65 frequently asked questions on India in the Nineteenth Century: Foundation of the Indian National Congress


1. When was the Asiatic Society of Bengal founded? Ans. 1784. 2. Where was the Asiatic Society of Bengal founded? Ans. Calcutta. 3. Who founded the Asiatic Society of Benga? Ans. William Jones. 4. Who founded the Sanskrit College (1792) at Benaras? Ans. Jonathan Duncan. 5. When was the Calcutta Madrassa founded? Ans. 1781. 6. When was the Hindu College founded? Ans. 1817. 7. When did the British Parliament ask the Company to spend 1-lakh of rupees per year for the promotion of education in India? Ans. 1813. 8. When was the Committee of Public Instruction first appointed in Bengal? Ans. 1823. 9. Who was appointed the President of the Committee of Public Instruction in 1834? Ans. Macaulay. 10. When the English education was officially introduced in India? Ans. 1835. 11. Who introduced the western education in India? Ans. Lord Willian Bentinck.

18. Who founded the Sangat Sabha in 1860? Ans.12. When did the Atmiya Sablta come to be known as the Brahmo Saniaj or Brahmo Sabha? Ans. 22. 1843. Who was the first Vice. 1828. When did Lord Curzon pass the Indian Universities Act? Ans. 14. 1904. 24. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. Who was the first graduate of the Calcutta University? Ans. 1835. 13.Chancellor of the University of Calcutta? Ans. Ans. 1815. When the sati was declared illegal? Ans. When was the Indian Education Commission (Hunter Commission) appointed? Ans. 1854. 21. When was the Atmiya Sabha founded by Rammohan Roy? Ans. When was the University of Calcutta established? Ans. Mention the year of the Wood's Dispatch. 20. 1857. When was the Tatwabodhini Patrika Published? Ans. 17. When did Lord Bentinck establish Medical College in Calcutta? Ans. 15. 1829. Debendranath Tagore. Who founded the TaUvabodhini Sabha in 1839? Ans. 23. 16. William Colevil. 1882. . 24 January. 19. Keshab Chandra Sen.

25. When was Raniakrisbnadeva born? Ans. 26. Prachya-O-Paschatya. Arya Samaj. 33. 1850. Who was the founder of the Theosophy Movement? Ans. Under whose leadership did the Theosophy Movement gain momentum? Ans. Annie Besant. Gopal Hari Deshmukh. 27. Who was known as Lokahitabadi? Ans. . Ans. 31. 29. 35. 32. When did Vivekananda go to Chicago to deliver lecture in the Parliament of Religion? Ans. 30. Which organization was founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati? Ans. Who was the pioneer in the reform movement among the Parsees? Ans. When was the Hindu Widow Remarriage Act passed? Ans. 34. 1836. 1851. 36. 1856. 1893. When was the Widow Remarriage Association founded in Maharashtra? Ans. 28. Name a book written by Swami Vivekananda. By what name the followers of Derozio known? Ans. Young Bengal. Dr Atmaram Pandurang. Blavatsky. Naoroji Furdonji. When was the first girl's school established at Poona? Ans. 37. Who was the founder of the Prarthana Samaja? Ans.

Dayananda Saraswati. 49. 43. 1852. When was the British India Society established? Ans. 45. Which was the first Political Association of India? Ans. 1839. 41. 39. When was the Hindu Mela founded? Ans. . 1867. Who was the founder of the Reform Movement among the Sikhs? Ans. Baba Dayal Das.Oriental College? Ans. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. When was the Landholders' Association established? Ans. 48.38. When was the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College founded at Aligarh? Ans. Who was the founder of the Hindu Mela? Ans. 40. When was the Indian Association founded? Ans. 44. 1851. 46. 1876. When was the Madras Native Association founded? Ans. 1875. 1837. 50. Who was the author of the famous Satyartha Prakash? Ans. 1851. Landholders' Association. Who founded the Muhammadan Anglo. Nabagopal Mitra. 47. 42. When was the British India Association founded? Ans. When was the Bombay Association founded? Ans.

When was the Wood's Dispatch announced ? Ans. A.report published ? Ans. Name the Englishman who took initiative in founding the Indian National Congress. 1884 58. When was William Adam's. When was the Arya Samaj founded? Ans. In Bombay 63. A. When was the Dramatic Performances Act passed? Ans.O. 1883 . 1878. 52. When was the Vernacular Press Act passed? Ans. Ramtanu Lahiri 60. Who presided over the first session of the All India National Conference ? Ans. When was the first session of the All India National Conference held? Ans.51. When was the Ilbert Bill published? Ans. 1883.O. Where was the Arya Samaj established ? Ans. Who addressed an open letter to the graduates of the Calcutta University in 1883 ? Ans. 1885 56. Ans. When was the Arms Act passed? Ans. 1878. When was the first session of the Indian National Congress held ? Ans. 53. 54.Hume 57. 1875 62. 1835 59.Hume 61. 1876. 55.

The Europeans in India . Which organisation started a counter movement on the Ilbert Bill issue ? Ans. Indian Association 65.64. Who started agitation against the proposed Ilbert Bill ? Ans.

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