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Cristian Socianu
Galati - 2011


Author - Cristian Socianu

Translation: Layout, design and proof editing: Photographs: Text collaborator: Printed at C.N.I. “Coresi” S.A. ISBN 978-973-0-11273-3

Florina Farca Elena Sava Ilie Stan, Marian Barbulescu, Sorin Pana, Octavian Cocolos, Cristi Preda Vlad Dragan -

Marius Stan and his dream
Before the 2010-2011 season start, the general director of Otelul warned everybody involved in the Romanian football, that Otelul will be quite the surprise of the new season: "We have the same valuable team since last year so we can rise. Don't be astonished if we'll be among the top of the First League." Perhaps no one took him for granted or just maybe most of them smiled ironically. Marius Stan wanted to fulfill his life long dream of becoming a champion alongside Otelul for the first time in the Romanian football history. It was also the unrequited supporters' dream! outstanding manager. His name became synonymous with Otelul's victories. In 1988 he was on the field, fighting for the great victory against Juventus Torino and later on, during his first years as President, he took Otelul in the UEFA Cup again (1997, 1998). At one point in time, under the stress of circumstances, he had to leave. He returned in 2005 and saved Otelul from befalling to the Second League and than carried it again to the European Cups in 2007. Recession soon hit Romania but Marius Stan managed to keep the

General Manager Date of birth: June 5, 1957, Hunedoara He made his debut in the First League on August 7, 1986: Otelul – Victoria Bucharest (2-1) He also played for FCM Progresul Braila (19901991).
Marius Stan was also a player for Otelul between 1982-1990. This rare picture shows him in a game against Olimpia Rm Sarat on June 9, 1985 (Second League) in which he scored the first goal (final score 4-0)

First and foremost President Marius Stan was a player. Although he was born in Hunedoara he played for Otelul Galati exactly 100 First League games and scored 7 goals. He later on transferred to nearby Braila from which eventually retired as a player. He couldn't refuse in 1991 when he was offered an office for the club his heart was beating. This is how he became President of FC Otelul Galati. The experience he had accumulated as a player helped him become an

club afloat. Moreover, he accomplished the unthinkable in 2011: little money, no debts, less players and with the lowest wages of the First League he successfully qualified in the Champions League! Today's Marius Stan' managerial abilities are no longer questioned.

Total games in the First League: 129(7 goals). President of: Otelul Galati (1991-1998 and 2005-2011), Dunarea Galati, Rocar Bucharest, SC Vaslui, Poli Iasi.
The fact that he discovers more new players, whom nobody seem to take an interest into until they become valuable for Otelul, is a second nature for the man who had a dream! 3

Puiu Victor Vasilache, The First Club's President
He was barely 32 years of age when he was appointed to run Otelul which in 1974 was merely a modest sports association owning a Second League football team. Moreover, it had little chances of survival because of the communist's party intention to dissolve it. Regional Championship while LBR in 1977, to which in the meanwhile I added the name Otelul, got promoted in the Third League. Four years later Otelul was competing in the Second League". However, soon enough Puiu Vasilache received another shock: the communist authorities decided for the second time to move the team outside of Galati, this time… closer, only 70 km away, to Tecuci. Unrelenting Vasilache pursued his dream and for the third time put together a team consisting of the players who refused to go to Tecuci. He took Metalosport from Third League and after only one year of hard work, in 1981, his team gets promoted to the Second League again.
Borned on April 11th, 1942

managed to play against Juventus Torino in UEFA Cup! Regarding the future club's president Marius Stan, who was player during those times, Vasilache recalls: "In 1984, when I brought Costica Radulescu as coach to Otelul, he was eager to find out a little bit about each player. He invited me to his home and questioned me all night. There was talk about transferring Marius Stan for he was not harmonizing with the defense line thought up by C. Radulescu. I got struck by an idea! Why not use him in front of the fullback line? This idea appealed to Radulescu and for many years to come he successfully used Marius Stan for that position within the squad.” Soon after the 1989 Romanian Revolution, Puiu Vasilache was replaced for a few months by Igor Parvu and in 1991 by former player Marius Stan, president to this day. The birth of Otelul as well as the remodeling of the stadium and the first UEFA Cup qualification are all tied to Puiu Vasilache.

They quite succeeded in doing that in 1975 when they transferred the team 100 km away, to Adjud! Therefore, the club was left without a football team. However, they still owned an athletics team with just....two legitimate athletes! “In 1975, helped by the workers from the Steel Plant, I put together from scratch three new football teams: LBR, Rapid UETU and Venus Turnarea Continua. I immediately enrolled all three of them in the Municipal Championship. In 1976 the first two advanced in the 4

This time was for good! Vasilache changed the name from Metalosport to Otelul and became unstoppable from that moment onward. From a team which was practically inexistent, in a few years time (1976-1988)

The surprising champions

Nothing and nobody could have foreseen the surprise bestowed upon the Romanian football championship of 2010-2011. FC Otelul Galati was a team that never succeeded in surpassing 4th place in the First League History. The season's favorites were as always the same: Steaua, Dinamo, Rapid, Timisoara, CFR Cluj or Vaslui. Was clear to everybody that the new champions will be one of these teams. Looking back and studying the final statistics, Otelul's victory doesn't look like a surprise anymore. The team from the Danube's shores was the chart's leader for the majority of the time, 24 out of 34 rounds to be more precisely. They finished in the style of regular champions. Steelers' evolution was nothing short of sinuous. Throughout the season they were always among the top five teams, giving up the first place only twice during the season. The first six rounds were seemingly normal, Dorinel Munteanu's team recording 4 victories, 1 tie and 1 defeat, occupying an honorable 3rd place. The critical moment soon followed when in the 7th round,

without a few steady players in its squad, Otelul lost 0-4 at Vaslui. As a result, they moved down to 5th place. Instead of loosing faith, the defeat awoke the stealer's pride. The defeat at Vaslui was immediately followed by 5 consecutive victories, including against the traditional title pretenders Steaua, Dinamo or U Craiova.

In the wake of these phenomenal achievements and not being defeated until the 16th round, Otelul became the “fall champions” after the first half of the season, with 5 points ahead the second team! As anything better, the second half started with a “gift” from the League. Pandurii was not scheduled to play due to an unpaid debt and


Otelul was given 3 points without playing. That was followed by a home victory against Rapid and the second half of the season was on schedule for Otelul.

Nevertheless, Otelul’s game begins to deteriorate and in just 6 rounds (2126), the team gets 3 times defeated. It was the same number of defeats they endured in the whole season until then. As a consequence, after leading the charts for almost 7 months in the row, they lost the first place! Now would've have been a good time for a comeback but the “Phoenix bird” continued to put its fans into a flutter

as they tied twice at home against Dinamo (3-3) and Medias (2-2). The last game was also the last turning point for Otelul. The coach asks for consecutive victories and the players do not disappoint him anymore from round 30th to the end. Hence, Otelul wins the Championship title for the first time in the club's history with 4 points ahead and zero home defeats throughout the entire season.


The last battle
Sunday May 15, 2011, time 20:00, 33rd stage OTELUL GALATI - FC TIMIŞOARA 2-1 (1-0) „Otelul” Stadium – Attendance 13.500 Goals: Antal 15', Pena 71' / Zicu 53'; Yellow cards: Pena 72', Sarghi 78', Grahovac 87', Ilie 93' / Alexa 45'; OTELUL: Grahovac - Rapa, Sarghi, Costin, Salageanu - Filip, Giurgiu Antal (81' Ilie), Viglianti (92' Ibeh), Bus - Paraschiv (61' Pena). Coach: Dorinel Munteanu. TIMISOARA: Taborda (20' Pantilimon) - Luchin, Burca, Ghionea, Sepsi Goga, Bourceanu, Alexa, Ignjatjevici (75' Magera) - Ricketts (86' Zagrean), Zicu. Coach: Dusan Uhrin Jr. FRENZY!!! MADNESS!!! On-lookers embrace and jump on each other. We are alive, we live again. Go Otelul, go Otelul, ole, ole, ole!
The goal that made Otelul champion Author: Pena

time at the maternity ward. Please Branko, we are human too, we have feelings, not made of wood… have a little mercy with us! The Steelers jump after each ball, forcing the opposition in out. They play only with their soul, the balls must be kept away from Steelers' net. Seconds hardly pass, minutes infernally slower.

The coach Dorinel is trying to calm his team

Antal scores the first goal and Otelul takes control

When Timisoara scored the stadium went silent. A fan almost in tears holds still a scarf above his head. He no longer dares to watch the game. It is 1-1 and the dream of winning the championship title for the first time in history fades away. This cannot be it, we can do it, and all it takes is a little bit of magic. Antal passes to Bus, Bus is centering right on Pena's head and....Gooooal!!!

With their last breath fans sing and chant and shout each time Otelul counter-attacks. The arena thunders each time Poli centers. Easy pass back towards Grahovac, the goalie drops the ball which slowly rotates towards the net. What are you doing Brankoooo?!! As if he heard us, Branko jumps back like a leopard and grabs the ball. He holds it tight against his chest as a father would after seeing his son for the first 7

Second half began at 21:08, so 8 plus 45 is what?! When is this all over? It' s ten to, nine to, seven to, if we calculated correctly we should be in overtime right now. How long before we end this game?

Sergiu Costin shoots a last ball towards the sky while fans try to hold that ball in the air with the bare power of their minds. Stay there! Is what they are trying to communicate. Did the referee just blow the whistle? Yes, he did. It is all over. We are champions!!! Some fans collapse, others jump in hurdles, but most invade the field. A sea of red, white and blue scarves and flags flows over the magnificent

players. The audience nearly suffocates them with love. Champions, champions, ole, ole, ole! Champions, champions, ole ole, ole! Over the speakers we could hear Queen play "We are the champions'. We could hardly hear the delicate orchestra rhythms of the Champions League anthem coming from the not loud enough speakers. The entire stadium is chanting Otelul's anthem.

Audience twitters, the reserves are on the touch line, they hold each other tight. Nothing can go wrong anymore. 8

"Barcelona, here we come! "To the Dandelion, everybody come to the Dandelion!" we hear and see the entire stadium march towards the “Dandelion”.

Immediately after the last whistle the party started

Bus, Paraschiv, Antal and Rapa were lifted in the air by the happy fans


The “Dandelion” is what they call in Galati the “new city downtown”. In the middle of it is a water fountain in the form of a Dandelion. Here is where one hour after the game, 10.000 happy fans waited for their heroes to come and celebrate with them. And they came! The driver wanted first to stop the bus and let players walk on the stage.

Dorinel changed his mind. The fans were so happy they would've hurt someone with their love. In a few minutes, tens of fans climbed on the top of the bus and for the next 60

minutes started an unforeseen party in the middle of the night! It was a happy night as Galati didn't see in a long time. Since 1988 when Otelul won 1-0 against Juventus Torino in the UEFA Cup… But that's another story!


On May 22, a week after the “final” game with second place Timisoara, Otelul Galati was awarded with the Championship Trophy. The city was again paralyzed.

before happened in the Danube city! For most of them a football parade was seen only on TV when Barcelona or Chelsea showed their fans the Cups they won! But here is Galati,

Dorinel Munteanu, first time champion as a coach

For the first time ever in Romania, a team was going on a parade throughout the entire city. The fans were cheering, hundreds of cars marched with the platform as never

a relatively small town at the far East end of the European Union. “We are the champions” are singing along 25.000 souls and the Champaign, confetti and fireworks put an end to a historic night for Galati! 11

A Dip in the Pool!

June 22nd, 2011. The morning when "the Steelers" were crowned as the First League champions, they took part at the official soiree organized by the club. The focal moment of the evening was when the entire team jumped in the pool and chanted the Champions League Anthem. There were no exceptions!
Revenge time against Tamasanu for the torture endured during the training

We are the champions!

70 66 65 59 57 56 55 47 45 45 45 43 37 35 30 25 25 23

Otelul 2010-2011 Goalkeepers: Branko Grahovac (28 years old), Cristi Branet (34), Gabriel Abraham (20) Defenders: Sergiu Costin (33), Cristi Sarghi (25), Cornel Rapa (21), Milan Perendija (25), Adrian Salageanu (28), Constantin Miselaricu (22), Samoel Cojoc (22), Laurentiu Petean (23), Enes Sipovici (21) Midfield: Gabriel Giurgiu (29), Gabriel Paraschiv (33), Gabriel Viglianti (32), Ionut Neagu (22), Liviu Antal (22), John Ibeh (25), Silviu Ilie (23), Laurentiu Iorga (23), Razvan Ochirosii (23), Ioan Filip (22), Laurentiu Bus (24), Ciprian Milea (27) Attacking: Marius Pena (26), Bratislav Punosevac (24), Csaba Borbely (31) First coach: Dorinel Munteanu Second coaches: Ioan Balaur, Catalin Ciorman, Ionel Tamasanu, Tudorel Calugaru; Medic: Mihail Troaca President: Marius Stan

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

23.07.10 30.07.10 06.08.10 16.08.10 22.08.10 29.08.10 13.09.10 18.09.10 26.09.10 01.10.10 17.10.10 23.10.10 30.10.10 05.11.10 12.11.10 21.11.10 27.11.10 05.12.10 25.02.11 03.03.11 12.03.11 19.03.11 02.04.11 06.04.11 09.04.11 13.04.11 16.04.11 24.04.11 28.04.11 02.05.11 05.05.11 09.05.11 15.05.11 21.05.11


Sportul Stud Otelul Rapid Otelul U Cluj Otelul FC Vaslui Otelul Otelul Dinamo Otelul Medias Otelul U Craiova Otelul FC Timisoara Otelul Otelul Pandurii Tg Jiu Otelul FCM Tg Mures Otelul FC Brasov Otelul Unirea Urziceni Steaua Otelul Gloria Bistrita Otelul CFR Cluj Otelul Branesti Otelul Astra Ploiesti


0-1(0-1) 2-0(1-0) 0-0 1-0(0-0) 2-1(1-1) 1-0(0-0) 4-0(2-0) 4-1(1-1) 1-0(1-0) 1-2(0-1) 2-1(0-1) 0-2(0-0) 1-1(0-0) 0-1(0-1) 1-1(0-1) 2-0(0-0) 2-1(1-0) 1-0(0-0) 0-3 1-0(0-0) 1-0(0-0) 3-0(1-0) 1-0(0-0) 0-0 0-3(0-1) 1-0(1-0) 3-3(1-1) 0-0 2-2(0-1) 0-1(0-0) 2-1(2-0) 1-2(0-1) 2-1(1-0) 0-1(0-1)


Otelul Pandurii Tg Jiu Otelul FCM Tg Mures Otelul FC Brasov Otelul Unirea Urziceni Steaua Otelul Gloria Bistrita Otelul CFR Cluj Otelul Branesti Otelul Astra Ploiesti Sportul Stud Otelul Rapid Otelul U Cluj Otelul FC Vaslui Otelul Otelul Dinamo Otelul Medias Otelul U Craiova Otelul FC Timisoara Otelul


Iorga 4 Neagu 49, Giurgiu 52


Antal 67 pen Mendy 34, Bostina 53/ Borbely 45+2 Sergiu Costin 89 Adailton 9,55, Wesley 29, Pouga 69 Viglianti 5,70, Giurgiu 60,91/ Tudoran 24 pen Sarghi 19 Munteanu 71/ Salageanu 45, Silviu Ilie 74 Antal 67, Viglian 83 pen/ Moraes 20 pen Paraschiv 73,87 Iorga 58/ Peralta 90 Silviu Ilie 22 Pena 90/ Popa 78 Cisovsky 75, Nikolici 78 Antal 5 pen, Pena 58/ Tigoianu 63 Pena 76 Forfeit Pena 68 Ruiz 66 Paraschiv 23, Giurgiu 52, Rapa 70 Ilyes 90 Ibeh 8, Iorga 74, Punosevac 93 Maicon 25
Antal 30, Giurgiu 52, Pena 54/ C. Munteanu 37, Tucudean 87, Grigore 90

Antal 61, Pena 79/ Bawab 17, Eric 75 Antal 81 Paraschiv 22,42/ Subotici 54 Zuluf 67/ Bus 33, Paraschiv 90 Antal 15, Pena 71/ Zicu 53 Punosevac 21

All players used by Otelul during 2010-2011 Liga 1 Games
Cornel Rapa Branko Grahovac Sergiu Costin Adrian Salageanu Silviu Ilie Gabriel Giurgiu Liviu Antal Laurentiu Iorga Marius Pena Ionut Neagu Gabriel Paraschiv Gabriel Viglianti Milan Perendija Cristian Sarghi Razvan Ochirosii Ioan Filip Bratislav Punosevac Laurentiu Bus John Ibeh Csaba Borbely Samuel Cojoc Laurentiu Petean Robert Elek Cristian Branet 33 32 31 29 29 28 28 27 26 26 26 25 23 16 15 11 10 9 9 8 7 6 2 1

2950 2880 2790 2578 1980 2504 1729 1486 1519 2139 1961 1803 1964 1179 586 840 213 512 485 214 128 13 28 90 2 1 1 1 2 6 3 1 1 1 1 2 4 7 3 8 2 4 3 6 6 7 4 2 3 9 3 3 6 5 4 2 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1

Team's budget for 2010-2011: 4 mil €
Otelul won the 2010-2011 Romanian Championship and the Super Cup with a budget of only 4 mil €. Two millions came from the regular sponsor Arcelor Mittal, 1.3 mil € from broadcasting rights from previous season (placed 8th in the charts) and the difference came from commercial contracts, ticket sales, season tickets, commercial signs and Local Council.

In the 2010 transfer campaign president Marius Stan didn't spend a dime. The new players were either young promoted from Otelul's own youth club or players free of contract from other teams. Only in February 2011, 80.000 € were spent on the transfer of Serbian Bratislav Punosevac. This was one of the few times when money were spent on player transfer within the six years since Marius Stan came back to Galati as President. The highest amount of money ever spent on a player by Otelul was 100.000 € for the Serbian Milan Perendija. Third place goes to Bosnian Grohovac for 50.000 €. Players' wages are also below 100.000 €, the average annual salary of all players being 40.000 €. For the 2011-2012 season due to the Champions League qualification and broadcasting rights received from UEFA the budget was raised to 8 million €.

National Players
Cornel Rapa Ionut Neagu Liviu Antal Adrian Salageanu Silviu Ilie Daniel Chavez Gabriel Paraschiv Cristian Sarghi Laurentiu Iorga Milan Perendija Samuel Cojoc Laurentiu Bus Gabriel Abraham Gabriel Giurgiu

National team
Romania Romania U21 Romania Romania U21 Romania Romania Romania U21 Peru Romania Romania U21 Romania U21 Serbia U21 Romania U21 Romania U19 Romania U19 Romania

Field position
Defence Midfield Midfield Defence Midfield Striker Midfield Defence Midfield Defence Defence Midfield Goalkeeper Midfield

21 21 22 28 23 23 33 24 23 25 22 24 20 28

Market value (€)
1.100.000 1.100.000 850.000 800.000 800.000 500.000 950.000 750.000 700.000 450.000 400.000 200.000 75.000 800.000

Int’l games
5 4 1 2 1 3 16 10 1 3 7 5 2 10 3 1

Super champions

Otelul won its first award in 2011 after almost half of Century since the club was founded. It was the Romanian championship title! Less than two months apart, the Steelers stepped again on the field winning their second most important award, the Super Cup.
The moment Bus scored for 1-0

July 17, 2011 Romania Super Cup Piatra Neamt, Attendance 13.253 OTELUL - STEAUA 1-0 (1-0) Bus (14) Otelul: Grahovac - Rapa, Costin, Perendija (Sarghi 81), Salageanu - Giurgiu (4 Viglianti), Neagu - Antal, Bua, Ibeh Paraschiv (Pena 65). Steaua: Tatarusanu - Martinovici, Galamaz, Gardos, Latovlevici - Nicolita, Bicfalvi, Brandan, Cr. Tanase (6 Bajenaru) Tatu, Rusescu. Referees: Robert Dumitru (Brasov) - Cristian Nica (Ploiesti), Aurel Onita (Constanta). Yellow cards: Brandan (40), Bicfalvi (51), Nicolita (58), Martinovici (59) - Paraschiv (40), Antal (69), Rapa (89), Grahovac (90). 15

The Romanian Super Cup was disputed between Otelul and Steaua Bucharest, a team deeply wounded in its ego for its low classification throughout the season that

just ended. Steaua regained confidence after winning the Romanian Cup Award. The point gap between the two teams was substantial throughout last season; however, the Super Cup match was played only once on a

neutral field. Everything was possible. Moreover, Steaua, against which we played 46 times of which three were ties and only 8 were victories in our favor, has always been a pain in the Steelers' back. In Piatra Neamt Otelul owned the field and July 17th along with July 15th became legal celebrations in the “Steelers” calendar.

The goal scored by Bus, through a personal display of talent, along with a series of reciprocal attacks enchanted the stands as well as the TV viewers. In Piatra Neamt everything was gold for Otelul who won 1-0. Had they exploited all their chances, the Steelers would have enforced respect in a more categorical approach. 18

Bus was awarded the best player of the SuperCup

Super Cup celebration along with the handing-in of "the best player of the match" award won by Bus handed to him by professional World Champion boxing player Lucian Bute, concluded a magical night for the 3000 fans who came all the way from Galati to show their affection towards their team.

Antal and Salageanu happy to see Bute but boxing is not their game


Dorinel Munteanu

Date of birth: 25 June 1968 Place of birth: Gradinari, Caras Severin
Dorinel Munteanu has been one of the best football players to come out of Romania. Owning the record of participations in the national team with 134 attendances where he scored 16 goals, he is rightfully regarded as one of Golden Age's most representative players. Throughout his career as a football player he performed for Metalul Bocsa, FCM Resita, FC Olt, FC Inter Sibiu, Dinamo, Cercle Brugge, FC Koln, Wolfsburg, Steaua, CFR Cluj, FC Arges, FC Vaslui and Universitatea Cluj. Aside his performances for the national team he participated in 529 matches scoring a total of 80 goals. As a technician Dorinel Munteanu coached CFR Cluj, FC Arges, FC Vaslui, Universitatea Cluj twice, Steaua and eventually Otelul along which he achieved a historical performance: won the championship title in 2010-2011 Season. Overall, he earned 70 games in the First League as the Steelers' coach, 35 of which were victories, 16 were ties and 19 defeats. Dorinel Munteanu, who recently turned 43 years of age, came to Otelul in 2009,

Coach activity
Team Games Won Season 2006-2007 CFR Cluj 9 6 coach-player 2006-2007 FC Arges coach-player 2007-2008 FC Vaslui coach-player 2008-2009 2009-2011 2005-2006 Steaua Otelul CFR Cluj Intertoto Steaua 2 17 6 68 2 0 5 2 35 2 Drawn 1 0 8 4 15 0 Lost 2 2 4 0 18 0
Goals For/Against

Points 19 0 23 10 120 6

21-9 0-4 23-15 5-3 84-63 6-3

CFR Cluj - Athletico Bilbao 1-0 and 5-3 2008-2009 3 0 0 3 0-6 0

Olympic Lyon - Steaua 2-0 Bayern Munchen - Steaua 3-0 Steaua - AC Fiorentina 0-1


The Romanian "Panzer"
replacing the very popular and beloved coach Petre Grigoras. The

Player activity

Team Romania National team FC Koln VfL Wolfsburg FC Vaslui Steaua Bucharest CFR Cluj Dinamo Bucharest

Games Goals
134 130 113 16 8 7 4 16 18 13

Federation which classified Dorinel Munteanu as second best coach under Mircea Lucescu (Europe League winner in 2010 with Sahtior Donetsk). Dorinel Munteanu was also awarded with the Fair-play Trophy of the entire 2010-2011 season, the same trophy received by Otelul’s player Gabriel Paraschiv when he proposed his own salary cut.


Squad’s Staff

Second coach

Second coach

Goalkeeper trainer


Constantin CRACIUN

Second coach



PR & Licences

Deputy General Manager


Administrative Manager



Mass-media officer

Manager Hotel Otelul 24


Stadium Administrator

Laurenţiu MAJEARU
Competition Organizer

Only Otelul lasted!
In October of 2010 Europe was full of surprise leaders: Mainz in Germany, Lazio in Italy, Valencia in Spain, Rennes in France, Genk in Belgium, Lucerne in Switzerland, Wacker Innsbruck in Austria and Bursaspor in Turkey. However, none of these teams lasted as Otelul Galati did. By April 2011, six month after, they were all left behind by bigger teams. Even the President Marius Stan said just a year ago that “if we will remain in the First League it will be like winning the championship!” Otelul did not only remain on the first stage, but were the complete leaders throughout 2010 getting a total of 64 points and in 2011 they became champions with a total of 70 points! Place Now in oct

Country Germany France Italy Spain Switzerland Turkey Poland Austria Belgium

October 2010

23 June 2011 1 July 2011 3 July 2011 5 July 2011 7 July 2011 9 July 2011 7 Aug 2011

Astra Ploiesti (Romania) – Otelul 4-1 (3-1) Goian (13), Rusu (14), NDoye (30 penalti) şi Matei (59) / Punosevac (45) Litex Loveci (Bulgaria) – Otelul Galati 0-0 Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel) – Otelul Galati 3-1 (3-1) Colauti (4), Atar (10), Micha (31) / Viglianti (15) Anderlecht Bruxelles (Belgium) – Otelul Galati 0-1 (0-0) Bratislav Punosevac (82) Trabzonspor (Turkey)– Otelul Galati 1–1 (0-1) Halil Altintop (52) / Ionuţ Neagu (44) Lokeren (Belgium) – Otelul Galati 1-1 (1-0) Jeremy Taravel (9) / Marius Pena (49) Besiktas JK Istanbul (Turkey) – Otelul Galati 1-1 (1-1) Hugo Almeida (11) / L. Iorga (38)

Summer 2011 - Friendly Games


First row(down): Sorin Frunza, Ionut Neagu, Liviu Antal, Ioan Salageanu, Razvan Ochiros Second row: Marius Stan(President), Dorinel Munteanu(first coach), Mihai Troaca(medic), Cristi Branet, Branko Grahovac, Gabriel Abraham, Marius Pena, Sergiu Costin, Constantin

Third row: Ionel Tamasanu(second coach), Tudorel Calugaru(goalkeeper trainer), Dragos A Gabriel Paraschiv, Samoel Cojoc, Gabriel Viglianti, Silviu Ilie, John Ibeh, Ioan Filip, Gheorg


chirosii, Gabriel Giurgiu, Laurentiu Bus, Laurentiu Iorga, Cornel Rapa, Daniel Chavez

medic), Gerhard Progni (no longer with Otelul), Cristi Sarghi, Bratislav Punosevac, Milan Perendija, tantin Miselaricu, Constantin Craciun(maseur), Catalin Ciorman(second coach)

ragos Axente(maseur), Zoran Ljubinkovici, Alexandru Benga, Gheorghe Stamate, Ioan Balaur(second coach), Liviu Tunariu(maseur)

About the fans

Whether it played at home, in nearby Vaslui, the capital Bucharest or faraway Timisoara, the red-white-blue supporters have always stood by their team, not only during the glorious victory of 2020-2011, but also through hardships many times before. Steelers' gallery has always played a major role in the life of the Danube squad.

2011 has been a turning point for the fans, who realized the immense responsibility they carried. Without their support it would have been rather difficult for the team to lead all the way to the end. The year Otelul got crowned as champion the organized fans reorganized themselves by moving to the Northern Lawn.

They even called themselves "Moldova's guardsmen". A comatose Fans League since 1993 was then resurrected. As soon as second half of the season began, the fans became a force especially during the home games. Marius Sumudica, Rapid's coachman stated:


“I congratulate the management, the players and Otelul's fans. They are all eager to win." This statement came as a consequence to the volcanic reaction of Otelul's fans at the direct match. Waves of joy and cheers coming from the stands overwhelmed Rapid. Memorable are also the games against Unirea Urziceni, Gloria Bistrita, Universitatea Cluj, Universitatea Craiova and FC Timisoara.

extraordinary climate for their team but a hellish one for them. The apogee was reached playing the Super Cup final against Steaua when no less Otelul's opponents had to admit that the Galati fans generated an

than 3000 fans invaded the city of Piatra Neamt. Otelul's fans led their team towards victory in spite of a stadium full of hostile supporters.


2011-2012 - Players Value (as of 1.07.2011)
Shirt no
12 1 22 16 18 30 5 6 23 3 20 17 24 26 29 8 11 14 15



Field position

Date and place of birth
8.07.1983 Gradiska 14.07.1977 Galati 22.03.1991 Galati 23.11.1986 Galati 21.11.1978 Bistrita 5.01.1986 Belgrad 4.07.1982 Subotica 15.06.1989 Brasov 9.04.1983 Carei 16.01.1990 Galati 8.07.1989 Galati 27.08.1987 Cluj Napoca 20.05.1989 Oradea 26.10.1989 Galati 3.09.1982 Cluj Napoca 2.06.1989
Simleu Silvaniei

Market value (€)
600.000 250.000 75.000 750.000 650.000 450.000 300.000 200.000 800.000 1.100.000 400.000 200.000 200.000 1.000.000 800.000 850.000 1.000.000 800.000 450.000 200.000 150.000 700.000 950.000 700.000 500.000 450.000 400.000

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Branko Grahovac Cristian Branet Gabriel Abraham Cristian Sarghi Sergiu Costin Milan Perendija Zoran Ljubinkovici Alexandru Benga Adriana Salageanu Cornel Rapa Samuel Cojoc Laurentiu Bus Ioan Filip Ionut Neagu Gabriel Giurgiu Liviu Antal Sorin Frunza Silviu Ilie John Ike Ibeh Alexandru Iacob Daniel Ionuţ Novac

Serbia/Bosnia Goalkeeper Romania Romania Romania Romania Serbia Serbia Romania Romania Romania Romania Romania Romania Romania Romania Romania Romania Romania Nigeria Romania Romania Romania Romania Argentina Peru Serbia Romania Goalkeeper Goalkeeper Centre Back Centre Back Captain Centre Back Full Back Right Centre Back Full Back Left Full Back Right Full Back Right Midfield Defensive Midfield Defensive Midfield Central Midfield Midfield Right Midfield Left Midfield Left Midfield Left Midfield Midfield Attacking Midfield Attacking Midfield Attacking Midfield Striker Striker Striker

29.03.1978 Galati 27.06.1988 Galati 16.04.1986 Port Harcourt 14.04.1989 Hunedoara 26.09.1987 Bucharest 17.03.1988 Babadag 27.03.1978 Moreni 12.06.1979 Cordoba 8.01.1988 Callao 9.07.1987 Krusevac 2.05.1985 Bucharest

7 10 37 21 19

Laurentiu Iorga Gabriel Paraschiv Gabriel Viglianti Daniel Chavez Bratislav Punosevac Marius Pena



1 Branet 5 Ljubinkovici 12 Grahovac

22 Abraham 16 Sarghi

20 Cojoc 6 Benga 3 Rapa 18 S. Costin (cpt)

30 Perendija

23 Salageanu

29 Giurgiu 26 Neagu

24 Filip 17 Bus

37 Viglianti 11 Frunza 8 Antal 15 Ibeh 14 S. Ilie

7 Iorga

10 Paraschiv

21 Chavez

27 Pena Dorinel Munteanu coach

19 Punosevac


“I am proud of myself for bruising my elbows and knees for this club which will forever have a special place in my heart". Last season, Grohovac played in 32 matches, 90 minutes each. He rounded up 2880 minutes of playtime and was by far one of the keystone players of Dorinel Munteanu. He was advocated the most efficient goalkeeper in the First League, having 16 games with zero received in his net! Branko astonished Romania with his performance against Timisoara when he bravely came out on attack, in a move seemingly borrowed from hockey, right from minute 81! He was found regularly on the opposite team's field in a desperate attempt to create superiority, especially because the score was not in our favor (0-2). The fans appreciated the goalkeeper's mad courage. Not only did he prove that he was an excellent goalkeeper, but also that Otelul can and will attack, if necessary, with all fronts.

12 - Branko Grohovac


"It is difficult for me to overcome the moments when I get injured and I have to sit in the stands, just to be a spectator of my own team." Liviu came to Galati in 2009 compelling recognition as a right wing midfielder. As a junior he was monitored by Tottenham Hotspur! Number 8 in Otelul's team had already accumulated two participations in the U21 Romanian national, other two in U23 representative, not to mention the debut in our country's National team for a friendly match against Paraguay

8 - Liviu Antal

in June 2011. These successes were the natural result of Antal's extraordinary evolution within the Otelul club.

Last season he played 1729 minutes, scored 7 goals (3 of them were penalty kicks) in 28 matches (19 of them as integralist). The most outstanding goal of this season was the one that brought victory on the field of former champion CFR Cluj. Antal dedicated that goal to his friend and colleague, Marius Pena. Not to be forgotten it is also the goal against Tmisoara in the League's “final”.

Antal has his family tattooed on his belly
The valuable 22 year old Otelu player has his entire family tattooed on his belly! When he arrived at Galati three smiling faces (dad, mom and sister) were painted to ease the longing after his loved ones. "Because we are 600 km apart (the distance between Galati and Simleul Sivaniei, his birth place), I thought this would be a nice way to have them close to me always. When I miss them, I take a look at my tattoo." On his inner forearm he has a Chinese tattoo which translated it means: "Never give up!" 33

“I neither have a facebook account, or trademark clothing; nonetheless, I'm 20 years old and I play soccer. That's it!" Ionut Neagu is 100% Otelul Football Club's breed. The midfielder is the perfect example when referring to the successes of the junior academy from Galati. Hardworking, simple, unpresuming, a real Dorinel Munteanu in miniature. He showed up from nowhere and has been a regular amongst the elevens. Born and raised in Smardan, a village in Galati County, the youngster worked hard and gave his best for football. This sometimes meant traveling daily back and forth from his village to Galati. All this to fulfill his dream!

26 - Ionut Neagu

Slowly but surely he left a mark in Romanian football by getting selected four times in the Romanian youth national team.

Neculai Neagu (his father): "His physique doesn't always help him, but he has a soul as for an entire team!"

instalații de tubulatură navală

telefon/fax: 0236/ 47 93 31 - e-mail:

“ Don't worry, there's still a lot of me left to show!" Nicknamed "Neculai" or "The Redhead" Ibeh has both Nigerian and Spanish citizenships. Along his football career he played for FC Amsterdam, Hapoel Tel Aviv, DWS Amsterdam and UTA Arad and was transferred to Otelul in 2009. He recently returned to Dorinel Munteanu's team after a one year recess provoked by an injury. By far, the best game of this midfield attacker was against Steaua in the Supercup when, on various occasions, he stumbled his adversary. Ibeh is definitely a promise for next season.

15 - John Jackie Ike Ibeh


“I have always dreamt of playing under the red-yellow-blue flag. Without high goals, one cannot progress." Gabriel Giurgiu is the "clock" which tells the exact time at midfield. He is by far the most invariable "Steeler". His achievements and steadiness encouraged the former coach for the National to pick him for a match against Brazil when he was just 29 years old!

29 - Gabriel Giurgiu

Giurgiu, a Romanian champion via Otelul, scored last season three extremely important goals, although there are no specifications of the appetite for goals in the midfielder's defensive manual.


“I feel like I belong to Galati more then other players who were born and raised here. In less then two months I transformed a rather unknown team into a super champion." Each team has a symbol, a flag carrier. This is what Paraschiv represents for Otelul. He is one of the oldest red-white-blue players. Although Parschiv played the majority of his career in the Second League, nevertheless, he has lived his second youth performing for Otelul. He immediately impose himself not only on the field, but also in the hearts of the supporters.

10 - Gabriel Paraschiv

The Fair Play Trophy Award!
In 2010, in order to avoid the global recession which has already settled in most countries, Romania underwent a mass cut in the wages. Given the climate, Gabriel Paraschiv was an example. He himself proposed the reduction of his own salary by 30%. "There are other more important things in life than money. I also have a family, monthly payments, expenditures...It's my decision and all I want is to be healthy. That's the most important thing!" is what the player mentioned regarding the issue of wage cuts. After a moment of astonishment, President Marius Stan exclaimed: “We have got ourselves a super player, a man of character rarely to be found". That is why The Soccer Professional League rewarded Paraschiv with the Fair Play Award.

He was the first to be elected team captain after legendary Viorel Tanase's retirement. He made a unique gesture in the First League’s history asking President Marius Stan to cut his salary so he can help the club, for which he was playing for 6 seasons, regain financial strength.

scored for Otelul against Craiova and Victoria Branesti (double in each game) were decisive on bringing the title to Galati!

Paraschiv has been nominated by UEFA the best Romanian player in the season 2010-2011. The goals he 37

“There have been many not to trust us or believe that we could last on the first place”. “Penarul” became known in the First League through his evolutions for Otelul, being last season team's best scorer with 8 goals. His goals always brought the much needed points to Otelul. He was considered “the black knight who killed the monster” in the last seasons' “final” game with Timisoara. Also his outstanding executions in the games against Pandurii, Sportul or Rapid helped Otelul rose above all other teams.

27 - Marius Pena

Pena was quite the jollyjoker last season because he always scored only at home games and only when he was introduced on the field on the second half of the games!


7 - Laurentiu Iorga
Originally he comes from Babadag, 30 km away from Galati; nevertheless, Laurentiu has been adopted by the city of Galati since early age. He performed since the beginning of his career only for this club. Otelul's no 7 has seven attendances in the U21 Romanian Team (for which he also scored once) and another selection in the U23 team.

Being another remarkable product of FC Otelul Galati youth centre, Laurentiu Iorga has left a mark last season in quite a few games. The most memorable goal needed to be mentioned here was the one against former champion CFR Cluj during the first half of the season.

instalații de tubulatură navală

telefon/fax: 0236/ 47 93 31 - e-mail:

“I thought about quitting football! I am now glad I haven't done that mistake.” Together with his family Milan was sent into exile at an early age, as a consequence of the former Yugoslavian countries wars. His proud warrior spirit, specific to Serbians shines through on the football field where he is one of the toughest fighters. As a junior, he played for Partizan Belgrade. Before the

30 - Milan Perendija

beginning of the last season Milan was a step away from being transferred to a… Chinese team! After his huge mistake in the away game against Timisoara, he made an unbelievable come back during the second half of the season. Thus he became a pillar in Dorinel's Munteanu steel gear. Statistically speaking, he has an incredible percentage of recovered balls as a fullback center. 40

“It's the greatest joy when you come to the stadium and fans are chanting and manifesting their love towards the colors of the club." The Serbian was transferred to Galati during last season's winter break. Overall he accumulated 10 games for the “red, white and blue” team, three of which he started as the main player, with 213 minutes of real playtime during which he scored two goals. He is a true striker who pursuits his adversary, ready to score from any direction. We'd better let him introduce himself: "I don't believe I own the perfect technique, I am not Ronaldinho; nonetheless I am a player who scores. I have a pretty good head game and I feel when a goal is

19 - Bratislav Punosevac

coming. I believe it to be a great chance for me to come from the Serbian Second League to the first place team in Romania. This offer was very tempting to me. I'm asking the fans to fill up the stadium and I promise I will do my best to please them."

instalații de tubulatură navală

telefon/fax: 0236/ 47 93 31 - e-mail:

3 - Cornel Rapa
“As a child my only dream was to play for Otelul!" The best player to come out from FC Otelul in the last few years, the fullback right Cornel Rapa declared that he doesn't mind playing for Otelul, a team so close to his heart, where, for such a young player he experienced unreal career satisfactions.

Championship and the Super Cup, played next to Zinedine Zidane, was selected 5 times in the first “11” of the National team, braved against adversaries like Dzeko, Ballotelli, Santa Cruz, Robinho or Neymar, Most certainly 2010-2011 became captain of the U21 Romanian was a dream come true for Rapa who, representative. at 21 years of age, gathered He has drawn the attention unforgettable memories others barely of clubs from Italy, France and accomplish during a lifetime of playing Germany, being valued now for over a football: became an irrefutable holder million and a half E. His parents are very proud on Otelul squad, won the of him: " We kiss the TV every time he plays."


”I have a tattoo on my arm which states: "I love you dad!". I try to thank my father for all the help he bestowed upon me."

14 - Silviu Ilie

Rapa and Ilie, Friends with Zidane and Ronaldo
On December 14th 2010 young players Rapa and S Ilie were part of the "Zidane's and Ronaldo's friends" Team which disputed in Athens a charitable match against poverty. Thus, they became field and locker pals with the two internationally renowned soccer monsters. In Athens they also made acquaintance with De Boer, Van Bronckhorst, Diarra, Nuno Gomes, Albiol, Toure and many others.

Silviu was born in Galati and represents one of the best players to ever come from the local football breeding schools. He hardly recovered from the loss of his father, who always guided him during his football career. 2010-2011 was a fabulous year for him. at the Romanian senior national, as a fundamental player for Romania U21, 16 matches played, another one in the U23 representative. Certainly his father proudly watches down to his son... Both goals scored by Silviu last season are of equal importance. One brought victory over Universitatea Craiova' s field in front of 30.000 astonished fans. The other goal sanctioned the victory against Dinamo!

He was invited to play with the National team in a charitable game next to Zinedine Zidane. He became First League champion together with Otelul! He prides himself with three attendances 43

"I can't believe what's happening to me. I simply cannot grasp the magnitude of what we have accomplished in Galati." Adrian Ioan Salageanu, full back left, has had one of the most unbelievable come backs in the Romanian football history: from Third League to Champions League! He was diagnosed with hepatitis just when various Romanian teams were taken an interest in him. This condition kept him away from the field for more than a year. He returned to the game after thoughtful

23 - Adrian Salageanu

Today he is a champion and a fundamental team-mate for Otelul Galati. The thought of retirement no longer haunts him. Now he longs for the days when he has to face Barcelona or Manchester United. He has a veritable offensive input, is a master of free kicks and one of the players with the best goal passes from consideration was given to retirement. the entire team.


“I will work hard, I want to play football and in the end I shall prove my career isn't over." Sarghi, launched in football by the late coach Ioan Nicu, is a full back central and also one of the reason women come to the stadium to watch the games. Needless to mention that in his youth he was a photo model. However, this does not impede him from being one of the most valued full-backs. His great evolution and incredible speed have propeled him to the U23 national team, for which he performed twice. His focal match was the “final” against FC Timisoara(2-1), when he fierce fully defended his half of the field, although he had just returned from a long leave of absence.

16 - Cristian Sarghi

Starting last season, due to a severe head injury, Sarghi is forced to wear a protection helmet for the rest of his football career. The player descends from a sports family. His mother was a track and field athlete as well as a physical education instructor, while one of his uncles used to play for Otelul between 1990-1993. 45

“ I presently feel 50 kilos lighter. My heart is pleased that I started with a dream which eventually became reality." Center Back and captain, Sergiu Costin was voted by the fans' site as the best player of the first half of the 2010-2011 season. He's the one responsible with the cheerfulness in and around locker rooms. He is regarded as an atypical team captain, as he himself admits it: " I am quite a mellow guy, considerate, I don't like to boss around anybody around. But if I was meant to be captain, so be it. I am in charge of a team of heroes." Costin has a very good head play, last season scoring a very important goal, at home, in the last minute of the game against FC Brasov.

18 - Sergiu Costin


37 - Gabriel Alexandro Viglianti
Un campeon de futbol, un campeon de la vida “I felt hopeless after I missed the penalty kick against Gaz Metan. It almost costed us the championship...Good thing it ended well. Now I have to make it up to the team.”

Every team needs a drop of genius, a little bit of football in tango steps. That's why for Otelul Galati there's Gabriel Viglianti. The Argentinean

him with a gift in the shape of a painting on which it was written in Spanish: “A champion in football, a champion in life". The fans were in

the miss of the penalty kick against Gaz Metan 90+3 minute of the game. The fans commiserated with him and born was brought to Galati in 2008 after being spotted by Marius Stan on a DVD. After a very good first half of the season, he collapsed. When his father passed away his game started to lack consistency. It climaxed with for his 32nd birthday they presented complete awe of him last winter when, although he had lost his father, he decided to train alongside Otelul instead of leaving to South America for funerals. “It was my father's last wish” he said. Now, Gabriel Viglianti is ready for a new beginning! 47

“If we win the championship, I promise to get a special tattoo related to Otelul to celebrate the event." Samoel Cojoc is 100% the offspring of FC Otelul. Club's management stated on several occasions that he is a great player who lost the first team position only because of bad luck.

20 - Samoel Cojoc

Last season he had to suffice with the reserve status; however he spoke to the hearts of the fans in the match against Branesti when he continued playing after he had dislocated his shoulder. He didn't want to leave the team outnumbered.


"To tell you the truth, I've never in my entire life given so many interviews. Honestly, I think there're too many waves for a single goal." He exploded just when people started thinking he wasn't good enough for Otelul any longer. Most of the time he sat on the bench as reserve, but when Dorinel Munteanu called for him he was always ready and fulfilled his duties. In just a few games he contributed to a historic title, assisted three important goals and scored once towards the end of the season. For him it was just as if the championship had just started. Thus, he became the best player in the Super Cup match against Steaua where he also scored the winning goal for Otelul. As a matter of fact he was chosen the MVP of the game.

17 - Laurentiu Bus

The award was handed to him by the IBF boxing world champion, Lucian Bute, a dear supporter of Otelul since his early years.


Tradition: sacrificing a pig around Christmas time

Paraschiv loves... pork ears Antal has a thing for its....nostrils. Every year, as a part of the club's tradition, around Christmas the Steelers cut a pig. This, of course, was no exception in 2010. All players feasted of pork meat for dinner.

Marius Stan and Captain Sergiu Costin were brave enough for the cameras


Charitable donation
In the fall of 2010 Otelul donated 23.000 Euros to a Galati retirement home for furnishing and remodeling. The money was raised from ticket sales as well as donations from players, coaches, management and other business men. Captain Sergiu Costin said: “We're happy we made our part to such an event. We thought about our grandparents, and we desired to help these people live a better quality of life". Ionut Neagu added: "If the elders don't deserve it then who does? They're the most important!". Encouraged by the player's words and good faith, the soccer fans elders requested a TV and cable television. Their wish was granted, of course, by President Marius Stan.


Coach Tamasanu- The man in the shadow


Few people know that Otelul runs so good because the responsibility of physical training was delegated by Dorinel Munteanu to a 70 years old running instructor Ionel Tamasanu. It took a while for the instructor to impose his methods. "Some players growled in the beginning. After they read a few specialty books

the guys quickly understood that running is a science. They realized how to run less but with greater profit. It mattered a lot that each exercise came with an explanation of the functionality of the respective exercise.”

Tamasanu has a motto after which he guides his work: " As far as physical condition matters are concerned, the benefit is quite hard to get, relatively easy to maintain, but real easy to loose".


On July 15 2011 was launched the first book ever to be written about Otelul Galati. It is a story about the wining of the first Romanian Championship (2010-2011) by the Galati Team. The book has 240 pages with over 500 color pictures and contains many interviews, each game's chronicles, statistics, tables and goals drawings, inside stories, great for private collectors or gifts. It is in Romanian Language but due to the fact that it has many pictures, tables, goal's drawings and statistics, it is easy to understand for everybody. It can be ordered from all over the World by sending an email directly to the author, at He will also sign it or can obtain an autograph for you from a player or coach. Enjoy reading it!

“Otelul Galati” Story Book

Silviu Ilie reading from the book about his game in the same team with Zinedine Zidane.

Roland Pangrati ~ Visual Artist
painting - sculpture - interior design

phone: 040 727 249 167

Address: Str. Regiment 11 Siret nr. 2A, Galati 800322, Romania Telephone-fax stadium: Telephone-fax Club: Website: E-mail: 0040.236.464677 0040.236.499009

Founded: 01.06.1965 (First Season in the First Romanian League: 1986-87) Other names during history: Dacia (1970-72), Metalosport (1981-82) Team's colors: Red-White-Blue Stadium: “Otelul”, 13.500 seats League 1: 23 seasons, First place (2010-11), 4th place (1987-88, 1996-97, 1997-98) Romanian Cup: Runner Up (2004, 0-2 with Dinamo) Romanian SuperCup – Winner (2011, 1-0 with Steaua) Balkan Cup: Runner Up (1992, 0-0 and 0-1 with Saryier Istanbul) UEFA Intertoto: Group winner (2007-08, 2-1 and 2-1 with Trabzonspor) UEFA Cup: 5 presences (1988-89, 1997-98, 1998-99, 2004-05, 2007-08) The highest win ever: 12 - 0, with Granitul Babadag (Third League, June 13, 1982) The most sever defeat: 0 - 7, with Rapid Bucharest (Liga 1, Nov 05, 2006) Great players of all time: Oană, Călugaru, Cr.Munteanu, Kolev, Grahovac - Morohai, Dan Coe, Vlad, Ghirca, Haiduc, M.Olteanu, I.Constantinescu, Tolea, Gelu Popescu, Zhelev, Semeghin, Cârjă, Sergiu Costin, Perendija, Râpă, Sălăgean, Sârghi - Majearu, Sălceanu, Burcea, V.Ştefan, Marius Stan, Anghelinei, Profir Tănase, Orac, Deaconescu, Radu Dan, Maleş, Tofan, Florin Cernat, Bogdan Andone, Bourceanu, Szekely, Liviu Antal, Laurenţiu Buş, Ioan Filip, Giurgiu, Silviu Ilie, Laurenţiu Iorga, Ionuţ Neagu, Ochiroşii, Viglianti, Ibeh Vaişcovici, Viorel Ion, Ad.State, Guriţă, Jula, Daniel Stan, G. Paraschiv, Marius Pena OFFICIAL SPONSOR: ARCELOR MITTAL GALATI


About Otelul's Stadium
Although Otelul will dispute the CL Groups on the brand new National Stadium in Bucharest (the stadiums in Galati do not meet the requirements for these types of games), a few words should be written about the stadium where Otelul undergoes the Romanian Championship matches.The Stadium was build at the end of the 70's negotiating with the Municipality who wouldn't sign the authorization! The attendance record dates back to December 4th 1985. Otelul played against Sportul Studentesc Bucharest (4-1) in the Romanian Cup “16” qualification round. The newspapers wrote that a staggering 20.000 people filled the stadium. In this photo we can see how people were standing in the nearby trees, in their balconies, on rooftops, and anywhere they could get a glance inside or outside the stadium! Photo: Vaiscovici gets faulted in the penalty area (16'). He shoots and scores: 1-0. The game went into overtime, but at the end Otelul won 4-1. It is considered by many of Otelul's fans the most beautiful game ever seen in Galati. In the field from the Bucharest team was Mircea Sandu (today's president of Romanian Soccer Federation), Iorgulescu, Ticleanu, Coras. Hagi did not play that game due to yellow cards suspension. Otelul played in the following formula: Dinu Carmen Stan, Anghelinei, Bejenaru, over a few tennis grounds. In the was reduced from 16.000 to 13.500 Basalic (97 Dumitru) - Gelu Popescu, (today's capacity). In 2008 was mounted Rotaru, Burcea - Vaiscovici, Antohi (115 beginning, the fans used to watch the games from up a hill. The grass on the the electronic scoring board with a video Timofi), Stamate. The goals were scored system attached. The floodlight field was scattered. Later on in 1979 by Vaiscovici (16 si 107 both from installation was added only this year, in penalty), Bejenaru (105), Timofi (120) / they started building the concrete and the official stands. When they brought in April of 2011, after many years of Iorgulescu (57, pen). the lawn, meter by meter, the first club's president Puiu Vasilache worked tediously for three moths. "Everybody carried the lawn back then from a nearby field, from the juniors to the main soccer players. Back then Otelul was playing in the Third League." The plastic chairs which we can see today were later added in 1997 and the capacity


A little history
Along its over one hundred years since football existed in Galati (first football game was documented to take place in 1908), the name "Otelul" (The Steel) has been held by many different groups. However, today's team has a single source. Let's start with the beginning. First and foremost, the name "Otelul" was recorded in 1965. It was then when, in concordance with the building of the great Steel Plant which was rising at the edge of the town, the second League team "Stiinta" (The Science) got a sudden name change right during the
FC Otelul Galati 1973

R1(down): Potorac,..., Calinov,..., Sarpe Mircea, Oatu Ion, Ivan Sergiu, Enci Vasile, Haralambie,...; R2: Constantinesc Ovidiu, Petrea Nicolae, Istudor Petrica, Negoiescu Ion, Pais Costica, Voicu Nicu, Vasilache Costel, Borcea Paraschiv, Petrea Ion, Macovei Nicolae

championship. "Stiinta" started the It is the year when Dacia Galati (third 1965-1966 championship with the League) takes over the name Otelul. same name it bore since it was founded in 1953. On September 26 1965 however, during the sixth game into the championship, someone from the management (club or communist party) had suddenly decided to change the name to "Otelul". Nevertheless, that "Otelul" has no tie with the actual team that is now representing Galati in Champions League. It is an ascending rather of the second town's team, second League "Dunarea" Galati (in 1970 that Otelul team changed its name to FC, then FCM and after merging with CSU in 1982 became Dunarea CSU and Otelul 1974, Second League now just Dunarea). M., Oatu Gh., Caliniv, The second time the name R1(down): GheorghiuD., Traian Ionescu Popescu Irimia, Taras, Dumitru, Olteanu Mihai, Marin R2(up): Hamza Virgil(second coach), Ionita Ion(first coach), Calugaru Tudorel, Otelul was recorded is dated in 1972. Ciobanu Mihai, Maghiar Costel, Ogescu Adrian, Cucu Gh., Toma Ion,
Voicu, Ion Ionica, Patrascu Marin, Vasile...(Dr. King).

Dacia was formed in 1970, when a few "Steelers" were appointed to Dacia after initially being refused by FC Galati. The new Otelul performs well in the 1972-1973 third League and advances in the second League. In 1974, the team's management is taken over by Puiu Victor Vasilache who was to become the first president of the Otelul club. Right from the start, Puiu Vasilache gets a kick under the belt from the local authorities. It was the 1974-75 edition of the second League when during a decisive game between Constructorul Galati and Otelul Galati, the communist party who ran the town


Otelul 1976 Second League

R1(down): Cucu Gh, Dumitrescu R2: Stoica Alexandru, Ionescu Traian, Lazar Gh, Istudor Petrica, Potorac, Taras Dumitru R3: Oprea Dumitru(first coach), Morohai Ion, Pastia Aurel, Pavel Costin, Toma Ion, Adam Toader, Zdraila C., Voicu Nicu, Anghel Jan, Ionescu Pompiliu(second coach).

(and the country) decided that Otelul had to be the one to leave for the third League. Constructorul had more connections and ties. Just 2 years earlier they played the Romanian Cup final, although the team was active in the third League. So, on May 10, 1975, when Otelul was leading the game 1-0 (Pastia), the referee received orders to eliminate 2 Steelers, leaving the team frustrated and unable to honestly claim their chance of remaining on the second league. As if third League wasn't enough, during the same summer of 1975, the local political authorities decide to move Otelul to... Adjud, 100 km away.

As a result, Otelul is left without a football team. Nevertheless, the club's president Puiu Vasilache started all over from scratch. In the fall of 1975 he put together not one but three new football teams which he enrolled immediately in the Town championship (5th league): LBR, Rapid UETU and Venus Turnarea Continua. The first two promoted to the Regional Championship (4th League) right away and a year later, in 1977, the first one promoted in the third league. Puiu Vasilache tried his luck (the communist party didn't want to hear Otelul name again) and added next to LBR the name "Otelul".

R1(down): Cucu Gh, Dumitrescu R2: Stoica Alexandru, Morohai Ion, Adam Toader, Pasti Aurel, Potorac, Taras Dumitru, Anghel Jan R3: Oprea Dumitru(first coach), Ionescu Traian, Dumbraveanu, Istudor Dumitru, Pavel Costin, Toma Ion, Zdraila C, Ciuca, Voicu Nicu, Lazar Gh., Ionescu Pompiliu(second coach)

Otelul LBR spent the next 4 years in the third league: 11th place in 197778, 10th in 1978-79, 9th in 1979-80 and first place in 1980-81. This performance was established by Coach Petru Motoc along with the following players: Serbanoiu, Cucu, Bors, Popescu, Zaharia, Tasci, Micu, Morohai, Barhan, Savin, Gohoreanu, Castaian, Ceacu, Ciurea, Patrascu, Pavel, Gheorghiu, Adamache, Enache, Ion Ionica, Basalic, Ticu, Potorac, and Podet. The enormous joy was once again shorted by the communist authorities who decided in the summer of 1981 to move the team again, this time... closer, only 70 km


away, at Tecuci. However, the ingenious president Vasilache was able to move the players who refused to leave to Tecuci to the other Town's third League team, Metalosport (a team that was established in 1935 and which was now part of the Steel Plant also). Thus, the promotion to the second League was delayed for one more year. The team who promoted in 1982 finally to the second League In 1986 the team founded by Vasilache 11 years back in the 5th

Otelul 1979

Otelul 1983 was trained by Traian Ivanescu and had the following players: Chitic, Cucu, Serghi, Rotaru, Stoica, Adamache, David, Pavel, Ciobanu, Enache P, Ion Ionica, Teoharie, State, Micu, Popescu, Radu Dan, Bors E, Ceacu, Savin, Basalic, Ticu. Metalosport spent the next 4 years in the second Romanian League, while Vasilache finally succeeded to regain the name that was fighting for since he was appointed president. Metalosport was forever to be named "Otelul". Otelul 1985

League, succeeded to play now in the First Romanian League. And 2 years later in UEFA Cup defeating the great Juventus Torino! The achievement to advanced in the First League was established by the coaches Costica Radulescu and Ioan Sdrobis alongside the following players: Calugaru, Gh Stamate, M. Oprea, Ciobanu, Gelu Popescu, Stoica, Radu, Ciurea, Burcea, Smadu, Marius Stan, Aurelian Stamate, Petrescu, Basalic, Rusu, Vaiscovici, Antohi, Bejenaru, Dumitru, Rotaru, Lala, Anghelinei, Carmen Stan, Ralea, Otelul 1984

Diaconescu, Hanghiuc, Timofi Corneliu and juniors Ion Gigi, Vintila, Bedreaga si Alexandru. The first game Otelul ever played on the First League was on August 17, 1986 at Galati, against the communist party favorite Victoria Bucharest. Against all the odds, Otelul won 2-0 (Antohi and Rotaru). The team finished 11th at the end of the season. Nevertheless, the upcoming season transformed Otelul in the strongest team outside Bucharest. Otelul finished fourth and was awarded with the right to participate for the first time in UEFA Cup. 59

June 22, 1986. This picture was taken just before the last home game played by Otelul in the Second League (Otelul - Dunarea Calarasi 2-0). Otelul obtained the first place with 13 points difference of second place. First row (seating): Ion Vestemeanu (football section manager), Bejenaru, Carmen Stan, Burcea, Ion Dinu, Pozmac, Calugaru, Anghelinei, Ion Rotaru, Gelu Popescu, Basalic; Second row: Victor Puiu Vasilache (Club President), Dr Vili Tanasa, Avramescu (maseur), Hanghiuc, Marius Stan, 16 supporters, Ion Sdrobis (second coach), Costica Radulescu (first coach).

Otelul 1986

August 6, 1986. The first picture to be taken as a First League Team. In that day Otelul played a friendly game against Unirea Focsani (7-0, with 5 goals scored by Antohi - all in the first 30 minutes and 2 by Lupu) First row (seating): Hanghiuc, Ciurea Savin, Gelu Popescu, Ion Rotaru, Gh Popa, Ion Dinu, Calugaru, Agiu, Burcea, Casuba, Antohi; Second row: Ion Sdrobis (second coach), Dr Mihai Troaca (medic assistant), Posmac, Lupu, M. Dumitru, Carmen Stan, Viorel Anghelinei, C Timofte, Marius Stan, Aurelian Stamate (Vivi), Mihut, Ralea, Bejenaru, Vaiscovici, Avramescu (maseur) and Costica Radulescu (first coach)

Lotul UEFA: First row (seating, left to right): Ralea, Hanghiuc, O Popescu, Antohi, Agiu, Adrian Oprea, Ion Profir, Ion Morohai (second coach). Middle row: Cornel Dinu (first coach), Borali, Podoaba, Males, Budaca, Balmus, Dragoi, Gelu Popescu, Ion Sdrobis (second coach). Third row (up): Baicea, Burcea, Anghelinei, Burloiu, Calugaru, Gh Popa, Ion Gigi, Marius Stan, Ion Chebac

Otelul 1988


Haralambie Puiu Antohi Viorel Anghelinei (with Otelul since 1986, first as a player, than for a short time President and now License Director within the club)

November 11, 1986. Marius Stan jumps over all other opponents in a friendly game against FC Botosani.

October 26, 1986. Otelul - Rapid 5-0 with Ralea (foto) as author of 2 goals (min 1 and 12).

Vivi Stamate, 1980

The captain Nicolae Burcea was one of the greatest number "10" Romanian players ever. With Nae Burcea (at Otelul from 1983 until 1990), Otelul promoted for the first time in the First League (1986) and qualified for UEFA Cup in 1988 (when it defeated Juventus Torino at Galati 1-0). 61

September 7, 1988 Otelul Galati - Juventus Torino 1-0
September 7, 1988. Otelul Juventus Torino 1-0. Otelul started the game with Profir, Calugaru, Burcea, O. Popescu, Borali (down), Antohi, Ralea, Marius Stan, Anghelinei, Gelu Popescu and Mario Agiu (up)

The return match at Torino was going to be a simple formality for Juve. Players like Stefano Tacconi, Nicole Napoli, Pasquale Bruno, Luigi de Agostini, Michael Laudrup, Alessandro Altobelli or Rui Barros imposed themselves with a fantastic 5-0 (3-0) win. September 7, 1988 is a date written with golden ink in the Galati football history. On that day, Otelul played at Galati against the most awarded Italian club, Juventus Torino. The destiny of that game which took place on the freshly remodeled Dunarea stadium in front of 35.000 fans (a record to this day) was decided after 59 minutes into the game, when Dragoi was thrown in the penalty area. The penalty kick was executed by Profir and Otelul won 1-0! The entire city was in delirium! Otelul played in the following formula: Calugaru - Gelu Popescu, Anghelinei, Agiu, Borali (72 Ad. Oprea) - Burcea, Marius Stan, Profir, Octavian Popescu - Ralea (56 Dragoi), Antohi. Coach was Cornel Dinu, helped by Ioan Sdrobis and Ion Morohai.

"Dunarea" stadium in Galati was packed with a record of 35.000 people. The record stil stands as of today for this stadium.

Octavian Popescu and one of the italian players run after the ball. In the far back we see Burcea.

instalații de tubulatură navală

telefon/fax: 0236/ 47 93 31 - e-mail:

UEFA Cup – 5 times: 14 5 3 6 18-21 18 By wining the Romanian championship title in 2011, Otelul Galati is to be the last Romanian team qualified directly into the Champions League Group Stage. Starting next season, due to last European seasons unsatisfactory results of the Romanian teams, the champions will have to play qualification games first. 19881989 1st round: Galati, 7 Sept 1988 Torino, 12 Oct 1988 19971998 qualification round 23 Jul 1997 30 Jul 1997 Thus it is a record mixed with a little luck for the little team from Galati to play directly in the CL. Until now, Otelul represented Romania only in the UEFA Cup (5 times) and Intertoto Cup (2 times). Otelul also played a Balkan Cup final in 1992. Otelul – Juventus Torino Juventus – Otelul Galati NK Hit Gorica (Slovenia) – Otelul Otelul – NK Hit Gorica 1-0 (0-0) 5-0 (3-0) 2-0 (1-0) 4-2 (2-0) 3-0 (2-0) 1-1 (1-0) 3-0 (2-0) 0-3 (0-2) 4-0 (4-0) 1-4 (1-2) 0-0 1-0 3-1 (1-0) 0-0

Otelul in UEFA Cup

All scorers in UEFA club competitions (14 players) 3 g Valentin Stefan 2 g Dragos Mihalache, Ciprian Danciu 1 g Ion Profir, Iulian Catalin Apostol, Victoras Iacob, Viorel Ion, Stefan Nanu, Adrian Eusebio State, Cristian Eugen Negru, Costin Males, Rohat, Aldea, Semeghin Ion Profir (59, pen) De Agostini (18), Laudrup (27), Barros (29, 72), Altobelli (50) Demirovic (32), Becaj (90) Stefan (20, 27 pen),State (63), Viorel Ion (75)/Protega (88), Demirovic (90) Stefan (30), Mihalache (41), Males (88, pen) Stankovski (41) / Mihalache (58) Wael (31, 41), Sogaard (62) Jung (21), Graulund (35), Wael (53) Negru (10), Nanu (19), Iacob (27), Apostol (42) Qose (24) / Danciu (22 pen & 80), Rohat (37), Aldea (70)


qualification round

22 Jul 1998 29 Jul 1998

Otelul - Sloga Jugomagnat (Macedonia) Sloga Jugomagnat – Otelul Vejle BoldKlub (Danemark) – Otelul Otelul - Vejle BoldKlub Otelul – Dinamo Tirana (Albania) Dinamo Tirana – Otelul Otelul – Partizan Belgrade Partizan – Otelul Lokomotiv Sofia (Bulgaria)– Otelul Otelul – Lokomotiv Sofia


11 Aug 1998 25 Aug 1998


1st qual round

15 Jul 2004 29 Jul 2004

2nd qual. round

11 Aug 2004 26 Aug 2004

Radonjic (29) Dafchev (19), Baldovaliev (62), Djilas (84) / Semeghin (74)


2nd qual. round

16 Aug 2007 30 Aug 2007

instalații de tubulatură navală

telefon/fax: 0236/ 47 93 31 - e-mail:

1991 - 1992, Otelul in the Balkan Cup Final
Otelul returned to the First League just 2 years later, in 1991, with almost the entire team changed and never left the First League ever since. The new President was now its former player Marius Stan who replaced the legendary Vasilache. On the first season since the returning, Otelul finished eighth and played the Balkan Cup Final against the Turkish team Saryer Istanbul: 0-0 and 0-1.
R1(down): Viorel Tanase, (...), Nicoara, Anghelinei, Profir, Males, Raileanu, Tofan R2: Marius Stan(president), I. Tamasanu (trainer), Bedreaga, Bancila, State, Ion Viorel, Casuba, Gelu Popescu, (...), Chebac, Ion Moldovan(first coach), Ion Vestemeanu(vice-president) R3: Mihai Olteanu(second coach), Nedelcearu, Baston, Budaca, Calugaru, Barbu, Gh. Stamate(maseur), Ragea, Tudosa.

Bancila and Tanase during the game

Anghelinei and Kokalari (later also with Otelul) look in each other's eye.

Unfortunately for Otelul, the European experience proved to be unlucky for the internal championship. Here, at the end of the 1988-89 season, Otelul finished the 16th and returned to the second League. It was the end of one great era for Otelul and for the players who formed this great team.

Gelu Popescu made one of his greatest games.

The score is 4-0 and the president Marius Stan is trying a smile under his mustache.

March 31, 1992, Balkanic Cup Final: Otelul - Saryer Istanbul 0-0

Istanbul, 1992

Viorel Tanase scores the first of the four goals. (Otelul - Tomori Berat 4-0 in the semi-final)


It was then the fans invented the expression "Outside Bucharest Champions", nickname that is being held even today. UEFA Cup was becoming a tougher competition because starting that year was introduced a second qualification round. To be ahead of their game, Otelul made sure to have a good start from the first round: 3-0 and 1-1 against Sloga Jugomagnat (Macedonia)
Otelul 1994 R1(down): Calugaru, Streltov, Florea, Ion Sdrobis(first coach), Barnoveanu, Casuba, Antohi; R2: Gh. Stamate, Mirea, Tofan, Haraga, Luta, Cornea, Ciolobc, M. Aprofirei(maseur); R3: Dan Oprea, Viorel Tanase, Males, Badan, Barbu, Vali Stefan, Anton, Duban Stefan scored the first goal to qualify Otelul in the second qualification round

The team's growing maturity throughout the next years attests for the exceptional championship of 1996-1997. Otelul finished 4th after Steaua, FC National and Dinamo and automatically qualified again for the UEFA Cup. Having Vasile Simionas as the main coach and Ct Ploiesteanu as second coach, the team plays on July 23rd 1997 in the qualification round

was in the UEFA Cup phases! Then came the last minute of the game when the Slovenians Protega and Demirovic scored twice! At 4-2 HIT Gorica qualified further and we were left sad and bitter. The 1997-98 first League season went also well for Otelul who finished again fourth and again in the back of 3 teams from Bucharest.

in the second half of July 1998. The road to UEFA final phases was once again interrupted, this time by a more experienced team, the Danish Vejle Boldklub: 0-3 and 0-3!

July 30, 1997 Nightmare at Galati. Otelul - HIT Gorica 4-2 but not enough to qualify.

Ioan Viorel’s effort was useless with Vejle

against HIT Gorica (Slovenia). Otelul loses away 0-2 but the red-white-blue players promised a totally different return game. On July 30th 1997, a completely sold out Otelul stadium impatiently awaited the game. 30 minutes into the game confirmed the superiority of the Galati players. The great captain of those times, Valentin Stefan was the one to open the score (20) and than again from a penalty kick (23), followed by Adrian State (66) and Viorel Ion (75). 4-0 and Otelul 65

In the 1998-99 Otelul finished 6th but is the last season with Simionas on the technical bench, after 5 years of coaching the team. After a couple of seasons on the second part of the charts, 2001 brought with it as coach the former glory of Steaua, Marius Lacatus. Otelul was his first team to coach in his carreer and finished 6th but in the end, he R1(down): Marginean, Toma, Sarghi, Cernat, Bors, Cristi Munteanu, Gurita, Bastina, Danut Oprea, Mozacu departed Galati along with 8 other R2: Calugaru, Magearu, Ion Gigi(second coach), Marius Lacatus(first coach), Gelu Popesscu, Vali Stefan, players. Mihai Stoica, Ion Ionica, Craciun, M. Aprofirei, Gh. Stamate, M. Troaca(medic) R3: Tofan, Claudiu Stan, Ogararu, Bucataru, Velescu, Ghionea, Dinu, B. Andone, Pelin, Bostina, Tanase, Popa In 2003, reinforced with a new president (Nicolae Boghici) and Otelul in UEFA Cup takes place in the last minute players, Otelul becomes summer of 2004. Having its own First on July 15th Otelul plays against once again the threat for the stadium under renovation, Otelul is Dinamo Tirana (Albania) with double victory: 4-0 at "home" and 4-1 away. Even in the second qualification round Otelul was not able to play in front of its fans. This fact contributed to their disqualification: 0-0 at Constanta and 0-1 in Belgrade against Partisan. During the winter of 2004-2005, the primary team's sponsor "The Steel Plant" (later called SIDEX, Mittal Steel and now Arcelor Mittal) manifested its intention to get involved even more in Otelul's destiny. They announced a 2 mil E a year support for the team's budget and fans in Galati started to dream of better days. That season finds Otelul finished eighth with Viorel R1(down): Tofan, Danut Oprea, Frunza, Stan, Claudiu Stan, Robert Nita, Bastina, Mihalache, Cernat, Mozacu Anghelinei as president, Catalin Tofan R2: Gelu Popescu, Calugaru, Tica Ploiesteanu(second coach), Titi Dumitriu(first coach), Males, Bodea, Arcanu, vice-president and Mihai Stoichita as Bordeianu, Nemteanu, Mihai Stoica, Costel Craciun, Gh. Stamate(maseur), Magearu(staff) the main coach. However, the start of R3: Miron, Gurita, Spirea, Viorel Tanase, Ion Gigi, Ghionea, Bostina, Pelin, Haraga, Balint the next season (2005-2006) proved Bucharest teams. In the middle of moved to play 250 km away at to be the toughest in the club's history 2003-2004, a new coach is brought to Constanta all the home games. since active in the First League. the team: the former glory Sorin Cartu. He was the last coach to win the title with a team other than the ones from Bucharest (U Craiova). Otelul ends the season 5th place and plays for the first time the Romanian Cup final (0-2 with Dinamo on June 6th 2004). The team who played the Romanian Cup final was: Cernea - D. Munteanu, Rohat, Ghionea - C Dobre, Marginean, C Danciu (41 Gheara), Apostol (60 Augustin Calin), Nanu - B Aldea, Danut Oprea (70 Mircea Ilie). By being a Cup's finalist, Otelul was R1(down): Apostol, Marginean, Nanu, Dan Oprea, Toma, Cernat, Dragomir, Dobre, D. Orac, Isvoranu awarded the right to play in the UEFA R2: Barbu, Troaca(medic), Magearu, Aprofirei(maseur), Craciun(maseur), Bors, Ion Ionica, N. Boghici(president), Vali Stefan, Cartu(first coach), Irimescu(second coach), Calugaru, Cernea Cup's qualification. R3: Macarie, Danciu, M. Ilie, Gheara, Aldea, D. Munteanu, Ghionea, A. Calin, Verdes, Negru, Pelin, Rohat. The fourth presence of 66

After 15 games Otelul only accumulated 9 points and held the last place. Than was when Marius Stan came back as President to save the club. He appointed Petre Grigoras as coach and together brought to the team no less than 18 new players! Otelul finished 9th, having the best spring season since its inception, with 7 victories out of 8 away games!

By wining the Intertoto Cup group, Otelul qualified for the 5th time in its history to play in UEFA Cup. This time the journey was shorted by Lokomotiv Sofia (Bulgaria): 1-3 and 0-0. In the summer of 2009, Otelul said farewell to Petre Grigoras, a coach that was much loved in Galati in his three and a half years on the bench.

With Dorinel Munteanu as coach, Otelul almost made it to Europe League in his first year: 8th place in 2009-2010, just 2 points away from the place qualified in EL. However, a year later, for the first time in the club's history, Otelul won the Romanian First League. The team was in the lead 24 out of 34 games and succeeded to end the season 4

points away from the second team. Winning the title consequently brought the team to the Champions League, Otelul being the last of the Romanian Teams to benefit In 2007 the team received In his place was hired the former its first award in the club's history: international player Dorinel Munteanu, a direct admission. Two months after their title, Intertoto UEFA Cup after 4 games a Romanian football player that holds they didn't lose: 0-0 and 3-0 with the record of Romanian National Team on July 17 2011, Otelul added the Slavija Sarajevo and 2-1 and 2-1 with presences: 134 games! Romanian Super cup to its awards, Trabzonspor. wining the game against Steaua Bucharest (1-0). Therefore, a team reborn out of its own ashes in 1975 succeeded in only 36 years, a number of 23 seasons in the First Romanian League, was awarded a champions title, a Supercup and a Intertoto Cup, played 5 times in the UEFA Cup, in one Romanian Cup final and one Balkan Cup Final and now is to be Otelul 2006-2008: present among the best teams in the R1(down): Tadas Labukas, Semeghin, Iorga, Szekely, Salageanu, Deac, Giurgiu, S. Ilie; world and play in the Champions R2: M. Troaca(medic), Jelev, Viglianti, V. Tanase(second coach), Petre Grigoras(first coach), Marius Stan(President), Marian Dinu(second coach), Dan Motei(second coach), Gado, Paraschiv, League's Group Stage. Tamasanu(trainer)
Otelul 2006: Marius Stan(President), Catalin Tofan(vice-president), Petre Grigoras(first coach), Marian Dinu & Calugaru(second coaches), Tamasanu(trainer), Ralea(sport director), M. Troaca(medic), Marginean, Oprea, Somodean, Craciun, Semeghin, Dobre, Apostol, Badescu, Baciu, Gado, Macarie, Nogo, Stelea, Vatca, Barbu, Iorga, Costin, Rancan, Stamate, Craciun, Apetri, Viorel Tanase, Baltoi, D. Stan, Brujan, I. Calin, Elek, Paraschiv, M. Aprofirei(maseur) R3: Jula, Sergiu Costin, Nogo, Grybauskas, Brujan, Kolev, Sarghi, D. Stan.


Otelul Galati - the first Romanian Team to accede to Europe League from Intertoto Cup
In the summer of 2007, Otelul was entered to play in Intertoto Cup. After a draw 0-0 at Slavija Sarajevo in Bosnia and 3-0 (Jula 31, 41 and Paraschiv 70) at Galati with the same team, Otelul qualifies to play the final with Trabzonspor Istanbul.

Giurgiu played this game as right side fullback

The young Cristi Sarghi (20 years old) in action

was again Otelul. Ceyhun scored for Trabzon 8 minutes after the game started but 4 minutes later Szekely reestablished the balance. Than came 30 minutes of assault at the Romanian net. At the end, the ones who scored were again the Galati team, with Jula from penalty kick (min 88). By wining a Intertoto group, Otelul Semi-final: qualified for the 5th time in UEFA Cup 7 July 2007 (new Europe League). They played Slavija Sarajevo (Bosnia) – Otelul 0-0 against Lokomotiv Sofia but could not 14 July 2007 eliminate them in two games: 1-3 in Otelul – Slavija Sarajevo 3-0 Jula (31, Bulgaria and 0-0 at home. 41), Paraschiv 70 Otelul won the first game at Galati on July 21, 2007, score 2-1 (Daniel Stan 26 and Gabi Paraschiv 86 / Ersen 85) but the real final was a week after, in Turkey. 25.000 fanatic Turkish fans created a terrible atmosphere but the team who played more pragmatically Final: 21 Iulie 2007 Otelul – Trabzonspor (Turkey) 2-1 Daniel Stan (26), Paraschiv (86) / Ersen (85) 28 Iulie 2007 Trabzonspor – Otelul 1-2 Ceyhun (8) / Szekely (12), Jula (88 pen)

Gabi Paraschiv and Daniel Stan brought the victory for Galati

Jula scored 2 goals in one of his best games played at Galati

Otelul also played in Intertoto Cup in 1993, with the following results:

Galati 27.06.93 | Oţelul Galaţi-Young Boys Bern 3-3(0-3) Cornea (60p,75), Vali Stefan (85) / Kunz (25), R.Sutter (27), Agostino (44), Seekirchen 03.07.93 | Casino Salzburg - Otelul Galati 2-1(2-1)Pfeifenberger (19,24p) / Cornea (39) Grenaa 10.07.93 | Aarhus - Otelul Galati 4-0(1-0) Soren Andersen (twice), Hallvorsen (twice) Galati 18.07.93 | Otelul Galati - Sigma Olomouc 0-1(0-0) Goal: Kerbr (6)



Otelul 1975 - 2011 National Adventure
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About Galati city
Galați is a city in Romania, the capital of Galați County. Located in the historical region of Moldavia, Galați is the largest seaport on Danube. According to the latest official estimates, from 2009, there were 290,733 people living within the city of Galați, making it the seventh most populous city in Romania. One of the largest economic centers in Romania, Galați has an economic life developed around the Naval Shipyard, Port River, Arcelor-Mittal steel plant, and Mineral Port.

Lower Danube metropolitan area

The Cantemir metropolitan area or Galaţi-Brăila metropolitan area is a proposed metropolitan area project. It will be formed from the cities of Galaţi and Brăila in Romania.Together they have a population of about 600,000 people. An alternate name could be Lower Danube. If completed, it would represent the secondlargest metropolitan zone in Romania after Bucharest. Motorways, a new airport and a bridge across Danube connecting Brăila-Galaţi area to Tulcea will be developed.[4] When you visit Galati and like to visit other countries, bring your passport. The metropolitan area has a –border checkpoint to Moldova and Ukraine. Galaţi is located 10 km from Giurgiuleşti (Republic of Moldova) and 20 km from Reni (Ukraine).


Arcelor-Mittal Steel Works The city has the largest iron and steel plant in Romania the Arcelor-Mittal Galați, state-owned until 2001. It is still commonly referred to under the old name "Sidex". Also, the country's largest shipyard on Danube is located here, benefiting from the good access Galați has to the Black Sea through the Danube and the short distance between its facilities and the Mittal Plant.

probably to a balcony. The second floor was fitted with windows and battlements. Another defense to "Virgin" is reinforced bridge consisting of two parts, one above the nave and


University of Galați A dense network of schools at all levels, from nursery and kindergarten through to university education provides the infrastructure and educating the young generation. The University of Galați includes 11 faculties (with two unique faculties in Romania: "The Faculty of Ships" and "Department of Food Science and Engineering) Places of Worship Fortified Monastery of the Holy Virgin and 3 colleges. The Danubius University is a private institution with departments in legal, It is the oldest building in Galați, was economic and social fields. consecrated as a place of worship in September 1647 during the reign of Vasile Lupu. The church was dedicated Vatopedi Monastery on Libraries Mount Athos. The church was raising the Library Urechia V.A. existing materials used on site: stone men, In Galați is the largest library, Library Urechia wood from forests Covurluiului platform, brick V.A., founded in 1889, with the first gift card and lime, sand beaches, etc. Danube. fund Academician Vasile Alexandrescu Urechia. Romanian church architecture and presents Library Urechia V.A. "has over 600,000 titles some specific elements: bell tower with and over 150 subscriptions to newspapers and battlements, which can be used to observe the magazines. Danube Valley, and in case of need became defensive fortification. The tower, consisting of two levels, is provided with a room to hide assets, with two ramparts, and an access door,

two above the altar. The bridge is equipped with 28 battlements. In masonry, among the rows of brick, stone is used, unused equipment to other Moldovan churches built in the same period. Church, "Virgin" bore all hardships times, being burned by the Ottomans in 1711, destroyed in the Russo-Ottoman-Austrian wars of 1735-1739 and 1769-1774. In 1821, the Ottomans and the housing destroyed and robbed. The church was rebuilt and restored in 1829 and, in 1859. He did a restore and then between 1953 to 1957, the church was turned into a museum. In the period 1991-1994, the church, "Virgin" was restored. They say there is a secret tunnel


under the Danube from the church to the other side of the river in order to hide assets and escape the attacks of enemies.

occasion of his 80th anniversary of the Union Romanian principalities in the house which belonged to the family Cuza Alexandru Ioan Cuza and where he lived during which the chief Gardens and parks magistrate, in Galați. Muzelui scientific activity Mihai Eminescu Municipal Park resumed in 1951-1952, when he started Theaters Designed in 1869, this park keeps a few trees organizing scientific collections. In 1956, out-of Drama Theatre contemporary Mihai Eminescu staying here collections have been separated, so they more often especially in later life. In the park formed part of the collections of the Museum of there is a small lake and an artificially-arranged place where the military band played recitals in Natural Sciences, and another, the collections the past. It is popular because of the presence of the Museum of Art. Gradually, the History of the statue of Eminescu. Museum's collection through new acquisitions Public Garden and increased archaeological research It is located near the Student Complex conducted in the southern part of Moldova, represents an especially beautiful area for rest mainly from the Roman camp Tirighina-Barbosi, and recreation. Also it is an excellent point of view over Lake Brates, the main rail way station now reaching a collection of over 50,000 and train depot. exhibits, some of which are of exceptional Fani Tardini Drama Theatre There are over 45 years. Repertory theater is a importance. Alexandru Ioan Cuza Memorial House Built on dramatic profile, the band consists of 25 permanent actors, two directors, one designer. the former home of the chief magistrate of To achieve theater production also uses the Covurlui, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the first ruler of nationally prestigious collaborators - directors, Romania (1859–1866). It includes a permanent designers, composers. The theater has its own exhibition dedicated to the prince, assembly and production studios, own room with 300 seats, with Italian-type scene. Is the only professional quality of restoration of environment at the end theatrical drama profiles Galați County. Theatre of Galați sec. nineteenth century and the addresses the whole audience Galați, and those beginning of sec. twentieth century. in counties nearby. Directory includes new Botanical Garden Visual Arts Museum productions each season outside, a number of The Museum is included in the Natural It is the first Romanian contemporary art titles carried in previous seasons. Sciences and dominates the left bank of the museum in the country. It was inaugurated in Danube. You can admire the collections of 1967 and was designed to provide the latest tropical and subtropical plants (cactus, palm, structural trends emerging artistic phenomenon, croton, geraniums, begonias, etc..) rosary chic, and a destination that keeps and the beginning with over 200 varieties of roses, flora and vegetation on the southern slopes of Romania's of this millennium. Approximately 400 existing sunny garden - over 3000 specimens of species work-in halls and outdoor exhibition in the of trees and shrubs, oaks area - more than 50 museum park, is a selection from a much larger copies of birch and conifers. Here is a replica of property, often filled with a virtual wealth of a Japanese garden. contemporary artists' workshops. Heritage Hunters Lake Museums museum includes works of Romanian art in the Located in the far north-eastern town of Galați, an area of 28 hectares. Includes a 11-ha natural Alexandru Ioan Cuza Museum second half of the nineteenth and twentiethNatural Sciences Museum Complex lake, a slope of 10 ha of forest of acacia and a century avant-garde representatives Romanian slope of 8 hectares partially arranged under a Botanical Garden contains planetarium dome and works of artists who formed a bridge plan for recreational and intensive diameter of 7 metres (23 ft), can be viewed here between the first and second half of the century. modernization and refurbishment. different projections so that the visitors can travel to all corners of the imaginary universe, Danube socket leisure complex also takes place in the Planetarium, and Located out of the city, on the road to Brăila, numerous educational programs, good has three swimming pools, houses, camping examples being Astroclub "Calin Popovici, and sites and a restaurant. On a portion of the complex is a Western club that is equipped with Educational Program "You know the sun, " V-XII classes for students. The aquarium is rare and a pool, restaurant, bar and café. very rare themes ichthyofauna of the Danube basin, Mediterranean Sea and exotic fish fauna. Waterfront Botanical garden dominates the left bank of the It is one of the key areas Galați. Instead of Danube, occupying an area of 18 hectares. walking for all, which occur frequently in sports Galați History Museum competitions, musical concerts (concerts and It was inaugurated on 24 January 1939, on the

Cross Children). It offers great potential for relaxation and recreation in green areas. It is "populated" by many ancient monuments of iron, original. On the shore below the cliffs are many boats turned into restaurants.


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