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com) June 1 8, 2011 --

Recently, the Universal Life Church, founded in 1959 in Modesto CA, known for it s ‘online ordinations’, and mentioned in shows such as ’Friends’ and ’Big Love’, has come u der heavy fire from one particular and prolific person of ill-repute, who has be en attempting to destroy all credibility of the church by claiming exclusivity t o the name ‘Universal Life Church’, denying the validity of essentially ALL ordinati ons done by the ULC, and making ludicrous claims of legal action against people who disagree with him. The fact is that the ordinations done through the Univers al Life Church in Modesto are all recorded by hand. The internet is merely a way to convey the request. This same minister has been making harassing phone calls and sending threatening emails to many ministers, who had at one point been ass ociated with a church calling itself the monastery. Out of concern for the emotional well-being of the recipients of the harassment, it’s important to get the facts straight. The Universal Life Church was founded i n Modesto, CA in 1959, by Rev. Kirby Hensley. Its website is m and they are the International Worldwide Headquarters for the Universal Life C hurch. They have ordained millions of ministers over the years. They have two we bsites who they are in regular communication with and who send their ordination requests, received through their websites, to headquarters in Modesto. Those two sites are (The Seminary) and (ULC Onlin e). Despite false claims by the above-references person, both of those sites are churches in their own right as well, but still continue to send their ordinatio ns to Modesto for recording. Neither of the people who run those sites were EVER employees or even independent contractors of the monastery. In August of 2006, there was a split in the ULC, whereas the owner of the origin al monastery website had his website taken from him under circumstances which ar e still being debated in the courts. From that time forward, the original Univer sal Life Church in Modesto ceased all association with the monastery site. Since that time, the monastery has continued to ordain people under their own banner. To confirm the validity of those ordinations, you must consult your local count y clerk to confirm that that church has done its due diligence for your state. Later, the monastery hired a man to run their social networking site. After a ti me, he left their employ, apparently taking with him their mailing list. He ‘invit ed’ those ministers to come to his ‘faith-based’, Christian-only, ULC-named church. So me went with him, believing him to be a part of the original ULC, or at least th e monastery. He had, in fact, created his own church, using the name ULC. In and of itself, it’s fine to use the name Universal Life Church in your church name, b ut the problem comes from bad-mouthing and going against all that the ULC stands for. Also, a real ULC church doesn’t charge for its ordinations. The ULC is its own denomination and welcomes any real person to become ordained. The focus that the renegade ’Brother’ takes is that ULC is not ‘faith-based’. This is a n insult to all of the people of faith who took the step of becoming ordained wi th great love and intention in their hearts. If you are a Christian, then you ar e a Christian ULC minister. If you are a Pagan, then you are a Pagan ULC ministe r. This holds true for people of all belief systems. There is no conflict or que stion of faith. There is also no danger of retribution for those who disagree with what that min ister has been preaching. You cannot be sued for ‘not adhering to the Christian te nets’ of his church. You can’t be sued for talking to someone from the Seminary, ULC Online or Headquarters. Your ordinations entitle you to do anything that any ot her minister can do, including (but not limited to) weddings, funerals, starting your own church, ministering to those in need, or any other legal functions tha

t you feel called to do. Real ULC ministers perform many functions in their comm unities with personal pride, honor, and integrity. Those who wish to be ordained with the church which started in and has been in o peration since 1959, in Modesto CA, may do so at the above-referenced sites. Ord inations with other churches may well be valid, but are not associated in any wa y with the original International Worldwide Headquarters of the Universal Life C hurch.