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A P P E T I Z E R S Iced Shellfish Tower Baby Maine Lobster • Oysters On Half Shell • Shrimp • 2 Person Min. Smoked Atlantic Salmon • Carved Tableside Classic Steak Tartare • Prepared Tableside Shrimp Cocktail • Pink Brandy • Red Cocktail Sauces Jumbo Lump Crab Cocktail • Joe’s Mustard Sauce • Red Cocktail Sauces Chops “Signature” Lobster Tail Thin Batter • Flash Fried • Honey Mustard • Drawn Butter Lump Crab Cake • Quarter Pound • Grain Mustard Beurre Blanc Baked French Escargot In Colossal White Mushrooms • Garlic Pernod Butter Fresh Oysters On The Half Shell (6) Red Horseradish • Shallot Mignonette S O U P S Creamy Onion Maine Lobster Bisque S A L A D S Caesar Salad Chops Wedge • Bibb Lettuce • Sliced Tomato • Bacon • Blue Cheese Tomato • Sweet Onion • Salad • White Balsamic Spinach Salad • Toasted Pecans • Warm Bacon Dressing Chops “Chopped Salad” Romaine • Hearts Of Palm • Egg • Tomato • Blue Cheese Garbanzo Beans • Sweet Peppers • Creamy Dressing
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Prime Dry Aged Porterhouse 24 oz. Center Cut Filet Mignon 8 Oz • 10 Oz • 14 oz. Kobe Beef Sirloin • Genuine Wagyu • New York Strip Cut • 12 oz. Prime Dry Aged • Roast Prime Rib • Garlic Salt Crusted (Limited Availability After 8pm) Page 2 of 4 . Prime Dry Aged • “Double” Porterhouse • For Two • 48 oz.PO TA T OE S (Serves Two Or More) Lyonnaise Potatoes Hash Brown Potatoes • Parmesan Cheese Old Style “Home Fries” Thick Cut French Fries Garlic Mashed Potatoes Baked Potato • One Pound • Loaded VEGE TA BLE S (Serves Two Or More) Little Joe’s Spinach & Mushrooms • White Balsamic Jumbo Green Asparagus • Hollandaise Chops Signature Creamed Spinach Colossal White Mushrooms • Garlic • Parsley • Butter Fresh Steamed Broccoli Chops Famous Onion Rings • Chops Steak Sauce Fresh Green Beans • Sautéed ST EAK S A N D C HO P S Prime New York Strip 12 Oz • 16 oz.

Chops Prime Bone In Rib-Eye Steak 22 oz. Topped With Warm Great Hill Blue Cheese • Bacon • Shallots Domestic Loin Lamb Chops • Triple Cut SU RF A ND TU RF Half Pound Center Cut Filet Over Quarter Pound Chops Signature Lobster Tail Thin Batter • Flash Fried • Honey Mustard • Drawn Butter Chops Veal Rib Chop • Extra Thick Cut Topped With Warm Great Hill Blue Cheese • Bacon • Shallots Dino’s Pan Roasted Chicken Vesuvio • Thin Green Beans • Sweet Onions • Garlic Mashed Potatoes LO BST ERS Live Maine Lobsters 2 Lb • 3 Lb • 4 Lb • 5 Lb Chops “Signature” Jumbo Cold Water Lobster Tail Thin Batter • Flash Fried • Honey Mustard • Drawn Butter FRE SH SEA FO O D Swordfish Steak • Cracked Almond Crust Creamed Mashed Potatoes • Chardonnay Veal Jus Seared Atlantic Salmon Wilted Spinach And Bay Shrimp Butter Cracked Pepper Ahi Tuna Steak Shiitake • Scallion Mashed Potatoes • Port Wine Glaze Chilean Seabass Seared With Sesame Oil • Ginger • Scallions Spinach • Sticky Rice Horseradish Crusted Atlantic Grouper Lemon Beurre Blanc Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes Grain Mustard Beurre Blanc Page 3 of 4 .Prime New York Strip • “Au Poivre” • Brandy Pepper Sauce • 12 oz.

Sauteed Whole Dover Sole • 1½ Pound Filleted Tableside • Browned Butter • Crisped Capers • Lemon Page 4 of 4 .

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