Joseph Shute Institution Sociology 101 Final Draft How would a person that carries a gun and fights

for a living be viewed in your neighborhood? Well that depends on many things, who they are fighting, what their intentions are, and overall perception from the community. Military is a controversial but necessary occupation that can sometimes polarize an entire nation. Depending on the country, soldiers can be viewed as heroes, or can be a symbol of corruption and villainy. Military is an important institution that not only affects the people in it, but their families and in some cases, the whole world. The personal struggles and status of soldiers vary greatly from country to country. With the tragic events of 9/11 still fresh in many American minds, redemption and revenge fills the heart of the majority of the nation. This was made apparent with the recent death of Osama Bin Laden. Since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq started, soldiers have gotten tremendous support from the populous and are portrayed as heroes on T.V. and on the radio in numerous tribute songs. It didn’t use to be like this in the States, as the Vietnam War was extremely unpopular and caused uproar and protests all over. Soldiers were spat on, yelled at, and discriminated against, even though thousands were unwilling participants that were drafted. The mood around war changed that fateful day in New York, and now people give standing ovations to soldiers coming back from the wars in the Middle East. The media in America is good at scaring the population and saying more terrorist attacks are inevitable, this helps out the perception of soldiers as now they are viewed as vigilantes keeping America safe from evil. The Army is a formal institution, as it is an organization where structure is dictated by a rank system and it is regulated by the United States government. While most soldiers look alike to the general public, you can tell a lot from their uniforms, as decorations and rank convey a whole different meaning to those that are aware. Respect in the Army is given upwards and it is taught the very first day in basic training. New recruits are punished when not addressing higher ranking personnel correctly, and not saying “Ma’am” and “Sir” when talking to civilians. This helps the United States Army display a level of discipline not seen in the regular world. In Egypt, the demeanor and perception of the Army is totally different. Unlike America, a lot of the Army’s duties in Egypt involve controlling the public and police right in their own country. Corruption at the very top of the government gives a sour taste to the feel of every group affiliated with it. Egypt does not have some of the freedoms we take for granted also, speaking out against the government and military results in jail or exile. With people’s opinions silenced, detractors often resort to riots, or splinter groups that fight against the corruption. A person may join the Egyptian military with good intentions, but pressure from higher ranking officials may lead them to carry out non-conventional missions. The status of a soldier is looked as an authority figure, much like a policeman. Their role is to carry out tasks given out by the top of the

and the overall feeling is that of insecurity and defensiveness when it comes to military operations. although they display the characteristics of any other military. hard working and non-confrontational.government. The SDF and the nation work together in harmony. There is very little corruption in the United States because of many checks and balances in place. The country has been invaded numerous times. and very rarely tries to get into conflict with other countries. This is different in Egypt. Like most countries. How they are displayed is a direct reflection of the people in charge of their government. very disciplined. This puts a large bulls-eye right over our country and it will catch up to us. The three militaries described here all have different motives and a different stance on what their job is as a defense of their country. This causes a very different perception from the general public. After World War 2 Japan has displayed a strictly defensive minded approach towards military operations. unlike United States which is considered a bully in the Middle East. we are on the lookout for more attacks and have been quick to pull the trigger on offensive conquests. respectful. They seem ready for another attack and have had to up their aggressiveness. Unlike the United States Army. This is the smartest way to keep from being targeted. There is no man that has absolute power. military in Egypt is a formal institution. This attitude is not unlike America’s after the 9/11 attacks. as corrupt officials trickle down to the lowest ranking soldier. They keep the same values and morals displayed in the culture and religion of the country. they do not go out looking for fights. It is this reason that civilians are not afraid of the Self-Defense Forces. people that are there to help and serve the citizens. they maintain a very diplomatic stance. The history of Egypt has had consequences on the present. There are actually many SDF personnel that are still considered civilians.. . Out of all three militaries. Militaries are institutions in every country but operate drastically different and the status and role of their soldiers fluctuate depending on government influence.S. sooner rather than later. Japan is the most diplomatic. their status is liken to firefighters in the U. Japan Self-Defense Forces is much like the Japanese people as a whole.

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