving and supplication). This will include a 24-hour prayer chain. prepare team with all possible issues to pray over before.U. leaders will lead devotionally on topics of repentance. Scripture Focus: 2 Chronicles 7:14 3.A. Scripture Focus: 1 Thessalonians 5:17 138 .I A Seismic Objectives Ride the wave of God’s Spirit as He moves through our midst. Process: Pray for this group to come forward. confession and reconciliation. Moving the church via consistent & life-changing prayer. Objective: to prepare God’s people for prayer. during and after service concludes. Process: Split prayer meetings geographically with purpose of praying for specific neighborhoods. emphasis from pulpit. Moving hearts through calculated prayer. 1. select a place at the church from which to pray. Objective: to pray God’s conviction down. Scripture Focus: Acts 12:11-12 5. do prayer walks. letter and phone calls.N.M. ACTS will be practiced (adoration. Moving God’s people through concerted prayer. and to the next evangelistic event.

Undertow The Undertow team works to get the whole church involved in outreach.U. Below is a possible small group outreach lesson.I. Luke 15:1-2 “Now the tax collectors and “sinners” were all gathering around to hear him. lost something very precious and sought very earnestly for it. That is accomplished through providing outreach bulletin inserts (see Seeker 7 in the next section). But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered. seek to apply the parables in a practical way to our church and the lost community around it. a lost sheep.A. and Bible study notes for use in small groups and Sunday school. or someone else. we must do all we can to impart the zeal of an evangelistic spirit to our people. Introduction: Verses 1-2. This lesson will hopefully be the vehicle for you to communicate God’s zeal for lost people.N.A Application A: T.S. “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them. which is a series of 3 parables emphasizing God’s pursuit of lost people. Without being heavy-handed.” (NIV) 139 . Lesson goal: When the lesson is over. interactive displays. You can unashamedly draw analogy between Jesus’ teaching and Jesus’ desire to win people in our community to himself through Tsunami.M. Lesson Plan: Lead out with an illustration: a time when the teacher. Lesson process: The teacher will take the students through Luke 15. Lesson theme & key verse: Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost” (NIV). coin and son). God seeking the lost. A brief overview of 1-3 sentences describing Luke 15 should follow (3 parables. Teaching Notes: Easter Tsunami Bible Study Outline For Small Group Leaders & Sunday School Classes Note to teacher: With the tidal wave of Tsunami approaching. we hope our people are more motivated to invite lost and unchurched people to the Tsunami service.

A.I A Set the context by contrasting the two groups of people in the presence of Jesus. A reminder of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees (Matthew 9:9-13. that we must get out of our comfort zones of the church and invite people to Tsunami. and feel threatened and uncomfortable with lost people in our presence. We don’t know what to say! Remind your people that our success lies in lovingly inviting people to Tsunami. Emphasize: the words of Jesus “in the same way” to say that Jesus was teaching the Pharisees.Application A: T. Mark 7:113). Cross reference: Zacchaeus (Luke 19). he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. What was the attitude of the spiritual leaders toward the tax collectors and sinners? 2. Parable # 1: the lost sheep Luke 15:3-7 “Then Jesus told them this parable: “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Simply mention 1-2 things from these verses that apply to the context of Luke 15. and is also speaking to us today. but the point is. we can become very comfortable with each other as saved people. where they can hear the good news. Remind them that the leaders of our church will help us learn how to bring them into the life of the church. what should have been their attitude and actions towards the sinners? (They should have been reaching out in mercy and leadership to these needy people.M. Don’t get bogged down in these Scriptures—they are more for your benefit as the teacher.) 3. I have found my lost sheep.’ I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent” (NIV). Emphasize: God’s pursuit of the lost. ‘Rejoice with me. what personal application can you draw from the context? Questions for your students: 1. and as a result experience an eternal difference in their lives. 140 . As spiritual leaders.S. Remind them: that many will never hear of God’s love in Christ except through them.U. As a teacher. Our responsibility is to invite and bring. drawing them to God.N. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it. and take part in a relaxed and celebrative worship service. and rejoicing over the repentance of the lost. but others may. Some will not come. Do we really want tax collectors and sinners in our church? Present this in a way that is comfortable to you as the teacher. A quick review of the social ills attached to tax collectors and sinners may be helpful. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says.

(See John 1. and here I am starving to death! I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father. Does she not light a lamp. he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.’ So he divided his property between them.U.’ In the same way. Remember that the elder son may represent the nation of Israel. I am no longer worthy to be called your son. The “religious” may not come to Tsunami. make me like one of your hired men. and he began to be in need. I am no longer worthy to be called your son. the Holy Spirit. He longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating.A. he said. she calls her friends and neighbors together and says. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. Luke 15:11-32 Jesus continued: “There was a man who had two sons. and the Christian. he ran to his son. ‘Father. “Not long after that. give me my share of the estate. threw his arms around him and kissed him. there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (NIV). Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Emphasize: God’s diligence and methodical thoroughness in carefully searching for the lost person. God has lit the lamp through his illuminating Word. I have sinned against heaven and against you. So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. ‘Father.’ So he got up and went to his father. “The son said to him. After he had spent everything.S. because the context is God pursuing the lost in 3 powerful parables. It is the Christian’s privilege to carefully search for people in need of God and to carry and transmit that light to a dark world. ‘How many of my father’s hired men have food to spare. his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him. The younger one said to his father. I have sinned against heaven and against you. sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it. This is not a story of a backslidden Christian. ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. I tell you. but resist the temptation to gloss over the details. who had the law and covenants but still needed a personal relationship with Christ.M.A Application A: T.’ “But the father said to his servants.) Parable # 3: the lost son Your people may be very familiar with this parable. the younger son got together all he had.N.” 141 . there was a severe famine in that whole country.I. but it is the unchurched who realize they have unmet needs that can benefit from our worship service. ‘Rejoice with me. set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild living. but no one gave him anything. Parable # 2: the lost coin Luke 15:8-10 “Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. “When he came to his senses. I have found my lost coin. “But while he was still a long way off.

’ he replied.I A “Meanwhile. Also note in verse 21 that God’s glory will be through the church as it seeks to be obedient in Christ to reach the lost. But we had to celebrate and be glad. to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations.M. and re-establishing a family relationship. It is important at the conclusion of the lesson. the older son was in the field.S.’ the father said. Close with a challenge for your group members to care for the lost like Jesus did… and that they should care enough to invite people to our Tsunami outreach! 142 . for ever and ever! Amen” (NIV).A. to cast the vision of our church being used of God to reach families—moms and dads and children—through our Easter outreach. he was lost and is found’” (NIV). But when this son of yours who has squandered your property with prostitutes comes home.Application A: T. But he answered his father.N. ‘and your father has killed the fattened calf because he has him back safe and sound. ‘you are always with me. because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again. or throughout.U. according to his power that is at work within us. ‘Look! All these years I’ve been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders. Emphasize: the compassion of God exhibited through seeing the son far off. you kill the fattened calf for him!’ ‘My son. giving forgiveness. running to his son. ‘Your brother has come. When he came near the house. So his father went out and pleaded with him.’ “The older brother became angry and refused to go in. Yet you never gave me even a young goat so I could celebrate with my friends. So he called one of the servants and asked him what was going on. and everything I have is yours. Remind your people what God can do: Ephesians 3:20-21 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. he heard music and dancing.

Team Two: The Shoreline Greeters Role: To guide attendees into the church after Lighthouse Crew has shown attendees to the door.N. Goal: This team will greet each guest. Below are teams with some creative names but important roles.M. Team Three: The Sea(t) Shepherds Role: To create a friendly and warm atmosphere for the guests before and after the service.I. Team One: The Lighthouse Crew Role: To “light the way” for attendees to park as well as to share a sense of warmth and comfort while doing so. Goal: This team will direct attendees to a parking space while they smile to greet them.A Application A: T. The Nami Teams Nami teams welcome guests and help them feel at home.S.U.A. Goal: This team will greet each attendee personally and welcome them to Rolling Fields. and direct them inside the church. telling them what they can expect during the service and trying various ways to make a connection with them. 143 .

You probably have heard about some of the things going on at the church—new people and new plans. We are starting a new series called: “From Burnout to Balance” and I think it would be encouraging to you. I am calling on behalf of Church. Well.S. • Inactive members who have not started attending another church.A.I A Coastal Advisory The Coastal Advisory team reaches out to those who have had some connection to the church and invites them once again. Hello my name is . Also. Here is a sample script: Suggested Phone Script Don’t feel bound to the script… just go with the flow of the conversation. ask “Is there a more convenient time for me to call?” (get time and call them back) If NO. We hope you will come and visit.U. the main reason for my call is to simply invite you to come and visit us for our new series of fall services every Sunday at 11:00 AM. end the call with. • Parents of children involved in a church program. These might include: • Those who have filled out guest cards over the last several years.Application A: T. be sure to have one of the new Guest Packets so that you can give them specific program answers that are contained in the pockets (if they ask). “Thank you for your time and God Bless!” If YES… Thanks.N.M. “Do you have any questions or anything I can help with?” For inactive members: “Are you still interested in church updates?” For guest cards and other sources: “Do you have a church home?” 144 . I was just wondering if I could have a few moments of your time to let you know what has been happening at ? If NO.

A Application A: T. hope to see you at our service Sunday at 11:00 AM.S.M.U. 145 . Good Bye and GOD Bless Make notes of your impression of EVERY call. If they are at another church. take them off the list… if they don’t have a church ask. leave a message and invite them to the Sunday service. note that on the card.I. “Would you like for us to keep in touch about church events?” Thank you so much for your time.A. If no one answers.N. If they need or request to be dropped from the list.

U.I A Media Team Schedule Date 8 weeks before Objectives • Send a letter to church members explaining Tsunami • Decide the aesthetics of all mailings • Recruit all media help • Prepare the radio spots.M. creating excitement and reminding them to invite their Seeker 7 (the seven friends they’ve selected to pray for and invite) 7 weeks before 6 weeks before 3 weeks before 2 weeks before • This will be the first of two mass mailings to the community 1 week before • Have the youth and other church members walk the neighborhoods and distribute our Easter flier • Find a good angle for a story and get media recognition • Mass mailing and radio spots • Second mailing to church members about their Seeker Seven 3 days before • Paid newspaper advertisement on Thursday 1 week after • Send notes to all media sources and all volunteer helpers.S.N.Application A: T.A. call the radio stations and get all needed info • Introduce yourself to local media outlets • Prepare newspaper advertisement • Call newspapers and get all needed info • Prepare fliers for youth to pass out • Send a mailing to all church members and attenders about the Easter service. thanking them for the success of our Easter service 146 .

Interest in home Bible studies will also be ascertained.M. 147 . Team B: Life Guards Role: To visit the homes of the attendees during the first week (after the telephone calls are made) on Thursday-Saturday.A.A Application A: T. Goal: To guide each individual prospect and household into the church through evangelism and assimilation into the church. Reminders about upcoming activities and regular programs (i.N.U.S. Goal: To get in the “front door” of the homes. and to verify the names and addresses of the prospects. Each team will become the contact between the church and their attendees. Three Impact Teams Team A: Coast Guard Role: Calling all the people who attend during the first three days (Mon-Wed) after the Easter service. Wednesday Family Nights) will be given. Goal: To thank them for attending.e. This will be an opportunity to encourage them to sign up to attend the church chat (8-10 days later) and to tell them about the activities and ministries of the church. Each person will be responsible for contacting (answering machine messages if necessary) 30 people in the 3 days. to ask about their impressions of the church. the life preserver team will make contact every two weeks to help people connect. After the first visit. The names and ages of the members of the household (from the response cards and the phone calls) will help customize the activities to be described.I. Team C: Life Preservers Role: To visit (or call) the prospects after the first week of contacts.

our plan was to double Sunday morning attendance on Easter. great things can and do happen. meet in the local high school.B Using Every Available Means to Tell Every Available Person About Christ & His Church Another option is Operation Saturation. we moved from our building to a nearby school. Instead. As you will see. Operation Saturation 148 . When I (Ed) used this as a pastor. a plan to blanket the community with church information. We were averaging about 250 at the time and had a goal of 600 people on Easter. and keep 50 of the visitors as regular attendees after Easter. it is similar to Tsunami—just a tool to give you a reason to plan an outreach campaign. and then we followed up and grew our church from this event. 750 came. we almost tripled our attendance. and our average attendance increased by 100 after the outreach service. Because space was limited. When you combine an aggressive media strategy with a mobilized and motivated church. I have included our actual documents.

and fellowship after service. • Make map of parking lot and station youth at all entrances Operation Intercession: Prayer Emphasis • Plan prayer emphasis in small groups • Prepare and distribute church prayer guides • Plan Good Friday / Holy Saturday meetings and prayer programs • Prayer group interceding during the morning service Operation Road Trip: Meeting at the School • Coordinate double nursery (one at the church and one at the school) • Lead Sunrise service for workers • Coordinate shuttling of children singers to and from Millcreek • Coordinate greeters’ ministry for Easter Sunday • Name tags. Call them and see if they are still interested (about 1000 people) Operation Andrew: Bring a Friend Day • Coordinate Friend Day emphasis using Friend Day materials (Elmer Towns) modified for our needs. information tables. etc. 300 remaining every week after Operation Shepherd: Inreach to Our Church Attendees • Visit all people who are semi-regular attendees. • Set up and tear down at school Operation Assimilation: Connecting and Keeping Guests • Coordinate system of “pew pastors” to maximize assimilation potential • Plan follow-up calls and outreach visits for approximately 300 visitors • Operation Good News: coordinate media campaign • Coordinate media advertising on radio. Operation Timothy: Youth parking helpers. etc. etc.B Application B: Operation Saturation Easter Saturation Plan Goals: 600 people at Easter service. • Have mission teams send letters to all people who have dropped out of church or dropped off the mailing list. greeters. • Coordinate youth to act as parking lot greeters. crowd control. plan TV coverage of preparation and service 149 .

• If you are a new church.this is one simple way we can share the love of Christ with those around us b. Recruit “Pew Pastors” for Easter Sunday morning. Inc. • Coordinate ImpactCardTM and hand-addressed mailings. 3. 2 Cor.Application B: Operation Saturation B Operation Epistle: Mass Mailing • Plan direct mail campaign with Outreach. written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God. It’s a good “investment” of people’s resources for two reasons: (1) It will help us double our attendance on Easter Sunday from 250 to 550 (2) Many of those receiving letters will pray to receive Christ on that day c. the result of our ministry. You can have the joy of knowing you have become a part of reaching people and joining God in what he is doing through Millcreek Community Church 150 . • Ask volunteers to hand address 100 envelopes each AND pay for $37 in stamps. Lead people to be involved in Operation Epistle by addressing and stamping 100s of letters a. 3:3 says. Lead groups to pray for all aspects of Operation Saturation. Involve Small Group Leaders in Operation Saturation: 1. 2. not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts”.000 mail pieces in 200 packets of 100 letters. coordinate distribution to volunteers (from sponsor churches) of 20. “You show that you are a letter from Christ.

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11:30 AM 12:30 PM Children’s Ministries Birth–18 Months: 19 Months – 3 Yrs. to McDowell Intermediate High School. materials etc.B Application B: Operation Saturation Example Program/Bulletin Insert Just the Final Facts About Operation Saturation! Friday. etc. This class will meet in room 107 (see map for location). We need to be “cleared out” of McDowell Intermediate High School. 3. April 10 (Easter Celebration Sunday) Sunrise Service for Workers All worship/choir members need to arrive. make final preparations and warm-up. greeters. This class meets in room 106 (see map for location). Easter Celebration Service ends & we have the opportunity to meet and greet as many visitors as we can. make final preparations and prepare for the arrival of children. Make an effort to greet at least 7 people you do not know. 153 . – Pre-K: Kindergarten – 3rd Grades: Nursery care will be provided in the practice room in the hall next to the theater/stage see map for location). 2. Some Suggestions: 1. April 9 Intercessory Prayer Meetings at the Church: 8:30 – 9:30 AM 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM 4:30 – 5:30 PM 5:30 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 AM 8:45 AM 9:15 AM 10:00 AM 11:15 AM Carol Decker David Kirkner Chris & Tina Konieczny “Road Trip Crew” meets at the church building to transport all needed supplies.: 4 Yrs. 4. Cover your “turf”— try to greet everyone you do not know in your surrounding area. Children’s ministry people need to arrive. Dress Rehearsal at McDowell Intermediate High School. This class will meet in the other practice room in the hall next to the theater/stage (see map for location). ushers. Youth Parking: All planning to help must attend. and/or interests or maybe ask them what the rest of their day is going to be like. “Road Trip Crew” needs to begin tearing down & transporting everything back to the church building. (That means all worship /choir people. Introduce yourself & say something like “Good to see you here this morning!” You then could proceed to ask them about their family. friends. April 8 Intercessory Prayer Meetings at the Church: 8:30 – 9:30 AM Ryan Schenk 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Ed Stetzer 4:30 – 5:30 PM Mike Dodson Saturday.) Sunday.

Application B: Operation Saturation B Example Outreach Newspaper Advertisement 154 .

barneyhillsumc.org • Casual Dress • Practical Messages • Quality Child Care 4444 Sterrettania Rd.millcreek.B Application B: Operation Saturation Example InviteCards™ Get Your Questions Answered at Millcreek Church! Sundays • 10:00 AM July 3 July 10 July 17 What Is God’s Will For My Life? What Is God Really Like? Why Hasn’t God Answered My Prayer? 800-283-6296 • www. Looking for help? 555-634-1212 www. Erie.org 155 . Wanting to change. PA 16506 Come & Meet Him At Barney Hills UMC! Sundays 10:00 AM • • • Relevant Messages Experienced Childcare Fellowship & Coffee After Service Searching for answers.

and about whom the prophets also wrote—Jesus of Nazareth. 5. 4. 2. 6. “We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law. John 1:45 Philip found Nathaniel and told him. Told About Invited Reminded Be a “Philip” to your Seeker Seven.” 156 . 7. 3.Application B: Operation Saturation B Example Program/Bulletin Insert - Leading Up to Outreach Days Have you contacted your “Seeker Seven” for Our Christmas Eve Outreach Service? Name: 1. Tell them you found what it means to discover a relationship with Christ.

org www.millcreek.B Application B: Operation Saturation Example Bulletin Insert - Front There Are Just 3 Weeks Until Friend Day Sunday. • Erie. PA 16506 835-4673 Voice • 835-3396 TTY 835-HOPE Fax E-mail: todd@millcreek. March 20 10:00 & 11:30 AM 4444 Sterrettania Rd.org 157 .

Application B: Operation Saturation B Example Bulletin Insert - Back What If? What if everyone worked together and Friend Day was a great success? After Friend Day. Can you see the future through the eyes of faith? “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Let’s take a “faith look” at January… • A core group of 100 people minister to each other and to the world. • Over 50 people have committed their lives to Christ and been baptized in . we can look ahead to a future. • New Children/Youth programs on Sunday night. and commit their lives to Christ. • A new service. with verse-by-verse Bible teaching takes place Sunday night. • Two quality worship services take place each Sunday morning in our new auditorium.C.” (Hebrews 11:1) Take the very first step to faith… invite your friend! 158 . many people will stay at M.C. • Over 250 people attend each week to hear God’s Word and worship Him. Because of the success of this Friend Day (and others to follow).

and I have adapted that here. Church planters love advertising! Advertising is a proven means for reaching large numbers of people in a limited amount of time. the core group works to attract a large number of individuals for the first public worship service. Some of the best-known advertising options: • Direct Mail • Telephone • Preview Services • Newspapers • Billboards • Radio • Television Planting a New Church 159 .” According to this methodology. I (Ed) have shared some information about this in my book. they have to build a core launch team. Church planters may choose from a number of options for advertising the birth of the new church. Most new churches start with a “large launch.C Using Outreach Advertising to Start a New Church Outreach advertising is incredibly important in a new church. ineffective advertising can also bankrupt a budget. Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age. Effective advertising can generate a large attendance. Before that. There are two phases of new church advertising—advertising to develop the core or launch team and advertising to gather a large crowd for the first service.

This “launch team development” mailer asks for a response different from the pre-launch advertisement. it is much better (although more difficult) to find non-Christian evangelistic prospects and recruit them for the launch team. One suggestion is to send a tri-fold brochure or letter design. they can do it from their own home. no meeting place.1 Building the Launch Team The most difficult phase of church planting may be the early stages. but it is an essential stage in new church development. persons who do respond often demonstrate high motivation and interest. no music. The U. You can utilize a strategy called Operation Epistle.Application C: Planting a New Church C C. In the end. Check with your post office regarding the opening of such an account. People are reached most effectively through relationships. As such. people have difficulty committing themselves to a dream that they cannot see. when the church planter is attempting to attract a core group of people. 160 . It should include basic information about the church. Keep in mind—mailers just make the initial contact. and a business reply card for the respondent to return. These volunteers generally come from sponsoring churches around the country. and announces the event. This strategy involves volunteers hand-addressing and applying first-class postage stamps to the mailers. Postal Service requires a Business Reply Mail Automation System (BRMAS) account in order to receive business reply cards. The message of such a mailer is simple: it should communicate the start of a great new church and that the leaders of the new church invite the recipient to be part of the new church start. Outreach advertising can be an important part. • Operation Epistle The core development mailer does not need to be expensive. it answers objections. When the planter can offer no relationships. This piece enables simultaneous contact with large numbers of people that the planter would not normally be able to contact.S. Recruiting a core group is a challenging phase. Although recruiting core members from other willing churches may be helpful. With Operation Epistle. On the other hand.4 percent). and only a relationship with the church planter. Established church members are often enthusiastic to participate in mission activities but miss the opportunity. a biographical sketch of the planter. calms fears. One of the best ways for recruiting the unchurched is through intentional relationship building. the new church pays only printing costs and the start-up fee to open the BRMAS account. Although overall response to business reply cards is low (our experience was about . The “grand opening” mailer is designed to convince the recipient to attend a public gathering. a launch team development mailer is designed to convince interested. The most popular method involves the use of a mailer. receptive people to respond by completing a postage-paid reply card. no programs.

After telephone and mailing campaigns. Planting Growing Churches. The next goal is to gather a large crowd to have the opportunity to present the gospel. provides well over 200 designs of ImpactCards™. especially for those who become involved in the new congregation. 6 Malphurs. Inc. interested people. by far. letters or fliers.” It should be understandable and free of theological and “church” terms. The church may choose from among several ways to advertise by direct mail. Developing a dedicated launch team group is indispensable in the long-term life and vitality of the new congregation. It should help the reader put aside fears that surface at the mention of “church. However. the planter must still face the difficult task of filtering out persons who will not mesh with the new core group.outreach.C Application C: Planting a New Church • Launch Team Development Conclusions Launch Team development is hard. mailings.2 Launching the Church Actually launching the church takes a different strategy than originally developing the launch team. Whatever methods are necessary—visitation. moreover. then the work of selecting a team should be well under way. It must anticipate and overcome the reader’s concerns about “church” and spiritual matters. 161 . It is also the most cost effective. • Direct Mail Aubrey Malphurs notes that the two most effective ways to gather a crowd are direct mail and telemarketing.com for examples. 335. Direct mail is. Outreach. or any number of other ways—no price is too high for developing a launch team and. See www. attention-grabbing graphics and messaging on the other. if these efforts net a few dozen appropriate. telemarketing. labor-intensive work. Many of these are designed with a church launch in mind. Great effort. C. As recipients finish reading the letter or card. the new congregation.) Anglo church planters historically have relied on these two approaches more than on any other methods. the most common method which contemporary church planters use for advertising. The letter or card should express enthusiasm and excitement for the days ahead for the new church and for the readers. which combine personalized text on the one side with full-color. time and money should be invested in developing appropriate strategies that will assist in forming a solid launch team that will ultimately determine the future of the congregation itself.6 (Telemarketing is used much less frequently today. The genius of this type of mailing comes when the piece identifies the needs of the target and addresses those particular needs. they should feel energized to attend the new church. using postcards.

Of those who say yes.” In some areas heavily influenced by sects or cults. It IS permissible for churches to make telemarketing calls .Application C: Planting a New Church C • Telemarketing. Rather. since churches enjoy a “non-profit” status. This methodology must not be thought of as merely making phone calls. is. Do not have more than three. Their first question in some way asks whether the person is “actively involved in church. Telemarketing works. Many churches have found this a successful method of building a new church through existing relationships. If telemarketing were unproductive and fruitless. Marketers cannot reach everyone every time. if someone asks not to be called again. 162 . four of these preview services before the launch. but they are much more likely to respond if they perceive a personal need for what the church offers. “May we send you information about a new church that will be starting in the area this fall?” The vast majority of people will decline. It allows many people to be exposed to the new church while gradually increasing the size of the attendance for the first official service. People soon begin to get impatient and want to begin regular services. if the first reveals interest. It can stir to life the individual whose interest in spiritual matters has grown because of watching a Billy Graham television event.” The worship team is given permission to make some mistakes that are generally not permitted after the launch service. the second most widely used method for initiating contacts is telemarketing. The preview services also give the group an opportunity to try out the worship leadership. during your calling. This method can reach a husband and wife who recently discussed returning to active church life. Church planters who use telemarketing are looking for people not involved in church. However. Those called may not respond every time. The second telemarketer’s question. marketers would stop using the methodology. however.but. but they do reach someone every day through mass approaches like telemarketing. it is becoming less effective over time. about 10 percent will remain sufficiently open to actually attend the church’s first service. and the momentum needed can be lost. telemarketers modify their question to: “Are you actively involved in a church that teaches the Bible?” The caller’s question should be contextualized to the area. • Preview Services The preview service usually consists of a series of monthly meetings just before the first official service. Even today. for your protection. Your church needs to keep a list of these “opt-out” call-ees. Tell the people present. Be cautious not to do such a large mailing for the first preview service that there are 200 in attendance at a preview service and then only 100 present at the first official service. Once again telemarketing is a viable option for churches. so everything might not be perfect. the number of telemarketing calls has been drastically reduced. This is our first time we’ve been together. it is part of a combined phone-and-mail strategy. “We are glad you are here for this service. This shift in size becomes anti-climactic. or at most. you must make note of their name and phone number and never call them again. With the advent of the federal “Do Not Call” list.

If you decide to use radio. it will provide church planters with a helpful guide with which to begin planning. make sure the ad is eye-catching. You want to gather a group so you can move forward quickly.) • Gathering the Large Group The whole point of using any of these methods is to get a large group together. Television is extremely expensive for advertising in a metro area. The next few pages provide a suggested outline for a church planting outreach advertising strategy. though some major papers now provide local sections with geographically focused advertising. By and large. and in a section of the paper that will reach the unchurched (not the Church Listing page). specific individuals paid for the advertisement. 163 . you will not end up reaching your target. We would also usually discourage the use of radio as the first choice. Application F. make sure you use radio in the musical style to which your church is accustomed or what your church is going to sound like when it launches. Of course. For example. It usually covers too broad of an area for a new church. Let’s bring all of our friends. ethnic or small town papers are usually a good choice. do not advertise on the classical station unless there will be classical music in the worship services. Of course. “We are starting a new church.C Application C: Planting a New Church • Secondary Media Choices We usually do not encourage planters to use the newspaper until they have used other means. If you do use the newspaper. Let’s focus together and see what God can do in this new church. we do not recommend advertising on one of those thirty-minute cable access shows where someone sits in a chair with a Bible and preaches. have the people invite all of their friends. When we used billboards. we would buy television advertising last and only if abundant resources are available. make sure you use your methodology wisely—and always combine whatever methodology you use with a strong push for personal invitations. but it can still be effective as an ancillary medium (see section on radio advertising. Generally. The movies page is usually a better choice. (See further information on CPM [cost per thousand] buying on page 197. Billboards can be helpful but only after other methods are being used. though it may be affordable in small to medium markets. They are often too expensive for the amount of return you will receive. However. So. page 198). page 196). If new churches use them.” It might be a launch of 30 people. Tell the people assisting in the plant. they might use them to announce the launch day for a couple of months beforehand. However. cable access is one possible exception (see Buying Advice. this is a generic model that would probably work best in a responsive area. making them more targeted. or it might be a launch of 300 people. Either way. Local. Using a large launch methodology means that you need a strategy to develop the launch team and then one to gather a crowd. radio also touches too broad an audience. Some cable access channels sell local time on CNN or MSNBC or FOX. affordable. If the audience is too broad.

Application C: Planting a New Church C C.3 A Marketing Timeline for a New Church Adapted from Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age Launch Team Development Timeline The Research Stage Congregation Development Timeline • • • • • • • • Research your community Determine who God has called you to reach Identify needs and how you can meet them Survey and choose a name Develop / distribute a church planting prospectus to potential partners Develop an outreach message and decide how to tell it Develop budget. Branding Statement & Website • • Create an outreach strategy using surveys. raise funds.com) Letter or card to New Movers Letter or card to New Parents Letter or card to Newly Marrieds Develop “Seeker 7” materials for those in the launch team.material to reach seven people in their existing relationship circles Transition website to also communicate to launch team and community Develop “opt-in” e-newsletters Weekly church attender option Monthly community option Monthly partner option - 9 months Prepare for First Service • • • • • Press releases Directional signs Programs and banners Music and video equipment Media Plan - 6 months —(Continued)— 164 . door hangers and current relationships Use website to communicate to prayer. and purchase materials Follow up with prospectus recipients - 12 months Develop Logo. mission teams & financial partners Launch Team Development - 10 months • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Create a launch team development mailer with a business-reply response mechanism for potential core members Create a launch team development strategy… how will the core be trained in the vision? Create website area to communicate to potential core members and/or newsletter Conduct community interest meetings Develop “Standard” Brochures and Letters Stock InfoBrochures™ (www...outreach.

relist . but can help a church planning to use mass media in an advertising responsive community. The ultimate goal: “And the Lord added daily to their number those being saved” Acts 2:47. NIV 165 . where are we with 7s • + 4 months . New Parents.promoting small groups. home.push for “7s” to come again • + 3 months .get new attendees to create their own “7” Ongoing Outreach • Every Spring and Fall: Direct mail and Bring a Friend campaigns • Strategize . testimony of life change in groups and in • Mass mailer to same group who received launch mailer .how are we bringing friends weekly? What do we do during • Evaluate back door • Phone follow-up with visitors who are no longer coming these campaigns that carries over? • A “relaunch” encouraging new attendees to bring their friends to the first • Video .push for “7s” to come again ( if they missed launch) • + 2 month . Introductory Service + 6 months This model is not for every new church.evaluate relationships.core .C Application C: Planting a New Church Train the Launch Team • Train launch team to use InviteCards™ • Begin monthly worship • Have the team members pick 7 friends to pray • • • for and invite to first service Train the launch team to assimilate Train launch team to email friends a link to website for their feedback Build witnessing relationships Prepare the Community • Prepare and place Public Service • Press releases Announcements - 3 months Send Out the Message Send Out the Core • Door-to-door • InviteCards™ • Final calls • Invitations for “7” • What is their plan for launch day? • What is the post-launch plan? • Telemarketing • Single mailing ImpactCard™ • Double mailing ImpactCard™ • Multiple mailing ImpactCard™ • Business cards core group can • Pens/promo items core can have in office.“7s” .include “life change” testimonies new church outreach day. out and about give out to friends and neighbors - 2 weeks The Launch Service Continual Outreach • Letter or Postcard to New Movers. and Newly Marrieds • Small group formation • + 1 month .

Application C: Planting a New Church


C.4 Example of Church Planting Proposal
A church plant needs to advertise its mission and passion to potential partners and potential Launch Team members. On pages 167 to 181 is an example of a current church planting prospectus/proposal that I (Ed) am a part of starting. Particularly make note of the timeline for launch using outreach and media.

C.5 Examples of New Church Mailers
New churches have a unique opportunity. They get to introduce themselves to their community one time through a “big start.” It is at that “big start” that new people know there will be no cliques but a fresh beginning… and they are more likely to come then than at any other time. On pages 182 to 184 are examples of new church mailers used by churches using ImpactCards™.


A Church Planting Proposal

Mailing address: 1735 Buford Hwy, Ste. 215-345 Cumming, GA 30041 770.555.5555 main 770.555.5555 fax www.sojournchurch.com

Page 1

To glorify God by pioneering a new church that will lead to the development of a strategic network of churches, church planters, and church planting teams.

We seek: To pioneer a missional church in a world class city. We will plant Sojourn Church in the fast growing community of Cumming, GA, located within greater Atlanta, one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in North America. Sojourn will serve as a conduit for reaching this community, and will also provide a local context for identifying, developing, and commissioning church planting leaders and teams. To be a church planting church. Planting a church is only part of the equation. In reality, we want to plant a church that will plant other churches. We want to see church planting movements taking place, not only in Atlanta, but in other strategic cities as well. This is why part of our philosophy of mission involves the training of emerging church planting pioneers and planting teams. Even now, plans are being made to commission one of our very own leadership team members in order to plant a church in another city within two years of planting Sojourn. To develop servant-leaders in order for them to be well-equipped to engage their local, regional, and global contexts with the hope of the Gospel.

Page 2

Sojourn Church—a new church for North Georgia
Home to the 1996 Surrounding Area Population Changes, (Projected 2008) Olympics, Atlanta is a worldclass city. With a growing metropolitan population of 5 million people, Atlanta is a metropolis of diverse cultures and communities. Only Los Angeles gained more within its metropolitan area in the 1990’s than did Atlanta. With no less than 13 Fortune 500 companies choosing Atlanta as their headquarters, Atlanta is a leader within an increasingly global economy. With such diversity comes the strategic opportunity for the gospel to impact not only Atlanta, but also the innumerable cultural and sociological systems and networks that exist throughout the metropolitan area. Cumming, GA, a city located in metro Atlanta’s expanding region, provides an excellent and strategic setting for addressing the marginalization of the gospel within this growing community.

Cumming is located within the third fastest-growing county in the United States, a county containing blue-collar, white-collar, and immigrant populations forged together to create a blend of cultural contexts containing increasing populations of unchurched and unreached people. The emerging demographics of the area point to a post-Christian culture with little or no Christian memory, yet the landscape of the area is dotted with church buildings. Cumming provides an excellent setting for church planting.

Page 3

4. Experiential Worship: Worship is experiencing God and basking in His presence. Jesus speaks to the Samaritan woman. prayer or simply thinking on Godly things. Multiplying Leaders: We seek to train. Page 4 . not on our ideals. equip. 5. the word alone brings different thoughts to mind. Transformational Discipleship: We believe that discipleship is an ongoing process. in small community. Meaning: God has made us as creative beings—we honor Him when we celebrate beauty and meaning. In the fourth chapter of John. so we seek to spur one another on to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. There He speaks to her about pure worship. 6. and His worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23-24. for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. regional. best done in community. worship usually comes with personal desires and dislikes. Authentic Community: We seek to be an incarnational community of believers who share life together in true fellowship. corporately. Creativity. Worship Worship! To each person. Contextual Relevance: We are unashamedly culturally relevant and biblically sound. and send out reproducing leaders to start disciple making communities in their local. 3. Whether it is music. “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. Pure worship is personally relating to God but on His level. Compassion and Justice: Compassion was the driving force behind Jesus’ ministry and we seek to live out His desire for justice among the marginalized. Beauty. and global contexts. God is spirit. 7. reaching into our context as a missional church.Sojourn Church CORE VALUES 1. a service. and individually. 2. NIV).

sojournchurch. BELIEFS Sojourn Church is a conservative evangelical church. and NewChurchesDotCom. Our church holds the current Baptist Faith and Message as its doctrinal standard.WHO IS Sojourn? AFFILIATIONS Sojourn Church believes that we can accomplish more for the kingdom working together than doing it alone. evangelism. We also help support other direct mission ministries such as Acts 29. missions. and the Southern Baptist Convention in order to cooperatively do missions. the Missional Network. Georgia Baptist Convention. Our church is being planted in partnership with the What Now? Georgia initiative to start 100 new churches in 2005. we are excited to be affiliated with the Etowah Baptist Association. and ministry. A full statement of faith will be at www. STRATEGY Sojourn will be a church driven by biblical purposes of worship.com/whatwebelieve. Our church and its ministries will be organized and staffed around these biblical purposes to allow us to maximize our impact in the community. fellowship. Page 5 . Therefore. education.

mission. Ed Stetzer 1520 Oak Lane Cumming.MEET THE LEADERSHIP TEAM Travis Vaughn 7921 Captain Conn Drive St. Elizabeth is 2. Ryan. Ed served for three Page 6 . serving at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and on a team that helped pioneer a metropolitan movement among the universities in and around St. Ed Stetzer has planted churches in New York and Pennsylvania and has trained pastors and church planters on five continents. Travis is currently finishing a Master’s degree in Theological Studies with an emphasis in World Mission at Covenant Theological Seminary. began serving full-time with the Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.D.555. He holds two masters and two doctorates. Ashley and Annie are 2. In addition to serving as a campus minister. Travis will serve as full-time pastor and will share the teaching responsibilities. GA 30041 770. His Ph. and ministry development.com Wife: Donna Children: Grace is 6. Robin.555. Travis is a third generation pastor and church planter. Louis with their three children. Travis and his wife. Travis and Robin live in St. and Phoebe.5555 travis@sojournchurch.com Wife: Robin Children: Bob is 7 and twins. dissertation addressed the issue of what helps new churches grow. Louis. and their aging dog. MO 63123 314. Reed. Louis. Presently serving as Associate Pastor of Ministry Development and Outreach at Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church. MO. and Allison was born in September of 2004. Kiva. Soon after graduating from Southwest Baptist University in 1993. he has been a church planter and has served on the pastoral team of two fastgrowing churches overseeing ministries of evangelism.1212 ed@sojournchurch.

He has served as local area Young Life Leader and was a Co-Editor for the most recent musical songbook published by Young Life in 2002. Jimmy also served in the United States Military for 15 years where he managed training programs for the Georgia National Guard.555. Jimmy will direct the worship arts ministries. church planting. Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age. ————————————— Sojourn Church is still looking for one more staff member to serve as part of its teaching and leadership team. Donna. Page 7 .The Staff years as a seminary professor. has become a standard church planting text book in many evangelical seminaries and he has coauthored (with Elmer Towns) Perimeters of Light: Biblical Boundaries for the Emerging Church. His wife. Worship Leader and Director of Christian Education.com if interested.org. He is currently pursing his BA in Business Management from Vincennes University. He is currently employed by the North American Mission Board. and evangelism at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. He also travels around the country leading worship with the band named elsewhere. Jimmy Bell 6345 Reinhardt College Parkway Waleska. as a thirteen-year old. From acoustic folk to rock and bluegrass gospel to R & B. he picked up a guitar for the first time and it changed his life forever. Contact ed@sojournchurch.com Children: Larry is 10 and Kirk is 13 Jimmy began musical training on piano and trumpet at an early age. his musical preferences are as wide as his three octave range. KY and has also taught at 10 other seminaries. Later. visit www. holds a master’s degree in special education and they have been married since 1987 and they have three children. He is a volunteer part of the leadership team and will focus on casting vision for Sojourn and will share in the teaching responsibilities.elsewhereworship.1212 jimmy@sojournchurch. GA 30183 678. For more information about the band. Jimmy’s previous church staff assignments include Youth Minister. teaching missions. His book.

the city is primarily made up of young professional suburbanites. please visit http://www. providing an easy commute to work for Cumming’s young professionals. over the past five years.htm. In fact. Forsyth County is located just north of Fulton County. the growth of metro Atlanta’s new suburbs has reached the church target area. Forsyth County has been in the top five of the fastest growing counties in the nation.” The black rectangle is the area in which Sojourn Church will meet in rented facilities.com/ demo/index. For a full demographic report. though it is experiencing rapid change in other contexts.newchurches. The reason Forsyth County is experiencing this phenomenal growth is directly related to urban sprawl. Cumming is just a short distance up from northern Atlanta. First. Page 8 .COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT / PROFILE The population of Georgia is projected to increase by 20% over the next ten years and Forsyth County is no exception to this extraordinary growth. As observed. It led the nation two of those five years. The red marking are indicative of “new suburbs. which is home to Atlanta.

000 25. Part of our task as a missionary community is to discover how the Lord is working among the nations.000 25. tens of thousands of Hispanic immigrants are coming to North Atlanta.000 2000 Census Update HOUSEHOLD INCOME $250T+ $200-250T+ $150-200T+ $125-150 $100-125T $75-100T $60-75T $50-60T $40-50T $35-40T $30-35T $25-30 T $20-25T $15-20T $10-15T $0-10T 0 2. Recognizing this culturally diverse reality. increasingly ethnically diverse.000 8. young. Page 9 . and new to the area.Demographics KEY HOUSEHOLD TYPES Males Living Alone Females Living Alone Married Couples.000 8. The church community tends to be rapidly growing.000 20.000 6. like many rapidly growing suburban areas.000 4. No kids Single Parents-Male Single Parents-Female Married Couples w/Kids 2008 2003 Of those who live in Forsyth County. This often makes people more resistant to the gospel.000 2000 Census Update HISPANIC POPULATION 100.549 615 14.508 0 2000 Census Update 1990 2003 2008 The area is also attracting a significant growing Hispanic population. 0 5.000 50. 2008 2003 10. tends to be higher income. In fact.000 15. right here in Forsyth County and metro Atlanta. the church must approach disciplemaking through the lens that God is working among this growing Hispanic population.000 10. Sojourn will strive to develop a culturallyappropriate witness that honors God and meets people where they are. there are a high percentage of families with children—a key outreach group for a new church.000 The area.000 75.

Within Forsyth County.1%) Significant Increase in Married Couples without Children (+32. When considering only new movers. Significant Increase in Young Married Couples with Children (+31. this number is even higher.9%).000 10. Page 10 Up da te 166.292 Pr oj ec tio n ns us ns us .000 27.DEMOGRAPHICS Study Area Population In short.000 125. average is 24.151 60.6%) Probably the most shocking statistic regarding Forsyth County is the estimated percentage of unchurched people.1%) Very High Percentage of Couples with Children. 38.000 110.S.8% of total households (U. 60% are unchurched.303 43. the area is growing rapidly and has high potential for a new church plant: Ce 19 90 Ce 20 08 20 03 19 80 160.182 From 2003-2008: Significant Population Growth Projected (32.

Community Needs
Forsyth County has been the home of many racial battles from the 1960’s stretching into the 1980’s. Many white supremacist rallies and civil right’s marches have taken place in Forsyth County, and it was once a bragging right to say that only white people lived within the county line. However, with the population growth of the past ten years, much of that racial tension has subsided. Some still exists, but it is limited in its scope or not as prominent as before. In fact, since the 1990’s, the African American population has continued to grow at a rapid pace. By the year 2008, the African American population is projected to triple. Obviously, the community needs to experience continued healing from past wounds. Part of our incarnational mission as a church is to be able to reach beyond the walls of ethnocentrism, thus becoming a true community of reconciled believers. The challenge also remains to present a redemptive counterculture way of life that moves the young professional from isolation and apathy into ministry engagement, addressing the needs of those within Cumming and greater Atlanta. The redeemed suburbanite will be encouraged to look across his/her relational networks and sphere of influence, looking for avenues through which the gospel can be carried. Sojourn’s Sunday morning worship services will demonstrate a desire to reach across personal preferences and stir the soul of each person into communion with God. Our personal and corporate worship of God will not be limited to a building, for it will be carried into the streets we walk.

Page 11

We will be asking partnering churches to make an extraordinary commitment to pray for the success of this mission. Monthly updates/prayer letters will be distributed via USPS. Periodic prayer concerns will also be communicated via email or by telephone. 1. Individual Prayer. We’ll be asking each partnering church to appoint a primary prayer contact to recruit prayer warriors to communicate prayer requests. 2. Corporate Prayer. We’ll ask each partnering church to include updates and prayer requests from our mission in its regular prayer bulletins and to pray for us during its regular prayer meetings. 3. Prayer and Fasting. During critical phases of our mission’s development, we’ll ask partnering churches to join us corporately in seasons of prayer and fasting. We believe that these seasons will be necessary to see genuine spiritual breakthroughs in this region. During these times, we’ll want to be in close communication with our partnering churches, both in making known our challenges and needs and in reporting the awesome things that God is doing.

Mission Opportunities
Come be a part of exciting opportunities to reach out to the community of Cumming and Forsyth County. There are various ways you and your church can contribute. Prayerfully consider which way God wants you to help us impact the community with the love of Jesus Christ.

1. Servant Evangelism: Come and serve at an event in North Georgia and help us show the love of Christ by serving our neighbors. 2. Preview Service: Volunteer one Sunday morning and come staff a “Preview Service” so the Sojourn Church core can interact with guests. 3. Door-to-door surveying: Knock on doors and leave information about Sojourn Church. 4. Operation Epistle: Hand address and stamp envelopes that will go out to the community to tell them about a new church. 5. Vacation Bible School or Backyard Bible Club: Come and start children’s programs in neighborhoods throughout North Georgia.

Page 12

As a new initiative, the Sojourn Church leadership team has no central funds for reimbursing ministry expenses or paying salaries. Each staff member of the Sojourn Leadership Team is responsible for cultivating a team of ministry partners who will commit to financially and prayerfully supporting his family during the initial stages of mission while the church is being planted within community.


Would you consider investing in this mission for a period of two years by contributing a monthly amount $100, $250, $500 or some other amount as we seek to make disciples within this strategic community? Or perhaps your church would be willing to invest $1000 per month for two years as a mission project.

We invite you to become a partner in fulfilling our Mission to reach this community. Your support makes it possible to serve the Lord and fulfill the Vision He placed on our hearts. Please mail your contributions to Sojourn Church at the address below. Morning Star Church, our sponsor church, will be handling our finances in a separate account that they have created. Please indicate if you want your donation to go towards the specific ministry areas of Planting, Administrative or Worship. All donations are tax deductible.

Sojourn Church
1735 Buford Hwy, Ste. 215-345 Cumming, GA 30041 770.555.1212 main 770.555.1212 fax


Page 13

Sojourn is unlike most church plants in that it is a multi-staff church start. This will enable us to grow quickly from the 350 at our first service. In order to “launch large” as per our strategy, Sojourn Church needs the appropriate equipment and staff. Below is a broad stroke of our budget (a detailed budget is available).

2005 Budget Equipment (sound and video equipment) Outreach (direct mail and events) Ministry Expenses (office, school rental, etc.) Salaries: Each staff member is raising his own salary. The total budget for salaries (for Travis and Jimmy) is $91,000. $35,000 $30,000 $25,000

2006 Budget It is our anticipation that, during the second year, the local offerings will cover everything but the staff salaries which will be gradually added to the local church budget.

2007 Budget It is our plan to cover most of the staff salaries by 2007.

2008 Budget We plan to be self supporting by 2008.

Page 14

THE COMMITMENT Individual Partnership [] $50 per month [] [] [] [] $100 per month $250 per month $500 per month $____other (per month). Ste. OR initiative. Please make your checks payable to Sojourn Church and send to: Sojourn Church 1735 Buford Hwy. OR We invite you to join us as a financial partner in this mission of pioneering a new missional church in North Georgia through a monthly investment for two years of: [] I would like to contribute a special gift of $________ to help with the planting of Sojourn Church. 215-345 Cumming. GA 30041 Each time you send your tax deductible contribution. we will mail you a remittance form and a self addressed (addressed to Sojourn Church) envelope for your next contribution. ________________________________________________________________________ Church Partnership significant monthly investment for two years of: [] Our church would like to join you in this mission through a [] $1000 per month [] $_______other (per month). Name ______________________________ Address ________________________ Telephone ______________________ [] $ Our church would like to help provide seed money for this new City. Zip_________________________________ Email address ________________________ Signature ____________________________ Date_____________________________ To help us in our effort to maintain accurate records. please include this form with your initial contribution. ST. We would like to contribute a special gift of $_____________to help with the planting of Sojourn Church. Please feel free to copy this form for your records. Page 15 .

free refreshments and activities for the kids. We’ll have great music.newsongchurch. U. housing developments— why not a church? At New Song Church we’re excited about being new members of the community and we would like you to join us for the celebration.S. September 19 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony With Special Guest Mayor Joe Hart 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM Grand Opening Service FREE Celebration Lunch • Kids’ Program & Activities • • Youth Skateboarding Contest • • Free Gift For Each Visiting Family! • www. So come check us out—we’d love to meet our neighbors! CELEBRATE WITH US! Sunday. CA Permit No. CA 92054 182 . 000 PAID 3985 Mission Ave. • Oceanside. Postage Oceanside. dry cleaners.Application C: Planting a New Church C Example ImpactCard™ - Grand Opening JOIN THE PARTY AT NEW SONG! It seems like there are Grand Opening parties for everything: grocery stores.com #15555 760-560-5000 Non-Profit Org.

September 11 10:00 AM Special Guest Speaker . but you won’t have to wait in line or make a reservation. Millcreek Community Church begins its services at 4444 Sterrettania Rd. not empty ritual.com #123456 Non-Profit Org.Mayor John Jacobs Join us after the service for a FREE Barbecue Lunch! Games. PA Permit No. on Sunday. prizes & face painting for the kids! Special performance by the “Show Cats” 555-560-5000 www.millcreek. • Erie. Postage Erie.S. 000 PAID 4444 Sterrettania. Come explore a service full of meaning. September 11. U. PA 16506 183 . Discover this Sunday how faith can give you new hope for today and tomorrow— we’re saving you a seat! Grand Opening Celebration! Sunday.C Application C: Planting a New Church Example ImpactCard™ - Coming Soon A New Kind Of Church For Millcreek! Something new is coming to Millcreek. and you’re invited to be part of the adventure.

We’ll breathe new life into your Easter morning with inspiring music and a contemporary message of faith. U. hope. Cochin. TN Permit No. and renewal.S.Application C: Planting a New Church C Example ImpactCard™ - Spring Invited Join Us This Easter At Hope Community Church! Brighten your Easter with a visit to Hope Community Church.com #123456 555-734-1315 Non-Profit Org. TN 12345 Easter Celebration! Sunday.hopecc. 00 PAID 184 . Make this Easter one you and your family will remember—come enjoy the morning with us! Hope Community Church 6222 Joy Hill Dr. Postage Cochin. April 16 • 9:00 AM Following The Service You’re Invited To Our • • • • FREE Pancake Breakfast Easter Egg Hunt For The Kids Egg Decorating Contest FREE Picture With The Easter Bunny • Childcare Provided • www.

this is Bob calling from the new Harborcreek Community Church and we are not selling anything.D Phone Scripts Using the telephone can be a simple and cost-effective way to find prospects. can I ask you three quick questions? How many times per year do you attend church? What do you think is a valuable asset to Harborcreek that a church could provide? Would you be interested in just receiving some of our mailings in the coming weeks to tell about the new church? Can you spell your name and let me confirm your address? OK. Our first service will be at the YMCA on Nagle Road. watch your mailbox. 185 . Now that many companies are limiting telemarketing. it will help you to sound friendly) If you have a second. churches can again be more effective (and no law has been passed to restrict the right of churches to reach out over the telephone). Hi. (say with a smile. Phone Script Note: This is a simple script that anyone can use to find receptive people who can receive more information via mail. we’ll drop that it the mail. Do you know where that is? OK.

E. Hand addressing is a time-tested method of catching people’s attention. and it is inexpensive to the mission church since the Operation Epistle participants pay for the stamps. Examples of each of those are included in the next few pages.E Direct Mail Direct mail can be done several ways. parents with new babies. it involves people from other churches. and first time guests. 186 . On the following page is an example from an actual “Operation Epistle” project.1 Operation Epistle Operation Epistle is a direct mail method utilizing volunteers to hand address and stamp (at their expense) 100 letters each. Direct mail can and should also focus on new movers. It is labor intensive but the results are good. As mentioned earlier. We believe that is best done with a professionally produced ImpactCard™ or a hand-addressed letter. direct mail needs to cut through the mailbox clutter somehow. Furthermore. those requesting more information.

and return the invitations to the church who will handle the mailing. Each participant will buy 100 thirty-seven cent stamps for each bundle.” The Task Send out 30. 187 . invitations. If your handwriting is poor. names and addresses. stuff. The bundle will include 100 pre-folded flyers. The Dates Bundles will be available on February 15 and can be addressed until the end of March. The printing of materials and provision of names will be the responsibility of the new church. written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God.E Application E: Direct Mail Operation Epistle 2 Corinthians 3:3 “You show that you are a letter (epistle) from Christ. Each church that participates will hand-address.000 invitations to people within 10 miles of the church inviting them to our big Palm Sunday launch service. not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. The Return Based on our experience with mass mailings. 100 envelopes. We encourage you to take more than one bundle. and 100 postage paid return address cards. The Plan We will provide the envelopes. how about buying a bundle for others to address? The Cost Each bundle of 100 invitations will cost the participating church members $37 in stamps as well as some time and energy addressing and stuffing envelopes. we believe this mailing will see 150 new guests arrive for Palm Sunday morning services on April 12. the result of our ministry. stamp.

6. Thank you so much for partnering with us to reach people. ZIP). only address one invitation to that address and put down the name as “The (last name)s”. then send a brochure to each name listed at that address. 5. Most of the time it is only the five digit zip code. Use the complete zip code that is listed on the address sheets. CITY. some addresses only have a “RR#. Mark off each name and address on the list. If there are people at the same address with different last names. FIRST NAME. Some addresses do not have a name associated with them and are designated “RESIDENT. It is important to hand address the envelopes because that is one way we are creating a more “personal touch”. to help keep track of where you are. Then seal the envelopes. once it has been used. Re-package the brochures and return them to the new church by This will enable us to mail them out simultaneously before the first service. Be careful to look for “W’s” (for West) and “E’s” (for East) when looking at the addresses because they may follow the street number and street name when listed. NEATLY fold the letters and stuff them in the envelopes.Application E: Direct Mail E Guidelines for Addressing Operation Epistle Letters 1. The return address is on the back. If there are addresses with multiple residents having the same last name. Please DO NOT put a return address of any kind on the envelope or add any information to the back.” Use those addresses and give them the name “CURRENT RESIDENT”. ADDRESS. Each sheet has 50 names and addresses per sheet. Use only black or blue ink pens to address. 8. 2. Moisten the sponge lightly and swipe across the adhesive on the flap and seal the envelope. DO NOT use labels of any kind or type the names and addresses on the envelopes. but in some cases. 3. 7. (Give this to each participant) . STATE.” That is a sufficient address. The easiest way to do this is to get a little bowl of water and a sponge. Thank you. Please PRINT names & addresses (FIRST NAME THEN LAST NAME) as neatly as possible on the envelopes (as you can see the names and addresses are printed in the following format: LAST NAME. 9. 4. Also. the zip codes have the four digit extension listed. 10. Stamp all the brochures and PRAY for each person as you go. 188 .

. The Bible teaches us that God can give us a new beginning as we commit our lives to Him. Perhaps you would like to find a church that lets you. Perhaps your recent move is a reminder to you of the importance of new beginnings. relevant message.m. • discover God and the Christian life in a non-threatening and encouraging manner • enjoy quality music and meaningful messages • trust your children to dedicated child care workers • relax and learn about God We invite you to join with your friends and neighbors at Rolling Fields Church. Celebration Service. Enclosed: Brochure Ed Stetzer Pastor 189 .”) You will hear blended contemporary music and a modern.. and you’ll be out by noon.E Application E: Direct Mail E. We hope to see you Sunday! (This Sunday we start a new series called “Questions I Have Wanted to ask God. We invite you to celebrate the joy of living the Christian life with us this (and every) Sunday at our 10:45 a.2 Letter to New Movers Dear Friend. We’re looking forward to seeing you this Sunday! God Bless.

If you are not yet part of a church community of friends. God Bless. Enclosed: Church Brochure Pastor Ed Stetzer 190 . I would also like to mention our Easter Event. We care about kids. relevant message.3 Letter to New Parents Dear New Parents. For more specific information. If you would like a free New Testament and more information about our church. We have prepaid the postage. There will be an Easter Egg hunt immediately following the service for our “younger guests!” I have enclosed a brochure and a reply card. You will hear blended contemporary music and a modern. and you’ll be out by noon. Indiana. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. Sincerely. Our service is at 10:45 a. please give us a call at 812-555-HOPE. Perhaps this is a perfect time for you to become a part of a church you can call “home”. We want to encourage you in your spiritual journey in any way we can. For many people.Application E: Direct Mail E E.m. April 23. I hope you will take this invitation to be our guest for a Sunday service. a birth is a deeply spiritual event that causes people to look to God. At Rolling Fields Church we emphasize quality childcare during our services. please just drop the card in the mail. My name is Ed Stetzer and I am the pastor. Children of all ages are placed in the care of our dedicated childcare workers. and that commitment will be obvious to you. We are located at 1858 East Eighth Street in Jeffersonville. this may be a good time to find a church. Let me introduce Rolling Fields Church and myself. on Easter Sunday.

Perhaps you would like to find a church that lets you. The early service (9 a. PA 16502 Dear Christine. Sincerely. and we have Sunday school classes between the services (at 10:30 a.) is our largest and includes upbeat contemporary music. • discover God and the Christian life in a non-threatening and encouraging manner • enjoy contemporary music and meaningful messages • trust your children to dedicated child care workers • relax and learn about God We currently have two services. This New Testament has a guided tour beginning with the “Introduction.E Application E: Direct Mail E.m. Please call if you have any questions. We are engaging in a mass distribution of these flyers to help us tell the neighborhood about our new congregation. 18th Street Erie. The late service (11:30 a. Hello again from Millcreek Community Church! As you know.).” I hope you will take the time to look it over..m. We want to extend an invitation to you to one of our Sunday services.) is a little more traditional and is interpreted for the deaf. you recently sent in a card to our church requesting a free New Testament of the Holy Bible and more information about our church.m. We have placed you on our mailing and contact list to provide ongoing information. The New Testament tells the story of Jesus and the early church.. Childcare is provided during both services. Enclosed: New Testament Pastor Ed Stetzer 191 .4 Letter to Those Requesting More Information Alice Lackey 1259 W. You should receive some more information soon.

Our H.Application E: Direct Mail E E. Groups create smaller church communities within the church-. Please call if you have any questions. learn more about God. For more information. we have small groups that meet throughout the week as listed in your program. Hopefully.E. Encl: Church Brochure Ed Stetzer Pastor 192 . a dramatized cassette recording of the gospel of Mark {in the New Testament}. We provide it to you at no cost as our way of saying “thanks” for your visit.P.so that we can get to know one another better. feel free to call the church office or contact one of the group leaders listed in your program. and a book by Billy Graham) that we like to provide our guests. We hope that you enjoyed our service. We enjoyed having you here! As you may be aware. If you would be interested in starting to read the Bible. Sincerely. you picked up a first time guest packet (including a New Testament. I hope you will come out and visit us again next Sunday. They are a great opportunity to meet new friends. and experience worship / Bible Study together.” We hope to see you again Sunday. We are so glad that you came out this past Sunday to visit us at the Celebration Service of Millcreek Community Church. you might start with the “Guided Tour” that starts on the Introduction page in the “Here’s Hope New Testament.O.5 Letter to First-Time Guests Dear Bob. God Bless.

We want to be a place where everyone is accepted and feels a sense of belonging. Cochin. support each other in difficult times. Come see if we are the place for you! Hope Community Church 6222 Joy Hill Dr. But are you part of a group of people who watch out for one another.6 ImpactCard™ Examples Example ImpactCard™ - Place to Belong Life’s Better Together At Hope Community Church! You’re already a part of a geographical community. TN 12345 Join Us For Our New Message Series Starting Sunday. January 23 8:30 & 10:30 AM Baby Nursery Available At Both Services Free Refreshments After The Service! Bringing Hope www. and celebrate good times? At Hope Community Church we think a true community does all that and more.E Application E: Direct Mail E. TN Permit No. Postage Cochin.hopecc. 000 PAID 193 .S. U. a neighborhood or town.org #000000 555-734-1215 Non-Profit Org.

educational lessons. Talk to Mom and Dad and tell them you want to have some fun over at our place! First Baptist Church 1234 Gallatin Wy. GA Permit No. Mt.firstbaptistchurchinfo. Olive. U. 000 PAID 194 . Our Club is a safe and fun place to spend some time. Come join us for games. crafts.S.Application E: Direct Mail E Example ImpactCard™ - Children’s Invited We love kids at First Baptist Church and we’re sure you’ll Kids. GA 12345 Grades 1–6 • Games • Arts & Crafts • Music & Drama • Bible Stories • New Friends Mom & Dad – First Baptist Church Has Wednesday Night Adult Programs Too! 555-641-3024 • www. Olive. Postage Mt. fun music and skits.com #123456 Non-Profit Org. You’re Invited To Kingdom Kids Club! FREE! Join The Club! Wednesday Nights • 6:30 – 8:00 PM love our Kingdom Kids Club.

and celebrate good times? At Hope Community Church we think a true community does all that and more. We want to be a place where everyone is accepted and feels a sense of belonging. TN Permit No. Come see if we are the place for you! Hope Community Church 6222 Joy Hill Dr.E Application E: Direct Mail Example ImpactCard™ - Community Life’s Better Together At Hope Community Church! You’re already a part of a geographical community.org #000000 555-734-1215 Non-Profit Org. But are you part of a group of people who watch out for one another. January 23 8:30 & 10:30 AM Baby Nursery Available At Both Services Free Refreshments After The Service! Bringing Hope www. Postage Cochin. a neighborhood or town. Cochin.hopecc. support each other in difficult times. U. 000 PAID 195 .S. TN 12345 Join Us For Our New Message Series Starting Sunday.

and rates during these times are much more negotiable. Package buying will save the advertiser significant dollars. the vast majority of media buyers are not paid by the advertiser (you). • Remember. you may choose to use a professional media buyer. But. • Buying advertising more than one or two months at a time can be heavily discounted. “If I pay cash up front today. often you must ask for the discounted savings. the added cost will likely be offset by the savings. • When quoted rate card prices. ask.1 Money & Media When it is time to begin negotiating advertising rates. Some are bundled around programming. Ask. Most media buyers receive a 10 percent commission that is paid by the media company. so there is no mark-up anyway. “What packages do you have available?” Packages are bulk-bundled advertising slots. While it is true that a media buyer could cost extra in fees. If. But. 196 . you want to try making the buys yourself. others are just bundled for price reduction. doing business with the Sales Manager proves to be more productive than with a sales associate.F Buying Advice Advertising is generally not free. cash up front can save 10% to 15%. advertising rates are negotiable. • First and third quarters of the year are less expensive times to advertise. could you discount 15%?” Remember. however. the sooner the payment. Below are some buying tips so that you can make the best investment possible. here are some basic tips: • Often. • Often. the sooner the sales person gets his/ her commission. F.

However. Market Reach (the percentage of the market being reached with your message). General Church Ad – Try the Family/Lifestyle section. Both are 24 column inches. it is important to know which paper your audience reads. Besides. the second ad (2 columns by 12 inches) is the better choice.2 Newspaper Newspapers can be very productive places to advertise. If you have not yet gathered detailed research on your community and specifically your audience(s). survey your congregation with two questions. 197 . few people read it. Bigger is not necessarily better.” An ad that is four columns across by six inches high is the same price as an ad that is two columns wide by twelve inches high. you must first understand your audience. or they can be a place to spend a lot of money and get no return. Generally the easiest and simplest way to do comparison-shopping with a variety of media is CPM. (1) How often do you read the newspaper? (2) What newspaper do you read? 2. Make sure the paper will find your audience. Specific Mediums F. Newspaper space is sold by “column inch. 1. because bigger costs more. Your audience and your message will determine the section in which you should place the ad. In some areas. Before you buy newspaper advertising. There are other measuring tools such as GRP (Gross Rating Points).F Application F: Buying Advice • The best measuring tool for comparative advertising shopping is CPM (cost per thousand). Before you buy any advertising. Do not advertise in the religion section. Men’s Wild Game Banquet – Sports section Concert for Teenagers – School Sports section or Movie/Entertainment section Single Parenting Classes – Try the Singles’ Classifieds or Entertainment section Scrapbook Club – Home & Garden section or Lifestyles section 3. it is important to know if your audience reads the newspaper. especially if it breaks the fold (passes through the horizontal fold in the middle of the page). The only reason to advertise in the religion section of the paper is to attract dissatisfied church members from other churches (usually a bad idea). The newspaper wants you to think that bigger is always better. The shape alone will draw more attention than the shorter horizontal ad. or to catch the attention of Christians who are new to the community (there is a better place to do this). Consider your audience and consider your message. and others. Cost per thousand is the price of reaching one thousand people with your message. Here are some basic rules for buying newspaper advertising.

do not misunderstand. By the way. If you buy 12 or more issues. classic rock or country will be your best bets. Bonus ads are free ads that can either run in additional issues. if you are aiming at most women in the U. and normally come with a product or service mention. Be sure that you are selecting a station that will hit your primary audience. there is no need for guess work. When a sales representative offers you the standard “church discount” (not all papers offer this – most do at 10%) do not be so quick to accept it. peak listening hours. The amount depends on the particular package created by the sales manager. In longer programming there are multiple spot runs. ask for bonus ads. sign a contract for only the ads you immediately need.3 Radio Radio is a very segmented medium. Ask for a sizable discount. When you have settled on a station. 5. followed by the weather report. Wherever there’s a gap in a commercial break. This means that the live announcer will be directed to say something like. You still buy a limited number of spots. “Up next.S. Radio is arguably the most negotiable paid advertising venue on the planet.” You buy a larger number of spots at a discounted rate. or you can buy programming packages. Virtually any station can provide you with current data about their market reach. You can buy ROS (run of station) packages.” A church spot will run. market segment. Buy multiple issues. A “church discount” is usually not the best price. If you can. a sky watch weather update. Running a single ad in a single issue is usually worthless. brought to you by Lakeland Community Church – Lakeland. NEVER PAY RATECARD PRICE. If they will not give you a discount. Now. On the tail. keep in mind that there are two basic ways to buy radio. But. If they are divided out at five per day. then five per day is all they will run. with radio. or you can stack the ads (two or more) in some issues. Find out what other special rates they might have. No extras (most of the time – we will cover that in a moment).Application F: Buying Advice F 4. Often. In general. ROS Packages ROS stands for “run of station. consider signing a contract for all of the ads you plan to run in the year. it is an opportunity for the traffic coordinator to fill that gap with your spot. ages 25 to 54. If you are aiming at men 35 to 54. sometimes the station will drop another mention. Buy multiple issues. Program Packages Program packages generally have a stronger audience. F. These spots are then divided out on selected days and run at times selected by the station’s advertising traffic coordinator. country or light rock mix is likely to be the best choice. real people in a real world serving a real God. 198 . you can negotiate a lower rate by buying multiple issues.

seldom pay for it. Often. Generally. Here’s a helpful tip. Do the math. repetition is the key. Time of Day Segment Buying Time of day segment buying is another option. This can be as simple as swapping links. The most economical is ROS package buying. So.). if you cannot afford to run at least 30 ROS spots. Afternoon drive runs right behind it in the price lineup. If your church does not want ads on their website (many churches do not). If they are hesitant to give bonus runs. to 6 a. you get your highly coveted morning drive spot. However. ask for overnight bonus runs (usually 10 p. You have to buy larger quantities to make it work for you. this also means that you are very unlikely to be able to afford a decent programming package.m.” Frequency. If you cannot afford a package of 30 ROS spots. you can purchase a ROS package and ask that they be pushed to a certain part of the day. And those who do it. Less than that would be a waste of money. F. then do not barter for internet ad space. it is not unusual for morning drive time rates to be four times higher than ROS rates. In that case. plus three bonus spots during the day at the same price as some poor uninformed individual is paying for a single daily run in morning drive time. In the vast majority of cases. How Many to Run The key to successful radio advertising is “frequency. One of those spots is going to land in morning drive time! So. but often you come out ahead. in this case.m.F Application F: Buying Advice When buying program packages. the most expensive is generally program buying. always ask for bonus (free) runs. Quite often. do not buy the morning drive spot. Package Review Remember. the easiest way to negotiate web ads is to do trade-outs with other websites. you cannot afford to buy radio advertising. For instance. A close second is time of day segment buying. Buy four ROS spots and kindly ask if those could be evenly disbursed across daylight hours.4 Internet Internet advertising is something that most churches do not do. 199 . Sometimes morning drive time is more expensive than most program packages. has nothing to do with dial position. it is usually considerably more expensive than ROS and not as productive as program buying. It is referring to the number of times your audience will hear the spot. I normally stay away from this type of buying. Most will work with you on this. after you have developed a good relationship with your account representative. they will give this benefit in order to make the sale. If you have a decent church website. an individual must hear your radio spot six times before the message actually registers in his/her mind. actually.

as can language (Spanish. Therefore. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Your ad would never even be seen. you may find another use for them. (2) multiple boards. measure the cost by the CPM (cost per thousand). geography can assist with audience segmentation. While your CPM might sound very low. Even if you do not use them for the venue they were created for. transportation panels. When purchasing printed outdoor advertising.” A “visit” means that a person actually clicked onto the site. But. audience specific advertising is more reliant on color. Again. look carefully. A site may claim to have 10. bad adhesive. the more traffic a site generates. Korean.Application F: Buying Advice F Most web advertising follows a rate card that reflects CPM. French. or a number of other things. look a bit deeper. Ask for a “length of visit” report. or a “multiple audience” medium.000 visits a month and be able to legitimize that with a report. refigure your CPM based on an educated guess of exposures to your primary audience(s). There are two primary approaches to buying outdoor advertising: (1) strategic location. human error. A “hit” just means that a search engine bumped it. Most people close pop-ups immediately. you must buy multiple boards. Sometimes a site will be clicked on for only a second or two and then exited. not just just “hits. F. What does it cost to reach one thousand people with your message? How does that CPM compare to other media in the same market? Outdoor advertising is most often a “general audience” medium. But. even if you are only buying one board. This is where I need to warn you about some dishonesty in the web advertising world. vandalism. Make sure the numbers being claimed are truly indicative of site success. and many other advertising venues. With outdoor advertising. 200 . Buy extra – it will cost you little to no extra.5 Outdoor Advertising Outdoor advertising includes billboards. texture. Make sure that the visits are actual “visits”. etc. be careful if you are going to purchase internet advertising. marquis. Strategic location is often very expensive. Pop-ups can also register site visits.). as with other media. But. the higher the rates. and overall mood of the presentation. in lower impact locations. In some cases. Anything can happen: weather. NEVER print just one poster. So. scoreboards.

motion. Observe the ads carried by a particular show. Each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. commercial time is nothing more than an opportunity to switch to alternate programming. have identifiable audiences that may match your target audience. seek the help of a media buyer or a TV rep. Most TV is viewed at home where people feel safe and are more open to your message. • Program .Different target audiences watch TV at different times. TV ads are intrusive in nature. hopefully. sound. NBC. Some consider it “the big league” of advertising. There are two overarching types of television media to chose from. If they’ve been worried about aches and you have a message about how to cure them.Some networks. You can make some assumptions about who is watching. (Don’t forget to check if the station is carried elsewhere on cable TV.Certain programs or kinds of programming will appeal to certain groups.F Application F: Buying Advice F. so the message is lost. unless the commercial has some significant entertainment value. It offers your message sight. 201 . broadcast TV advertising is especially effective in helping to create an image for your church. selecting the right station and programming is critical to reaching your primary audience. a customer. TV allows for target selection based on: • Geography . Broadcast TV Advantages: Broadcast TV is “free TV” transmitted over the air and is most commonly associated with large TV networks such as ABC.Where the signal reaches. Broadcast TV Disadvantages Many television viewers (especially male television viewers) will watch more than one television program at a time. TV still has a certain prestige or glamour that can enhance your message. • Network . color and all the special effects technology can provide.6 Television If you chose to use television. the viewer will switch to another station to see a segment of another program. like Nickelodeon or ESPN. broadcast and cable.) • Time of day . During commercials. CBS and Fox. but for certainty about where and when to place your ad. With this particular audience. you’ve got a listener and. Because of all the above. It is a powerful medium with multi-sensory impact. The viewer does not have to be actively involved to receive your message.

• Cable TV as a whole is drawing huge numbers of viewers. • May have less experienced production crews. • Reaching specific customers. wallpapering. and reach a more clearly defined audience than if you bought time on a network show with bigger ratings and a higher price tag. but not reaching potential customers. 202 . • Small reach. auto repair. For example. • You may find more innovative production people here. audiences can be very fragmented and viewers may stay with a program for a shorter period of time. • Many households are dropping their cable television subscriptions and going with digital satellite companies. These homes may be concentrated locally. • Because cable only reaches into linked homes. landscaping. not to mention alternative uses for TV sets like video games. They are often right out of school and right on top of new trends and techniques. or you might buy onto a show about sewing. producers and technicians who want experience and are eager to work with you. if not downright cynical. local musicians.Application F: Buying Advice F Growing up with TV and big-screen special effects has made viewers skeptical. etc. • The cost is lower than broadcast TV because you are reaching a smaller audience. Often cable production teams hire young writers. Audiences are more fragmented than ever as the number of channels increases. you might buy onto a show that is about caring for infants to reach young mothers. book reviews. but because of the increasing numbers of viewing choices. Cable TV Disadvantages Almost all the advantages of advertising on cable TV have a flip side disadvantage. Cable TV Advantages You can buy time on programs that have very specific audiences. you know who your message is reaching. The days of any message reaching 40 percent or even 30 percent of the viewing audience on one network at one time are past. although the CPM (cost per thousand) may actually be higher. computer hook-ups and movie rentals. Television is not nearly as believable as it once was.

Man: What?! (loud whisper) That’s impossible! Server: I’m sorry sir. is there another card you would like to try? Man: This is crazy… Woman: Is everything okay? Can I do something? … Hold on. lakelandchurch. there is one debt none of us can pay—none of us. the ticket to heaven. I’ve had a great time! The food was excellent… (interrupted) Server: (whispering) Excuse me sir. www. Female Announcer: Being unable to pay a bill can be embarrassing. But. Sound crazy? It’s true. Below are example radio and television scripts.1 Sample Radio Spots Radio Spot 1: 30 Seconds (Credit: Integrity Productions. Those require some sort of script to help you clearly communicate your message in a short amount of time. Most of us feel a strong sense of obligation to pay our debts. so we do.com) Audio (SFX: Restaurant Natural Sounds) Woman: Clark. I have some cash. 203 . I’m sorry sir. Fortunately. Discover how you can get in on God’s line of credit. The payment for eternal life—you know. Join us this Sunday at Lakeland Community Church or visit us online at www.G Electronic Media Electronic media generally consists of radio and television.com. along with press releases that work for both electronic media and print. and be spiritually debt-free. WE don’t have to—GOD paid it for us with the life of His son Jesus Christ. but your credit card has been rejected. G.integritypro.

4th and Main. I just want to invite you to discover what I have discovered: a place where kids are happy.com) Audio (SFX: none) All day long you see and hear advertisements trying to get you to buy this or buy that. www. Mine do—we all do.integritypro. I know – sounds nuts! But. they are great people –and they were there for me after my wife left us. go here or go there. You’ll be glad you did—and your kids will love it too. really. And it works—I mean He works! So why not give God a try. Announcer: First Baptist Church.org 204 .Application G: Electronic Media G Radio Spot 2: 60 Seconds (Credit: Integrity Productions. The place? First Baptist Church. across from the Civic Center visit us online at www. Most of all. Come to First Baptist Church this Sunday. They didn’t try to fix me… They pointed me to God who could though. I have found happiness and real purpose. I don’t want to take this 60 seconds to do that.fbcrockmart. a place where I have found real friends – people who are real.

Tight medium shot of batter swinging (slow motion) -. Come join us this Sunday as we celebrate life. Father can be seen standing.org 205 . Batter looks back at father.2 Sample Television Spots Television Spot 1: 30 seconds Audio Fade up audio to natural sounds Crowd noise – cheers Video Fade up from black. Batter swings – she misses.G Application G: Electronic Media G. pressed against the back side of the chain link backstop. we are a family of believers who celebrate God as He cheers us on. 706 374 5200 www. POV shot from batter to pitcher. he grimaces… Crowd noise – “Awes” of disappointment Umpire: “Full count!” Father: “You can do it sweetie!” Over-the-shoulder shot from father to batter and umpire. full-face. Close-up on father. Face intense. God celebrates with His children in theirs. Close-up of father cupping hands around mouth POV from batter to pitcher – pitch is released (slow motion) Crowd cheers Father: “Yes!” Narrator: Just as we celebrate with our children in their victories. Pitcher scowls and winds up. Close-up on father.morgantonbaptistchurch. fingers placed through and gripping the wire fence material. (slow motion) Full shot – slow zoom to close-up of batter jumping up and down in celebration on firstbase – freeze frame on big smile. Morganton Baptist Church. Medium shot of father – he cheers with fists in the air. Medium shot of batter with umpire and father in the background. POV shot from pitcher to batter. Batter tenses up – ready to swing. At Morganton Baptist Church.bat connects with ball. love. CG: . and a God who cares. close-up. Medium-wide shot of 9-year-old girl at bat in a baseball game.

you know. it’s Golfer walks into frame and turns toward just a game – right? And this (gestures the camera.com 206 . Golfer: “In the sand trap again… But. Full shot of camera crew and pastor laughing Golfer: Fortunately. this white ball – trapped – just hoping we can get out. Join us this Sunday at Haysville Community Church and discover real hope for real life. But. (Laughter from camera crew) Golfer swings – misses – sand flies. toward ball) is just a little white ball. Fortunately. the one who made us offers us hope – offers us a way out of the trap. sometimes we all feel like this like Slow zoom in to medium shot of pastor. Natural Sound Amplified ball sounds (still natural – not fabricated) Video Fade up from black. I’m Pastor Phillip Hollingsworth. Full shot sand trap on a golf course. Ball bounces into frame. God delivers better than I do… Rack focus on shot CG: Haysville Community Church.Application G: Electronic Media G Television Spot 2: 30 seconds Audio Audio fades up.haysvillecommunity. Close up of ball rolling to a stop in the sand. www. 316 555 1212.

church.that.upgrading.of.thousand. This.contemporary.will.on.April.to.think.including.and.a.are.a.enjoy.concerted.together .that.by.watch.” Possible photos: stacks of videos.to.the.video.the.want.watch.persons.is.told .and. outreach .part.in. the.community.story..explained. The.churches.largest.Just.“It’s..include. new.” making it the most translated and watched film in history. A..sure.popcorn.one.packages..families.an.outreach.the.ever.will.kit.of.around.church .church’s.great.Southern.Indiana .story. Stetzer.the.children’s.out. now a Jeffersonville church is distributing 1000 of these videos with popcorn and an Easter service invitation Jeffersonville.project.is.church.new.the.distributed.people. IN 47130 www.contemporary.down.video.3 .rollingfields . to.to.undertaken.”.church.an.Rolling.is.in.the.going..growing.and.20.style.billion.is.5.word.sit..org rolling Fields church PrESS rELEaSE the most Viewed Film in History is distributed Free 3.www .what.is.a.quality.000. greatest.be.about.because.two..telling.video.programs .way .worship..ways ..and.Bunny.G Application G: Electronic Media G.is.of.weekend..for.story.the.seeking..the. web.mailing.hope. this.high.the...This.in.2000:.will.one. bag.12.whole.invitation.rollingfields.Easter.of.the..story.Relax.for..the.pastor.eternal.to.site.get.5 billion people have seen the “Jesus Film...outreach.new.adoption.outreach.Jay. april 15.miracle.From.gift.church...and.microwave-able.seen.back.to. invitations.in.be.innovative.folks.way .only.“Our.Easter .it .innovative..Jeffersonville.a.3 Sample Press Releases Contact: Jay Lowder Rolling Fields Church Phone: 812-555-1212 1858 East 8th Street Jeffersonville.org.popcorn.get.tell.sit.explained.be.Each. groups distributing videos door-to-door For release 9:00 am.ever. 2000 207 .the.explained.before.kids.is. to.. of.we.many.time. thousand-year-old.some.Easter.we.and.Lowder.outreaches.out.service .and.a.Ed.about.our..excited.is.Stetzer.by.of.this.a.Fields.We.tell..Easter.” “Too.Easter..who.a.coordinating.

October 2.m.” Harvie believes that the church’s style will resonate with a wide range of age groups. October 15. non-threatening environment for people who are curious about church but would never set foot in a traditional steeple-topped building. with several announcements about the new church being distributed to the surrounding area. In addition. Keeping with the setting.” says Harvie. Holding a church service in a movie theater may seem odd. 2000 at 9:30 a. “Talking about Moses and the Ten Commandments is great.rccweb. “Not only do we have the most comfortable church seats around. Instead of bringing the people to the church. PA 16506 www. A small group of about 50 people has been meeting since April. 2000 208 . “Everyone goes to movie theaters. Additional information can be found at www. but October 15 marks the official launch of the church.” Harvie says that several area locations were considered but that the Regal Cinemas offered the best atmosphere for the kind of church he envisioned.” Although targeted to the so-called “Generation X. but Riverside is actually the latest in a nationwide trend of progressive churches that meet in cineplexes in an effort to be more accessible to the community. The church will begin with a five-part series on making marriage work.” The groundwork for Riverside was laid over the summer. Pa. Riverside Community Church will launch church services in the Regal Warrington Crossing movie theater on Sunday. located at the intersection of Route 611 and County Line Road (104 Easton Road) in Horsham.org. “Someone has to show that a church community can be a vital part of life. at the Regal Warrington Crossing 22 Cinema. It’s the way you communicate that message that makes the difference.Choosing a 20-foot movie screen and comfy chairs with cupholders over the traditional pew and pulpit. Riverside’s goal is to reach out to the needs of young people in the 21st Century. a topic of interest to many 20.rccweb.Application G: Electronic Media G Contact: Aaron Harvie Riverside Community Church Phone: 215-555-1212 PO Box 1212 Horsham. Pa. but they have cupholders. we’re bringing the church to the people. “It’s a comfortable.and 30-somethings. over 30.” he says. -.org riverside community church PrESS rELEaSE the Bible and the Big Screen: New church Premieres in regal Warrington theater HORSHAM. Riverside’s hour-long service will feature music led by a five-piece rock band and a short tothe-point message about a relevant topic. it’s basically a ‘So what?’ question.000 area residents recently received a direct mail piece announcing the new church.” says Harvie. “They are just looking for different things from their church experience. Riverside’s pastor. but unless people understand how what he went through affects their lives today.” Riverside Community Church meets Sundays at 9:30 a. “We want to speak to issues that people are dealing with every day in the real world. with jeans the norm. For immediate release. too!” he says.” says Aaron Harvie.m. “Younger generations simply aren’t interested in church as it’s been done before. According to Harvie. “People are not necessarily less religious today than they were 20 years ago. dress will be casual and comfortable.

outreach events and other activities. Below is an example Brochure template followed by two examples (the empty panels are for BRMAS cards.1 Brochure Template A brochure is created from a 8.) H. This allows people to drop a postage paid card in the mail back to you. Post Office.H Brochures Every church needs a simple and undated brochure for use in its letters.S. We recommend that this brochure include a BRMAS (Business Reply Automated Accounting System) from the U.5 x 11 inch piece of paper folded to create 3 panels: Side 1 Side 2 Panel 5: Inside Flap Panel 6: Back Panel 1: Front Panel 2: Inside Panel 3: Inside Panel 4: Inside Fold Fold Fold Fold 209 .

Application H: Brochures 210 At The Pinboom Conference Center MAP Many people have given up on church—tired of ritual without meaning and music without relationship. GA 30000 Veritas Church BRMAS LOGO www. Sundays • 6:00 PM Veritas Church Loving All Worshiping One A New Church For Decatur 404-555-1234 124 Main St. about to be filled with people just like you.com Panel 6: Back Panel 1: Front H 404-555-1234 Panle 5: Inside Flap . * Decatur. Veritas is different.veritaschurch. It is a new church.

look us up online or give us a call. please drop the attached card in the mail. CLIP ART RELEVANT TO THE CHURCH We are starting Veritas because we believe people all over Decatur are longing for the same things we are: • • • Strength for the journey of life Relationships that foster community Authentic spirituality that impacts our daily lives BRMAS If you would like more information.H Let’s Face It… What Kind of Church Is Veritas? CLIP ART RELEVANT TO THE CHURCH We are a church of people just like you —real people on a real journey to connect with a real God. • • • A note from the lead pastor: My name is David Slagle. We have already paid the postage. -David Slagle Many people are looking everywhere but the church to find true spirituality. The inspiration I received helps me to know that we need each other and we need God. If you would like to learn more about Veritas. We value things like: List some of your key values that unchurched people will find meaningful. a place to connect with real people and a real God. We believe that the teachings of Jesus are still meaningful today—and good churches help people connect with God. I saw the value of faith in the lives of people—sometimes at the hardest points in their lives. While serving as an RN. CLIP ART RELEVANT TO THE CHURCH We don’t have all the answers and are not even sure we know the questions. but we do know what’s important to us. We think it does not need to be so. CLIP ART RELEVANT TO THE CHURCH Value 1 (Unchurched-friendly description) Value 2 (Unchurched-friendly description) Value 3 (Unchurched-friendly description) Application H: Brochures 211 Panel 2: Inside Panel 3: Inside Panel 4: Inside .

cc A new church for Decatur belong.2 Sample New Church Brochure 212 Veritas Church is a community of faith seeking to be the love of Jesus to the diverse culture around us. become H . GA 30030 www. BRMAS Veritas Church 124 Main Street Decatur. veritas. we gather for worship at 5:00 p. but on Sunday evenings.cc.m. believe. Our community exists wherever the people of Veritas go.Application H: Brochures H.veritas. For service times and other information about Veritas Church. visit our web site at www.

If you would like to learn more about Veritas. • People want strength for the journey of life. a place to connect with real people and a real God. Even our reality is sometimes virtual. BRMAS We are a church of people just like you–real people on a real journey to connect with God.N. Peace. David Virtual. Close. These words seem to describe much of our hectic culture. we believe: • People hunger for authentic relationships. Imitation. please drop the attached card in the mail. I saw the value of faith in the lives of people—sometimes at the hardest points in their lives. We believe people want more than virtual. Almost.H A note from the lead pastor: My name is David Slagle. in the hospitals in Atlanta. Nearly. We have already paid the postage. • People want to make a difference. While serving as an R. but these are the things we value: • • • • • Extravagant Love Authentic Relationships Exploring Truth Experiencing God Compassion Application H: Brochures 213 . The inspiration that I received helps me to know that we need each other and we need God. At Veritas Church. • People desire to know and be known by God. We don’t have all the answers and are not even sure we know all the questions.

3 Sample Existing Church Brochure 214 .Application H: Brochures H H.

H Application H: Brochures 215 .

Direct mail to the following: (a) Anyone who has attended a concert or special event at your church in the past 18 months (hopefully you have kept a list) (b) Households within a 3-mile radius of your church (c) Appropriate radio stations (d) Area churches (e) Contact local concert promoters to see if you can get a mailing list from them. However. for many churches. When sending a mass mailing you can get a bulk rate discount. You may have to buy it. List them on your promotional materials. 3. bulk mail usually takes at least a full week to be delivered. inform all outlets that you will pick up the receipts and excess tickets no later than the day before the concert. 2. It is vital that your mailing arrives at least four weeks prior to the concert.I Marketing Special Events Concerts. Ask for the appropriate list based on the musical style of the concert you are promoting. Concert promoters usually have lists sorted by musical style. The Promotional Countdown Calendar 14 Weeks Prior to the Concert 1. they are only able to attract their own people. You must give the post office a substantial amount of time to ensure your mailing arrives on the determined schedule. The following is a plan to help broaden your appeal by following a step-by-step calendar. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they tell their customers the concert is sold out unless you personally tell them so. Use your church’s nonprofit permit to get the lowest postal rate possible. 216 . Set up ticket sales at bookstores and other local businesses. Inform your stores that even if they sell all their allotted tickets. remember. Christmas events and fall festivals can all be great outreach tools.

schools. newspapers. 217 . ticket takers. have the station do a ticket give-away (about 10 pairs per station) and offer tickets to the station employees. Get rates and ask for discounts and special promotion policies. You should buy 30-second spots to run six times a day Wednesday through Saturday for at least four weeks prior to the concert. etc. radio. Make arrangements for counseling materials to be available and plans for follow-up counseling. 2. Also. Contact the local radio stations about advertising. Keep them short and to the point with a name and number to call for more information 2. 3. Check with people on your list to see when they received theirs. TV. 2. 4 Weeks Prior to the Concert 1. Send press releases to the religion and entertainment editors of all local newspapers.I Application I: Marketing Special Events 4. 3. youth programs.).) 5. Be sure to get receipts and carefully log ticket dispersal so a proper accounting can easily be made when you settle. Check with local pastors who might be available for the evening or to disciple and counsel as part of your follow-up efforts. Your mailing should have arrived by this time. Artist’s radio interviews should be scheduled and approved by this time. 3 Weeks Prior to the Concert 1. (See section on writing press releases. Redistribute tickets if necessary. load-out). ushers. No outlet should be allowed to run out of tickets if other outlets still have them. Check tickets every three days. (See section on tips for buying advertising. Start radio advertising.) 12 Weeks Prior to the Concert Distribute all promotional materials and tickets to outlets. 6 Weeks Prior to the Concert 1.) The entertainment section will prove to be much more effective than the religion section. You might even work a deal whereby the ticket stub is used as a discount coupon for their customers. Explore all community calendar and free advertising opportunities. Send announcements to all free publications (activities calendars. (Often the cost of this will be absorbed by a local business in exchange for advertising for them on the back. cable shows. Recruit or hire crew to help with concert (load-in. church bulletins. Have your tickets printed.

Group rates will not be applicable at the door nor should any tickets not already paid for be held at the door. 5. Arrange for meal(s) for artists and crew. If you have not already discussed arrival times and last minute details with artist’s road manager. It is not uncommon for people to call and ask you to hold 30 tickets. a confirmation number is assigned and given to the road manager. no tape recorders or video cameras are permitted in the hall without written approval of the record company or management. 3. Have tables set up at the rear of the auditorium and several people available to help with sales of records and T-shirts etc. Be sure they are aware of the fact that due to recording contracts. Be sure that all ticket money and/or tickets are picked up from the outlets no later than the day prior to the concert. Have meals or food money (per diems) arranged. Be sure that your crew will be there at the pre-determined time. Pass out mailing list cards to get the name and address of all that attended so you can send flyers to them in the future.Application I: Marketing Special Events I The Week of the Concert 1. and if possible. 2. Photographs are not permitted. and then not show up or appear with just a few people. Brief ushers and staff on their duties at least two hours before concert time. Prayer time with artists. 3. 6. Be sure to have hotels reserved and prepaid in the artist’s name. etc. 218 . 4. This will give you enough time to make an accounting of all tickets sold at advance and group rates. Doors usually open to the public 30 to 45 minutes before concert time 8. The hall manager should have the building open and ready for set-up. call him to confirm appropriate arrangements. There is often confusion at the desk so be sure that artist’s name is correctly spelled out. Have an expense record sheet completed (door sales can be added following the concert) and receipts on hand so you can settle up quickly if percentages are involved. 7. 4. 2. Meet with the road manager to cover details on set-up and load-out as well as sound check. crew and counselors usually takes place an hour or so prior to the concert. The Day of the Concert 1.

Please be sure that enough crew members are present to help artists with load-out 2. 3. Pay all your bills Other Promotional Ideas 1.I Application I: Marketing Special Events After The Concert 1. Telemarketing is free and very effective. Call every person who has registered at any other community event your church has sponsored. Pass out fliers at other community events that have the same target client 2. Get local businesses to sponsor the concert by putting their name on all advertising in exchange for cash or free hotel rooms. 219 . Send thank you notes to all volunteers and counselors 3. etc.

they see that the time they are investing is met with the quality in the time that you are investing. There are several ways to do this. In the case of this manual. and even projection equipment. communication cards. they are more likely to see that we take our God seriously… and to consider him. PTA. Churches tend to just think in terms of their bulletins. There are several ways to do that which we will explain below. If they see the church as irrelevant. Although bulletins (we will call them programs) are important. or concert. we are explicitly recommending tools as those provided by Outreach. When they see that we take it seriously. 220 . Inc. let us explain why this is important. they most likely come for a visit. With mediocre communications. it will only reinforce their idea of insincerity if upon visiting they find that your outreach materials are of a whole different quality than what you do each and every week. guest packets. so that your first impression and all succeeding impressions are strong and congruent—and that people all over your community will receive top-quality direct mail and personal invitations from your church. they are not the totality of worship materials that are necessary. However. we will explain how to use programs. In the coming pages. banners. message notes. If they view the church as insincere. Many people tend to see the church as either irrelevant or insincere. their reaction is probably negative to the idea of returning and considering more. It is important that you continue both the level of quality and the theme of your outreach in the worship materials. That means people will eventually come to your worship service. They are pleasantly pleased to see that the church takes itself as seriously as the local community theater.J When the Guests Arrive! Effectively planning an outreach campaign should lead to either an effective beginning of a new church or the growth of an established church. Then. then they are often surprised to see quality worship and teaching and materials that support those things when they enter the church.” The best way to avoid any such problems is to create and use worship materials of high quality so that when people visit and attend the church. before we do so. They will perceive a “bait and switch.

On the left side is a series of 6 color-coded pages that tell about our preschool. I prefer to make 8. and a welcome card that they can drop in the offering packet. program.J Application J: When the Guests Arrive! J. a communication card to gather information going back to the church staff. a list of upcoming events and experiences. and perhaps the vision and mission of the church briefly stated. a message (sermon) note sheet for people who wish to follow along. discipleship and other programs.1 Programs We mentioned earlier that we wouldn’t use the term bulletins. phone. Inc. It does not necessarily mean that the order of service will be listed in the program. general information about the church (address. A program should contain several elements. children. the program is a guide to what is going on in the church and in the service. Over the last few years. J. Therefore. worship. webpage). over the past few years. We recommend a card like this: 221 . a welcome to guests and attendees. J. but instead. They have learned that people are more likely to fill out a card when many others are doing the same… and church people can use the communication cards to share their own information and prayer requests.3 Communication Cards Many churches have moved away from visitor cards to communication cards. Quality worship programs can be ordered through Outreach.2 Guest Packets A guest packet provides a quick and quality overview of the church.5x11” half-folded packet with pockets. A bulletin in the secular world has tended to be seen as something that comes over the radio to announce bad news. These elements include: an indication of what will happen in the service. we offer (at my current church) a free ticket to the Wednesday night dinner. the terminology has shifted. Each of these elements will help people to see the essential facts that they need to know about the church. On the right side. We use the term program because this is the terminology that most people have come to expect. youth. churches have begun to use terminology like worship folder or more commonly. information about how to become a Christian (in a pamphlet format).

222 .Application J: When the Guests Arrive! J Example Communication Card BayMarin Community Church Welcome Date Phone City Zip ❏ Single ❏ Married Name Address Number/Street/Apt# ❏ First Time Guest ❏ Second Time Guest ❏ Flyer ❏ Newspaper ❏ Other ❏ Attender ❏ Banner ❏ Member ❏ Yellow Pages How did you learn of BayMarin? ❏ I’m a guest of Names and birthdates of children living at home My Decision Today: ❏ I’m committing my life to Christ ❏ I’m renewing my commitment to Christ ❏ I want to be baptized ❏ I’m willing to help where needed ❏ I’d like to talk to a Pastor I’d Like More Information On: ❏ How to become a Christian ❏ Small Groups ❏ How to join BayMarin ❏ Singles Activities ❏ Sunday PM Worship Please share your prayer requests. suggestions and additional information on back.

if the Bible teaches us to “shout it from the rooftops. Growth will result in more leadership and then more people can be reached.! Conclusion Most healthy things grow. It can also inspire you to consider what your church could do if it were healthy. Ultimately. and door knobs? Our hope is that your church will grow because lost people matter to God. May you use the tools of outreach advertising to reach out to your community—so that you might share the gospel with them in community. this manual can help you do outreach advertising and that can help prepare your church to grow more effectively. it is not about advertising. It is about Jesus.” would God not be equally honored if it was shouted from the mailbox. and momentum. To be fair. television. As we mentioned earlier. Most healthy churches should grow. If your church is healthy. We believe that Jesus would use every available means to tell every available person about the gospel. This manual is intended to help you to attract guests. learning outreach advertising strategies will not fix your church’s problems. However. This manual neither addresses church health nor ways to grow a church that’s currently dysfunctional. 223 . marketing. this will result in growth.

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