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BSafe Together

Issue 3 – July 2008

Blackpool is Safer! Inside this issue:

Proxy Sale Campaign....2

Figures out this week have shown that Blackpool’s crime reduction CCTV for Blackpool
partnership organisation has successfully met its government set Taxi-Cabs................... 2
targets on crime.
No Cold Calling.......... 3
De Vere Pop Awards.... 3
Crack Down on
Binge Drinking............. 4
Traders Warned
to DISARM................. 4
Emmerdale Star’s
Message to
Blackpool.................... 5
Mobile Phone
Enforcement............... 5
National Tackling
Drugs Week................ 6
BSafe Joins
Facebook Revolution.....6

Celebrations have started after Crimes such as All Vehicle Crime “Having said that, we cannot be town. The PCT has led on the
BSafe Blackpool has helped have been reduced by 43.6 complacent. We have not removed implementation of the highly
thrash the government’s PSA per cent with Burglaries from a crime completely and I know that is successful Drug Interventions
1 targets for crime reduction, Dwelling coming down by 36.7 per what the people of Blackpool really Programme (DIP) initiatives that
bringing some categories of cent and All Robbery down by a want. Some areas of crime have aim to get offenders who misuse
crime down by over 50 per cent pleasing 24.3 per cent. increased very slightly but that
drugs out of crime and into
in the last four years. has been attributed to the positive
Councillor Williams added: “This treatment. People who misuse
work we have done to increase
The PSA 1 targets were set to really is fantastic news. I cannot Class A drugs often commit
the reporting of sensitive crimes.
reduce British Crime Survey express how pleased we are and crimes to fund their drug habit.
We have to be realistic with what
(BCS) crimes by 16% overall in how proud I am of everyone that As a result, they can get caught
we can achieve but considering
Blackpool based on a baseline has been involved. In order to in a cycle of drug misuse, crime
the mountain we have climbed to
figure taken in 2003/04. Working reach such figures the partnership
reach this target who knows where and prison. The Programme aims
has funded initiatives from head
in partnership with Blackpool we can go from here!” to break this cycle by making
cameras for the police to sporting
police, fire and rescue, PCT and every stage in the criminal justice
clubs for children. All have helped Chief Superintendent Russ
Blackpool Council the figures system – and beyond – an
to prevent crime either through Weaver of Blackpool Police
have actually reduced by 17.6 opportunity to get offenders into
intervention or by acting as a said: “Some recorded categories
per cent. treatment.
deterrent or distraction. of crime have increased very
Councillor Tony Williams, slightly due to positive work we
“I also want to recognise the “The programme brings together
Chairperson for BSafe Blackpool have done to encourage people
people of Blackpool who the police, the courts, the Prison
and Cabinet Member for Culture to come forward and report
have helped to reduce crime. Service, the National Probation
and Communities at Blackpool what has happened to them
Conscientious residents who Service, treatment providers,
Council, said: “When we were when they might have felt less
have taken crime reducing steps
first informed of our targets I confident to do so in the past.” aftercare support services.
such as the introduction of Alley
have to say we were a little These partners work together
Gates and adopting the No Wendy Swift, Chief Executive
overwhelmed at the size of the Cold Calling zones are equally of Blackpool PCT added her to provide tailored solutions for
task ahead of us. Many people responsible for making their town thoughts on the news: “Blackpool drug-misusing offenders from
said that they were unrealistic a better place to live. The good PCT is delighted with the news arrest, court, sentencing and
and that we would not meet the news is that Blackpool is now a of the partnerships achievement prison through to post-prison
target or even come close.” safer place to live and play.” towards reducing crime in the and post-treatment.”

Proxy Sale Campaign
BSafe Blackpool in
partnership with Blackpool
BID (Business Improvement
District) is rolling out an
initiative in the off licenses
and supermarkets of
Blackpool warning people
against buying alcohol on
behalf of young people.
Purchasing alcohol on
behalf of young people is
an offence and you can be
fined up to £5000 if caught.
Police now also have powers
to issue fixed penalty notices
to young people who ask
adults to purchase alcohol on
their behalf. The campaign
features posters that will
be displayed in premises
together with warning
stickers that will be placed on
J/89653 4/08

bottles, cans and shelves. J/89652 4/08

Alcohol women and 21 units a week for men,

but the recommended maximum units
to be consumed in a 24 hour period
what may seem like a single shot
could actually be the equivalent of a
double at your local bar.
Are you concerned that you
is 2-3 units for women and 3-4 units Visit the NHS ‘Alcohol, Know Your
may be drinking too much?
for men. Statistics are showing that Limits’ website at http://units.nhs.
The unit calculator is a good ‘first people drink more at home than they uk where you will find an online unit
check’ to see how many units there are do in pubs or clubs, and this makes it calculator. There is also a handy
in your drink. The safe limits for alcohol more difficult to measure drinks out. ‘Drink Diary’ where you can record
consumption is 14 units a week for When you pour your drink at home your alcohol intake.

CCTV for Blackpool Taxi-Cabs

Blackpool Council has acting as a deterrent.
teamed up with BSafe
Hackney drivers have
Blackpool to fund a
been chosen to pilot
£16,000 initiative to
the scheme, and if the
install CCTV in some of
scheme is successful, it
Blackpool’s Taxi -cabs.
will be rolled out to private
More than 30 taxis have hire firms later this year.
been installed with the new The Hackney cabs were
systems over the coming chosen to be the first to
weeks, with the first trialled use the scheme because
in June. they are more likely to
be flagged down by
This new scheme uses
customers, unlike private
state-of-the-art technology
firms who normally arrange
to record visual and audio
pick-ups in advance.
in the cab and organisers
hope it will help bring A similar scheme carried out
more prosecutions against in Liverpool last year saw a
those who have carried out decrease in attacks on taxi
crimes in cabs, as well as drivers of around 90%.

BSafe Blackpool has launched a new initiative,
which targets Cold Callers in the area.
By now most, if not all of the 65,000 residents of Blackpool,
should have received their “no cold calling” information
packs through the door, giving them all the information they
need to know to be able to say NO to cold callers.
Included in the pack is a window sticker that should be
attached to the front window, where any unwanted callers
can see it.
If residents are still pestered by unwanted callers there
is a number on the back of the sticker that they can ring
with any complaint they may have. This will invoke action
against the callers.
There will also be strategically placed road signs that will be
displayed on every road entering Blackpool to inform travelling
sales people that they are not welcome in Blackpool.

De Vere The group often proved intimidating to

the local residents and were occasionally
involved with underage drinking, criminal
New fencing was erected in the area,
which meant it was easier for police to
approach the group and talk to them

Pop Awards damage and causing a nuisance. When about their behaviour. Regular licensing
police were called to the area the youths checks were carried out in the area to
were making use of a very low fence and stop underage sales and a purpose built
shelter was put in place to make sure the
The prestigious De Vere POP overgrown trees and bushes to make
group had somewhere safe to congregate
(Problem Oriented Partnerships) their escape. that did not cause a nuisance.
awards honoured all the groups Understanding that young people like to Regular police patrols were also used to
and initiatives that have made hang out with friends and that this did speak to the youths and encourage them
not always have to be a problem, Sarah to make use of other local facilities.
a difference in the community Darwen of Lancashire Constabulary and
through working together to Les Ball of BSafe Blackpool decided to The awards ceremony was a tribute to all
the hard work the partners have done to
solve an identified problem. tackle the issues that were contributing to
remove the problems that affect residents
the overall problem. in Blackpool and Fylde boroughs.
The awards, now in the 9th year, were
sponsored by the De Vere Hotel Herons
Reach and were open to any of the
BSafe Blackpool Partner agencies such
as Lancashire Fire and Rescue and
Blackpool Council, as well as the Police.
The judges of the awards had the task
of filtering the mountain of nominations
put forward to them, but they managed to
whittle the results down to 20 initiatives
that all received an award.
Superintendent Richard Debicki then
presented the awards.
The Juvenile Escape took this year’s
award for Blackpool and the overall De
Vere Award. The Juvenile Escape initiative
tackled a problem of large gatherings of
young people on St Edmunds Road.

Alcohol Strips to Crack Down
on Binge Drinking...
BSafe Blackpool is supporting the Police are delighted with the strips, which will help with
two main issues that they have to deal with. Firstly the
Police in their efforts to impact on problem of ‘Street Drinkers’, where people are drinking
binge drinking by providing testing alcohol out of non-alcoholic containers and secondly
strips for officers to use. youths that are causing alcohol-related nuisance including
anti-social behaviour, violent crime and criminal damage.
Whilst officers can confiscate alcohol and dispose of it
when it is in branded containers it can be more difficult to By testing the drinks, the Police can prove if it is alcoholic
identify alcohol when young people are drinking it from and tell how strong the drink is and therefore confiscate
soft drinks containers. or dispose of it.

Traders Warned to
Blackpool Trading Inspector David Old from
Blackpool Police said:
Standards, in “Imitation firearms are
partnership often difficult to distinguish
with Lancashire from the real thing. There
have been a number of
Police, are occasions in Blackpool
warning traders in where armed officers have
been deployed to sightings
Blackpool to check of people with guns, which
changes in the law have turned out to be
surrounding the imitation firearms. People
who take such weapons
sale of imitation into the public arena are
guns or face the putting themselves and
consequences. others at risk. Therefore
any measures to limit the
From 1st November sale of imitation firearms
2007 any trader found in in Blackpool are very
possession, or offering welcome, and we will
guns, banned under the support trading standards
new legislations, will face in enforcing the new
wide-ranging sanctions legislation.”
from stock being seized,
potential arrest and The new regulations,
prosecution. The penalties governing the sale or
on conviction could lead to manufacture of replica
six months imprisonment, a firearms, are detailed in
fine of up to £5,000 or both. the Firearms Act 1968 as
amended, Violent Crime
The Trading Standards Reduction Act 2006 and the
Enforcement Team have Violent Crime Reduction
paid visits to traders Act 2006 (Realistic Imitation
advising them of the Firearm) Regulations 2007
regulations and warning
them to remove the guns Any further information
from sale and return or guidance leaflets can
them to their supplier. An be obtained from Trading
imitation firearm is anything Standards at 125 Albert
that has the appearance Road, Blackpool or by
of being a gun, whether it contacting the Service
is capable of discharging a directly on the telephone
shot or not. number 01253 478375.

Emmerdale Star’s Message to Blackpool
Emmerdale actress Kelsey
Beth Crossley dropped in at
Palatine Leisure Centre when
she visited her hometown
of Blackpool to launch a
youth summer scheme. More
than 250 teens packed into
the South Shore centre to
meet the star and sign up
for a jam-packed summer of
sporting and musical fun.
The ‘Your Space’ scheme, which is
running until the end of August, is a
bid to keep South Shore teens aged
between 11 and 17 occupied and off
the streets. It is a free scheme, which
includes supervised sessions in sports
such as football, netball, basketball,
hockey and rugby.
Andy Dziegiel, Police Community gives the kids something to do in the can attend 5pm - 6pm and those 14-17
Support Officer for the Palatine area evenings which not only stops them years can attend from 6pm - 7.30pm.
said: “The launch was really well from prowling the streets but also
Your Space is funded by BSafe
attended, having Kelsey Beth there keeps them in a safe environment.”
Blackpool who have worked with the
was a really big draw and lots of
The scheme will run every Wednesday local policing team and Blackpool’s
youngsters signed up for the scheme.
evening until August 20 at Palatine integrated youth service to put
“Your Space is great because it Leisure Centre. Youngsters aged 11 - 13 together the programme.

Mobile Phone Enforcement

One-year on and positive results, March 2008
was the anniversary of the introduction of
tougher penalties for using a mobile phone
when driving.
On one enforcement day, the police were pleased that
they did not have to stop anybody.
Recent research has shown that the new laws are having a
positive impact with a 40% reduction in the number of car
drivers seen using hand-held mobile phones at the wheel
between September 2006 and August 2007.

National BSafe Blackpool
Drug and Support Services
Open Day

Drugline’s open day offered a

Joins Facebook
chance for everyone from Drug

Drugs Week
Services and other support
services, to members of the

public, an opportunity to go
and see what they offer for
National tackling drugs substance users, their families
week took place 19th and carers, and also find out
- 23rd May 2008 and A craze has swept
about volunteering and training
various events took place the country that
during the week for the simply cannot be
First Aid training for service ignored and that is
public to go along to. users the phenomenon of
Purpose of week: A 2-hour course that took
Social Networking
people through the basics of
 Raise awareness of work Websites such as
First Aid, and showed how
undertaken by agencies you can help someone if Facebook. No doubt
 Tackle drugs and reduce they overdose. Training was you already have your
drug-related crime in provided by the Red Cross. own Facebook profile
communities and if you are like the
other few million people
 Highlight the wide ranging
that use the site you will
activities and services
available be checking it every day to
catch up with friends and
Events Included: join different interesting groups.
(In conjunction with World
BSafe Blackpool has got on board and created its
Hepatitis Day)
Drugline located at 102 Dickson
Facebook group that will allow anyone to join and keep
Road showed the documentary: up to date with the latest news.
Louie, Me & Hepatitis C at Members can even start up and join in with discussions
various times throughout the about topics they feel are relevant to the group and the
day with staff on hand during the
work that BSafe Blackpool gets up to.
day to help answer questions.

Useful Numbers BSafe Blackpool

Reporting a crime in an emergency: Seasiders Way
If there is an emergency telephone 999 Blackpool
You should use this number if you think there is an immediate threat to FY1 6JY
life or property. Phone: 01253 651166
Reporting a non – emergency crime or incident: Fax: 01253 651210
Non – emergency police line telephone 08451 253545 or Blackpool Email:
Police Station 01253 293933 Website:

Reporting a crime anonymously:

If you have any information on a crime and wish to report it anonymously.
Crimestoppers telephone 0800 555 111

Partners of BSafe working together to make a difference

“The majority of Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour is committed by a minority of people”.

J84892 8-08