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Palpation Angle approx.160 ° Firm nail base

Angle approx.16 0° Firm nail baseE y e s I n s pection Symmetricalw i t h n o droopin

g,infection, tumor so r o t h e r a bnormalities Visual Acuity:20/20 Sclera:White in li ght-

may h a v e b r o w n patc hes . In darkskinned.s k i n n e d w / o ex udates. lesionso r f o r e i g n bodie s.

2-6 mm No tearing. reactive tol i g h t a n d ac commodation.Pupils: equallyrou nd. s w e l l i n g o r disch arge .

Eyessymmetrical Visual acuity of 2 0/20 Sclera appearsw hite .

4 mm No tearing.Pupils equallyro und. reactive tol i g h t a n d acc ommodation.appro x.s w e l l i n g o r de scharge .

350362.No significantfin dings(pp.HealthAssess ment &PhysicalE xamination – Zator Estes)E a r s I n .

Proportional.s p e c t i o n Pa lpation Match fleshcolo r of the restof the skin. Central position. .

No redness.lesi ons.tendernes s S h o u l d n o t com plain of painor tenderness . swelling.

s w e l l i n g . o r te nderness .Same color asfa ce Central position Proportional No redness.

HealthAssess ment &PhysicalE xamination – Zator .386389.No pain assessed No significantfin dings(pp.

Symmetrical andin midline .Estes) N o s e I nspection Symmetrical.midl ine of theface.

No significantfin dings .


Palpation Withoutswelling. lesions. .or masses. Each nostril pate nt. b leeding.

b leeding. lesions.N o p a i n o r dis comfortduring palpation No swelling.o r masses Patent nostrils .

No pain or d iscomfort noted(pp.394397.HealthAssess ment &PhysicalE xamination – Zator Estes)M o u t h I nspection .

L i p s a n d mem branes pink and moist withn o le sions or inflamm ation. .Breath smellsfres h.

T o n g u e i s midl ine. . Pink. Symmetrical. r o u g h without le sions.m o i s t .move s freely.

L i p s a n d me mbranes aremoi . No swelling or bleeding.G u m s h a v e pale -red strippledsurface.

st. dark fleshcolo red. no lesionsor inflammation T o n g u e i n mi dline and movesfreely .

HealthAssess ment &PhysicalE xamination – Zator .398405.No swelling or bleeding No significantfin dings(pp.

.Estes) N e c k I nspectionP alpation Symmetricalw i t h h e a d i n central position.

Able to movehe ad without disc omfort or notice able limits Muscless h o u l d b e symmetricalw ithout palpablema sses or spasm .

Symmetricalw i t h h e a d i n central position Able to move h e a d w / o disc omfort .

331. Hea lthAssessment &PhysicalExamin ation – Zator .No palpablem asses No significantfin dings(p.

Estes)C h e s t I nspection Withoutlesions. skin intact. Quiet. Without lesions .

Quiet rhythmica nd effortless No significantfin dings .


.ma sses.PalpationAuscultat ionrhythmic an deffortless breathi ng No pulsations. thoracictende rness present.

diaphr agm hasdull sounds. Bronchial. bronch ovesicular o r v e s .Normal lungtiss ue producesreson ant sound.

451- .i c u l a r breath sounds breathing No masses or t enderness Bronchovesicular breath sounds(pp.

469.HealthAssess ment &PhysicalE xamination – Zator Estes)A b d o m e nInspection AuscultationPercu ssionPalpation .

. Uniform inc o l o r o r pigm entation.Abdominalcontou r flat or rounded. Symmetrical.

No abdominalsca rs. No striae Intermittentgurgli ng soundsthrough outabdominalquad rants. .

bu lges. predomi nantsound heard N o o r g a n enla rgement palpable.or swelling .Tympany. or anymasses.

striae . Symmetrical. U n i f o r m i n col or. No scars.Abdominalcontour rounded.

Gurgling soundsin abdomen No friction rubs/audible bruits No significantfin dings(pp.552562,HealthAssess

ment &PhysicalE xamination – Zator Estes)S u p r a p u b i c AreaInspection Palpation Withoutlesions

Urinary b l a d d e r not Without Lesions Urinary bladder n ot palpable

638. .No significantfin dings(p.


palpable and nottender Fundam entals of N u r s i ng Kozier)G e n i t a l iaInspectio n Palpation .

. No nits or lice. More coarsethan scalp hair.P u b i c h a i r dis tributed intriang ular form.

Pubic hair evenlydistributed No nits or lice .Penis skin freeof lesions an dinflammation.

HealthAssess ment &PhysicalE xamination – Zator .No lesions or i nflammation No significantfin dings(pp.746753.

Estes)R e c t u m Inspection Palpation No lesions.redn ess Sphincter intact Non-tender .

reddishbluemass signifie .In midline Redundant massn oted. reddish A dilated veinsee n as swollen.

shemorrhoids( p p . Harkness andDi ncher)Upper Extre mitiesInspection . Medical Surgical Nursing.5 6 . 5 5 .

Withoutlesions. sc ars or inflammatio n Without lesions.s c a r s o r inf lammation .

Funda mentals of Nursin g.No significantfin dings(p.579. Kozier)Lower Extr emitiesInspectionP alpation .

sc ars No edema . scars No edema Without lesions.Withoutlesions.

No significantfin dings(p. Kozier) .579.Funda mentals of Nursin g.

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