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Blackpool Youth Service

“Reaching out to meet the needs of young people”

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Blackpool Council for Voluntary Youth Services


Welcome to the directory of voluntary, statutory and private youth provision which comprises of Blackpool partners Youth Offer. The directory first highlights the wide range of organisations, groups, clubs and services available for young people. The directory concludes by identifying the funding opportunities available to these groups. Every effort has been made to ensure the directory is as comprehensive as possible. It is inevitable that with a task so vast and the nature of many organisations that information continually changes and we recognise that some information may have changed by the time of printing. The directory highlights the many opportunities available to young people. It’s aim is to increase the awareness and participation of young people in positive activities and ensure funding opportunities for the many activities and projects available across Blackpool.

Julie Dalton Social Inclusion Youth Worker


It is with a vision of developing the statutory and voluntary youth service in Blackpool into a vibrant and exciting partnership that a Directory of voluntary youth provision was introduced in 2004 with subsequent updated copy. But there is now an expectation that all local authorities will ensure that young people and parents have access to information on all youth provision available and known locally as the ‘Youth Offer’. This is a legal requirement to be made available by March 2008. The Education and Inspections Act 2006 ensures that for the first time a single body – working within the context of the children’s trust - holds lead responsibility for securing young people’s access to youth provision to be known as ‘positive activities’. This will include statutory, voluntary, third sector and some private providers of activities for young people. The legislation falls within the remit of the Director of Children’s Services and Lead Member for Children’s Services. The new legislation forms part of a body of reforms that were proposed in the Green Paper Youth Matters and which contribute towards the delivery of integrated youth support as set out in the Annex to Youth Matters: Next Steps (2006). The provision and promotion of constructive positive activities for young people forms a key part of the Government’s Respect drive which aims to build a modern culture of respect, by bearing down uncompromisingly on bad behavior and nurturing good. The Act requires that a local authority in England must, ‘so far as reasonably practicable, secure for qualifying young persons in the authority’s area access to – Sufficient educational leisure-time activities which are for the improvement of their wellbeing, and sufficient facilities for such activities; and sufficient recreational leisure-time activities which are for the improvement of their wellbeing, and sufficient facilities for such activities. Local authorities and children’s trust partners are required to clearly distinguish between the benefits of different positive activities when planning the local youth offer; a consideration that should include gender biased or dedicated activities and facilities which meet the needs of different faith groups. Recognising the importance of positive activities to young people and the leadership role of the local authority under the new duty, the local authority should provide young people and communities with information on progress towards its plans for the local offer, ideally through the creation of web-based information. This directory is the initial response to the requirement and will be available in a printed version for communities and organisations as well as available on various web sites. Feedback on it should be sent to: Bernard S. Booth Principal Youth Officer Integrated Youth Services


Introduction to the Youth Offer Organisation Introductions Arts & Culture Church & Religious Housing & Homeless Sport & Leisure Uniformed Youth Groups & Youth Organisations Libraries Colleges Training Agencies Private Organisations 4 7 13 19 23 27 37 41 53 57 61 63 Directory of funding opportunities for Youth organisations Funding Opportunities – Introduction Funding Introductions Local Funding General Grants for Young People Environmental & Development Grants Exchange & Travel Grants General Contacts 69 71 73 74 78 80 82


Introduction to the Youth Offer
We are pleased to invite you to explore the following pages and discover not only the wide range of local groups that provide activities and development opportunities for young people but the grant possibilities that will assist you and your organisation. The importance of voluntary organisations to the local community is paramount for the future of our town. The empowerment of residents to run their own groups and to stay independent is crucial for the health of our communities and the information in this booklet highlights vital information for you to access services and funding. We are indebted to the Blackpool Youth Service for funding this initiative and are confident that this database will be updated and added to in future editions. John ackerley Hon. Chair. Blackpool Council for Voluntary Youth Services & George s. holden Hon. Sec. Blackpool Council for Voluntary Youth Services


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Organisation Introductions
blackpool council for voluntary Youth service
Description: BCVYS is an umbrella organisation working with member groups in a common effort to provide young people with, a positive involvement in enjoyable recreation, leisure time activities and interests, providing opportunities for achievement, training and leadership. It also supports opportunities for the participation of young people to manage affairs of their organisation. Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 4, 7, 11, 15 Contact: BCVYS - c/o 79 Highcroft Avenue, Bispham, Blackpool FY2 0BT Tel: 01253 593725 | Email:

Description: Connect is a young persons Health & Information Centre providing a FREE confidential service to all young people under the age of 25 years. Counselling service, free contraception, pregnancy testing and STI screening. Meeting: 9am - 5pm Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: Denise Wilson - Connect, 26 Talbot Road, Blackpool FY1 1LF Tel: 01253 751047 or 01253 655855 | Fax: 01253 655863 Email: | Web:


Description: The Connexions Service offers all young people, aged 13 to 19, expert information, advice and support from qualified professionals to help them to make important decisions about their life. In some circumstances young people with a learning difficulty or disability may not be ready to move on at 19. In these instances Connexions support may be provided up to 25. Support offered is based on an individual young person’s needs from a named Personal Adviser or through one of our Connexions Centres. Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: Connexions, 2-8 Market Street, Blackpool FY1 3ET Tel: 01253 293161 | Website: Email:

Description: Sport England have long recognised that “sports clubs that make provision for children and young people make an enormous contribution to the social and sporting life of our nation”. Providing opportunities to; learn a sport, socialise, improving health, participate and compete are a few of the many benefits. It is vitally important that sports clubs also provide an environment that is safe – recognising, and meeting their duty of care and child protection responsibilities. In response to this Sport England has launched “Clubmark”. The Sport England Clubmark – safe, effective, child-friendly – scheme is a new nationally adopted set of standards for enabling national governing bodies of sport (NGBs) and their affiliated bodies to set and meet standards that will lead to better quality sports club provision for children and young people. The scheme will be promoted nationally to enable parents, carers and young people to quickly recognise a club that is committed to providing a quality experience. * Highlights the sports clubs working towards Clubmark accreditation.


Organisation Introductions
council for voluntary service (cvs)
Description: CVS is a registered charity promoting local voluntary action. It does this through; acting as an information exchange, representing voluntary organisations, promoting opportunities for local groups and communities, supporting new voluntary groups, providing training, advice and information. Also provides a CRB (criminal records bureau) check service for volunteers and paid staff from all third sector organisations. Access to Funderfinder and Grantfinder is also available. Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: Council for Voluntary Service, Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde, 95 Abingdon Street, Blackpool FY1 1PP Tel: 01253 624505 Fax: 01253 295800 Website:

lancashire Youth association
Description: LYA aims to support and develop high quality voluntary youth work and educational opportunities for all young people in Lancashire. LYA’s vision is “of fair and open society which encourages, and is supported by, voluntary action, and which offers personal and social development for young people”. All members are automatically affiliated to the relevant councils for voluntary youth services and can access training, support and participate in the many programmes provided. Contact: Lancashire Youth Association - 10 Fishergate Hill, Preston PR2 8JB Tel: 01772 556127 | Fax: 01772 251334 | Website:


v scheme

(formerly Millennium Volunteers)

Description: The new V scheme replaces Millennium Volunteers and supports young people aged 16-24 who give up their free time to help their local communities. It gives young people a chance to build on what they’re into, to develop themselves and really help their community at the same time. You might find V volunteers coaching a school football team, working at a community radio station or helping with environmental projects. V helps young people to build their confidence, gain valuable skills, things like teamwork, decision making and communication through volunteering. It can also help overcome social exclusion, and can be a stepping stone back into learning or employment. Other rewards include a 100-hour award signed by the Minister for young people and an Award of Excellence signed by the Secretary of state for Education and Skills when they reach their 200-hour target. Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: V Scheme Blackpool, 2-8 Market street, Blackpool FY1 3ET Tel: 01253 754841

progress Recruitment
Description: Provides employment related support and training opportunities for young adults with a range of disabilities with a view to finding attractive appropriate employment. Venue: Queens Chambers, 16 Queen Street, Blackpool FY1 1PD Meeting: Weekdays, and weekends on request Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: Lorraine Moffat (address as above) Tel: 01253 477820

Uk Youth
Description: National Youth Organisation promoting and supporting a network of voluntary youth organisations and activities. Website:



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Arts & Culture
blackpool art society
Description: The Art Society meet to encourage art in all media through demonstrations, appraisals, practical meetings and visits. Exhibitions are held at The Grundy Art Gallery, St. John’s Church, Clifton Hospital, Trinity Hospice, Alston Hall, Worsley and other venues across the North West. New members of all ages welcome. Venue: The Studio Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 11 Contact: Secretary - Blackpool Art Society The Studio, Wilkinson Avenue, Blackpool FY3 9HB Tel: 01253 768297

blackpool circus school
Description: BCS provides circus skills based workshops provided by both former and current circus artists. Skills include juggling, diablo, poi, wire walking, trapeze and unicycle. Workshops can be customised for young people and adult groups. Venue: Claremont 1st Steps and Highfield School Age Group: 7+ yrs Meeting: Claremont 1st Steps (16+) – Tuesday 7-8.30pm Highfield Humanities College – Wednesday Beginners - 5.30-6.30pm. Advanced - 5.45-7.45pm Circus Club – 3.45-7.45pm Cost: £3 beginners | £5 advanced (£4 with membership) Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 14 Contact: Yuri Gridness Tel: 01253 735725 | Email:


blackpool ice Dance club
Description: Promotion of ice dance for all ages and standards, on ice baton twirling, exhibition teams and shows. The Club holds regular club training sessions, displays and competitions both inter-club and national. Venue: Blackpool and Blackburn Ice Arenas Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Cost: Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 5, 16 Contact: Organiser – Blackpool Ice Dance Club Tel: 01253 794322

blackpool Movie Makers
Description: The making and watching of video and cine film. New members of all ages welcome. Venue: The B, F & W Society for the Deaf, Cornwall Avenue. Age Group: Open Meeting: Monday 7.45pm Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 16, 7, 14, 2, 2C, 4, 3 Contact: Mrs Boreham - Blackpool Movie Makers, c/o 3 Wimbledon Avenue, Thornton-Cleveleys FY5 1SA Tel: 01253 867167

Disco Divas - Dance Group
Description: We teach children and young people dance routines and all types of disco dancing. Venue: Marton and Mereside Community Centre Age Group: 3 – 25yrs Meeting: Tuesdays 5.30pm-9.00pm and Sundays 1.00pm – 3.00pm Cost: 30p Bus Zone: Central - Line 6, 3, 4 Contact: Treasurer Disco Divas, c/o 22 Cartmel Road, Mereside, Blackpool FY4 4SL Tel: 01253 476676


Arts & Culture
Grundy art Gallery
Description: Changing exhibition programme of art work and shop selling contemporary jewellery. Venue: Queen Street Blackpool Age Group: Any Meeting: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 6, 5, 4, 3 Contact: Reception Queen Street Blackpool. FY1 1PU Tel: 01253 478170 | Email:

odeon cinema
Description: Showing of different films at different times seven days a week. Young people allowed in to the cinema unaccompanied before 7pm depending on the guidance rating of the film. Venue: Rigby Road Blackpool Age Group: 2yrs-14yrs and 14yrs+ Meeting: Various Cost: 2yrs-14yrs £4.50 15yrs+ £6.10 Bus Zone: Central - Line 16, 7 Contact: Odeon Cinema Rigby Road Blackpool. FY1 5EP Tel: 0871 22 44 007 | Email:

Youth academy - Grand theatre
Description: Provides performance, training and education opportunities for young people interested in theatre. Venue: Blackpool Grand Theatre Meeting: Tues 6.30-9.30pm | Sunday 10am-12.30pm / 1.30-4pm (age 11-14) | Monday 6-9pm (age 15-19) Bus Zone: Central - Line 6 Contact: Paul David, Academy Director Youth Academy, Blackpool Grand Theatre, 33 Church Street, Blackpool FY1 1HT Tel: 01253 290111 or 07951 769847 | Email:


poco loco – blackpool school of samba
Description: ‘Poco Loco’ provides the opportunity for people to learn and play samba rhythms including performances. As well as playing members the group also welcomes those who wish to support the organisation through costume making, transport, gigs and membership promotion. Auditions in September. Taster sessions throughout the year. Venue: 1st Step Centre – Dickson Road Age Group: 12yrs + Meeting: Wednesday 7.00pm-9.00pm Cost: £1 after first visit, unless you have a job (£2.50) Bus Zone: Central - Line 15 Contact: Mandy Andrew | Tel: 01253 358432 | Email:



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Church & Religious
Description: Blackpool Inter Faith Forum is led by the Youth Service and provides an opportunity for young people of all faiths to come together to promote equality and diversity. Venue: Connexions 2-8 Market Street Blackpool FY1 3ET Age Group: 11-19 years Meeting: By telephone contact Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Tel: 01253 754841

church of england
Description: In addition to Sunday Schools and various clubs and activities, the Diocesan Youth Officer provides support and training for volunteers and childrens workers in a Church setting Venue: Churches in Blackpool Age Group: All Meeting: Various Cost: Free Contact: Craig Abbott - Diocesan Youth Officer Church House, Cathedral Close, Blackburn BB1 5AA Tel: 01254 503070 | Fax: 01254 699963 | Email:

circuit Youth Group
Description: It is a social meeting for young people to get involved with games, sports, & other social events e.g. BBQ Venue: Waterloo Rd Methodist Church Age Group: 12yrs + Meeting: Mondays 7pm-9pm, Fridays 8.30pm-10pm Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 14, 16 Tel: 01253 342391 (Stewart)


fylde coast church alive Youth Group
Description: Indoor football, team games, table tennis, pool, snooker, darts, table football, pinball machine, Nintendo 64 games machine. Venue: Fylde Coast Church Alive, Raikes Parade Age Group: 7-11yrs Meeting: Friday 7.30-10pm Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 1 Contact: Paul Richards, 48 Kirkstone Drive, Norbreck FY5 1QH Tel:01253 858248 | Email:

fylde t3
Description: Fylde T3 Limited, as a Christian organisation, seeks to work in partnership with individuals, the church community and other organisations working with youth, to help young people of the Fylde Coast through education, leisure and training activities, within our Christian ethos, so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society. Venue: Various churches Age Group: 11 – 25yrs Meeting: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 7 Contact: Damian Platt Youth Office, 80 Devonshire Road, Blackpool FY3 8AE Tel:01253 624777 | Email:


Church & Religious
Gfs platform
Description: GFS aims to give girls and young women the opportunity to grow in confidence and self esteem to develop their potential and to value themselves and others equally. Activities include music, drama, dance, craft, quizzes, discussion groups and outings. Venue: St. Marks’ Church Hall, Westcliffe Drive, Layton Age Group: 6-21yrs Meeting: Weekly on Fridays, 6.30-9.30pm Cost: 50p Bus Zone: Central - Line 15, 2, 2C Contact: Mrs B Brooks, GFS Platform c/o 34 Raybourne Avenue, Poulton le Fylde FY6 7RT Tel: 01253 885044 Email: | Web:


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Housing & Homeless
bay housing association
Description: Aims to provide a structured environment, supportive to residents learning to manage their lives more effectively, maximising their potential to live independently, rewarding them for their achievements and encouraging them to maintain change. Venue: Bay House Age Group: 16-5yrs Meeting: Various Cost: £6 a week (on top of benefits) Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 5, 6 Contact: Bay House, 72 Alexandra Road, Blackpool FY1 6HW Tel: 01253 341565 | Email:

five piers – blackpool foyer
Description: Blackpool Foyer is a supported housing scheme that provides training, accommodation and support to young people. The aim of is to support young people and equip them with the necessary skills and abilities to allow them to live independently. Venue: Blackpool Foyer Age Group: 16-25yrs Meeting: Open Daily Cost: According to the accommodation Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 5, 6 Contact: Blackpool Foyer, Chapel Street, Blackpool FY1 5DX Tel: 01253 292878 | Fax: 01253 291890 | Email: Website:


fylde coast Women’s Refuge
Description: Provide support and temporary accommodation to women and their children escaping domestic violence. They aim to raise public awareness about the issues surrounding domestic violence. Venue: Not Applicable Age Group: All except males 15yrs + Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 5, 11 Contact: PO Box 3, Blackpool FY3 9GZ Tel: 01253 596699

kensington house trust
Description: Kensington House provides hostel accommodation for young people aged 16-25 and a variety of support activities run through Kensington Foundation. Venue: Kensington House Age Group: 16-25yrs Meeting: Various Cost: £20 rent (on top of benefite) Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 3, 6 Contact: Tim Murphy - Kensington House, 2 Langdale Road, Mereside, Blackpool FY4 4RT Tel: 01253 761334 | Fax: 01253 311819 | Email:


Housing & Homeless
Description: Provide emergency shelter, drop-in, counselling, information and advocacy and development activities for young homeless people. Their approach is youth work based to enable and empower young people to make informed choices. Venue: The Base Age Group: 16-25yrs Meeting: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 1pm-4pm | Thursday - 6-8pm Evening Night Shelter - 9pm-9am Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 6 Contact: The Base, 11/13 Cookson Street, Blackpool FY1 3ED Tel: Base - 01253 294477 | Shelter+ - 01253 291038 Fax: 01253 297837 | Email:

the ashley foundation
Description: The Ashley foundation is established to relieve the poverty faced by homeless individuals in the Blackpool area. The foundation will offer accommodation, support and training to those in need and will endeavour to provide such services in a non-discriminatory way. Venue: Ashley Foundation Age Group: 16-25yrs Meeting: Various Cost: £21 a week rent (on top of benefits) Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: The Ashley Foundation 81 Abingdon Street, Blackpool FY1 1PP Tel: 01253 297200 | Fax: 01253626500 | Email:


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Sport & Leisure
blackpool & District badminton
Description: An association of 16 clubs across the area. Opportunities are available for beginners and juniors. Including coaching. Venue: Various Age Group: Open Meeting: Most nights Cost: Bus Zone: Central - Line 5, 68 Tel: 01772 671748 | Email:

blackpool & District Youth football league
Description: Youth football league offering training and competitions as well as regular matches Venue: Various Age Group: 6-16yrs Meeting: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 15, 2, 2C Contact: Blackpool & District Youth Football League c/o 37 Woodland Grove, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire Tel: 01253 882592

blackpool & fylde athletic club
Description: Blackpool’s Junior and senior athletic club supporting training and competition activities. Venue: Club Room, Stanley Park Arena Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 4 Contact: Blackpool and Fylde Athletic Club c/o 6 Lowther Avenue, North Shore, Blackpool FY2 9PA


blackpool & fylde Youth Netball club
Description: The netball club meets twice a week. Monday 5.30pm-8.30pm for squad training and Friday 4.30pm-6.30pm for development training. Venue: Sports Centre, Stanley Park Age Group: 7yrs + Meeting: All year round Cost: Bus Zone: Central - Line 4 Contact: Blackpool and Fylde Youth Netball Club c/o 3 Marble Avenue, Thornton, Cleveleys, Blackpool FY5 3LE Tel: 01253 852987

blackpool & Wyre ladies hockey club
Description: Blackpool’s senior women’s hockey club support training and competition activities and hockey coaching for juniors. Venue: Various Age Group: 12yrs + Bus Zone: Central - Line 2, 2C Contact: Anne Edwards, Blackpool and Wyre Ladies Hockey Club c/o 163 Mains Lane, Poulton-le-Fylde Tel: 01253 890717 | Email:

blackpool budokan Martial arts academy
Description: Blackpool Budokan is a school dedicated to the Holistic training of all our students training the mind & intellect while training the body Venue: Various Age Group: Open Cost: £3.30 per class (children) | £4.80 per class (adults) Bus Zone: Central - Line 15 Contact: Blackpool Budokan Martial Arts Academy c/o Unit G Ashleigh Mews, Woodland Grove, Blackpool FY3 9ET Tel: 01253 768901 | Email:


Sport & Leisure
blackpool sports centre climbing wall and bouldering Room & the towers bancroft park
Description: Courses available for young people whether they are beginners or competent booked through the sports centre. Bouldering is also available but must be 14+. Private bookings for parties or groups are available if booked in adavnce. Venue: Blackpool Sports Centre & Bancroft Park Age Group: 8+ Meeting: Sports Centre Climbing wall: 8.30am-9pm Mon, Wed, Fri, 9am-4pm Tues &Thurs,9am-8pm Sat Bouldering room: 8.30am-9pm Mon-Thurs, Fri 8.30am-8pm, Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 9am-8pm The Towers: 5pm-8pm, Mon, Thurs, Fri, 11.30am-5pm Sat&Sun Cost: Variable Please book in advance through Blackpool Sports Centre Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 20 Contact: Lisa Arnold Blackpool Leisure Services Tel: (Sports Centre) 01253 478470 | (The Towers Bancroft Park) 01253 349749 Email: | Web:

blackpool cricket club
Description: Blackpool Cricket Club provides opportunities for both juniors and seniors to train and compete. Venue: Blackpool Cricket Club, Stanley Park Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 4 Contact: Blackpool Cricket Club, Barlow Crescent, West Park Drive, Blackpool FY3 9EQ Tel: 01253 393347


blackpool Gymnastics club
Description: The club has over 500 members, 11 trained staff and an army of volunteers. There are three grades of class novice, intermediate and advanced. Venue: Blackpool Sports Centre & Collegiate Sports College Age Group: 2+ Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 4 Contact: Blackpool Sports Centre, West Park Drive , Blackpool Tel: 01253 478461 | Email: | Web:

blackpool Junior football federation (bJff)
Description: BJFF is a football club that has been run since 1969 with the amalgamation of Bispham Rebels, Bispham Juniors and Bispham Colts Venue: Bispham Gala Field Age Group: 5yrs + Meeting: Various Cost: £3 - £4.40 Bus Zone: Central - Line 11 Contact: Kathleen Harnson, General Secretary - 37 Woodland Drive, Poulton Tel: Paul Kelly - 01253 500094 | Email:

blackpool lights
Description: Blackpool’s leading Basketball team providing training and competition. Venue: Blackpool Sports Centre Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 2, 2C Contact: Blackpool Lights, c/o 203 Normoss Road, Normoss, Blackpool FY3 8QN


Sport & Leisure
blackpool Men’s hockey club
Description: Men hockey senior and youth teams. Provide training and competitions all year round Venue: Stanley Park, All weather pitches Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 4 Contact: Hon Secretary Blackpool Men’s Hockey Club c/o 83 Northumberland Avenue, Cleveleys FY5 2JZ Tel: 01253 822341

blackpool North shore Golf club
Description: Blackpool North Shore Golf Club is a members club set in 98 acres. The course is a links type course with rolling fairways and good-sized greens. Venue: Blackpool North Shore Golf Club Age Group: 16yrs + Meeting: Various. All year round Cost: £30 - £45 Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 4 Contact: Blackpool North Shore Golf Club, Blackpool FY2 0RD Tel: 01253 352054 | Email: Website:


blackpool park Golf club
Description: Park club has a traditional 18-hole parkland course that was founded in 1926. The course is open to visitors on a daily basis with other facilities on site e.g. restaurant Venue: Blackpool Park Golf Club Age Group: Open Meeting: Various. All year round Cost: £60 - contract | £18 - juniors to join Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 4 Contact: Blackpool Park Golf Club, North Park Drive, Blackpool FY3 8LS Tel: 01253 397916

blackpool Rugby Union fc
Description: BRUFC is an established club with dedication to provide competitive teams that win. Training is twice a week with floodlit pitches and a weights area. Matches take place most weekends. Venue: Blackpool Rugby Club, Fleetwood Road Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 4 Contact: Blackpool Rugby Union FC, Fleetwood Road, Norbreck, Blackpool Tel: 01253 853308

blackpool scorpions
Description: One of Blackpool’s rugby league clubs, offering training as well as competitions to junior and senior squad. Venue: South Shore Squash & Cricket Club Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 14, 10 Contact: Hon Secretary, Blackpool Scorpions South Shore Squash & Cricket Club, Common Edge Road, Blackpool Web:

Sport & Leisure
blackpool sports centre
Description: Various sporting activities including, badminton, football, athletics and use of a climbing wall. Venue: Sports Centre West Park Drive Blackpool- Bus Zone Central Zone (line 4, 20) Age Group: 8+ Meeting: Various Cost: £2.20 for classes various costs for other activities (Blackpool Resident) Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 20 Contact: Carl Townson, West Park Drive Blackpool FY3 9EQ Tel: 01253 478470

blackpool stanley Rlfc
Description: Blackpool Stanley has regular training sessions for senior and junior teams with matches taking place regularly at weekends. Venue: Blackpool Stanley Park Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 4 Contact: Bob McNiche Tel: 01253 291518 Web:

chenjiagou taijiquan association (Uk)
Description: The martial arts classes are suitable for all ages, sizes, male or female. Benefits accrue for health, fitness, relaxation and flexibility. In addition, at the more advanced level, it can be used for self-defence. Venue: All Saints Sunday School, Park Road Age Group: Open Meeting: Mondays 6.00pm-9.00pm Bus Zone: Central - Line 15, 2 Contact: Chenjiagou Taijiquan Association, c/o 23 Palatine Road, Blackpool FY1 4BX Tel: 01253 623575 | Web:

cleveleys Road club
Description: The Cleveleys Road Club is a traditional cycling club with something for everyone at any age. We have social rides, club rides, cafe rides, touring rides, MTB, training rides, road-racing, timetrialling, social activities, club nights, cycling holidays in Majorca and a successful racing team. Venue: Bispham Community Centre Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 14, 10 Contact: Hon Secretary Cleveleys Road Club, c/o 83 Common Edge Road, Blackpool FY4 5AJ Tel: 01253 767921 | E-mail: Web:

Moor park swimming pool
Description: Swimming and classes in instruction Venue: Moor Park, Bristol Avenue Blackpool Age Group: 8+ Meeting: Various Cost: 5yrs-16yrs £1.55 16yrs+ £3.10 (Blackpool Resident) Bus Zone: Central - Line 11 Contact: Reception, Bristol Avenue Blackpool. FY2 OJG Tel: 01253 478487

Multi sports coaching
Description: Sports coaching for all types of sporting activities Venue: Various Age Group: 8-16yrs Meeting: Monday-Sundays various times and places Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 14 Contact: Ian Craddock, Leisure, Culture and Community Services, Progress house, Clifton Road Blackpool FY4 4US Tel: 01253 478107 | Email:


Sport & Leisure
palatine leisure centre
Description: Fitness classes and aerobics, badminton and a swimming club. To be arranged through centre. Venue: St Annes Road Blackpool-Bus Zone Central Zone (line 10, 14) Age Group: 8+ Cost: Swimming- 5yrs-16yrs £1.55 16yrs+ £3.10, Classes £3.50 (Blackpool Resident) Bus Zone: Central - Line 10, 14 Contact: Anthony Wooton, St Annes Road Blackpool FY4 2AP Tel: 01253 478484

polar bears
Description: Multi-swimming and recreational group helping people with learning and/or physical disabilities to achieve their full potential and to encourage their integration into society. Trains junior and senior squads to competitive standards. Teaches non-swimmers with a wide range of disabilities to A.S.A qualifications. Contact Linda to make an appointment for an assessment. Venue: St. Georges Swimming Pool Age Group: 5+ Meeting: Sunday 9am – 1.40pm Bus Zone: Central - Line 6, 3 Contact: Linda Ingles - Blackpool Polar Bears, c/o 7 Granville Road, Blackpool FY1 3NP Tel: 01253 751076 | Email:

poulton & District primary league
Description: Junior football club supporting training and competitions as well as matches. Venue: Various Age group: Up to 16yrs Meeting: Weekly Bus Zone: Central - Line 15, 2, 20 Contact: Poulton & District Primary League c/o 10 Aldwych Avenue, Blackpool FY3 9LQ Tel: 01253 695518


Sport & Leisure
south shore cricket & squash club
Description: Information not available at time of going to print. Venue: South Shore Cricket & Squash Club Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 14, 10 Contact: South Shore Cricket & Squash Club, Mad Nook, Common Edge Road, Blackpool Tel: 01253 763636

st Georges pool
Description: Swimming, swimming lessons and diving classes Venue: Cherry Tree Road Blackpool - Bus Zone Central Zone (line 6, 16) Age Group: 8+ Meeting: Various Cost: Various Contact: Reception Cherry Tree Road FY4 4PH Tel: 01253 838232

thornton cleveleys sports club
Venue: Bourne Road Thornton Cleveleys Age Group: 4yrs-18yrs Meeting: Various Description: Football training for young people with the opportunity to join team and participate in football tournaments. Cost: Free to train, £2.50 signing on fee and small subscription to join a team Bus Zone: Central - Line 3 Contact: TJ, Bourne Road Thornton Cleveleys Tel: 01253 869666



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army cadet force
Description: Youth organisation, with many activities, adveture training, canoeing, rock climbing, military training, sprots activities, first aid, duke of edinburgh and annual camp. Venue: TA Centre, Parkinson Way Blackpool FY4 2AZ Age Group: 12-18yrs (must be in year 8 at school) Meeting: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 7- 9.30pm Cost: £10 joining fee - subs each week Bus Zone: Central - Line 11 Tel: 01772 717078 Web:

air training corps
Description: A national youth organisation aimed at encouraging a practical interest in aviation, adventure and sport. Venue: Sqn HQ, Blackpool Airport Age Group: 13-17yrs Meeting: Twice a week Cost: £2.50 Bus Zone: Central - Line 68 Contact: Air Training Corps, HQ Cumbria and North Lancashire Wing Building 37, Singleton Road, Weeton, Preston PR4 3HT Tel: 01772 260752 | Fax: 01772 260753 | Email:


blackpool sea cadets corps
Description: Provides young people to access a wide range of sailing and boat work activities with its routes based on the traditions and customs of the Royal Navy. Also offering Duke of Edinburgh. Venue: T.S. Penelope Age Group: 10-18yrs Meeting: Tuesday and Thursday Bus Zone: Central - Line 7 Contact: Blackpool Sea Cadets Corps T.S. Penelope, 596 Devonshire Road, Bispham, Blackpool FY2 0EL Tel: 01253 500499

Girl Guiding - blackpool
Description: Guides are a part of long established national and international network offering girls and young women the opportunity to participate in a variety of programmes and activities that aim to enable them to fulfil their potential to take an active and responsible role in society. Venue: Centres across Blackpool Age Group: 6-25yrs Meeting: Variable Bus Zone: Central - Line 10, L1 Contact: Blackpool Girl Guiding South Division c/o 338 Midgeland Road Blackpool FY4 5HZ North Division 3 Pilling Court Blackpool FY3 7TP

Web: | Email:


the scout association
Description: The Scout Association aims to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. Across Blackpool there are weekly meetings and visits providing opportunities for outdoor and creative activities. Venue: 24 centres across Blackpool Age Group: 6-25yrs Meeting: Variable Bus Zone: Central - Line 11 Contact: The Scout Association, County Office Waddecar Scout Camp Wood Top Goosnargh Preston PR3 2EU Tel: 01995 61336 | 0845 0944576 Web: | Email: S Williamson Blackpool District Scouts District Commissioner c/o 120 Warbreck Hill Road Blackpool FY2 0TR


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Youth Groups & Youth Organisations
Description: Providing children & young people’s activities throughout Blackpool. We also offer parenting advice, support & training to parents living in Blackpool. We also support young parents aged 19 & under living on Grange Park, as part of the Sure Start programme Venue: Across Blackpool Age Group: 5-13yrs Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 6, 3, 4 Tel:01253 626480 | Fax: 01253 624295 | Email: Web:

blackpool advocacy
Description: Blackpool Advocacy works on a one to one basis with young people offering support and representation ensuring that any decisions made about them include their views. Blackpool advocacy also delivers courses in confidence building and self esteem, and will work with individuals to promote anger management & coping strategy skills Venue: Various Age Group: 5-25yrs Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 16, 2 Contact: Blackpool Advocacy, 37 Springfield Road, Blackpool FY1 1PZ Tel:01253 200049 | Fax: 01253 200049 | Email: Web:


blackpool advocacy Young carers project
Description: Lottery funded project providing support for young people who are carers. Young people are offered time away from home and a place where they can chill out and interact with people their own age. This is provided through youth clubs with leisure activities and workshops in groups. During school holiday’s trips, sporting activities and other opportunities are available. There is also support for teenage parents. Age Group: 11-18yrs Meeting: Claremont Park Community Centre, Every Tuesday 4pm-6.30pm 11-13yrs. St Johns Church. Teenage parents - Every Thursday 13.30pm-15.00pm 16-18yrs. Bus Zone: Central - Line 7 - Claremont, St Johns any bus town Centre. Contact: Myriad House, 6A Skyways, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool FY4 2RP Tel: 01253 405959 | Fax: 01253 348232 | Email: Web:

blackpool boys & Girls club
Description: Blackpool Boys & Girls Club offers many sport, Art and IT facilities and in partnership with Blackpool Youth Service offers young people a safe environment to be expressive, creative and empowered to explore feelings and make informed choices. Venue: Boys & Girls Club Age Group: 8-25yrs Meeting: Monday – Friday 6.00pm-10.00pm. Daily projects throughout the year. Cost: 30p Bus Zone: Central - Line 6, 14, 5, 11 Contact: Blackpool Boys & Girls Club, Laycock Gate, Blackpool FY3 3AT Tel: 01253 391539


Youth Groups & Youth Organisations
blackpool Young peoples council
Description: Young peoples meeting to discuss local issues that affect young people and to influence strategy in Blackpool. Venue: Town Hall Talbot Road Blackpool Age Group: 11-25yrs Meeting: Once a month (2nd Tues) Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: S Dunne 2-4 Market Street, Blackpool FY1 1ET Tel: 01253 754841 | Email:

blackpool Young peoples council issue Groups
Description: Sub groups of Blackpool Young Peoples Council to discuss specific topics. The groups look at health issues, transport, law and order, media and anti-bullying there is also a multi faith forum and a learning difficulties project connected to national mencap. Venue: Connexions- 2-4 Market Street Blackpool Age Group: 11-25yrs Meeting: Once a month | Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: S Dunne, 2-4 Market Street Blackpool FY1 1ET Tel: 01253 754841 | Email:

the buzz bus
Description: A mobile service in Blackpool designed for young people aged between 13-19yrs. Young people can access advice and guidance from youth workers around issues such as sexual health, relationships, substance misuse, alcohol and smoking. Venue: Various locations around Blackpool. Age Group: 13-19yrs | Meeting: Various | Cost: Free Contact: Louise Williams / Claire Foster Tel: 01253 476477 (recorded message) 01253 476049 (office) Email: / Web:

Duke of edinburgh award scheme
Description: Open award group to work towards bronze, silver or gold Duke of Edinburgh, Venue: Training and Resource Centre Whitegate Drive Blackpool- Bus Zone Central Zone (line 3) Age Group: 14-25yrs Meeting: Weekly Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 3 Contact: Tim Deighton/Carl Walker TRC 278a Whitegate Drive FY3 9JW Tel: 01253 476177 0r 01253 476168

the Grange
Description: Youth club providing different projects and activities for young people to be invloved in. Gender specific projects, and junior and senior activites. Venue: The Grange Dinmore Avenue Blackpool FY3 7NX Meeting: Mon-Fri 6-9.30pm Bus Zone: Central - Line 14 Contact: Jed Sullivan Tel: 01253 478165 | Email:

highfurlong Youth club
Description: Specialist work catering for young people with disabilities alongside generic youth work and projects. Venue: Highfurlong School, Blackpool Old Road Age Group: 11-25yrs Meeting Tuesday 7.00pm-9.30pm Cost: 30p Bus Zone: Central - Line 14 Contact: Jed Sullivan, Highfurlong School Blackpool Old Road Blackpool FY3 7LR Tel: 01253 478178 | Email:


Youth Groups & Youth Organisations
the hub
Description: A substance misuse service for young people 18 and under, their families,friends and professionals alike. Offering 1-1 support,drugs and alcohol education and prevention, harm reduction advice and information. Venue: Various, workers meet young people in locations Age Group: 18 and under Contact: Pauline Wigglesworth 4th floor Prudential House, Topping St, Blackpool, FY1 3AX Tel: 01253 476010 | Fax: 01253 476016

Mereside Youth club
Description: Various projects run within the club from Dance to Dj-ing, computers and young people can join a Youth Advisory group. Venue: Marton and Mereside Youth and Community Centre Bowness Avenue Blackpool Age Group: 13-19yrs Meeting: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7.00pm-9.30pm Cost: 30p Bus Zone: Central - Line 3 Contact: Andy Walker Marton and Mereside Y & C Centre, Bowness Avenue Blackpool FY4 4TA Tel: 01253 476674 / 476646 | Email:

Description: Provides support for young people around issues of sexual orientation. Venue: Youth Service Age Group: 13-19yrs Meeting: Arranged by telephone contact for confidentiality reasons. Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: Tel:01253 754841 Website:


outdoor adventure Group
Description: A voluntary organisation established to providing canoeing & kayaking training for young people & leaders. Venue: Fleetwood Boating Lake Age Group: 8yrs + Meeting: Friday and 1st Wednesday in month Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 16, 2, 4, 14, 7, 11 Contact: Secretary - Outdoor Adventure Group, c/o 9 Wells Close, Thornton, Lancashire FY5 2UX Tel: 01253 828834 | Email:

park Youth club
Description: Young people who attend have to be current or past users of Park school. Projects are varied from arts and crafts, music and issue based work Venue: Park School Whitegate Drive Blackpool Age Group: 11-21yrs Meeting: Monday 7.00pm-9.00pm Cost: 30p Bus Zone: Central - Line 3 Contact: Wendy Pierce, Park School Whitegate Drive Blackpool FY3 9HF Tel: 01253 399396 | Email:

pip (promoting inclusive partnerships) project
Description: PIP supports children and young adults in a group activity of their choice Venue: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 2, 2C, 15 Contact: PIP, 153a Blackpool Old Road, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire FY6 7RS Tel: 01253 899883 | Email:


Youth Groups & Youth Organisations
positive activities for young people (paYp)
Description: Positive activities are an activity-based programme developed to engage children and young people who reside in Blackpool. It provides individual casework through referrals and preventative activities throughout the year with additional activities at holiday periods. Venue: Venue Age Group: 8-17yrs Cost: Free Contact: Miss Diane Stark Positive Activities, Integrated Youth Services Administrator Tel: 01253 476166 | Fax: 01253 476650

prince’s trust
Description: The Prince’s Trust helps young people develop new skills, gain confidence and work towards employment and training through organised programmes of community activities. Team courses help young people take on challenges and projects. Start dates are throughout the year Venue: South Shore Fire Station, St Annes Road Age Group: 14-30yrs Meeting: Daily Bus Zone: Central - Line 7, 5, 16, 2, 2C, 11 Contact: Prince’s Trust, South Shore Fire Station, Palatine Road, Blackpool Tel: Office: 01253 401283 Regional Office: 01772 848268 | Web: Web:


snows heights outdoor centre
Description: Snows Heights is a registered charity offering young people an opportunity to enjoy the English Lake District. The site is situated in 14 acres of wooded hillside. Accommodation is wooden huts with a large kitchen and dining area and male and female toilets and showers. Venue: Colton, Cumbria Age Group: 9yrs + Meeting: Twice a term (management committee only) Cost: £6 a day, per person Bus Zone: Central - Line 6, 16, 3, 4 Contact: Snows Heights, c/o Mereside Community Association Mereside Community Centre, Bowness Avenue, Blackpool FY4 4TE Tel: 01253 476671 | Web:

st. John ambulance blackpool cadets
Description: Cadets learn lifesaving First Aid skills through schemes like young Lifesaver, Young Lifesaver Plus and First Aid at Work. Young people get to put these skills into practice at the many local and national events St. John cover. Venue: HQ Hornby Road/Park Road Age Group: 10-18yrs Meeting: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 2 Contact: St. John Ambulance Blackpool Cadets, Hornby/Park Road, Blackpool Web:


Youth Groups & Youth Organisations
Whiteholme Youth club
Description: Open provision with various ongoing projects for young people to get involved in. Presently running Duke of Edinburgh scheme sectional awards and a peer education project. Venue: Whiteholme Youth and Community Centre All Saints Road Blackpool Age Group: 11-25yrs Meeting: Monday- Thursday 7.00pm-9.30pm Cost: 30p Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 4, 11, 14, 7 Contact: Jed Sullivan, Whiteholme Youth and Community Centre All Saints Road Bispham FY5 3AL Tel: 01253 478178 | Email:

Windmill Youth Development Group
Description: The Windmill Group has been in existence since 1978 and provides a variety of outdoor and Duke of Edinburgh Award activities, including national and international expeditions. Venue: Stanley Park Age Group: 13-25yrs Meeting: Wednesday 6.00pm Bus Zone: Central - Line 4 Contact: Stuart Sykes, 118 West Park Drive, Blackpool FY3 9HT Tel: 01253 761598 | Email: Web:


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Description: Reading group and poetry group, read books and poetry as a group and general discussion. Venue: Anchorsholme library, Luton Road Age Group: Open Meeting: 2nd Thursday of Month (reading) Last Friday of month (poetry) Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 7 Contact: Pam Hampton, Luton Road Blackpool FY5 3RS Tel: 01253 853588 Email: | Web:

Description: Themed activities at various times of the year for different ages Venue: Bispham library, Devonshire Road Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 7, 11, 15 Contact: Eileen Ferrier, Devonshire Road Blackpool FY2 OHH Tel: 01253 478120 Email: | Web:


Description: Family history group 2.00pm first Monday of month, Live Poets writing group 1.00pm first Monday of month, Pilates every Thursday 12.30pm to 1.30pm, Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender reading and social group 7.00pm last Thursday of month, reading group 2.00pm last Friday of month and general library facilities. Venue: Central library, Queen Street Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 5, 7 Contact: Anne Stevens, Queen Street Blackpool FY1 1PX Tel: 01253 478080 Email: | Web:

Description: General library facilities Venue: Layton library, Talbot Road Age Group: Open Meeting: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 7, 14, 5 Contact: Chris Marshall, Talbot Road Blackpool FY3 7BD Tel: 01253 478145 Email: | Web:


Description: X box club, club for young people to try and play x box games Venue: Palatine library, St Annes Road Age Group: 9+ Meeting: Mon, Wed, and Fri 3.30pm-5.00pm Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 7, 14, 5 Contact: Lynne Scarles, St Annes Road Blackpool FY4 2AP Tel: 01253 478050 Email: | Web:

Description: General library facilities, Chatterbox reading group first Saturday of Month for 7-11yr olds. Homework support and summer reading schemes. Venue: Revoe library, Revoe Street Age Group: 9+ Meeting: Various Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 14 Contact: Jane Berry, 1 Revoe Street Blackpool FY1 5HN Tel: 01253 478160 Email: | Web:


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bispham campus
Description: Courses at further and higher education level and vocational courses part time and full time in Academic studies, Business and management, Casino Operations, Coin Slot technology, Computing, Construction, Engineering, Hospitality, Teacher training and education, Tourism and Sports and Leisure. Venue: Bispham College Ashfield Road Age Group: 16+ Meeting: Various Cost: Varies please contact course enquiries Bus Zone: Central - Line 15, L1, 3, 11 Contact: Reception, Ashfield Road, Bispham, Blackpool, FY2 0HB Tel: 01253 352352 | Web:

central blackpool campus
Description: Courses at further and higher education level and vocational courses part time and full time in Art and Design, Performing Arts, Health care and early years. Venue: Central College Palatine Road Age Group: 16+ Meeting: Various Cost: Varies please contact course enquiries Bus Zone: Central - Line 5 Contact: Reception: Palatine Road, Blackpool FY1 4DW Tel: 01253 352532 | Web:


ansdell campus
Description: Hair and beauty and related therapies. Venue: Ansdell College Church Road Age Group: 16+ Meeting: Various Cost: Varies please contact course enquiries Bus Zone: Central - Line 2 Contact: Reception, Church Road Lytham St Annes, FY8 4AP Tel: 01253 352352 | Web:

fleetwood Nautical campus
Description: Campus for nautical and maritime studies at further and higher education level. Venue: Fleetwood College Broadwater Age Group: 16+ Meeting: Various Cost: Varies please contact course enquiries Bus Zone: Central - Line 6 Contact: Reception Broadwater, Fleetwood, FY7 8JZ Tel: 01253 779123 | Web:



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Training Agencies
Description: Courses towards entry to employment, NVQ 2 level courses in 12 occupational areas. Induction and interview required. Venue: Coleridge Road Age Group: 16-25yrs Meeting: Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 7, 6, 5 Contact: Sara Gaskell Coleridge Rd, Blackpool FY1 3RW Tel: 01253 756400 | Email: | Web:

henry boot
Description: NVQ level 2 in construction and civil engineering services. Venue: 51 Chorley Road Age group 16-18yrs: Meeting: Monday-Friday 8.00am-4.30pm Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 11, 7, 6, 5 Contact: David Weingard 51 Chorley Rd Blackpool FY3 7XQ Tel: 01253 301824 | Email:

training 2000
Description: Work based learning for pre apprenticeship and apprenticeships throughout Lancashire. Venue: Various Age Group: 16-25yrs Meeting: Various Cost: Free Contact: Julie Janeczko Tel: 0845 6042000 | Email: Web:

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Private Organisations

blackpool premier bowl
Description: Bowling for children and adults. Venue: Central Drive Age Group: 5yrs-14yrs 14yrs+ Meeting: 10am-10pm Cost: 14yrs before 6.30pm £3.50 after 6.30pm £4.00. 14yrs+ before 6.30pm £4.50 after 6.30pm £4.80 Bus Zone: Central - Line 5, 7 Contact: Premier Bowl, Central Drive Blackpool FY1 5HZ Tel: 01253 295503


conway Dance academy
Description: Classical ballet, modern, tap and jazz dance classes Venue: Anchorsholme Lane East Age Group: +3yrs Meeting: Monday- Saturday Cost: Various Bus Zone: Central - Line 3 Contact: Conway Dance Academy 17 Anchorsholme Lane East Anchorsholme Cleveleys Tel: 01253 826039


the Dance place
Description: Modern, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Cabaret and Drama classes Venue: Rawcliffe St Age Group: 2+ till Student age Meeting: Mon to Sat after 4pm Monday-Friday all day Saturday Cost: £3.80 per hour Bus Zone: Central - Line 6 Contact: 22 Rawcliffe St Blackpool FY4 1BY Tel: 01253 345408

the Mullin school of Dance
Description: Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz and Freestyle classes as well as adult tap and Pilates Venue: Patterdale Avenue Age Group: 3+ Cost: Varies as to what class Bus Zone: Central - Line 7 Contact: 48 Patterdale Avenue Marton FY3 9QU Tel: 01253 694918 | Mobile: 07944616908

langley Dance centre
Description: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap and Singing Classes Venue: Coronation St Blackpool Age Group: 2+ Cost: Varies as to age and class Bus Zone: Central - Line 5, 7 Contact: 38 Coronation Street Blackpool FY1 1EJ Tel: 01253 622350


Private Organisations
Michelle hall theatre school
Description: Ballet, tap, Modern, Freestyle, Hip hop, Singing, Drama, Musical Theatre Venue: Performing Arts centre 19 Preston Old Road Age group: 2+ Cost: Varies as to age and class Bus Zone: Central - Line 5, 7 Contact: Waterloo Road Methodist Church FY4 4BJ Tel: 01253 696990

phil Winston’s theatre Works ltd
Venue: The Promenade- Bus Zone Central Zone (tramway or line 1 or 20) both of those buses are only available in summer Bus Zone: Central - Line 7 Contact: 66-74 The Promenade Blackpool FY1 1HB Tel: 01253 292733

phyllis Davis Dance school
Description: Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Theatre work Venue: Ritheram Avenue Cleveleys Age Group: 3+ Cost: £2.70 Bus Zone: Central - Line 3, 7, 4, 2, 11 Contact: Ritheram Avenue Cleveleys Tel: 01253 869528


Whittaker Dance and Drama centre
Description: Stage Dancing and Drama, Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Riverdance Lessons. Venue: Hornby road Age group: 2+ Cost: Varies as to age and class Bus Zone: Central - Line 6, 3, 4 Contact: Mr Jack Gawley / Miss J Gawley, 135 Hornby Road Blackpool FY1 4JG Tel: 01253 623368 | Email: Web:


scream theatre schools
Description: Drama, Dance, Singing, Casting and extras, Workshops. Venue: The Red Door, 32 Clifton St Blackpool Bus Zone: Central - Line 6 Contact: 32 Clifton Street Blackpool FY1 1JP Tel: 01253 750820 | Email: Web:

stagecoach theatre arts
Venue: Bispham High School Bispham Road Blackpool Bus Zone: Central - Line 11 Contact: Bispham High School Bispham Road Blackpool. FY2 0NH Tel: 0845 6017139


Private Organisations
time stage school
Description: All aspects of performing arts Venue: Cleveleys Park Methodist Church Bus Zone: Central - Line 11 Contact Cleveleys Park Methodist Church, Stockdove Way Cleveleys FY5 2AR Tel; 01253 811438 | Mobile: 07989144423

tiptoes 2 casting agency
Description: Dance, drama and singing lessons Venue: Collingwood Place Bus Zone: Central - Line 6 Contact: 2 Collingwood Place Layton.FY3 8HU Tel: 01253 302606


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Funding Opportunities Introduction
if you are reading this then you are probably someone who is already interested in the future of our town and has committed at least some of their time to making things better for the people that live here. as the town is trying to move forward and regenerate over the next 10 -20 years its most important assets will always be the people who make up Blackpool’s community and in particular the adults of tomorrow the young people. there is no point in producing a modern town physically if young people and communities are not part of the change. everything that helps improve your lives helps to improve the town and there are funds available to help you to pursue your goals and dreams. it may seem at first as if the funding is always aimed at somebody else but, if you are committed to what you want to achieve and can convince others of your goals then there will be financial help for you somewhere. so look through this directory carefully and seek advice, remember it is always easier to get funding if you already have some and if you can show that others support your particular goal. Good Luck and remember that our town is nothing without a happy and healthy set of residents!

Alan Cavill Head of Economic Development & Partnerships Economic Development Unit
Blackpool Technology Management Centre Faraday Way, Blackpool FY2 0JW


Funding Introductions
Description: The European Regional Development Fund was set up in 1995 to stimulate economic development in the least prosperous regions of the European Union.

Description: The European Social Fund is one of four main structural funds set up to help reduce differences in living standards between the Regions of the European Union by; reducing unemployment, improving and developing the skills of employed people, investing in industrial or rural areas which are in decline, investing in areas with low economic development.

children’s fund
Description: The Children’s Fund is a government initiative that targets 5 – 13 year olds at risk of social exclusion. It is designed to deliver preventative services over and above those provided through mainstream statutory services and to improve existing services for this age group. Website:

Description: Funderfinder is an interactive computer package that can help you find and narrow down your potential sources of funding, by inputting key words about the work of your organisation. It also provides information on a range of issues that surround funding, fundraising strategies, putting together a budget, application writing and other areas. You can access Funderfinder through CVS.


Funding Introductions
Description: Grantfinder was established in 1985 and was developed to advise and guide organisations on all matters relating to grant aid – from identifying what is available to whom, through to making an application. Website:

Description: The National Lottery was introduced in 1994 to raise money for ‘Good Causes’. These include Education, Arts, Health & Environment, Charities, Heritage and Sport. Website: Website: national lottery Funding hotline: 0845 275 0000

Youth opportunities fund
Description: Grants for young people aged 13-19yrs for sporting, cultural and recreational activities. Young people make the decisions on panel so opportunities to volunteer on the panel. Contact S Dunne for an application pack and further details. Venue: Connexions 2-4 Market Street Blackpool Age Group: 13-19 Meeting: Weekly and Monthly Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: Stuart Dunne 2-4 Market St Blackpool FY1 1ET Tel: 01253 754841 | Email:


Local Funding
connexions community fund
Description: Connexions offer small community grants to organisations and groups that meet connexions objectives and priorities. Cost: Free Bus Zone: Central - Line 4, 7, 11, 3, 5, 6, 14 Contact: Blackpool Connexions Centre, 2-8 Market Street, Blackpool FY1 3ET Tel: 01253 293161

Gerald Richardson trust
Description: The trust helps both individuals and groups of young people under the age of 25 by supporting education and leisure activities, attending field study courses and personal development activities. Applications should be made by young people aged 25 and under who are living, working and studying within 15 miles of Blackpool Town Hall. Bus Zone: Central - Line 7, 5, 11, 16 Contact: Secretary Superintendent Gerald Richardson Memorial Youth Trust 2 Paddock Drive, Marton, Blackpool FY3 9TZ Tel: 01253 762090


General grants for young people
action pays
Description: The Action Pays scheme is a partnership between NCVYS and Changemakers. It aims to develop and support the youth led approach to community action within the voluntary youth sector. Contact: NCVYS, Second Floor, Solecast House, 13-27 Brunswick Place, London N1 6DX Tel: 020 7253 1010 Website: | E-mail:

awards for all
Description: Awards for all is a Lottery grants scheme aimed at local communities. They fund projects that enable people to take part in art, sport, heritage and community activities, as well as projects that promote education, the environment and health in the local community. Grants are available between £500 & £5,000 Tel: 0845 600 2040 Website:

bass plc
Description: As part of their commitment to the development of young people it offers grants for work that develops skills of citizenship and social awareness outside places of education and the development of youth leaders. Contact: Bass Plc – Community Grants, 20 North Audley Street, London W1Y 1WE Tel: 020 7409 1919

bbc children in Need
Description: Aims to help disadvantaged children and young people aged 18 and under. Contact: PO Box 76, London W3 6FS Tel: 0208 576 7788 Website:


carnegie Uk trust
Description: Aims to encourage active participation, particularly in decision making and increase the role of young people in education, health, the community and more widely. Contact: Comely Park House, 80 New Row, Dunfermline KY12 7EJ Tel: 01383 721 445 Website:

co-operative community Dividend
Description: Organisations may apply for grants between £100-£5,000. Groups that fit into values of self-help, social responsibility & caring for others can apply. Projects must be within 5 miles of a CRS store, 10 miles of a CRS Funeral home. Cost: £1, no extra charge Contact: Community Dividend New Century House, Manchester M60 4ES Tel: 0845 090 1456 | Website:

comic Relief – Uk Grants team
Description: Can assist projects benefiting people with disabilities, young people aged 14 and 25; excluding schools, colleges, sports clubs and general youth work. Contact: 5th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP Tel: 020 7820 5555 | Website:

fair share
Description: £80,000 lottery money per year, to distribute to groups providing cultural and developmental opportunities for young people in people in Blackpool. Bus Zone: Central - Line 6, 3, 4 Contact: Fair Share Co-ordinator - CVS, 95 Abingdon Street FY1 1PP Tel: 01253 624505 | Fax: 01253 295800


General grants for young people
Garfield Weston foundation
Description: Supports broad range of activities in the field of religion, education, the environment, arts, health (including research) & in other areas of benefit to the community Contact: c/o Weston Centre, Bowater House, 68 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LR Tel: 020 7589 6363

Greggs trust
Description: Areas of support include young people. Most funds are allocated to the North East. Makes grants of between £1,000 and £15,000 and small grants for under £500. Contact: Fernwood House, Clayton Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 1TL Tel: 0191 212 7626 Website:

Groundswell – National homeless alliance
Description: Awards of up to £500 for community based projects that empower people who are traditionally excluded to help them make positive contributions to their communities Contact: Elmfield House, 5 Stockwell Mews, London SW9 9GX Tel: 0207 737 5500 Website:

lloyds tsb foundation
Description: They have both national and regional funds. Regional grants fall into two categories under £3000 and over £3000. National grants are usually in the region of £10000 - £30000. Contact: PO Box 46156, 3rd Floor, 4 St Dunstans Hill, London EC3R 8UL Tel: 0870 411 1223 Website:


Main Grants programme – community fund
Description: Open to organisations of any size working in any parts of the UK. Projects funded under this programme should help disadvantaged young people and improve quality of life in the community. Contact: NW Office, Ground Floor, Dallam Court, Dallam Lane, Warrington WA2 7LU Tel: 01925 626800 Website:

Marks and spencer plc
Description: Supports a wide range of work including organisations working with young people. Contact: Michael House Baker Street, London W1A 1DN Tel:020 7935 4422

Noel buxton trust
Description: Priorities for support include youth organisations and organisations promoting the welfare of children and young people. Grants range from £200 to £10000. Contact: PO BOX 393, Farnham GU9 8WZ

Young Roots
Description: Young Roots is part of the ‘Heritage Lottery Fund’ and offers grants between £5,000 -£25 000. The scheme aims to involve 13-20 year-olds (up to 25 for those with special needs) in finding out about their heritage, developing skills, building confidence and promoting community involvement. Website:


Environmental & Development Grant
Description: Established by Biffa Waste Services using Landfill Tax Credits. It aims to support schemes and projects that will be of lasting environmental benefit by improving community facilities in areas where Biffa is operational and by accelerating sustainable waste management processes. There are Three funding schemes; Small grants between £250-£5,000, Main grants between £5,001 - £50,000 & Flagship schemes between £150,000 - £500,000. Tel: 0870 036 1000 | Email: Website:

bec – british ecological society
Description: Grants available to teachers conducting research in schools which involves pupils in some constructive manner. Consideration will be given to other schemes that further the education of young people in ecology. Contact: 29 Blades Court, Deodar Road, Putney, London SW15 2NU Website:

Grounds for learning
Description: Help for school grounds projects. Grants of between £200 and £1000. Active pupil involvement and commitment from community essential. Contact: Aithvey Castle Annex, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA Tel: 01786 445922

international Grants programme – community fund
Description: For projects run by organisations in the UK, working in partnership with organisations abroad which benefit people living outside the UK. It is also for development education projects in the UK. Contact: England Office, 1st Floor, 37 Welford Road, Leicester LE2 7GA Tel: 0116 258 7000 Website:


Environmental & Development Grant
Jenny Wood environmental trust
Description: The Jenny Wood Environmental Trust gives grants to registered charities for small community & local projects that make good use of volunteers. The trust supports conservation of fine buildings, landscapes & gardens. Grants available between £5,000 - £30,000 over 3 years. Contact: 36 Oak Village, London NW5

shell better britain community projects fund
Description: Small grants scheme for community based environmental initiatives. Up to £2000 available for projects that meet two criteria – benefit to both the community (involving underrepresented groups such as young people) and the environment – both locally and wider. Contact: King Edward House, 135a New Street, Birmingham B2 4QJ

volvo pep scheme – volvo car Uk limited
Description: Grants of up to £5000 for young people who carry out environment projects. From June 2001 Volvo will run an International Environmental competition for youth as part of Volvo Ocean Adventure. Contact: Volvo Environmentalist Awards, Fast Track, 21 Dartmouth Street, London SW1 9BP Tel: 0207 5935278 Email: Website:

Woodland Grant scheme – forestry commission
Description: The Woodland Grant Scheme offers grants to create and maintain woodlands and forests to: increase the production of wood; improve the landscape; provide new habitats for wildlife; and offer opportunities for recreation and sport. Contact: National Office, Great Eastern House, Tension Road, Cambridge CB1 2DU Tel: 01223 314546 Website:


Exchange & Travel Grants
alchemy foundation
Description: Makes grants for individuals for Raleigh International or gap year projects. Contact: Trevereux Manor, Limpsfield Court, Oxted RH8 0TL

commonwealth Youth exchange council
Description: Supports two-way exchange programmes between young people in the uk and the commonwealth. Contact: 7 Lion Yard, Tremadoc Road, London SW4 7NQ Tel: 020 7498 6151 Website:

connect Youth international
Description: Gives grants to British youth groups (made up of between 8 and 40 young people aged 15 – 25) towards the costs of youth exchanges with groups in Europe, Israel, the USA and Japan. Contact: The British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2BN Tel: 020 7389 4030 Website:

ernest cook trust
Description: Includes support for organisations arranging educational travel for young people, both to and from the UK. Contact: Fairford House, Gloucester GL7 4JH Tel: 01285 712492 Website:


Exchange & Travel Grants
Jim bishop fund
Description: Funds for individuals under 19 to take part in adventurous activities at home or abroad. Supported and administered by the Young Explorers Trust Cost: Free membership Contact: 10 Larch Close, Bingham, Notts NG13 8GW Tel: 01623 861027 Website:

princes trust – Go Grants
Description: Available to young people aged 18 – 25 who are no longer in full-time education. Grants cover costs of up to £350 plus a BA flight to allow young people to visit counterparts in other parts of the Europe to exchange skills and ideas, develop projects or take part in social or environmental voluntary work. Contact: 18 Park Square East, London NW1 4LH Tel: 020 7543 1365

Young explorers’ trust
Description: Makes grants’ of £100 to £500 to youth groups going on an overseas expedition of at least 2 weeks and members are mostly under 20 Contact: 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR Website:


General Contacts
Description: The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) have a web site which contains resources for grant seekers and researches, including advice on how to apply to a charitable trust or foundation and background information about UK trusts. Website:

charities Direct
Description: Charities Direct provides information on charities, grants news and support. Website:

european funding in the North West
Description: A guide to European Structural Funds for the North West. Provides advice and guidance and European Funding. Website:

funders online
Description: Allows users to access the web sites of over 300 foundations and corporate funders in Europe and lots more of the usual support. Website:

Government funding
Description: The website acts as a portal to grants for voluntary and community sector from; Department of Education and Skills, Department of Health, Home Office, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Government Offices for the Regions. Use the site to search for funding, to find suitable government grants for your organisation and download application forms and guidelines. Website:


General Contacts
Description: A comprehensive list of funding sources and information for young people, message boards, forums from the National Federation of Youth Action Agencies (NFYAA). Website:

Description: The NYA publishes an up-to-date list called ‘Grants for Youth Groups’ which is available for a nominal fee. Contact: NYA - 17-23 Albion Street, Leicester LE1 6GD Tel: 0116 285 3700 Website:



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