The NGFFL Hall of Fame

The legacy of NGFFL will be kept and passed down to future generations of flag football players by way of our organization's "Hall of Fame". In 2010 the league shall initiate its "Hall of Fame" to honor the achievements (both on and off the football field) of people in gay flag football. The purpose of the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL Hall of Fame) is to provide a historical perspective and perpetuate the history of gay flag football and Gay Bowl. CRITERIA Membership Eligibility Any member of a NGFFL or association, living or deceased, (including players, managers, coaches, scorekeepers, sponsors, and fans), who have been an active member for at least 7 years are eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame for 2010 – 2011, 8 years 2012-2013, 9 years 2014, and 10 years from 2015 forward. Nominees should have made significant contributions to their leagues and/or to NGFFL. Notable exceptions are death and unforeseen relocation of a member in which a member could not participate for five consecutive years. Applications for nomination to the NGFFL Hall of Fame shall be made by the Spring Conference Call of the year of induction. The applications may be submitted by any person who is familiar with the candidate. We strongly recommend that the application include a photograph of the nominee. Nominated people who are not elected shall be resubmitted for 2 additional years. After the 3 year period, the maker of the applicant shall be notified, and asked to submit an updated application for the nominee. The Gay Bowl Liaison will prepare a ballot with the names of all nominees and will submit the ballot with a copy of the applications to the voting members within 14 days of the deadline for nominations. Voting members will have 14 days from the date the ballots are distributed to return them to the Gay Bowl Liaison. The Gay Bowl Liaison will tabulate the results of the voting, and notify the nominees, NGFFL Officers, and the living Hall of Fame candidates of the results. The voting members shall meet VIA teleconference annually to elect the new Hall of Fame. There is no set number of new inductees, but as a ground rule 2-5 new members should be selected each year. The voting members may vote for a maximum of five nominees. Each nominee will be carefully scrutinized and must receive 80% approval with the tier one vote and 60% approval from the tier two voting committee before they can be elected to the NGFFL Hall of Fame. VOTING MEMBERS Voting members shall consist of the following: Tier 1: The finalist must pass with 80% approval. 1. The living elected members of the Hall of Fame 2. NGFFL Board members 3. The at-large committee members of the Hall of Fame organization. Any at-large member not attending two (2) consecutive NGFFL meetings (teleconferences), not voting in one election, or not attending a Gay Bowl may be removed from the Committee. The Hall of Fame Committee meets twice a year VIA teleconference, in the spring and fall. The Committee shall be made of the Gay Bowl Liaison, director of Gay Bowl host city, and director of previous Gay Bowl. The Gay Bowl Liaison shall conduct Committee meetings, prepare and send ballots and applications to voting members, receive and tabulate the results of the voting, and notify the NGFFL officers, living nominees, and Committee members of the results of the voting. The previous Gay Bowl Director shall record the minutes and assist the Gay Bowl Liaison with the balloting. Tier 2: The finalist must past with 60% approval 1. One representative from each qualifying member city; Be a member city in good standing, In participated in two consecutive Gay Bowls, and the voting representative is required to attend the formal conference call announcing the finalists (an invitation will be sent 30 days prior to the conference call).

National Gay Flag Football League Hall of Fame Application
Name of Nominee ___Ivan Solis____________________________________ City San Diego State California Zip Code _92104__ League or Association San Diego American Flag Football League____ Years Nominee In NGFFL 7 League Associations San Diego American Flag Football League_; NGFFL_____ _________________________________________________________________ NGFFL Accomplishments (max of 250 words)__ Served on the National Gay Flag Football Association Board of Advisors; Currently serving on the SDAFFL Board as national rep and long rage developer__________________ Other Qualifications (max of 250 words) Created, developed, and organized the San Diego Flag Football League in 2002. Directed the Gay Bowl V – a playoff tournament in San Diego of over 14 national gay flag football teams; Winner of Gold medal in the 2006 Chicago Gay Games for flag football; Competed in 6 Gay Bowls Commission for Gay Bowl XII to come back to San Diego created the Surf & Turf football tournament in San Diego 2004, and created the Duel in the Desert football tournament in Palm Springs 2009 It would be greatly appreciated that along with the application you send a photograph of the nominee. Return to: Submitted By:

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