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A la lIe~da,de j6s conquiSltaclijT~:Y posterio res~,evattgel iFiadores [esu ltas tGd"!vla ~QntinU~lR ~stecrlt!J;aI,.los. con mis'Qr'len.1$ les fJermiteh s~g.urr

oanzan~o ~erp :Y.a-1nQ erfhonor:al piy,o -sine, para San Pe:dro X 5aJi P.ablo c_dfl la lntf1ild:ucdon de nutiivoSr.€I.ementos,
)fa que anteriormente


vMan semidesnudos Cosmoybion:

.blrd end tri-ed tel hvm I-t?OJ#fI~As. rh:~y '?$Ji~ed th~ bi{d ;tflott~Re-G Ir;$~{rtQ'tne gtiJ/Jdd gne diScifJiplet{reld bef@re their e,y€s-. trSit~r dn that night as tl1ey' wer.e 'eaDng;n.r9'unei th~ hot c.o0Ls of the firei, ,the hl)i1Je:fS' lMked u'IJ Ifl\I!J tnJ;: sky-anti, $QW,~rfqt "the pgure of chis sttonge blli,eQ' Had lJj§"pesf:ed (dlitPI'J_gs{ th:e~stdts.rfie' Pifioc(Js were very friWite-nedand decided that tnis.bird must be TJ supreme fuei~g which the)! then cb1ied ''NtlfM1YOf€J, th€ SucreG Piyd',A. Pfyo being 0 {omi type, Q,r!'J5trkh They (J($o' deeipedthgt- the
ti(m die of2tJoororfoe rifPiyQ ~$ tJ sig{t ihdt they were to' S!3tt/,€ th.ere.
As time passed' they artriouted good nl,Jnt$, S/Jrxess(fJi fishing ,V-encurl.;iS.J ond SJltlntifui hOfV£.S,ts ttl the' PiYQ·At the end

qe ~ good ,US" -rhe.la?t. Ev~nt~lIy !trey us~~ Wrird' "YaWWM" Qr~hill.aQ_dnam-ttd the tne ritual [''(eritvs'~which ri'Jieans "He
thot diifJJfes the h'ms".
When"fPfe cfJHlfjli.iiSt_ofJore.s:arid infer the jesUit MisSionaries cwrived,the indtg@no!.J.s ~rgQple:; were st.IiiEondnuing; this' ritual

lona where they: were was~~cted (Jrta

dance. The mis~i(i}nDrre.S 6rr~wed th~m to G£il:1tlf(lue~ cia.ncing bot if1st~Qd of hnt'loring t}1e."Piyo", thf1_y'qdopted·the ritual t,Q honor 5Qfnt _Pe!~r~rrp:SGjntPowi,

prueba nuevamentell~egabael ave y se le llevaba al' Iygar donde se encontrab'a el dtosiiiyo y- aIH_<serra Eons.iGjadp 'I clJic1,ado ·etername:nte.

pjfl.Otas cre~n que cuandg.alguien muer:e. Mega IJInaVe inmensa y 10 lleva a un lugar deride tiene que pasanvarias pruebasfsi en vjda sechai;JCa preparafh muy bien en la c~rla PQd€a saJir !1le' la dificu.ltad. c:uando ai'fin $.,t)peraHa la,

Indigenous Beliefs:
The iPiiiocQ8-oeilelled tJ:uat when sqme@;ne tiJed, Q large bird wow/d atn've t(J take lEe Qec:~C1s~~d a ploce ·wn~re.the,xhaj;} to to pass· van'ous physiGol tests. If they nad prepared wejl durifJ€ life it WQS I'l'%lre likely ~tJt t/iJey wou/cd pass these: te.m-; If qnd wh~rr they ha.r1 '~-as~ed te-ts the the large birr! woUld GJrrive again 'and .toke them to tfie god "Plyo-" who wemId
ftheJl watch over tljf~m for

theY' even did o ritu(Jj dqnce ofthank.$ and brought tile b~estc{ear;h pwduct to.. ~e ~red t!q;
tfiEtPfy,:o .. QJJring thr:t dtmce ,thg:' pjfi_[i~_as wore leather triQS~ with ostrl€h (aathers

of the- harvesnseason

on top. Tnis dGJf1ce



way (Gr ·them



to ceJebrGlte' the harvest (lnd hunt and osk the P'ty() thorthe J1'€xtseason wQq/a


Hundreds of ~ears b~tqre lhe arrival Q;f t-he oonquiStado/'fS, tHi$ territQriY was inhabited by "The Pifim:as" Who wer.e one of the most numerous tribes 111 the
area. Our anGest'oFS 'tel.! us that when

hunting &;lOSM a'lme aiong,. the mePi lett their famlfies Gnd went into the surrounding jungle to hunt.

One day, while wondering through the

me hunters

came upon a swnge


yaritu:ses hoy:

I'os motivos por Iss que hoy eM San ?<.ayT~;r habi:tantes participarr en este Aitu91 que SEl sus realiza cada 29 'f 30 dejtmlo, dlas previ,Qs van all monte aG1i.zar par-a Ilevat esto, (Gmo una otreniola a la !glesra cqnjunt.wJ')ente:~9'A1§lIi1l!e:produce la tierra, esto 10 QlI-ga_
PrGrtiesa e Glevo€lon'son el abuelc M unpanaoYque Uevasobre su.espalda.,durartte la Rli'DGe'Sk5-n reallzatl movirnientos drutlar€s de GOs grupGfS: ide acercamientQ y aleJ.amientQ ante las ima:genes de San P~dro ySan -Pgolo, En~1 elaustro parroquial la danza cer:emonial es realiz\'ida en

nu ed 0,

'des tos pers@najes ge· este ritual: EI-Abuelo, es como

un sacerdote qlJe I'leva en la espalda un panacea con 10 rn~ctr de la cosscha y tateria xlosYarituses; que son IO's
.que danzsn alrededor del sbuelo y delm:U"ed~ Ia? im-agenes.

'r,he YaritusesToday: Every 29th and 30th of jun,e th~ people ,of San Xavier
contiMue this ritual aanlZe .in celebration Of their ancestorS. 5evsm.1 ,deWS before thefestivaf peopi~ go into the jungl.e to hunt and harvest 'their crops so that ther can gIVe Qn .offering to .the cburch. This gffering Is carFieq'in Q palm (eafbackpack leader Of the Yarituses, During the proc;ession two groups dan.oe in .s_epGfate ·cirwiQrmol(emenrs, one'tOW-Grels and one

'from the images of Saint Reterand

Saint Paul.

if:1ere Q~ two main characters iR this tiLl1a1:The Grnnd(ather. who is like the priest that carries the offering on his back;
arid the Yorituses wrro' dance around the Grandfather and in (rpnt o~:the images.

,'~""'M;dl:.'\' IH 'IN(J.I}i.il;llIo !j;I]MIf!.!.';IOr ~(II:'t.C::lo' '( 1"lJnl~Wi,!:, Cit l.I.l'IT'.iI C;IUH



Dress: saco y
G Q luI f Q tli e rs : the Grandfathers wear (J sack Qnd a leother mask In their hand they


van vestido con un

una mascara de cuero de animal" en la mane lleva una vara can la cabeza de un ave 0 animal cazado, en su espalda carga un panscu con animal~s cazados y otrosalirnentos que cultiva en sus


Yarituses! van vestidos con PantaJon y camisa de lienzo.enla espalda llevan
un manto de colores cruzado, la cabeza

·corry Q staff with the head of Q bird or animal 011 the end afit. On their back they carry the traditionol palm backpack. filled with the off%:rings of the people,



un mantodeco~ry.encima

una. mascara. de tela. con' dl'DuJos que represerrtan la flora y fauna delaregion, en la parte alta de Ia;mas~ara Van las plumas del piyo y una diadems de

plumas de l:oros,5e colocan -en las pantorrillas unas sonajeras Ilan:adas
"Pakhochlses". En la mario sostisnen una. vara con una munecaen la parte

Yarltuses: the Yoriwse-s ore dressed in linen pants and "Shitt. On their bock they-wear 0 clook with interwoven colors. On their heads they wear a colored ';Ieil and a mosk: thot covers their fot!.e. The mask is woven Qnd features drawings. of regional plants and animals; There ore Piyo feathers. surrounded.by parrot feathers Dn
the top o(the mask. On their legs

que representa a la virgen (Ia madam) vcimas de colores que denotan los, raves del sol. Los yarituses encierra el verdadero espiritu del javierano, ya que e~lo.~son

noisem1.Jk.ers coiled 'Poichochises",

Yorituses wear stocking witl1

drectos descendientes de los Plnocas la parcialidad mas nurnerosa
que habitaban en estelugar y por 10 tanto son los que

In their hands they corry 0 stoff with 0 doll thot represents the Virgin (the Madonna) along witH colored ribbons that denote the rays of the sun. The Yarituses capture the true o("XoverelJos", as they are the direct descendents of thJ original Pifioc(Js who inhobit~d thJ area. To this day the Y(lr!tuse~ conserve the traditions Qn~ expressions of the local (olklork through ritual donee and sqng, These riwal dances con be seen at any time with prior reservoti0l

conservan hasta hoy en dfa una de las expresiones mas rica de nuestro folklore. Es una de las ritualidades que 5e conserva hasta hoy y
cualquier fecha
se la puede vet" en "La Piedra de

los Apcstoles".

LCJ /ey,enda <Fie
~;e~Gien-e-~fl19~Chi~ui:t:g~M, d!; Sarr Javiif}. ~0tiside~ Il,jga~s Q¢ tulta ~\'Yen.~racii~nIqs tl@r~s:y. las: pJedra£ ~(Qerrp Hltd\UrU,

los Yarit~J'5e:i'
Yarituises (legenct)

r1Fio:ba;s; ~~e I~"s "I$al~:g;;

dE£l@sAp':6steles). EM sU fie:st.l ~llgl'Qga hatoo las :{iJf~ndMae lap; primitiro; d'~la [ose.ella:o 1;3. llaza CGIn' ,dan~rtt!Jales.
S.~,h ki~ enc;af.gM'~5. ai3i\l£t<;tS:ritlJla[es y los t1ealizanerr

pie-tlr:;;!iS San Frm:'"o~i~e09 p~!2tdr;rts


honeral "Pi y..e e"aVeslruz"' (lJIpayares) M~.1 cer~ (yirittlx)J Junto 10. 10s .a~.we:tO& (Intima) I' quiene~ Ilevan' las ofl"'en:aa6' de 1a recoleccion 0 de IE.caza animales d@1mente. Antes de la,~i3i6nl~~~Rokw


with<the ;gitlndf<;Jther$ whd,;t4Jrry tne offerings that f'1;l[lve tie-en gJ!1rne11ffd from t~.e hunt Cln'i;./

The. Yaritu.sAA, have Qaen put in c/-<lorg~ 'Of lihes,a rituals Gnd cohtfnue- the· trcfQ}itiVn which f~ in he"rlQro('tfje: Piyb {)r OS/:n't/i,1qgei1:Jer

harvest;' tMy:arcy on t-he ltad/tl'(9na/ w(i)!':Ship'pm"cti£"€h!6(the

the mis$(iJn th~ PinQk([J:~ :b~li.e!/€d In 'Q god rilf.iJt wlbrshi'l1e¢. tl1~ Qs,tffr;:h,wfiich was conneq;er;j

y era 61 '"Piy@" (de la .c~n~efaQ:iof1 gMr"'I'j Y. """aU' ·'".ib' '''11 1"'1 "off"" :,.,ja.s .,:;s:'" ~ni;l~ p;illt4~ue q:.taF1d'o ellas'm.ue.nan el tlioshpiyo"l, 10 reci'bjera 't 10 metiern del:94~b de SW5 ~laS:rp:artl, ~LJeh.®, sufriera ma,s 1- ~u<e.e",r l?al9 .SU arnp'l:I.I!.o, p.ar;a.lal!flt6_fT1idad"A\qema,s le~ ~rwia:ba:un pal8Jp grande que' IQf! tlt7atlsRqrta~a y k~s,ayudal:1j3. a !;!1.I1'e1rar l;as tZ)b~tacvlos para ,~u_e. Ileguen hasts ~I. '
~~ •. (:I,. I '"",' &!. t . ."",,5 . I,

conqtian l,ln di~s ~ue ad orab'al'l ,


yvrtH oconst;e{ltpJi@/l. They wo.rshipelii
hopes tfrl!l4)Nhen

jhetr spiritual g~./de!as sef01:e th~y 'cGutd mee~ ~p 'With this lj),5,.tdcn g.od they hed 11"J pass §ever(.1i te,sts,

tM,eydfe;d i.r would (eQeiv:e them qnd gUrfltd, them under; it!s wing" tOI' ~temjty; Another:._bird sePt'ed os

tfr~ Q$trich~'od in


skills, charade,..; CiDdabilities.


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