CENTRE FOR DYNAMIC LEARNING adults, zoomers and beyond

AS a ZOOMER (45 years PLUS), you ask yourself how do I stay stimulated, challenged, engaged, social and integral. LOOK NO FURTHER. The Prosserman JCC debuts its innovative CENTRE FOR DYNAMIC LEARNING (CDL). This initiative started by people who asked these same questions and shaped CDL ; created to develop and offer 45+ zoomers, JCC members and non-members alike, volunteer opportunities and learning opportunities that engage and stimulate. The CDL Organizing Committee was formed and designed to include a diverse group of individuals who have brought their own experiences and

expertise to the table and helped build learning programs for their peers. Through their efforts, we are proudly able to present this interactive approach to adult learning, leadership and personal growth, encouraging everyone to challenge themselves by actively participating. If you would enjoy engagement in your own learning, these programs are for YOU! AS a participant, expertise in any of the topics being offered is not required. All you need to bring is an enthusiasm for learning, an interest to contribute to group discussions or simply to listen. Starting in October we launch with 3 exciting programs: The NEW Retirement, Ethics, and Experiential Travel.

All CDL programs are: • Planned, presented and facilitated by volunteers • Peer-led, interactive workshops, discussion and study groups • Held in a Jewish milieu Light refreshments will be provided at each session, courtesy of the Slodovnick Endowment Fund

The Centre for Dynamic Learning engages adults, zoomers and beyond through its adult learning program and volunteer opportunities.

Ready to pack it in and retire? Is your new stage of life to be celebrated or feared? Will your identity grow or disappear - ending your career may leave a void or provide new opportunities. Will you be able to afford your dreams or be stuck chasing them without enough money? Will your relationships improve or will new conflicts arise? Join us and our presenters to discuss the many factors which help create a smooth transition from work to a rewarding ‘zoomer’ retirement. Share your observations as you learn from the experience of others.
Is your self-worth linked to your work? Can you defy expectations and make a contribution to society? How will you feel relevant, stimulated and engaged once you’ve left your job or career? Will you reinvent yourself and zoom upwards or are you doomed to coast downhill with age? out there can trip you up? How will you overcome them?

Transition to Retirement: Presented by Dr. Sharyn SalsbergEzrin, retired organizational

Retirement and Your Identity: Presented by John Moore, former
investment advisor and founder of Retirewell, a consultative service for retiring lawyers.

psychologist, author of Living Through Transitions: Harnessing Your Courage at a Personal Crossroads. ---------------------------------------------------How will retirement affect you and your relationships with spouse, children, grandkids, and friends? Do you have elderly parents? If so, will that bring new challenges?

---------------------------------------------------Can you actually afford to retire? Will your lifestyle take a hit? Will it be possible to establish a realistic financial plan for a comfortable retirement? How should you budget for your new circumstances?

Retirement and the Family Dynamic: Presented by Elaine Solway, former Registered Clinical
Social Worker, professor at York University. ---------------------------------------------------Presenters return to summarize and focus on your new understanding of retirement and take any questions. The goal is for you to leave these informative, interactive sessions with new insights on effectively managing retirement, the exciting next stage of life.

Retirement and Your Finances: Presented by Tessa-Marie Shillingford, personal financial planner,
Program Facilitator of Financial Literacy at JVS Toronto, author of Controlling the Debt Monster. ---------------------------------------------------Is your transition to retirement likely to be smooth? How can you ensure that it is? What are the building blocks to success in this new phase of life and how can you create them? What barriers

MONDAYS, Oct 3— Nov 7 5 weeks (no class Oct 10) 7:30 – 9:30 PM Member Value Fee: $35+HST Regular Fee: $50 +HST

Retirement Wrap-Up: Presenters listed above.

Is knowing what’s ethical always easy? Do different circumstances affect what’s right or wrong? Should you publicly say whatever you feel or keep your mouth shut for fear of offending? Are you worried that an underfunded health care system will impair – or even shorten – your life? Can anything be done about that? Let’s get together to frame important societal themes like

these. Have your say in some lively discussions that will help you understand critical issues more broadly and deeply.

Is offensive speech also considered hateful? Where do you draw the line? How can we balance rights, freedoms and responsibilities in such a diverse society? And are anti-Semitism and Islamophobia two sides of the same coin?

TUESDAYS, Oct 4—Nov 8 6 weeks 1:30 - 3:30 PM Member Value Fee: $40+HST Regular Fee: $55+HST

Free Speech vs. Political Correctness: Presented by Dr. Karen Mock, human rights
consultant and advocate. -----------------------------------------------Is our growing population of seniors going to overwhelm public health 2

care? Would a focus on preventive care save us? Are there innovations (e.g. nurse practitioners, more urgent care clinics) that can help us live longer and healthier without breaking the bank? Or is privatization the answer? Who wins, who loses in health care reform?

When Charles Smith acted improperly, where was the oversight? Can we prevent such a situation from recurring? Are we protected in a system with fewer safeguards? Can victims be properly compensated?

Business Ethics – an Oxymoron? Presented by Eleanor Ruth Clitheroe, MBA, LL.M, D.Div. Cleric
and former businesswoman. Ethics and Corporate Governance Committee member and President of the Prison Fellowship. -----------------------------------------------Self-directed learning permits us to set the topic for the last session based on selection by participants during the first or second week of this course.

Limited Health Care Resources: Presented by Dr. Brian Goldman,
emergency physician, author, journalist and broadcaster. -----------------------------------------------When you near the end, will you have a choice? Is it appropriate to allow individuals to ask for help in dying? What qualifies as euthanasia? What does the law say – who has the final word if you can’t – family or doctors?

The Disgraced Pathologist: Was Charles Smith solely responsible? Presented by Harold Levy, former Toronto Star reporter,

author of an upcoming book on Dr. Smith. In an age of malfeasance in the financial and corporate sectors, is it possible to ensure ethical compliance? Are the Enrons and meltdown manipulators running the show? Is the profit motive incompatible with ethical practice? Are business leaders really any different from the rest of us?

Participant Selection: Presenter to be announced.

End-of-Life Dilemmas: Presented by Jonathan Breslin, Medical Ethicist,
North York General Hospital. ------------------------------------------------

Tired of just being a tourist when you travel? Would you like to go beyond the surface and experience something different and more meaningful? What benefits might there be for you? Will the locals where you visit benefit? What are the downsides? In this stimulating program you will hear from people who have participated in a variety of travel experiences. Each session will involve a presentation of one type of travel, followed by discussion of relevant issues.

What would it be like to make a difference in the third world? Does it really make a difference to the community, or is it just for personal satisfaction? How can you find out about the many opportunities which are out there?

Volunteering in Israel: Presented by Sid and Nancy Golden, examine
their experience in two different programs. -----------------------------------------------Why do we often look for our Jewish roots when we travel? What responsibilities do we have to the particular localities we visit? Share experiences exploring Jewish sites and communities in various countries.

Social Action Travel: Presented by Paula Warren, Habitat for Humanity
volunteer in several countries. -----------------------------------------------Are you excited about the idea of climbing a volcano, seeing a Mayan sacred site in a cave, rafting down a river or cycling through mountains? Who can participate in this sort of thing? What might you gain? How does it impact the host country?

Exploring Our Jewish Routes: Presented by Rabbi Elyse Goldstein,
Director of Jewish Programs & Kolel. -----------------------------------------------Living in another country for a while is a great way to get to know the place – or is it? How long does it take to feel part of the community? What can make it easier and a more productive experience? What are the positives and negatives of such an adventure?

Adventure Travel: Presented by Dee Simpson, life-long adventurer and
award-winning documentary film maker, and Arlene Smith, retired educator and frequent traveller. -----------------------------------------------Have you thought about your next trip to Israel? What volunteer opportunities are available? What’s it like to participate? Does Israel really benefit?

TUESDAYS, OCT 4—NOV 1 5 weeks 7:30 – 9:30 PM Member Value Fee: $35+HST Regular Fee: $50 +HST

Immersion Travel: Presented by Dee Simpson, who has lived in several
different countries for months at a time.


Plans are underway to develop and offer a new set of programs for Winter 2012. We’ve already started working on one in the area of family relations. Because family dynamics have changed dramatically over the years, we thought it would be timely to explore this topic. The “sandwich generation” and “alternative lifestyles” are possible themes. Questions to consider: how do you handle children returning to the nest? What are some ways to deal with children’s alternative lifestyle choices? How do we manage unanticipated responsibilities? Is there life after your spouse is gone? Each week, participants will explore challenges and changes confronting our families in our evolving society. Stay tuned for more details.

The CDL Committee develops programs to meet the needs of JCC members and the community-at-large, aged 45+. The committee is looking for new members to fill the following positions: CDL BOARD OF DIRECTORS. If you want to take an active role in developing CDL programs, consider becoming a member of the Board of Directors. (2 year commitment) PROGRAM DEVELOPERS and COORDINATORS. If you have a program idea that would appeal to CDL participants, we want to hear from you. We will work with you to develop and present it to the CDL Board. We are always open to new ideas that will peak the interests of our learners. PRESENTERS. If you are passionate about a topic and want to share your knowledge and expertise, you could

be an ideal presenter for one or more sessions. FACILITATORS. If you enjoy engaging participants and managing discussions, consider becoming a facilitator.

For more information on any of these programs or on volunteering, contact Janet Klein Slavin, Coordinator, Adult Programs, 416.638.1881 x4259 or janet@prossermanjcc.com

For the Jewish Life YOU want to live.
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PROSSERMAN JCC INFORMATION: Program Registration: 416-638-1881 x4235 General Information: 416-638-1881 or email: info@prossermanjcc.com Prosserman JCC is located at Sherman Campus 4588 Bathurst St. (North of Sheppard) Toronto, Ontario

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